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Feb 7, 2013|

Dave talks about 80mph speed limits and the Saints search for a defensive coordinator

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW LR's news it's February it's the seventh it's 2003. Team that's right. And it is the day before Friday's game yes indeed but it is not a good way to start the day. There's standing water -- everywhere you go this morning team group planning. Terrell told us about the one pilots on that on the night and just before cause ways -- -- from. Metairie toward new war islands and yet bought in 2 -- there I am feeling that might be the norm this morning. And it was the cars spinning and sliding program is debris here and there are small ones trash and newspaper boxes other stuff that's been blown around in the night wins thunderstorms move through. The wind as this -- must move on that most of move on -- And later today before the evening. And time for parades -- Via -- getting toward that four pitchers. That. Yeah angered you at the -- doesn't it now. The rain started before parade time news drizzly and that will talk to miss me wrong telkom. In about thirty minutes who has amazingly it worked today yeah you know I -- -- the catcher on TV -- out of his still wearing her sequined -- that he rode a government. And a -- beacon and dripping wet few wars that's he said he was -- after party. It would just take the remote to work. She probably hasn't slept at all and she was also relatively coherent when she did the forecasts you know it is harder is that -- in that in. I just warn people see how she's due around 845 hi yeah -- warn people out there once it's imputed whether bloopers would be needed channel -- eyewitness morning news. To catch me. Now these are the press row last night Jimmy Texas it that it needs them you know not to bury them but did you catch it -- that work out for an. Braved the rain because he's the parade now no more rain for two nights parades. Then tomorrow's parade straight down through the weekend Monday and Tuesday that the only big question mark whether the weather will cooperate. -- -- And on that Tuesday. Euthanize them here at WW. AM. And guess that'll upheaval -- now right now for an -- -- deal whether it be captain. Juan Ortiz avenue Carol then. Take antibiotic and -- in -- history. -- The rain that you people this evening and overnight tonight Kampman. Arlington. Carrollton at their favorite spots. Before the end champions parade on Saturday. -- About twenty minutes more for. Them well -- that we'll get to full forecast. We're coming up next from the Eyewitness News sports center and we'll get Steve Geller in here with sports on your Thursday morning. And -- be careful out there this morning not only do we have heavy rain across most of the region we also winds gusting 38. Forty miles an hour or on the South Shore around 25 miles an hour on the -- shores of stuff is blown around. There's debris in the road where they're standing water and modeling in many places it's just a yucky situation. As you get up again at this morning what's the future hold. As we go through the morning rain chances still hides in the morning commute looks soggy but gradually diminishing that rain through the afternoon. Great news for operates like they should roll relatively rain free. As temperatures fall from the seventies into the sixties -- ahead to Friday a 20% chance for just a stray shower. Mild again highs of 75 and Saturday looking nice partly cloudy breezy and a high of seventy. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark back. Tell that looks like on the pinpoint doppler radar that the worst and heaviest of this rain is blowing through right now coming through Jefferson Parish in to New Orleans on the South Shore and then actually. Cross and up to the Slidell area and also crossing through tangible -- In the saint Tammany parish but it looks like it's lighter rain behind it for the bulk of the morning right now we have heavy rains sixty degrees at the international airport. Winds are sustained at 23 gusting to 32 they're gusting over forty. On the lake front in Slidell heavy rain sixty degrees with that north wind gusting to 25. Miles per hour could be the biggest airline. Ever American and US Airways word that they could be emerging in the next few days but in the details on that coming up. In less than twelve minutes CBS news rate -- WWL. Amendment act contacts messages today it's 7870. And those folks who went out in the light rain and drizzle last night to see the -- parade. Thought Laura book -- looked gorgeous. Beautiful and always looked. Now. I would describe it is beautiful but -- does a great job and sports. You've gallery in the morning with the very latest from the world of sports and about the -- of last night. Well they have good morning and Anthony Davis in the hornets snapped a four game losing streak. But being 93 to 84 victory over the Phoenix owns special all right Davis at the -- Point guard Greivis Vasquez would lead all scorers with nineteen points and added twelve assists for his nineteenth double double of the season. Well LSU's 2013 recruiting class is receiving great reviews. Rivals dot com ranks the tigers classes the fifth best in the nation while ESPN has LSU's classed as seventh best. Coach less miles is very excited about the 27 new players that are joining the program that's highly ranked class. I think this character integrity all the people are such that they wanted to compete for championships. Mississippi appears to have hit the jackpot with a football recruiting class that includes the consensus number one overall recruit. Defensive end Robert can -- has decided to join his brother Denzel at Ole miss the six foot 5265. Pound recruit. Has been on several programs which lists for more than a year but Ole miss appeared to be his best nation for months because of his close family ties. Meanwhile national champ Alabama looked like they reloaded nicely for a another title run. Nick Saban recruiting class is ranked number one in the country by rivals dot com. Well Anthony hit he scored fourteen points and LSU basketball hung out for its third straight victory. 5756. Over being -- Vanderbilt Johnny O'Bryant chipped in ten points for the tigers. And Honduras -- US two to one in the opener of the final -- -- auto qualifying round. For next year's World Cup Clint Dempsey put the US -- one nothing in the 36 minute. Before the host Hondurans rally with two goals one a spectacular bicycle kick that was the game winner. Today a four on sports talk QB QB with Drew -- plus Sean Payton says the saints should have a new defensive coordinator place by next week who would you hire. I'm Steve Geller with -- early morning explores -- -- minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW golfers as Dave Allen Steve gala hanging out on your radio I was get -- on WWL radio. First the LSU tiger basketball team wins its third in a row I'm Debbie WL AM. 870 is a hold on man it was scary there though when -- Odom put up that three pointer with ten seconds -- And daddy of not I don't know they're gonna blow this thing with the tigers held on. And get that one point win over Vanderbilt and then on WW Alabama shortly thereafter on 053 the hornets. Hang man for a victory and break their losing itself -- a pretty good as we. Get this to beat wins on the court how you feel about the hornets right now they've they've were winning streak their book and great and they lost four in a row during the Super Bowl road trip. They can get back together. -- I think so it that was deathly brutal during that that stretch because they were away from home so long I felt like I hadn't. Seen the team and popular practice though the past two days and it was like. I felt like they were gone for a month line. They days said it was good to have basically like a training camp on Monday Tuesday they. That money we have treated is that -- -- we started exactly and they looked energized last night playing some great defense in the key was not turning the ball over. Which has been -- in the past couple games -- feel pretty good about the hornets after this really since December when mr. put back together. And pretty good January. It. Chances to make the plans at this point. I would say a negative on that that -- deathly you know. Put the building blocks together for next year but I just don't see a playoff run. Likely and possible yes but not very likely to go document when he five minutes and more sports get back on talk about these two candidates are coming in today and tomorrow for defensive coordinator. For your New Orleans Saints who are these guys. Now we've heard a lot about one of them but not so much about the others Steve Geller. Gonna give us brief -- on both of these. Potential defensive coordinators for the saints -- and hearing today when hearing tomorrow coming up again back here with sports. Around 550 here -- WWL AM at them and counting on the -- forecast coming up right after. 5 point 5 good morning I'm Dave Allen coming up in about five minutes with the latest on the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways meanwhile new englanders are getting ready for a big snowstorm could get two feet of snow tomorrow so they get ready for that. Up in the northeast president Barack Obama's nominee to lead the CIA appears before the Senate Intelligence Committee today one of the big things are expecting the details about it. Drones. Especially those used these unmanned remote controlled aircraft to attack Americans overseas were reportedly working with. Terrorists now. We gotta get a rare look inside of what's going on in the CIA. As we have a potential new leader. For the Central Intelligence Agency will keep you posted on here and beat him I'll name them and count all want to celebrities that come -- in the last few days. -- against gun control. Or for gun control does it matter to you what celebrities think about politics. Do you want me here this starve and die hard movies -- idea he thinks that that Second Amendment important and should not be any gun control. The -- or Bruce Willis thanks or Chris Rock coming out the comedian coming out and saying that he thinks we need to get guns off the streets. And he's for gun control -- care what Hollywood actors think about politics apparently a lot of people do I care what you think about the weather. And for that we have missed meteorologist Laura -- now. -- your Thursday look for rain chances hi this morning but diminishing around the afternoon and evening great news for parades this evening. Looks like will be mainly dry temperatures in the sixties by later on that tonight is dropping into the upper fifties for your Friday 20% rain chance of rate should be fine again highs of 75. And Saturday looks nice partly cloudy breezy and mild with a high of seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast sinner I meteorologist -- Tell that real nice out there right now but when they're gusting over thirty miles an hour -- heavy rain at the international airport there gusting over forty on the lake front 25 in -- now rain. Guessing 120 miles an hour and a homo where the light rain has moved in because they're on balances that. The metro area and getting the heaviest of the rain -- hours looks like the worst of it. Will be kind of in the Mississippi. -- out of the results and again -- of its heaviest habit now but all of the morning commute that's a good there is debris blown around stuff laying in the road. There have been some cars spinning out here there lots of standing water. Models just about everywhere you drive please -- be careful this morning -- -- drew will keep you posted with everything on nine and W well AM. -- -- I think -- we didn't have this nasty weather with the potential severe weather this morning Laura but come may still be wearing the crown and a ninety's -- over. Q mister lever down on you but she's taken enough for television this morning and put on more sensible on parade. Close but I think that what rain in this morning in bad weather. What would have trouble taking -- seriously looked like the Marshall. And talk to a company up about it right you know what the speed limit me. There are some places now the talking about making the speed limit eighty miles an hour in the state what do you think about that and why is the speed limit one of those things that people kind of well ignore. Other laws -- can't unite state laws against that it's illegal to steal anything he can't walk in the -- and steal something worth five cents or 500 dollars. On the -- it has been an advocate there -- we'll talk about that coming up and we have one from the file I hate when that advance -- on WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the seventh it's 2013. It's the day before Friday now welcome to Friday. Movement on Tuesday eased after we get through one more round of heavy stuff here in the city looks like things start to. Get much better quickly but it's going to be rough early going for yet. This morning all right Valentine's days one week from today. And we've got this little thing that happens between now and then called Marty. And so we've got parades every day between now and Fat Tuesday then comes Ash Wednesday and -- -- -- the day after that. So guys. You might want to take some time now. The plan your Valentine's Day gift buying plan whatever you do -- do with you sweetheart because. You don't -- I cannot forget about it and Adelaide Ash Wednesday realize oh my god tomorrow is Valentine's Day I haven't ordered the flowers I haven't made reservations I haven't bought any thing. Then you could end up in the dog master account to -- right. But that are friendly reminder to. Guys to a lesser trying to sabotage -- relate to the ground that on in other ways to view that as well especially during -- Speed limits the and in Salt Lake City now there considering. Raising the speed limit to eighty miles an hour on sections of I eighty outside of the city and rural parts of Utah which is almost all of -- This -- houses voted to increase the speed limit to eighty on flat straight portions of interstate 8015 an 84. 75 is the top speed limit in the Louisiana on a stretch of -- 49. In a very -- area central Louisiana it's 75. Here's the funny thing if you go like 76 the town of Washington. On that effectively target price one or two over so it's almost as if dispute and it's not really -- there and yes I always find humorous about speed limit. Is -- the one law that everyone seems to think it's OK to break. You know. People on the interstate gaggle five over and I'll leave me alone and most police will tell you that if -- go one. Four or less under date can't have them understand and activists albums some agencies at nine unless -- -- stop it is going to Andover. Even knows that the speed camera. In the city of New Orleans yet to go I think nine over before they give you a ticket yes six emphasis active school -- right. But -- in ten miles or more and how did it happen in our society that the speed limit is just kind of a recommendation that go around that speed every other law is absolute. Line in the sand. You know like theft. If you steal anything. From a store if you walk into it a story and steal a ten cent piece of gone. Or -- thousand dollar television. It's that either way you know the punishment may be different obviously but. You're breaking the law and most people would say I wouldn't steal anything from a story whether it's a piece of gum or anything else. But that same person -- And a -- well there is a margin of error in -- pedometer you know it's not precise. Even the best most high performance cars are so little margin of -- to be locker cruise control elements people and you could still be speedily as well if you could. Just slightly steal some pilots Alex UB steel you don't -- delegates called the speed recommendation. It's not like it's called the speeds suggestion at the speed limit. But for summaries and it's become and go about that by a little over. I don't understand one. The event that -- and document twenty minutes -- first news here at WW well right now we check in with our authority. Monitor weekend now seems to start on Thursday with three braves on tap room -- and each growing with the secret -- The knights of battle won't start it magazine and pulled in at 545. Cents after reports -- over pretend. Didn't keep his twentieth electrical. We -- -- close but for the just -- -- -- in the hanging gardens will receive Lambeau and catch up with the -- street cars just and that's the lead in the ninety's. Avalon called by the much chaos -- the front of -- -- moments floats are satirical program from local and national politicians -- -- one of those fifteen floats and some 201 riders trying to catch the clutch -- and chaos cars which. To pick each float in the parade following chaos they're afraid of the -- music starting at 630 at Jefferson magazine more than a thousand professional and business from. -- -- -- is one of -- most enthusiastic folks to know who throws better goodies. Including nearly thirty muses -- items try to catch the latest news as many parade call and ask nicely beat him with a group -- civil rights icon ruby bridges -- -- remember that all three of those -- parades ticker right hand turn off saint Charles avenue office and now. For the Mardi Gras drive in WWL radio -- awful hard. -- they met him parading in last night well it was a big night of parading as well. Landed on the Rangers here let's go live -- -- Eyewitness News forecast center and not wearing her Tierra I'm not very underground wearing hers sequined dress anymore -- is meteorologist. Laura but. That was wet yes that the -- otherwise this sequence would be in full force today wow we we we all feel like we lost out the -- we're gonna blame it on the range that. Bright bright and really the first. Half of the parade was fabulous than it was. Cool and not even dribbling and so it was just the last four part that unfortunately it rained and it have to say that I was so impressed at how many people were troopers and were still out there in the rain. I'm so impressed with it. I mean I'm kind of a party -- approach would have gone thank you everyone that state out that we it's a have a fun time -- of course the ladies and next and little rain in the bank. -- well you haven't radio ad and liquid and other sorts out exams. Not mind the rain and I'll tell you we got a budget text message -- 78 that he I was gorgeous. Unless sexy beautiful woman in the -- last night bar is so beautiful you know felt the pressure of trying to get everybody beat you here you know. -- -- And so on trying to throw as fast as I can and to hopefully I was. Able to do an -- job and I am not very practiced at that I had an outlook and you throw he let -- be a lot harder than throwing dry. Yeah and it flipped and -- though apparently direction yet they -- -- my letter. -- -- right well you may not be the best beat throw in the world but you are a great forecast there. And looking at pinpoint doppler that even Jonas somewhat it looks like the worst of the rain is moving pretty quickly -- It's not -- hour maybe hour and a half ago we've been very heavy rain in the city but back and now east of -- late foreign to our Mississippi counties. And read a book not out here finally in fact the back edge of that rain. Now approaching the western parts of Lake Pontchartrain even here in the city it's more of a panel light sprinkle light to moderate rainfall right now and even that's going to dwindle down over the next couple hours. All right so the morning commute getting better but it -- still possible most people are gonna work and school. I think seven as we approach have 6 o'clock or so it rates currently at slack off and if you're headed west if your commute takes she you know toward that -- to those areas you're -- he -- improvement I think still some showers and drizzle around through the morning commute. And after that were clearing out in fact -- Really late morning many were gonna see all of the rain out of here. And not an issue for tonight's parade -- -- other rain we were worried because actually the rain last night came a little bit early we -- expecting it to come in around 11 PM it actually came around 8:39 o'clock so. Because it was a little bit earlier this is now moving out a little bit earlier even by lunchtime I think -- -- -- You know mainly dry skies now the neutral ground it's going to be super sought -- -- -- we had two inches of rain in some spots so. Prepared for that maybe some shrimp plants if you're headed. The current yeah -- Maria retire include the -- -- -- you don't care about for sure but I don't think -- three separates rolling tonight we'll have to deal and then the rest of the weekend no rain at all on and you were looking at just 20% chance on Friday Saturday looks dry and then. Sunday -- little if he -- in -- -- it back and we're still a couple of days away from Sunday some not great you know really freaky anybody out. Yet and abounded on my name Tuesday could be ready to you again not great if -- to -- people out but yeah I just has not looked -- for money especially Tuesday especially that -- -- we had a rainy morning brought in in quite a few years where it's been just kind of an all they range. So that doesn't happen now or watch guided by you don't wanna freak people out of work freaked out in a courtroom in Philadelphia. Where there was a trial over a fight because the man has left dies. Well he was not a witness stand in retelling the story how we got a bar brawl. And has. Suffered ever said that he actually lost and I in the night. While he's crying fit his prosthetics I pops Powell. Any -- is that 3000 dollar eyeball is hand in street several of the Jersey gas. And -- declared a mistrial. I and that happening got to feel like time is up now it's actually have it and and now they get that victory in new series start the trial over and hope that. Man doing keeps his eye ball in his hands and they just spontaneously pop out like well apparently he was crying I was really kind of lubricate things that he added that he would quote keeping on -- witness. Anthony testified about the impact or losing is guy. When it just popped -- Yeah. I guess there's there's reason for a mistrial that would be yeah he had a lot of times it's for Conakry easy to silly reasons that may be -- adding that there may have a problem being fair and impartial this time I have looking regulations that agree I'm Laura a lot of people are complementing you that morning and I. Thank you so much now will you face and I -- pictures there. Yeah and I've posted pictures and -- got an hour's sleep last night fell last night but I will be put into our home. At home even before going to work I did briefly. Have a great like lavender Eyewitness News sport sports Steve Geller defensive coordinator for the -- Two interviews one today one tomorrow. -- wings tigers -- and saints interviewing defensive coordinators. All this and more morning sports with Steve Geller good morning there. Good morning Dave and Greivis Vasquez helped the hornets snapped a four game losing skid past yes hello does impact the greatest -- at the local golf. -- off to a hot start. Vasquez and the the night with nineteen points while Al farouq Aminu added sixteen and the hornets beat the Phoenix Suns 983 to 84. Well LSU lost a bunch of defensive lineman for the twenty from the 2012 team so getting big athletic players up front was an emphasis with this year's recruiting class. Coach less miles says they went to the East Coast to get one of the best defensive tackles in the country. And Greg Gilmore. 62755. Star prospect that North Carolina ranked the number one player in the state by Isp in a disruptive -- or big inside force. Well national champ Alabama looks like they reloaded nicely for a another title run Nick -- recruiting class was ranked number one in the country by rivals dot com. Ellis shoot hoops has won its third straight contest with a 57 to 56 victory over Vanderbilt. Anthony -- scored fourteen while Johnny -- not the intent for the tigers. Meanwhile the upset of the night in college basketball occurred in four Fort Worth were unranked TCU. Knocked off fifth ranked Kansas 62 to 55. This is the horned frogs first big win but first we're in the big twelve and nine games and raise their overall record to ten and twelve. And teen USA road to next year's World Cup got a little tougher. After the Americans lost 21 in Honduras in the opener of the final qualifying round for the 2014 -- Today at four on sports talk QB to QB with Drew Brees plus State's strong -- -- patent says the saints should have a new defensive coordinator replaced by next week. Who would you -- I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports World Cup that soccer yes summit here. Talk about soccer a lot right now at the outcome of World Cup coming up in Mexico City. Actually on this continent. Yes we're not exactly all right. It's on make I was Clara that writes that we get cute interviews where if the saints holds true today its schedule we were given earlier in the week. One today one tomorrow for defensive coordinators. Who they are being today. Hot today will be Todd Grantham from Georgia. And tomorrow is Rob Ryan a former defensive coordinator for the Dallas cowboy -- this guy I was at the university or is at the university Stewart right and he actually spoke that they were all of course and national Sunday -- that it was asked about this interview. And wouldn't deny it but said he's very happy where he is. And you know books and we always talk into the Georgian media right exactly -- ads that say the right thing -- it. He is coming here today where artist and day interview what do we know about this -- Hum well Georgia ranks fifth nationally -- told the friends last year but the bulldogs this -- slip says Tony. Two to 32 in the ranking so they had a bit of both fullback even though they had a lot of NFL talent. -- so he's he's been successful in college. Yet he's running top notch defense and he's also been in the pros as assisting coach and also defensive coordinator was with the -- the browns. And has experience and then rob -- man. Son of Buddy Ryan who brought the bears some consider the best defense in the history of the NFL here to New Orleans to win Super -- Swanee. He still hasn't had a whole lot of success these dramatic and -- Animated on the sidelines but he has a great deep fences. Where he's been an NFL has no last year they were ranked fourteenth the cowboys this past season nineteenth so -- yeah which honestly that's really all the saints need is because they haven't talked to your offense. If they get that his defense to be middle of the pack will be good ago. All right so if you had to pick amongst its it would get what you want -- defensive coordinator for the things I'd have to take Rob Ryan just because of his track record with players seem to love playing for this guy. And I think he can bring that fire back if this defense has been missing thank you -- -- and fifteen minutes more sports here at WW out of a Texas that the 2014 World Cup is in Brazil. I -- to the qualifying round -- In Mexico City World Cup in North America and sounded didn't -- make a whole lot of other forecast again it after your. She'd be out here that by late morning to around noon after that drier skies this evening. Temperatures in the seventies falling into the sixties. Overnight tonight -- in the fifties on both sides -- late and for your Friday at 20% rain chance. Look for highs around that deep fried eggs -- rolled just fine and that they will -- breezy and mild with partly cloudy skies and a high of seventy. From the islands these forecasts better five year old is Clark -- Sixty degrees on both sides of the -- rain moving off to the east the worst of it over but still some here or there -- -- -- got for the next for the fun activists. I want persons acting in a 7870 disagrees with Steve Geller doesn't like rob Bryant again at the playoffs in nine years he's got any stock. OK well. Not stocking is. Tommy Tucker region for the next more on oil and I've gone out there Rob Ryan -- -- -- did that he has given a table we -- to talk about as opposed office than it would get big post office complaints yesterday got a handful of mail from my neighbor again. I don't know it's don't know my guy he gig and -- right box and last time I tell you that close that is part of what you're supposed to dale would you deliver mail right is closed -- at the right person. Definitely. I mean that if -- mail carriers that's fine but that that is the deal right -- it might forget that then also about no Saturday delivery we're gonna talk about deal. Eighty CT. Tests SAT tests pressure on students to perform and how do you measure success is it. A lot of student debt graduating from Princeton and and not being able afford to live on your own or is it maybe graduate from don't -- eleven your own home and that he. I atomic does he now has two Brothers -- leader.

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