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Feb 4, 2013|

Dave talks about the Super Bowl, the power outage, and the commercials

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for prisoners it's February -- -- fourth -- 2013. It's just. Monday that it's still pretty super Monday daddy is trying to do her past. -- because it's not like the game ended and everybody here is celebrating the Super Bowl got capital city you know. Now in fact most of them idol thing ever went to bed. It's still out February -- Party and enjoying haven't -- I think momentarily when the sun comes up. Usually go oh goodness the out we need to go to sleep and -- morning. -- -- you're -- it was just rustling and bustling in them that was when I take a minute for the gas there's still out there on. Lots of pickups drop offs. Walken and everything wandering locking bill the sentencing and then -- -- -- -- in other -- you'd really seem like it was almost 21 Baltimore fans that -- does yes it did in the city all week last week. So I think that from a standpoint of who was gonna party harder. After the game with Baltimore winning. The ravens fans. Apparently outnumbering the 49ers fans at least in my observation. Highway I think damage the party in the -- hard and though little bits reader to. All -- -- It's been a great Ron it was a lot of fondness. The power outage I think it is the question mark on the entire saying it now -- we need answers we need to find out what happened. You know here's the real concern -- -- is. Told Friday. From someone very close to the discussions about New Orleans hosting the Super Bowl again and when he eighteen. For the cities cities tries Centennial 300 anniversary. The founding of the city of war that it was looking -- -- -- very good for New Orleans to get the big game began in just five years. How if at all Wimbledon will power outage at the dome impact that well I think there are questions that have to be answered. Before everyone's going to be comfortable saying yeah now and we you know you can handle it that. You know there was an on precedent demand for electricity -- building are -- pure and people using more divisive more coverage than ever a bigger half. Halftime show I mean. They had never needed that kind of electricity before and I've got to tell -- I talked with someone who is very very. Well what to say is in senior management at the super. I'm right. In this person told me that they'd been having problems with the electrical. Told me that during the build up to the superdome as more and more. Networks for plugging in the halftime show is being plugged in everything was being plugged in -- playing in trailers -- plugging in sets their plugging in stages of their play in light their plugging and you know. Everything everything in its steam and unprecedented well this year and just seem bigger I -- in every way. Yet they had an engine they had electrical engineers designed the power play -- for the super dale. And the problem was it was very difficult to make sure that every single technician coming in from every network every production -- And every organization every group that was plugging stuffing -- To make sure they were following the distribution plane. And they were telling me on Friday that during the week they'd have a circuit go down here or there where Yahoo! rolled lights. You know under the concourse for example Mike allotment -- go reset that circuit. Or they have a little circuit here are little circuit over there go down and that after resent it. And this individual to -- they were nervous about it but they had electrical engineers there working on it and had a plan and out and so I do not come as a surprise. Me. It is the managers over at the superdome that it was the night the lights went out -- the Super Bowl and this -- after a perfect I mean I think. Just from everything that I urgency as far as them. Whether in the people in the coverage and then the game well what green and a fabulous game on top all that and then IE -- appointments. -- But I think it may end up being in Austin -- expect to happen and and make sure it happening again and plan. Keep it from happening. The good thing is the ravens are complaining because they won the game. That is Baghdad us again at the 49ers they can't complain because they've played. Lights out pardon upon after the power job eight words that do enough that before the power outage. Afterwards they weren't I -- Now so neither team -- fan base can complain to that house if the ravens had lost. God help us all. On how it. The fury evidence are you're would have been fan base team and more we become -- down and New Orleans in the superdome now because of them the list. Thank goodness it didn't happen -- beyoncé you can get to that like you are well. I would not have stemming commercials coming up at your forecast in sports after the -- To start the second half. -- by Jacoby Jones eight yards deep brings it out the end zone left hash mark 101527. Tackles. -- -- -- -- -- Do with this guy. There you -- include -- go live very well. Go home and took the old -- 100 and if you. About that call on the ravens radio network economy count a local boy from new -- lands. Shining bright at the Super Bowl in the Mercedes-Benz superdome I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news -- an instant Graham FaceBook Twitter. All buzzing like crazy with pretty funny stuff. During the power outage and after about who caused it and why. On target people ran to their computers and made all kinds of malaria takes years but one of my favorites is one that says. Saints coach Sean Payton messing around an electrical box. And it says Peyton newsroom fans then that. That was circulated really quickly and not pretty. Funny what was -- did you see anything really funny about what caused the power attitude joke about it that you really like there was this call me to six 1870 or texted me. It 87870. Coming up we'll talk more about the commercials outside Yahoo!'s top ten and to itemize favorite commercials. From the Super Bowl right now though it's your forecast. Clouds will be increase seen throughout the day still kind of muggy outside seventy this afternoon. And a 40% chance for some showers and tonight. Lows dropping into the mid fifties that rain will continue overnight tomorrow still up 40% rain chance tides of 72. And Wednesday at 20% chance for justice sprinkle at a high at 72. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell mostly cloudy 58 the international airport now just a bit of a -- -- at three miles an hour also that's what we have on the North Shore and partly cloudy skies it's like now. Where it's 47 degrees to start your Monday it's. -- -- was on the radio. All night long. After the Super Bowl so let him go home and go to -- That means it's time for sports club mark mark. Hey Dave how's it going this morning I see you wearing your ravens purple is celebrating. Somewhat. You know out with a nickel state. And we don't have a grand football tradition but we do have one guy in the NFL. The various web Baltimore -- of days ago I heard you or your represented for a represent -- areas web today even though it. Even though he didn't get his Jersey even a -- get the play because he's. There he was in the building on tour. Right now. All right -- well the Baltimore Ravens won their second Lombardi trophy in franchise history last night. Called an -- late rally by the San Francisco 49ers to win 3431. In Super Bowl 47 in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And the president said he wasn't simply the setting for the big game a couple of New Orleans natives played major roles in the recent victory. Jacoby Jones a particular. Came up. It won't be job it's. That 56 yard touchdown which it was jones' only catch of the night but he also returned the second half kickoff 108 yards for his second touchdown of the night. Another Crescent City product Ed Reed recording an interception in the first half. For the ravens ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco with the game's MVP. Flacco was 42 of 33 on the night throwing for 287 yards and three touchdowns with no -- The game also attacked the championship and they wanted a career ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Lewis spoke on the field after the final whistle. This is the second Super Bowl ring for Lewis who was also on the ravens squad that won Super Bowl 35 capping the 2000 season. Lewis played seventeen years and was the last remaining original raven when the team moved to Baltimore from Cleveland in 1986. Both festivities and events leading up to Super Bowl 47 were certainly a feather in the cap for the city of New Orleans. The big game didn't go off completely without a -- play had to be stopped shortly after the start of the second half one half of the superdome lost power. Partial blackout stopped play for 34 minutes officials of Entergy said the outage occurred -- -- equipment detected an abnormality in the system. A statement from Entergy and the superdome so that a piece of equipment monitor electrical load. Since the abnormality and open a breaker partially cutting the power the statement said backup generators kicked in before full power could be restored. There were other sporting events yesterday other than the NFL's championship game but not many Phil Mickelson completed a wire to wire victory in the Phoenix Open. Mickelson shot -- four under 67 to finish at 28 under 256. And manager look at sports. 525. On your Monday morning and -- You know we always say that if nothing else -- we really want out of the suitable as a great game and there's no doubt that was a great game. Absolutely you know look like the Baltimore Ravens runaway of that thing. Even into the beginning of the second half when Jacoby Jones to kick off back but then. I don't know if it was. The power outage Ottawa say it was a power outage because right after we got the power back on the niners came in it didn't really do much good. For whatever reason momentum kind of shifted the niners got back in the game in the ravens -- on the well. -- throughout postseason would be big holes and it again that at the end that was the way they played. In the post season this year and they were just following I think their pattern. -- just dug too big goal this time we're facing two good defense -- that was certainly -- MO all year but I think you know like he says they ran up against. A much better defense than they had faced earlier in the post season ultimately think department document 25 minutes more sports here at WW well AM -- -- -- -- some pretty good text messages. An 87870. About the power outage snacks and what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial. I -- pick overall it was a good thing it was a really good game because. As a group like that the commercial -- not quite as entertaining this here's the have been in years past but there was a couple of really like we'll talk about that -- -- 27 let's take a look at your workweek forecast. -- will be increasing today along with those rain chances by the evening up 40% chance for scattered showers highs around seventy. Tonight cloudy skies and still some light rain and tomorrow 40% rate chance -- seventy do you. And Wednesday at 20% chance -- just sprinkle and I deputies. But the IDs forecast dinner I'm proud to slot now fifth. -- -- -- -- 47 in Slidell text message today 7870. Harking back to our post hurricane experience. Thank you for reporting the power outage to Entergy is back to service technician on. Thursday between AM and 3 PM with a thank you for that next. I coming up Super Bowl commercials and what are. All its people on this Monday morning on WW. Now 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it is February it is the fourth that is 2000 they're seeing it still kind of a super Monday on with super -- and I thing overall when it's all said and done. Most of the folks we're hearing from leaving the city at the airport now and still partying in the French Quarter and are saying day had an amazing time. -- here in New Orleans no doubt enjoyed all but 34 minutes up yet. And those thirty Portman at the course or when the power. Was gave him a little extra time Vista ranch in. No it's it's there's no doubt it's going to be a blemish. And it's going to be remembered unfortunately. You know when they went back there it was a power outage days yet one that's out forever and always going to be known as the blackout game in the power outage games now in that it's -- going to be. I think. That now identified this game for kind of the rest of eternity. Besides. That is what it is you know it's funny over the weekend and we were out to dinner Saturday night and reduced raving about the coverage. Of them whether. Everything going so well. On -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just get through that game and then get everybody out of town safely in you know and had to have a little. Oh -- the -- ups and an -- yet that -- yes for now we'll call it and or else along the way. Did you have a favorite Super Bowl commercials. Was there one that you particularly. Enjoyed. And overall what did you think of the -- well they are thought they were pretty good. You know me with a cars I love the Mercedes. Double in the French Quarter I. Just eked out though -- -- and that the punchline to that commercial. Was not Fridays. A Mercedes are under thirty grand yeah I think that it had a lot of people sure. You know at the end of that commercial expecting something really funny but. What was funny was one wow relate ya and and not just any -- are good looking ones -- who. Now overall way to thank him via commercial says that hole I. Analysts say like the seven maybe I'm yeah I didn't get knocked out. I'm well I had a couple of favorites one of them came in the pre game just the ones that guy's sitting in his. Kitchen with night vision goggles on. But watching his box of Wheat Thins and his wife asked him one who's. Does do you wait and well. Intruder the job before it -- for next door seeking to get a life. And of course guess what happened. -- Comes you warned that bigfoot gonna come man. And beat these wrestling and fighting with -- big -- to save his Wheat -- when -- from next door comes and steals them. As he's battling with big that that was one of my favorites and the other was a fight. Which is better -- cream or the cookie and Oreo. It. The funny thing there was bother having this big fight over which is better image library. Destroying the place guess why it. -- It's. -- I was yeah I'd like three lucky chair. Was one of my router -- lucky there I was pretty cool. And that had a New Orleans tourists through it which was on a cool idea legacy like the ones went to -- now why not all right we'll go over to lose lose lose top ten. Coming up in just a few minutes quickly you predict the 49ers would win no now you picked the higher the rate you're trying to poll. Bang theory yeah you're absolutely right the ravens did win. And you're right about the box office warm bodies are hot stuff love struck zombies take the number one spot at this weekend's box office large romance comedy in the un dead combined. It's taken twenty million dollars Hansel and Gretel witch hunters drops to second silver linings playbook third. And there you go by another poor opening for one of our now superstars of the oh boy Sylvester Stallone's bullet to the head opens with just four point five million dollars sixth place over the weekend. As Arnold Schwarzenegger as a last stand also had on a disappointing opening. Last month thank you -- no not -- about twenty minutes with more news here on WW Chris -- -- in talks about there. Super Bowl experience -- wilderness with that as well. Not let's go live and -- the Eyewitness News forecast center and take mud. Did you stay up for the whole thing I did not yeah added things you've been that -- I. The great game out of the final -- -- -- at the argument that the black that was just part. I did see that part now the game -- much better after that. Well yet leave that would use that and I'm gonna bad that you miss the comeback from the 49ers and I thought our goal line stand from the -- and yeah I saw part of that I -- -- -- and the fourth -- apart. I what what you are seeing also coming this way as little change in or whether. We have some showers on the wait for later today so 2 -- morning commute but not the case for this afternoon. Get those umbrellas handy for around 456 o'clock -- had showers and then from this. Right we -- and heavy rain crazy rain or just kind of this how easy enough that we really need to worry too much about. Once you're not all right and then what happens after the race. After the rain -- of stigma that rates have showers off and on all week long or what it's Temps in the seventies all week long kind of backed. What shower chances all the way through the weekend. So we and a perfect weather for almost all of the build up to the Super Bowl now that the Super Bowl is gone. Create kind of yucky weather -- I'm settled this week that at least they can patsy showers and a possible. PL Wednesday it gives you need to tell you just don't know yet -- we're at it keep and I am now rise. We'll be staying tuned to mr. meteorologist more but now all week long -- stated the if and when the rain could impact. Our parades you know we two days here debris. Right in tomorrow and and it's full Boris. All out in Canada head light that do it took a break from -- that. -- favorite commercial. Favorite commercial have. You know I didn't the commercials were really means yet thank goodness the game was good commercials were not ambulance and if this is the best that they can come up with for four million dollars -- I am glad. But I -- I had to pick -- top one that that the talk about one was was creative. I like the Budweiser quite stale and anger and the first ones that are commercial with the kids it. Went to the prom and -- the week and got a black guy yeah I guess those were the ones that at least chuckled a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number six was. Keeps America will be yes I'd like that again that was the tribute to order those troops number five it was Universal Pictures fast and furious six preview -- Number four was Volkswagen did it get happy. I'll write about it I would just talk the guy for Minnesota talks with the Jamaican and that are correct ethnic. Taco -- Ron Amadon -- -- people on out partying with number three directory and I was when your favorites. Budweiser. With a little Clyde they'll grows up and returns to his trainer was Albert still -- And the ram trucks. And law. Commercial. Tribute to farmers -- like that -- -- -- long yes was who's number one Super -- ideally you know as as as someone coming from a family that that has its roots in forming here at Louisiana I do appreciate that -- out again out there and that goes with a top ten according to -- I Qatar. They got thank you -- -- the -- Is that kind of a pact to work. And get -- -- that -- -- after the -- from the rest of the way these well Arafat now thank you. -- direct Eyewitness News sport and -- -- sports is an. If you got ahead from -- to a plots for the next hour or so I think I'd avoid the ITN take airline highways as a car fire between mile markers 212 to fourteen according to text messages -- getting hate them mediate seventy. Again this is westbound I ten. Over the bunny Carrey spill way heading from -- too low spot in my at one point that traffic is getting by around the car fire but. It will be backing up airline highways -- past alternate coming up. People in the great text messages about your favorite commercials right now -- artist. Good morning sports car. Hey did I even do -- in the last forty minutes about the that -- have been fantastic. Memoir about -- closet great game. The Super Bowl was a great game the San Francisco 49ers came -- just -- little short in their bid to become world champs last night. -- 3431 to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 47. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. But -- rose wasn't content to simply host a game a couple of native sons had big nights as well. Ravens safety Ed Reed came up big in the second quarter for the Baltimore. Closed down -- it gets up goes down the middle and a -- -- supported the importance. Does pack a five permanent deafness there dad we what is the the whole season in the senate seat. That post season interception nine for Ed -- highest. An all time record. And -- with a nearly -- avoid making history Jacoby Jones left his mark on the game as well. Akers kicked off to start the second hand feel by Jacoby Jones eight yards deep freeze it out the end zone look at mark 101527. -- the. It's. No good news. The really big good morning it's new -- go home -- -- one big joke nobody job. That's court tied a record as Jones ran a 108 yards to -- it was Jones the second score on the night. Ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco was named the game's MVP. Flacco threw for 287 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions connecting on 22 of -- 33 attempts. Flacco finishing entire post season and back without throwing a pick. After the game he talked about what makes the ravens offense that -- efficient. You can -- were coming together get a good offense our offensive line really played well our receivers just made some plays and Anquan -- -- -- Jacoby head Dixon today our backs on the battlefield you know when you come together like that you have confidence -- -- -- The game also served as a swan song for sure fire first ballot hall of Famer Ray Lewis. The seventeen year veteran spent his entire career Baltimore and as the last remaining original raven he was drafted in 1996. The year the team moved from Cleveland. Lewis is now a two time Super Bowl champion having won his first ring back in 2000 the twelve year gap between Super Bowls as the longest for any player in NFL history. And the defending NBA champion Miami Heat -- the Toronto Raptors a hundred a hundred to 85. It was a -- tenth straight victory over Toronto and the win ensure that the heat coaching staff will be charged in the Eastern Conference all star suit up in Houston in. Two weeks. And that you look at sports this morning -- Yeah it was really cool it and read it Jacoby Jones you guys from New Orleans were he to the ravens winning the super ball and to me that was the story here locally in that was what it was all about was too. Fantastic NFL football players making good coming home and helping their team win the biggest game in all of sports. Definitely has got is going to be a special moment when you -- you to not only participate in the game Super Bowl but do would affront your hometown and your hometown fans and your family. And have everybody there for you you know especially you know a guy like Ed Reed has been in the league seemed like forever. To get an opportunity like that -- done now. No he says he's coming back here piano I ever made a big deal about Ray Lewis. And this is his last game I didn't know what anybody else was doing with all -- Valerie Lewis although not that this looks funny last year. Ed Reed -- was on the fence about whether or not to come back in this year in the offseason you like now definitely implement act so whatever whatever switch you flipped it to come back this year it's still. -- coverage Nancy congratulations. See you guys from New Orleans played -- in the super ago. In this -- like -- are talking about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL AM answer them and guys text messages today 78 Saturday. Traffic is not getting around the fire we are sitting here okay well they've apparently the fire truck driver and they've closed it down completely so you've got ahead from -- To -- plots. Yet on airline highway. In Kenner and take that down into applause and then get back on TV -- and after that if you're continuing on toward that. -- text messages about commercials at your forecast after this. 555 let's check -- your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast center. This Monday clouds on the increase throughout the day and then by the evening scattered showers moving and a 40% chance with highs near seventy tonight cloudy still looking at some rain around 40%. With lows around 55. For your Tuesday other forty. Percent chance for a few scattered showers look for highs around 72. And Wednesday mostly cloudy with a 20% chance first sprinkled here there and highs in the low seventies. From the -- nastiest forecast center I'm meteorologist glove -- now. Fifty tanner 47 in Slidell right now. 558. Wow Lotta people that really love the to read it was commercial with the go to -- thank you for the text messages on that and now's my daughters they've never your daughter's favorite tummy -- his daughter like that one in a lot of people apparently like the -- Montana Spain. -- Jersey with the ravens -- wife punchline watching it at the end you have a favorite. But they now were sub standard but I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would be the the Budweiser commercials with that new Budweiser beer. How well no absolutely not that would knock him. They were gone for the Clyde down there and like Jamie why you wasted my time with this now because apparently they just wanna sell products that make people laugh. Analysts. Have men come on what is and then another one with some of the new beer than I guess higher and beer would is that when that didn't really do happily yes the apple mail it in an example -- take. Made me -- Make me less funny boys on Madison avenue I'm not here Abaya. Anything on -- -- -- -- and easier to sell something selling yourself for the next Martha -- it's not about the halftime show and about the game and you know we had an unplanned halftime yesterday if you will and unplanned and eruption of the game about the planned an eruption of the game. Look at the audio difficulties that they have every year if you look at. The problems they have with the halftime show. Let's go back -- twelve minute half time let's let's -- -- about football and let's just do away I went on a big name halftime acts Latvia did a great job and entertainment. Well it entertaining you know labored and I love beyoncé but I I don't know when he got to take a different shot every second because I don't look at them. You're looking at a beautiful allies know that I guess they -- -- they like I'm in the ranks talking sports leader.

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