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Feb 6, 2013|

Dave talks about gay Boy Scouts, thick fog, and cyber-loafing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this sixth of February 2003. To AA it is hump day it is -- days. -- -- -- -- Man Woody Woodpecker yeah I'm with him react in that the anything and it really mine goodness when I left my house in Metairie. I could not see the house next door Jerry you know I mean that's how he he dance it was there when I got on the Titanic clear view. I could not see the signs. Or the rain is now telling me where I was going to if you don't know you're well. And Europe is there is like right there and I technically everywhere you really can't see more than ten feet. You're due -- you're you're lost you know Don. -- didn't fancy the wanes so I was trying to find the wind to get into. It it's just as a stop sign Andy and I didn't see that the site. Through it it did they don't know called the light is red green utility get almost underneath that other attack on some time for that commute today. It was nice that right what I've asked I don't know abominable and in the act -- extra outlet I can -- about forty feet that was nice. And then right and right here downtown we got to the dome and some pretty good gambit right here we're here now I mean -- in the Crescent City connection is still there. As of David Copperfield hasn't pulled any of his you know on it from our flow from our window here on the eighth floor. At four hard -- Eking it is. All -- style Wonderwall -- Yet when -- -- out the -- the man. -- That's right can't the thing that pleased to be careful out -- vote we have distance bug that upon being and a -- some merit Tbilisi. Maybe a quarter a mile -- is it -- and that's a good court -- the car is. Yeah that's do it and then but good for people like Mardi -- as the fact that a reads Rolen and then nine on stopped from this point Yang every day now prove that Tuesday. And you know that. Those special gas writing in a parade tonight I -- it is as indeed our own mr. meteorologist. Laura -- it now. Will be the celebrity grand Marshal of the knicks it is the second of the two -- -- uptown tonight in the double header. The year and Holler hey miss meteorologist. You do that's -- value out of our listeners. And she'll be happy it shower you with something wonderful -- to -- policy were kind of shape she's in tomorrow morning -- Haven't outlast your letter battle going to be and only intermittently eight -- are now missing its -- to area. I don't see her. Right -- Peria. And the you know that part well sure. And that she's visited almost network goes straight events pleasure out I don't know where to well you when you're on the as -- Europe there's three kidnapped four hours. Arms are tired now. You know she's got. Thank you gave him before on fifteen minutes first hear him -- him him. I -- well from Slidell and Covington no thought no that's the rare spots at least according to a text message today at 78 avenue that has no fog does all the Claiborne bridge. And I can't see the bridge that -- time thank you for that. 878 tonight please don't -- this if you're in the situation where it's going to create anymore. And unsafe situation. You know save the text messages to -- -- get where you're going and then shoot them to us and gave it here it is WWL first news. I vote expected today from the boy scouts of America whether or not to allow openly gay scouts and scout leaders to us to be a part of the Boy Scouts. How do you feel about this. I've talked to a lot of people who support gay rights but they're not sure they support. Openly gay activities. In the -- Openly gay scout leaders openly -- -- Why what's the difference if you support gay rights in general wideout who supported and it's got -- -- people who are absolutely 100% against. Allowing gays in gas and I have. Hurt a -- or are represented in favor of -- think some time what year as a 2013. -- that time. So what do you think -- six one at seventy toll free 866889. There at that new texted me and 87870. I want and I feel Heidi want the Boy Scouts to vote today should they allow openly gay scouts. And scout leaders we'll take your forecast and actually it's sports with Kristian -- and a lot of great preview with our authority. Hard to see anywhere anything this morning thank you what he would Packard text messages and it's edited vanity. The ones as a very foggy here I'm in Metairie. Tank it and it's hard to know even where you are. Especially candor in Metairie right now seems to be the absolute worst of it but it's bad lots of other places like -- -- where one person Texan says. It's like driving through milk. On swamp road from a rose to -- home -- like that an adult like that it's like that I like that analogy. -- like driving through milk yeah that's exactly one it's like it's crazy snake bon game. Now wants to forget that a year looks like we'll get nice enough weather to get our parade tonight but then the rain. We're watching our shower chance today 20% but by the evening up to about a 30% chance to break around the time parades roll -- may want a light rain jacket just in case look for temperatures in the seventies falling into the sixties. Then late tonight after midnight rain chances really increased through the first part of Thursday at 70% chance for rain. And a few storms that should wrap up around that time parades start rolling Thursday evening. Temperatures will be in the seventies falling into the sixties than Friday looking mainly dry just a 20% chance for light shower and a high of 74. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. I'd definitely very thick fog right now visibility is sixteenth of a mile officially the international airport where winds are common it's 57 degrees. Quarter mile of visibility with fog its slide down half a mile boat was a half smiling Gonzales quarter mile in Almonte who has -- the some very dense fog here there but other areas we can see half a mile. And maybe it's not so bad Harry thank you for calling your on WW big vote from the boy scouts of America today will they allow gays openly gay scout leaders and Boy Scouts. In the boy's -- tidy up they've. -- more out in no why is motivated this. We would expect the you -- okayed that you can't have a straight man. It'll grow out of the -- or mother -- -- the you know attractive is the opposite that would be. So you put any man and around little girls and he's got a molest them all matter Metafiles. I'm not there and it out in the but it do. All of that increases because he contracted it up is that it will probably out there. So a lot of it is again are you sure you straighter again. Are you straighter again. You've been around a little girl. All the you have trouble controlling yourself well not vote that put into increases because that it spirituality. Aren't you know you have the right to make your point I'm just playing devil's advocate here people. Economic dummy opinion Emmet county and it just to make sure I understand why that's your opinions my opinion. Sports right now we'll pick up this conversation again just a few minutes but. Wow what is going on with the saints and -- -- higher defensive coordinator tweets below are everywhere throughout the man -- -- Through this saints coach himself is our sense that I'm reporter Christie Garrett -- joins -- live here on them well what is going on -- That's the -- left to paint the picture for -- -- one day ESPN reports the saints play and hire Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator. Saints coach Sean Payton tells -- University of Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham will interview with him tomorrow and Ryan. On Friday no one has been hired at this time. The hornets are back in action at home tonight in the New Orleans Arena coach Mike Williams. And the team have had a few days to sit and think about their current four game losing skid. Outstanding and we we just worked hard and really. Hard practices. From an effort standpoint because we've got for us to -- us. -- tonight is on W 11105 point 3 at 7 o'clock PL SU football program is expected to bring in a top five recruiting classes high school prospects can sign. With colleges today. The number one player in the state cornerback for -- white and green oaks high school in Shreveport as one of the headliners of this class high school his high school coach -- Hurd says white. Is a great student athlete. I get tremendous change direction as to make this one -- Think it's just -- you know -- get off the chart when you're watching you know it's it's good to do it a generation ago. Stop art and Harry. Tulane is also expected to have another solid class under coach Curtis Johnson the federal government is investigating. Lance Armstrong for obstruction witness tampering and intimidation according to ABC news a year ago the US attorney. For Southern California dropped a two year investigation of Armstrong today at four on W Mel. LSU coach less miles addresses the media and fans of the mighty -- on national signing day during sports talk. With Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia at 7 PM you have a choice -- basketball on the big 87 -- hornet's hoops. On W -- left and wanna five point three I'm Kristian -- that is generally look at sports. All right so. And you talked to coach John Payton you've heard all the reports and everybody else has that there what do you think happens and win does that happen what's kind of the timeframe when we'll really know who the -- -- hires a defensive coordinator. I think by Friday. What will have an idea whose metal case -- two days from now. Daddy Todd Grantham the defensive coordinator for George in tomorrow for an for an interview with Sean Payton and in Rob Ryan on Friday. Our rights who died. After those two interviews -- -- them they'll decide in the higher one of those two guys yet amassing. Obviously Romeo canal still coming in the mix but. I think how I wouldn't be surprised Dave and again I know what ESPN is reporting. But I wouldn't be surprised that the incidents of being Todd Grantham. All right the defensive coordinator from Georgia correct. Crystal talked about when -- -- more sports on your thoughts on today's recruiting classes for LSU and two line we talk to you that your forecast to mark your thoughts on. Today's -- boy scouts of America. Will they or -- they allow openly gay scouts and scout leaders. You can't. Dense fog just about everywhere you go this morning in that'll give way to rain later in the day as we head on over to the Eyewitness News forecast that. Rain chances will be the big question over the next couple of days we'll say 20% during midday today -- up to a 30% chance this evening. Are around that time for the -- to hang out -- route. Just bring a rain jacket or umbrella just in case then tonight look for attempts to drop into the sixties. LC rain chances increase especially by Thursday morning at 70% chance for the first part of Thursday. But still looks like they'll dry out in time for -- Thursday evening. Then Friday will be partly cloudy and mild 74 with a 20% chance for a light shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast setter I meteorologists -- -- Tell his abilities -- sixteenth of a mile or the last several areas -- in -- socked in right now quarter mile over most of -- -- sure there are few spots we have a little visibility here or there otherwise it is 57 degrees south lake 53 on the North Shore. Text messages and -- -- it's anyone's has already at work. I had no clue. It's in the spot where you are president we could see -- this is what it would look like all right the boy scouts of America vote today and whether that's and the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders want text message today 7870 that homosexuality is immoral in the sight of god. -- should not be allowed in the voice against others as saying all the sexual cannot be a scout masters as bad a thing a black man cannot discrimination is discrimination. Is at the same thing. Let's talk about that the 37 minutes after 5 AM -- -- -- edition of Debbie WL first news it's February the -- -- 2013. And it's Tom Terry welcome to land today and it welcome back. Do parade. Mardi Gras in full swing -- -- straight on through Fat Tuesday -- -- hard -- hit a seven a break right now. Yeah -- -- to be here and you and be seen where they were coming -- to be throwing -- people he would know where they warm it is crazy dense -- out there now some areas and moving around a little -- teachers so where you know you might have a -- spot come -- -- are lighter and -- stick gas. Be prepared folks please -- ally yourself back time and when you leave the house this morning. -- your patience -- you. Lee went text message to date 7878 -- -- -- the tail lights in front of me are going where I'm going somewhere along by you. The most crucial -- its stake everywhere my favorite text message so far though you know you always hear that. You know artistic is peace Newton. In a decent his green. So I'm nursing green thought no thank goodness estimates said it's like driving through milk. All rolling -- like that. At a profit skim milk to percent whole milk outlawed butter milk yeah I I like that because it's why yes it it's like driving through a wall of whites and you don't know where -- gallons you know what I meant that. A -- a little distracted this morning now it's -- well I've got my FaceBook opening my Twitter open Johnson here on the computer because I wanna see. Can really spend 68% of my time -- work. On the Internet with stuff that has nothing to do with Warrick. It can't arouses I guess this cyber -- -- study claims that Americans spend 68% of their time on the Internet at work doing things them. It was a war not you know not in this newsroom I'll tell -- but I spent 60% of my time on the Internet doing stuff that had nothing to do at work. I would I would give our -- not I'd be here until midnight just any of my work done but apparently. There aren't jobs out there where you know is that you know all now a lot of you know you don't have deadline demands every half -- like we -- and things like that and you wanna have the screen you know so that the boss can't see what's going on on the screen that you know that -- like bosses and on FaceBook like the ball well. Doing some Internet and I -- boss is gone and date you know their favorite web sites including WWL dot com find out who the saints defensive coordinators going to be at -- is still -- -- Our -- 68%. Folks you think that many people aren't your people -- spending that much of that time port on the Internet doing things that have. Nothing to do with work at the -- sounds like an awfully high number but. -- thank you David affect about twenty minutes more -- Chris Miller joins us. Out of the -- talking to commuters who are having trouble finding their way this morning glory bring your patience allow extra time outs do you plan to make you after the parades. Tonight a big doubleheader is set points tonight and uptown New Orleans starting at 630 -- Jefferson magazine as the thirteenth annual drew its parade which is always shrouded in secrecy. But have no fear into him. This one is a winner atop the over the -- number thirteen pulled -- ball and pay attention to the message on the back of the last hope. Following through louis' second rather than 900 female member improvements which -- an impressive debut last year in spite -- the bad weather. This incurable famous secret. Nixon's top throws -- hand decorated purses which are handed to lucky parade goers know fifth this year both cruise in next travel to canal street pick the right thing and bad traffic too loose and -- For the Mardi -- -- in WWL radio are Martha hardly. Hand decorated purses -- next. Maybe if I see the grand Marshal -- the parade route I'll get it it's probably one of those for my wife let's go live in Iraq to the eyewitness is forecast that -- and that next grand Marshal -- meteorologist Laura about. Low -- ally -- -- -- you get your arm ready I did not sleep. At all Latin and I'm so excited yeah. I'm so excited I went last night to meet with the ladies they were loading up you know along the route. Like eating dollar rose -- down and that's -- -- thinks enemy they asked me way back in the fall at the time beauty no secret forever yeah he's so excited that you're like -- February after a long time away it will. Not so excited. Right well on encouraging our listeners dollar name as meteorologists that -- is. Hopefully I'll I'll get something to you I've worked to my on my throwing arm I can't promise anything but I also have my husband and my brother. As my ten. That they'll help you leave me. That's helping me hopefully it turns out to -- your every need. I hope it and the and other ports just a regular Wednesday -- -- ways again probably actually just -- ruins after ignoring -- -- -- totally got that you can get you guys had wrote -- worry about -- -- -- another -- you've made it well roads need you know that's right it better at ten team that's right there pretended they better at and view this morning. We have to attend to the -- yeah. Man it is everywhere -- anyplace. It it -- -- you know despite and they everywhere it's almost too many spots to list at that. And we just heard that they're con going southbound on the calls ways that work again delayed -- -- found but the count. Exactly so they're going to be some problems in the morning commute is expected sticky little extra time you know to have your patients ready today because the fault is not going anywhere in the seat at least through the morning commute. Right around 910 -- so we should start to see it next out of -- a bit but they mostly cloudy through today even after the fall leaves. All right when do we expect to talk to. Really get -- here and wind the rain gets -- yellow. Morning kind of fog gets out what we will have to watch them shower chances and I think for most of the day were just mostly cloudy but toward the evening. And again around great time there will be a few showers beginning to an extent they should be very light and they should pass pretty quickly some pretty good about the parade route and I -- out an eight -- that well I mean keep in mind last year I mean it was -- Yell ye shall for -- that first year parading. And they got -- were not expecting that but if you are headed out to the route or if you're writing and it rates tonight I would bring a poncho ordering gearing case because there may be. A few sprinkles along the right this evening. On right and then tomorrow wow yeah real get a bulk of the rank comes after midnight tonight and for the first part of tomorrow's at tomorrow's more tomorrow morning's commute looks Massey were talking rain. North south east west. Although I'm Wilson looks like it begins to move out by noon or so and that evening parades Thursday maybe just. All right and then Friday Saturday Sunday Friday or Saturday yet we're drying out Friday and Saturday look great for prayed that don't see any problems there Sunday we begin to see some showers mixing back and and we can talk about Monday and Tuesday if you want to we may not want to talk about it and point out of rain -- -- earlier it's still early yet things can change we always say that but you can't just kind of preparing people now that the models have been. Showing pretty consistently -- rain around for -- cry and that teased. Right to -- toy lets pray tonight yeah. Yeah the island as we gonna get -- you tomorrow morning are you going to be yes. You'll really come and I are -- you're riding in a brave denied shortly after party. And that haven't work in the morning I will be all right folks if you wanna see the other bloopers ever -- but -- hot over half. Parade I. Tired missed meteorologist Laura but now I borrow more I'd play 30 AM Monday to -- ability and my sequin dress that's there are I'd make it they'll let noted just dropped me off right here at Arnold's -- to get. It lit. -- -- some. -- I idolize them. Well that's another bash at the North Carolina man. Is it a legal -- over a half eaten chicken sandwich of core beliefs charged that Dustin Rockwell Davis. Sold an undercover cop a bag which he said contained an ounce of pot. Gets what was inside. I have eaten chickens and what it means it's not still arrested him. Saying that. He's been charged with sale and delivery of a counterfeit controlled substance because he indicated there were drugs in the bag did he forget an RT smoked pot and then after the incident and went out that -- is that what happened we forget he -- that Mike got the monkey date ticket they went and called to account and it was like all -- that's right that's right I -- -- more. -- Thank you it irate and now you are built throughout everybody but please trying to do my best I really am and it's not -- I'm blowing kisses to everyone. Grand ourselves. Knicks denied the uptown route well -- service meteorologist out there can't wait for tomorrow morning that's going to be real life. Sports -- and more of your comments on today's vote by the boy scouts of America whether or not to allow local troops. To let openly gay scout leaders and scouts into the -- if you are a scout. Parents or a scout leader do you want your -- -- to allow -- if the boy scouts of America give them that right we'll talk about it more after text messages and -- 7870. -- as gay men have no business leading Boy Scouts than straight men do you taking Girl Scouts in the woods -- -- says the boy scouts of America the cornerstone organization founded to develop self reliant morally straight. Young men. Based on traditional Christian values. Others though say anti gay -- sound idiotic and it's almost always men. With homophobic hang out -- people they don't wake up and get over themselves just because you're -- does not mean you don't know how to conduct yourself in public. Former scout and -- here and another as a gay man has never molested children perverts molest children they need to keep perverts. Out of the Boys Scouts -- a vote coming today the boy scouts of America will decide if it's going to let troops individually take it though allow gay scouts and scout leaders to serve. What do you think will be talking about it here on WW. Lots -- reports out there about what the saints are gonna do about the defensive coordinator managed to talk to the coach. Is Kristian -- either saints' sideline reporter he's here this morning good morning -- Good morning -- -- appear closer to nailing down a defensive coordinator. ESPN says the team as -- and hire Rob Ryan who was recently fired by the Dallas Cowboys now I spoke with Sean Payton told me defensive coordinator. Todd Grantham will interview with the team tomorrow and Ryan will interview on Friday. No decision no -- has been made right now the New Orleans wanted to coach money Williams or at home tonight against the Phoenix Suns Williams says his teams had a really. Good couple of days of practice after their four day -- And one thing good -- exciting news how willing our guards our work. Most teams are not practicing as far as. Who wanted Phoenix tip off at 7 PM on WW LS and that 105 point three don't want to try to -- their current. Four game losing streak its national signing day college football Ellis who has 27 commitments one of them -- Jefferson. He's the brother of former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson -- is expected to be a defensive back. And tiger town and -- high school coach at best -- Stephen -- show says the younger Jefferson plays with great instinct. You always seems to sort of be around a ball and you've got to make the play and make the right they do so. You know I think dead dead if you think of is that airing live in the -- -- will be the -- for him be successful in any other player in this circuit there are those who. Wallet tigers' recruiting class log onto our website at WWL dot com the federal government is investigating Lance Armstrong for obstruction -- witness tampering and intimidation according to ABC news. A year ago the US attorney for Southern California dropped. A two year investigation of Armstrong today at four on WWL LSU coach less miles addressed the media and fans -- the by eve bash. On national signing date during sports awful Bobbie Barrett beat -- at 7 o'clock in a choice Ellis shoot hoops. On -- seventy or hornets basketball on -- -- and I want a five point three I'm Kristian -- and then Asia early look at sport. I see you talked to -- coach John Payton and you told us earlier that you think will know by the time you -- go on the air Friday for the fans in the growth. Who will be the saints defensive coordinator if you were a betting man you'd put your money on Todd Grantham Todd Grantham not Rob Ryan all right today is. What everyone what a national signing day they still call him now he's via letter of intent. Date this actually acts they actually do volatile particularly at acts there Alice tighter to the Kotelly that they do with their high school coaches but my point is. -- -- -- -- -- Curtis Johnson back on Friday to line at Tulane and after the coast they're one of the breaks -- C news on what it would mean -- And then abrasions that didn't really facts and -- -- the facts and says oh yeah you can scan and email Internet when your phone and our backs that now they fact that they -- back to death. Fax machine that's like if folks it's not 1980 anymore. That's a coach -- that. Aren't they -- them and when all of Texas -- and today. LSU evening where they end up in terms of how this class ranks. Look at Vegas that no one recruit in the nation they could end up with a top recruiting class -- on all gonna finish in the top five. Top five recruiting class another great recruiting class gross human being a greatest -- and CJ duke trying to beef up that doing to another solid projecting class for coach Curtis Johnson to angrily not as. You know as attractive are chock full of big stars an elusive as LSU but they look to two lanes building something there. And greet with fans should be product -- ginnies. To have another solid class. Such reports every half hour for the rest of today here on WW out Christian Caracol start those up in fifteen minutes when he gets back with more sports. Highs 55 on your Wednesday morning. Guess what he what tiger hit his. Now now and I thought you know -- -- -- -- that you cannot cede the car right in front of -- the fog will clear finally. Once -- 9:10 o'clock this morning and then. Increasing clouds today at 2% chance for light shower during the day with highs around 72 in this evening. Rain chances at about 30% as parades roll you may want some rain gear just in case of a light sprinkle. With Temps in the sixties then rain picks up late tonight and early tomorrow morning at 70% chance for the first part of Thursday. But drying out in time for Thursday evening parades Temps in the seventies falling into this sixties. And Friday looking partly cloudy and fairly quiet a 20% chance for sprinkle and -- in mid seventies. But he Eyewitness News forecast center -- urologist -- tell. His abilities down around -- sixteenth and tenth of a mile 57 degrees on the south or 53 degrees on the -- -- text message says if it's good for the military wind not the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and other says let's all go gay and lesbian today -- -- -- -- public -- like now is with our children that are. That was Captain America vote today whether or not allowed troops to what he's. Serve openly as scouts and leaders not -- targeted for the next war I can assure you this we won't be talking about that -- least and a great deal of yesterday morning discussing it and we've done and let me tell you know we're talking about national letter of intent signing date if -- the -- I don't know what is -- that your -- New magic cubs coming in LA issue their chances of them -- as you win a national championship. Retirement this self loathing that goes on a new long ones and people professing their embarrassment over the power outage at the superdome people with -- -- blacked out it wasn't a black out the dome was not plunged into darkness after the lights were still work it. So we'll talk about that orbit about Rob Ryan to this guy failed at Dallas why the -- would you want him there. The coach says. Until Friday may not -- news talk and -- -- Portland --

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