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2-07-13 10pm Open lines continue with Todd Menesses

Feb 7, 2013|

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Actually it's Todd Manassas in four spooked. 260187866. And 89 and awaits him all right you got the right idea John answers 10 o'clock. Each. Year. Since I've been sitting in this shares since 4 o'clock this after. You know. It was. It would be so bad future was -- -- load in the ground meant the edges. An inside joke folks it's just never gets old does it does not get old everyone everyone in here that works leaders. Sits at an almost last year except -- for some reason it's. Brutally tied it puts at all lead. Rudman the -- I don't know what is that just helps you better that way. I like sitting floor -- Late start to hurt after a while. I'm not as young as I used to -- -- just second just American but everybody else it's a -- and he seized on space over the board. 26018786688. The -- 870 the year you're talking about tonight. It's are pretty -- opinion poll should gun owners have to carry violence liability insurance. I need to logon to WW -- -- catcher -- gimme a call at 2601 point 786 exit 89087. Or text me at 87870. That's what. State lawmakers in California thing. At least a couple of they say if you have to buy insurance for your car to protect against damage you -- do you should also forward your guns. They wanna make it's -- you have to show proof of insurance before you can purchase -- ever reached the point of overreaction to the Newtown shootings. Our gun owners more prone to violence the non -- That what they're saying. Also the United States Postal Service is gonna cut out Saturday delivery beginning in August. To save money. As the post office outlived its usefulness. -- we privatize it. Package deliveries to locate its letters. That no one is mailing anymore. -- include bills and -- And even that. A lot of companies have gone to be on line paperless. Billing while people are paying online. April. So do you still use the post on the last time you male old eight lecture. I still use the post office to mail packages but I can't -- last comic actually wrote mailed letter was probably sometime in college. Ryan last wrote a letter and mailed it to someone. And we're talking and way before the Internet. Back in the eighties. Early eighties now. When I was in collage. 260 -- 786 exit 89087. -- could live with five day -- week service or even less. From the post what do they want to three day week. Twice -- Do you depend that much on the -- there's still a glimmer packages on Saturday. They're not eliminating that because. The package portion. Of what they're delivering. Is growing. But. Not so much the letter portion people who are using the Internet for that. Andy just South Carolina teacher. May lose his job over stomping on the American flag he was. Teaching a lesson on symbolism. To his tenth grade on first class. As part of a unit on a novel all quiet on the western front. He -- pulled the flag off the well is the students they rip the flag off the wall installed -- He said he was trying to teach the kids. That America is an inspiration greater than any symbol that represents it. However some parents. Don't agree with that because. Apparently their kids to not get the lesson and were upset because of what he did with the flag. So should he lose his job over the net. He claims it's free speech. Courses courses and now that doesn't work in the school because you're teaching your representing school. 2601 late 786 exit 8908. Semi are right let's get back to the phone lines Larry want to finish your comments thanks -- element. But let go. 80 on the all. -- making people get -- People need to be responsible. For a go. You know. That I mean economic -- as -- it means you've got cute -- goes school. I mean from. You know. No idea what they -- people when they went to Q school. -- execute details you'd. Have to deal. You know like on the Spain important. I mean haven't been a different curriculum in the Korea item limit to pray and -- in the army real. Economic control. From -- that do regardless what might photo. Editor Margaret and I figured. -- mode I think most people if you asked them if if you're going to be attack or assaulted and you can you can choose your attackers weapon and I've forgotten most who were probably say. The ninth although. C I'd ask Burleson Lowe isn't a good shot or non. And he did not mean what they took it that would. And people right now I mean you know and it is. They've gotten everything you cut them the open. -- -- He claims he was wrong he was wrong there's some -- by the LAPD they did something wrong and blaming him on something so he's taken out his revenge well. You know what I mean you know you don't know them and you know -- -- -- -- talking about. Well you know military -- -- fairway you know you don't know -- a record shop in the war. Came back when I came back into -- too cute you could be. You know what to go out they spelled out there. You know you know. They still are better. Yet just because you you served in the military. And you know if you served overseas and user control our. Saw action doesn't mean. Mentally you're -- -- there -- and you -- Like -- take right there are a drop our guard up my own children are -- for. I got as Matt Light from and I got a call. I got her endorsement -- truck every vote is. The goal back in the region and full year. They did the same thing with people who like -- -- on -- -- some coming out it's also. Well you know Larry and and I got to run a got a lot of folks here holding a thank you frank an element that there have been out there are some people who. Who think that is well that you should continually. Test and check people who have gone through gotten license after -- -- just like you do with the driver's license. As a people get older. The picture they know -- to operate the gone -- what they have to do with the gone and check on their mental stability that may be down the line. I don't know it's not in the you know works right now but that could be something that comes up we'll go to -- mid city hey -- I'd say what you do a great job -- scoop and thanks. Anyway you know and so politically coming out you -- it's insane. -- -- -- they develop and it exit due about. You know what he's when he served in the military needed so that people. Ruth group with him would have the right to speak probably equal combat that are 11 ankle is remarks because. You know I didn't I didn't serve my country I didn't go -- -- and risk my life so that only people who agree with many. We have the right to speak -- -- that -- out actually. -- right you know argument you look at it. Just you know. -- I think one of the most profound statement about democracy. -- is is this I mean I agree with what you have to say I will defend your right to say it. It but it you have to return to these things just making the right to. I think it's group has Friday brutal. Well the school says you yet you have the right outside the classroom when you're in the classroom your representative of two of the school. And there's a certain curriculum you're supposed to be teaching and teaching the students and that's not part of. And it's educational they have been been you know legitimate art. You know as far as this thing about the Second Amendment these are California legislators that. It'll make gun owners. Eight pilot's insurance that they kind of ridiculous -- think it'll fly. Are I -- in support of a gun control legislation. I am gonna all of not at all number I think that we ought to have 100% background checks. Situation which what else we have the technology to data due this. In no absolutely about guns and gun club stuff like it's every single gone. It is legal in this country. Should -- ballistics report done on it and and somehow -- you know they have they have all these power everywhere. You don't keep keep a list serve and gun crime happened and killings in. -- murders -- and recover these were from east but these victims you know they can actually go to computer basis you know its computer system and match to say okay this is begun to disperse -- Let's find out what happened it was -- You know because I mean there's there's ways to use the technology we have today for the betterment of the citizens. And. You know it's just it seems to me that group or -- credit -- we will -- and portion. You know it's been all that energy in the wrong direction. -- I agree -- thanks for the call -- I don't have a problem with the background checks on -- problem you know there are a lot of things that they should. Laws that are already on the books. They need to tighten up president Obama's that they need to do that. And share information. List of those it shouldn't have go again no problem with that and you know they wanna do ballistics on every gun battle known for its possible. But I guess you could when you purchase the gun. You have to have a ballistics check done on it as well to keep on file. When you go to get the license. To 60 on a 786 exit eight nines are always have failed attacks coming in. Criminals are going to be using guns that are licensed anyway so there would be no ballistics on that. And they got a point will be right back to BW general Marty grow weekend. Get the full forecast for today's parades and other ones. Coming up to operate department expert today. Automotive weapons years in badges stolen from it will be the cars. The latest on that and with them and -- And like is that Fat Tuesday is less than a week away so -- your one stop shop for all the carnival information just go to WW dot com. And cast your vote. On all of that. Some -- gonna get an 87 -- terrorist -- about the post office. Going to. Five day -- week delivery eliminating Saturday. Starting in August they're gonna continue deliver packages on Saturdays ago. And post offices that were open on Saturday it will continue to be open on Saturday they're just not gonna do. Deliver letters. First class mail basically so what is. That mean well. First class mail service includes items weighing up to thirteen ounces that in most cases are delivered within three days. That includes post cards envelopes letters. From grand law and some of your bills yes you won't get your bills on Saturday. That should have been a lot of the -- -- -- Just make you weaken brighter. It is goes. Calls and calls with Monday -- Andy -- -- you tell you all your bills are critical articles on Monday. I think you might be right now they're gonna still. Continue. Package delivery like -- said. But. On Saturday and completely you an email they're not gonna -- any mail. In the post offices that are open on Saturday as well. To what you think about that. -- going to be a problem for you or not someone texting and I said. When's the last time you wrote a letter I don't dramatic colleges the last time I actually wrote a lecture to someone and mailed it. And someone -- and -- series of races inmates in troops. Still write letters. So. Yeah I guess so there are some. But what about -- the general public do you still. Write letters and use the post office go to Max Amax Iran WWL. -- in agreement. Called about the post office and -- an era except the cause. That the they're great right now and I think a better solution rather bad. Speech in deliberate shots out in the chat and and Jerry and but beer that we think about -- -- the bulk rate cut tree -- would make our ears. Would get rid of the junk mail that being less labor required to make good preparation let's vehicle that being less strain on an -- and advocate use less street less chemicals -- land bill. I think that would save on the post but also opposite -- -- And I'd wait and -- -- -- -- TP which Hotmail again it's just wait my not open and -- but it isn't -- I. Got my -- dispute and addressed that issue. And news yet and try to correct call it and think they could pick a great great great aren't they are and a lot of people. Do you think that the post office could be saved I mean you're talking about a business that lost nearly sixteen billion last year. Don't think it will not be -- -- -- got a lot a lot more professionally and I think could pick that you increased cost to cover the cost. I mean when you can it would cost you and first class letter -- -- what it what they spend on this on the all grade I. It's considered I think everyone -- And so and you know but I'd like that reducing their labor cost about it is there is a structure that post -- that. Let's -- Via it can -- eight I think they can -- state also credit card debt and other privatization is not a bad idea. You know things certainly worked better on the -- -- -- went public normally. You know the the Internet to. Has been has hurt the post office and it's also helped the post office as well. Because their package delivery. Has increased. Exponentially. And that's because a lot of these. Online places that people are buying from and a lot of people are shipping through eBay in such through the post office because it's cheaper. Exactly and and I aren't -- that the package delivered a post up as its competitive did you yet -- up -- you have been. -- they're able to do that for the package delivery people picket it would -- the deliberate. They -- back and it's not so much as servants. As it is a bit. When it. Oh that's Smart and an Angel thank you Max and when's the last time you -- Letterman -- you know. I'm actually I write letters LA -- content. And I am in doubt about it and I and I open it even -- a category -- director. I'm -- a -- whatever. You know by the military you're not an inmate right well -- I think the last time I actually you know sit down and wrote a letter to someone and written letter. In -- The last time my cameraman I'm sure may be edited. Since then was in college. The only other thing I can remember ever having to write in mail was a letter to an insurance company to dispute the claim that was it. Exactly do you -- and -- and a lot art -- more open letters you know. You know consider that to that you brought back because George -- -- and no color. A -- now sent cards observance and eight. A letter that I'm actually written -- since probably. But I don't get the world at all -- BP at a regular. At just one aggregate. -- what the problem. Well I think it's is. John running our board pointed out that means all your bills come on Monday now so. I -- want it noted that. I'd. If Max thanks for -- It's difficult to 60 on a 786 X 89 as 0870. Let's the most inmates use mail program somebody's texting and and I think a lot of the troops also do email and online stuff now. That as well I know the US Postal Service to lose a lot of packages to the troops. They get a lot of those. Let's see you. Someone else saying. Texting whereas at the teacher talk about the teacher in a South Carolina. That stomped on the flag to approve the point the teenager broke federal laws by his -- he think he will. Be liked -- right in California new poll stole the like deliver better than the regular guys. Another with a means. They need to tighten up. In the prisons take out the TV's the AC it's Federer were the inmates twelve. -- at day seven days a week may get so bad they'll never wanna go back. That's so there won't mail and all of them I think they're talking about gun. How to keep gun violence down -- potentials for Bruce. No well visits it's it's an out of state -- area code that wasn't. Another. Let's see what I did when I used to get junk email I would mail them back took almost a year for them the stuff -- have heard of people doing that. Where you get the stuff and they they mailed everything back to them and they're. Return envelopes and think actually you're not supposed to do that the post office that's. Analysts say it's legal but he says it's not writer something that causes them more strain. But it does stop them from sending stuff to. All right 260187866889. Is 087 if you have a concealed carry a firearm you have. To have training and register with the state we already have great laws. Criminals don't care about the laws that someone talking about. What they're trying to do in California. Some lawmakers. Are proposing a bill that proposed -- should say this week. That would require California gun owners to buy liability insurance to cover damages or injuries caused by their weapons. Other states have looked at this this is all due to the Newtown Connecticut shooting. Connecticut Maryland Massachusetts Pennsylvania and New York the ball looked at this as well -- -- tried to get some on something like this past and are looking at it again. Now because of this they're trying to equate it to the same ideas requiring vehicle owners to buy. Auto insurance. Mr. clarkin -- someone you have liability on that he should also have a on your weapons as well do you think their right. It's are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Should go owners have to carry violence liability insurance every 1% of you say no 29% of you say yes. -- let's go to. Renaldo and -- they -- all the earlier on WW. -- our little fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are accurate but yet our -- brokerages both the polls opened up. So I used to work for the -- -- -- -- and that burning wood but you know -- the partners and its partners that would keep the -- spoke with spoke. You know that that is the reason why it's so much junk mail. The -- it's. You know they try to do that on the email but you got those spam filters that catch most of it. They grow so yeah out of the of the mailbox the post office is still the best way. For the junk mail to get to you not the email. -- -- -- the -- about both the next yeah Europe planned to kill Americans and okay I'm aware of maturity if if both are American and you -- with terrorist groups if he's that good of an American. Exactly -- what they're talking about and we briefly brought that up. Congress is looking at and the president has come forward with that they've been using drones. In -- in other countries -- not here there's not drones flying over -- -- -- looking for year. But sometimes they have they have come across some. American citizens. Or people who have American citizenship. That are in Afghanistan and in Iraq in helping al-Qaeda they are members of al-Qaeda there actually senior leaders in al-Qaeda. -- once you've done that to mean that's called treason. Seoul -- -- you know. To -- using the drones. Is a whole lot more efficient. In it's a whole lot safer and less cost effective and if we send troops in there. -- got with you if -- what is it something in the BQ in what. Like it was back out there. I don't understand if they're if they're plotting terrorist attacks against America with al-Qaeda and they are senior members of al-Qaeda just because they happen to be. You know Arab American Italian American or German American whatever they are. But they've gone to help -- -- they hate the country there with al-Qaeda than they were there traders are it's treason. And -- won't Alter ego about well. You know go to world. Outlook mop -- period though Wright episode that made it well suited. And the very that you it would blow it like it and allow it -- -- they're in on the -- though it is to deal with a lot. -- dealt the blow out are you hope they would have ended if they go below it won't. It straight people. What if a woman you would know it wasn't it by state. All wheel vehicle you'll be at the very people they make double tobacco control if you're going it will happen. -- -- if you got someone bent on doing you harm or your family arm or just doing man of mass of people arm. They will look if if this guy Newtown Connecticut. If for some reason he wanted to go in -- -- to kids. You know and make a name for himself. If he couldn't find guns -- find another way to do -- to do a bomb or he could. Yet in a car and drive into a crowded school yard at recess. And run over some kids I mean -- you know if if that's their mindset if there that mentally messed up. No law in the world is gonna stop apple. There are at an aggregate if you good person army they put them -- -- book if you -- -- -- small private -- I mean it. You shouldn't have to work -- bullet -- -- bit more. The import that in order. Up yoga but the morning. People. Looked at don't want to publicly and in depth there that that was -- -- -- I mean that our best yet where. I got I got no problem with background checks and all that everything you gotta go through to buy if if you look. If you're a law abiding citizens. For and you wanna purchase a -- And you should have no fear no problem going through background checks. Or having a waiting period to give. It. -- -- Not at all well thank you for the comment. I thank you for the comets do six only 786 exit 89 years old Robin Arkansas. You know candidate the second party text now that makes sense you're referring to gun control. Topping the prison system would help. Gun control and gun violence and keep economic hands of criminals that are getting back out and got got it now -- that makes it. Sometimes when you guys text things at 87870. -- texting on your phone. Never write a big long thing. Sometimes it takes becomes in two. Or three different segments. And since other people texting in it kind of breaks it all up though. You might have a portion of it here than than the rest of the comments her have the page away. On our viewing so. There with this if I read it and you say when. It's your dog that's because letting you know so. Thanks for that drop to six on late 786 exit 89087. We'll go ahead take a break when we come back -- -- BA in Atlanta. John -- more text that 87870. What do you think should. Gun owners have to carry violence liability insurance every 1% of you say no. 29% of you say yes that's what they're thinking about in California. South Carolina teacher that may lose his job over stomping on the American flag. Who's right in that one. The teacher the school. Or they've both right but he still might lose his job. And the post offices ending letter service. On Saturday starting in August. Will that affect you any at all do you still use the postal system. Two male. Letters. Will take a break and be right back stubby WL and welcome back to 60 on 8786 exit 890870. Tubman as is with you and in for -- and which -- is that it's -- outside. -- the him and -- not looking out for limit let me look real quick on Europe inaudible uses it. -- muses are we check our parade schedule are. WW of that column -- brought to count than thirteen 2013. We go all the carnival information you need right there in that seat today is the seventh. And I believe yes that is muses. Rolling right now. That the that the the well we had babble on chaos and uses all rolling via via uptown route. So I don't that's the first panel that's I didn't I didn't hear the other ones I hear this one. But I hear the -- central and that's because is insane -- muses. An exotic it was say longer just rolled by play and that explains it and you heard that okay and also a carelessly muses rolls yeah that's -- because the other two. Yet the other -- rolled down magazine. Chaos ruled them magazine. And -- -- down to -- to us. It. And finish today the way we're stuck in the yeah in the fall on our roster we don't want on shop -- we don't want a magazine -- stuff we have stuck like shock we we -- stuck so. Let's just enjoy the time we have together 260187866. And eight nines are always those get back to the phones to a BA in Atlanta ABA -- on WW. Oh yeah and I hate I really hate when I hear people say he got to keep me. Well we have -- they'd be drive in part to people that I want you to their the issue got to leave it kind of -- I'd do anything about it day. No no I'm not saying man I am Tuesday and don't outlaw all want to know those funds of the files. Yeah but let let let them find them -- -- -- -- we -- new set of problems. To me. -- -- -- Top. It all it. You know drive he did not -- -- -- significantly it works in. Tribute to write this is but. Now -- -- -- but at the limit limits points up but it's not that were thrown my hands opinions and not what we're saying is. This guy. Was mentally unstable. If someone's mentally unstable and wants to do harm. To people. They will find a way to do quit. But we. Focusing on it mentally unstable. Let me take them -- -- and this guy this guy in the new town situation -- -- semitism he went to bio -- Okay but in Connecticut. You have to wait a week. And when he found that out he said nevermind I don't wanna wait a week and anyway and killed his mother and took our guns. -- so he got bit unstable I mean let's go to work into that stable if you if you're able to get beer and in purchase. Think all the around -- -- in the intimate look well not crazy. No if you if you're sitting there and doing that and plotting with a purpose to Q you crazy. No. Way so what you're saying our average are normal nature is to kill each other. Oh you guys. And at what did he. -- great people simply. You know your -- is in. You know what we. -- -- and that these bills say that'd -- But when you. And and in. -- -- AT&T and that's not -- People if people. -- edit all the analysts at all the stuff -- he guy talked to hang on. Now the new town guy that's who were talking about right that's what startled. All the stuff he got was from his mother. He'd go I'll let him she RD settlements. Oh okay it would. At this point but -- and that these people -- crazy. What are we adored. -- service to people who are truly feel tried to seek help. These people at. EO we can't give them that they. -- A lot but a lot but a lot of get a lot a lot of them are this guy did have mental problems do it. A duty to do it in Colorado and mental problems he was seeing a psychiatrist. It. I didn't I didn't I didn't I -- I didn't say all the mentally -- around their killer out and say all the meant everybody who shoots a gun and kill some -- mentally you know. I'm talking about we always overreact. When there's a mass killing like this and every one of these mass killings. Is someone who's mentally unstable. But it -- but the thing about it is bill. We overreact to these masculine but we're talking about in a create laws that according to date -- killing him. It's not. You know it's not BA now it's not Chicago. Has the top this gun laws in the country. And they have the highest murder rate from guns and -- that -- But but but but but if they have tough gun laws. The know what you have guns even criminals. But -- neighbors don't if you if you if it. They're so cute you know you've got a gun laws and so around the state had no gun laws whatsoever that -- -- -- he -- walking. You have how come you can't even own it that's what I'm saying they don't. Help the law. -- and I don't care about the Euro hurt in the law abiding citizens. They'll maybe the VA. Which may not. Have. An idea. Now the falcons animal fight with you that's all I'm a haiku I. Am like -- -- it. In my view California lawmakers. And -- will -- saying that it. Expect me to do it it's -- money because all the pundits Apollo. -- knowledge gathering dead. Eight they make you do raise written okay. And been in in. Elected -- -- you know if somebody oh. What you're but he is it's my daughter drop my life it's somebody did that article about our weather guys that aren't the ones that need. -- you know the equipment are did not -- into the it's. Yeah well it's it's it's California also Connecticut Maryland Massachusetts Pennsylvania new York and -- and attitude. They have. -- that -- bureau of -- The thing did people a monopoly. On mop up spot. Do you want to go away. What you do have to -- -- -- -- in my. Column that I can't catch -- -- How about. Every single male in that you state the -- Is. Is that it could appear OK we can't control we hate mail for. -- -- Yeah. Well they're not they're gone out of business because there's still geared for letter delivery and letter deliveries is dropped people are mailed letters -- Dusan. You -- sky deeper you know texting each other -- But the and it's argued that with the flag I think he had a right to step because he got. That talk Apple's side you he -- it he did so that the -- thought might make missiles that. Well he had a right to teach it but what they're saying is when you work for them you represent them like any business. It would be all it would be at the same as if that obvious -- be as famous and -- you got a right to drink but it's a business you better not. As I get a rule against it. I'd create that human. We'll see you do is accelerate 76 fixated nines here. So we agreed to disagree on some things we have he's the falcons to you gotta like the man in Atlanta. Can he can handle on it would be can't hate on him on that. I will take a break and be right back DeVito -- and welcome back to ID and force grew to 601 point 786 exit 89 awaits him some -- community 87870. Tom economic archery -- way out of. Gun violence. Louisiana already locked so many folks up need to attack the root cause like poverty and port in education. Someone else's to out of his city has top gun laws but surrounding region doesn't guns can be traffic. It and that's why Chicago examples bad need to national standard will OK let's do a national standard. Then -- get traffic in from Mexico and Canada and other places like drugs do now. You're only gonna hurt the law abiding citizens the ones who don't use their guns to go out and commit crimes. The criminals will always find a way to get the guns because they don't care -- while the law. That's what makes them criminals. Why can't you understand net. You also not supposed to rob banks. Criminals do that too it's against the law. Not supposed to steal cars. Criminals do that. It's against the law. They don't care about the laws. You and -- law abiding citizens don't do those things. Criminals do that's why they're criminals. Their outside the long. Seems pretty simple to me don't know. Am a little where my where my losing that one that John is it that. Seems -- drive right and straight to the point. Trying to make all the laws you want criminals don't Obey the one Girardi got. You only make it more laws to burden those ought to follow them. -- Actions we don't stinking badges in the you got it all right let's see another -- coming in at 877 I mail the red -- well is one instance you know checks in the mail. You also say that. Talk about use -- post office -- -- every single mobiles. Newton. I even have a stamp and miles -- Human knowledge is stamped call how much it cost to mail a letter right now. I don't know because when I did used and that is used to forever and a what's really keeper in the forever stamps if they keep changing. How much it cost. The pain and but you have ruled -- -- Palestinians. And then they change the price you get to go by a small price stand to suffice it it was a -- got forever stamp and ever since in and -- just pay bills online when current music go on 878668890. -- seventy. -- the you're not politically correct but Democrat Californians -- granola. Fruits and nuts and their flakes. Altogether. I've heard that but they'll formula that's a that's a running joke. Okay. We will and that wasn't saying -- right somebody called and no that was not saying -- they were in Kenya Oscars okay just went the other way -- though this is muses is so it is if there was purple and gold that you saw it has to be Warren -- I saw it from a block and a half away. On the eighth floor vote office building with tinted windows. So. It might read her book I don't know might have been blew for all I know take a break be right back.

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