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Feb 1, 2013|

Dave talks about Super Bowl commercials, going to the bathroom during the Super Bowl, and what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW -- partners on this first of February 2013. Head is a super. TGI. Yeah are you ready to. Welcome to ride. Let's second line ladies and gentlemen. Yeah Super Bowl weekend is officially here. And you know I think since most downtown office workers have been heeding the warnings. Now and decided you. Stale the last couple. You know work from the house or. Not come to the office just hit you know there were connect you know in the field going to get out there that -- the office for us because. The traffic is not a game that hellish nightmare for -- -- now not -- not it's not been -- are now you don't get caught up and but a lot of people were Smart enough to you know it probably gone anywhere near downtown New Orleans during Super Bowl week and they stayed pounds of that ticket. Who do you like in this game being play tomorrow morning to -- -- quality. It opened -- San Francisco five point favorite and as of right now the San Francisco 49ers -- three and a half point. Believe it or not but I am still working my numbers and figures like I always do work and I'm are going to be able to give you that still the bottom of the hour our -- and hold you hold here for another thirty minutes less than. Argument now and then ultimately like a year ago while Ayers coming maybe you can answer ports aren't dilemma that I face every year -- receivable. -- a major problem for all -- and I need help you need assistance idea -- you -- assistant and in our listeners to assist me in text in their suggestions at 8787. What kind of -- to Vietnam objects now that's not the problem at the to bring that -- Maxima -- and everything. That's fine that's the promise. And the do you go to the past. During the Super Bowl. Because -- game is of course the prime attraction. But. This -- commercials. Are vitally important. Because there are supposed to be the most specialist vested funniest one Everest commercials that we ever CN TV and you just wanted desperately the when people of forked out millions of dollars to show me in thirty seconds or sixty seconds there's by and then will be talking about it. Next week right today you guys that you can't -- at the massive during the game that you might miss them the kick in the bathroom during the commercials -- -- -- -- -- You go to -- halftime while limit beyoncé is performing a pretty much wanna see that oh yeah especially after she serenaded us with her -- very vibrant nationwide talk about a and in your face on one of the of the national -- -- he has it in his gambit here in -- and -- WL. So my question is David -- You go to the bathroom. And yeah horrible jar right now I don't that's. -- -- -- -- -- Snowed in -- have to hold it for the entire game you know ego before the pre game Macs come out in the volatile. After the post game those are those cold Beers are going down you know it's. It's a problem. They'll attack submitted 7870. At this thing got into the DVR yeah -- you pause the game. And then you watch it it not you watch it like Marty what happened. You know I didn't realize they are gonna work a sitcom sir I get that -- maybe even a drop or a movie out payment. The super ball you just missed that 88 yard run back all while -- These these these -- difficult questions. -- it all depends followed our act on that route either died on now now men is that now on the other programs and you see these new commercials for adult diapers and all that. -- legitimate Hollywood stars who say they don't need adult diapers wearing them just to show you how comfortable they are. And I can't tell they're wearing them why they must be desperate for money. Well -- They got to sell their products I had that. -- -- Hollywood stars wearing adult diapers on television what do you do there's there's their radicalism adult diaper and a commercials for adult diapers. What's worse during an adult diaper commercial -- doing. ED commercial and with the stars are -- -- Time -- -- night need now in the -- I think it is it kills. It's fine more suggestions from folks texting candidate 7879. How you handle this situation. You're watching the super cool. If you go to the bathroom. In the game during the commercials and after I'm not -- always go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Finding solutions to life's real problems right here on the early edition WWL. Burris it is I -- going your forecast. Next Steve Geller prediction of who will win the Super Bowl with sports as well. Here in the early days -- -- tough guy. Game. It's still wild weekend no doubt about it but don't fry it and today thanks for calling WWL what you got the master under the super ball. When they review and report. So what does it challenge flag or her and what if there aren't any. Yeah right love address Noel literally thank you -- we appreciated and they went to go to the bathroom. Oh yeah when you go -- -- and in the super ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't -- A -- galaxy run an extra wire down the hall through the bathroom door and into the bathrooms and nobody misses a minute of the action now it's an expensive solution perhaps went. An interesting one you're. Forecast Friday went there looking spectacular highs around 61 this afternoon and tonight dropping down pretty chilly on the North -- to about 38. On the South -- will be about 45 for a overnight lows. Saturday looking great once again 67 with just a 10% chance for a spot each hour and a few clouds in the area. As for Saturday night at about fifty South Shore about 43 on the North Shore and Super Bowl Sunday. Looking once again spectacular highs around 67 and a lot of sunshine. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramped. Or cloudy skies 46 degrees to the airport in Canada no wind that -- and a windchill Slidell mostly cloudy and 41 know where there either. I'm here on WWL. Steve Gallagher. Tell us all about it there's a little football game going on Sunday. Yes indeed good morning David super Sunday is almost here and you can feel the anticipation in the city. -- hand native and nine time Pro Bowl ravens safety Ed Reed says they're going to be physical. With the 49ers wide outs but we got to get our hands on -- -- weekly -- gossip about that on defense -- -- as secondary to get our hands on overseas and make sure you know we try to draw retirement I would not put televised execution that ended the day. The Green Bay Packers say that veteran receiver Donald Driver is a retiree. -- formal announcement is planned next week for the team's all time leading receiver driver finishes as the packers' all time leader in yards receiving and catches. LSU head coach let's smiles his new four point three million dollar annual contract is expected to be approved by the board of supervisors this afternoon. The deal will make miles the fourth highest paid coach in college football former board member Charles Weems says that's the price of living in the SEC. Nobody thinks that the salaries are reasonable but we gravity control over that we just have to respond to market an -- -- -- did the right thing but our coaches giving him a little boost in -- injuries -- forced. Caleb more freestyle snowboard writer was who is hurt in a crash at the winter games in Colorado has died at the age of 25. More is attempting a back flip last week in the freestyle event. When the -- of his 450. Pounds snowmobile caught the lip of the landing area sending him flying over the handlebars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the hornets are in Denver tonight looking to snap a two game losing skid hit -- -- 1053 FM is at 8 o'clock. Today for the fans in the pro who are you picking to win Super Bowl 47 and I'm Steve Geller with your early morning -- it's. Four and that's my question for you on this prior days Steve -- thank you for joining us all week by the way in going and we appreciate your being here who do you think will win. Super Bowl 47 AM. The Mercedes-Benz superdome here in New Orleans on Sunday. I think we're in for a great matchup these two teams are pretty evenly you know it's a pretty evenly matched kind of the same type of team. And I've been saying the ravens and I'm sticking with that I just feel like they've got all this momentum going in they've taken down Goliath like eight. Manning Tom Brady and I just can't pick against them in this one right close game -- way. Close one ravens going to serve -- -- appreciate -- -- when he five minutes more sports here on WWL I am at them and not count your forecast and you've got to look out also says here's God's Christian Garrick I think sideline reporters been working -- -- off for the super ball all week. He had been near him in the afternoon they've been missing him in the morning Patricia had at least get you on this morning. To find out who you're picking Sunday in the Super Bowl. It's also will pay thanks army on our biggest 49ers went over on the thirteenth. The ravens are not -- and that. Zone read option off the and so would be we kind of went by -- they have figured out I think -- they're -- important out of the race. Seven point all right your pick in the 49ers by seven that three and a half more than even Vegas is. Pentagon reporter Kristian -- will be listen anti again this afternoon right here on WW welcoming to us live from all the fun. At the super ball he's written Derek -- day account and visit your forecast. -- is looking great for your parade tonight looking for temperatures mainly in the fifties. We'll be looking for high -- this afternoon around 61 and then we'll be distilling it down tonight on the North Shore about 38 and on the South Shore about 45. As for the weekend beautiful a little more mild than what -- today. Highs on Saturday and Sunday around 67. Lots of sunshine especially for Super Bowl Sunday from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alex. And Jack Sanford 46 and tanner forty -- in -- no wind this morning she did sit parades tonight -- get separate review coming out here on WWL. 537. It's the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the first of 2013. It is a super. TGI asked are you ready. -- man now are you Saturday. Will go up. Game. And it feels it is fans. This is you know where we've been on the launch pads. Now forever now and it feels like finally they've given us the go for the handoff time aid that we -- -- -- countdown this thing is getting they are not here any minute now counts here eight. We're gonna rocketed to Super Bowl weekend and what if a raids did it all yeah beautiful authority -- -- preview -- government. Well Amanda and -- -- you're hesitant to do it explore our -- little else thinking about it Steve Geller is predicted the ravens will win in a close game. Kristian -- is predicted a forty niners to win by sadness what does David Blake Fredette. I'm got a goal. With the ravens. Lose I think again it's those three and a half point spread. Is still out there from Vegas -- -- -- to buy it closer or necklace it's gonna well it's going to be very close and the defense -- are going to be battling and it comes down the field goal kickers in Baltimore has a league edge in that department. And and get my ravens' twenty forwarded twenty. Our game ravens by four s.'s David like all right we -- and get your prediction for the weekend box office. For people of all kinds of free time this weekend who aren't going to parade to -- -- rock for us -- out of how log on to the Super Bowl festivities not them experience not the of Verizon's Super Bowl boulevard and any of that you go to a movie. All right well warm bodies opens. That is after a the entire zombie world are likely zombie loves -- I saw a few of those roaming the streets of sort of always yeah -- -- one rated PG thirteen and it rated. Bullet to the head yeah that's just alone -- Christians later after watching their respective partners diet. A new war on Pittman and Nate Washington DC detective. Form an alliance in order to bring down their common enemy of those of the two new movies that are opening this weekend going up. Against -- -- last week's number one -- one number 20 dark thirty number three silver linings playbook number four in last week's number five. Parker which it okay I'm gonna -- all with warm bodies OK you think the zombie craze. -- role that has been on television doing very very well. Well bleed over -- shoes the the basically yeah I won one one critic said it's a great date movie -- yeah. -- at least -- Ontario on his diaries victory date -- you get all kinds hogs and things for the top of the guys why guests of the girls threw him. I'd thank you David we got it David Blake predictions look -- -- about twenty minutes more birthdays Christa Miller joins us. Talking to ravens fans 49ers fans right now yet fans of Mardi Gras parades. Three -- stick to the streets Friday night the first two are part of family -- at 7 PM Excalibur erosion matter for the twelfth time with twenty folks and 250 men and women and their team nightingale the good the bad and the -- the captain and his sons elaborate core constant. Look for the -- nights on horseback and try to catch the hand decorated wooden shield. The -- map -- follows Excalibur about 730. Recession entitled enjoying the -- -- on a year round to seek fifteen floats and mental bill of 7 o'clock to prove these rules for the 27 times for 350. Female number twelve -- eighteen -- issues fame is it's all Greek to me look for the 610 stoppers and disastrous mascots and expect more than a dozen crucially troop throws from many of them -- For the -- -- died in WWL radio on Arthur hardy. Thank you are thirty can hear all of our authorities previews of the parades all weekend long out in Metairie on the North -- on the west bank and on into next week for. The build up to Fat Tuesday at WWL. Dot com. -- god that's gonna live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast center as they -- -- day -- I had this meteorologist Alexander grant -- hit it well I yeah I'm aren't gonna be out for it later on today. You know down to the prime time special last and I made. Going back out tonight well best of -- to Laura but we're glad to have you in the means a lot and we start -- day out it's out there. Pretty decently out their temperatures in the forties right now that you're heading outside having gone outside yet. I would grab the heavy coat or jacket might want to clear up because later on you might be able to shed a couple of players will be around 61. For high -- that's not bad plenty of sunshine like yesterday -- have a different kind of very similar day to yesterday in fact that we're looking almost exactly the same -- All right what about as we move into the weekend I'd weaken it's looking great now if you don't like the cold I think tomorrow and Sunday you'll like a little bit better -- -- will be slightly warmer about 67. For both days. But tomorrow we do you start off -- -- about 38 tonight at the North Shore. And about 45 on the South Shore. All right so cool mornings. Warming -- afternoons and plenty of sunshine straight on through Super Bowl Sunday. That's looking great the only thing we're gonna watch out for is at 10% chance for a shower on Saturday that 10% we can deal apparently than. 80% chance we won't get it -- exactly at it I love it now wants more of Alexander maybe you can help us now solve the dilemma. Okay we're talking about this on our when he go to the back. Asked him during the Super Bowl. You don't wanna miss the commercials. Because those are the specialist masters commercials ever -- I don't wanna miss the game. So if you gotta go let it go. Yeah. Well what got about one person nexus of those go during -- reviews. Okay now what if they don't throw any red flag doesn't have a small TV in the bathroom okay well I think there will be new Batman knows that you -- during extra points Abbott. Totally take a few seconds and there's a commercial on -- says most of us have a pause button now but I -- what -- you watch the Super Bowl. On delayed move on your DVR that okay. Well some what does by the DVR but then fast forward through the reviews to get back to real time people are thinking about this is an important question. That's a lot of work -- to like. You know get back on track you know you have to work hard to make it -- -- time and then he went out of public works in but a lot of people Motrin I have a TV in the bathroom one person says. Where adult diapers when I'm gonna go to that extent of the madness part of it -- -- Saying -- -- -- have a great weekend I think they haven't -- in the game you know they really think it's gonna win yeah well you know I think that's what you -- really bad about knowing about bubbles. Can you what about you it. Well I'm still gathering everybody else's input. I'm a big Jim Harbaugh fans now I'm Poland for him to win that weather and Heidi well I'm not sure yeah the idea teams -- you prefer purple or red. Well. These are we can't get it. Other than a fantastic forecast thank you Alexander I think -- -- weekend. It's nearly edition of WW -- mortgage suggested that went to go to the bat him at one. With people coming up. -- -- -- -- I somebody's gonna win on Sunday that -- make it in the Super Bowl or to text messages on that coming up but right now the butt kissing method of the morning. Now I've. The radio with me to the bathroom to WW well of course they go that's out as a prop -- got it out. Have the radio and you won't men's bank and a legitimate. With people. So right now I have that where -- state police here in Louisiana have arrested and veteran police officer accused of soliciting money from students there. Good day care program -- -- the drug abuse resistance education programs state police. Say that a baker Louisiana police officer. Would take money from the kids in his day -- classes. Under the guise that he was using it for graduation program. But they say. The feds paid for everything in the dare program and now they have arrested him he has since retired by the way and charged him with that. And malfeasance. Stealing money from Q you're teaching to stay off of drugs. And people. We're back now on WWL. And Steve Geller has that on this pre Super Bowl cry. Game. Good morning David -- just two more days to Super Bowl 47 kicks off in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Since taking over the starting job for 49ers in week eleven. Colin -- -- look like a kid who was sitting on the bench is a back up in just a second year in the leak. He says though he's not satisfied just to have made it to his game he wants to win it. My dream was to play in the NFL. Elements save my dream has come true yet there's still a lot of work to do. Fighting tiger football head coach less miles -- new four point three million dollar contract is expected to be approved by LSU's board of directors today. Charles Weems who used to sit on the board says the new deal not only increases the pressure -- miles to keep winning. It also puts pressure on the university to make sure that it supports those efforts in -- -- -- responsible -- to the athletics side and yet at the university itself. Over to the MBA with a -- road trip continues there in Denver tonight to face the nuggets and looking to put an end to 82 game losing streak. -- tip off someone a 53 FM at 8 o'clock. That -- of 25 year old snow snowmobile -- -- more following a crash last week and -- is the first in the eighteen year history of the X games. Moore was attempting a back flip. But landed face first into the snow with his snowmobile rolling over him and Phil Mickelson will have a sizable lead when the first round of the Phoenix opens resumes this morning. Mickelson is eleven under par which is four shots ahead of five other golfers. Today -- four on the fans in the pro who are you picking instant to win Super Bowl 47 it. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 111. Point three million viewers to rank as the most watched show in US television. History. Wow. Today having had to reach a 159 point two says that if you watched over the entire broadcast at a given time. A 113 -- 21 of the most viewed programs in TV history are all -- purple. The only one that's not the Macy's Thanksgiving favorite -- Vote that just goes to prove and show the power of the NFL's man more than 200 million people. Watched the 2012 NFL sees it 69%. Of all households in the US that have televisions. Watched at least some and it felt it. 69%. I think it's a dominant sport. -- -- or baseball would love those numbers. 31 of the -- you most watched shows in the fall and it held. -- the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and that number. Yet never went the player that earlier said. Pollard saying that. The NFL's going to be going away in a few years. Battle things out of the NFL's going anywhere so what that means to you the bottom line and all this is when they scanned that media area during the game. To show just how many reporters are covering this game used or will be seen by hundreds of millions of people while you're sitting in the super. I feel so privileged yet -- you come here and clean up ninth. All things -- -- my article that didn't shave and irons that she gave the yet -- 160 million people are -- to have to be getting back any big games the appreciated I'm -- gone 553 years Super Bowl weekend forecast. And -- your suggestions today that it that you when you go to the bathroom during the game. 555 let's go right get your forecast for this super weekend. -- beautiful day ahead of us now we are starting off Chile both north and south of lake will look for highs around sixty wants it might be the slender light jacket for the afternoon eat and lots of sunshine tonight about 38 on the North Shore and about 45 -- outsourced okay. Is going to be silly for Saturday morning. Saturday looking great with a high around 67 just a 10% chance for a spotty shower and Sunday Super Bowl Sunday highs around 67. Very pleasant all over the weekend. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp -- Six at the airport and tanner forty while on the National Weather Service office in -- com land text message that it that it that it when he got to the basket during the big game you don't want to miss the game we don't -- miss the commercials if there's mentally. I'm KO. Slop -- -- one don't know you know. As a diet high capacity -- going to have to during the recap not the entertainment and and again before the eco beat him OK as a -- now it is simple line. So try to lead happier -- Doesn't put deviant basket dummy. Column names that it DVR the halftime. Now maybe you're on them to watch that -- -- line I could watch that again. -- it's a holiday weekend Super Bowl week Yan 21 of the most viewed programs in TV history ball Super Bowls and Tommy Tucker will be watching. Who do you pick to win mr. Tommy Tucker I picked the ravens with the points to win and I accident gonna cover this bran yes and win. Will it now we defining spread -- half points to the 49ers a lot. Way does I was five now -- moved to three napping -- -- -- -- but now that's great he's gonna win the game. 49ers resentment -- the ravens. Allen about and this -- the new data yet on that point. All right that you picked the 49ers Stevens David blight makes the ravens -- Garrett at the 49ers no wait wait wait you know what I'm go I'm goal my heart in this type of change it felt like here's the deal. Ravens win that game. Ravens win that game right -- -- epic the 49ers that you'd like management on the big Jim Harbaugh and like that the team was the bears quarterback taken the 49ers went out yet -- -- -- -- well worded it's that you with predictions about the game we're also did talk about betting is so many things you can bet on you you -- put any money on the game. We're not coin flip that makes sense yet best they've beyoncé is -- a week earlier straight you can bet on that a bomb. And also about this place to watch the Super Bowl and speaking of Super Bowl moments what is your favorite suitable moment if like mine. It's Tracy porter's victims Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 44. Where -- where word yet and who were you with when it happens I will be with you for the next -- and -- ties its leader.

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