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02-01-13 7:10pm Open Lines

Feb 1, 2013|

Kristian and Hokey talk about the Super Bowl in New Orleans; they replay interiews of nfl commissioner, roger goodell.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Awfully sorry. Welcome bit he sees -- -- you guys done. I'm Kristian -- in the media from around the globe look hope he says vacated radio broke it is desolate and they hit it back around the globe yeah. And some tells me that says they'll be a large portion of them party -- -- -- is really not not a lot of access tomorrow in the game on Sundays so. And it's pretty much party tell us when they finished probably some that they're they're not even required to be here for the game right oh I'd be honest I have played all that's right. 504260187. Their toll free 866889087. You'll squeeze it one phone call here calling coming to -- on the -- of -- outlet. Carl are you are on one. Cry wolf there is -- there. I colonize there so we won't take any phone calls a -- would do while we step away from it. Take a break and we'll come back. He'll play a little bit more from the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. That is they know the address here on to be to do well NFN dot com it's the fans of the growth. Top local hospitality here on radio road -- and more now convinced senator. But either one is out here it's just hard it's an -- attitudes and our mentality. It and did -- his right. Hi NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media today gave his eight you'll state of the league address and now let's take a listen to of one of the -- clips these. Better down here for next year's Super Bowl. A little bit of pressure carrying the banner for call letters. Cold weather. What they do next year and then you know this expands our problems religious. The challenge they have. You know you're in your future decisions are or consideration of other cold weather. Answer is yeah. Undoubtedly. The game next year's going to have an impact on future decisions for you open -- cold weather starts. We believe. In the new York New -- market. We think there's going to be a fantastic event. I have had married times before and I believe their membership. Has supported us through their program warnings of a corner. And not only his community. Prepared for this. I have a great stadium was to change. Plans that have been developed so. We're just -- I think her extraordinary. And they're just beginning to. To be released. And we won't we're prepared for a weather factors. In this community can do that but the game of football. Is made to be played in the elements. And we hope they're not extreme. On one hand but we'll be prepared for that if that's the case. Let's remember Ross classic games in our history. We're playing in extreme weather conditions. We know them all -- ice -- summer games that I look back as the fans think. -- I'm confident the people of new York New Jersey. Just contains a host committee and an extraordinary job and make sure we're looking forward to. Are you looking forward to the potential of a cold weather is who will keep. Well it's it's a possibility. I mean I like to watch. The game to detail its feet what's one of the very first things that we do. As broadcast group when the schedule comes out to meet you ought to know who should be who you -- -- -- you don't know. The dates and all I can so we look at oh boy you know we don't have to play in Chicago or Green Bay or New York. It. It's late in December -- can really be cold and everything else so I mean they know what the situation is out there I mean it I know this is not going to be weather like here. -- -- Curious as to what plans he's got to. But yeah a lot of the -- epic games. It in NFL history of being played in an icy cold and everything else home page you know group to -- teams don't have any choice but to get out there in place so. You hope that is not sloppy field for. All the football fans and American -- are you mean you got to be kidding me -- me -- Reynard dicier it's no and in. Who feel conditions are terrible you hope that it's -- it's not that way but does have very good chance it could be so. I'm just a little bit puzzled duration mission will if it is bad weather you know we have a plan for that due course. A day which when you gotta do erected tent out there and play the game may tenth. -- get caught up with a former NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde as you I'm sure you remember him any advice and he either. Scouted him or at some point dissected them as a member of -- the saints as they had talent and I waiter. I'm confident earlier today on the stimulus of that and you. Welcome in WL IMF -- dot com Kristian -- here on a radio row. Alongside Vinny Testaverde former NFL quarterback I was the number of teams of any first obvious thought about manulife so what you guys apart -- -- it. Yeah I you know an extra Super Bowl is at MetLife stadium. Cold -- game. You know home of the jets and the giants and hopefully -- one of those teams will be the first to play in their own stadium looking forward to bringing media assume roles -- critical element. What do you think it'll be like -- if it is six feet of snow up there in neo fascist. I don't know I never had to seize it now everybody is so worried about the weather and the average temperature. During this time you're up there for -- we just 32 degrees. Very seldom does snow although it does -- occasionally snow. But all the years I've I've played here seven total. I played one game where it snowed. No number games -- spend a little cold but. You know as a player on the field 32 degrees your -- your running around it's it's a great football environment from this player standpoint. You know you talk to put their fans in Green Bay. Chicago Cleveland you know they love being on those elements. They think their team obviously Green -- their team does have a great winning percentage. When it comes to the playing games under forty degrees but then you know you give us that Mets with a team like the Texans who have -- record. In cold weather games under forty. So. Is a lot to it and I'm excited that finally we get to see -- who both played him in some. Different elements other than don't more you know seventy degrees. You do you feel like elements are part of a big game like you think you should be absolutely because there's preparation involved and anytime you have preparation. It has to. It's like a game plan you know yesterday you account for that during the week of preparation or in this case is suitable two weeks of preparation. You. You know you make adjustments. During the week or during the games for for those conditions whether whether it's raining or or or drive. -- more windy gain or what have you so it's all part of of the game and I'm happy to see again that this can be played certainly. In the in my backyard right place a long time with the jets and MetLife stadium. -- -- -- Vinny Testaverde here on WW LI MFM -- dot com and then talk to a number of quarterbacks this weekend. Amnesty league by storm is this zone read option no offense and other quarterbacks I've talked to feel like it's here to stay -- feel like. Well you know it's hard to say just yet if you get some defense -- second stop this thing. It'll it'll be like the -- not many very many people -- uses and you'll see it too often. Obviously. With woods some RG three's -- has done up and then in Washington and certainly obviously this week. Which -- and can't predict what he's neighborhood do this year with this certainly has opened the eyes. To a lot of not only fans would look for players and coaches around the league in trying to figure out how to stop it. It was gonna many customers personal though what are you doing these seed -- play. How will have a couple business things I'm working on some new -- restaurant concepts and I'm involved in but mostly. Home with with my kids play some golf. Open kitchen local high school my son plays football. I just enjoy life can -- stress free. -- Caylee is some players abolish so much. Three -- and then people are making about these -- injuries and I think he had a concussion -- to bring your playing career -- OK with that. Well the Gaza you for a long time I was sort of China to not have my son play football but last year was his first year I want -- I want these things that he that he he enjoys it because he's. He wants to do and I'm an Obama supporter and that and although as a pair and I worried. Very much about that the head injuries you know you have injuries as part of -- -- of football Alex did the head injury is the one that really scares me the most. He's thinking NFL game in ten years of internal look ahead. We'll look like it does now do you think without -- safety changes but the game isn't isn't a radical changes. Well I don't. -- did not seem to do is go back and win they didn't have these hard. Helmets and and had a leather helmets I would like to see how many concussions were back then then obviously we don't know that because there weren't doing those tests but. You know if there's some study that we can do to maybe going back to slow somewhat of a softer -- where guys -- don't. Wanna go head to head with the blues. They did that might stop. A lot of what's going on today I I don't know just thrown out an idea but. -- right now we just is too many guys getting hurt. We don't know what the future holds for them after they get hurt. It is it's really. But territory that says were really unfamiliar with -- even though we've we've had a number of doctors. Doing studies and things like that so it's it's a scary period that. That we're we're. Heading towards. Anyway I suppose so many young quarterbacks are coming into the NFL have in this sense early and so. You struggle a -- your rookie season took you a couple of years to to really go while -- -- able to do that. Well my opinion. One as -- and I commend. Emerson College we had two deaths. Use the NFL to the new coach and his system I think today what teams are doing is they're taking some of what these college kids have done. And bringing that those please. Those schemes into their their system with a new team that they YouTube and it's easier for them to make that transition. And I think that's what's helping these guys -- on the field sooner. And have more success. Because of it. The guy you played on their coach Bill Parcells a fellow hall of fame means you feel like this should be -- shoo in for him I mean. They consider what he what he did. Go in my mind they you know he should be an -- ready. Certainly I hope he gets in this series he's won Super Bowls he's brought multiple teams -- to Super Bowl games. He's been great tuition. He has a lot of players and in the hall of fame. He's been good for the game. You know I just -- believed. That he deserves being and I think he will be and mr. -- winding down our conversation here on WWL radio with. Vinny Testaverde and many obviously in years talk about their life in the partnership next year with some wolf 48 -- new York and New Jersey. Yellow we're excited about that. You know it is funny he is talk about that size and it. In the Super Bowl in new York and New Jersey next year they don't just 25 foot snow globe. That's fans didn't go inside and it's in nice we actually had one of the jets and giants players going there's a promo. For this and that they're there and am snowball -- -- -- -- pretty cool and I think the fans a little. Enjoy the experience. What that life has to offer enjoys being. Up there and and then the new York New Jersey area for the Super Bowl is a lot to offer and you know. I grew up there's so I love being there and think that the fans from around the country Willis also enjoy being there. And finally clearly -- traditional symbols point seven ray was a niners yeah well I like -- the niners on paper but you know once big lights turn on on the biggest stage -- the year. You know guys tend to react differently so athletically became. Being a Baltimore former Baltimore Ravens. You know actually -- for the ravens. Only NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde on WWL thanks so much for your time appreciate it thank you. They have from Vinny Testaverde breaking it down then of course new York New Jersey. Posting -- 48 is the fans of the pros that way for a traffic update. Yes indeed welcome back to radio Rhode Island and -- out convention center and because we can hokey and because it's popular because it's just that funny. We're going to replay that interview was it's warming listening to them Tre Kelley -- stop by radio row earlier this one with Tommy Tucker. Let's sit down -- -- laugh on this Friday here it's. I gotta tell you it has been a week of meeting my hero's send. This woman's right up there and had a sixteen year old daughter when she -- pictures and go freaked out. This man is my favorite part of the NFL pregame shows he is one -- I think the most talented people working in show business today. And -- you may not be able play any commercials this hour or until he leaves Islamic in my all the time he wants with that we welcome in. Frank -- though I don't frank are you very good nice to meet you yeah and also the -- yeah I miss you on fox this year like you wouldn't believe -- Have fun at the ESPN stuff we do is give me a chance to a lot of these ten guys that Jon Gruden got a little bit of spite or three wind banana we got going on their man and obviously one that's some good stuff. He'd known that is nicknames that like don't really work out -- can listen -- like why. -- think -- they call -- guy the milk man because he really delivers the bread it. -- don't confuse the milkman he. Well nobody talks about the quarterbacks bodies on Monday Night Football I love to see these guys big bodies banging around out there the man. This guy does things that you and thinking human being could do until about five seconds ago man. He's also got he can make anything sound good or more positive like of a piano -- somebody like in the cartoons pimples on somebody it's funny that they realize it would hurt but it avenue gruden a billion a man -- they want when that piano -- that hurt a little bit but it sounded pretty -- my sinuses -- clear pick. You -- I was an ear nose and throat guy. I would definitely prescribe the piano method man and makes you feel a lot better than you ever thought -- could -- I anybody else or ESPN that I get your man Herm Edwards I like getting crazy people have multiple voices and had they all argue that. Arm has three voices and they all agree with each other like way think -- or two -- a football player. Ballplayer good football put it can't record it wouldn't give people technical support -- mosques and -- if he's on the day he announced Stephen A Smith. I had no idea I was even going that trying to figure out where we're going. With some of these things have pulled out rhyming dictionary method soloist and everything has just come in the -- he doesn't think compressed or use and or -- at any point. And somebody throws in words that I'm not sure fit right where I'm not Smart enough to them. Says he'll say some -- what do you think about that Stephen Payne are completely utterly and quadra lateral -- deny everything you just said. Geometry have to do with that I could even fit in there I don't understand and I don't give up to tell you want to -- skip Bayless is driving me crazy yeah. Sound those guys though it has all the funding in the classic for the Madden that. Men with you know with group it's more about specifics with mad. Who whipped gruden. It it was very specific commands about Tony's the Torino human if you think of all the people that are out there are. All the people there aren't out there between those -- of sorts of people who served pretty much everybody. The group is more going crazy man forget about -- like rock and -- dominate you they've rock and roll guy man yeah what do you like kiss. Yeah. What about dumb. The -- none of Brett Favre. -- graves wherever -- -- a ministry earlier when someone. I'm not sure what farmers human or not human -- he is human. There's a special crime here we're live almost as if -- -- I'm -- good news you're good we'll leave it there. Come what about other announces other play by play guys. Well you know I think the guys. The fund as of the analysts because they're the ones breaking things down they have to think of stuff to say Charles Barkley is always fun talk about braves lose craze of sales through a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some try to correct them become better how much help for what mr. Rogers. His commercials -- the best like -- plus a little bit away on the Weight Watchers commercial but than what they did is they would have more all black a black background and was shot from outer space. Everybody looks -- from Hubble telescope we like it. He's like I can either -- -- won't. Meatballs. -- of me all day. Meet all study for -- -- -- -- and three jokes behind my here I am itself up a lot better. Figure out where we are you on a 52 delay right like the wind is 52 delay that was the craziest thing to have them over. In my tire life and I've heard a lot of crazy things all of them Tampa for awhile man. I would like to know what Jim Rome thinks about the game -- and -- probably going to be one of the greatest games and history of the universe or least the best game that day. When those two idea of where exactly the right under in my new show. Which is just like the old show. But I have. Different background you can say bad words and my hair is curly hair -- -- back. Coming a little programming skill and health if Shaq what do you think about the state of the lakers or career or are there -- You're a great job. Sack of mail program and almost making sense at one point his eyes lined up over is that. Politics. I was just pause please don't go -- I'm sorry to brag about your dot. Politics I always wondered how some of the there may be political leaders of the country former presidents might feel about the game well I think it'll be one of those games where there's two teams on field. -- thank you Mr. President and I think there will be one where there are some fans finally young ladies -- -- -- place I noticed serious enough to take a look at Kelly Clarkson and scoop -- you you're not out of the game yet I don't know we'll never be out of that game. Column and we're not the latest facts. And Mr. President the current president I don't work about him a candidate. It -- notices he talks will slow down there at the mechanic. And beat them but you get on the one two separate. So for us to be great -- -- on what it 67. Five permanent. That's getting them -- okay. All. She was on the next train going the next. -- -- -- -- Nowhere as well little cook and a little bit you know you gotta be performing anywhere repeating concede that tonight are now. On that this weekend banks you know I'll be out in Dallas. Fort Lauderdale at the M from Orlando later all the dates on frank Kelly and that com you can follow me on Twitter at frank Cali and -- We don't know how to spell -- notes -- see the word alien in the word do so at frank C -- do. And -- -- nervous takes your Christie -- -- to appease the king cake in. I would like to know -- and think well Adam -- you tell me what I can only impound according to sources. -- this particular time I'm not sure but it's very sweet it's the holy god never -- Lucent and. A little low little there's probably little if anything yeah -- might find a baby and their believe it or not because -- tradition is Zenyatta by the next one boom NATO that's exactly what I -- know it well no I know there's an imitation of frank doing -- and as I can only do a celebrity impersonation when I just -- I took a -- and gained a pound hill initiatives all of these. Because I'm such a huge fan of yours all of -- you have a veto any immediate past what does that about. Locker room. You're the only guy I've ever seen with a beat everybody else's accident was -- why do we ever -- facility yet most is good as yourself is hearing it seeing it. Is -- is half an argument against Oklahoma but here it's great I love it I'll tell you later. But look. You you do such great visual stuff too is there anyway we can go buy this stuff for you -- you. On the web site at frank. Dot com. It's free of bias there's bust -- the Bible there's stuff on YouTube itself like that -- -- it's -- on Twitter that I sent them links to all this stuff they do. Twitters at Frank Caliendo and a -- goods. Both daylight time at the process because I just I'm such a fan of yours and and I just wanna know. How well eating the stuff won't know how well no you can't it's addictive how long DF take to come up with with a new guy AO doesn't just come naturally to -- and how old were you and I need to do the. And -- as a kid doing a little bit but I don't really get I went to school for broadcast journalism. And I just are working on this supposed to be like ESPN anchor something like really wanted this series -- they wanna do that is serious I mean. As an anchor you can specialized group that was. Watching the goofy guys. You know -- like the big show and stuff like in Sunday's. From that was kind of what I wanted to do but I realized that where people they're fueled much smarter than me you know -- sports that I did some kind of around. Just tried to comedy in the nominee can -- Who's your favorite guided to a favorite woman at this. Own the Dr. Phil Dr. Phil head up reliant to piazza -- on yesterday maybe I'm just trying to figure out how to say to Gaza so far. Well where you'd like magic go back the curtain and pretend to big girl that's what it says that before it's. If convicted a real find out whether daddy did he can actually do boys so how -- coach usually NFL coaches. Carolina I'm working amongst players and coaches yeah everything's done. Everybody that gets out is going into the funny ones and city it DOC a guy on TV and -- and then on is there a mannerisms or something NATO or something totally separate. Just bring out the it just sit there and enough people gonna see it there Millwood that person is it's hard at the demographics of the people are so spread out what they watch and listen to so. In and out under -- that you've been here before not I've been here in announces the first ever spent some time just trying to figure out which rode with you know. Why when a road goes one way it's one name and when it goes another way it's a different name and try to figure out why the police just watch people walk across the street from the cars and so if you're -- like if they included there I go ahead. Atlantic. Draft because there. Frank thank you for coming by its thank you remember any any thought she'd like to leave us with from anybody. How great show -- interview amid the best ever -- -- know. Thank you -- had a blast man is a good stuff -- -- coming up on Sunday on ESPN -- countdown on countdown until the time and -- between about and how we saw -- and Twitter at frank -- and hide and website again please McAllen that I can't I we'll look -- my friend you are your the best of you are the best idea yeah. Because we had a good interview I'd interview thank you might show thank you for that I will be right back into the W. Tommy Tucker with the very tells -- ESPN's. Frank Kelly admitted there as you watch it online at W yelled out come on our web cam here. You probably see via hokey cry and laugh as are others and you know I I know why you've listened to a five time today because. This makes them because that you can't too little softer -- keep it yes -- first time Reno and it really is it's a Larry it's in. You know I've always enjoyed watching wind you know Wendy is. Does it on TV and everything else because he puts -- jumping to that character -- me looks just like -- mannerisms and everything the President Bush you know impersonation of the facial expressions. Is worth that in and of itself I wish out of it I was up here when he was interview with the with the -- you couldn't miss that in my year by a lab and part did that -- I was sort of asked to make you do less miles. That the the -- that say. Friday he the the or violence miles the person they should. And I you know maybe it's one that maybe he doesn't watch much college ball I really don't know but. I bet it wouldn't be too hard for him a master of no dies down to do but look if you missed it are you wanna hear that again look it's on line. And Debbie to be well dot com. Funny funny. Funny thing and I there I'll lose to a vote double done before I go to bed tonight that's for sure it's just that funny 504260187. They're told brief. 866889. Is there a way to have -- done a -- you'll get your phone call here. On its excuse me fans of the pro am so tired -- the phase of the broad this is sports have been a look at it feels like a -- got this like five times anyway. This WWL. I like they'll kill last day of Disney World -- Worn out of this. I don't let me it was a lot of fun early to weaken it and still a lot of fun you know it's a special event now -- I mean you. I can say you do get a point each in -- you've been spending 1214 hour days it appears that. And most of it on your feet yeah except Iowa -- -- lake view you're on W -- done. Thank god. I don't -- night dude. Good lifting big job or media. Do you get the broadcast. Over the past week. There's a lot of -- You know here's for all of traders still fear that there's an they continue on so. This one thing that was you know listeners Vinny Testaverde. Mentioned -- hold back the leather helmets will either have to look to call system who want sports. Pretty physical in their violent in many many ways they written off and and that's the rugby. To concussion rate in rugby players. It is it's not very high. So. But show injuries. But. You know -- it's it's a whole different technique and give me that that's the big issue it's not where the game that's two physical what position is the technique because. You know younger days they're always -- hysterical -- shoulder. The thing is you've got older in the -- -- change and you alerting you being taught to read with a -- -- into the mirror -- Kenosha county ball so Dmitry it won't matter technique and it is anything else. Pay your immediate that you make some very valid point right there. He obviously with those guys who never -- helmets then you know that's what they've been taught to do -- with their shoulders stuff I remember back when I was in high school just like you said we were. We were taught to lead with a face mask in it wasn't a penalty if you lead with the crown -- helmet. But you know they say this is where neck injuries come from but date so they tried to teach you when you do track tackling drills -- week we called it eye openers. It baker high school but it was he'll leave with a face masking delighted to have. All you heard the common for yet so it and it would port technique sometimes that's when he gets you next jam because it. How quickly go from your face -- into the football. To the crowning your helmet into football of any attack on so you I mean I think it. You know. That's an issue they want take -- -- heard the commissioners say that he wants me to head out of the game. And it is that he was not trying to do has been -- right as yesterday's news. The series -- so we'll see you kind of safety precautions a leak comes up with here. And a couple of weeks at NFL owners' meetings Super Bowl 47 Hokies Sunday the Baltimore Ravens. And a San Francisco 49ers. Be likened this. Well I don't like either one we picked -- well I mean I'm just gonna stick with. With my formula that I always go with. You know being in the national championship game if there's an SEC team and that's who I generally pull for even if it's Alabama. When the Super Bowl rolls around you know if so Peyton Manning was an -- day you know somebody that I no way I have a tendency to lean toward that but in this. This particular case I don't really know AD debris from down here in New Orleans but I know -- never -- demand so. I'll just stick -- my thing I guess if I'm pulling for anybody could be the NFC but. This will not be a game where you know pulled my toenails out because the ravens win they're good but now we'll watch the game and beat. Very interested -- it -- you -- jot down -- but notre to a case somebody calls next week in you know they asked about this or that. Other -- lot of story lines in this is again you are Bob Harlow rose Ray Lewis last game possibly agree to last game you know there the rise to stardom of college -- native. But I -- tea that's been brought over so many times during the course this week debts well really the last two weeks and both teams qualified for. The Super Bowl that's they don't they don't think you talk about now the final score. Though mostly uptake of the -- I think they're the overall. Just the better team and I just think Colin dampening then I would you when you look at both teams I mean it they're almost mirror images of one another yes they do you get to two Brothers. They're both -- very strong defense of both have very good running games in both have quarterbacks taken care -- they need to. Yeah of M -- I dislike the four united that is thing on all their defense just that and better than the Baltimore Ravens I think that's sitting at the end what. It comes down to a Super Bowl 47 hour pregame coverage starts. On Sunday morning in to -- started today with a big chief. Deke Bellavia the file by post game. But myself 930 to midnight on Sunday hokey you know a great season -- think -- banana good time -- -- -- -- in yeah I mean I know you and I'll be doing something -- draft. It is quite possibly mini -- forever but they won't have the fan of -- to start next September when the regular season starts big things Allison tank top -- that's the south Jordan keep all those. All of that help and I was like injury afoot. -- let you know all of our great staff here at WWL suffer. Five we are out.