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2-4 12:10pm Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the Super Bowl

Feb 4, 2013|

Scoot, in for Garland, talks to WWL listeners about the Super Bowl

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm screwed in fort -- today day after the Super Bowl. We're the champions. City of New Orleans did an unbelievable job and we should think CBS and ESPN at home and networks and the NFL. The big sponsors bud lite Coors Light they put on the parties initiated. All of the things that transformed our city into a Super Bowl city. I was talking to somebody -- index is in in person in this city and they were telling me that. The networks don't have to spend this much money on backdrops here and become the New Orleans because the city is just naturally. A great backdrop what is setting. And indecisive a couple of times -- including you know and Arab blog that I I wrote the other day for our web site WW dot com. This Super Bowl came at a time when New Orleans had recovered enough from Katrina. To where. We can say we're back it doesn't mean that there still is a lot of work to be done. And New Orleans east. There is a -- -- really throughout this area there are still things that need to be done. There -- things to beat that need to be done and every city and whether we had Katrina or not there was still be things going on in the city that that we would need to improve. And his Super Bowl doesn't do away with with all of our problems that we still have problems and issues to address like any city. But the Super Bowl 2013. Came at a time when it. We had progressed to the point where suddenly. Not only are we back. The were better. Adding a downtown residents and -- Walking around downtown in the CBD and the French Quarter throughout Super Bowl week and Super Bowl weekend and act as soon as the game is over arrive I went to Bourbon Street. And it was just so massive. -- almost hard to even fathom -- repair it's it was really great and that the city. Did a great job and the atmosphere and attitude of this city provides just such on such a great blueprint. For people who come here to party. -- for those of you who were not from New Orleans if you are here covering the -- working at the game. Or just -- pulling for you for your team. We would criticize this city if we needed to be criticized. And -- -- we have to. But right now we have to just talk about what a great job. This city did with the help of again in the NFL CBS. ESPN. And all the big sponsors. I but it was really the volunteers in the city workers at law enforcement that really made all of this so special and what we need to take from this. Is. The lesson that we can -- this way all the time. I wrote a blog or web site's New Orleans we know who we can be. Spelled KN EA UX of course we know who we can think we know who can date. So what's work harder at being like this. Natalie when the Super Bowl or special as it comes to town but let's work harder being this way forty each other. And for our own city. You can find that blog at WWL dot com it's atop bar and -- shows and schedules atop the -- dispute page and it's sentenced to page under -- skirts blocks. But I endeavor is just so many wonderful experiences -- throughout this this past weekend that I don't think I've ever been. As probably the city as I am now and I I'm I'm very part of the city. I mentioned earlier that with the media coming here over 5000 people from the national international media in town the governor Super Bowl. They gave us a mirror image of ourselves. You know what when when you don't see somebody for awhile and they've changed. And they've gotten better. Or maybe you haven't seen somebody's kids in a while maybe a family member or friend and indicates suddenly grow up and you -- you you don't see the gradual changes stated day. And who living here you don't see the gradual changes in the progress that we make on a daily basis. But then this event comes and all of a sudden we realize. Who we are. And how far we have come. And it it it also. Reflects the collective resolve. That we have as community. As a culture. As a people. And we're not number one. In every category. But when it comes to culture. Food and hospitality. Being nice. In a lot of ways. We are number one. And I'm proud to. That this is my hometown. I'm -- in for garlic you to join -- with a comment to our numbers 26 so it's 1878. Toll free 866889078. And our tech's number is 87 the ace every -- to Borger -- coming appear in just a moment Jay your on WWL and good afternoon. Afternoon skewed our cliche each -- and a culture. -- -- such a cheap things briefly first going to -- ratio that's our county server workers. -- in a hotel worker at a lecturing itself -- city I think everybody did a great job they -- they show -- an -- -- money. And we're gonna get a lot of repeat business. The second I know -- to Churchill and waters. -- transportation issues. -- -- stop or being on the weekend at 11 o'clock. And taxi -- or are nonexistent. Between one year round. And 5 AM Saturday and Sunday morning. And and those are issues that should be addressed I'm surprised the street car stopped as early as they did if indeed they did. And -- I've I've gotten a couple text from people who said it was difficult for them to. To get camps. What were working here at our hotel where people you pay any award 5000 dollars -- knowledge today. Evan and walk out the front door and he got an orange. Voyager insurance or botching the current court steep enshrined -- cab. It occurs great lunch show we would do which are judged yeah right. You know -- could we have gotten more chairs and strong Baton Rouge are -- sitting nearby. Just to have them here bush I'll feel like that was eat only blemish. Our city here is the people at your way out short order. And then he arrived back to their Coachella which you know more than a mile away and as -- and that's all of the but everything else. Everybody's commented on it beyond phenomenal cherish -- do we -- I -- is Saddam attacks the only thing I saw that needed help was that there was a shortage of taxis and restaurants open downtown. I you know I saw a lot of restaurants open downtown. Well actually all the restaurants were open downtown and some are open very late you lives what curious phenomenon right after the game. One of the bars and places were absolutely empty. There was a cajun band playing in 111 place is always a cat I don't know the name of the place that there's an above a place -- poison or cajun band playing on Bourbon Street. And the band was playing and there was not one person. In the whole place. Because everybody was out in the streets. I'm from New Orleans Elizabeth zero WWL good afternoon. You are probably because the lady that actually it might get his seat he now he came at the city. -- share all the crap we did out they come prepared for the get a lot of walking. Up -- ID EB and then I hit Lautenberg park -- some -- -- vendors they use and a couple of free comes Eric. What -- -- trombone shorty about -- the curry. And then I got a free concert 81 there. I've got -- line in the -- from friends and we all that the EU underperforming saying that they were all aware that in the -- It was great was a long time but it was great and then Sunday I got hit me up with them and a couple of our tailgate and then. Come chill out which competes amonte game on the television. As -- -- every there was -- it is everybody was having a -- it was a great crowd and yet they would spend the money. Did she get it go out and had Andy yeah they went a great time it and I are I China all different Becky I tried being. Some places them I would want to try couldn't get him. But it was so many other things to do and there were three things. -- -- -- member of body wasn't there crowding you got picture than them different little paraphernalia. And you know those are even for young they're. -- -- -- the ball -- come over our great company and Palin are the early. And listen I'm I'm proud of you and I'm proud of everybody that I saw downtown. That this had Heidi Meehan and everybody -- dot I knew was from here because they were wearing saints jerseys and and you you talk to him and you could did tell owner in New Orleans accent. I applaud you and everybody who took time to come downtown and this is something I talked about -- Super Bowl week. You know take time to enjoy New Orleans all all the time but especially when the city's been transformed into the Super Bowl city. Why would you just come here to be part of it and it really. And it really showed it. Who we are not only to the outside world but he showed who we are to ourselves. I agree we're the great time and I think that they come out I agree they -- They're not I don't have a complaint it it take but a lot of walking so he can't walk you have a little issue. And you know sometimes they have algae and the alignment to -- Obama you look closely enough ambient track. It you know it a very positive top. I appreciate you calling Michelle yeah it was a great. Free party just walking around you know I wanted to personally. Thank -- all live the young ladies who -- those. Big high stiletto. Platform heels. I want to thank them because that couldn't be comfortable. I mean that this had to be on and you can tell by the way some water. -- less -- comfortable but you know they look so nice but I want to thank the I want to thank the women that fits sacrificed. Comfort. To look good. I'm -- this. For -- and -- the whole -- nine and we're coming right back doesn't. We're talking about these Super Bowl commercials that's always a highlight of the Super Bowl. I talked about the and the Dodge Ram commercial which I thought was outstanding with the radio commentator Paul Harvey's voice. They're doing their recipe calls -- god made a farmer. You know when we needed this or need that Scott made a farmer. And they were so dedicated to the farmer in all of us. I also thought the key commercial was cute terror -- kid asking where do babies come from. And very very dad goes it is explanation this -- exploration about where babies come from. But it assist its total fantasy. Even beyond the stork. Usually kind of unbelievable and then none at the very end of the commercial McKay goes. Bull -- told me that. The babies come from when mom and dad and then they cut their commercial off. On I thought the yet the Thai commercial. On the same eating the pizza and the tomato sauce spills on his forty -- Jersey and the -- resembles Joseph Montana. And it was a take off on the many times that people claim to see jesus' face in something like I don't nine or on a birthmark or oil stained driveway. And people line up to receive this sign that they think you should directly from Jesus -- the commercial with the on the defeat to stain like Joseph Montana. It referred to in his -- a Super Bowl miracle. And he were lining up to see the Super Bowl miracle both the stain it would just eggs from Montana then and it didn't. And then the guy's going to wait where's my Jersey where's my Jersey. And his wife says oh I wore the Jersey and it showed the camera says arrangements and that was I thought that was cute. I really didn't like to GoDaddy commercial where sex scene -- Smart. And it was as hot model. Making out with this young guy who -- with it looked like a total -- So brazen attacks earlier they had to do forties I don't 64 takes Arnett. And you know what if I -- their kids I wanna do 64 takes as well Chris she was pretty hot and I'm sure he doesn't -- people like down on our. Regular -- -- now he might but I don't believe it -- a total dork do we I've been to weak. Geeky looking guy. And at the end of I mean they were really make it out I mean -- was nine some kind of -- make I mean they were really. They open mouth kissing. And at the end he's kind of -- -- licking and smacking his lips are thought that was rather creative. The Taco Bell commercial with the senior sneaking out of the retire home their retirement home in their party and and hanging out in the parking lot at a Taco -- really late at night you know I thought that was good but I'm concerned that. Well I'm concerned that this is gonna set a bad example for seniors. I mean is this kind of encourage seniors to to attempt to break out of retirement homes and an -- and sneak out and I'd be responsible for the behavior is this tournament -- senior cigars are partying. But I hope so and then the police crews that a bit of parking lots of monitored their behavior I thought it was a great. That it might hit a bad example for for children as -- they don't receive their grandparents having that much fun but did -- grandparents shouldn't fight. I like the cheap commercial and the salute to our troops I thought that was very emotional. But this one commercial that they're really stands out in my mind as. Are the best they talked about destroyed actually there's two commercials one commercial really stands out as one of the best. But honestly I'm surprised it hasn't been criticized. Particularly from. The very religious. I'll tell you about that coming up after our news break but the other commercial that I really like receipt of the Budweiser commercial. -- with fear the Fleetwood Mac song landslide. In the background. It was about the guy who raised by steel from a newborn COLT trained him work with him and then. Because I still goes off to join the Budweiser team and and appearing in a nearby city the guy goes to see the Budweiser team and sees his horse in the lead. And you know he makes eye contact with a horse and as. And as he. As he drives off the horse. Recognizes him. And gallons back over to see him before he leaves I kind absolutes. Didn't chills. And then when Stevie Nicks is singing. Children grow older. I'm getting older too. It sure wasn't. The sex these commercials and there wasn't the funniest commercials. That had the biggest impact on me. He was the commercial that made such a great emotional connection. With me as a father if your parent he could help puts a truly relate to that I just thought that was. Phenomena commercial if you wanna re -- any of these commercials you can find never if you missed any of you can find them on our web site right now and WWL. Dot com. Also the to be a real project -- opinion poll is about their Roger Goodell. He he said that the black -- is just a blip and is not going to diminish the superb job New Orleans did you agree or disagree. 89% agree. And only 11% disagree we'll give you an update on that coming up you can now find it on our web site. Continue to -- dot com give -- your opinion it will picture that's coming up here just a few moments. Here's a -- about restaurants and as far as restaurants on Saturday. They were at least seven major restaurants sold out for private parties here's another -- many restaurants were closed for private parties. Here is a text to text that taxicab bureau made the process of temporary permits nearly impossible it was a disgrace. Here's a -- Frenchman street was dead all last week Super Bowl Sunday. Was my worst it was my businesses worst nightmare on record. Not everybody is going to be a winner when it comes to any event. But Frenchman is a thriving area so is the irony. But it doesn't mean that every single area of every city is going to equally benefit when they're sent an event like they're in the Super Bowl. In town. From Harvey Tyrone your under the WL. Basically think technical picture page is unbelievable man I got up this morning good -- will be applicable to Blanco. And I -- believe that people though he has -- say oh I'll do it has been this is something that you can be depicted in that epic in a meeting -- -- like this. -- he -- it can happen and it will always happen -- -- and makes a man makes things that sometimes fail. And it was -- event that gave -- we fly -- be given you -- to Maryland. You know bill does but we're dedicated playing cricket. People go back. Well for the record southwest hasn't but that's all right I didn't really don't and then nobody brags that -- brags about that because. You know because -- you're right it could happen. -- and people who bet there in my life because of this thing you Rick could you didn't pay it we hit capable people -- no problem and old. And is followed how old going out -- -- but don't think you hooked don't did that debt but they're committed an -- Have been -- it can be able to -- to be too cold. That was blown up before -- admitted to problems came about good I -- everything could have could have happened from there. You know that's another good way to look at this a -- and -- called -- show. Think about how power was restored. And nothing happened. Everything was okay. Now look I mean the media but I'm not always. Defensive of my industry. Because there are a lot of people in my industry that I don't respect and there are a lot of things that motivate people in my industry that I don't I don't respect. And one and and what is total sensationalism. And I know somebody might accuse me of being that occasionally. The Soviet. But. The idea that this can never happen again I mean again that's part of what I like to talk about is the united states of hysteria well. It can happen again and it might happen again and there's no guarantee that something like that will. Never happen again. Because men is. Not infallible. And what we make. Sometimes breaks but I'm proud of the way everything was handled. I'm -- and to grow and we'll be right back with more after this WWL news updates we have Chris -- -- What did you think of the new Mercedes-Benz. Commercial is. Music was sympathy for the devils play Jagger on the stones -- be shot in New Orleans and the deploy your house in. And -- The artistic value of the commercial is just beautiful finding whoever did this commercial did an outstanding job. There was a teaser campaign are all week saying you know to see the new Mercedes. Basic -- -- the fourth quarter of will be revealed in the fourth quarter the Super Bowl. So is one of the commercials and I was actually looking forward to now while I love the Budweiser. -- like commercial but there's declines -- I thought the sympathy for the double commercial was great. However I'm surprised it hasn't received some criticism because. Actor William Dafoe played. The devil. And he was actually trying to make a deal with a customer. End and there was just something about it -- I thought was gonna draw a lot of criticism because it was like. On the devils trying to make it -- a deal with you over over buying this -- personally I thought it was an excellent commercial. If you wanna join our show the coming we're talking about -- the Super Bowl in the game -- -- more talk about that with a spike coming up next and also a lot of talk about that with. -- -- guarantee -- -- -- the second can't show live from the silver slipper casino. And Hancock county right here on the teacher from 48 to afford seven this afternoon. And we can continue to us talk about the commercials and the Super Bowl but I want to just talk about how proud we all should be. Of our city. And how all of this. Transpired. It was a it was it was awesome about this a mean that there weren't little glitches a little things here and they are but he really was a phenomenal moment for our city. I'm also surprised. That there hasn't been more talk about -- -- Joseph Flacco. Getting caught on point Mike. -- screaming out some expletives. I didn't hear this but this was during the the post game parties closer to the microphones were you could quite clearly hear him. I according to the reports are -- -- shouting out Simpson expert tips. And I'm surprised that there was some criticism of that princess I think this is kind of understandable. But it what is your parent and you're watching live television and somebody like Joseph Flacco and this has happened in the locker rooms before. And a sports figure shouts out profanity. All what do you do. Mean you're not gonna ever protect your children from never ever hearing profanity. I mean if you go out in public. Unfortunately you're gonna sometimes hear profanity. I don't approve of this I think it's deplorable behavior but it does happen you take your kids to a Mardi Gras parade. And there are some young adults who might be drinking too much and and they are. Speaking. Which it with a lot of profanity. I don't like when that happens but the point is she can't shelter your children from everything. I think the point is is he used that moment is a lesson. Play you know son or your daughter you know that was you're just a moment when you know this -- an adult and he shouted out this there's this word and it's not the right thing to do what he probably wishes he didn't -- he's just exec but you know this is just a reminder. To your son or daughter that when you get excited you really should try to control. You know what you say I remember when mice and Michelle and I were taken to return to movies. He wanted to go to some. If he ever repeated any of the words that he saw in the movies or hurt him in the movies. That we -- are going to only G rated movies so he had a responsibility. If he heard a word to realize that was just part of the movie. And not something that he repeats. In life if you -- attacks who gets your text here in just a moment I'm screwed in fort Garland and for Terry town -- -- on WWL. Is totally adorable and great -- you. Our initial trial. -- -- door -- boring at all we cannot. Both from a -- -- Bob Bob Naples where he blew it all they've probably got more all -- Saturday -- -- -- you upstart bunch of gullible so proud of prayer and for Baltimore friend from -- goal was. To picture who don't know like they knew god the great -- great I mean I'm just bombed and -- like -- -- called -- trouble you know. It was you're it was an experiment that -- that I -- Murphy before -- got caught the very. And equipment -- cable twice and winning three -- into the city in that -- is. Grew everybody -- it was still an explosive -- government clock didn't like -- little -- and kind of took some interest got very it was absolutely god do you. First it says something that a lot of people who are locals don't do it doesn't matter if you live on the west banker or anywhere. A ticklish area across and then come back because think about the views that you get at the city you when you're in the city see the West Bank nothing there's anything wrong with apple would get a beautiful skyline especially at night tickets -- crossing the very bad. Absolutely gorgeous go to like a pay you have got to go for the common -- that we would we walked we want to walk from the very little formal ball control -- debate you will walk away from where good people would invite. -- boom boom gone -- trial go identical but do you have do you have great wall a little while about -- and I'm like you know I'm glad I'm glad that the clintons feel have a great -- but. Per Troy again you know I'm gonna say the Steelers I have to other callers today I am so proud to view for taking time to come to your city and enjoy it especially at this moment went. Where in such a bright spotlight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I totally agree with you -- are glad you called a show when I'm glad you took time to come into the city. At this was just again it was -- it was a it was a great moment but it's just a reminder of what a great city we -- it. Again it doesn't mean that we ignore our problems we still need to try and and and and do all the things that we need to do to make this city even better. But this was just a great moments in the spotlight. Not only for everybody around the country tally for the ravens and the 49ers fans. But for you information for those of us who live here. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general technical commissioner Goodell said that the blackout was a blip and would not to diminish the superb job New Orleans did. Do you agree or disagree 88% agree only 12% disagree you can give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. And we've got -- a recap of the Super Bowl at videos and pictures and I remind you that we're radio station but our web site is very visual. -- video and pictures thanks WWL dot com. I'm scoots into Garland and we'll be right back and. I was so proud. Have seen so many saints fans downtown wearing saints jerseys this city. Really represented its teeth and I heard somebody on ESPN I don't remember who who said it. But he said no city. Who loves their team as much as New Orleans loves the saints. And I'm one of the ESPN shows Simonyi was holding up a sign holder of assignment where you -- -- said go saints. And it just it just made us so proud to. Show that we do love our team every city loves their team but there is something special about the saints in New Orleans. And this is becoming a national. Infatuation. Because Katrina. And the saints coming back. And the result of of of this city. You know the Super Bowl came at a time. When we have an opportunity to. Proved everybody really what kind of city we are. Right after the game. Here's what Drew Brees sent out on his Twitter account. The mindset for 2013. Season starts now who dat nation. We will make you proud. -- this city is already planning to put together a proposal to bid for the Super Bowl for 2018. Which is the year we celebrate. Our 300 birthday in New Orleans. You know New Orleans is older than America are sharing your on WW well good afternoon. I don't change can't -- marry each yeah it's great. Look I wanted to Conroe core that went to a lot of the collar and I'm so glad that all of that is more -- and colony in injured. -- how proud we are each other -- Indian. What we get there last week I got Chinese and I -- -- -- of people were able this speech. It's our New Orleans and people airport Marriott champs. Went there would actually want your -- Shalit in -- is it about chew out the order in the local. And I hope you got to watch is it that you can't children age even. Out -- he had nearly unbelievable. Option yeah in current they are. The current movie either try to -- and commercial and she did it seem like nobody really -- checks. Well the way he did. Which was just. I -- I got emotional about the whole change and he just really started with. The culture and why -- -- eating EQ how we charge. And intertwined -- school in and it went to truly can't find the -- chair it and why would you be dealing just with. It was unbelievable it really did an awesome job so I did -- and -- college in all the people that helped template action gathered to catch that was such a great introduction. To the war is really lot. -- Sharon and where do you think people can relive this moment. Well I'm hoping that they he would call channeled all of our trying to be Super Bowl 08 and you know hopefully the -- -- -- got BOB -- and pinch. They can aren't aren't that much -- and -- thank -- -- that. In any way and let people know when we're gonna play that could count -- it would it would it was actually I'd never seen. A pita pit in the way we really should be did it change and they they just want to. And Sharon. We're we're not we're not that easy to explain all week we understood if we're if we're from here we understand it but we're not that easy to explain. Exactly in key -- He or old -- -- meet every idiot secrecy -- I mean everything that inner pouring in minutes into the the way we are out BG YEG eight. What's important -- why -- -- Indians should fight. -- I've never seen it -- to pick it so clearly. Either as a normal course. And one that was how shy -- that watch that much it would -- -- I either I got it or I am so glad somebody. Or. -- -- I really appreciate that and now and I'm sure a lot of people are gonna look up what their -- Marcellus I had to say here's a text about judge Joseph Flacco. Is saying that the this is blank an awesome. That got picked up on camera this text their reason I heard like those comments understandable in the moment another taxi was quick and Flacco said to one of his team. Teammates something like. -- like an awesome the typical emotional response I don't fault him. If you're -- would assume more of your text or are coming up -- -- in fort Garland we want to be proud of today and I feel like we just won the Super Bowl. And congratulations to the ravens for winning and congratulations to the 49ers for. Have a great game I mean they did they did come back and it did prove to be. A great game and not every Super Bowl city can say they had a great Super Bowl. Inner city. We'll be right back under -- us. Good afternoon I'm studio for Garland today's buddies coming up next we'll talk to him here in just a moment. I am getting a number of text about something that they're called Sharon just mentioned about -- Underwent Marcellus talking about New Orleans. This text -- Cisco this woman is so right about the went Marcellus a show it was incredible here's a text saw the documentary it was great. Another text I concur -- show was really great and emotional for me. Another text it's called the spirit of New Orleans and here's a taxi was on it about 11 AM on CBS. Excellent piece hourlong. CBS sit here is a text Scott Kelly is CBS painted this city as a masterpiece. So refreshing to see. The goods. Emphasize. Here is yet another text ever ever -- was talking about two musicians' village and how it has come back. Just just so much to be proud of it's a thirty degrees right now in New Jersey. That's where the Super Bowl will be next year and an -- was the spread out over northern New Jersey. Everybody who was here covering the Super Bowl will immediately compare. The Super Bowl next year with a Super Bowl this year. A rare blood for our website at WWL dot com assault on the -- page at the top there's a bar shows in schedules so I click on the -- page it's titled. New Orleans. We know who we convened and walking through the CBD in the French Quarter every day before the game and then even after the game. You know I I saw people make eye contact with me like never before greeted me before I greeted them. As a city our collective attitude in manners during the Super Bowl set the bar for every city we set the bar for ourselves. As well as sports teams learn how to be champions through the experience of playing in big games. The city of New Orleans has proven that it has learned how to be a championship city. The world's cleaned up and presented itself is a perfect host. We demonstrated the kind of city we can -- all the time. You shouldn't clean up your home and act a certain way only when company comes over. You should be that way all the time so New Orleans. Let's all work and treating our city and each other. The way we did. When we had company in town. A Stewart overtime. I split is coming up next with talk gumbo -- -- coming up -- Now I gotta go clean up thanks who are just relax on the -- sanitation was out early this morning hosing down her misread. Well actually they do that a lot that was -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna we're gonna continue our conversation about a bunch of things -- size and of course what he's blaming the black our own on beyoncé and a bunch of stuff and actually have some friends who worked on the halftime show. And they he said it the power went out and and in rehearsals go. Didn't go out when they -- there they did have a couple of private rehearsals but they did full blown person who. I don't think it says because the deal I mean -- higher IYY since it was inconvenient it was something that we wish we don't black out and 65 and 77 and 107 up and -- are bigger funded by just it happened on the party's gonna join us at 3 o'clock to -- -- martyred brother passed and and what's coming. -- parade started and Wednesday night.