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2-04 2nd Guess Show - 6:10pm open lines

Feb 4, 2013|

Bobby and Mike continue to take your calls on the Ravens wining Super Bowl 47. Plus, the guys answer some Saints questions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome activists like I guess you elect to deal with me again and Bobby -- it's impossible but it seemed to be decided Hancock county Mississippi about it we don't know 7 o'clock tonight. And then will be wild about the Johnny Jones shoe on the populous -- basketball right here on the B seven is always something you at evidently L dot com. Responses to the black out from commissioner Roger Goodell. -- land route -- Barton with -- -- empty superdome management energy and Ravens head coach John Hall while the left -- all the Super Bowl ads. Beyond these halftime show spurts of what full court -- when -- -- flyers shared with you rent it if you missed it. I just all super weak in abuse check out the podcasted videos Jerry Rice Troy Aikman. Marshall Faulk Emmitt Smith -- reveal Mike goalie but Jones more innocent. -- -- frank alioto and much much more it's right here on line and evidently out dot com Bobby. You know Mike I don't know and like I might look at it this goes -- visits too weird is kind of like reliable wooten. Situation coming -- -- Well look at a news producer -- productive. Okay we all know Vernon Davis because deeper in this thing. The but the 49ers tidy and he caught six passes. -- four yards. He averaged 7370. Point three yards per catch. College cabernet targeted him eight times. Now I'll look at it this Mike in math my notes of our researcher is wrong. Did you look at -- boldly -- guess what. He caught six passes. -- 104 yards people caught six bats a 104 yards only yards stuff like that happen. That the that's unbelievable. That that when I seen. You know what people well they hit a part of a Davis that. Has been in the witness protection agency so to speak in that all of us are the other and I have a bit go to guy that all of us not articles -- -- three back to back games what you -- because of how -- lately you need options as it opens up some avenues for Vernon Davis. Freedom now you'll be able to catch a football and hockey they -- it -- hold -- -- -- about it but do. It is one tough guy like -- wrecked me if I'm wrong but I don't think in public it is background. Florida State quarterback yes in the -- full -- a lot of it I think we're not only taken. That play quarterback it was stuff popping you ready for like a fourth seventh seventh forty yard that -- -- hit a home. Game lenient now. At least the Cardinals were Smart enough to pick human rounds through the guy's been a terrific football -- -- got. That Jack in his broken jaw -- -- that would Arnold's name on it may have that are -- for -- tonight they had three guys had FitzGerald. Him at those -- rested right in -- early considerably Kimmel or I don't like that fourth guy is like unbelievable. What I thought that. Now obviously look at. And what Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin you wanna talk about piece of receivers. And get the quarterback all the confidence in the world -- -- along viewpoint Alex bit. We know how he utilized Vernon Davis to be with Vernon Davis in the final six regular season games. He added eleven receptions. Only 61 yards and no touchdowns. Look but he did against the Falcons and the Ravens I think you would Alex Smith and it on the point the Williams were beaten him up front three of the top podiums. Arabs all the might be weak in the background but might do all they have to pay him. Certain spots -- on a rain out -- -- thing at the beginning of -- like seven million now so I think he has a dangle him out there and try to get him to the AFC so a lot of -- to see him as an NFC team. And I don't want -- to go to Arizona. That's not hop a plane twice a year because supply and demand my doctor Ian eagle and I was playing and how it's always when it was 28 teams. 32 teams they're never 28 at 32 legitimate starting quarterbacks. There's -- it's always -- that well. That teams are always looking at fourteen so there's a market for Alex Smith and I think. Who is the draft that when you look at it you know Smith them Mort par putt -- -- -- -- from North Carolina State. Line it's on from Syracuse in comparison to what you've seen the last two years. That makes Alex Smith even more valuable a football player. Greg Ellis Greg you know -- with Bob and Mike. I like to technical. -- -- especially if you. -- -- accurate about that you'd go for a night game of football oracle white's follow chances especially outdoor stadium. And even though it. -- have that football sports -- and now it's not the case. When you play. And -- sure they had. With the field. Note the last time now that's the last time I can remember you know who utilize that. Don't wanna see the world was what quality is like that that meant that -- me. And that thousand dollars a week who has played in Hawaii I don't -- we've never had that when I was playing on that battle on all bull. But I'll I'll have a lot of obviously that was the high school you have the -- every I know what you're talking about that that was war. Owners they are only admits that -- that these yeah. And do what it actually even stadium. It's nothing like game it would help to see the block for the receiver. Oh yeah me you know you look like there yelling trying to locate the ball would help balance the receiver of that the -- -- back when you're trying to cope. Of an actual football but. I mean come on it was like you guard -- the neighborhood did you plane. In 'til the sun goes down the they do like Mike said pop -- obviously few reasons. The thing you can kind of see across this happening which you look when the ball's high whether it's a bomb up on our kick. That I gonna continue that game and plus they want the best product for the TV viewing audience. You know I gonna play the game when you may be -- 5070%. Life that's why it's going to be bright. Like you playing in the middle of a nice sunshine -- they've been up but I know recover from. Part -- technical person. Very Rico Rico you know how to with Bob and -- and Eagles -- it. Recall which you guys very go. -- with the lights. All of a serious about it why not play in. It looked so yeah. The college. Our basketball life it's like call that the small ball and a real alive and very. And try to compare model to. And sit back. Good -- the way it's going to tie. The gunning for. Saint Pete and it backs. I think it's hard to get a six foot four frame to get thrown reversed backwards yeah I mean when you throw that body -- reversed a six foot 46 foot five guy. He's got an appeal to do that that fast that's why. Today with the cornerbacks there you know five men do every once in -- you find a guy like tell Simon who's a little bit over six point one. But at six foot 46 foot five god and long legged. That's very difficult to have him throw himself in reverse the capitals guys understand what you're saying as far as the basketball part of it because we've seen it now. I -- position Tony Gonzales not a lot of built to run it you've got a road -- gotta go to -- tactics. Yeah it's it's difficult is it it never got there what you're saying but in reality. It's it's really really hard to find that basketball player. That tall that can run and run like that reverse. If we appreciate it all while a lot ordeal on the second guess through right after the break you and -- Problems of its own Jacoby Jones 108. Yard. Kickoff return you know pop that was his third 100 yard plus kickoff return for a score. This season. No player in NFL history has not that that's unbelievable what he's been able to do this is the guy who was basically. Not a lot of the teams what the you know in the offseason last year he pulls the ball more and impact that he makes on that football. Well that they -- -- -- -- disapproval he was all grown so that it that that's a different level you could be a pro bowler with the when you all roll. -- that Jacoby Jones and Mike before we give that would give -- operative that day. All the look at it you Dolan and you hear about would fans look at it out of the -- to just. We look at these great tight -- -- basketball players these big time. Receivers Anquan Boldin. They just don't follow through to a total by players he get paid look at the Seahawks. Cornerback. That you look at that's like to me it was a travesty. Richard Sherman these -- wrong and he should have been a problem c'mon. Realistic guy that was Bobby I scouted him coming out of high school he was a receive in his first two years at Stanford lead receiver. April that the -- -- back and played only thing you know it's optimistic you look at him he's six foot. Three he was the fifth round draft pick with this -- that is that. -- -- goes to show you know we've hit our offense. Hopefully -- it up and attitude and make him run out of we put into play any NFL experts Gholston is the AFL for bargains date yet because -- free agent with the Broncos. And it might like instead because it is the AF LC sports and what they want. So yeah you might you wanna get paid and if -- quarterback who can hang with the big time receivers. He's still got a built to run run bottom line you got a bit of Wear that body in reverse and rumors news topic give us. You have nothing else purpose of the day that's -- who doesn't love good food. Mean what you -- down here. United in -- -- eating at that eighth. Wanna be paid about this -- that Italians but they. Get there -- -- Dallas that he Q which is in Dallas. That let -- that you book. Wanted Dallas to advocate but it hit Dallas. At the Harvey and applies location only. Enjoy your favorite at tiny dishes from pizzas salads and pastas and the third says -- they hit. But the whole family you wanna -- -- who won -- in -- bowl. -- not saying column that -- still hungry they get does this leave that night that -- and you won't beaten pointed. So go right out of brook Phillips -- right now go to my yards per dot com. This that the Italian that they get a wanted Dallas that we get accused -- -- -- Harvey and applause location. -- in the Puerto Rico Rico you know huddle with Bobby Knight. We go that this Rico Rico. I recall we got problems and do it we're gonna go to Jason Vanderbilt ace in the huddle with -- and -- Me -- be something out of might get married they articulate who worked out there. -- did a great player we. -- so I think one of the things with Chad you have to look at it twofold one you wanna take a look at you won't know we'll. And see that is certainly my daddy -- again. And secondly on the oldest -- medical staff. I got to find out. Look for the past that and knowledge in the best that they've looked at him physically. Can you hold up in the NFL if -- bring him training camp and that sort of thing. There's no question Jack don't have that at the talent to play in the NFL. What I don't know is witness was taken away from him in that accident anyplace and Kenny holds up so. But it's late I think you wanna give an odd -- view of how well he can run. How well he can basically do all the drills. And then not to go to the ball medical staff so that may take a little while before you can get on things the manage to bring him in for a workout to see if you really want. To sign him long term a -- it's not a to a contract he's the Villa created so you wanna -- in this me. If he can still play. But the big question mark for me will always be hell it is always me to help market so the Saints took a look at him and you know he's a local little while what you take a long look at him. Give it to you medical staff -- you made the personnel observation. Now what the medical staff to give me there basically you know. -- I don't try to be getting up -- Well I haven't gotten any -- on Chad and I do know that you know he had run for everybody in the force seventeen which was really great. All we've we're all this you know they did anything -- is -- yeah can you consider the wearing a parent and all the hits that you pick that the NFL level. You know that that's a big risk and -- this and now everybody's pulling for him that he can do it. But it it's a real long shot many new Orleans city in the huddle without him -- -- -- -- -- It there are other things are Montana -- read our own zone read all contribute quarterback -- not awful where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And all the -- Baltimore line racquet it's helping to complete technique. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think it is I think -- read option Altman is going to be easy to say. Metallica players into the tunnel. It's is that if this is it to defend your application of the plans at the end -- but really didn't get. With the running back markers straighten out there and shake them you know. But mopping up so a lot. It particularly -- we can put up when he went and I thought he could lose one against the black. And I felt player's don't own thing at all not disappoint with yes. There I don't know accurately action Packers thought they guy cash. Though it was like this and it was like. The it to coordinator Dom -- capitals team prepared they'll they are gonna make adjustments. You know it could be the key to getting also open. -- -- -- -- adjustments because of the fact these guys can throw the football general that -- -- say please but I think what you McGahee you won't have. 32 teams. That don't have those type of quarterback picked the -- they'll fall off trees. You don't have thirty to spread option that the type quarterbacks. That aren't that accurate passing and have the ability to run. You know like a -- -- on the college level Johnny -- now. You know Johnny football. You could probably outlook they have 68. Are a couple of handfuls abut 6 AM let's let anybody get half. What -- to allay those that he needs the thing is I don't see that every damn week. That's why I think it's it is today because you know if you get those type quarterbacks all the time -- I think he's going to be. That even though they can't run happily label bill if you look at cavernous when you turn the corner but that's not a -- -- -- throw it. You just don't see quarterbacks that are -- was the ability. Developed a run at that level and also be inaccurate pass this year which quarterback did the things more prompted him to. Possibility that yes but also you hung in a pocket took -- We did that last game of his dad through football so well they really gave the -- a lot of problems in the way people. If we're gonna continue to do so it's difficult to defend that guy like do. And you look at the candidates season that now it's on a roll -- just look who marched the Falcons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he is accurate throwing the ball and Russell Wilson and I have Alex Smith this political he's gonna run that. That's to me why can't people you'd hit people levers that around there you don't throw the ball actors know well enough. -- or a power runner. And actually out not to -- a corner which speed so what did that tell me. You know lasted 1112 years if you get the crap being on -- last. 45 -- you know everyone's once that if that makes a flash in Japan. So maybe tip the vote short term. Good workout but he federal -- low enough for me. What was the -- if you run that -- news Rick you know rooms. Of the all of the fourth down play that basically ended the football game. Eat the Ravens the 34 31 victory in a world championship or football or are you gonna go back and telephone lines big don't we -- you know -- -- -- Here are not and I try to go beat them. I -- -- I don't know who are -- over here and then threw it home -- -- did because ordinary. The Eagles have always believed the front runner for that job -- Romeo Cornell but if Armstrong pay. One of the things I'm doing is trying to talk to every vote that not to talk to be getting a little bit more knowledge and just not been one year out of the game. We've seen some of the changes with the read option a lot of those guys have coached in the college football world. Lot of changes at quarterback so you know what they'll cost me anything I can talk to him and maybe Kapalua with it that knowledge. But only thing I know is that and I think from day one at -- both of those spotted up -- feel the same way to the front runner for the job. Would you Romeo Cornell a wild what you talk to other guys in this me. Just the tonic get a little bit and knowledge of what has went on maybe it's a different thoughts on out of the pins. This you always feel that we just talked about but you know you gonna see six -- eight teams next year with that read option quarterback. Well thank you look at Romeo could now is 65 years that they. News you look wouldn't be department lately obviously it worked out he -- what you see -- -- it as the head coach with the Browns -- But we've seen and Amaro. Coaches on this on his head coach. But they work out his office to be with the coordinators the -- you look at Wade Phillips yeah Mike Nolan. Immediately Jack Del Rio Jack -- success that politics -- attacks. That late. But that you look at also -- yelled -- by every guy. I remember him. You know you know by in my career he's start probably can't argue and you -- -- -- -- art that famous boxer. Well here's this Seattle lines outfield. -- linebackers coach job. You know he with a three times global champion if a player. Who knows what it takes to be a champion. I mean he had just three years of NFL experience that this is this that. But he's been around an NFL coach it Pete Carroll now if you look he's go to the Pete Carroll the 2004. The USC connection. You -- the county goes to Seattle. -- they you'll look at at this on the -- and on the average of rock young and old. But that's the neat kid aren't -- news. That a that I know he is the head and I just look. Q what do you do against -- career -- you looked very successful. When he threw all of the players being a part of teams that won -- championship would be to have the coach. And he you know them I might he jump in the wagon with Pete Carroll and the good success he's had. Their transition corporate yes the to have to Seattle Seahawks coach and linebacker didn't only party teachers in the. Anything else we go you know edit -- See all of my own. -- -- -- All -- a name that's come up a few times it's been a guy that's were a couple of people support me -- job in the path -- got a lot of experience and it before. You know East -- -- outside linebackers with the Steelers and Scott you know won't -- Mike Tomlin. And so on certainly he's got that you would at least want to bring in for an interview. He's got a lot of experience. He's coaching 34 alignment in certain you know he's -- door that was my problem. And you know Mike I have a question for you and you might know more to me about this is that because I don't really know him. -- Eric Mangini -- -- on ESPN. He's forty years of me. He's still he has yet to open here it was that guy. You know auto -- create it if you were to be head coach viewed the former head coach of the Jets and the Browns. Now we split ninth seasons. Working on the Bill Belichick. And then all of a sudden you remember he's gonna take over for Romeo Cornell. In the -- did call -- to be recording an optical beating head coach and any left I don't know what the loyalties. -- Cubs about. But it seems like it Belichick would -- give them. That authority -- the with the alleys. Yet this -- though only thing hurdle the negative report on him is the fact that you heart that you know in Europe and playing real well with some people. And listen it's obvious that's why he's been out of football so we don't work well additional additional updates and on the pretty involved I mean I think that's been a problem if but he worked for Belichick. Yeah -- Belichick listen you're we're looking but it in the eighties he's got a world where I -- 99 yeah it's close and it wasn't like it was a cup of coffee but. That has been no word on all American that sometimes -- at work and play real well with. Crazy Joseph crazy -- not a with Bob and Mike. But there is no. All I don't know what it is going to -- you know -- you know. -- and now of people annual this week and experience black out. Oh wait if you would -- -- -- experience of black out. You gave the lane the superdome commission that I can do so would do it and -- you right now what. -- Often the infrastructure using right. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On its -- -- I couldn't. That's it now at first up -- in my card game Katrina. And infrastructure and you know take care he that's what happens that this could not finish you know all I know it's not a god today. We -- get ready to charge this through to waterboarding you can't come on. That you thought they wanna like it's like like the pace everything in an iconic -- picks make short term history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who what you want if you look at his guards who have been only when you have a detailed -- them -- water bill and you know I use them much water. And how the hell it is -- -- -- my kids are gone and I don't think damage dollar. -- hit it. Go on -- that that much water. Billions of -- that they've edited instructor. Get -- That who you you're commercial when it's what you want a game. Oakland game. I go there -- out the window right now to -- a lot of movement -- -- you're gonna get a little bit. Those that and I both of them but one and it's evident that this in the model why -- driver only view the area -- the industry -- arms. What you got out before we look. Yeah probably we gonna the only -- good about that at the streak is so bad that criminals don't come around for McCain I laugh at it get a little -- they can Galloway you got to go up five miles an hour. When you're gonna you know bottom out -- Earlier on the second guess your -- when we get in unions to all. Everything everything on the -- shall we know what to do -- that you right -- on sports talk. The second guessed right up there is great unity that. We're gonna go to give advice would traffic update -- In my -- -- -- paper travel from and and on the battery area institute who Portland. But bigger track problem possible accident near the Crescent City connection that he would -- and from the battery here in the new woman into the countdown area. Terrible Waal of the qualities. Completely agree not have been help things so. Did you commute on the memory area any yen to duel on adequate look -- you'll want to offer well perhaps. They go to -- airline and ought to this city actually apparently more than one problem now solidly I have a problem if it -- revert new year the detection at the top. Without the couple playing blocked it in doubt in my -- it never wrote a separate accidents there a lot in traffic so -- -- -- from here and there. Periodically on the interstate or that the airline -- on the ground. Alrighty thank you so much we appreciated we're -- like that take you so much they don't go back to telephone lines slam aren't covered the and slamming in the huddle with Bob and Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost all of the besides a coordinator search or are discovered that so. Talk about now is calm you know what my brief war. What that means some personnel that we already on you know one on -- -- now you know people out and go home. -- -- -- -- -- -- But think about this he's not at the film like Cain didn't think like Mike said because. That it is Jets went to a port mean at 34 he's a point three linebacker and you know it is Eric Mangini. You know when there was with the Jets to guide it to be just -- face value looking at the roster that would benefit when you look at it -- but players like. Okay well within the -- the alive -- them linebacker. -- got too big we -- not -- small markets Wilson I think art has Wilson. Would be a guy that will be with a point that 34. Would really benefit and I based that on his speed. Who would you accomplish. It was at this season last season before we get that sack and can use him when he tracked him down. Like I don't know about the march -- -- -- that you go back to the world they might beat you you got that out timeline now. I'm gonna stay slam and it got a benefit the -- and -- -- -- a little -- route but it's not in the same these union. I think he's much best and do what we were outside linebacker ridiculous I think do you go out market and I didn't I really think that that's gonna communicate not pick it. -- -- -- Is Buckley you're guide the -- going if you think god knows what you have your hands basically with Hakeem Nicks and Cameron Jordan. Got to starting real front and then Curtis Lofton David and then Hawthorne with you middle linebackers. What you need is one more and guy. Because you really don't know an -- -- you'll let Wilson is a those guys concretely shorts and it's let me go one more -- guys that come off pick on if -- it in. It's he'll land say. From Brigham young -- -- may go from LSU and beyond jarred from market one of those guys that can give me that edge pressure. As a before outside linebacker but I think he'll let -- Bobby's right it would Wilson. Benefit the most from going to that before -- and Jonathan is not a good fit there. No I and Mike the question I have you look what's on the roster. You would say no we don't have a pit wall for a but in the future. If you look at draft picks that might be a position. That we look at the draft we could have crucial on this three there 340 pound nose tackle that have to be that big. Jim will lose I believe would that dome patrol was like at 315. Type of guy twelve overall pick what I believe it was that all the dirty work. But Bunkley would you say I'm also in the Roth who would be the best you miss he's the best -- -- it I don't think that he still might not be to have. You don't know -- don't know etiquette better well. A lot of on the bills -- And that's really when did -- -- that that's the union and no I've refused him that he was open builds a lot. I thought that was his best season productive you know -- very productive at that nose tackle position. Well let me ask this question. Com what and -- Actually it is. Does because the ball. Now you know that that little bit is absolutely not or could see. 434. And -- -- -- And bigger. In Plano and be a whole lot less money -- yeah you know money this year. Absolutely have the restructuring deal like you don't mean let's face it not in the big money on the open market and -- because of. Rare dose of bad is good and to be a Stevenson and you know and more AF in the NFL because -- in stout against the run what you look alike now it's not gonna get it now would -- double digit sacks. Would you look at like it be that have been okay you play the run. Can't you rush the passer OK average -- took -- to the next level college when he got that double digit sacks he was that a but -- if you look at it tackles amongst the that event and how they were great against them my opinion. This is look at it at Albany and -- -- -- -- to -- the big tip in vs the run in the past if you combine that. Considering he had eight sacks Will -- think we have but. No it's like salary cap and what they pay them now but he got to take a big discount and I don't know is the goal as they -- I don't know what the market going to be form but he's the guy because he's the Okie get it done. But you have to help all that he would this salary cap I don't know worries that he's willing to do that. Not that Hakeem Nicks is gonna be a guy that burnout along the -- -- which ignited him agreement idea I think if you got up with Mitchell's or player on defense. It's a -- -- because of that big body his ability to rush the quarterback and leader Roland we saw flashes of it this year. He's got that type skills that. But what you need is a guy that. You know that before alignment is that high line back up where it's gonna home -- that's the guy that you don't have right now -- -- can consistently get to that pressure. If it's like what -- does in Pittsburgh. With the markets where it's done in Dallas goals I got thinking consistently. Get pressure on a lot of well not -- holly. It can't we can't the city all -- Smith what he's done. Needed it to -- of late but he still had Nike knapsack c'mon well he didn't do anything down on the back can't -- We knew we had a players fifth nineteen half sacks along. You a lot that a plea when Justin Smith was out of luck -- chance. Goes to show some times that guy like what you talked about -- Wilkes and what they bring to the table. Dick get unnoticed and it -- -- hurt on not there you realize just how good they -- what do they call it call us tonight. We've still got a few hang in all but we got out leave out. Ops yet is given the call tomorrow night that's who we feel that a breakdown is -- and obviously. Get ready. The by -- nationals and how to run a big sign in it just one thing by the whole we NFL com line all night governor involvement. But I tell you what it's all good on the way -- play zone. Good night people.