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2-3-13 2:10p.m Countdown to Superbowl XLVII

Feb 3, 2013|

Deke gives his predictions on Superbowl XLVII.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay NG. Under the final outcome of this so Christie Garrett has -- -- -- faced -- Troy Aikman. We had Trent Dilfer probably got caught up with former LSU tiger and San Francisco defensive out of Ricky Jean-Francois -- -- always -- a break down. Now back in Super Bowl 42 between the Giants and. The New England Patriots are criminal put together a post game packets could that would that was a fall into thumbing your reward is no new knowing it's kind of get the nineteen you know. New York basically -- doing all they -- that won't in new York at the end of the season and during the season finale they finished sixteen -- -- So after the game I put together a package on Super Bowl 42 just moments in Super Bowl history. In the last few years so here's a look back. On February 2 2008. When New York Giants upset the Patriots. And they won in there third world championship. -- scored 74. This question they defense. Want him to score seventeen. I'm loyal. Narrow loss bad bad hole. There's so we believe you. I have played there. New Jersey area at all. Sounds -- Super Bowl 42 and Eli Manning in the New York Giants can't. The New England Patriots from being the second undefeated team in the history of the National Football League all the way through the regular season. And the post season but they came up short and Plaxico Burress -- in a week. That the Giants would beat the Patriots would -- say 212417. In Tom Brady responded OK wanna go score seventy points. Well the Giants defense had after Tom all day. Long coming back our conversations -- Menard has put together a great. -- -- -- in these detectives to master it does on Friday -- force on. What you need to know for the triple post season in DC a moment on Monday seven. Of those what you needed dose because they're going to be seven C championship games that's so we aren't done with their risk that this spring will be heard. Now called the select schools in the LA just say stand pat. How -- they decide may be on WWL. They welcome back on big ability today's birdied jaguar people online at WWI dot com what's -- prediction for Super Bowl 47. Ravens by seven unless the Ravens by seven -- more same for the 49ers. Tomorrow's final. Second -- show. Mike interrogate and Bobby eight bear. At the Silva slipped to Hank had counted -- setting Mississippi from four to seven at 7 PM it's the Jenny Jones show -- -- issue is playing some of their best basketball. And I -- east's three and one of their last Fordham -- -- a five point road trip at mixed and to the wildcats in their victories over Vietnam's seventy right Missouri and yes they. A big -- Hickey as LSU Vietnamese beat Mississippi State at the hump. And -- -- -- -- -- an opponent host of his just sports you can follow Christian. Garrick onto to educate Garrett Warner and Kristian -- one. Probably Trent Dilfer who Christian and well I think we both agree has become an excellent broadcasting is that conversation. His pistol offense you think it's -- I mean I know it's serious very well today because you can there's no answer for it under snow. There's. You know I tried to jump ahead of the headed this couple years ago when I kind of saw. In queens of the zone read coming in the NFL. And so I went to. I went back to high school level of course oval because those coaches have grown up in the spread generation. Have focused and broke loose for a generation. So I had to go to that the source these people that -- in this stuff and get answers for college and high schools defense is if you don't have superior personnel which in the NFL there you're never gonna have a superior personnel manager across the board. Is to play we call cover zero just take your safeties batters. As the coverage element. If you do them in a zone. You're given up seven yard touchdown so I can -- -- won a few out -- -- yeah against our reserves receivers shoulder are good. It's they have this corners have no help. It's old for. So that's the answer -- -- -- -- those -- play cover zero consistent what sort of harnessing and try to manipulate it a man short. In the zone read short of the pistol. Understand the pistols information the zone read is a clay. The pistol enhances all your other place even running forever. Okay enhance your play action against his own game enhances your power game I answered your movement game sergeant three kind of fake right and who left off of it. And they have to defend the zone read part. Well. Don't -- itself is genius because it's mathematics. It's addition in geometry. You have a numbers advantage that the addition but more importantly that you jump a trio of angles and in the NFL when your scheme and -- ballplayers who have bought this today. Bruschi when he's mad scientists are in the there are drawn up back so right. They're looking at front differentials are okay they're looking to help people lineup confronts. Backer displacement. Bowl watch and what they're looking for is angles can we get angles. She gets the right people you create -- song yeah. That's all they're looking for and they big drop all these different ways to getting walks. Well the zone read part of the pistol creates an automatic angles for your tackles are talking -- -- -- Joseph Staley about this -- of our lives have changed forever. Because we have an advantage almost every snap we take in the pistol because we have these incredible angles and doing a piece tonight. On sports senator showing Anthony Davis -- BJ raji when the best defensive tackles and hope. Ball and move him three gaps yeah twice and the and then Joseph Staley on their side -- another defensive tackle three gaps the other way. That doesn't happen in the NFL they just didn't. It hasn't happened for years and that's what this offense is alive and still home by the way they can throw a ball out of yeah. And there's wide open passing lanes out of it because there's so much attention trying to -- decide do you think the zone reads coming out so. There's not you know appear to her a lot of really Smart defense of people say -- with a goal way it'll become a state would hit the quarterback and and I always say this. Give her room with an offensive center coaching defense or -- coached there at the end of the conversation. The defense -- -- coach usually leads to -- his -- Because we always have an answer of for what you think you're an answer to us today and -- -- not very good quarterback and you know a lot of comedy show them a show that tomorrow night that teams have tried to come and hit the quarterback and got torched. Because as soon as you bring the unblocked player on the defensive end. Off the field had too steep of an angle you've created a running lane. For the battled with the angles of the top point -- worked up to the next level for the first person's gonna touch and the safety coming from you know. Eight to twelve largely. Chris against conversations. With Trent Dilfer earth the quarterback who led the Baltimore Ravens have their only Super Bowl championship. When they come to the native of New York Giants -- 2000. Suitable remove -- MVP now. Looking at the quarterback today for the Baltimore Ravens. And Joseph Flacco perhaps today could be a defining moment. To become that -- quarterback in the National Football League no one has more road victories in Joseph Flacco. Also Joseph Flacco is the first quarterback. In the history of the game to win a post season game in each of its first five seasons. He became the first quarterback as a rookie went to playoff games in 2008. He and Peyton Manning and only quarterbacks has -- a maximum of eighty regular season games in their first five seasons. Only. Quarterback Matt Ryan has won more regular season games and Joseph Flacco 56 compared to 54. That Ryan. A Flacco innings road playoff victories. Six. Are an NFL playoff record. So Joseph Flacco. What his numbers. And what he has done. -- though quarterbacks. Okay fans as Matt Ryan. That the other five years back. He's -- 56 wins. And one playoff victory. He's got the numbers who would you rather take. Bryant a Flacco Flacco doesn't always like not to be in the playoffs he's been in three championship -- two back to back. Any -- we've done this year. I truly think the victory away from probably didn't close -- -- a million dollar contract. I really do. Because here's the thing. Flacco got the wins. But now some of his numbers are as impressive. He's he's very high touchdown to interception ratio -- interception. Rate was the lowest his -- and -- TN. The -- offense has been phenomenal this post season. And Baltimore hits every two plays -- twenty yards -- more regular season that's up there would dearly -- as I said earlier with the Saints. With -- Patriots to the that's impressive. He developed duration of what Torrey Smith as one of the best deep -- -- -- in this league he's got a workhorse back behind him. I did his hitters come along as another target they're veterans say that Anquan Boldin another deep threat big play guy Jacoby Jones. It's a dangerous offense. And now with -- still take away ability of their defense. Perfect combination but on the flip side another ballclub in two seasons with Harbaugh has coached. They're being Jim Harbaugh. The formats are gonna back to back championship games and they did so that it is now it did so what do quarterback and nobody said they could resurrect his career. -- just glad to spend an early pick on a quarterback. They did just the opposite. Jim Harbaugh has transcended that quarterback position from being allowed go to an asset they can actually get something out of a good value for Alex Smith back this year. Yes they could because he -- playing well. He left into with a concussion. So a solid guy who probably nobody wanted. Two he may be attractive this year they make it's a big return for Alex Smith. And he brought in a young guy basically a rookie his first NF LX it was against the Saints in -- pre season 2011. And now look at what -- cabinet has done. The only play any NCAA here assembly to pass and rush for a thousand yards in a while more than two seasons. And a great pickup for what cents a scores on the addition the free agents. The emergence of Michael Crabtree. And you have a Michael James their backfield along with a Frank Gore. And you pretty young defense and you try to look at two teams that aren't a phone waiting all built in what they have they're going to be in the conversation of contending. For the Super Bowl. Deke Bellavia. Brought to you -- BASF. The chemical company call 504260187. -- -- -- 3866889087. Minutes and you can text just at age 7870. And welcome back now tonight after the game after they were -- gave Christy gave. We'll see which team. Casey recap Santana Sewell 47 have all sources around. We take your feedback. What's I've assumed all was it in a ramp up the entire week here in a new war it's. Well Bobby Hebert myself called up with former L issued defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois who was the MVP. Other national championship game we really should beat Ohio State 32 points for the 2007. College football season and the Mercedes bean -- but only look into hoist another trophy this time we carnival Ricky -- to get his thoughts on facing a Baltimore Ravens. So the zone -- team -- when you look at where you at now it is doable. You -- LSU yeah I'd -- like where have you been US bring good luck in it hasn't been winning championships. How about you always feel like Julia Louis embargo on brings them to -- -- guessing there won't Madson to. You make the right -- yeah. I'll rig would you look. Always a big fan Joseph -- a lot of things fans familiar with him. When the dome patrol he was coach Rickey Jackson pat swilling. How is he isn't he was a coordinator and the meeting rooms and how demanding he is but all the coach you had him what he brings to the table. Do you have a very nasty effects of do you want this crap amassing even the lead -- very long term hold premiere event. Then he wants whatever he tell us to be over bedroom if you older veteran so what's your mind. Do you consider Matsui. Not really do what is the biggest difference playing an SEC. The best conference it's almost like the NFL will be going from Allen shoot to now in the NFL. Humble opinion tell my day in day out is it the competition. All it was a major differences. Competition glimpses -- -- -- new coliseum big guys. Now this -- -- in the -- so busy living -- you'll lose him out -- room all day. And come to this level need a lot of guys I'm glad you're so far pessimistic so it's a lot of data bloggers seem before my time won't matter Devlin didn't see -- out. -- any easier now compared to the year vote this time you guys came so close in the first -- coach -- but lost in overtime. And now you in the big game. The surgery and I'm going to be again I was. This -- -- what do you do and we can go through the list but being illness aids. And if we were doubtful this plug in west in the fifth and it is still light. You know how to what -- recipes to crash and he had seen -- -- it's a little good to have a moment like. Now we will -- go back to the -- I know it's all business today but any of the guys who grow Wickman school and LSU Davis contact them to -- W Johnson allowed ago lot of guys back in school I remember good times are consume a lot of guys didn't. -- midwest it's only have a good game assessments and he's just enjoy the moment of the season room. Now Ricky -- it is seems like as a blade I guess you cover everything. Now when you look at the NFL -- and you look at your roots in your background -- strong Haitian influence. Pierre regardless on the good at the same junior delivered. Jonathan Vilma who is that is that zone they amongst. You know I guess NFL ball players -- -- thought maybe it. And talk about -- background and and and where you come from a value members sitting and Haitian community in NFL. -- -- Lugo had sent -- I wasn't seats over. You can see another -- -- the detailed look at a lot of film from really nothing and not be in the position to help them live in open country. This -- blessed -- did in his state they had some -- had pujols handled those. -- almost always when I came to come over the whole mood like nothing came to me who my sentiments of many. Reducing best of luck to you think you -- -- Prejean France while Rivers and the San Francisco 49ers and -- won a championship for the LSU Tigers in the national -- you're trying to win another championship. In the Mercedes being superdome they only allowed ten points in the post season. In 198685. Chicago Bears -- set out to New York -- in the divisional round 21 to zero. They VT Rams in the second round the LA Rams warning for nothing and they beat -- was -- record. Most lopsided victory in school history to -- twenty. January of 2000 -- -- of 1986 is though William the refrigerator Perry are winning. That's who always scored a touchdown early in the game for the players. There. And that is the freest. Welcome back Christie Garrett has a conversation -- Troy Aikman -- well wrap it up. With a moment all it's. -- seventy. I want to get down final segment if -- so much of Chris Pronger went off without pain. -- always in my Wheldon. Had a -- Aramis was on earlier would be a traffic. This morning. Steve Christie Garrett or join you at -- -- -- might take you feedback that we kept the entire game and the week. This figure Christie Garrett he caught up with a member of the triplets who won three super -- and was a civil MVP. During his days with the Dallas Cowboys before we get our game breakdown no one final one interview for May -- was full of big interviews including this hall of fame a Christen their conversation with Troy Aikman. Welcome -- the WWL IMF and and dot com we all recognizes guy Troy Aikman hall of fame quarterback over the Dallas Cowboys and Troy first of the world on Super Bowl radio row. Achievable 47 Ravens and minors expert quarterback play -- for you and break down these two quarterbacks in this game. Well it's. You know it's two guys who have had great years then that's where other teams are here and feel for Joseph Flacco I've been impressive emperor for a long time now and he's done a great job he's done a great job in the post season you know but it's been a team that. It's certainly been regarded for their great defense and I think he's overshadowed some of the things that he's been able to do and so I I guess I appreciate the fact that he's now getting some recognition for the things that he's done even prior to this year is a big reason why they're here and of course -- cap predict is an entirely different story and what a great job he's done stepping in and -- in the post season he was a bit of the unknown you know as far as how he would handle the post season pressure earnings. He's been outstanding outstanding he's handled it beautifully. And I expect him to continue to play well this weekend. When Jim Harbaugh made a decision to go to college cabinet after Alex Smith and he was leading the NFL passer rating and Patrick completion. Did you question it. No. I think that I applauded gym for the move you know and I know that that was a tough situation for Alex Smith but. You know I think that when a coach is willing to do the things and make the tough decisions that he believes makes his team battered. Or gives his team the best chance to win. Then that's all you can ask for my guys so. -- know whether or not it was going to work out it was anybody's guess but he had certainly seen enough of him going back to last year and then throughout the entire off season. And practices leading up to a game and then of course we did in his first start. To give them reason and optimism that he would go on an employee at the level he's been able to. -- her so much about the read option and a pistol offense now let's take in this league by storm. Visit here to stay think defense will eventually Smart enough to it well I think Tuesday for supporters are really good afternoon my guesses are doing -- this offseason will have some answers for -- so. Do these quarterbacks will continue to have success and they're not you know it's not a one trick -- to where that's all they can do and they all have proven the ability to throw from within the pocket. So whether the read option this year or stay or not these quarterbacks are here to -- and no continue to have success and just in the natural progression of playing game and have opportunities to scramble and make runs and we've seen that. You're from all of these guys Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson and of course -- Kapanen can. But you know I believe that you gotta be real careful when you're exposing the quarterback who saw that Washington. The I think 49ers -- -- good job of being careful as to when they when they do -- strong cap for nick. When you don't want your franchise didn't hit them into. As pilots for Iran -- why are we seeing so many young quarterbacks come into this league has so much success early. I -- think they're they're getting more opportunities at younger ages -- -- they're playing these passing leagues throughout the off season and god knows socialization as far as coaching trainers and things of that nature and they've done so many more wraps before they ever get to get a felony a lot of the things that the colleges are doing are preparing these guys better -- used to redone the NFL. The defense is were a lot different. You don't now I think it's just a progression from college right in the NFL and they're wired differently -- these guys come in Little League fully expecting to have great success. You know when that was not the case years ago none none of the rookies came in outside Dan Marino. And had much success now not only these guys this year. But in other years as well going back to Matt Ryan and Joseph Flacco and Roethlisberger made a number of guys have been great success as rookies Super Bowl champion Dolphin quarterback Troy even thanks so much for stopping by enjoy norms -- -- thank you very much. All right that's -- murders we -- visit with Troy Aikman. Now don't forget at tonight's game Christie Garrett will be waiting for about 930 to midnight recapping Sewell 47. And you take your phone call the highlights and low lights and what was a turning point. And that the Angels who have sensible sound in other things in place he talked to. After tonight's ballgame here on WWR radio makes the network in the -- about between a five when he ethics 124 -- 530 of the kick off. Between San Francisco. And Baltimore. And of course this week is kind of recapping Rory kept the Super Bowl just like you can do -- ago but that same event -- him before long folks Marty grove will be here. And all the city cannot handle this like to see -- New Orleans in. What a beautiful day he's been a beautiful weekend about an -- shall make yesterday for a great time and whatever the weather is good. That's the number one thing you want to have happen everything else that -- falls into place so. Today's NBA record date in the Big -- finally we give you all game breakdown. With mark mono. How you slice it Super Bowl 47 between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will make history. For starters I don't know if you heard this but this is the first time that a pair of Brothers were on the opposing head coaches in the NFL championship. Was even made it Harbaugh Brothers historic head to head showdowns but there's so much more in this game than just that but the -- -- 49ers the game marks a return to score. -- for one of the NFL's greatest dynasties. The 49ers -- the -- winning four Super Bowl when the the leadership of Bill Walsh an all time great lineup that had Joseph Montana pulling the trigger and the league best receiver ever Jerry Rice catching touchdown. The niners added one more title in 1990 forward George Seifert and Ron Amadon. Temporarily halting the Dallas Cowboys historic title. Eight year championship drought after that 1994 title -- 49ers don't. NFL standings. After making the playoffs in 2002 they would. 2011 the team hired Jim Harbaugh away from Stanford. -- -- LeBron is due to the doorstep of the Super Bowl last year following in the NFC championship game to the eventual champion New York Giants are coming so close and missing out 49ers -- -- -- into. 4012 for the the teams after the title game became much clearer wins -- weekend starting quarterback Alex Smith was knocked out of the game with the Rams with a concussion. Injured when he 112 round draft to win column Kaplan. Out of product has proven dynamic and dangerous triggerman they've played so well that Smith never got a job back. Lead the team to a 1141. Record and a number two seed in the post season in the playoffs after a our first round -- the 49 Ers demolish the Green Bay Packers at home 4531. Then went on the road to Atlanta and got by the Falcons 48 point four. For the team with the best Super Bowl win loss record and history -- after the big game for the first time in almost two decades. Five and -- all time that a win today -- tied with Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl titles and 61 49ers have been busy being their groove back. Unfinished consisted recent years had a Super Bowl over the Baltimore Ravens like the forty niners Ravens were. Wanted to mediocrity they. Hired Harbaugh to right their ship and John. 2008 and winning -- first round draft pick Joseph Flacco takes the reins of the offense. Harbaugh led the Ravens to eleven to five record that year and their first of five straight playoff appearances. In fact the Ravens have never missed the post season since Harbaugh came to town however despite what the NFL's most renowned defense has ever had a solid running attack led by Ray Rice ball. Continue to fall short again and again of the championship until this year. The Ravens again but when he -- season with a heavy heart after the September 6 passing of their owner Art -- well the first loss this team would have to overcome on their road to the title game. The team's top defenders began dropping like flies mid season highlighted by the team's heart and soul Ray Lewis going down and we. The Ravens caught on -- feet away. But after reaching nine to the bottom seem to follow the ball. Lost four of their final five games in the season finished sixth they got a shot in the arm when Ray Lewis returned to lineup for the post season -- turned -- -- you retire at the end of this year. The playoff career was over by rolled over Indianapolis it was a final home game corral in the Colts 449 they're run looked to be finished the following week in Denver before Baltimore. Pulled off a comeback for the ages down 3540 -- with a less than a minute to play Joseph Flacco tossed the ball to Jacoby Jones the seventy yard touchdown pass tied the game and send it to overtime. The few teams were still at a stalemate after the first overtime period but early in the second overtime period Ravens kicker Justin Tucker -- the game winner and Baltimore moved onto a rematch of the 4011 AFC championship. Game against the New England Patriots. Unlike last year with the Patriots were victorious Baltimore would not be denied this time around. The Ravens defense forced three turnovers and pushed out the Patriots 4813. Now the Ravens are -- Super Bowl for the first time in twelve years Baltimore put Lombardi in the cabinet there. Other championship appearance beating the Giants 347 Super Bowl 35. And over Ravens like the albeit with a smaller sample the all forty going to be remembered blue was sort of bay area -- football greatness and continue to add to the already impressive resume of one of the league's best young signal caller. Provide -- championship ending to the career of one of football's all time great defenders all questions will be answered today in the Mercedes-Benz superdome right here in the Crescent City as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens for the NFL's biggest. For every available sports -- Menard from. And that's gonna do it for our local coverage here. On the Crescent City hosting Super Bowl 47 for the big chief Deke Bellavia for Christian Derek. Terrell Robinson might Wheldon Don -- of the whole crew who has been helping us out today scoot out and about. Check it out the crowds I am mark Menard and we're gonna take you.