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Feb 8, 2013|

Dave talks to WWL listeners about the Mardi Gras forecast

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this February 8 201013. Friday well how -- don't cry Dan are you ready. Are you ready. Yes the Big Three Fat -- weekend. You can look plus. Go enjoy. Everything that Mardi -- has. Why we live in New York. Fine city of New Orleans Mardi Gras run. -- lines. And New Orleans. And the culture of the city. Wonderful man although there are as -- well as a -- its. Women who live here who just can't stand party which amazes me. Trying to understand it and -- -- getting. Back into the nose making. I again big crowds and revelry idealism. People don't like it but. I just I just think it is. When it comes down to when you get down to the very basics what is one of the most unique things that defines new world culture and makes this city different from all the others and I think it's Mardi Gras and the whole carneval. Culture and attitude and Sam. I am very happy that this big weekend is here and at least the weather will cooperate for the next couple of days before it gets a little Dicey. Sunday night on -- on the ground and into Fat Tuesday so what's the one thing you're looking most forward to. This Mardi Gras weekend. Or anything and I haven't even thought about it that you know it's snuck up on a lot of people. Because of Super Bowl because of everything going on -- that. It just a lot of people just were caught off guard doesn't know -- god Fat Tuesday is coming true day Dennis so many different. Things that happen you know as part of this whole big weekend to suit any one particular thing I. I don't even know what I'm doing until five minutes before doing I'm gonna go to the greasing of the polls. This morning. At the royals and ask them what they've -- that. Vasily and all over the supports their balconies and a symbolic effort to keep revelers and trying to climb up to the coveted post -- murder mystery. I think it's usually because what happens is they ruin a lot of jackets and shirts from people's gonna lean up against it as opposed to please a get a little higher trying to keep people from doing that well. All people lean up against the post. Diana was that was in the quarter last night. Getting set up -- our Mardi Gras headquarters at suburban Orleans hotel and I gotta tell the whole Lotta people thirty checking into hotels. Already getting ready purple and gold and green everywhere you luck. And. Carnival is in the air and it's pumping through the vans and I think super won't just -- good warmup. Activity forest down here -- folks. -- -- as if everything about fat Tuesday's being awful war. That's a good thing to be happy about. Our Ben Evans should happen at least once a week for you -- and a Democrat Tuesday. Plus it was a five day weekend they're going to be out Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday and that was -- off today. My my kids started school all of next week. But again a seven day weekend nine game weekend excellent. Thank Chris started about forty minutes. The first day here -- WWL IMF and that's coming look at your forecast for southeast Louisiana Sonnen -- big Fat Tuesday weekend. Coming up next here at WW well as the northeast races for up to twenty inches or more of snow. -- thank goodness we don't have that here. And that violates -- Robinson to keep your fingers crossed the ball's going on account please don't give your fingers crossed while you're driving at pride is not a good idea of drivers who fingered for. 513 I -- fry today on WW now 5:7 -- good morning I'm Dave Conan Marty gets some of the text messages. The people who insist that Marty -- evil and start quoting Bible on things like that to me. Might enlarged to me Mardi Gras is family is along parade routes on the North Shore on the South Shore on the east bank on the West Bank uptown and downtown by and large Mardi -- to me. Is friends. Families gathering. To celebrate life and all things that are good about it. They keep their clothes on they behave themselves nobody gets hurt. And aged just about sharing a common cultural bond that was out -- last night. Looking at all the smiling faces on the small children and a large children alike the adults with a child and then comes out. During the Mardi Gras season and I just wanna know. What's evil about that what is wrong with -- he's having fun with friends and gathering together to share a common cultural bonds. Now I get it. He go to Bourbon Street there are women lifting their shirts and exposing their breasts are people drinking and want to access to the point where they pass out on the street to where there are. People getting sick I get that I know that that's a small part of Mardi Gras. But everything else about Mardi Gras seems to me to be so family fun so wonderful families riding floats together. Groups of musicians entertaining the crowds. Marching bands of children in high school. Getting to go out and enjoy being the focal point of their community and entertaining. The people who come to see the parades. That stuff is evil. Really. Wow your forecast. A slight 10% chance for a stray shower today otherwise partly cloudy and mild 73 for a high in sixties around parade time this evening. Overnight fog possible 46 on the north -- fifty -- from the lake Saturday's -- looking just fine partly cloudy and a bit breezy highs of 68. Sunday though we're watching rain chances 40% for day parades. Up to a 60% for the evening you know temperatures hitting 76 and falling into the sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- year old just Clark knocked out. -- -- -- to stay with -- Monday and Tuesday we'll delve a little deeper -- that for -- in about twenty minutes here on WWL first news right now we got -- out -- 57 degrees at the airport -- -- a little bit of -- here -- there but the only -- -- visibility to a quarter -- -- down along the coast in the -- and -- -- -- otherwise it's 57 on the South -- 52. With just a little bit of fog on the North Shore at the National Weather Service office in slide out. Now I'm WWL. All star weekend in the NBA. And they're saying they're they've finally have a defensive coordinator it's in the next -- Steve dollars in the rest of your morning sports on this ride -- hasty. Good morning and the only thing that Drew Brees is busy -- right now is being a full time dad to his three boys. The saints QB says that New Orleans did a great job hosting the Super Bowl. And strives to be playing in the big game this coming season yeah. It just gets you thinking about -- whatever sanctions. Don't ever think to -- regular as the pinnacle of what we hope to accomplish our business or you're older you get there's if -- opportunities you know you have to find themselves just makes even more important take advantage of every one of those. Well it didn't take former saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams long to find a new job. Shortly after his indefinite suspension was lifted by the NFL Williams became a senior assistant coach for the defense with the Tennessee Titans. I take full responsibility. And apologize for my previous actions and I views this year reorganize my life. And so focused on positive energy and positive ways to inspire and coach and motivation in this profession. NFL MVP Adrian Peterson the vikings had surgery for a sports hernia the club says it expects him to make a quick recovery. AP carry the ball for 2097. Yards this past season. -- hornets forward Ryan Anderson has been selected to compete in the three point contest during all star weekend in Houston something that I. I did last year I had a blast and this is something that you know as a shooter answer you know high honor -- The hornets are an Atlanta tonight to take on the hawks -- tip on 1053 FM at 630. And it appears the number one ranking in the AP men's basketball poll will change hands for the sixth consecutive week. Following Indiana's 74 to 72 lost at Illinois. Today have four on sports talk. Performance enhancing drugs are rampant in professional sports instead of trying to catch the cheats should -- just be legalized. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports five. Morning to you on your -- today you're ready for the big Mardi Gras celebration all weekend and go straight on through Fat Tuesday. -- the weather's gonna hold out -- take a little one out and in and enjoy it it's amazing how much children's eyes light up at every float it comes down the road and when the music is playing in the bands in the dance teams are coming by the kids just. Love parades by and large and it's so neat to see how happy they are at these times and just. Playing catch with dad along the parade route -- and waiting for that we did procession to get to the and just seeing all the families and people out of his really isn't it time. Really indeed the saints family when -- we know who's going -- be joining the family over on airline drive when we know who the defensive coordinator is going to be. Well they brought in Todd Grantham yesterday and spoke with him today it's gonna be Rob Ryan. At the facility and everything was -- in the end. We could hear something as early as this weekend but more likely. Next week I would imagine mid week we hear something by. Aren't some may be Ash Wednesday -- we cannot find that I doubted -- -- I guess they could make him an -- an announcement on Fat Tuesday but I don't know who would hear the exiles and even the -- that would that would even trump Marty -- saints can't even do that. Thank you see they only get to -- -- -- about when he Clement Martin -- dark -- yet as we approach the all star break. In the NBA in the hornets currently have a record of sixteen and 33. They've launched. 33 games and won twice and anything warning. Now -- it was the rest of the season looked like. The final season as -- team known as the hornets before they become. -- again I'm Dave -- 23 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news savvy bride today. 5 point 6 good morning and happy Mardi Gras from the current WWL. I'm Dave -- will be bringing you. All of the sights and sounds. Prevail frivolity and fine and all through this big weekend straight through Fat Tuesday and on and Ash Wednesday. We were setting up our headquarters in suburban Orleans hotel last night getting ready for the big weekend of fun. In the French Quarter will be out along all the parade routes and have much more for you here on WWL including your weekend forecast. Ice Friday ahead with just 10% chance for stray shower otherwise partly cloudy skies and mild 73 this afternoon but a rate Temps in the sixties. And it looks mostly cloudy then tonight look for some fog around lows in the forties to right around fifty degrees. Tomorrow a mild day 68 partly cloudy skies but Sunday. Or watching rain chances a few spotty showers during the day but it looks like a better rain chance that evening as temperatures hit the mid seventies falling into the sixties. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- tell. Uptown New Orleans features at triple header on Friday night at six campaign afloat in a magazine Hermes presents a -- are incorporated nearly 700 runners you'll catch great throws the pay attention from the beautiful. Quotes which are among the very best tomorrow across. Recruited top follows next from Jefferson magazines. Want to slow procession pokes fun at people and institutions more than 450 mentos blink you -- alone movies and partially blinking dictators -- -- check out the -- talking gazette newspaper and look at the clubs any -- -- truth and the new candy wagon. Phone Dave Carlson group morpheus without one incorporate in Kabul Friday night at the movies the club's medical 500 men and women and -- -- plush -- and plush sleepy she'd. 7 PM matters and curry and trolls -- -- -- closer -- seem happy holidays commander known for the generals who throws which this year includes foam swords to lose and expressed -- -- -- is find those 630 crucial William presents a fifty -- possession all new -- problem. The way the title is an -- bars more than 300 professional woman was throwing hand decorated purses. For the -- hard drive and WWL radio on. Thank you -- there man he'll be having as parade previous reports all weekend long you can listen -- as well at WWL. Dot com 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first -- it's February it's the -- its 2013. It's Friday before Marty now welcome doubts Iraq. The saints just scored noted that. This music but the key thing now with the latest on the same score -- field. Yeah they scored -- but I don't think there's. Final interview we understand will be today and then we'll wait and announcements. As we get ready to party party party for those people who will not be taking part. In need frivolity of course there are movies that are opening this weekend the rest of the world it's just another weekend here it's you know. The -- Fat Tuesday weekend but opening in theaters this week identity theft with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. And as a mild mannered businessman. Travels from Denver to Miami confront the deceptively harmless looking woman who has been living up. Life after stealing his identity. Zeta-Jones. Emily and Martin are successful New York couple whose world unravels. When a new drug prescribed by -- emily's psychiatrist intended to treat anxiety has honestly expected side effects all right -- today. Crime drama thriller. -- done. Is re released this week in 3-D. And all of this goes up against the current top five of warm bodies Hansel and -- -- Connors silver linings playbook mama and zero dark thirty mr. Miller what do you think will be on top. Monday morning when the box office results are revealed. No you sound like very strong entries what do again this week besides top gun in 3-D identity theft Kennedy Jason Bay minimalist and here it is again a lot of publicity. And -- -- privacy Channing Tatum the sexiest man alive according to People Magazine Jude Law. And Catherine Zeta-Jones one of the sexiest women ever. -- go with the comedy -- -- identity theft all right well. I don't think most people around here anywhere going to movies this weekend they may be going to parades. And if you go you heard (%expletive) -- talent to view goat. To condemn -- and you will smell punch train beach this new -- the longest ever in the history of Mardi Gras. Read it takes all of these sights and sounds and smells. Of positive train beef for example. When one part of the tandem -- passes you will smell cotton candy -- And I don't know that there's ever been -- before that is diverted to make you smell. Celebration and happiness. But this one will so they going costumes -- a lot of people whining and cast -- told us in the news. And yeah I can't wait to see all the different versions of the blackout ball I know how people love to -- satire at us. Ourselves and I have a lot of new wave feelings people are going to be going is half darkened superdome Zurich. Some other depiction of the blackout ball politics obviously will dominate much of the custom ring and many other fun and frivolous probably more Roger Goodell base costumes -- have been in the works for a wild -- that -- be sung Ray Nagin costume head on Aaron and that they get out of the archives of fine thank you Chris what I care about claimants to -- first news here on WWL IMF -- dot com. God let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast center and say you're. -- mart saying happy Friday at amen to that that's just that button Mardi Gras Friday our little fried I guess this fact Friday well. And to acknowledge that kind of most of my Friday's or fat -- let's not get there -- -- especially -- Friday very down on -- floor above. I'll man to hit the parade last night did it when I was a -- uses yeah. And a blast they were -- -- kind of -- he isn't good at what took an -- immediate issue writing gives you -- are much use for high yield to any -- yeah. Yeah just more of a conversation -- I guess he ascended on the content. Don't have a copy Tivoli there but I the mantle like its -- on the -- Display at that's -- -- you get -- your right down many people get a we got to be special the weather last night was a treat we get. Street tonight yeah -- on. I think find any today at 10% chance of a stray shower during the day so maybe toward building late morning early afternoon hours a sprinkle possible we may see -- -- clouds but around great times six -- so tonight we're looking great temperatures will be in the sixties to become like last night skies should clear out and it really nice might across the -- All right and then as we head on into Saturday. We have families packing mid city and downtown GAAP -- everywhere now. -- yet and battery battery and -- turned my -- it's too many to list -- whenever I try to -- Miley please someone -- just say for all -- -- -- against whatever they get a feel like all the -- look -- -- mild temperatures will be in the sixties all -- straight off right around sixty -- about 68. Animals Phoenix's sun and -- not expecting any rain on Saturday either all right -- the goodness that in different -- and then I think it was. Two or three years and -- that it it looked really bad for Jimmy when you're they had debt. I cancel and roll another guy and so I wouldn't say for in -- and I know that cramming all crews had issues with weather but at least they're gonna have some nice weather all right I guess maybe not so much on Sunday and and I don't watch as we get into Sunday -- day parades that are role you know mid morning early afternoon. Okay we're gonna say about a thirty to 40% chance for a shower then but as we had twenty -- rain chances are gonna pick up a bit -- will be watching that closely as far as -- goes for Sunday -- all right -- a better chance of rain Sunday -- -- it's probably this one and -- a -- out along the -- an umbrella rain -- something like that and I as we get a -- and as -- -- -- on -- -- -- -- do -- It even worse if possible I hate that hate that for Monday in -- but still a 70% chance of -- For lucky -- and Marty dry and at least the latest models this morning not looking good for Mardi Gras day -- through noon heavy rain across the region. And that can change and they were still several days away and we can see some changes with that -- that I was not very encouraged by what I saw this morning. All right so folks enjoyed today enjoy arrow in the first half -- Sunday and then well be prepared for the possibility of heavy rain. The rest of the way through Fat Tuesday. All right what is wrong with the people -- Always say in upstate New York woman passed drug Stewart's son in jail. Used how did she do it have to figure out how to do that well she give a big open mouth kiss. She picked the pills from her mouth and his Massa resign he's sitting -- -- son that raised some red flags when they saw -- and yes sun that went out first thing he had to wait a minute why. Hey under the big open -- again -- -- that. Yeah well they say the thirty year old son was charged with promoting prison contraband. The mother was charged with. Criminal sale of a controlled substance. I'm Rick is that how you sell it. Is that a drug deal goes down -- -- I'm not sure he hit oxy code on pills. And then pass them from her mountaineers while giving him a -- here's a question. How did not dissolve in her like how is it still ended up that little plastic it's kind of like at a -- I thought he doesn't save it so I think that it would just kind dissolve and be really tried typical says transfer that way if you get my drift. You gas. Love my mother -- did you -- -- as I hope someone asked me what is wrong -- -- -- giving each other big open -- -- I don't think you have to worry about that I feel fairly confident thinking your mom's not an Apache drugs through us through a French kiss on -- Right now that I'm just has me drugs at all I think we're OK okay and in any case they perform you know he did he gave me all the room full of whatever I needed to make me feel better. Now never give me access to -- normal to perform that's normal all right thank you I have a great weekend I think why everybody here Laura but now live indirect from the -- -- this is forecast and a seismic grossed out while you're eating breakfast -- I sports receive gallery next here on WW out. -- -- -- -- talent coming out. The journal of sexual medicine has published a study done by Indiana University. Seeking to find out if sex with condoms is just as satisfying as sex without condoms really -- would pay to do a study and that's. Okay sport's time here on the. Very satisfying his. Court was Steve Geller good morning sir. Good morning happy Friday and even though the 2012 NFL season just wrapped up -- saints quarterback Drew Brees says he already has his sights set on training camp. They're not gotten more excited to get more comments please let me. -- -- starters out there is crucial stage here today to talk about it back to work under the first school until gosh you know being able to create. Just. That he has reported that I need. Gregg Williams -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstating him back to the league and also apologized while taking. Full responsibility. For his role in the saints alleged bounty program met with commissioner last week. We had a good talk. And I thank him for -- a statement backing away. I'd like to thank the entire titans organization for providing me this opportunity to come back to work again my NFL career. The league reinstated Williams and at Tennessee Titans have hired him as a senior defensive assistant. We'll -- the second straight year Ryan Anderson will compete in the three point contest on all star weekend in Houston and it's something that's pretty special. One of those things you look back on and -- It's like a surreal moment. Anderson in the hornets about the hawks in Atlanta tonight to vol vol 1053 FM to. Is that 630. And illinois' stunned top ranked Indiana in college hoops and Tyler Griffey hit an uncontested layup as the buzzer to give the fighting -- night a 72 to 71 victory over top ranked hoosiers. Today at four on sports talk. Performance enhancing drugs are rare bit of professional sports in the senate trying to catch the cheats should he eat these just be legalized. I'm Steve -- With the early morning we'll explore 551 Dave Cohen Steve -- and out of your radio us fry -- happy Friday to you and yours Steve and happy Mardi Gras weekend yeah urgency before I can't believe it is here because it just last week with just a bowler he had snuck up on -- -- Super -- on everything announcement here it is. Go out enjoy it especially today and tomorrow before the rain starts following Sunday Monday and Tuesday. At least as the forecast currently predicts speaking of predictions. The New Orleans Hornets in their final season under such -- -- Before becoming the pelicans right now or sixteen and 33 -- one more game before the all star break -- they have. 33. More likely more OK when's all star break next weekend next weekend I guess you're just getting us ready with mr. Anderson getting this by the announcement last night apparently taking part in the slam dunk and three point contest -- -- the three point contest and we have another participating in the use of game time yet -- and stars game or whatever they're calling it now -- the brow Anthony Davis will be there which is great and I am a Monty Williams say yesterday. Hopefully in the future will have more players playing in the actual game yes -- I began as morals Garcia through right now though with a record of sixteen and 33. Headed toward the all star break. -- -- so good you've lost more than twice as many games as you've won. How does the rest of the season look for the hornets do you expect them do. Win more than they lose the rest of the way -- that is kind of wound gonna be mediocre until this year is over and they get a chance that kind of reboot restart and reenergize next well there were hit when it's -- injuries early on -- gore. It took awhile to get back finally into the flow and the start of the season November and December which is brutal for the ball club. And really put them in a big old boat lately they've campaign played around 500 bowl. And I kinda expect that the rest of the way out so they should be a 500 team I would say the rest of the way so don't expect. Anything too spectacular but they they are at they have been playing better and defense is always key and as well they don't turn the ball over with. As they were there are some previous games they should be a right had now to expect better things on the pelicans next year. Oh absolutely and -- hornets are going to be the salary cap. Very salary cap friendly so because you see who actually -- can afford and to bring into this female. Well agency may be active for the hornets and married and I thank you Steve -- about fifteen minutes -- sports here on WWL IMF -- back down right up next the results of this. Earth shattering study in the journal of sexual medicine by Indiana University. Trying to find out of condoms are just as satisfying is not condoms if Tommy Tucker is it for the next Florida fun Johnny Maine and Monday morning accusing one another coming alive from the fervent Orleans hotel I was given a set up last night in our. French Quarter headquarters for Mardi Gras last night -- big. On all weekend long and then we'll be back from there Monday morning when I had a little -- located -- all the way you'll be where Monday morning -- -- or in the wow about that. -- -- talk about money growing you know a lot of people are just anticipating. This weekend lot of People's Daily to get away from it. So where do you go won money broad -- go to Mary. -- go to multi go to Disney World. I -- they don't -- nothing worse. Then being in Disney World on Mardi -- Because we run away one year skiing. I miss -- like you would believe I think it's hilarious to people who go skiing.

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