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2-06 5:10pm Sports Talk from LSU's Bayou Bash

Feb 6, 2013|

Deke talks to WWL.com columnist and LN Sports director Jeff Palermo about LSU's recruiting class. Plus Tiger's head coach Les Miles one on one with the Big Chief

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Think leaving a lot -- our number two an abbreviated in a sports talk on national signing day with a seventh straight national -- -- the Southeastern Conference. Are very dominant and the way the SEC recruits is as dominant as well sprinkled. For the top ten team that to the top eleven teams. Feel with six Southeastern Conference football schools later in the program might Scalfaro a -- debate that probably would have to review the class and also talk about what it was you have all the books. But 2014. With four kids already committed to coach miles plants one year from today columnist at WW attacked now -- and it will sports direct it. Jeff -- -- who is always available regardless of when I think the quality F I think maybe once he probably could make it that's what he was standing in the way it. He would actually handed in the way at this. And that he's always been available foaming at Jeff you're a coach miles talked. And I saw one of the things you could tell by the -- in his -- he was very proud. -- players from different states when you count the wheezing and -- -- other states -- him altogether Florida Tennessee -- California Alabama not Atlanta. New Jersey Nebraska and Illinois that was the highlight of what he said he reviewed all the players they also made to the -- out in one instance. He had some of the coaches went from en route to Connecticut in New Jersey -- Atlanta. Expected that route all the day's time. China lay out that it paid pitcher to have that the hard work if traveler dedicates time away. From the families would be also thinks that goes into this whole recruiting process. Yes it's well. You know after a play that game against Arkansas. And Eagles coaches work on -- couple weeks and then there's the a dead period over I'll leave the court teams in the football game. And you know because they've played all their rap about the 2013. Recurring. And that'll. That was. Didn't work for 2014. Record probably there's -- junior day coming up that Saturday Ellis camp with the any guys for the 2014. Recruiting class and Corey and a handful of verbal it is an Aqua. Our quality of their back pocket but you know what they did he says that opens up the door and knows. Players and other states like Illinois child born in New Jersey. You walk in there now you -- -- your -- you what you say from the NC. Seven straight national championship for him at EC school so they -- the kids attention. And there will select and at that point so you don't want the Big Ten country big twelve country. -- twelve country. You can you can get on -- all made school more area school just great that day. I did view the opportunity. To play at the end the -- kids -- taken care that. Columnist at WWL dot com we -- those with director. Jeff put their vote is with us now as coach in this Miles Austin. Addressed the crowd here at the river city -- of very good team bus got reveling in the epidemic it. On today's time because you've been on the bedroom to have a -- -- Which is bound to walk also support base -- behind -- did it almost seems like. Jeff -- go back to hear about Jarvis Landry. Series rookie Anthony got to talk about the class a couple years ago title. The thing you know and out you know went -- -- talk about how he's kind of the it's. Maybe on official spokesperson of this class and how recruiting class in the country really benefit from that guy who's very. Vocal out on -- out on FaceBook the social media. Into Rio Brazil as a guide he would talk to talk about how he was even trying to make contact with him he would make on that Republican DT. Really it's evident in seven LSU to the rest of the prospects and that's a big part of this because a lot of these kids that that they really felt more comfortable on top and to each other during this whole process. Yeah and that's one of the things. Coach like will -- I agent brought the Allah you're not figure out from the -- that. He's -- Louisiana guy and guy he has got the break it family atmosphere. You. -- -- -- -- -- What -- -- like he would for a visit. Her kids to -- Trying to get that family. Atmosphere together rather. And there -- guys that that's. I've been there -- that it really started. Poorly the first thought that I noticed what you have of recruiter. Within the recruiting class itself was what Russell's efforts are being LSU. And during an entire period has Sheppard had been. Submitted -- for over a year. You know he really spent a lot of outside Pittsburgh player to come to LSU he was able to crack block at the appellate CO. -- very very. Are a lot. Going out now and you know frank will stick and some of the other coaches they kind of pinpoint. Who the leaders might be over our recruiting class. And you know that they're gonna ask them -- you know -- look -- this kid you know who did collapse could be better Ellis you can't know what national championship. We do you felt or if that guy and -- a couple of the other guys. So that's a big part of the whole recruiting thing now and I think frank Welker that. Ticket office not just because you're absolutely Avant you know what I like to play for LA you know and there -- -- Pride that goes in your life for your home state school. All right can't -- -- if you over got up pressing traffic issue we need to get through. Who visited with definitely able columnist at WW at that cowboy at the gridiron club's annual buy you bet -- -- a different -- -- coaches already spoke with clouds on the straights now. And that kind of giving highlights of each recruit -- coach -- excuses they crude. Recruit on the Jumbotron it is the biggest -- college football next only the national championship date it's national letter of intent day Paul -- right here. WW and welcome back we don't have the Baton Rouge it was an for the gridiron club 2013. By -- fans it's become a tradition eighteen years in the running your -- vote at the track and field house and yet the level columnist at WW -- our families and that will portrait that this has come a long -- depth I think LSU. If not the first was one of the first program to really. Make this signing day -- what media today and a lot of other programs are pop foul Suton much news thing. -- Ellis people on the originated. -- build. Soccer club. Who run the body -- the end it was felt he would tell me that. You know Ohio State got from you know couple boosters for that -- are gridiron club there at Ohio State came in and watch they'll watch how they put together the body bags and. There's no way we don't like. So again -- its original you know a lot of the Robert and -- -- Beat the way recruiting -- you know a year ago an actual body there were. 81012 kids that you build it now were there and ago. Now I can finally have a copilot and yet most of the class locked up before but he there's a reason -- That's all the previous ball -- a lot of -- taken out of it but. Bill laugh you know walk around their earlier today these itself. Everybody that goes to the event has a lot of fun if you get a chance to hang out with the guys there and you know it gave him that talk football. And that and that's what that they develop. Even -- -- afterwards -- at the end of the -- -- -- are people up our football but. Why rafter is a perfect place to go through that. Definitely -- comments that if you give you -- background -- -- have sports right it is our offense against Jeff. You are one of the things that coach miles brought up by eight you know Alex you lost some backs that will go that the NFL -- -- where -- forward. It is sad that take at tailback with its clients that we start to see maybe. -- what's on hand as well as -- -- -- and it's -- to the rotation now is that in the Atlantic that they can all on some of these incoming guys. You know that are listed athletes will they be shifted to the running back position. Where. Well I think there's -- really one big reason why a lot of -- did not. Side allotted that and that is to get ready for next season and I'll -- that it -- its top. Prospect in the country is that right there war. In. Letter format it the at all and I think -- and even left -- right there at the end when you. It right at the end of this -- stopper today he was asked about not allotted. He started describing about how they have a read a quote the our impact type running back and bile that I know that guy is. And I'm thinking about right now and it wondered -- but back at it off though on why they they did not Don Juan. I applaud you feel that they didn't feel good about were there. Side yet here you know. Kenny you know. You have now for Lou coming back they'll forget Aaron -- now we'll finally really get an opportunity for the ones that that. And we know -- it is difficult group reform that is the way it is well. You know Alabama's been filled with water -- -- back healthy and and no one champion. But it miles what life would be work out -- you've got a that he willingly. It's great to have that. And you know. That they're that they can match player but that was quite fourteen clubs that water -- that they want to -- you know. Because it's likely flew to Italy on next season I mean you can't -- only a sophomore. Be dirtier out of my people thought he could possibly leave a note failure -- or wetter sport that he would probably have that opportunity. Up by not running and running back and I can't. There's no Ottawa camp next year and be at our right away. Palermo column with that WW had to account movies and it -- portrait TF. Your final thoughts on his clients. Nationally ranked I think some have an 85 this -- him -- my knowledge to all of the other major recruiting services. What's your take on this collected at least you did what they needed to -- Well I think out of alignment. See you could be a lot of these guys well right away frank here obviously play right away correct Gilmore. The number one player on the fate of North Carolina because yeah. Play right away on the offensive line you could be a guy like you know. He's been hosted the six foot seven office -- -- you know. Like us who stay out of what you -- in other guys that play right away archer maybe why. That the front to back out of a -- -- Greenville high school. Up and up more quotable not only could he be -- got to line up at cornerback or nickel back neck speed that you might be it got LB returning kicks or. Though you're gonna see these guys on the field next year a few years back. People like. You know you have to wait two or three years to really see some of these players not the case anymore. Another guy predicted make an impact -- the shot specified. Out of our high school like Charles. He's a pass catching threat and I felt like they've really -- side. For several years now so I think that that can do more this. You know he's he's very few guys that can block but he can also go out there and make the test itself. I think it's going to be interesting to see how -- -- -- well alt or these. There four years from now no. You know I look at it in proverbial bad apple here -- there no doubt about it but. Based on what you're seeing here. And that is the ballot classes will be able to continue to grow ops but probably it. Alabama all the -- -- -- Auburn -- all they all had great client who do so. Now what it's all about the belt you know and put him in the right -- Economist at WW dot com we've and it -- sports director Jeff. Palermo Jeff thank you so much all that extra help and as always I certainly appreciate your comment thank you very much. They'll probably ever do. All right yes indeed mine's probably wouldn't have made a got a text here. From hole. Number and this is eighteen. I've just -- on radio. Tell us about the rebel. Old number eight I feel will prevail partying hard hiding spot -- man -- Ole -- -- the most proud of these two -- Finishing in the top six of the -- -- It's a special edition of sports talk on national signing day -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't radio WW. And welcome back at the annual by -- fans here in bad Bruges coach this -- just addressed the media being sent to visit with coach miles. Life here on but I don't know maybe it welcoming coach miles. Coach miles congratulations on a great class of 2000 their team because I've been I can't say that -- Michael but -- -- -- just introduced to these fans and here in one you fielders made you want your most complete coincidence. I think it could be easily compared with the best class that we -- big strong people men on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Speed -- secondary speeded though wide receiver. Now we're pretty excited. Coach have found at the top but humorous that was at the athletic field and you think the all the families you talk about one day he'd get on the plane for -- -- you go to Connecticut New Jersey and Atlanta backed Andrews. There's a lot of time putting it is in the in the course of a moderate walk but it sometimes as a little bit of protection when it doesn't go your way. You don't get every guy that you went after you do have to get the guys you need this is that class they're capable. That would be able to step in and competed very very high level we have some coaches do their young guys but. Very talent that we're looking forward. Attack how is all of these changed this and you've got he had the ability to make sure that it -- -- that takes. Weeks and so all of us all of -- his game now. The out. If you really there's there's so many different ways to communicate now it's you know you can't get got to get your phone and keep tweeting where you based bookie more. And there's so many different ways but. Recruiting is so changed -- say yeah there's you know everybody knows exactly what everybody's doing and it's. In some ways it's harder in some places it's better. Coach not long for now final once you -- spring ball what is something you want to accomplish this morning with some of these guys already on campus Horry. Well obviously developing these young guys eight guys on campus we wanna see how fast they can come because. We recruited them specifically with the opportunity to come in and it felt one of those spots and god. And then they'll continue to develop our offense has gotten better your score in the red zone we got to be able to maintain the ball when Utley in the games with the lead. And defensively we've got to replace some guys in -- Real big playmakers that we can you know fit in there and that in some regard -- right. Coach you're looked down and that was the -- and now. Know that still changes I have made a clinic in New York in the clinic. In Dallas. Will return sometimes Saturday. I think the news Mike McCullough I may well have couple days there. I gotta ask them about Sunday he had to be very proud until boast of that it was looking down. At that hall ball -- these can influence invincible and you're then with the with the -- off him. Yeah that was really great experience and I and I and I really congratulate both coaches they did a great job and in their teams play hard and went to the bitter end. And in relief either team could one. Coach best of luck thank you so much gradually some of the -- makes the course lets see. Coach less miles folks here on WW radio. Coming up next Mike Scarborough -- debate that probably would -- review this entire class plus this news of the day the Ole miss rebels. Yes the rebels make the most significant jump. From last night to the -- booed from number two and number twelve by some accounts. All the way up to number five as the rebels close audit closing with Robert in DG. The number one player in the country on Deke Bellavia with the 2013. Tiger gridiron but you -- Els thought -- keep track and field stadium and now it's a big here at the Rivers and a and their wrapping up now leading in LSU basketball tonight the Tigers -- Vanderbilt right here on tiger radio WW.