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2-4 9:10am Tommy talks to Kristian Garic about the Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic about the Super Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So Jacksonville and Oakland Jacksonville and Oakland 151 at the bottom. At the top of the list of patriots 71. As from RJ bell of pregame dot com and any of the saints. Tied with Atlanta Pittsburgh. And Atlanta and Pittsburgh rather an eighteen to one bad company thinks -- now. I thank you David Kristian -- joins us right now saints' sideline reporter who was on. Well late last night Christian attempt to get off. Or more while I had eternity the offices it is. The Harbaugh shook hands -- is gaining -- is -- who have molested on I was delighted as in every had a bet. Definitely but. Not to all of our -- caller it's. But he. Little like going out there but. All all the news that you not gain much all or really. Well actually shall. -- should story line. Well -- out. Historic. Sort. -- talk about the the betting line just now from RJ bell pregame in the saints gone. And coming in right now and about eighteen -- one to win the Super Bowl and where they stood with the other NFL teams -- -- about fair. Yeah that are in Iowa senator. And there may well hold on -- -- salt there. Also protect it -- the ballot are -- so you know so. That some. Made history. -- -- street that are out of religion. -- Not acting but. Oh you don't do that E. Coli -- -- should be. Or a brought to create. -- just in terms of ranking not so much -- in terms of if you want to look at it is an index are relative scale of where they are with the other team to think as welfare. Yeah yeah I think their -- About it'll act out. Because that -- -- in terms of we've got some. Some news here with Dave Cohen on joining us now Roger Goodell had something to say about the the power outage in the dome Dave Cohen. Yeah we just got some new. Information from Roger Goodell he was speaking at the Super Bowl post game news conference and in just a moment we'll join you with that audio tied very get as -- right now so Christian. You know during the album the coverage that we had last week from the the buck mentality flowed at the convention center you gave me -- name about a new saints defensive coordinator possibly dad could be in the mix and he was. I think a defensive. Backs coach with the 49ers it was a sky. And it kind of well and patience that a lot. Out there are so. Or well it is a -- outraged up prior to its all well I'll leave it there I shall audio. One -- -- -- right or 49ers. Though our audit all Utley like I can't tell the guys that. Could possibly be in that direction as our. Talk of its -- Butler a lot of actors don't go to urged viewers. And what's it bought it Packers. But in political -- technical part done. Futures up a -- not play in the book -- -- actually -- -- -- so if you look at some solid group pretty rapidly I'll expect it. You know here between 800 of the coordinator. -- the you know collapsed -- the next twenty or 48 hours. I don't think you have an out of Italy. Since we spoke to deal last week he get more more confident about Donna tell. About the saint probably you know you have so he's going. -- stuck up -- sure -- -- But I think to there are there are pretty interest -- it can talk to at least a minimum. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's been a lot of -- Ngo I'm Eric coach up their supporters get their well. -- just the Internet and church is daughter been injured. I'd stay put Dave Cohen I joins us again Roger Goodell would beat those Super Bowl press conference and he addressed. The power outage in a dome once again number of things that is -- I tell you first Tommy that I overheard a conversation with someone very very close. To the discussions about the possibility of New Orleans hosting the 2018. Super Bowl here in New Orleans to coincide with the city's. 300 anniversary. And this was on Friday and they said it was looking quote very very good. That New Orleans would get the 2018. Super Bowl. Of course last night when the power went out of the 34 minute delay in the game some people were concerned that may be that would hurt New -- chances. Of getting to mark the 300 anniversary of the city with another super ball well listening. To Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner he doesn't sound too upset about what happened last night. Classic Super Bowl. -- with a game in. Looks like our fans were also. Early indications appear that will be. The third consecutive year the most watched television show in history. So congratulations. Two obviously the the ravens. To New Orleans. And absolutely spectacular job. Of hosting the Super Bowl. The people here officials. Just did a fantastic job and were. Deeply grateful for everything they were fantastic could not have done a better job. Obviously -- power outage it was unfortunate accident who were. I'm looking and to try to get the facts there were no safety issues at any point in time. Of the dome personnel did an outstanding job. Exclude our fans and a person our teams. I think everyone stay calm. And it worked through the issues. Obviously you'll knows that 34 minutes. But there were no injuries. To my knowledge may be one minor injury on an escalator that stopped. During the yeah during the blackout but -- about to get the facts we have a few people here. And we can address that after we get done with the key issues this morning. We're here to recognize. The MVP. And the performance. For the entire post season. Was an extraordinary performance Joseph Flacco. 48. Just a fantastic post season eleven touchdowns in the post season zero interceptions and obviously. The Super Bowl victory. I disagree performance. He was unflappable and just brought his team to a Super Bowl level and his play. Represented that all the way through. That's -- that's an NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had to say just minutes ago you heard words like amazing and wonderful. That he used repeatedly to describe New Orleans to describe the way the power outage was handled and to meet Tommy. Didn't sound upset about what happened but grateful that everything was handled very well when there was a problem. I do things for herself was he wearing a light blue suit. -- dark blue suit with a light blue striped tie. You know honestly I have to go back and well I didn't answer right now -- -- pitcher right now only one secondly. You know if you if you look at the TV ratings in terms of you know he's talking about it if -- third looks like for the third consecutive year will be the most watched TV show and history. That power outage could have happened at a better time for them because. After Jacoby Jones runs magnate kick off the games get blowout written all over and maybe that could have been. The time -- peoples are tuning out today and the lights go out and then like I think is just an accident and is not an accident but an incident on. A technical glitch something happens force -- ago but at this point it goes from a football game to maybe like a a clause -- news story where we'll see what's going on here in the superdome was it was app that lets see how the story ends -- -- definitely didn't hurt although this girl has been the top rated program in television history and I'm just saying in terms of low riders -- -- Jacoby Jones -- a -- -- -- like -- 49ers -- -- -- that -- -- -- is -- But -- the lights go out some people stay tuned. To see what's going on with this out of this story and well then you're you're watching it and the 49ers Armani come back and now all of a sudden wait a minute we got as a football game here nobody -- soon. All I'm saying is -- in terms of people and watching habits. The blackout didn't hurt anybody didn't heard CBS dinner DN FL in terms of viewership I don't think it. Now I don't think it did either and the message that we're hearing today is that everybody who had anything to do with the game and we also heard from John Harbaugh the coach of the ravens' Joseph Flacco spoke moments ago the MVP the ravens quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And really what it's sounding like -- everyone who had anything to do with the Super -- had an amazing week here and 34 minutes of it maybe wasn't so great. And in some tax repeal enhances loser mentality as some of the people here have boats that were never get another what has a commissioner ever told anybody that. That the city is not denigrate. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah the black. Quick stop what a loser mentality. The people would make the decision know that this could happen at any stadium it is happen its stadiums before -- and if you punish is Super Bowl city for this. Their -- did Dave is they're setting a precedent whereby. Hey if it happens again you have to punish that city well listen there Wayman always Forbes magazine always people -- jump in and don't think that they're not serving their own agenda and trying to get a suitable for their own city in trying to -- cut the competition down by factoring in one city. One -- trying to -- when he eighteen Super -- malice or what could you possibly do better is that well -- to the -- -- done -- -- so that is even better than it -- that's there's about owners in and make an am comfortable and fans and I guarantee this is just a glitch that everybody realizes happened it is -- -- -- preclude -- loans and get another -- and -- -- could have chosen to come -- and they were very concerned about that we can't have these things happening we need to get to the bottom of this -- demanding an investigation he could have taken a much different approach to it. He chose. To say. Words like wonderful and amazing and to downplay the impact of the power outage and this point out that he didn't nobody got hurt except maybe one minor injury -- someone on an escalator when the power went out. Other than that looks like everybody survived that he was pleased with the way security personnel reacted to make sure the players coaches and and everybody involved it was it was safe despite the power outage. And I think it's sounding good and based on the conversation that I was able to. Over here on Friday I think that north -- into -- feel pretty good about the chances of the city hosting the super -- again and just. I think -- dead on and as the saying I don't get from some of these tanks a case of Roger Goodell takes away draft choices and and and in -- and did did -- -- suspends coach and bubbly Haiti. So he says it's no big deal everything's fine. You don't like daddy I tell you one I really -- so way -- I think everything's fine. I don't think it's a big deal and I think people letter that intelligent at that level they understand. With thick with a complex electrical systems -- -- and these buildings with the computers that operate them that occasionally this kind of thing happens. Back decreasing -- quickly Christian -- I know you got to try to get some rest before you go back to work. Did tell me about is it between now and they come mind between now in draft day what happens -- on airline drive the saints' facility. Well. Start to the year -- it. Senior all. All college All Star Games here and it got out Howard -- are actually shoot. There -- personnel scores they took the report also. It could be you know seventeen million dollar -- dollar actually have an excellent hoopla and heartless -- happen. And cited potential player apparently -- -- -- -- -- to free up some money. So it's really about. Gingrich for people trapped and are also looking at their own personality rights issue. Your -- starts in March. I appreciate it should start -- so but I about a period of greater football team is he get under the salary cap. -- decision to make what I will Schmidt John and bill -- colors I even made Roman Harper stroke -- -- what it's about the political strengths. They -- Christian great job last week are you really do appreciated you know that. The opponent that was that's my friend have a great day.

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