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02-04-13 11:10pm Open Lines

Feb 4, 2013|

The NFL is calling the ‘blackout’ a minor footnote in a great and exciting Super Bowl matchup….what did you think of the contest between the Ravens and Niners? Did your team win?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Man oh welcome back -- and -- in force food to 60187866. At a time. 087. In those are the numbers to call or you can -- made 878 -- -- still talking about the Super Bowl. About next season what do you think is going to happen. Drew Brees tweeted after last night's game mindset. The mindset for the -- thirteenth season starts now who dat nation we will make you prop. Your member of The Who dat nation. Entering the -- to make -- -- will be that they be one of those teams. In the hunt for the Super Bowl. This coming year. Should -- next -- who both played point fourteen but for the 2013 season in New York. Also Joseph Flacco. MVP. And last night's Super Bowl. Won a Super Bowl now has a ring. It be a free agent after this season. Say in most people are saying he's saying you know. He's one of those elite quarterbacks. Should he get Drew Brees tight money. Like eighteen million years what they're talking about. What do you think he's none of that conversation I say my top ten quarterbacks. No matter which criteria I use he comes -- number seven. So I think he's in that league that's only because the six ahead of him. Have done just a little bit more. To be put ahead of Joseph Flacco. Let's -- let's go to Brian. Who's been holding hey Brian you're under BW. However don't don't. They threatened me. -- move on Baltimore native. New Orleans in October without enough. -- during the thinks super bull run and moving it pretty quick who I would agree. The great quarterback in Italy currently reprieve. I was nickname black Obama co workers and I'd like to -- -- on -- But I would like to. And I drew reasonable hammering. Exactly. But I think if you look at the play all quarterbacks. This year may -- that last year. The only quarterback that played better. Andrew -- -- western pre -- Tom Brady. Peyton Manning has great quarterbacks to how wearing. Still played very well past their peak occurred over the and I wanna read that article -- -- the peak yet I go and get. And I mean you know -- this is just mileage from my criteria again this is no official history thing about who's the and I'm basing it on what they've done for the last. You know five users. Yet at all. And that's why I think you know if you look at you can use the criteria championships. And Genesee you know or of the -- others Tom Brady's going to be number one because he's the only one active -- has three Super Bowl championships. -- Then it will be Eli in bin because they both have to. And and I would like to point out that the timing Carol. I'll limit comforted -- to global. Five years -- yeah. And then at gleacher but I can speak I think it I would approach it. I'd be drafting. A second round pick to -- not to become the replacement. Five years now Yves you're not in Europe forever. I think you -- Actual the Joseph Flacco how cool Andrew Luck. Preventing Manning and then Tom Brady in a -- If you wanna make an argument about consistent and well you don't have to win every game to play strapped and in Utah and then went to. I don't buddy but even even more crime and other quarterback -- by the time -- -- I'm I agree with you a Bryant -- -- agree with the yes he does have the wins I mean starting this season he was number two in victories over the last three years behind Drew Brees. So he's got the victories I mean he's always played well. I think it's because he's not flashy. I think it's because the media doesn't look at him because he's not dating a supermodel. He's not do an atomic commercials there's no controversy with tattoos or any. Hard -- background story with Joseph Flacco he's just that guy he's he's a blue collar guy. Who basically picks up his lunch -- goes to work every day and does his job. And that's the type of player -- ravens -- to draft. Any draft a hard worker who loves the game and we'll put in the extra hours in it and run around town in net income person who want to play football IP Newton. Want a player not not slippery. Well and he fits that -- Baltimore. Mentality -- -- idea I don't know if you heard but I was at the Super Bowl yesterday and I I spotted for the ravens broadcast group. -- I know Richard which you're talking about you know and I and I know the type of folks there and they love GO Flacco they love you know everybody there I mean it's it's not like it's. -- world Joseph Flacco is our quarterback. And you hear that they I mean. If you go to Dallas tomorrow. Okay. And US cowboy fans love the cowboys. But Tony Romo. You know. I just -- Tony Romo was our quarterback. Yet some people say -- and that will Tony Romo needs to be in the top ten is one thing. I don't think it will currently he's not playing well I think when hiring quarterbacks are rank and -- -- day if you're wondering quarterbacks of all time. Well I think Joseph Flacco and top twenty -- ball kind discuss. Death now are you -- active quarterbacks right now yet he's in that discussion and again I have a Mets seven simply because. Of the six guys ahead of him have one may be one more than a little bit more. Record wise but other than that I think he's in that discussion with them. Well it's on a crater in jail now to Nokia group. Watch out and next year's. It's all eaten the you -- even -- the this. This year keep an even better -- four and not normally yet but -- much if you have great write -- running back. You need to be. Accurately -- short -- who wrapped too tight and or the Obama of course -- I think he don't act. I don't is what happened anywhere else you know and his defense I guess he really hasn't had an offensive coordinator whose men. Offensively minded to spread the ball at me now that they've got the call well there are believed. You know who had a Peyton Manning who knows how to stretch the field. And knows how to do that you're seeing more than you're seeing it for the passengers -- you know this year after he took over. I'd get a lot of credit him not only in coordinating but it just is coaxing her I think he's completely through a crack -- I interpret the ones. That quarterbacks the -- never but now like she is. Definitely in the elite conversation and not just gonna give and one of the top five -- out outright. Well and again the only -- in the top five his coaches the guys who were still active ahead of him even though there get there aging. They're they're still there you got to still look at the body work that they've done. Or ask a question as me this question in another 34 years. Then you see you probably he Flacco move up. I have considerable you're my question now if you take any quarterback that over not -- electric pretty. Name a quarterback that under 35 -- better than that 27 world. -- -- -- He holds the life. Allowed under Rick actually everywhere I think -- and Aaron Aaron Rodgers in the liar I think they're closer duplicate page. Awards and I'm willing to put them in and conversational court and then. IE I've been here not there and played particularly. On the evil. And I didn't until the playoffs. So be it up we're really just in the C. Who what how we rank them at that time next year. You know we always -- -- people compared to what they've done in and this year in the post season Joseph Flacco quietly tied Joseph Montana. Something a record Joseph Montana hand that and that Peyton Manning Drew Brees Tom Brady Aaron -- Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger. Didn't achieve. He -- eleven touchdown passes in the post season. That ties Joseph Montana and Kurt Warner. And he tied Montana because he didn't throw any interceptions during the whole post season. And whoever it is intent -- and he won a playoff hole. Every year he's great -- got to put up and one at least one. And get into the playoffs as many many don't know that and new for five years ago that it. So -- -- you let alone winning into the playoffs. Let alone. Well I tell you what Brian they've got if they can break the jinx at the ravens can make it back to the Super Bowl next year they will break the jinx that started. In 2006. That -- I don't know a bowl champ has been able to make it back. Thought that the only get better rate we will defense is. Probably gluten from the -- scar veteran leader but there already -- about -- and plan ahead that's slightly and have been consistently good for the past. And I think it and it's a leader they're tired systems. They've just been in the playoffs and that discussion in the past five years were like culture -- -- -- Credit. Brian at thank you for the comment thanks for listed. Power buy music so what 878668890. It's of course Brian. As the Baltimore Ravens fan living down here he's gonna say Joseph Flacco is better than. Ben Roethlisberger because that's their -- rivalries that that would be like. One of us it will course Drew Brees -- better than Matt Ryan. -- Yeah -- you know or. -- the falcons fan Matt Ryan Parent Drew Brees. Had a better year this year. It's a -- robberies are not gonna give the other guy. Any credit. That big money and they'll tell us why. Someone else texting Flacco is just stepping into his Bryant -- -- -- old Baltimore would not trade him for any one know they don't someone else thinks Jacoby Jones should've gotten of MVP. In the Super Bowl. Yeah he did a lot that a lot of records -- -- but usually typically the quarterbacks. Get the MVP. You know they're gonna get all the blame when a team loses. -- the quarterback. Get all the accolades when they win. Look at highlights. Of the NFL the Super Bowl last night with Joseph Flacco. And all these posters say in. He doesn't belong to -- conversation in these not a factory that he doesn't have the I mean some of these throughs. That he made. Or dare I say it Drew Brees like -- Putting them right where the ball needed to be. On the shoulder given the guy away from there the defender. Tight coverage slipping it right in I mean. I don't know. I don't know looks like keys. He's on his way. And should be and I congress say she's definitely in. The top ten for quarterbacks that are active in the NFL got above a -- a bubbly -- on WWL. And one. Powell saying that. WW have been this city considerable. Urgency. It -- Did radio -- -- -- excellent you'd be no secret he did this whole crew -- -- about it that probably represent this city. -- black community. -- -- -- it doesn't tend to -- its option to get out and. He went into. People against two pro. Quarterbacks and -- go out and each other and it's. Been huge stat to me. Now an Alaska did you that was Joseph Montana. I want to ask if anybody's got it done it before in the post season and don't want to keep it out of you can't articulate -- case don't do. -- -- -- -- -- Got a lot so small. -- -- -- -- acceptable you know he wrote it and outlook to -- Yeah out like -- -- I was just I was looking at highlights. You know that they were to show audience -- And I tell you some of those throws. We're very Drew Brees like that we've seen Drew Brees throw into tight coverage were only the receiver can get it. -- leading the receivers so they can catch it -- continue running I mean. That's not that's not throws that you know those are -- grows those -- throws. Can't start to play elsewhere why it took. -- -- -- home -- The local idiot. I am glad I. Didn't -- -- -- -- looking into it out and she could form yet Filipino basically and the coat that. And it would go. Into -- in the yeah it should have been you know it's got. Out. So you just represented at -- again. That. From happening in the global. And something and I'm proud of it and -- Ability to hold down. That we can't get to vote. You know and and walking out of the way they had things set up for the of the Super Bowl this year and and again I've never been I've been in the other -- rubles. This of one into another Super Bowl before that but this -- that was back in via early eighties. And it has grown and changed a whole lot since then. But the way they were bringing everybody endless you have to you couldn't get past if you're walking around or if you could get past a -- avenue unless you had a ticket. And Heyward they were they're showing you had to show your ticket to get in that section. And then they and then they and then they pretty much herded everybody in. To the game you know all at once even the media went through with the crowded and you went in to the parking garage. That the old Macy's parking garage. He went through there and then it was all set -- -- elected Disney World. You it this way and then turned that way and they came back this way you know in the end -- crowd all through like you were going for ride and and they were ravens fans and niners fans were cheered and yell and in -- back with -- each other -- I'm at a certain of ominous at the front when we get the space mountain you know a way where -- So. Everybody was in a good mood everybody was have a good time there was nobody argue with anybody nobody haven't any fights. You know and coming now. Of the stadium I came out I mean as soon as they of the game was over and they won my my job is done and have to do anything with the agreement broadcast -- well anymore. Want to confetti went off and everything in October and thank you guys congratulations and and I left. And made my whale with a cry out there are a lot of ravens fans already leave and that and stay around for that there were a lot of 49ers fans obviously leaving. No fights no arguments note on teen of that going on they just they also it was a good game. And they really enjoyed it in the city and they couldn't wait to get into the city and have some fun. Yeah. It was the biggest. The biggest -- -- the same. Focus and how special it is delivered loud and and nineteen and yet it's simple. -- and particularly before. At one particular account blue suit -- on baby. -- -- -- in the book that showed how much it could be and how competent people -- O'Connor -- -- -- an -- -- one. In the second truly. And -- network series. And it's -- -- no -- -- -- -- generally about the Arnold. Morocco took the trip up to come full circle you know. Now it -- and the 49ers they would have they would have been the first team to win six Super Bowls without losing any. You gotta pay the the Steelers have six Super Bowl titles but they have lost to. The the cowboys have been in the most Super Bowls. The donated went Amal up to this point every time San Francisco was in the Super Bowl day one they had five titles that that is now broke. Exactly like that I think Joseph Flacco he didn't let up because. He wanted a way that our quarterback -- let him win the Super Bowl yeah. Yeah and they found him in the in the come bind. -- Seem to senior com that's where he started didn't they started noticing him. And got into Columbine and you know they started say the ravens talks third start the ravens are interested in him it was like. Who is it ball -- what are you talking about for Marilyn can GOY. And I didn't see it. All right you too Bob thank you so much do is accelerate 786 exit eight nines -- weights and yes -- Joseph Flacco. In that conversation that they -- and like I said. In both my list and and it all comes down on the criteria and this is something I mean we go back and forth with this year. At WWL between myself and Christian and and deacon Bobby and and and Steve Geller about. Where do you rank the quarterbacks who's in -- I mean we all pretty much have the same in the top five. You know maybe in different orders and so forth. But once you get past there that's where it's kinda. Splitting hairs at all based on the criteria and it's in my criteria for ranking of two different criteria. If you got to rank it over body of work. Meaning the regular season holds a little bit more weight than championships. And records that. Holds a little more weight -- championships. Then you're -- probably ain't. Peyton Manning won Drew Brees to Tom Brady three. Aaron Rodgers for Eli Manning five Ben Roethlisberger it's extol like a seven. He's gonna talk about. Championships. And victories. Then it reverses Tom Brady beat goes to the top of the well -- 'cause he's got three -- You like Manning and Ben Roethlisberger both have two rings so there two and three respectively. And the only reason you lies ahead of bin is that. You lied hasn't lost any of the Super Bowl season then did lose Super Bowl. Then you got Peyton net for. Drew a five. Aaron Rodgers it's six and Joseph Flacco at seven again he just -- -- rubles and he's in that conversation with those active quarterbacks. That one's Super Bowls to 60187866. And eight -- -- -- -- you can text me also at 87870. Any of these things that you wanna talk about. Also the Super Bowl as we got -- online at WW dot com if you haven't seen all the Super Bowl ads or you did. Which ones appeal do you we've got -- nineteen of them. Up there. That. Seem to be the ones most people are talking about. It and that seemed to have me the impression. On most people most of the polls that I've seen online the Budweiser brotherhood commercial. Seems to be the one that most people like the collides dale. Of the young collides -- being raised. And and going often. Making it on the team in later being reunited with the guy that raised him. At one of the parades as the season as he walks by. Also the commercial their -- getting the most comments the godaddy. Commercial called the kids. Some deeply with a it was brilliant because it's got all the media talking about it others just think. It was totally gross in an appropriate. And godaddy is just out to shock people. And not really talking about the products. The commercial like the best was the tide miracles -- Commercial. I thought that was the the best commercial tonight. And I get only got to see the commercial had to watch most of them after the fact only get to see some of them. When we happen to look at the monitor India broadcast group and we took a break when they took break. I also like. The was that the Bud Light voodoo dolls commercial and that was very good. Very well done showed New Orleans very well. And played off for the fact and that the ravens and the 49ers were playing in New Orleans. Which was pretty cool also kind of ties in to us by its cartoon nudity on WWL dot com. Because in that commercial. You have the 49ers fan trying to get the in the voodoo doll. The ravens and when he goes to use -- he looks over next to him and there's the ravens -- with the voodoo doll for the 49ers. But it's spots commercial the guy spots cartoonist should say at WW about com. When the forty -- Puts the pain in the ravens who due to all the lights go out at the superdome. -- -- bit too much. That some of the things that we got online. So yeah I like that I like miracle stained and the voodoo dolls. 12 and in my third. Commercial listed. That I liked was the ovals -- in commercial called the happy. I thought that was pretty clever as well. 26018786. Exit 890870. All right now that the NFL season is set to reboot -- hands on favorite for next year represented both divisions. And I've told to the ravens. Have a long way to go because nobody. Since the New England Patriots. In 2005. Have repeated. As Super Bowl champion. Now what's even more interesting is that. I should they have repeated his back to back Super Bowl champions. Because the Steelers did win two -- back to back. And New York did win two but they weren't back to backs and nobody has gone back to the Super Bowl that has won since 2005. -- were the last team to repeat. What's even more interesting. Is that. Both of -- any of those teams. Their first playoff appearance. After the year they won the Super Bowl they've lost. Or they didn't even make the play -- Baltimore is going to go through some changes. They're gonna lose a lot of their defense of players there I mean they're getting older obviously Ray Lewis is retiring. Ed -- probably. End up being released are probably -- You know -- the market. Be great if we -- here in New Orleans. Since he is a local -- but I think he's probably gonna end up with a New England Patriots. Bill Belichick's not gonna let him get anywhere mere. The south of New Orleans. But you never know that's all free agency. Yeah Joseph Flacco is coming into his own -- I think in that conversation of those top ten quarterbacks. But can the Baltimore Ravens make it back. To the Super Bowl in the San Francisco 49ers. Make it back. After that first half when Colin can predict who's just. Not himself not the guy we saw played in the playoffs not the guy we saw. Playing in those ten starts. You think it ever crossed. Our blogs mind to Jim Harbaugh ought to put Alex Smith back in. Which you've been surprised. If the power didn't go out. And we saw Alex Smith come back in to the game for the 49ers. Party united there once he made a decision he wasn't gonna do that no matter how bad. -- -- -- -- What do you think. Someone texting at 8787 assists on like the Paul Harvey spot really good that's another -- it's getting a lot of comets as well he could see that online at WW dot com that was the -- Dodge Ram trucks. Spots called the war. And a lot of people like that one. Basically just good basic values. Is what they're talking about. And that's what they liked nothing flashy. Just down to earth. Good old commercial. I'd like you know Joseph liked coaches out there that you like it is it is -- All right let's go to David in Metairie hey David -- on WW up. -- David. -- -- -- -- -- -- Had to say when he had to say and he just left. But did wanna hang on Ford. All right we'll take a break here when we come back we'll get to more -- calls more comments. And more read text at 8787. Team where last chance talk about Super Bowl 47. Do you think the city did. Angela hill tweeted this morning and Mary Landry has said this many times. The winner. Of Super Bowl 47 was. New Orleans. Not the ravens. It was the city of New Orleans. You feel the same way and evidently wells up perk of the day you assess the leaves Italian both a get a twenty dollars to -- produced ten dollars. At the army applause locations only enjoy your favorite allegations from pizza salads pastas soups and desserts. This -- they have little mentally it's a sleaze Italian both -- -- on sale right now just go to mine new world and perks. Dot com. 26018786. Exit eight nines -- awaits him any one know who the odds on favorite maybe. For winning the Super Bowl next year. Now what Vegas says. You need to check the Philadelphia Eagles schedule. And I don't mean it's the Philadelphia Eagles. In one of these strange but true facts. The last four Super Bowl winners. Have all played the Eagles in the eagles' home opener. This year was the Baltimore Ravens. Who lost to the Philadelphia -- when it for a -- three in week two. But they were still able to join the giants. The green bay Packers and yes sure New Orleans Saints. Who all won the Super Bowl. The years that they played the Philadelphia Eagles as their home opener. So whoever Philadelphia opens their home against this year. That maybe your odds on favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. Whether their AFC. Or NFC if that holds true and this strange. For the past four Super Bowl winners. All played the Philadelphia Eagles. At home they're necessarily have to beat the Eagles. They just have to play so. We'll have to see. That means it could be either Dallas. The giants Washington Chicago. Detroit Kansas City San Diego. Or Arizona because those of the teams -- To play at home. Against the -- play the Eagles at home. In 2013. To one of those eight teams. While. And which one's gonna get the home opener that would be if you know -- -- somebody like Detroit. Kansas City -- San Diego. You know one of those teams that hasn't been Gooden who last year so. That would really be something if it's Dallas yet never gonna hear the end of it from the media. Although there probably look -- that quote you dual view that Dallas is probably the odds on favorite. For most of the media anyway 2601878668890870. We got a lot of things that do at WW dot com. We get responses to the black out from commissioner Roger Goodell. He missed his comments -- mean he basically said he didn't think that that was. Anything you know detrimental. To New Orleans hosting another Super Bowl. In two worlds is trying to get I think we're are back in that rotation I think after the job we did. We're back in the rotation for super balls the next chance we could get one -- be 2018. And we'd like to -- -- -- for that. Commissioner Goodell said. Quote to New Orleans and absolutely spectacular job of hosting the Super Bowl. Of the people here officials just did a fantastic to forward deeply grateful for everything they were fantastic could not have done a better job. The power outage was an unfortunate incident. There were no safety issues at any point in time the dome personnel did an outstanding job every -- state call and work through the issues. So. There you go. He says we obviously. We had a fantastic Super Bowl through for the game it looks like their fans were also thrilled early indications appear that it will be the third consecutive year. The most watched television show in history. So congratulations. To obviously the ravens. To New Orleans and absolutely spectacular job hosting the Super Bowl. And obviously you all know it was about talk about the the blackout. 34 minutes but there were no injuries to my knowledge maybe one minor injury and escalator that stopped during the blackout that we have to get all the facts straight. Just a couple of quick things very quickly mrs. -- quoting again I'm quoting again. First let me reiterate again what an extraordinary job the city of New Orleans has done. On the black out we have a few people here to address some of those issues more specific but obviously we're going to be working to find out what caused it they've gone through the process. So -- that this will not affect. Other people's view in the NFL about the success of the game here in new world and we know that they have an interest in future Super Bowls and we look forward to evaluating that going forward. I do not think this will have any impact at all on what I think will be remembered as one of the great Super Bowl weeks. And again we thank the people of New Orleans for that. Close quote that's commissioner Roger -- dale. In his address this morning so again. Looks like we're gonna get. Another Super Bowl somewhere down the line. Understand that you know that power outage doesn't affect. What their viewing because it's Super Bowl week it's a super week it's a whole week of festivities the game is the culmination. Of what happens all week long. And let's face -- New Orleans did. An outstanding job. Last week. Of super week in keeping everything. Going in flowing in keeping the fans. Entertained and happy and keeping all the NFL officials happy keeping the players everything was great I mean from everybody I spoke with -- they all says the city of New Orleans -- nine. It's the example it's the model that other cities have to follow. To host a Super Bowl. He would throw throw the black out completely out of it. -- that's one of those freak things that happens like a set. It happened in San Francisco on Monday night game twice. In the same game the power went out. So these things can happen. That was just a regular NFL game. That wasn't. The media event of the day where you had tons of media there working. This was just a regular Monday Night Football game. In that transformer blow. And the power went out. And there was a delay for that game. Oddly enough it was the 49ers again because it was their home field. -- of you take that out of the equation. By all means new world is that a great job all the media that I spoke with open the press box at the Super Bowl yesterday. From the ravens broadcast -- and everyone else. Just had a wonderful time in this they couldn't stop talking about how great it was. To have the Super Bowl back in new world where it belongs and and just about everyone said that. In the world and back where it belongs. So I think they would like to see it. Back in up to the media has any vote in this. But the media liked having the Super Bowl in the world ones the fans like having the Super Bowl in New Orleans. And I think the teams. Like having the Super Bowl in New Orleans as well. So does that. Mean we're gonna get another Super Bowl I think so. Is it going to be the 2018 Super Bowl that's the next one we would be eligible to bid on. I'm not sure. I'd like to say yes I think so. I think they like to get us in that rotation -- here every. Four years may -- They come back to New Orleans. But with so many new stadiums being built around the country. Like I told you that earlier on that seems to be one of the things that. Allows the community to build a new stadium for their football team is that we build a new when they will come meaning the NFL with a Super Bowl. So you've got Atlanta looking at building a new stadium. Downtown open air stadium from what they're saying. You've got Minnesota. But to get a new stadium. Denver. Wants to put in a bid for a Super Bowl can you imagine a Super Bowl in Denver in February. When -- just go ahead and let Green Bay bid on one man. You know. Or buffalo. Then you've got some of the other old favorites that they like to go to new worlds being one of them as well. Add -- comes in look at what New Orleans has to offer we know how to host big things into -- big we -- big for the Super Bowl -- to on the bass masters classic comes here record catches waited and we always do would be in the Big Easy. Roger Goodell was asked pretty much point blank. At his press conference if last night's power outage will affected decision to play another Super Bowl in New Orleans and other older stadiums. Goodell says quote I don't agree with that. Until we know what the cause was I'm not sure we can draw that conclusion but this is clearly something that can be fixed and it's clearly something that we can prepare for and we will. In the future will wanna make sure that we do everything possible to avoid this once we've identified the cause but your core question. I do not think this will have an impact on future Super Bowls here in New Orleans. I fully expect we will be back here for Super Bowls and I hope that's the case I hope we will be back here we want to be back here. Close quote now the reason he says that is he doesn't make that decision. Everybody thinks it's Roger Goodell Roger Goodell doesn't make that decision there's a Super Bowl. There's a group of people that make the decision at the NFL owners and so forth that vote on this and where there -- ago. So it's not up to Roger Goodell. To decide -- that he has some might have some impact it might be on the board but it's not his final decision. On. You know and then looking ahead they're going to be in New York next year in New Jersey. And you know Governor Christie. Was there as well. You know and here's Roger Goodell talking about prepare for every contingency so. Lol what happens if there's a snowstorm. Oreo blizzard. During the Super Bowl next year and power goes out you really can't prepare for that. I don't know how much back -- power you can have been if the whole grid goes down for a blizzard or snowstorm and ice storm. You must you gonna have some pretty big generators there and it powered does go out. Just think -- heat the NFL take if they use -- the power. The stadium for a game. And not for the people in their homes. Wow. I want to thank Shelden Williams. For many master control and Jack Eric Ross was opened comets coming eighties when you meal these last minute ideas for this. We'll take a break and be right back. No we won't we're done.