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WWL>Topics>>2-1 9:10am Tommy talks to NFL Hall of Fame TE Kellen Winslow

2-1 9:10am Tommy talks to NFL Hall of Fame TE Kellen Winslow

Feb 1, 2013|

Tommy talks to NFL Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I get to again meet somebody else that I have met before. Kellen Winslow you don't know but I admit you earlier this year in August when -- went they can't Ohio out of all the things. We didn't shake hands and you are a lot smaller than because you and your -- a bronze aha because I made my first trip to the hall of fame. As so are you -- in -- Ohio and it is an honor and a privilege to meet user and well thank -- that the bus Steele is I didn't touch it I didn't take I wonder they're gonna take -- -- know somebody else may take it out but did you have security measures in place to prevent that from happening. Com the only talk about big game in Miami because I can remember talk about iconic moments and we're talking and that wasn't super bull bull we talk about. Moments in the NFL for us your new long ones it's Tracy porter's pick six of Peyton Manning -- you know remember way rework. But I can remember that team that epic in Miami in your performance like it was yesterday that's kind of impression it made on -- you know as a man at that point when no one teenager -- anything like that are. I know from might look she would believe that you Wear that I was -- -- but I was guys secure yeah but but what I'm more maybe from my -- you would think that what what. Let the telly what what that game was like. While. Unbelievable it's probably the best way to describe it. You strong profitable -- that you -- distributed the ball games of playoff game true which -- another ball game -- such that it became. Difficult physically it became difficult mentally. And then it started to -- -- you from the spiritual standpoint cannot continue to go do this. And you know why Bobby put but he -- Obama myself physically mentally spiritually. In the ball game. The roller coasters I lost twelve pounds and -- ball. -- away to forty Cuba -- to thirties ones and that's even with Washington went to flu was doing to gain and it wasn't just dehydration. That you were suffering from what else it hit on on. I had to have -- popped into the lip bit with stitches in my live by my shoulder. I would get hit in the shoulder and certain location. My left shoulder would go down. And I have come up the ball game figures to be called stinger. It's a similar to that. I broke my shoulder pads three times you know guy once you have the ouster it read to prepare shoulder pads on. That's a long story behind that piece of it. But just back played only about a story -- serve on -- go to bed so of course to carry spares the popular players to only couples spares that the care. -- Who is a short white guy with ball whose ball hit. Nothing wrong with that nothing wrong right away be in a short white guy that ball. Fifth. But hate. You know. I until hate their hair will grow my children right now because he you're sort of bear got brokered by got a broken what do repairing. Buying the DB he has to use -- to spare -- So bid during the game of the sidelines I got my appeared that he got his Rebecca -- we're back to despair so it got slow they are I have to Wear his -- -- vendors scrambling to find shoulder pads he settled -- -- so -- where he showed up as this evening Tuesday here will grow much incredible. On the so it is the reason it resonated. Kellen so much with me is that in in my limited football career knew it was you a pimple on a flight you know what. But but the lessons it did teach me was that. You never give up you keep fight and then when when when you think you have absolutely nothing left. You dig down and you find more and that's not on the football field. That's when it comes to work in every day that -- comes to doing yard work that so that's when it comes in college to doing your homework. And that's why I think sports and football is so valuable meant -- that the people that play it. And that's why that game meant so much to me that's -- -- can remember it like it was yesterday so for people letter listening. Explain where you've found the resolve to do that and and maybe why that that is the last. The football well we jumped over that ball game one important enough. And we were feeling pretty good about ourselves the -- with the asylum my teammate Charlie joiner who is you know bitterly a few years before -- -- He had his head down on sideline and that's actually what's wrong but he was hurt. He said you don't choose to onto the -- -- commit to or -- and just implement to a team like this -- -- for the rookie deal that would lead for real issue. He's going to put it down straw you know they're both sport is football. We're going to be here all day that was in the battle for the second quarter. Sure enough the next series they got the ball exactly what he do it. -- coach who -- -- -- what we've put -- straw this -- for the football before you know halftime and went for seventy. And it just happened he went from high. Two very definite low we lost all the momentum that we shook your time this go back to -- will be regroup. And of course the second half which just touchdown for touchdown Google Google back and forth back and forth. -- that you just have to figure out how awful much for the can I go. Because you know losing. That much water weakened to a review time is not healthy. It just takes Austrian body but I couldn't stop the close. I do wanna stop plasma TV's depends so much just to be out on the field because you on the field to get to meet we've also got a couple. So sometimes coaches -- motion would go to support football just yet does the dolphins to move the defense to shift in that direction. And that my -- -- courage -- but -- and perseverance. I learned how all of what you believe we should still physically. And mentally and spiritually and -- -- on top Hugo from high to -- virtual -- time. Fighting back to get back into the game we can be competitive. Bids to continue to contribute. Then it's I learned so much about myself too much about my teammates we we bonded so greatly from that ballgame to this day. Both on the golf beside him or from the Georgian side I'm sure that profound effect everyone. Who watched. Especially those who played. Wherever I -- from traveling so won't stop me bring the Miami game. It is. Not a public schools it's this sense of it's a blessing and so many Wheaties. Because I use those things -- went -- law school I lost my perseverance. The brightest. Who a lot of people could put all because the people almost sure people are dumb and you'd say that well yeah I can't look at -- if it. But the perception of it all I am a guy who lost and perseverance. And everything that I do. And I am having trouble getting I relate back to yeah you can get this you know he could be accused of this sacrifice that you've done. Tell me about dumb bit at the arthritis it to issues and why you're here well. Fourth and goal with Bert Jones groups where both former NFL players. Theft -- foundation call -- the goal the fourth and goal is being put together to assist individuals who played in the game. And to help them with the transition and their issues to deal with after the game was over. -- to partner with some orthopedic to really talk about. The joint pain off rights issues except now my due to -- 47 million people whose country today who suffer from some typical right. About 27 vehicles suffer from a more severe case called what you wrote off rights. All right so with that. The strategically due to deal with arthritis that. Really evolved first of -- you're forgetting -- we -- the first thing to do to me that he. I have no doubt I have reflected in my joints after playing -- usenet football league the big 55 years old. But I feel so much better after that workout after that walk after just getting sweat going so I feel better about myself. And if that did the pain management at all but if you have both why is this pretty seriously need to go -- -- -- which Google Talk to deductible of arthritis. They could help you with the different things that you could be to do. The technology roam the the devices at the -- now offered knees and shoulders and hips. It is so forth it went to which it's so much room. Then you talk about the bet that's been used to install these things so there's -- to basically be used to. It -- of course to rehab portion of -- very aggressive rehab sneaky to back into the game. But if you do with the arthritis and it's become to the point where it's a constant chronic pain that's affecting the quality of life. You know nobody wants you Huntsman is a pain all the time because. You do is you you're negative around everybody on hurt and you -- about. Ultimately decide the people wanna be around those type of things that there's -- that you could do. We'll talk to you doctor find out about more about arthritis and find ways you can cope with those. Yeah I get the osteoarthritis in my Meehan and you're right you gotta get up get moving because it seems to help -- and the more yet. The more the less the least you use it the -- it's gonna get it exactly drivers terrible which I'm trying to say exactly that -- that the the if you don't use it it's gonna get stiffer and it's gonna be hard and use it when you try to use to get up again. Kellen Winslow pleasure -- -- practice -- -- -- you know I'm not present -- right now focused on my golf game so yeah I don't know how -- -- your golf game by the I won't talk about it now. -- it sounds like a guy that's got a lot of three handicap and is looking for a lot of stroke if I have my three. Which can conduct I have fun did you stay active and that's what got exactly got to get the good movie yet you know my hero -- pleasure that you're really sincerely mean that we'll be right back Tommy Tucker Devin WL.

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