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Feb 1, 2013|

Tonite: Scoot talk about all the activities in new orleans because of the super bowl. he ask the question,"what would you tell a tourist about new orleans, if this were their first time here?"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I gotta go it is the beginning Cubs Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans this is a special Super Bowl weekend edition. I'm just -- -- top candidate continues next week. Is -- -- right. And L streets Toronto led many of the -- to this dvd and the French Quarter are literally. Parking lots right now if you don't have to drive downtown don't Iraq I I walk to the -- times like this NIC people just at a dead stopped. Aren't I ever build the end bill don't all the cross streets go through the French Quarter thinking. Why. Why would you even entered the corner. It is so much better to just to walk so if you don't have to drive anywhere downtown or in the in the French Quarter. I don't do it because it's it's not easy getting around a police presence is there is everywhere I took a walk before the show. And I walked through the Verizon a Super Bowl boulevards concerts. Stage area and and there are a lot of -- it -- I wouldn't really describe it as a many Jazz Fest but there a couple different stages there. And you know in this area we know how to -- stages to where -- they don't conflict with the sound of another stage it's just amazing how they do that with stages so close together. Jazz Fest in French Quarter fast and things like that we know how to do that but just a free concert series the Verizon Super Bowl boulevard concert series goes on until 10 o'clock tonight. And it's going on tomorrow from ten to ten. And then Sunday it ends at 1 o'clock so if you're thinking about coming downtown you might wanna go check out the at the riverfront -- the free concert series they're. -- John starts I think at 10 o'clock goes on until until 1 o'clock on Sunday. And then of course everybody's going to be are getting ready for the Super Bowl actually I think it's going to be oh okay it's ten to two. On Sunday so you're thinking about coming downtown. 282 enjoyed that the city -- you're gonna come downtown somewhere and watch the Super Bowl if you don't have a party to go to worse. -- you're have a special destinations in your neighborhood order with family your friends come downtown find a place you to watch -- the city is just so alive right down. Not only where it's. Ravens and 49ers fans but also with all a lot of locals and then there are over 5000. People from the media here. Now I've been in the media for. Well just about and all of my life. And I can tell you that this is a group of people that's that knows how to drink. And I'm assuming that the city -- pro active enough to have. We made sure that everybody wears well stocked up because again this is a group they can drink. And you know it's just amazing how people just walk around with with drinks in their hands -- -- they walk around with open containers. -- it's truly an amazing. An amazing city I if you wanna join us for comic tonight about New Orleans as a Super Bowl city have you experienced any of the did you come downtown may -- -- And at home right now after being downtown and at the NFL experience at the convention center is also a lot of fun. If you have come downtown and experience the city had so far -- comment on that if you have any suggestions. For those who were in and around New Orleans especially for those here for the very first time what would you wanna tell them. About our city we talked about this a little bit on this -- -- I will continue to talk about that tonight. And -- just continue with a special Super Bowl week in addition. Of this coach -- are numbers 2601. A seventy told 3866889070. In a text number is 87870. -- -- -- walks along the Verizon Super Bowl boulevards concerts area and I went into the corner. And it's 6 Tony this evening. The atmosphere of the attitude to the level of debauchery. Was pretty close to what it would be like an 11 or 12 o'clock midnight on a weekend night. But there are a lot of people here. And again it's packed and it will be even more pact later don't if you are coming down -- reminds you this is not something that -- everybody pays attention to. But it if you gonna start early in the day and obviously a lot of people have what it comes to the consumption of adult beverages. -- try to pace yourself. You know because you do get to that point of diminishing returns. Where the next strength doesn't necessarily make you feel any better. And then you're gonna have problems tomorrow and you -- one or rowand. Tomorrow and you certainly don't wanna ruin Super Bowl Sunday. Even -- league games a way to you know it's it's never fun to wake up with a hangover and Theo as you mature in life those hangovers or a little more difficult to get over. Him when you're eighteen. Or maybe I should say Tony one of course when I was younger it really goes to gauge your closer was eighteen -- wasn't wrong for me to say that. Again if you enjoyed as for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight or I get our reminds you about. There's so many things going on if you have any. Any tips on what people should -- or maybe shouldn't do when they're here in New Orleans especially those who are here for the first time. I Kohler show it to six so one a seventy toll free 8668890878. And a text number is 87878. Also I -- reminds you there's Stanley girl is going on and I just got a -- for somebody. Caught frets and tantrums at family -- awesome show that's going on in -- that is a free concert. Jefferson Parish for set on and I'm not sure which I Cowboy Mouth is gonna be there but that is a fun time is right there. On the neutral ground the median for those of you who are from out of town. Right next to lakeside shopping center veterans and cause way and then there's a parade going on tonight just -- X caliber. I it is separating and following that is -- I'm assuming that those rates are still going on 'cause they -- seven and 730. And then on the North Shore he started it to 7 o'clock when I lived on the North Shore I used to really enjoy it. That separates you know -- it this year there's 350. A female crew crew members in the corner -- I always sit in enjoy that I I felt like I I. Got a few more deeds then I ordinarily get because you know mostly it's seeing guys on floats in in most cases it and they tend to throw to the -- so. Kind of felt left out except it was it was -- or. The ethical abuses which is I have fun parade as well and we'll be talking about that when that -- gets ready to roll but this is a very very exciting time for the city of New Orleans. From Algiers Larry you're on WWL good evening. Believe we are completely legitimate goal you're leery about I thought that the -- won't do it you'll love volunteer. But I don't -- -- not legion ball and only could chip and didn't all of -- three years going long. Well I don't welcome to -- -- goes -- well pretty. And you've been rare and it won't Pete we all it. And maybe contusion moral being you don't need to go -- it -- boot. Look at street. Prepared well conditioned -- worrying. -- -- -- a very good I don't conserve more every year maybe coming Europe they're spirited treated did you. Well you're right about that especially a stroll down say Charles avenue even know that it would only be a neighborhood for a few different people it certainly does. Say a lot about the added to the city in the architecture and history that we have here but you know Larry. Go check out -- that the streets but you know there are there -- bad streets in in every city. There are some places around New Orleans that need to be fixed in things need to continue to come back. I'm not only as a result of Katrina but just as a result of there's no way -- -- -- that this city your experiences on a regular basis so those things so do need to happen. But there are there are great places to live. You know I am thrilled to be back in New Orleans I am back here by choice and just thrilled to be back with what I consider to be family. I hear it every WL. Larry and -- Scully showed thanks Burleson are here's a text and poets of threats and the tension I thought that sounded -- when -- -- since it's stretch in the tantrums. -- -- -- There is a hotel downtown. It's made his serving. An amazing cocktail. Now you know on Burma street you can get jello shots for a dollar of the cost and then it every other place is holding up signs now three for one. So yeah that means if you buy a beer you get three Beers for the price of one. Free drinks for the price of what so this is where you can't monitor your drinking by your your wallets and money spent because you're getting three. For the price of wants you know I don't win election you. But I just want you to be kind of aware of how easy it is to lose control in New Orleans and nobody wants to prevent -- happen. But you can buy really cheap drinks on -- street however there is so hotel downtown. That is selling 8101000. Dollar cocktail. 101000. No it's not three for its one. I 101000. Dollar cocktails. From now until February 12 wanna -- today. So what would be in a 101000 dollar cocktail. And where can you get it will tell you about that when we come back. Is this coach show we had -- grow we've got some bodyguard going on the North Shore and in Metairie tonight. And then there's going to be more money draw after Super Bowl weekend this is just a great time to be in New Orleans. I just join our show the comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And -- text number is 8787 years -- reminding everybody enjoy yourself but please don't drink and drive. We'll be right back and -- of the Scopes show on WWL. The Texas Rangers hovering helicopter. Once the music industry. Something should be done and took ground helicopters during festival tonight comes from Sparky. Well Sparky. When the spotlight is on New Orleans like this so Homeland Security moves into it into action. And they are choppers. Flying over the city's there are occasionally best fighter Jets and I cruising the city there is what do must be a surveillance plane it looks to me like your twin engine. I'll stick swing plane. That is consistently flying a perimeter. Around New Orleans so all during the day I'm assuming he's their guy but I don't see that at night. I and they are -- or US coast guards armed inflatable. Boats on the river patrolling the river. So we are at a very. Heightened state of a security not to not of alert but at a time like this -- Do all they -- to heighten security I'm sure there were a lot of things going on that we don't even know about it I feel extremely safe we talked about this a little bit on the show last night. There are police on almost every street corner throughout the downtown area the CBD and also through the French Quarter and the mounted police around and it would be nice if the city was like this all the time. But it's not I guess it's a cost prohibitive disturbed they can't be like this all the time Vick. You know right now that the city is it is very safe and for the most part the city is is always safe. It's unfortunate that we have been unsuccessful. As a city in the community. When it comes to making every neighborhood. As safe for the citizens as New Orleans is for the tourists but if your -- here in town if you're with the Raiders I'm sorry -- with the Ravens or the 49ers. If you're associated with the team if you're just in town to have fun if you're a fan of the Ravens or heard the 49ers if -- part of the media we welcome you to our city. And this city is doing such a wonderful job I wrote a blog tonight for our website it's -- game on New Orleans. And it is game on right now you can now read that and share its common honored if you like in our website WWL dot com. Down the right hand column under our opinions is also on this good page I encourage you to do to to read this and sharing with everybody from New Orleans. I would love everybody to get the message. Of this blog tonight not because it comes from me. But how much you get the message tonight's -- the -- like because it's something we all need to think about. Not only this weekend. But throughout the year. The point is title game on your and -- that's it's every WL outcome we'll talk more about it coming up. And the next hour here's our -- WL party Jack brought to you call tonight commissioner Roger go no way we change our opinion -- it should it's really simple. Yeah there's so much stuff going on so many parties tonight. So many celebrities attempt. But I think sometimes we may forgets. That there's there's a game on Sunday. There's some stuff. Going on on Sunday. So let's make our -- -- -- a pretty Jerry -- and info very simple tonight do you think will win the Super Bowl in New Orleans Sunday. The Ravens but the 49ers. Give -- your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com I'm gonna make this prediction. We know that there have been Super Bowls in the past -- not been as exciting as the playoff games. There are so many great story lines. Then I have a feeling that this game not only did are they're great story lines off the field. But I like this match up between a team that has a personality like the Ravens. And a team that has a personality like. The 49ers. And teams definitely have personalities. I'm gonna predict that this is going to be a good. Game. Yeah this is gonna not only be a Super Bowl we -- pay attention to the Super Bowl -- this is gonna actually be a very. Good game I have said that I I think the Ravens are gonna win. But it wouldn't surprise me if either team that wins and yeah -- watching some things on ESPN earlier today about the forty niners and their offensive line and how they can. Open up that error opened up the defensive line to open -- holes for for the running game at four for -- nick and the government is really good ads. And it disguising where did the ball's gonna go. A very very. Effective quarterback and again we've talked about this too when you've heard a lot of talk about this. I'm -- -- predictive 49ers may be represented a new style of quarterback in the NFL. Along with RG three and now hopefully he's OK after his injury but give us your opinion who do you think is gonna win. The Ravens -- the 49ers. There -- web sites -- WL. Dot com Fisher -- annual -- -- -- -- throughout our show tonight. From the French Quarter Danielle you're on WWL. I heard I can't discount you opt not -- Least that it today in the city yeah. We got there about thirty -- -- at the beginning of the day in the water and it went into it valid theory. And being here what are they all think it would a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- black and gold glove but he he helped. I'm glad you brought -- -- Daniel appears that's something that I saw all day today and it may be really proud to see so many people wearing black and gold so many people wearing Saints jerseys in Saints T shirts in sainthood he's. Because for everybody who is in town with the NFL it just shows how proud we are our team here in New Orleans. I'll get I'll put out -- the ball out what kind. It was a wonderful experience you get lap and it bell like Jerry wouldn't. It's great and you know it happens though which I don't see at the hope that all it -- acted more. It -- that they want. I agree I agree or when you think about the super -- again and I I'm gonna say this again for -- -- those who didn't hear disqualification. I'm not downing any other city not rating any other city. But Indianapolis last year everybody who is in town this year who was there last year can't. Health and immediately compare new Rose to Indianapolis and then next year when it's in New Jersey. You're gonna have to compare New Jersey to New Orleans this is going to be one special moment and Super Bowl 47 will be remembered I think not only is a was what turned out to be a great game but look at the weather is that we have right now to end and that's something that we can't plan. But. -- know one car bodies like out there. No I bought it like. Where you're absolutely right Daniel. I'm glad to call the show and thanks for taking time to come to your city. Are Danielle have a great weekend. This is this goes -- a special Super Bowl weekend edition of our show if you and enjoy his with a comment are numbers 2601. A seventy. All 38668890. -- seventy. -- numbers a 7870 hang on we are coming right back with more here is another WWL parade and traffic updates. It is another great evening for parading this is going on this you've just -- down in the suburbs and -- and at home mud on the d'or shorn Vanderbilt. And also out in -- to -- it would have taken place downtown this weekend. Are shifted to next weekend so we could have actually go some of the so that was gonna go on this weekend. We shifted to last weekend so we did get the -- started last weekend. And it was -- our question we had last night mistress RW WL party general opinion poll last night. Have you or will you come downtown to experience the Super Bowl atmosphere in New Orleans. And last night when we have finished our show at midnight there was a final result of our opinion poll. Tony 5%. Had experienced it Tony 5% will experience a and 49% said they have not and will not experience it. So that means 50% spot have or will experience it in 49% will not. And I WWL pretty. 47 the Ravens or the 49ers. I will continue to update you on that throughout our show now because if a special NFL programming on this Super Bowl weekend here on WWL. On this -- show only goes until 10 o'clock tonight Tim will -- NFL programming as we get ready for the game on Sunday from Guerrero Mitch welcome to WWL good evening. A good good golf -- -- -- -- poor arm award put on the way up baker could be wondered about. To book quote Belmont and they're the two Brothers coach in the people each -- law that's never happened before where often go according naught -- we'll take this one. Actually have got. Tampa nick is playing like he has there and you live ball Baltimore all of if there if all Balco. Quote playing like he's playing in the bear a couple of game and not think are all full. How could -- have felt that okay. Yeah I'm -- if I'm I'm -- really look at force in the game I think this is going to be a very good game and and so often we can look back through the Super Bowl and it and see where playoff games are more exciting the Super Bowl but I have a feeling this is going to be a good game and mean god bless those players for trying to block out all of the distractions right now around them. What ball that's called Albert. Whoever does the best moment the woman dropped. You're right now -- let me ask you this before you go you say your horse from work what do you do. All under construction. Felt calmer -- you had to yell at people didn't. All -- we're I yell out -- -- know how are you know god just called just scores are guides put out book. I don't know where where you know it's a game send an awful lot oh yeah -- -- -- that they are as -- get into cricket. I'm on the watch at home what more -- where have they thought the deal with the Fisher call you don't play I haven't even decided I would give it to somebody there. -- Yet another level then too few young players. Yeah I haven't even at that I think that's and that's really nice if you don't wanna do that. I haven't even decided where I'm gonna watch it but I'm gonna watch it somewhere downtown or in the French Quarter I'm gonna go Lotta medical hang around the dome for awhile and maybe go to champions are now. I have a media pass so I believe I can get in I don't want people to think I can just go down to I Clinton champions square because a lot of that is going to be -- -- close to. I miss them all which is a good thing and also showed. Call on the wall and handles everything to them so why -- -- shoot out. You know -- you're right there are a lot of things that sometimes seems sloppy in this city. But we do this with such great precision that is something that everybody in New Orleans should be very proud of. Was -- because -- it's good we wanted to 'cause people bowed out walked -- next year -- -- beat up that's one. Album because I do believe. This guy will be there again in the -- next year and don't wanna let the words when when the job. Off you know got Sean Payton drew could be you know learn and food that I work and want to be out. It's the big guy and worked before going down to football -- off the Chicago. Fire arm. Lugo Pierre in this year I really do believe that next year. Enjoy the game enjoy the weekend -- extra listening to a WW LI here's a text that really makes me laugh and four for those of you who. No me I think you're gonna laugh right along with this text. -- it in this in this job especially with with tax. There there are some people who love to criticize her love to cut you down hands. Just indeed very very critical of bush is that mainly it's the result of people who. Might disagree with your opinion on certain issues like. This text makes me makes me laugh. This text reads. -- aren't you from Denver or Seattle or somewhere out west. Stop trying to make it sound like you're a native. New Orleans. If you enjoying our show recovered tonight our offense -- Aaron numbers through six own point 87 -- -- -- 8668890878. -- text number is 877 and this is a special Super Bowl weekend edition. Of this good show and we'll be right back on WWL. -- -- my tennis -- -- it's a special we -- -- Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans and there's so much going on -- Yeah I've I I've got definite get busy talking about something else and I forgot to tell you about the 101000 dollar cocktail I'll tell you about that in just a moment. This -- Nellie and Nellie is performing tonight at the end Drew Brees exclusive party that barricade sandy relief concert -- at house of blues tonight. Our show goes until 10 o'clock tonight because NFL programming at right after that I am going to house of blues since. I'll enjoy the rest of the concert which goes until 1130. I Drew Brees is just such a great guy such a great ambassador for a New Orleans as well as having this exclusive hurricane sandy relief party. It's presented by Verizon and Samsung house of blues Grammy winners Nellie and Swiss -- so they -- tonight they were only 700 and spent fifty tickets issued to -- -- We gave them away for the last two days almost every hour here on WWL. A breeze pipe dream foundation donor good -- Was kind enough to purchase the tickets. And then get the tickets to us to give away to you our listeners so it was really a greater -- it to 2000 dollars. So I if you -- if you're on your way at a -- so now I'm I'm sure most people are already they -- since his started at 8 o'clock but it should be a lot of fun now. -- from there are. I'm going to I'm going to Holland wolf and tonight to Holland wolf. Is the super cold party featuring ice cube and Grammy Award winning rebirth. -- -- Hey you know he even though we get to see those guys often hear it's it. Really great to go into a crowd at a time like this and realize that there's so many people from other cities so many people from around the country and around the world. Or experiencing all of this right now and our city and then. I'm gonna head over to the at the Bud -- hotel concert series with pit bull inflow -- so well on the leaders and take pictures and I'll be tweeting pictures all night tonight. Now hopefully you are. You're a friend so you're on -- Twitter with WWL. But also you -- know hook up with scoops WWL SS CO OT scoot WWL. And I'm gonna I tweet pictures of all my tonight from the quarter from the Drew Brees party at house of blues. Then from the super cold party at the Holland -- with ice cube and rebirth brass band and then -- pit bull and flow Ryder. -- convention center boulevard so like going on title -- or tween those pictures after the show at 10 o'clock from Baton Rouge Michael you're on WWL. Based Goodell you nobody I'm great Michael. -- from one -- leading -- -- -- bought into our leading to another I want him because they would never held the game this weekend. I think so and a guy -- been so much excitement around the game. Which is great but I also think this is gonna turn out to be one of the great Super Bowl games. You're right -- you know I've spent the whole -- dealt. Down volunteering in India as walking around enjoying this city never never and enjoy New Orleans more than they've been tonight. When none. All right what what was so special about New Orleans for you other than just the absolute electricity is in the air right down. Well it's just the way up people all come together to the police and you know everybody that's working down and and in the volunteers just overwhelming how many. You noticed that this. -- -- -- so many people from the greater New Orleans area they have volunteered. I mean nick gets almost no work for us to do mean had to look at the things that force to -- you know the -- -- they do they're just so many people have instead and we wanted to we wanna be ambassadors for our city and you know help the mayor and in the lieutenant governor in. Jim -- and Mary Matalin all all the great people have done great stuff. You know to make us look good and you know I just wanted to -- one historical note Dave Dixon. -- John McCain gets in. -- political battle to build the superdome in downtown awards. That's right there. I remember the controversy there was a there was some talk about building an -- -- or may be -- Rosie. -- Al Slidell and New Orleans -- which ready he would then like the actual dome they would been boarded up right now you know like the astrodome and use it anymore. Wouldn't just -- it makes us to get them to -- work you can pour out for our communities that it's right middle everything and it makes such you can walk everywhere. You know you can come anywhere -- a big hits and walked to the superdome. And at bats are gonna be the instant comparison with the Super Bowl last year in Indianapolis in another -- say it's already been announced that. It next year in New Jersey the events are going to be around northern New Jersey know this is a very special place and again we're just talking about the facts about New Orleans and not trying to put down. Any other Michael on behalf of everybody indoor on some wanna thank you for. I'm taking time to the volunteer we do think all of those who view who have volunteered to help out for Super Bowl weekend. Both sake it is true and we had a game ball to -- Michael gives thanks for us recently -- tonight. A from Slidell gym here on WWL -- good evening. Yes go lower also very reply you know sixty jury is low and I remember he hit. And scoop -- moment. And so everybody's got to remember that -- that don't Jarno. Cars and there would have been nice seven Bruce you know visit -- definitely wears the height of my music career and then later WWL in the nineties where is the height and Ohio. You cannot hurt you -- did you collect their checks on somebody actually also I -- say are they down. I'm in down at the Marty brought. Was that the -- both Glaus went down into there -- -- -- -- they get there about 4 o'clock we were the monster. Yeah -- -- so -- yeah there are no wonder about you did you enjoy it. Oh my god I'm telling you what that is absolutely. It's free it's sort of that devastate your -- I just said this a minute ago. Gable who who thought this out and did they knew they would Dillon because if you go down there. Even had some real life of me and every person that told you also quality yet though were what to boot camp and I walk from the museum. Truly. Too bad does it every day -- Jim I love -- excitement in your voice and yet there's something really special about you are -- thanks for going WWL you have a great weekend. What's these last two callers are talking about his the subject of this good blog tonight it's on our website it Demi WL dot com title game on New Orleans. We'll talk more about this coming after up after the news at 10:9 o'clock. But if you get a chance to read it read it and share with everybody you know in New Orleans and from New Orleans. Because this is something. That I want us to take from this weekend. As citizens of this city. As members of this community. I want us to take some things from this weekend. And that's all in the blog tonight title game on New Orleans and you can find that it WWL dot com on the right hand side under our opinions. I hit our re read this this text again this text really made me laugh. A -- aren't you from Denver or Seattle or somewhere out -- stop trying to make it sound like you're a native. -- -- -- This is a special Super Bowl weekend edition of the Scotia were coming right back in -- every WL here is another. Traffic and parade updates. And there are parades rolling on the North Shore easy ten -- matter is that caliber and perhaps listen and then. I am and I believe it's a make -- and Hercules and whole month there will be more race tomorrow and it's just going to be a great weekend. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said I couldn't feel more welcome. So the city is welcoming commissioner Roger Goodell. In spite of how many people in this city disagree with Goodell and we're very angry with him over punishment of the Saints from the bounty scandal. It really is his Drew Brees has said. And this guy Sean Payton said it it's time to move on it it's over letting go and we're host city. And we need to host. This NFL game which includes. Being a very very gracious host to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. I if you wanna read more about details feelings about being into early you can find the article on our website and Demi WL dot com. And I want to point something out about our website. This may be a radio station. But our website is very -- In -- this should be your top source for news and for a days we've got street closures. Because of the Super Bowl. I and then street closures system Mardi Gras parades schedules. The information -- about fan McGraw well she's going on tonight and tomorrow tomorrow night. In Metairie on no veterans just right they're targeted causeway that's a great family event a free concert. But our website has a lot of pictures and a lot of video it's very very visual and my among the things on our website tonight is about blog that. We'll talk more about after the news at 9 o'clock but if you get a chance to read this read it and share with everybody you know from New Orleans. The blog tonight is title game on New Orleans and it. There are so many things that we can learn about ourselves. From this weekend if that's what I've talked about in the -- to get into more -- coming up. In the next hour plus order remind you that as soon as the show's over tonight at 10 o'clock because of NFL programming getting you ready for the big game Sunday. I'm really very ten go to the Drew Brees party -- house of blues and then I got a couple of other -- parties to hit concerts. And I'm gonna take some pictures and I will be sending out pictures through by your Twitter account throughout the night. So you haven't joined and be on Twitter yet it scoots SC OOT. WWL. And I'll have a pictures from the French Quarter -- whatever arrived whatever I happen to -- here's an update on tonight's WW well party jaguar opinion poll. What do you think's gonna win Super Bowl 47. 75%. Say the Ravens. 25% say the 49ers. I think the Ravens are gonna win by. That it wouldn't surprise me the 49ers wind and again I think this is going to be a really good Super Bowl game. How will be back with more pure joy is with comic go to our website WWL dot com this is a --