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2-8 9:10am Tommy talks to Jim Pratt about traveling during Mardi Gras

Feb 8, 2013|

Tommy talks to Jim Pratt from Eagle Travel about travel options for people who want to get out of town during Mardi Gras

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are you ever gone on vacation in a car that -- That's not so new. A trillion they don't break down your family see try to figure out well. What party change look pretty nice change fuel pump what every on sale water pump belt Moses Ali. Got as far as not that knew that I've done but the rest of the what I change and all that stuff no. What do you mean because the last time meg took a long trip and a car wasn't that knew I was about eight cult following concern with such things. And the point I'm Megan is when you -- this relay with Entergy and and what he -- 1000009 in preparation and what can -- what can't end. And seminary excuse -- right now is only gets you in trouble so thank you Chris have a lovely money grow weekend as -- -- news mania after you maintain objectivity. But all of these evil right and pieces about an embarrassing moment for this city and blow group blue group Ruben Ruben bring. That is so they changed the relay because they thought you know it might tailored to keep this from failing here in advance of this. They -- during the Sugar Bowl and other events and if you ever been an imposition with a car that's not so no signed a case I got 80000 miles on the car. Water pump might fail should change -- not mind that there is working fine. But if I change it who knows maybe the new what I put in fails and maybe the one net a little less than they -- the original equipment one. Wouldn't fail or maybe. Through the installation -- it may be something goes wrong and messes up somebody else and puts pressure on something elsewhere on those sales and maybe -- got. A whole bunch in new problems. Who will win any of their cause you embarrassment as a driver of the vehicle really would you be embarrassed about -- -- -- -- -- water from Palin's -- barracks. Come on vacation here here's an -- to row with a broken water pump. That's why I just think it goes so mentality that we -- in new in new loans -- as a native new only mean drives me crazy when people from here. Certain writing in and some friends of mine serve writing pieces about an embarrassing moment for the Crescent City I think you you just. By human mentality that just drives me crazy at Texans and if they broke don't fix it but. Conversely if you don't. And it fails and you're in a position of authority then people -- -- are jumping you you know what say what you face it buddy letting you prepare for this. Jim -- joins us right now GM. Is with eagle traveling we're talking about destinations and people leave in for Mardi Gras because for a lot of people. They are as passionate about yet not a town -- -- as people are -- -- spray paint out market off their property friend Jimmy unite on GM. I am walk and -- -- -- -- and I will make two quick observations about the -- trial -- -- -- number one. If we could see it on television. Video -- is much better. They -- played football in that don't -- true it is a nice little Arnaud it was a partial power outage blackout is not accurate. That's right number two this is the biggest one how many football games have you watched where it is now it's so. Stick that they had true how the lines on the field so they can see where they were fighting that's all I can say at about that. I just give -- and wanna see people and right pieces and opinions and then commentaries. And columns about a apparent ineptitude. And embarrass men and -- into -- gimme a break here come here. And it -- happen no matter what you do. There's going to be that's why they call on accident starting. And -- did that any you know Jimmy didn't take 34 minutes of power to come monitored 34 minutes for the lights to recycle and come on a full. Capacities so let's just be accurate here and -- son blackout bulls on a blackout via I just tired of people on a native out of you are not get tired of people. Always look and Marie will lose those -- those new -- you know do or do anything right I don't feel away Obama solve -- really don't I think. I don't get back and walk you got it let's talk about people leave and I adds -- gas in the event -- Disney world's number one destination or skin. You're right you're right you know what you're that you have to put a mathematical equation together oil as high gas is -- -- as high. You gotta go where that money's gonna change -- and from the war -- -- Disney. You can get there a few hours. It's an adventure on the road and it it's got bang for the bark at the end so yeah Disney as a traditional destination from the world's. A Mardi Gras -- and then the other big destination from the world and to Margaret try and are the cruises and there for the same reasons the prices -- you know what it's going to be. It's reasonable. Bang for the budget for transportation and lodging. That he doesn't need any money in his pocket you just get on the boat. And elaborate suntan lotion and -- from the umbrella. Skiing is still a premier spot for people -- heads do when they when they wanna get away from monogram. Announced he was very popular. Don't want years ago this thing to do and it still is today. But please -- sayings are are in my opinion. Are not there are overshadowing it just giving you more church twenty years ago we didn't have the cruise options in the wallet the champ today. And skiing was a big deal there are lots of agencies. A couple that I know wanted to work for lunch all they can't that was -- partial peacekeeping dangle it from part of our weekend. Com tell me about some of the open coming destinations that -- Then then we're going to be here about me in the future where people are going to be gone for Disney World -- Disney World for Mardi Gras. Well. That's difficult to say because it really depends on. The price of tea in China it really depends I -- long time ago we go to Cancun for a 198000. Weekend. -- you can't get down there for 600 dollars a weekend so. Well see what happens there I can't sit down. The American traveler I don't short weekend like this initially short weekend. They're gonna do. They're gonna do domestically and should go to -- you're gonna go to alarm. You know automatic -- you get -- and go out to someplace not too far away but close enough to get chills part of -- to shield or reform. And you anticipated my next question gym which is a somebody's listening right now and I think an -- -- IAA and then boy is the mayor -- is he's gonna he's gonna strangle me I'm not. Advocating anybody leave town that's not what I'm saying but it -- For example. Com did Dave Dave did say they're looking at the -- -- and -- and while maybe I don't understand on the rain and maybe I will leave town I'm not suggesting. I anytime you do that. At some some suggestions where they could throw some people -- -- a family in a car the kids are out of school for the weekend and they wanted to wanna take some time off we're gonna go. OK got three destinations are. I feel like -- -- Saturday night -- Are a update update you on the sun. Yeah -- -- -- on deck for the us. Okay sorry I think if -- this -- building is only we could see you put your hands on do you amounts like he does. I bureaucracy be right now are usually not -- real good morning again. I. -- want to I would suggest Saint Francis sellers are really nice situation. Four armed young couple middle aged couple just go out there and chill and stadium one of the Tibetan breakfast -- another -- -- Elevator -- do for a second having played golf for the blood search it's amazing how how he'll leave that area is he Gorillaz. Here again it's something close but far away in close enough to get to -- different turnout in the environment to make it very interest in -- I was second place. I would I would say I would suggest would be a -- Memphis. Nepotism wonderful city to -- appeals -- it's like the French Quarter but clean. And I'm not the French Quarter is dirty just gets a lot of traffic. The third place nobody -- -- Gilbert -- -- don't forget they are. The museum on the riverfront to purebred -- these places are are very very nice thank you so much in doubt based -- strange. But if you wanna get away from the Rollins. Go to trump if you wanna get away from or that Marty Roth. The robotic drop in an apple musician and as you move the country Mardi Gras I can't. It's totally different than our Mardi Gras. It's a totally different cost assuming totally different -- already. And it -- just am Ali atmosphere. And if you've never experienced it it's an awful lot of fun and so here again is going to a plays it's close enough to get to. That's far enough away in misspeak. To enjoy. Now along those lines -- the you know I know they right around always bag and get chickens and so forth from gumbo and Obama I'm accurate in that battalion. We do indeed get to how do you see it -- go to watch that. Well I am done that in the past and apparently all roads lead to shreds and -- and it's up. And it's a street parade it's a street atmosphere. It's not it's not the -- thing worked out not. Country -- New -- Megan's mother and I had. -- -- organized city portion you know he's got your sandwich and Ernie and fried chicken much like we do but it's but it's just said. Different mindset a little different mindset. And I find the -- -- its unique I'll go to account believes are are based on corruption problem better where -- -- ensemble. And I'm gonna take a peso for windows screaming. And pressured into their stage. Take it away not eight penalties contour of the face and then used her as saying some things to taint those out. Contours. And attached screen through whatever and he can very unique kind of -- That is. We much different -- -- past because broadly is totally ventilated so. Don't have any trouble sitting through it or breathing through it and it looks so very strange. Why -- you've given us some great ideas appreciated. What -- -- -- did give me two more minutes she this is something out of buried here and -- in my heart. I have always said when you travel here it'll likely -- actually it. And this is my chip target date to savor their bodies some box. Copies of your passport. Skin and it attaches. To an email sent an email to yourself. Any list of all the medicines you take what you take and for the doses say scared -- send an email to yourself. Way if you were on a trip and you need this information. You don't have to guess you don't have to fumble if you lost your passport you have copies of it. To district remember. You've got to be prepared when you travel to have a good try and lastly talking about getting away remember this. Got a lot of people around that can't get away tomorrow they can't get up some believe broken jagged holes and -- trying to remember her -- -- -- -- and somebody's doorstep before he at least -- that's Larry it just -- into the and I hope you have a wonderful Mardi Gras and the city I know he is going to enjoy themselves. We held our breath we would have exposed for the Super Bowl -- now are trying to have our party. I think you're right Jim thanks a lot and that deal with the king cake that is -- That is so cool hand Luke fabulous idea thank you so much have a great weekend. Hey we've got a clear is that ten times the. Our -- treasury take a break we come back to your phone calls Susie so 1878. Toll free 8668890878. If you could nominate. I get a celebrity monarch for either out or fears and Demi and or bachus who -- debate will find out when -- return on WW.

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