WWL>Topics>>2-06 12:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about the death penalty

2-06 12:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about the death penalty

Feb 6, 2013|

Scoot is in The Think Tank with WWL listeners about the death penalty and abortion after Governor Jindal refuses to halt on execution scheduled on Ash Wednesday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I guess I'm screwed in poor girl and today on the think tank -- we have been talking about. Feel Louisiana conference of Catholic bishops as television or governor Jindal to halt an execution that was scheduled for one week from today next Wednesday. Because it's Ash Wednesday. Vicious group was saying that that having an execution on the first day of the somber Christian season of lent. Would be inconsistent with Phil went and call for reconciliation. And redemption and an unnecessary. Tragic. -- The Catholic Church however is opposed to the death penalty on any day not just on on Ash Wednesday. I can you be pro life. And also be pro capital punishment. Answered every W a pretty jaguar opinion poll it has swayed since the beginning of our show. Right now 39% say yes but 61%. Say no you can't -- pro death penalty and consider yourself. Pro life. And if -- Catholic do you understand it by being pro death penalty you are in conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church. And if you're OK with that so mind. Because I quite often get criticized because I don't agree with everything -- Catholic Church -- teachers but yet I love going to church and I go to communion. And I quite often bring this up that if you are. If you are pro death penalty then. You're in conflict with the with the temperatures is that okay with you. I to join our show with a comment on numbers 26 -- 1878. Toll free 8668890878. -- number is 87870. Here's a -- re -- I'm the opposite I am pro choice. And -- against the death penalty also if you haven't heard yet. The post office is going to announce that he will discontinue Saturday. Mail delivery. The post office if they haven't done yet they had made the announcement when -- came on the air but it was announced that they will make the announcement today. Mail delivery on Saturdays will cease beginning in August and this is designed to cut expenses. The post office is broke. They say that cutting Saturday delivery for a -- Could save two billion dollars a year now isn't this what businesses do. I mean when Europe when your business and you're losing money you you cut back. Is anybody upset that the post office is going to stop Saturday delivery now the post office will continue to -- to deliver packages on Saturday. -- -- The president of the national association of letter carriers are Frederick. Says that the end of mail delivery on Saturdays is a disastrous idea of they would have a profoundly negative effect on the Postal Service. And on millions of customers especially businesses rural communities. The elderly the disabled and others who depend on Saturday mail delivery. I mean honestly would you miss. Mail delivery on Saturday. And if the post office is broke isn't this what they have to do don't they have to make changes. Not to make this comment from the national association of letter carriers. Fredric Rolando. Is reflective of a kind of union mentality that I think it hurts businesses. Of course nobody wants to be affected by a cutback. And that's the problem we have in this country. Everybody's demanding that the government cut back but nobody wants the cutbacks to affect Campbell the point is in reality. There will be cut taxable affect everybody. And it's wrong to be for cutbacks for somebody else and not for yourself nobody wants it of course we don't want it. But isn't this an inevitable reality. Is this country's going to become solvent. And does anybody miss. The idea that. We're not gonna have mailed delivered on the set I heard about you but the only thing it means that -- for me is that I won't get junk -- rebel. I am most. People communicate. Emails. Texts things like that. We've also talked about their governor Jindal changing his position on something and -- politicians quite often do this. The governor is now talking about eliminating Louisiana State income tax along with Louisiana's corporate taxes. This would be designed to generate more business and attract more jobs to Louisiana in other states where this has happened. That has successfully. Attracted more business and more jobs to the states. But to make up for the lost revenue governor Jindal is talking about a four cent per pack increase on. Cigarette taxes. -- antismoking groups love this idea. And the governor is presenting this idea for the upcoming legislative session which begins in April now back in 2011 the governor oppose renewing a four cent per pack. Attacks. When cigarettes there was even supported by two thirds of the house and the senate. Is it fair to continue to hit smokers with higher taxes. Or do you think smokers are being singled out because of their bad happened. I admit I'm not a smoker. I have friends who smoke but I go to many places where people smoke. I -- I like smokers who were courteous and -- quite often if I'm sitting somewhere. And somebody next to me wants to smoke they were asked me even though they can legally smoke there they will still ask me. If they mind on if -- mind if they see if they smoke. There are some rude smokers -- but there are many considerate -- but if it is something that is legal in America. Is it fair to continually target smokers because of what is now deemed an anti social. Action. Smoking. Again to join our show with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889078. -- -- number is 877 here's a text that totally reflects. My opinion on. A very controversial issue. This text reads. I an anti abortion. And pro choice. From Covington Jake here and to be WL. Agencies on the -- we're talking about this issue today. The feel lost sidewalk saying thou shalt not kill around my area at all I think you know well. There -- about to do about abortion you're. And the punishment because for me -- a -- powerful advocate here I'm I'm not Catholics still like to comment on the issues. Well. We're pretty capital punishment is more of an issue for me yeah I feel like it really does affect people. Especially. Especially people who -- with low income areas and we've been a lot of fear of maybe being persecute me. There's a lot of crime in the area you're always worried about maybe. Coming up and we might be. Prosecute by the government might be killed and really what people want fear that I was wobble. So it's kind of like -- Put a message we're sending. -- will magically we should we should be sending messages could not. Our country shouldn't be boring people it is a lot of countries in the world that you. Well -- and -- the argument would be that if somebody commits a horrific crime we're not murdering them we are we're punishing them. But we are better technically. Taking a life because so many people have been on death row and have been found to be not guilty. How many people have been executed in later it was determined that they were not guilty. I think the fear of executing an innocent person. Is so grave that. I just I I've changed my opinion of the death penalty because of that. Well -- agree with you that's probably one of the main reasons why you know 11 kept upon people that. Even if somebody who did commit crime rate was guilty of something if you really bright. What -- -- that it would be better. Our country to hold true. It. If you -- main punishment that is you're gonna keep -- -- taking away. We don't maybe we don't have the right at somebody like way. While that is a that's a moral question that everybody has to ask themselves if they support the death penalty in there are many people are Jake who support the death penalty and and justify it. And -- I just don't want those Catholics and knows that. You know you can't criticize somebody for being in favor of same sex marriage because it's not what the church teaches if you are pro death penalty. And you go to church in -- in the Catholic Church and you're the same person as the person who disagrees with opposition to same sex marriage. I got a problem with hypocrisy and that's something that I talked about quite often on the air. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- budget Conan thanks for Obama. Thanks they soliciting appreciate you listening and I appreciate you noticing that there are a lot of I'm -- shall not kill signs out rule where does that where is an end or or or does it end. But if you're in conflict with the Catholic Church since I -- in some ways to. I'm OK with that. But just admitted -- don't be critical of others who don't agree with everything the Catholic Church believes him. Can you be pro life. And pro death penalty. That's our -- and -- pretty jaguar -- -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. If your -- stay -- more of your calls more of your text and an update on the poll coming out. Next I'm scoops and for Garland and WL. And welcome back to the think tank good afternoon cloudy Wednesday I'm scoops came -- -- today. It is always something new -- are very visual web site WWL -- yes we are radio but our website is very. Visual a lot of videos and a lot of photos it's a national signing day and we're tracking LSU Tulane and all the state schools and Louisiana's top players. Ends the saints are considering Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator have you -- that big chief Deke Bellavia sounds off aren't as Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras day is less than a week away. We are your one stop carnival information station and you can find all the information you need about parades are regulations with letters about everything. On our website at WW dot com. Also on our website is RW WL pretty jaguar opinion poll today which is can you be pro death penalty and still consider yourself. Pro life. 41%. Say yes and 59%. Say no it's very close. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com via blog that I wrote to which is about our web site also under our opinions down the right time Colin is. Execution and the church and this has been a topic that has exploded. And this morning and into it this afternoon. Of the Catholic Church is supposed to the death penalty and while they would be opposed to the death penalty on any day. The will we see in a conference of the Catholic bishops did ask governor Jindal. To halted executions scheduled for. Next Wednesday which would be. Ash Wednesday process talking about the at the post office now announcing that they will discontinue mail service on Saturday they will still deliver packages. But in order to cut expenses they will no longer I deliver mail on -- now there is still a question about this. Because it's my understanding of the post office doesn't receive tax dollars but he is still under congressional control. And there is a question about whether or not the post office has the authority. To discontinue mail delivery without congressional approval. And I -- what the post office once you do as a citizen. -- inform your representatives on Capitol Hill. That you want the post office to discontinue mail service on Saturday if that's what it takes to save money. -- from New Orleans -- don't you're on WWL. Well I think having made sure and I just wanted to raise the -- that patent. About the death penalty and even if people of faith -- for it infinity. I think the opened and the fluid in the -- it -- -- -- practice should really informed that the play. And I mean the fact that it -- Randy the west to the black criminals that the push to support. And the and the fact that racism is in this scene that can either repeatedly comes up again and again and that the US Supreme Court track. I mean we don't like to learn to think about this they justice isn't fair test to see -- -- justice is biased towards the wealthy. Up to date the and I think it is that assumption that and people how'd that I think -- be really -- foods says I think that discussion of talent community. Cannons and he's we have about that compete on -- team formed by facts on the ground I think we -- be quite shocks. The reality. Australia are you British I have yet to get away that. And and what do you see what is the general consensus in their Great Britain among citizens concerning. The death penalty as a punishment for crime. I'm in the UK way and the rest of the European -- Bit against that we have been since the sixties. And what you'll see is it and a claim and pick behind this -- you will get -- remembering around among the public thing we tapered at the death penalty. I think as a society and the government. And the united democracy have decided that you know we conduct and listened since going public opinion. I'm which is often carry it a passionate and finally when it in the grand scheme of things and don't happen but -- -- -- Haiti benefit from not having the death penalty. You think if they would have caught Jack the Ripper there would have been a call for him to be executed. Because that there will be well. And he had a ticket that's interesting book. I think I think what Brady hopes mine that is Aaron. The night how led -- PT -- place despite the Cubans in a democracy the PlayStation. And I think that the principle that's pretty ho -- and helps control the most. If I did and then in Europe. I -- going to -- been in New Orleans and I series. I have my opinions he'd been hit coming up to six months -- I'm still India and that. Let me just ask you for a for a moment today where you come from another country the UK what what was your first impressions -- -- was after six months. You'll find a way it's amazingly friendly is it they're really great environment that the -- resilient spirit among the people demand. You know -- -- power as an atmosphere of hype and opportunity. By the same time that the real underbelly of he made and upset in the and that tragedy Justin and I think that it will -- Conflict and happy that such potential and I think. Noting that -- but of -- it held back in a lot of ways I that in. Resistance change changing things that are holding it acts like I think -- the justice system. And I'm mild as such amazing and co genuine that you never want to change I think there on things like the death penalty in light. Quite basic in my opinion and how can -- is due process and what I guess this is carried out if these are changed and viewing to really. And flourish and -- yeah. I'm sure you have -- very keen appreciation for that that is the French Quarter and -- -- guy especially. Looking at the French Quarter are surrounded today in the downtown area by. Modern skyscrapers it just reminds you this sequestered. Moment in history that his didn't has has been captured and being from the UK and think they're closer to Europe I'm sure you appreciate the European. I've made he could get -- any kind of going and it's lovely it is like. It typing I am an annoying but hasn't yet it's really unique nothing not to read the -- -- -- And this will be your first Mardi Gras where. I would suggest that you look up the word departure -- And become familiar with the definition because that's one of the best ways to describe Monica -- downtown yeah yeah. Yeah. I Christa -- appreciate your eloquence and thanks for calling her show. I here's a text when your loved one when you lose a loved one to a murderous crime everything in your personal world changes. Your views your opinion change. Believe me it changes every one. And I can totally. Understand that but I think we always have to challenge ourselves to to be consistent. With our ideology. And our opinions. I -- is so attacks that Reid says scoot I am a Catholic pro choice. And pro death penalty. Here's another text -- haste to can you be pro drone attacks pro assassinating. Osama. Pro the greatest generation. And pro life yes you absolutely can't. If you're on hold stay with -- -- -- in fort Garland today in the think tank we're coming right back but mark your comments on -- -- you well. Later this half hour we'll talk to Kevin Griffin is Better Than -- talking about Better Than Ezra is cruel of rockets which starts tomorrow and runs through the weekend. I'm scoops in Fort -- today. Here's an update on our WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll it's close can you be pro death penalty and still consider yourself pro life. 41% yes and 59% -- give us your opinion by going to our web site. Demi give -- realm dot com I here's a Texan Reid says get your facts straight faithful Catholics can disagree with the church on the death penalty. Homosexuality has been pronounced as wrong for the beginning of the church you see that this is what I find very hypocritical. I -- is a text many people who attend church has no moral compass lie and deceive others if it suits their needs. I hear detects about rob -- possibly being the saints who defensive coordinator not excited at all about saints possibly hiring rob Bryan his persona is bigger than his ability. He is a distraction in my opinion. Wants to bring attention to himself from the sidelines instead of actually coaching. -- from Gonzales when you're under VW broken afternoon. Thank -- first of I would ever happened to separation between church and state second -- any. Body can't pay their opinion and what they've lost a lot want to America. They're both rushing and is back. All seat of his -- last thing that it didn't. That is -- innocent seeded. Are the death penalty was -- -- yet in the in the as they made mistakes but now we have the right DNA is the Koran but I think cannot be questioned. Garrick Utley killed eight women that we know what -- DNA match we know he can -- lol he's going to throw. Big -- coming up on ten year that I should get beyond death for -- twentieth but we can't afford to people. We can't afford to feed him with chemical and medical expenses we need to change. Don't no laws have not kept tracked with the technology. There's no brief lecture somebody -- it I would hope conviction -- -- what we would deal with if I sit DNA. And I think Jerry is the hypocrite. Can bring Ash Wednesday in. I it it's not big issue it is. For the public to decide and people better realize that. Nobody wants to guy Garrett Hartley left didn't pay it when he was given the death penalty -- -- -- -- -- -- none of them victims or giving. I'm a stay of execution. If they are now they didn't get any. -- -- When they -- merited. No empathy. And sympathy there were in the wrong place today that -- -- -- rape and crime we have Meredith. Nobody -- and the consequent to the arena not a jail. And I guarantee I read about that. Great up chant that Kyra was kidnapped -- -- and has probably a rap sheet is a violation on. Anything you want all me. Where you're probably right about the rap sheet it and ended people who commit crimes aren't quite often have a long rap sheet and I don't know why event that happens you know I'm so. So paranoid about breaking the -- on the freedom and go to jail and yet they're people or are brazen enough to not even worry about it. I wanted to ask you you're you're. I actually don't quite know our system works. Because you haven't been an inch piece criminals know I didn't give us. -- your -- -- so you may ask you why you're as passionate as you are because -- detector a great degree of passion and your. I know passionate because I know is that right in -- didn't Garrick Utley has been -- young women at least fourteen years ago. -- and -- -- -- had a thyroid being eaten at a place strike action if you needed that Iraq needed depth look at the -- for your. And I think he did disagree with the way. The project they're cutting education. -- look at. Why somebody criminal about that have been -- could be that we had never committed a serious crime. I'd only been to a bit on October 20 clutch she is and and actually -- him push. -- would set an example and I'm -- used to nobody wants to -- -- -- what have you why do you focused on this one prosecutor death row inmate. Because I'm not done a painting animal was killed in that first serial killer. And how they want to step out. And realized it was a serial killing and got active in big front and about it doesn't victims' advocate doctor Gupta a lot of -- importantly in feet. Good destruction. Yet two allowed one -- get no clue that I'd say it Gary Clemens should be in charge it is kind of conviction. Not -- he was against the death penalty. Well we give them a -- that they -- and they put them down their opportunity and you mentioned Jack they -- -- and audience would kill anybody being wild radio audience today who won the big. And -- back there ripped. Everybody knows -- GAAP directory. And that should show you that the murder and get our old. The public debate Derrick proudly which dragging our work and without getting into the bench and he tried he business gal. He knew they'd actually. We are kept Charlie is not like I wish my blog dedicated to stay of execution. He what does -- back -- gradually from Graham political cyclical. And that could put people who -- -- equipment. You realize. You pick it -- how good it is. I watch range and it -- every single one -- like anything in life it's easy to talk about it. But -- -- -- now and where -- you don't -- -- when on the net debt was. Unemployment. Unique. Stamp that will. You know with this situation. Charming and -- I appreciate your passion and as they're a solid third I can't tell you that I know how you feel but I can only imagine what you've had to deal with in your -- having lost your daughter. And I appreciate you taking time to Patricia tenuous on WB right. You for letting me express my opinion -- very much. -- when I'm -- And for Garland and we'll be right back on every WL. And welcome back to the think tank I'm scoots in Port Charlotte today and having a -- here's another update on our WWL Freddie -- my opinion poll. Can you be pro death penalty and still consider yourself pro life. It's close 42%. Yet she can't 58% say no you can't be pro death penalty and still consider yourself pro life. I concerning the last caller we just had -- and who kind of lost a daughter and I are tragic murder. A number of Texas comments I here's one damn straight lady love you here's the texts are she should run for office in and preach on lady. I here's another -- -- I know the lady on the air with you right now her name is -- she lost a very beautiful daughter. Here's attacks I feel our passion here's -- she is right another one win wells said. Here's another tech's last caller was right on the money America is getting ridiculous as a society and especially. The government. A from the North -- -- your interior bureau. If you you don't know as the grandpa. There FYI. Years ago go check -- -- on stage for what. We do won't go. The call ms. -- anyway yeah. Not you believe or not -- death penalty career. That country is Romano. Normally years and -- Of course it's concerning abortion they -- you don't have a choice should mention that. I didn't want it social and out there of them. Could be and this is not. Religion aside this if I'm just a bit more although I have a question among political believe -- -- But all due respect after the perpetrators. Of the new book is thou shall not kill. You know. Couldn't scripture without you know -- quoted. Really applies to the people who who did the -- I think I actually ended okay and therefore couldn't -- gun control abortion clinics you know. I don't think that applies it judiciously as. You know a better trip better translation I'm tired I admit this about a translation would be thou shall not murder. Yeah yeah oh yeah uncertainty. And I just I have -- I just I have developed a problem where it's the number of people who have been on death row and then found to be innocent even within. Weeks of their their death penalty being. And them being executed with the with the death penalty. It's -- diesel it's better to let in my opinion it's better to let guilty people go freeze into an intent to execute an innocent person but again aren't. Enforcing our system is is flawed in and the death penalty is his final. Because it is certainly doesn't mean Danny and I don't think people should be severely punished who commit these these horrible crimes. Where where an anarchist blatant ones you overcome multiple murders and -- -- -- blatant I'm not I don't know if you can go wild you know. But it -- -- -- day and a go to fact that you brought up about the appeals process it'll cost you a lot more. You know but it was evident that -- -- people for the good of music which -- -- -- got a quick one word approve it and I'll remember him because there's. You know -- -- we don't you know and thank god we do have to go through the process but sometimes it's there it's quite obvious to any employees had a chance to -- showed specialists into WWL. -- for those who have just I've just joined aside I mentioned earlier in the show event. This actually moves more expensive to execute. A prisoner. Since he -- in prison for for life. Here's -- to be a real poor candidate -- -- get a ten dollar certificate for just five dollars or hamburgers -- made quarter pound. Of 100% never frozen beef dress the way you like it. All beef grilled hot dogs grilled chicken sandwich is Seles in more -- grill on airline LaBarge African of the -- are on sale right now my -- Ellis -- dot com. Coming up after this break we will talk to Kevin Griffin a benefit that's right I'm suits and for growing. This is WWL. On this thing. Okay. Slim -- these these guys have been on fire I have seen -- recently as recently as soon as Sunday before New Year's Eve of house Ed Harris. There are just awesome and they just continue to sound great Kevin Griffin preventative -- joins us live indefinitely duo Kevin good afternoon. That is. Nobody -- -- it's a pleasure to be a loser and it's always always good to see you guys those are still never forget the time that died in in Portland Oregon and -- I'm getting off the air and I I I happen to go in the bathroom and you're in the bathroom I'm thinking oh my god is -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- -- and and -- -- -- as -- Yeah I didn't say that we're. Activist says seven Better Than Ezra is having their third annual crew of rockets and for those especially who are kinda new to New Orleans this might be a perfect opportunity to get really acclimated into Mardi -- Yeah you know who in New Orleans and area you know we know we all know about article double what we found is that people around the country. They really had a misconception about -- ushered -- he can keep the creepy. French Quarter staying. You know but a lot of people didn't know about then you as an adult there it's it's about the food in the pageantry detection of course the parade and -- We're like man why -- we hosted an event. Where will leave your year. Here where your host for a three day destination -- -- -- during Mardi Gras and we plan out everything -- -- And we did it's we started three years ago whatever her third annual. Crew Caracas where people around the country around the world now -- To New Orleans -- experienced wanna grow up in insider's guide demonic. And it starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. Now you're performing a Friday nights at the Joyce theater which is just you know I agree to reposition our renovation are following. Katrina and we're waiting for the -- to come back is another place where I've I've seen you guys own and end on Saturday you'll be a terror and at house of towns include -- -- US so since you're so New Orleans -- I first of all I think it's great that you guys are still based in New Orleans because. Oh yeah there there was a time when you could've taken -- and and gone to LA or gone to new Yorker or somewhere else did you use stayed based in New Orleans and I think that's a a great addition to our city. Well he's so ignore -- is the coolest. Is pretty. In the country into full disclosure I I do live art I personally am living each inept in Nashville right now. Just got riding so much. But I still have a place in Oregon but taxpaying citizens you know and my wife would. I agree with that -- probably spend more times. In New Orleans now that I'm not living there full time but I debate in New -- company had always been based in New Orleans and discerning -- of the community you know with the foundation we have in just the -- we do. You know it's I'm not -- -- anything that people criminals don't already know it's one of the -- places just a tool. And I see you guys -- house of blues for forward during the Mardi Gras carnival season and there's there's something about better organizer there really does -- personify Mardi Gras and I've seen you start to show better. Actually out in the audience the second lining up to the stage. Particularly to the stage. We always are in process were always throwing -- beach we always had some type of being you know. -- -- We get answers and stuff is so good that we learned that from from some of the great. Actually you know did that and you won't back so we we did you know. It's Mardi Gras we're not -- just doing normal show. And try to look cool got to try to make asses of ourselves. You know like heaven what I love about it better than users I love your your attitude on stage and you've got a great sense of humor love when you deviate from songs and then go back to wait and that's something I saw a unitary Jazz Fest last year. I noticed that you haven't lost it. -- Again you know it can echoed back to. When we started you know we started battery usually lieutenant who owns and all the billions that we kind of admired. They were just great entertainers. And if you wanted to make a living. Playing music in itself on the college circuit where we started you have to kinda entertain people and so. That's kind of where it started in who -- always like bands that I mean. I would love to do you two are Coldplay but that's not my best. My pride and are reduced our troops. Persona you know we've always been quote -- -- -- don't take themselves too seriously and and we certainly don't and I -- term we've seen other people's songs in the hours and you know I'm into you know Michael Moore and you know -- shop over the quota weave that into one of our songs. It is key to prevention. The people like it you know in in people. -- acoustic and then worry you know that it a lot of bands who are contemporaries don't play anymore it is control crowds are big. What sets us apart is hopefully people like her music but they also noted regular at this telephone. -- be entertained and -- today we're entertainers. -- before we run out of time a wanna cook we mentioned that a Sister Hazel is going to be playing with guys that party night. Nice Sister Hazel -- that you -- educated people are interested in Tibet are are. -- profit. -- package won't -- any -- packages so he can do on Friday could do the second line. Parade and have private viewing stand in open -- open new parents Jerry.