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Feb 7, 2013|

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9384. Last night it is Vazquez in nineteen points. After look I mean you -- eleven. Off to glance -- basket would open assisted the Hornets win improved to sixteen and 33 overall. At. Atlanta coming up next to halt police haven't won one. Hardest -- to 407 dot com Michael MacNamara joint is now well all things Hornets came because of a damn lot of times -- wanted to breaking news. On news about the local news about moves made Michael and his staff. Here are the ones on top of it with the most. In depth and comprehensive information Michael thank you so much for the time with sixteen and 33. -- in and gained where's this team right now. Yet circuit playoff tickets. Ordered right now on that went -- game proved that the competitive at the insists he's in the about it but he a rebuilding season she's in which. In other duplicate that develop some young guys and get some good -- -- people who hurt today Ryan Anderson and is in the three point shooting contest Anthony Davidson the second overall pick in the rookie sophomore game so there's some bright spot but there. A couple of years down the road this is just a year we're gonna have to be patient get through it. Not Michael in your opinion and you bring up Anthony Davis. When you look at number of minutes playing in and who's in the gaming in crunch time well what is your take on that as far as. A coach money williams' decision as far as though when you look at the roster. And and a guy like Anthony Davis of what is your opinion about when he's in the game are -- in. Yeah I mean. Money do you Anthony Davis a lot of minutes currently on. David kind of hit a wall about three or four weeks into the season. You know I saw that injuries look -- also does the lack of effort. And then we target and Tutsis and met a lot of that Jason Schmidt is -- -- could go if you 152025. Minutes of pure hustle. But it you'd stand pat at 35 or forty minutes just got a great completely different games so. Money tactic with Davis is just. Problem and at the minute that we can give 400 and injury we're under an effort and not really look into that rookie ball. But as far as -- on at the end of the games I would think that. It would be beneficial for Davis to be on the court at the end of these close games for future years and the Hornets are contenders but. Right now I mean you can't take Ryan Anderson off the court as the the spacing that gives you. And frankly rob Bolden Jason Schmidt they're just playing so well and certain teams that body just can't take about so Davis. You know it's kind of penalized. By the fact that his teammates are just playing really well right now. Now my -- your opinion you're your take on this you know in Louisiana well on the all and and Andy's not allowed the ball as kings who ovals over. All the recruiting and attention -- -- that that's now over. Well what do you think going party -- now people more be a tune in. I'm obviously if LSU starts winning SEC basketball. Barges basketball in general then you look at the -- is is it gonna take. That they got to get in a winning streak are you doing now to be more in tune with the Hornets considering that now football is over. Yeah I think a winning streak will always hope it really pick a big part of it is it's the end of both -- play and quite frankly you know Bonnie Williams coached teams are gonna be. Very fun for the casual fan council and then usually more and just did an offensive minded basketball and and bodies buried deep offensive minded he's gonna play at one of the slower paces. In the NBA it's selecting you know really it's just. It's gonna take some morning it's kind of take. Maybe some advocating -- the casual fan -- you know -- sense can be fun to. You know that leads to winning basketball but it. I don't know it. You know that the Saints and and and it -- just in general in poker is gonna do it but it. I think overtime the -- start winning people get cold and actually -- basketball. Yes Michael Magnum merit of Hornets wanted to force seven net com has Michaels is soon to be. Pelicans point 47 dot com and a bright spot today MBA all star weekend right around the -- Where Ryan Anderson leads the NBA with a 1473. Point field goals -- shooting right at 40% from behind the arc. It was a 201112. Most improved player in the NBA where he made -- 1663. -- last season and he's well -- -- shattered bat and Michael that's not. I guess -- fans something to sign in the faulty and it's almost all weekend is our run as a legitimate shot to really content for the three point time. Yeah -- the perfect stroke that I have seen the guys who mean Ray Allen -- -- reported tutored during number one because he had had the jump on his jump shot right handers and and who all he does that that quick release doesn't really have the job that his game is absolutely -- for -- contest so. I think he could be well. David rookie sophomore game outs in because a lot a lot in the game independently. Provide any peace and then. Of course well their game will be in New Orleans next year and I I think. You know there are a couple of guys on the roster that would continued improvement could be in the big game next year and now out. Yeah oh my god that is the question I have you look right now. New Orleans again won't be Rivers in an all star game. I was reading and I haven't updated Desmond wouldn't only hold on -- player in the top ten if any of the league's major statistical categories. I was point guard vast square as the 13 in assists with nine point two but he also ranked sixth in the league in turnovers and almost three and a half. Per game were you surprised maybe that it. I guess when you look at the injury. -- -- came about in that with Anthony Davis -- Well who would deserve to be an all -- -- point. Yeah I mean may be could make the argument is that they'll -- -- -- still on the Eastern Conference. Like they were. You know decades ago that maybe Brian Anderson could post. The forward position but. Mean the -- that this is so absolutely stat that. The wave or a great passable I mean a lot of these. People. Vote just based on the raw numbers in the court get less possessions and other team and they just don't put. These impressive. Raw numbers but you could you could see Ryan Anderson adding little things to gain if he takes another step up he could be there next year. Anthony Davis with the summer -- spend in the weight room and in the jam. You could easily see him take him that huge lead and man it's Eric Gordon could just eat healthy year from now -- -- for an entire season. Get back would be in the had a lead scorer means you could have. Three guys who have an outside chance that at the all star game next year with you know my thinking and indeed that's probably. People favored he really put in the work this summer to. To be -- and represented the new Portland and and again next year. Now I'm Michael. Almost you know obviously -- all star break. Give me one team Ichiro Wesley converts easily commerce. Who's impressed you the most or surprised you should say. I against his face value of the Golden State Warriors in the west would be one team that you think they would be as good as there are. No because I think. You know but they were in the fall injured again that's always the story with Golden State. It's started that happened Bogut was out that they were able to sustain do do. A couple of rookies and -- curry went down. So -- -- and they came to you know kind of pets together I think it would -- object in a big part of them get through that but it. My surprise spill and it seemed like a double that for years at saint Anton has spurred people. Find them so boring every year you know -- so close the year before and look up and they've got the best record. In India in answers its mind -- that the team in the and it worked for me and I honestly in he's really just didn't expect the next. To be able to put together all of these kind of random pieces and go and hire a lot of -- -- just shooting threes and keep our turnovers down. They have opened and you know possibly the second or third best team in the -- so those are two of the big surprises me. Now Michael you know -- you speculating you look at the draft and in who's gonna have an impact as a rookie. We were all excited and Anthony Davis came to New Orleans. We -- surprises. Now. I guess he had a brief slump by as I could save an unbelievable start Damian Miller. With the trailblazers. And also Bradley deal was the Wizards are just talking about those two guys in and what they've done for their team. Yeah I mean Butler is the guy who's four years out of high school on the net and sometimes we forget. How young some of these guys are people party label and Austin Rivers -- because he's not doing right now but you talk about nine. 1920. Year old in some cases and honestly I couldn't hold on the job at blockbuster video -- results were a great. Could come in and make major contributions in the NBA but what. About art school. For four years of experience had in the number one guy college team for over two years and Bradley bill fields as has the skills that. Translate them honestly it's a lot easier for shooters to make that transition because. Indian BA you don't really is insult as you do in college and quite frankly you're over point with better players. In the NBA so he's getting more open looks -- certain skills translate. Others take awhile ago you know to translate to the league so. -- -- is going to be a couple of guys coming in the next draft that are. More high impact of just cautioned people you know about the high impact guys aren't always the best long term I mean you look at it. Two of the six that's rookies from the rookie class a couple of years ago -- Marcus Thornton and Darren Collison and they've really have an improved their rookie year were other guys in that trap was true -- Stephan curry and in part did do that well. Their rookie year but didn't really keen on him -- long term so. Maybe you know go into the instant impact is always the best thing you know it's hard. In that first he's do you want guys like that but of multiple. Michael let everybody know having a delay is the most comprehensive information on the new Wallace -- Yeah Hornets point 47 dot com that will be the site for the the rest of the year report art and but. Come out we'd love you know and whatever and in the community comes out and really get their opinions we really our community on that side so. We welcome any and everybody to come out -- their opinions and just enjoy this season for what it is the beginning of very bright bright future for the stretch. Opponents to forty point seven back -- to -- -- Michael and his that we think they have some of the best information to any our website. Devoted to a specific team does in this entire league Michael thank you so much that time we'll talk again soon. I think it's like all right come back Darian slide they know -- Jonas. MOR rabbit -- this is sports talk you're listening to WW.