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2-4 11:10am Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2013|

Scoot, in for Garland, talks to WWL listeners about the Super Bowl

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Good morning I'm still paying for -- -- with -- -- the day after the Super Bowl and we're just talking about what a fantastic job the city hello instead. And you know if there were things to criticize. You know we'd be here to criticize those things but this city played -- Eight champions they was great and what was your favorite commercial flight is safe because joined as I mentioned just before the other news break. -- the commercial -- meant the most to me. Why is the Budweiser commercial where the guy who's raising the big declines dailies with the form that raises the place real. And they -- follower vice illegals ought to be with the Budweiser team and and then he goes to see the Budweiser is. Declined sales in had been nearby city. And they recognize each -- the -- and the price guide I thought it was very very touchy but I'm getting a lot of reaction to the godaddy commercials. Where their hot model was making out with that's totally. Nerdy guy. Here is a text and you know that deep dudes was on 1 of the morning shows. They had to do 64 takes. While she must've gotten -- gotten paid time. We've gotten paid good. And now he can claim that he made out with a supermodel 64 -- you know if I would have been that guy I think I would have -- -- -- 64 takes as well. I again I you know I was a little I was a little shocked I was a little shocked that -- you know and the the kiss was so. So graphic I mean it was in totally make an out and any misconduct. Him. Within smacking his -- later -- also talk briefly about the the halftime show here's -- -- WL pretty -- opinion -- today. Yeah there was an outage. During the game in -- second half. I commissioner Roger Goodell said the blackout was a blip and would not diminish the superb job New Orleans did. Do you agree or disagree. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com what you get a date on it coming appeared in just a few minutes if you wanna join us with a comment to have done -- they were talking about our number is 260. When he seventy toll free 86688. -- early seventy and a -- number is 87870. I'm here is a text. Love the farmers commercial for the Dodge Ram truck and the armed forces commercial for cheap I thought both of those were excellent. Here's a text -- taco bill commercial with the old people out partying hilarious I thought that was funny too but you know I'm kinda concerned about that commercial. There's a taco bill commercial with senior sneaking out of the retirement home and party ink and then hanging out of the parking lot. And after a late nights it's a Taco Bell and a police -- the parking lot to monitor the behavior of of the seniors. My concern is that this might. This might encourage. Seniors to act like that in real life. I mean this might just be a message to other seniors to go out and party. Mean is that the message we want to get to seniors. And then you know there're so many young people who look up to their grandmothers. And grandfathers. To see them out partying like that it is this the kind of message that we want grandparents to be sending to their kids. In armies of kid might say -- mom you know grandpa stayed out all night or you know or -- all parties like a maniac. -- here because -- kind of a good message. Again to join our show our numbers 2601 in seventy toll free 86688907. Tech's number is. 87870. For the past week we have all witnessed. Our city perform like a champion. Without intending to criticize any other cities. How can anyone not believe that New Orleans as the best place to host to Super Bowl or any big event for that matter. As a downtown resident I watched the changes as the city got ready for the Super Bowl. And then went to -- started I saw our city ramp up with excitement. And become a world class city performing at a peak level. This was the perfect moment for New Orleans. While works still remains to be done after Katrina. What work remains to be done in in every city. This city is back and the bright national international media spotlight was on -- for Super Bowl week it reminded us. But the gradual changes over the years have led to a point in time when the world would see us New Orleans as not only being back. But as being better and being a world class city. CBS and all the networks the big sponsors in the NFL spent a lot of money and took the time to make New Orleans the epicenter. Of sports and entertainment. But it was the coordination and the dedication of the city workers. Law enforcement throughout the area. Many volunteers on our streets. And the events that made the Super Bowl so memorable for every one. Walking through the CBD in the French Quarter every day. I noticed that people made eye contact. And greeted me before I could even greet them. As a city our collective attitude. And manners during Super Bowl 2013. Set the bar for every city in America. We are blessed with an authentic backdrop the provides the perfect set for Super Bowl or any major event. Our city cannot claim to be number one in every category. But we are number one. And we have the undisputed champ when it comes to hosting a major event as good as we have been for years. We have gotten even better. As sports teams learn how to be champions. Through the experience of playing in big games. Our city the city of New Orleans has proven that it has learned how to be a championship city. Like any city we have our problems it must be addressed. But we once again have proven. That the content and style of our character. And our culture. Cannot be matched. New Orleans cleaned out and presented itself as. A perfect host city. We demonstrated. The kind of city weaken beat all the time. We should just clean up our homes and act a certain way went when company comes over. We should be their way all the time. So New Orleans. Let's learn from this week and this weekend. And let's work together to treat our city and each other. The way we treat. Everybody. When company comes to town. Let's start doing it now. All the time but we know who we can date. On new Orleans police a year on WWL good morning. Coup he like it partly -- -- Were so excited. About the book on how you thought about wore on they went to the NFL area. It was amazing. It's just the feel of the city was a wonderful. It will be wise I I walks through that it was just. Almost overwhelming. It was a great place for kids a great place for anybody who loves the NFL. And Malcolm X amount they were commercial is the fate of the I think I almost went. All of us for public or are you always want content that was so hard -- so that's is that the -- Especially anybody who is parents are -- could so relate to that time that commercial and and give thought Budweiser in the advertising agency that put that together a lot of credit for. A touching or should -- as emotionally it was so often it's the outrageous the sexy commercial that commercials had a pushes the envelope that gets the most attention. But I thought to backed commercial had the biggest impact on an audience. Absolutely I mean I at all about I got good -- just talking about it. I'm I'm I'm glad I called -- Yeah. Arie thank get a rehab I will do it essentially. I appreciate you calling -- -- and and from Slidell Tony here on WW LA good morning. There aren't good are you greet. Well you know this group the worst Goodell Coppola in the strangely. Actually act out and take away an overdraft George. Or ESPN -- blamed Mickey Loomis. That's true but does skip Bayless think your voters came up earlier Communist guy has been. You know the French are being accepted nationally. Ever since he -- there's -- newspaper job and and went on the air this guy is -- additional almost billable. You know certain future him as saying as an example. You know criticism for what happened yesterday is this the -- -- factor. And earlier that must come upon note on Tommy show this I think it. Yet it did come -- -- -- show and you know I don't trying to polish the guy he's maybe -- -- become a miserable. Coming that don't want change certainly liked very much actually. So. I Lehman were about English Obama two -- -- Obama last week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was it was tackle football game that's for sure. Tony bicycle to show thanks for listing we are talking about this Super Bowl in the city of New Orleans and how we performed and don't go to the ravens they do it looked like it was gonna be a blowout. Especially the beginning of the second half. When Jacoby Jones runs it back for a touchdown it was so I think Tony a negative six of their appointed point to point lead. Some Super Bowls have been blowouts everybody predicted this was going to be a close -- to give the 49ers credit they came back close game. But the ravens won and it really was the ravens defense and Joseph Flacco I wrote a blog about there Joseph Flacco it's still should be on the other -- -- Can give you an icon and how this guy because it is their tattoos. I want to leave the complaint I thought that the treatment of -- nick and Flacco. During Super Bowl week sent a lot about our country. It's not necessarily bad is just an observation we like the bad boys and sports. I mean here's a guy Joseph Flacco who just quietly. Has done his job. MVP. At the Super Bowl 2013. I'm scoot into Garland will be right back on a bit of -- After the Super Bowl we're talking about the game and you'll hear a lot more talk about the stats and I -- it happened during the game itself I would Bobby defense forced hardly beat Bobby and -- -- -- -- from. Very -- to second -- show. And that would be from. Be a source of the casino in Hancock county penalty from 48 this afternoon on WWL. I'm -- in for Garland here's a Texas leads the Eminem commercial I would do anything for love but I won't do that. Or that. And definitely not fast. To Texas wasn't that went yeah that was a good commercial there were some things that the Eminem wouldn't do that at that I would have done. -- -- Is that the Eminem. Wouldn't do that maybe I've done here's an update on our WW authorities -- opinion told. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the blackout was a blip and would not diminish the superb job New Orleans did. Do you agree. Or disagree. 90%. Agreed to 10% disagreed. There were just so many things going on all weekend I mean I went from one thing to announce our system blessed to have opportunities to go to a few places got a text earlier. So I said they love the hadn't the end of the Stevie Wonder. But late today -- concerts which were solid connection boulevard right next and Hilton right across from the Wyndham which became the Bud Light hotel. I hope you took time. Come downtown and experience New Orleans as -- Super Bowl city. And I was so proud to see so many crude advanced sound so many fans wearing. They're they're saints jerseys. And saints' colors. -- to assimilate as said that they heard somebody say would you we thought we were playing the saints they were so many saints fans downtown. I don't know how it actually turned down in the dome put. But overall disturbing. Unofficially walking around downtown and there watching everybody walked to the game I went pointers became a pedestrian mall. On Sunday and also why they're going to the French Quarter. I noticed more Baltimore fans this ever Cisco fans and Baltimore's a little more drivable then -- Cisco maybe that has something you're doing it. If you wanna join our show the comment this morning our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. The end are tech's number is 87870. -- from -- Jacqui you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just wanted to come Amanda about ovals Super Bowl and I'll be excited too it's great for the city. Public to take the money news to create more jobs go out even more on. You know Bob I went there and everybody's that would get the mansion. I heard on the game -- NFL and it lights and then the stupid down. So I'll wonder what that extra YE book -- that put more hello overload. And I know we don't we still don't know everybody is still investigating the F elders who -- officials -- our energy they're still investigating what exactly what -- what caused the realities but. Ill I would agree with Roger Goodell I think this is just a blip on on the entire weekend the weekend in the game itself it's something that happened and when you win man makes things we make things that can sometimes break and and and are not perfect -- As I was born and raised here. And we've never had a problem in the superdome -- to his belt -- yet. Well I and they had a car problem in Candlestick Park I believe and you know last season there was an earlier this season this this has happened before I decided I easily gotten into and control and I aren't. Some of their immediate comment an odd about even Obama was you know -- -- but you know I'm not a band hole. You know -- export -- -- what about the anger and outdoors -- have rain delays there's no more different and that's just shut things that are happening you deal with it. And I you know life is is unpredictable whether it's a man made problem or a problem created by their nature well whether I whatever. Check alleged -- show lug your attitude specialists and from the Ninth Ward -- on -- WL. Going to government out and attempted still. You know I realize that you know the -- that you have -- with -- see that there -- -- -- in this global. Question of the job on our you know it would commit certainly in Baltimore Maryland. I don't know what in the world. It is not because only a coach that that is out there and that mr. -- Premieres it was like you know -- don't you read about what -- put on the you know. Should I enjoy it. -- well the other thing was he was a really good game I mean the build -- -- just outstanding and being part of their day in this city was just great but the game itself was a good game seem like it was going to be a blowout. After the beginning of the second half but it turned out to be a very good game meant. I would think that Baltimore's defense as great as say Joseph Flacco was seem like the defense really. Did what they needed to do to. Two to rattle cap for next. Right now are out there much at the principal world. A graduate -- state university at Baltimore so -- vehicles. And you know they have an affinity for blue crabs in nine in the Baltimore area. That you do not believe. How much you like. To. Them. In its commitment to curricula but as soon as some of the atomic Donna. Noted that the commit between that that the two kids you know this is it correctly but you know it all bets on. And the cable where all of the production at the moment and Easter is we need. We are incumbent those sugar but the Panama -- callable. -- ugly color show today. A from -- Iran you're under the WL or good morning. Say yeah -- just future earnings. Yeah. The funniest thing was somebody. What others. If you're -- can make tweet picture -- your. Order of the okay. Somebody tweeted a cut out picture show paper in front of the vehicles switched colonel. And it there was tribal. Patent and revenge. And I'd say there's not a call. Dead guy jury all over the San Francisco receiver. Yeah I think that was probably the worse not called Super Bowl history. Daniel hi I have -- you know. With all the old were killed. Wait before you know the ball was in the air. Involved -- and I can actually you know you're doing that it is always there and now. And they're very used the excuse well he was saying it was pushing at all true for a cartoonish -- to push all -- gala. Draped on a white girl. Well run the other thing that the very commentators -- talking about the time is it -- later in the game like that they're gonna what the guys play. And I don't know I you know I -- I saw that I saw a replay after replay of that. I don't think whatever happened -- the context I don't think that prevented the guy from catching the ball but I know I know this is gonna come up. And conversation the next time the Harbaugh is get together may be over Thanksgiving dinner whatever is you know there's still going to be some bitterness did you -- you know become my -- what about and what about that -- called the end zone. So maybe that -- are gonna have to break them up again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which are available majors sporting event like that you know no matter what it is in the United States you know it's. Doesn't even have to be a Super Bowl will go out. But I'll always wonder you know it. Somebody could pull off -- terrorist attack on national. TP. And I -- now would be. Well there would be utterly. Devastating. Libya Iran and -- -- -- well outfit that's the first thing it came to mama you know. I run I'm gonna have to get to news breaker going to draw the show I didn't think about that I do know that Homeland Security worries. In the air on the streets and on the river. From. All it from early early last week so. I don't know whether. I don't assume they had any kind of a tip I just think this is what they do now. And New Orleans because it there's so many points of entry. I -- could be considered vulnerable city but Homeland Security law enforcement everybody did a great job it was safe. And it was -- -- stood in for girl -- come right back with more after this WW -- -- -- -- Minutes into the game in the commercials everybody always talks about the Super Bowl halftime show and even you know I like beyoncé. Beyoncé is -- stunningly beautiful. Fiancee has an incredible voice and I mean it's not much. I -- the halftime show where is totally overproduced in. The special effects in overtime. What I'm missing and a half time show was beyoncé is incredible voice. It was so much just. I think from that and you know last year I thought Madonna's halftime show was over produced. My suggestion. To the NFL would be he'll give us more reality give us more of the performer and senator -- is such a stage production. But again that's just my personal opinion oldest is very very subjective. And again as much as I like -- I was disappointed in the halftime show because I just thought it was. I thought it was overdone. -- somewhere lost in all of that was affected fiancee is an incredible talent. Here's an update on -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll. And -- a commissioner Roger Goodell said the blackout was a blip and would not diminish the superb job New Orleans did. Do you agree or disagree 90% agreed only 10% disagreed and give us your opinion are going to our web site. WWL dot com there's always something new on our web site and even though we -- radio station our web site is very visual once the pictures. Lots of video. We've got Super Bowl game recaps and videos and pictures plus beyoncé is halftime show. All of that and so much more right now on our web sites -- if you will dot com and also we've got to all the information you need -- Money -- elegant a couple of days off in ninety Wednesday night the parades start and then we lead into the big weekend then. A week from tomorrow next Tuesday is. Money grunting and and four for all those who are leaving our city now after being here to cover or. Work at two or simply witness the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl city here in New Orleans. And thanks for being with us and I'm glad you are -- -- time here and it was a great time for all of us and you know that the citizens of this city and help set a great example for how to party. -- how to act. You know right after the game I don't want it to the quarter -- through a live downtowns are just walk right to the corner and I was in the middle and it is. It's it's almost the most -- I've ever seen the court I think the quarter was a little more crowded after the saints won the Super Bowl but not by much. It was like -- draw it was even in some ways more crowded in morning draw and of course there weren't the Constance. But it was amazing last night and prevent many people. Getting into the equation. Adult beverages. And people sort of early in the day in his was a late game and it was a long game you know the crowd was well behaved and that's the kind of atmosphere that New Orleans inspires. Just come here and have a good time. If you wanna join our show with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seven -- Amber's -- 7870. Here's a Texan Reid says you're right -- after the lip sync thing -- she promised 100% singing. And hardly saying it all I didn't like it let's say or comment on the -- halftime show up from shell that wing -- on WWL good morning. -- It's I went Friday and yesterday. The food was great. And are just walked right even all the volunteers were chauffeur and a met a lot of people from Baltimore and they were just in social threat. Down there were a lot of great volunteers say this I think it for like 171000 or so some not astronomical number of volunteers who did a really great job representing our city and helping people get around. Won't odd bit -- resent paying their national always they have a couple of try actually put on the sidewalk in front Antoine. And you would think it's the police for a while that. Incumbent and they even hit tourists. Make it funny side we know that guy sweet and so they can go back with picture sure they were taken pictures some of those -- next to it. But it all on the riverfront. They got those gutter -- -- grungy you know. And a -- -- is I I wish they would have chased them away as they sat there with the dogs with their hands out there isn't and there's Islam. Well buried and physically able white people and David just they're just so gross. Yeah going into your ear right but we won't know we've we've got this issue with the constitution end and the constitution protects people's nets we don't necessarily polite -- necessarily agree with but I understand where you're saying -- When it comes to the drunks I know the police did today as much as they could. I talked about this earlier. On her receipt I was sitting there and -- just they're watching people go by. And it was assumed woman who is you know literally passed down and and the police came along and and they've got her up and and and moved her so I know they do the best they can and unfortunately. That's going to be the part of any big celebration and you know when when people start early in the day and -- their people were drunk all the time is a question about that. Special occasion or not -- people who are are drunk and then the quarters a place where we have always had an issue with people who have been. And it intoxicated. But yeah I saw the police doing a good job and any time you get a bunch of people together and they -- -- early in the day intellect I I went to church at 930 and they were already. Pouring into the French Quarter so. You know by the time the game ends. They're gonna be some people who are going to be kind of out of its twin blades color show thanks for listening. I here's our WWL party jaguar opinion poll. Commissioner Goodell said the blackout was a blip and would not diminish the superb job New Orleans did you agree or. Disagree. We'll give you an update on that coming up here in just a few minutes Alicia Keys sang the National Anthem on what she did a great job but there's been some criticism that it was too long. Mean I was I comment toward the end was ready for to end it didn't quite in yet but then she's beautiful and she does have a great voice -- thought she did a phenomenal job. Hey if you're on hold hang on I'm scoots -- -- -- and we'll be right back with more of your calls. And more of your taxes under the -- -- -- New Orleans perform like a champion it was just it was a great experience all week and this weekend at things could not have. I have been better. -- sure they're going to be little imperfections here and there are gonna see things that aren't perfect. But when you think about this massive advantage at all of the people who participated. Not only putting it together all the people who went out and had fun. There aren't many cities that can do it like New Orleans I think we learned a lot about ourselves. We learned what we can feel like all the time. And maybe we need to work a little harder at being this way to each other and to our city. Maybe we should prepare our city. To be this wave for us. Not just who may have. Big time company and town. If -- -- say was -- to your calls here in just a moment. I hear is -- how many cities. Have riots when they put that many people in one place. Or if their team wins. A championship yet it -- -- Cisco a they had extra police on duty. On the sheets December Cisco because after the the giants won the World Series back in October. A last year there was rioting bonfires and things were board turned over. Our cars stores you know what we deathly -- -- to -- its and we have proven that time after time and again I'm really proud of this city and if this were. Some leaders should be criticized you know I mean I'm I'm honest I'm honest about my city. New Orleans and if there is there want to criticism criticized. Here's attacks I spent the weekend downtown. And the crowds were incredible a Super Bowl crowd was different than a Mardi -- crowd. They partied. And they really enjoyed the city west college age and probably spent more money on the average you could tell. But it it was a big difference between the Super Bowl -- and ceremony grown crowd Dora BCS championship crowd. It I could tell that there -- is money in town and it really takes a lot of money to come to the Super Bowl for a lot of different reasons but it wasn't it was a different crowd. But yet even even with Mardi Gras where there are people who don't have money to come down and -- and there were a lot of people who didn't have money you don't have a lot of money were in the court reporting of this this past weekend. And the past week for that matter. -- we still know how to do it in the city. And again I think we have seen a great mirror image of ourselves. And it's a really nice image which -- remember. Who we are not just during a special occasion but all the time. For Metairie -- -- under the WL. I'm terminated I think -- -- Belichick defense just start to the nation that thinks it was very black oriented which. And there is disgusting. All right thanks -- chrome. Prestige I don't even know I don't even know where to go with that I mean I'm that you know there always gonna be. Angry and bitter and ugly people. I doubt that that Saddam person. I even came down and enjoy the city I was in it. I would stare. I'm speaking from first hand experience and all of you who were there. Know that a call like that his service totally wrong but everybody is entitled to clear opinion even if their opinions are not founded. On firsthand experience hunter join our show the comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688970. Tech's number is 87870. Here's -- -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll commissioner Goodell said the blackout was a blip and would not diminish the superb job New Orleans did. Do you agree or disagree. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com I was coached in for Garland and we will be right back under the WL. I'm getting a number of sex different people who are just as setting -- kudos to those -- RT eight. I did a great job -- and they were packed day -- a Texans in my said that -- they are ripping apart today and have to promoting area and planes take the streetcar and apparently that wasn't. A new idea everybody had these same idea yacht the streetcar and bus stop. Locations were very proud of -- did a great job with. Having a radio dispatchers they are helping people get around. I'm -- in for -- here is a text -- -- -- I love your show and I agree with you 98% of the time. But I thought the halftime show was great everything about it was fantastic. And I think most people enjoyed to -- production. And I am super proud of our city. Yeah I like -- beyoncé but I -- I missed her voice I thought there was in my opinion and again this is very subjective in my opinion there were -- Just a little bit too much syrup production and not enough of her. I here's a Texas halftime show did not allow beyoncé to shine -- she has a beautiful joys of voice letters saying from a town George you're on WWL. And so thankfully haven't taken my culture to show thanks you know years ago there was this idea of building a new stadium out somewhere in New Orleans these. You know what what could be more of a mistake -- Because I went down to the French Quarter or Wallenberg park. Orders straight quarter of this city has the convention center restaurants hotels while Bloomberg urban street Paul walking distance of domed stadium which is covered. Just in the event there is bad weather. Police and. No it's it really is a special place for all of those reasons and yeah there was talk originally to build the superdome in general nor was Easton. You know I remember talking about at the time -- that was it would have been a big mistake not only would the superdome endorse skyline -- did. You know it just it needs to be right downtown and so on -- and everything. It's the the Super Bowl here this year just -- in the game it was really an experience apparently had over a 150000. People in town for -- Only 70000 could get -- see the game so probably the rest of the -- you know watching it in bars restaurants hotels and stuff. And the other thing too like I've been in New York City for a New Year's leave what they dropped the ball probably a lot of people don't notice. But all those millions of people illustrate none of them are -- you can't have -- open you can't have a drink on the street. So here you know we're we're just the opposite and everybody handles it all in stride confident the finish up on a commercial I think the Budweiser unless you hate animals. That's probably the best commercial -- far it's not a shock thing it's just. I don't know what it was it was eight at eight A gave me chills I thought it was very very touching Georgia going to color show. Here's a -- how did -- -- only get all those volunteers organized at I don't I don't know we talked to people who were involved and had an all I know is they sure did a great job. Here is. And I text I think the blackouts was a good thing for the superdome. Because he gave fans more time to buy food and beer. Here is -- about a -- had just a moment ago. I like the love fest -- answer experiencing -- and it lasted transcends barriers economical races religion that caller is -- Here's the texts I am a white females and that woman was racist. And unreal she needs to crawl back under her rock here's a text. That's the lady from Atlanta that keeps calling off if she does have a a familiar voice and know that there are some people who are very very bitter. And it's just a shame that they can't keep their bitterness. And anger. To themselves.