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02-08-13 8:10pm Open Lines

Feb 8, 2013|

Scoot talks about: Mardi Gras and wjy we do it. He also interviews Fred Leblanc of the music group, " COWBOY MOUTH".

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Walking. Like kind of place is this. And that whole ceremony of greasing the -- so people can't climb up the holes to get on the balcony of the Royals to Nestor. Am I the only one that finds it extremely visually appealing. I was in the quarter a lesson in fact by the way. After being in the quarter for a little while I went and I I hung out and brand -- -- -- in the -- We're just such a great night just hang out there. Now they went there I was just trying to outside on the on the on the sidewalk for it was a great night. In the corner and I you know I realize that we're all dealing with this possibility of rain Sunday night's Monday and Tuesday. But as we know. A forecast even even this far out. I can certainly change now I know were kinda close to a -- we're still far -- the weather could change. And I wouldn't change any plans right now just say to have contingency plans in mind in the event -- did it does rain and you have to adjust your plans but. You know we're gonna be live under the WL from -- your whole morning going day. And I'm hoping that everything is gonna take place the way it is scheduled to take place and and Fred -- Cowboy Mouth and the top cats are playing at Lundy draw Monday it's a Spanish plaza we're gonna talk to Fred coming up later this hour. Native New Orleans and somebody who was loves playing in New Orleans especially this time of year Keller mouth has always been an integral part of money growing New Orleans. And the tomcats senator -- Schulte the drummer leader of the top cats is a resident native here. And Robin -- debts while playing both talk to rob probably after right after 9 o'clock. Should the United States establish a minimum price for alcoholic beverages it's going to be -- WW a pretty. And here is the top candidate by the way if you're trying to negotiate traffic court and have a traffic update for you on WWL. And a -- progress report coming up here in a balanced. Five minutes so stay -- this year. Under the W well here's the top eight NH the tubby things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on Demi WL number eight. Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstating him back to the league. Williams has. Apologized. For the bounty scandal. And accepted full responsibility for his role in the -- program. For all of those who called this show and other shows. For all of those who said from the very beginning that the Saints had no bounty program in place. Would you explain to me what Gregg Williams is apologizing for. There were a lot of Saints fans. According total denial. This this could possibly happen. It wasn't all about just trying to hurt the Saints. And we've learned. That's. The Saints were born and they didn't. Pay attention to the warnings and this program continue to. Sean -- Drew Brees. I said put it behind us if there was ever a time to totally put this behind -- it's now and again. If the Saints didn't have a bounty program then would you explain to me what Gregg Williams. And others. Have apologized for. Except that move on can't wait. For this season. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. CBS has informed all performers and for Sanders for the grammys Sunday night. Vets they must speak covered up including. Beer fleshy under curves of the buttocks. And other parts of the buttocks that's not what's written here but I don't wanna. I don't wanna be that graphic on the air but that's how graphics -- what they still finished -- graphic I just don't feel the need to. To describe it that way but just the blacks and and different parts of that the backside. Also CBS -- said. They'd -- sides. And under curvature of the breasts. Cannot be shown. They dress code for the grammys Sunday night also includes a ban on sheer see through clothing. It could possibly explode Expos. Female breast and well for a again rather than use this word I'll just say. And that might expose. I'll put it this way the nucleus. Of the female breast okay would would would that big descriptive enough. So now the question is with all of these dress restrictions this dress code for the grammys Sunday night. We used to be watching. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There is a new study that shows that the southern diet and merely fried foods and then they've just sweets in the sugary drinks and alcohol consumed in the south just as part of our traditional southern diet. Did you know that this could could possibly increase your risk of having a stroke. Wow maybe do we really need starting to tell us that. You know when when people come to visit and then they're they don't live here. I -- I tell -- you're just relax. And you here we go ahead and eat and because people like in my country so full. I don't worry about what's your reading when your -- here visiting. The problem is is that if people who live here don't eat healthy on a regular basis and you know yeah he's got -- You got to give your body breaking -- did pay attention to you know what you -- you -- you should be bad stuff all the time because we can indulge. Does we can't have fun you can eat a fried food detainee to buttery -- the barbecued shrimp -- all the stuff that we love. But I don't do it son called a time that it is interesting if the federal government spent money on a study that I think is seven. Somebody is quite obvious the southern -- the fried foods and all the week. Might increase your risk of having a stroke really. -- we're gonna interrupt our top eight at eight right down to bring you another WWL. Traffic and parade update -- WWL money draw traffic and parades progress report. It only just mentioned about the and read the grammys. Having -- are very strict dress code input in place now they've they've born all the prisoners and all the performers you know you don't Wear anything revealing. Here's already taxed. Not watching number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Shows you what kind of people we have listened to our -- A couple with four children. Was shot. And killed. Following. An argument over dog feces. Michel Jackson and Jimmy Stafford. Were found dead at their park and at disabled ridge apartments in Dallas. Witnesses said the couple had been dumping dog feces on the patio in front door. Of -- Kim who lived downstairs. Apparently this had been going on four and for quite some time a police say Vinatieri that Kim pulled out a gun and shot. Michelle. As she stood on the balcony then he went upstairs. And he shots he shot this. This guy. But -- the male part of -- the couple shot the guy. As he jumped off the balcony while trying to escape and then the guy stood over this guy and shot him again. Residents said that they had been arguing and then heard gunshots. A friend of the victims said that they had been no arguing over pets and noise. One neighbor -- -- Washington said. When they come home today talking about the kids when they come home today their mother and father is gone a little baby. They called the newborn little mama little momma is not going to go to never know her parents a child protection has CEO one month old child there was unharmed. In custody. And three children were at school when the shooting happened and they are now with relatives. We think about shootings like this and you think about the hysteria over we need a gun laws we need to gun restrictions could you explain to me home. New gun laws might have prevented this. From happening -- I wish you -- I wish you -- that easier -- agree with some of the things that might be done to make the world a safer place. There is no way to control as humans like they're robots. And some people lose their temper some people get angry and -- note cast. When it comes to a buying a -- getting a permits. There's there's no test for ones anger management abilities but there's no test for how -- your temper is. And as long as that that is the part of the human equation then yeah we're we're not going to be able to. It totally. Make it. The world a safer place or didn't do all we can make the world a safer place but I guess the point is there's one issue omens are involved. Then there's gonna be that human factor and a law is not going to change. That human element to try unfortunately. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You're this and our news energy now confirms that the eyewitness investigative reporter Mike pearl -- reporter on channel four. That's energy was responsible for the embarrassing power outage during the Super Bowl in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Now. During hurricane -- energy was brutally criticized for what was perceived as a gross lack of planning for restoring power to its customers. The admission that the loss of power during the Super Bowl was energies faults. He's -- only lead to further image problems for this power company you know I was Siro on WWL as many of us -- During hurricane Isaak. Before earth during what was actually happening and after. And after there was a lot of criticism of energy for not -- not appearing to be better planned. To restore power. I I guess that is it is still being investigated could they should they had have done more but this is not good for energy. And if something else happens. It is energies faults. I can't imagine that there's there's not going to be just a general uncalled for the city of New Orleans to get rid of energy. This city has to approve the the power company and that's based on performance and I've been quite frankly. Their performance seems to be questioned and and you're here in the new state energy could -- could've prevented that from happening. But it wasn't prevent it. One thing that I think scares all of us about the idea that a business -- company operates as a monopoly. Is if you don't have any competition. And -- in a way you really do but you don't have any immediate competition. The concern is is that then the company will not be as vigilant as it could or should be when it comes to taking care of us. The customers. And I write my check out monthly to energy New Orleans. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. According to a new study it was released this week. Increasing the price of an alcoholic beverage by 10%. Can lead to an immediate and significant drop in drink related deaths. The British government is planning to introduce a new minimum price for alcoholic beverages in hopes of cutting down on binge drinking an anti social behavior. So I guess -- question becomes should the United States establish a minimum. Price for alcoholic beverages. Now you know I -- Its soul and my man's not that great you -- wasn't their problem I guess I just really not bad servant that -- at math. But if you can -- a shot for a dollar. If you increase. Your hand if you increase the price of a job I've -- dollar shot on Bourbon Street. By 10%. Correct me if I'm wrong. But that would be a dollar ten. Now it is anybody walking down -- history gonna cut down on the amount of killer shots they had if they go from a dollar to a dollar ten. And I'm I'm really surprised to hear that there has been up a study by Canadian researchers. Tennis was in British Columbia western province a -- There when they did increase the price of alcohol. That says they did notice. That there -- is less heavy drinking and to come should the consumption of alcohol went down. I just I don't know I just you know you you you look you look around especially in a weekend like this. Natalie downtown but also in in -- you'll feel you look around -- that there when everybody is she is doing and how people are -- did you really think increasing the price of alcohol is gonna. Change anybody's mind. Here's our WWL party general opinion poll tonight should the United States establish a minimum price for alcoholic beverages. Will attract this to our our showed tonight -- and if you would go giving your opinion go to our website. Debbie WL dot com number two on tonight's list the top eight at eight. Do you follow the laws. And the rules of good etiquette when it comes to -- draw. Every year we talk about this and this year is no exception. I crap like I have a problem with. Which people who are guests. In somebody else's neighborhood. Regardless of the parade. Who are in considerate. Of the property owners. Now the property they use stake out. You go early and you stake out your property. That's not your property. And the idea of putting up. -- alleged in certain places that affects the residents in any neighborhood I think is. Is appalling. And there are people love uptown to complain about big barbecue pit stand and smoke. Wouldn't be really nice if we can just all be considerate of each other. Now -- many people break the law. When they do certain things I I don't know what the exact ruling is but letters are not supposed to be like right up on the street because. If the latter falls. Your precious Angel that was in the latter is now in the street. Now if you're not supposed to put your -- -- Who are you gonna blame and cry too if your kid gets hit by a float. In the street. You need a mirror. And you need to look in the mirror. However you know what's gonna happen if that happens people are gonna be screaming and crying and they're going to be blaming the city -- the parade or whatever. Note you can't do that. You have responsibility. Now what about in OPD doing more to enforce the loss -- a little TD -- superintendent ball surpass talked about this. He said that we really wanna ask people to remember common sense -- -- I know I talk about that a lot to him good luck -- -- we were trying to if we're trying to. Inspired these -- common sense but I'll tell you it is a daily challenge here known everywhere in America. Is this common courtesy -- common safety. She served has said. We can go one block getting the letters back. Working on getting open fires out working on getting the intersections cleared. But there are another 5000 people behind -- often. And god knows we love New Orleans. But often times they go right back to where. They wore. Again I think this is more an issue for. You and me. I think this is -- issue for civilians. For those of us who live here and participate in this why can't we make it -- on the police. By -- the loss. And by paying attention to the basic things that we should pay attention to. And you know I guess there's I guess is another. Thing to talk about and that is the letters being right up front. -- blocks for everybody else. Shouldn't there be a restriction on. Where the letters can be should -- letters -- further back. The center right up front I was so walking to the station just a little while ago and on saint Charles is where the breaks are rolling right down. The downtown in the CB date there's a role of latter saint Charles and pointers that are right up on the street and it. It it just it totally dominate that entire area I am I missing something here. Or should we try to encourage. Some common sense and basic etiquette when it comes to enjoying -- drop. And we can talk about some of the things that if people do that make money gram less enjoyable for you. If you wanna join our show the comment about anything we're talking about tonight what are your home and your car and figure among those working. Or maybe you're you're you're on a float and it's just not that exciting in your -- the show on your on your WWL lap. Our numbers 260187. He told 3866889070. And our tech summary is 87870. And finally tonight's number one never. Lines and I glanced Maroney topping the things. Did wrong. Why -- we do it. Have you ever stopped to think about why we do this. -- talk about this coming appeared in. In just a few minutes but you know I have -- on myself. Challenge over the years and I am I'm a native in -- ten years growing up going to money draw. I have challenge myself in later years to try to with. Figure out intellectually. Why we do this you know and I realized I probably shouldn't do that. And I'm -- my son used to tell me did you always have to try to figure out the meaning of every movie. Any I remember the first time he told me that we had just seen the mask. With Jim Carrey. And I was explaining the hand that the meaning of of the of the movie did the lesson from the movie -- the mask made him something that he didn't feel like he was. Actually put the -- gone. And -- I guess to some degree that says very is reflect is very reflective of of money grub and I found I found meaning and I try to find meaning in. In everything which is you know maybe why am I'm truly have. A boring person and in real life but in any event to I'd try to find -- aside I've tried to ponder this morning drug thing and you know it continues to. Confuse me money Graf why do we do it. More on that coming up here in just a few moments -- remind you there will be talking to -- Fred looked lost Cowboy Mouth Cowboy Mouth performing. I -- performing also Monday at one -- Graf. That's a Spanish fourth last year was the first year I went to excellent draw. In all the years I live -- never participated in that and it really is quite an event we're just hoping and praying that the weather turns out okay for that. I cowboy mascot performed well talk to a federal law a native New Orleans -- as somebody who loves this city and loves playing New Orleans especially. By this time of year we'll talk to him coming up. There about fifteen minutes or so and then we'll talk to brush guilty of the top cats and they're also going to be performing this year at pull and the draw. We'll talk to our -- coming out I just a little bit after 9 o'clock. Are right now though here is another WWL. Money draw traffic. And progress let these guys are always part of Mardi Gras in New Orleans better than I trust. What Kevin on the year the other day in and Zach Bennett and as -- performing I was Sister Hazel tonight at the joy. It's part of the Better Than Ezra and experience for Mardi Gras wishes. The crew of raucous. And if you haven't been involved in that find out more about that you can go to their web -- get information on that. And then -- -- and -- for is going to be at their house of blues which is a a real traditional round money draw. Saturday night and I am looking forward to ask. This is this gonna show we push boundaries at night but since this isn't about money grow weekend in New Orleans I guess they really should apologize to those of you who listen across the country. We cover much of America at night. And if you're listening around the country we do apologize not trying to rub it in hopefully you in enjoy vicariously enjoying Mardi Gras with us. I'd -- this is the time of year that we just have to have a blast and it's a nonstop party from now through took Tuesday. Push for those -- view along be the East Coast and in the northeast. I have been in -- serious blizzards I've been in a lot of snow -- I've lived around the country. But I bit into serious blizzards. And one or more and one of them was the that publisher of 1996. In new York and when I think about all the times in my life when maybe I have been a little scared. I'm not sure I've ever been more scared but I was in that blizzards. Being on stuck with the Newark Airport for a while. Not getting off the ground coming back and then having to try to trying to find transportation back to New York City. A Grand Central station and then take a cavs aren't running I had to get back to the ferry because I was actually staying in it and we Hawkins. -- New Jersey right across the the river from. Manhattan and -- really at the blizzard of 1996. Gave me one of the most scary moments I've had today in my life so. I understand. What you're going through there. If you -- majorities of the comment are numbers 2601. A seventy till 3866889. -- seventy text is a 7870. Concerning the raising the price of drinks in MM according to some information. If you raise the price of alcoholic beverages. By his by at least 10%. Then the amount of drinking and an alcohol related -- goes down. So should America rays stayed the minimum wage for alcohol. Here's a tech series raise the drink price and I'll find a cheaper Bart you get my Jack and Coke at. I also refused to patronize. Smoke free bars but tend to charge more for their drinks from Baton Rouge -- -- on WWL. They -- you don't well the body guard -- helping Jefferson Parish. And they love eastern there was Jerry Jones Kevin I don't they would people are so good -- -- had a great turn. And -- guard is the most great party when you're tired or. You know it's amazing we just had Super Bowl week and didn't get much of arrest before the ratings started this week on Wednesday and now we're into Mardi Gras weekend and right now the weather is great he was last night for the parades. I was in the French Quarter last night and I just walking to the station from my apartment downtown. I can tell that there is just another great buzz in the air more electricity in the air. And New Orleans is Sam is party and when I say when I say partying I don't suggest that you have to go -- and get drunk to party but just you know it just to get out and NH this is a time to just get out and enjoy life. What is so different from the rest of the -- You can go -- them perturbed and that. Great but to -- could do anything like they just just just have a good time and laugh and -- -- and destroy you always felt that I was little kid. And of course -- Papa okay as speech and he was my -- embarrassment picked me up. And -- shoulders should be your top overall objection besides tennis circuit never went journal I -- -- you -- -- -- good -- told me out. I'd been I'm glad you call -- that's another thing that happens you know we develop this a camaraderie with people we watch here we watched the parade swift. -- blog tonight and -- WL dot com is titled. -- -- Why do we do it. Read this blog to share a -- -- disjointed read -- this -- -- about -- -- and then the question is why -- we do it. And what let's see if you don't relate to some of the things that I've I talk about turn into -- applaud. And the parades rolling tonight are Hermes. The -- crude to talk and the crew of more so yes those are downtown then the crew of Selena in Slidell the theme is. The naughty boys. Robin Hood Jack Sparrow. Ozzy Osborne. -- and what you have to do there. Being known as one under and only voice. Surprising don't have a Dennis Rodman -- Also a Metairie centurion -- is several league right down it's just a great night yeah I you know what when I was so important decision earlier today. In the middle of the day. People are walking around with drinks people walking around in constant I saw three -- your girls. And I'm sure one of them wasn't really a girl. I mean that doesn't think -- grow huge and defense. You know it's almost as if everybody took it well not everybody but a lot of peoples of the day off today and -- treated today as if they were a holiday. If you're heading to a parade I hope your enjoying it and coming up in about ten minutes. Will have another WWL money draw traffic parade up. Blonde come -- now joins us. Marlon WWL Fred good evening and happy new money -- kind of happy like my friend Daria I'm gravy here -- a big. It's very appropriate pitcher playing it one to draw this year because. Not only do you guys just soaked ceremony growers in -- fans do not many but but some do. But a big part of -- draw which I curious for the first time last year is there in the meeting of the king of wrecks in the picking a Zulu a Spanish plaza and it's really it's it's a it's a great moment to really start off money -- a day. Bouts critics wonder farming in our main -- it is wonderful to be part of that again we can do on Monday progress off and on a little passage. Like fifteen years and there are always a ball and I'm really looking forward to their supper look report to -- and what better way to celebrate that would be official. Cowboys with the official Mardi -- rock and roll band California line. I agree. I'm shred -- here from New Orleans so what are some of your early memories of -- -- Oh my earliest memory of Martin draw. Is my dad slamming his hand. In -- station wagon car door and having to go to the emergency room I was about six years old when that happened. And so my mom. Learn me and my bros and sisters were looking at him he's -- games like you know like OK but that got to go to the emergency room. Have a good day we're on the market -- -- -- yeah. It's -- -- -- you know definitely hurt they Roebuck and how well we -- out Ricky Jordan parade but I -- no just my guard eventually and they got to have a. I just goes to show you that dedication that we have -- celebrating our dads you know -- hands bleeding is in the arm again and Oreo -- PS dad -- stuff get to help us and Connecticut -- -- we're -- tonight. We are playing outside of Lafayette Louisiana -- coach Sharon them. Because. To any casino that you know we do really well here there's a lot of -- we're -- fans take a -- you greats. -- out -- have a great front and I commend that we've got two days off and everybody's been on the weekend in New Orleans except for me. To become an -- Sunday. And -- Pushing myself and Marty broke replay -- Monday draw and it's going to be one -- -- longer -- Credit as as animated as you -- -- onstage and as much as I enjoy watching you do what you do well on some -- -- I have to admit that my eyes tend to wander over to your bass player Cassandra quite often. They're going to. I need your straight fan I'd be all right sure she's just so. She's so animated and members know it not only does she slapped a great base but she's also very animated. She is great she is she's great I mean that I mean. He got the base position in the span we've been so lucky and so -- over the years I mean. We start off the dining -- and it was really talented. And entry usually gets beat Walters who was a great player and was also very animated spent three years. We have were optional boy do we go knew from the blue runners. And then after and we had Mary was saying who was really great -- Really kick I don't know if I -- barker and after her we had -- -- well. It was you know just really just a great. Foundational bass player urged teachers had a great spartans. And we had Regina for years she did great. And then she went enjoyed seeing those stand for a little while now we've got this and we've been really really lucky cloud based players because you know. I was like we can give him the comparison just final trapped drummers who -- But I mean -- -- you read correctly believe. Really love you and I mean I I think it's about everybody plays that we won't get very excited that. I -- I think contenders. Probably. Not denigrating anybody else -- -- -- -- was -- -- -- he's probably the best post players because it was because. I was I compare her play and the like. Cheating amusing looking -- she laid me incomes you know I'm a little. Generous with Campo could. Spend and she always know with a groove issues purpose I was moving her show she's great. And -- once again be very rare for anybody else and -- Cowboy Mouth and I did and I just couldn't feel I you know what I love the way she bounces around she's over with there for awhile and she says she's banging her space and -- -- it. You guys are always so much fun and then you're showing animated talk briefly about your new album. Kind of we -- he probably thought this train and we put it out first -- our website and then you just got added I can recently if I'm pretty well course. People seem to really love it. We are really pushing it through the whole system thing because I just wanted to comment you just -- kind of see how much we could be on our own arm experiments. And down. It's done well army plaza people know the songs. It's gotten really good reviews especially outside the city. All know. You know I am. I can't really complain I mean you know. I love making -- lovemaking music I love making recordings and every car that that I mean where the band really does Charlotte body can and we've always just don't hide under our biggest hit. What a lot recording a generation has hole and made. -- is -- of people wanna get to this town from -- mouth I can find that on iTunes. We're straying I had taken pounded on iTunes or they can go through our website we got to download fair I think actually. Think we -- cheaper than I can download. Gobbling up I can't wonderful I can -- come get it from us insurers -- So those are the only places -- -- You know you -- you you talk about how how much you enjoy doing what you do and I can tell my CUN and and I want everybody in New Orleans to know when I've said this before when you've been in the studio and when we have talked before this is I've seen you in other cities when I was on the air and in in other cities. I know what a great ambassador you are for New Orleans and I also know. How people around this country respond to anything from New Orleans they love this city. Can really do -- so there's a warm and there's an affection. -- warn -- that existed. Long before Katrina and all that stuff -- me and I've always kind of being an ambassador for New Orleans. -- city Louisiana the state because I'm just very enthusiastic about. You know where I come from everything -- learned. That kind of thing when I first started playing music that kind of thing was kind of I'll look down upon knows better to be huge American from nowhere and just trying to put across to my mind -- there is actually my putting it in now. I played in -- for proctor in the eighties. Towards the end of the eighties. The bill davis' tar clearly showing her -- if she could have -- is really neat that he espoused and we'll all -- Being from Louisiana they're from battery issue is how like -- -- my Charlton with a and he was very always very conscious and made sure that people knew we were from Louisiana and I thought Taylor threw me that's really refreshing and it really is a great place they're really made me learn how low it's you know actually. Much fascia and playoff form -- -- I -- we make sure that -- people ask what kind of fans are sitting where I normally Louisiana welcome world record period. And and that's a that's a great way to describe it. Fred have a great show tonight I can't wait to see here Monday for -- draw and it's it's always a pleasure to talk to you and we'll we'll talk I don't know we'll talk again on Monday. So bad that we've played 4 PM. Among those numbers check the web site babbling -- about. I think we got Twitter and FaceBook art Kraft. -- just comes this Monday and thank you to host quakers shot. We've tried all season. Under -- to block Cowboy Mouth -- -- WL. I'm -- and here is another WWL Mardi Gras parade and -- graphic update funny -- weekend and I you know I know we've we've we've all heard the forecast for. Maybe Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday. I don't like Cuba might change any plans yet and we'll just deal with that when it happens but we do want to remind you here on WWL. We will have the most up to date forecast on the weather and I don't leave tonight but also old Monday eighth. And Tuesday and we'll be -- to stay -- -- your solidly all over the city. There is always something new and our website WW dot com I mentioned is even though we're radio station. Our web site is very visual. Watching videos lots of pictures so you've heard that energy says. Say it was a faulty device that was they errors that caused the Super Bowl black out we've got the full story for you Greg Williams apologizes for the bounty scandal. After being reinstated he is now with the Tennessee Titans. As a senior assistant defensive coordinator I believe that's his title. And the super crews are rolling all weekend we will give you up to the minute forecast each day. Of the -- so I stay it was a will have all this information on our website at WWL dot com plus we've got all the -- schedules in the parade routes. On line Mardi Gras like traffic reports Arthur hardy carnival previews safety tips including rules for the latter is not that a lot of people are gonna care what the rules are they just do what they want anyway. And we also have a history of a carnival and morning -- speak. For beginners. All of that and more is on line right now. And our website WWL dot com fiasco blood tonight is titled morning draw why don't we do it. Not as you've ever really thought about this but if you've ever wondered why we do this or maybe you haven't thought about it but now you'd like to know why do we do this. Always got that for you tonight in the -- blog read it share it. I if you know anybody from New Orleans who is living somewhere else there's sure -- Mendez send it to them. This could blog money -- what do we do it to us on our website at WWL dot com and down the right column under our opinions and also on the -- page. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should the United States establish a minimum wage for alcoholic beverages. Now according to a new study increasing the minimum price of alcoholic beverages by 10% can lead to an immediate and significant drop. Injury related deaths. The British government is planning to introduce a minimum price for alcoholic beverages. In hopes of cutting down on binge drinking. An anti social behavior. So should the US a stab -- a minimum price. For drinks. You could give us your opinion respond or -- we're going to our website WWL dot com will be updating you on that. Throughout our show coming back to the news we're gonna talk to another New Orleans native who loves playing -- draw and that their band is always part of Marty Roth. Rob showed they from the talk cats will join us. A right after the news. That's. 9 o'clock. All right if you do enjoy his for the comments tonight on numbers 2601878.