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02-08-13 11:10 pm Open Lines

Feb 9, 2013|

Scoot ask the question: why do we do what we do during mardi gras? He also talks about common courtesy's we should have for each other before, during, and after the parades.

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It's going to be -- WWL's fastest save money gonna go wall to wall coverage for you of the greatest free show on earth. And it's zero glistening and some other part of the country can -- of course join us that every of your -- dot com and you'll hear all of it. Listen to our Mardi Gras mambo featuring Pete sounds half fast marching club and also the toast where if the king of Zulu and Rex live shots from saint Charles avenue in the French Quarter. I'll argue -- sit in Metairie and a lot more and then -- things from 5 AM. On Dave Cohen will be at suburban Orleans in the heart of the French Quarter of an 8 o'clock. I will be at the center of the purple green and gold universe and tell your halt a Tommy Tucker will join me from eight to midnight. And then Tom Fitzmorris -- vice from eleven to two after that. The Mardi Gras -- continues with a review by Todd Manassas from two to six. And then I'll be on to review everything that that I saw I know we'll talk about -- hitting the -- and you'll talk to you about your morning -- 2013. Up from 68. It's Simonyi got a tradition the crew WWL lie from the greatest free show on earth thirteen hours. A wall to wall live coverage from 6 in the morning until. -- -- Here under the WL a -- and welcome to our show and I give an update on the traffic. -- -- I know I'm good diet or are you in some of the traffic that -- they're having right now. Amanda Romo over here and you don't. Body company don't -- -- of it's impractical -- -- Can you tell what's causing the back up. I think the moral I think you're right it bitter debate will try government trying to kill us shouldn't. Document but other engineered tobacco Smart girl. Parent you know and I see you guys understand of oil drive carefully I'm glad you gave us an update Chad thanks for listening I hear is attacks it is ridiculous to close a Huey. To the West Bank during parade nights with only one bridge and I got another text earlier from somebody said that. Others thought he Phelan was closed and very it's going to be close all weekend. And this may be causing a delay here's a text we -- in that nasty traffic on I ten. No idea what's causing it. Trying to get to New Orleans we see emergency lights in the distance but again. We don't know what's going on. If you have a traffic update if you're in the traffic and you wanna let us know what's going on if you know what's going on it again it just could be that a lot of people are the enjoying the night. And a lot of people were out and with the weather being really nice -- -- mean there's just no question a lot of people were gonna be out tonight. I you can join our show tonight with much traffic update your -- your thoughts or comments about -- money grow weekend in the beginning here in New Orleans. Our numbers 2601. 8668890. A seven. And -- -- number is 87 870 years it takes a reason as to what was the name of your dance show in the eighties. You know occasionally this. Comes up on the show. The Daily Show was -- airwaves. And I had a lot of fun doing that in fact the the first show we did. Is actually. Available for your viewing on YouTube. Now look this was a long time ago. So try to remember the context of the times in which this show was -- It was a lot of fun it was a show that really was at the time it was very much ahead of its time and I'm very proud of the show that we that we did to -- Innovative have an interview with the Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about sex and violence in. In error in their music and and interviewing and a couple of other people and I was just really amazed at that the fashion. And the the talent of the dancers in the young people that we had on the show that you you can find that on YouTube via just searching airwaves. -- I hear is attacks -- traffic unbelievable I ten -- back up from Metairie road to the Crescent City connection and I ten west backed up from Clayburg of the Crescent City connection. Here's another text a seven car pileup. If you wanna join our show our numbers 26 so on one a seventy toll free 8668890870. And our tech's number is 878 senate becoming a page in just a few minutes wrangle over summoning. Some of them -- the laws and some of the basic rules about money draw and there are people who want NO PD. To do a better job of enforcing. The laws when it comes to people along the parade route. And that's. That's fine. Except that the police have more important things to focus on. Why can't we do them a safer. Not put a burden on them by being stupid. By being. Inconsiderate. And that's where it is. There are a lot of people who are very very inconsiderate. Very shellfish. They stake out their territory and don't give a damn about you. That's not everybody. But it is some so we'll get to that coming appeared in just a moment a Cindy or WWW in the traffic. I think it normal that airport. Over here and actually and -- about. I don't Metairie road and -- Actually they're in the emergency lights. And traffic backed up all the way I'm from the split. On the way. The child was. It is indeed is the accident westbound -- down. Well being at last count. Okay west and so. It's -- your -- on the other sides or your senior seemed to back. It's clear sailing on my. It is really backed am I mean my god -- -- They're like he went there and exact all the way. Down the child to a parking lot. Why so what do you say this accident is around Metairie road. -- or even even beyond. The Metairie road exit it's still it's still built up coming downtown. Yeah it like -- Big Apple right in the middle of -- The traffic. So the -- just most of the rest of it just must be the man's number of people who wanna come downtown. And. -- -- -- -- Chock lot and I would convert to a car and -- it down a bit down. All right Cindy I appreciate the update thanks for listening and thanks for thanks for calling her show and eight so there's an accident apparently a Metairie road exit westbound early -- and -- then you know combine that we -- Everybody just wants to come downtown I mean this is a nice night. It's the beginning of money grow weekend there were brace -- and yeah and and and some people are gonna come downtown they don't care about the Fraser just gonna go out in fact. You know our show ends at midnight I'm gonna go on and go hit the streets at midnight. Now I'm Guinness Iman takes -- pictures and -- -- Ulsan some pictures out on nine on my to my Twitter account. And if you wanna follow me on Twitter. It's due to SE OOT. WWL. And I will always take tasteful pictures funny yesterday I took a picture of a guy in the quarter. Who was. Being balanced. By a girl on urban street. And he was upside down. Playing an oasis song. In the middle of the streets outside -- balance on this girl's feet at -- again existed truly. I'm music let's find out a little bit more about our traffic from the West Bank -- you're under the WL. I don't like. Wanna sit there and tap a poor at the end it got it made more failure on the web. OK so everybody just wants to come downtown. Well right -- did you come downtown tonight Brendan. I'll never. I went up whom would not marry. The night. You went to a marriage conference. I'd hear that tour and what what did you what did you learn the marriage conference. Current. Commitment that the best thing you know you marry. -- you about the. And so -- number one it might vote. Yeah and it's really is really a shame that money's an issue -- the money my money's an issue Chris if if if there are financial problems than that leads to a lot of tension in the relationship even though. There still might be a lot of love sometimes sometimes a senate financial issues can. Commit the love kind of diminishing their. All right were you keep communicating and you guys keep -- and best selecting your Brenda. All right good to color -- -- massive traffic back coming downtown. You know what you might wanna do is -- take airline highway and and come up Tulane avenue. To downtown. Now a second the easy to find a place to park. I don't know how late the street cars run the boy that's a great waited too to get into the city. If you pay if you park out on on canal street and then take the canal streets ministry car. Into town. Again as anybody's in the trafficking you wanna give us -- updates. On some aspect of this that we don't have a please call our show it to 601. A seventy. And -- takes number is 87870. Here is a Texan -- major wreck on the overpass right after Metairie road -- Metairie road city park exit on the interstate. Here is a track as a terror attacks in recent traffic due to Zulu ball and parade on saint Charles. All the parades not a -- -- David maybe they have a debris going on with the with the ball well and this is a very busy time of year. May we all know that it's it's it's it's crazy. So just be patient and realize that you'll you'll get through this here's another -- to is the traffic going to the West Bank. Yes but now we just heard from a listener Brendan who said that the traffic is really bad the chopper to Lewis and south Peterson and after that. It kind of clears up here is attacks that reads. Emergency lights. We saw. What's three or four car accidents at exit 23 234. -- And even -- seeing that though it's still bumper to bumper going an enormous well if there's if there's a lot of traffic. Once you get past and accidents that just means that there are a lot of people heading into New Orleans and again here is it's Friday the weather is really nice and I'm sure the quarter's going to be packed. So again when the show's over at midnight I'm gonna I'm I'm -- -- I'll hit the French Quarter. Talents I'll take some pictures and how long I'll tweet them so again this year. And not follow on the annual follow me on a Twitter it's scoots SE OOT. And it's now that's -- and that's my email address it's just scoot WWL. On Franken you're on -- really even the traffic frank. -- straight -- we just got here. One of our fountain in the accident the accident is right. On the top of the -- an overpass. It's heading toward the downtown area and now. Worked traffic pretty. They clogged up about -- and it clears up just a little bit Connecticut. Called him against -- -- traffic but. Part of this is their commander factory and didn't see your son okay yeah terrible bump on the -- He needs and you have pretty hard hit is what would have been -- you tell us what can you tell us what happened. Well I don't know have I don't have all the details. According to him some money ran behind him pretty hard. And a pretty big truck and then you struck behind them. Police car Jefferson Parish and they give him. So they kind of get changed in the middle but down. From. There are people just can't -- just showed up. The ambulances. Coming around so from Orleans police aren't here yet it's going to be them -- -- together. Did you that you need to hear -- -- the hospital's pediatric and have to take commute might -- -- is -- try to -- -- Matthews OK. Okay. -- -- it lets you know that I'm just -- on the side winning goal was to have. Kind of shake a little bit now want to call he got too much and -- -- and actually here are going to be here approval long. Well at this moment I appreciate you taking time to share this information with us and know right now -- -- your emotion is with your son and our thoughts and prayers are with him and hope that aaron's and everybody -- is is is okay. Sure I am Vermont farmer promoting -- frank I appreciate you sharing and information -- this particular case so dubbed big accident a topic Carrollton overpasses toward downtown but then when you get past bad. Then there is. A lot of son didn't miss a lot of traffic after that because they're just so many people trying to head into downtown New Orleans look it's again. It's the Friday of money -- weekend. James your on this show. -- Yes. Well look I know. I'm proud of it all on the bridge. And I am I still think -- could embed almost St. -- and then like. Now look at king of the late great rather like a bat but I'm saying towels. And the police barricade at that level -- that will be a good route. Double principle. Is that you know I know he's -- step on the -- so yeah you know -- What common like that pollute the canal street. I'm thinking I'm you know if somebody was a college to be an update on this they certainly can invade James I would think that the -- I would think that the -- may be concluded by now or is certainly -- to. Onto canal and and may be getting close to the end if there if they're still as a parade running I know there was a a long long parade last night muses I don't know why there was a delay picked event parade didn't get to canal on saint Charles until. That are close to midnight. I don't think I'm thinking that this year. Right now we have to look good attitude is you know. -- -- -- maybe you know it's clear then that I'd give it. Intercept the the Jumbo or it could have been gone in this state so that -- got to let the lab but before you go. There's a magazine -- the bridge if you know that big -- -- -- -- well. Pilot James just be patient you know it's a crazy time a year. You have I was. I'd appreciate you calling in thanks -- to WW -- night. -- Brett welcome to the -- -- -- don't bomb there was an accident Baton Rouge Wes Brown are acting -- count. Between the -- and on Highland Park connect which shut down and that they about two hours. I got at all and now -- around it actually. Got back on an island. In what -- will swap an hour ago. Every caller -- the exactly what this place that you had to do well it's. He had -- down into the city and Albany -- trap the ago. Then you have people look -- gone in opening and -- it made -- one time yeah bump -- -- -- and has added that the problem. All right Brent I appreciate that update this is this good show and you know whether it's tonight did at this moment or any time you're in traffic or weather and you wanna give us a report you call our show immediately moved to join just as soon as we can't. If you are just joining us there is. A big accident at top of the and -- to an overpass heading back toward downtown but even when you get past the the accident there's still. A lot of traffic a lot of people were still trying to get into New Orleans who once you pass the chopper to list. And south Peters says exits are heading car across the West Bank it says it clear sailing. From my future on your under the WL. I -- -- I would call and I was driving. Actually valid that worked out struck out. Go out town Troy Cox front -- -- and not think in afraid we're done in the little and I just saw the trade down and -- they're still going to. All right now and but actually I saw -- that I'm just so glad that. Like someone just called and said that's OK okay it was terrible like. This person is smashing the -- chocolate every hour on the hour -- Feel like five cars. -- here. -- John I appreciate that update I'm glad you graduate involved and then I guess this is just a reminder that. And who we need to drive carefully and then some people just don't turn don't pay attention of the -- to see what. The cause of this accident is but I appreciate you taking time to call our show. I hear is a -- re separate still on saint Charles and other text -- -- parts of the last parade or just passing. Tony 31 saint Charles avenue. While -- here's a text us -- the last parade is held up. Here is a text that -- canal street cars are not running. I here's a text no traffic after south Peters exit going toward. The West Bank. If you wanna join us with a traffic update -- joy and share your thoughts and feelings with us on this Friday as we head into Mardi -- weekend. Our number is 260187. And toll free number 8668890. Weights every Texas a 78 semi gusto to -- Chad for another traffic update Chad welcome to our show tonight. I intricate security income what they are great and cultural -- It's Garko playing there larger traffic the target Beltre or. If a trial took -- -- -- there a better home in regards bill. So when you get off the job the jewel is it's still block -- I mean they're bear blog or there's still a lot of traffic. And Chad best of luck to you. All right and when Riley appeared midnight I'm gonna walk. The -- which is what I always do here's a text some more -- parade is only had Dahlia all wow. OK so these parades -- I don't know whether they were delayed or I just I don't remember parades going on this this long in the last night when I saw. -- just did the -- the last part of muses on saint charles' close to canal close to midnight I thought wow this is what eight. Yeah I stayed up late last night and I didn't do the show less I -- -- -- Manassas for a during the show. I'm here -- nights when I never gonna show for Garland type here and everything to do well. -- to -- the traffic could just be patient we're to talk about some of the rules and some of the etiquette of -- -- coming up next we'll also get to more of your calls. And if you can avoid the interstate heading downtown to do it and even when you get off the interstate there's a lot of traffic downtown. So hot you know I'm gonna get out in it and I'll send out some I'll send down some tweets so if you wanna follow me it's scoots. As COT. Debbie WL I'll take some pictures but I'll also lets you know what when I see the traffic and with the parades. The women I live on the the -- of saint Charles. I may have sees my WW credentials to get across a parade route. Or minus the south often. Have fun. We'll be right back and -- WL. H he'll be out West Bank found is opened here's a text yes sir -- one of the floats axles and broke. How often do we hear this. I mean I illnesses like every year there's an -- -- that breaks would you think that. Since there's a parade insulated on this -- what would you think that they would do something to. Fortify the axles or make sure that the axles are OK and I are realize that anything that's. It's it's man made is is is fallible and and might bring down but it wouldn't you think that they have that pretty much taken care of for this one little. Run there are a couple of runs this this time of year. I am amazed that we hear about summary axles breaking our enemies axles are breaking maybe there's something wrong with. Everything that's on top of the axles. And there the F -- axle broke it took a long time to finally move that float out of the way on saint Charles avenue causing everything. To back up. I -- -- -- -- with an update on the parade or. An update on our traffic and again if you have just joined us tonight. Apparently massive traffic issues coming downtown. On the interstates and there is a big accidents on top of victory heralds an overpass heading. Toward downtown but even when you get off to get into the downtown area. There's a lot of traffic get like it's a nice Friday night it's a beginning a -- or a weekend and I look under the French Quarter is going to be packed. Failure on WW well good evening. -- temperature high highly you know. All are here Mary -- where you -- I was trying to get the west bank and I got all the audio audio look. And that was the big mistake a shutdown actually -- Parallel overpaid yes -- should cycle -- aren't. Show I had turned her and I'm trying to go around. You know I'm around jump up here all why these people. Yeah I would do I'd I wouldn't today you know I would get further away from saint Charles the president parade says still running there apparently and I get further away from from saint Charles and I guess the best thing for you to do as soon. Well you get past can you -- can you get past and I'm confident of. -- won't try and -- tell people just don't get down offered no pets if you try to do what I'm about Conchita cars open hole. Whole lot better at least -- bad it's quite up six aren't so. So there's a little they make people more. Can you get an eye on the -- on Barone if you could get on the other side of -- the interstate then you could find ultimately find an entrance to get on the the bridge. Only Leona -- like. Oh all right Brian thanks for calling. Yeah it's a mess out there for for many -- it takes our rules of money -- plastered urinating in public -- obnoxious. Have a few fights. Drink and drive. Have a few -- Just a -- perspective. On from New Orleans Mary you're going to be WL. Bump and yes I'm -- I would keep thinking about the two parade isn't. If they can't hit any of played. What kind of man though between me. May Neely that these it would go down count is called -- count -- -- Why I think I remember it went down count and -- play -- and then in LA that people ahead but picked -- made any parades. What between count can and I have been out there on canal street and they can't beat putt that you count and happened in the city -- -- the only city. Yes I do and as a kid I remember parades. And at night going to the French Quarter. Oh yeah remember that kid. But did. Think I've heard a police. Somebody say during the week that -- -- -- expect me at the superdome without can be opened and -- -- -- Maybe Monday acute because that's been blocking a little traffic that it can't get down. Talent I do I don't know sit side by template and wanted to go to law. And I really would like that they I would like these had -- at the -- went to the back. In the middle and and then the violent and and I don't know I know they can't go left a lot of people thought when there's danger. Not with a gun but when the danger and they issued ticket that they have the -- fine. Well I don't know what danger you're talking about third period there are there are. She's old and have them become a lot about slated being in the bond. Cooking in all can they issued him tickets. Oh yeah they do I think they hand out citations. One -- that well but apparently not prompt. And apparently the citations or not to a serious enough to cause people to be afraid to. To break the law and and -- and break the rules and are really comes down to a common sense I appreciate you calling her show thanks for listening. From Slidell Joey you're on WW oil. Go to they -- good Julie happy Mardi -- seem to you. We're sending -- remember -- month or so ago maybe longer. You're -- some serious discussion about the crazy to ride things out in the east. Yeah. Guide channel. Between the high rise in the twins' fans. Yeah was Saturday night a lifer and I came into town to see all of the Super Bowl you know -- glamour and had a nice dinner at superior grow. Well who believing they head back toward -- dells and now we passed. I'm sure we'll. On the interstate. He was only shoulder looking to get into the late in the Slidell. I'm laying. I can't well then we get a little stronger up here canal street. -- here come a guy all the actual we will conquer 450 an hour. Just just dictates that dirt -- do. You to -- has meant I was doing 65. We passed to eat smoked -- He was wearing was a hockey. Mask. And ten. Street by what others. No helmet no not that he's stayed on the interstate went a little bit -- rise. When all around he was -- the east and -- loss -- around the -- highway open perhaps. Easy man. There is that's that's crazy and and you know or somebody wants to be stupid and they -- That's bad enough pride to be stupid and kill somebody else that's even worse. Are you beat the person. Deck it so it can also take you and political wit that the -- you'll lighten. It it. Millicent the -- something wrong with somebody like that so that is in -- bizarre. It worse. It was -- but Japan's two quote crap that was some. Man that is amazing woman be more needs to be done to patrol that area are realize that that our police are. And really attacks right now with Super Bowl weekend and with with -- -- draw but you know that's an area where there's just such bizarre. -- driving are on the high rise to the twins fans in both directions said. It's just it's it's amazing there aren't more tragedies out there. You're right. You are exactly rights group by joy and pledged early show happy money -- thanks for calling a rise in Euro on WWL. I didn't wouldn't know that it is true where. Come and almost go to downtown. I got out on the road. It's going to be held in China on the parade and I got all all mom. Comment I make I don't go there and it's based. Right where did you graduate beautifully in -- I got home -- is they've you know come -- cannot estimate group is Smart parents may settlement. And mistaken all which has been in the wrong just now want to back wait and toward Metairie. But I love coming. Coming down. Towards downtown. Amount cheating on you to do and there's no. Couldn't speak or read a thing as a cheap. But I imagine it can be active but he did treaty. We'll onside how bad was he actually he song. I would not abandoned the Brazilian. -- -- There's more it all right -- room. Just be patient just relax it's a crazy time a year or at least you're okay and disturbed just relax and you'll get to where you need debate. All right Ivan thanks to listen. Here is a text. About the rules of money grow letters with kids in front are dangerous number one and number two they block everyone else. From getting throws. I'm gonna talk more about that coming up in just a moment I hope. You're not one of the ones. -- is guilty of being so inconsiderate daughters but if you are. I'm gonna have to say it anyway. That's coming up. Ronald surpass our police chief for -- -- was spotted earlier today on WWL. And here's part of what to chief surpass had to say about the rules of bony growth. Here's the deal there are some. Very old common sense laws about how to go to operate one is common safety. If you put your latter -- on the edge of the curve and when it falls industry your child is in front of the float come on -- -- your child is in from the float. So move that -- back as far as its highs so that if it falls over your job over from the curves -- your child doesn't. These -- some but these latter is also like -- doing that will now impinge on the sidewalk until about this -- they -- sometimes they want like on a neutral ground. But think of it this way. Sometimes when people -- chain and these things together will announce a domino you to take your child and another person's child and another person -- also common common safety common courtesy common sense our enemies are common but common sense that they do make a lot of sense. And they are laws. But there's so much of that out there and a lot of these laws are they're selectively and okay that was a -- she should press on with -- despite earlier today and every WL and you know I. I respect the police chief -- Chief surpass aren't you expecting a lot when you ask people to use common sense if you. That's asking a lot of people which is really a shame and you know there -- all these complaints about. You know I'm a portal let's I've -- close to how. Houses in and and and big fires and barbecues and things like that that are in people's neighborhoods. During the parade along the the parade routes are. Use common sense. And really you you really are blessed with -- it may be haven't used in awhile but try using it tried being considerate. This this is what the -- -- earlier today and when I was Sarah walking to the station I saw a series of very very large highly fortified latter's. And they were probably six to eight of them. Close supporters. Unsafe journals by when -- square. They were massive. There's no way anybody behind those can city. Do you really have to be that selfish with your latter. There really I don't I don't know with a specific lawyers. I'll try and find out I don't with the specific lawyers but you should not be able to put your latter not only for safety purposes but just also to be courteous of others. They should be able to put your letter right up on the carpet. Because again if that letter falls in your kid ends up in the street and your kid gets hit by out afloat. Or vehicle of some kind. Forty gonna do. You're going to be crying and and you're gonna furious sue the city and you can blame the parade when it really was your fault. Obviously. You don't really care that much about your darling little Angel. If you're putting your Angel a portal latter right on the streets plus is totally inconsiderate to those others who might wanna watch the parade. But again. People can be very selfish and very territorial. And when you go to watch a parade of can somebody else's neighborhood remember you're a visitor in their neighborhood. And when you stake out property. Remember that's not really your property. So be respectful. You don't own it not pain for you by you know -- -- really it's. It's like squatters rights. And that really doesn't fly in a lot of situations. Out of your blessed to be able to go see the parade. Be courteous of all those around you don't. I know this -- -- resonate. With the people who do it. But it would be really nice. Especially. When their kids around. If not only young adults. But if adults in general. We're not -- trunk. And use a lot of profanity. You know I I I I see this all the time. We talked about this on the show the other day when Joseph Flacco com and was telling his friend right after the super bowl of us live on CBS. When he told his friends this is. Like an awesome. And that and this CBS was criticized for for not plea deal but that the truth is there are going to be moments when your kids are gonna hear words. They're gonna see things in here things that you don't want them to see you know want ending here so. Use those moments as an example. Of what's right and what's not right. It's really easy to say you know what that -- like I know you heard that but that's not appropriate. Behavior. And that's your job as soon as apparent. But you know for and for those of you who wanna go out and have a good time for those of you who wanna go on and. And have beverages. Can just behave. And don't ruin it for the families and kids. Around you. If you wanna join our -- are right on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. He takes Amber's age 7870. Here's -- a reason yes I agree with chief surpass a balance the letters is in the text. You are so right -- about the letters they should be back here's another Texan -- shut up. I'm screwed hang on I won't. We'll be right back under the WL. This throughout children. The talk testimony draw a number five -- cancer going to be performing tomorrow without a bunch of other vendor got that information here. -- -- down here it is tough cancer going to be performing at the beginning. It did leave tomorrow night I don't think there was going to be great for that is going to be on -- Orleans. Avenue big -- they're close to city parts. And at noon. Movie seven goes on -- the top cats about 130 in the -- all stars it's free. And Kelly Clarkson who is clear grand Marshal of infineon should get at what stage and you heard toast and she's gonna perform at that point -- she'll be a -- and then the telecast and probable and Cowboy Mouth will be performing. And to one day draws. Money draw and Spanish Spanish plaza downtown a look at. Four to them to being their here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. I should the United States establish a minimum price for alcoholic drinks London that the British government is gonna consider in doing this to cut down on binge drinking and anti social behavior. Here's an update on our poll. I 80% saying no and 40%. Say yes. Here is a text that read this and -- that -- person -- to you to shut up probably puts his kid on the latter. They are selfish people as a possibility and then a person just -- its next session up also sent to expect it said. Blank. Blank but I can't even repeat it would always amazes me when. When people. Are reduced to not being able to express themselves. In under any other way except -- using a profanity. Here is a text why not have the latter three blocks. Not bad here's a text quit going to parades when -- Meet play pins. And she can't my kids have a chance no he is it you know don't don't be -- don't be selfish and mean people can get very territorial. -- -- -- -- -- but some people can become very very territorial. A big considerate of those around you. In a lot of different ways I can hear under the WO good evening. -- just can't directly -- China's historical park and all that -- you're urged the bridge I'm -- there's something you don't column but it's. The -- -- what are the bridge. Yeah apparently a lot of people -- just out tonight says the weather's nice that the praise Serb news is still rolling and I think just a lot of people wanted to be downtown and and then part of it. What can just be patient is not much you can do except deal with it and that that happens this time a year quite often. Chris Kohler show. Mr. earlier on WW LA good evening. And it almost disprove that -- -- -- -- and we have been not a glad to -- -- -- to make. -- and I have the amount about festivities then Galveston. Detective. Because I don't. I'm reminded -- billion inbred animal. For no particularly. With a lot of that the best suited I remember when I McConnell. Because. You know people are still rowdy in Italy and considerate. In person and she doesn't. And I'll let the added into it then there -- -- trying to do it this carriage. No bill that you've got a pretty well got a -- -- please take it. A clear way to do attended church in income thank -- India almost. No idea -- eagle and a church or Mardi Gras day. Yeah I don't know it did end in you know Baghdad sort of balance there from our home. It balanced home. I did this woman defended the form that allowed to go out. I mean. -- this could impact you couldn't get anywhere. Yes you've been almost two. Yeah yeah I don't. It's a little -- it's a little crazy will miss -- take -- yourself they're not happy Mardi Gras. Look -- you all right you stay safe. Lemon reminds you they were really you know I mean Mardi Gras is not for everybody and it it is true it's it's very chaotic you mean it's it's it's a crazy time emitted. Well we'll talk more about that. When we come back after this break on this blog tonight on our website is titled morning draw. Why -- we do it. I have actually. Search for a cerebral meaning behind all of this madness. And I have an answer. That's coming -- and he wondered why we do this. Finding. This and answer. This is this good show -- -- -- on hold say what is if you're in traffic hang on we'll be right back on the VW -- The definition of one word helps explain -- money draw. The word is. To fly actually. To the luxury defined as a life of depraved self indulgence. Those who are experiencing this morning -- season for the first time or innocent souls who. Really have no reason to ask themselves the question the rest of us should be asking ourselves. Why do we do it. As a native New Orleans and a veteran of morning draw from different perspectives like a spectator grand Marshal and in the media. I occasionally search for this cerebral explanation. Of why. Why don't we willingly place ourselves in horrific traffic. That often leads to endless detours or just sitting still. Why do we leave the solitude of our vehicles or our dwellings. An -- on foot into the mass chaos of people drinking and bumping into one another and at times decline in the midst of a crowd with nowhere to turn. Why. Do we stand for extended periods of time. Waiting for a parade but often looks and sounds like the count was parades we've all seen year after year overtime. With the hope of begging for and then fighting for -- worthless trinket that there's no meaning. The moment after we take possession of it. Why do women lift their shirts and exchange for brief moment of attention. And the meaningless -- Why do we spend an entire day wearing a costume that is uncomfortable or a mask that prevents us from having a clear view of the most colorful day of the year. Why. Do. So many make the premeditated decision to start drinking early in the morning as they embark on a day they know is a marathon party day. Over the many years -- I have experienced morning draw I have pondered a cerebral explanation. Of why we do it. And over all this time the best answer that I can come up with is. Because we can. New Orleans has a well established tradition of party which is one of the reasons why we do such a great job of hosting events like the Super Bowl. Life for most people is a challenge. And we face problems. Big and small. Some predictable. Many unpredictable. Monaco is one of those moments when our culture celebrates the human need to escape reality. As we rejuvenate our minds. And our spirits. Many only see the negative aspect of Mardi Gras and will be quick to criticize the city in the citizens for behavior deemed. Inappropriate and outrageous. But there are many positive aspects of -- -- that we should all recognize. As people we join the massive crowds along parade routes in the suburbs in downtown. We show a strong sense of community by doing that. Those standing near us in the crowd often bond with -- us over the shared experience. And in that moment we make temporary friends that sometimes by the end of the parades seem like serve their old friends. That's simple phenomenon reminds us that most people are good -- and we really do care about each other. Even complete strangers. The act of catching worthless beads and trinkets from the passing floats gives us a a sense of recognition. The hierarchy from the floats choose us among the masses to present us with a price. And in the context of the crowd were in we have that moment of recognition among our peers. But we also witnessed the generosity of people with someone catches thieves or trinkets. And turns to give them to a child. Who was lost in the forest of people. As for the sinful aspect of only -- let's remember that. The tradition of this season of -- -- founded on the solemn religious season of lent. A time for reconciliation sacrifice leading to the shortest day of the religious holiday Easter. Prior to the beginning of land it was customary to CNN frolic in anticipation of an extended period of sacrifice. And while many people. And I enjoy the simple aspect of bodyguard had no intent on making any serious sacrifices during lent the tradition goes on. No other city can do what we do during the Mardi Gras season to police the city. And those who worked to make Mardi -- fun and safe certainly deserve credit but also with the people of New Orleans who deserve a lot of credit you and me. And everybody who comes here to participate in this seasonal event. The atmosphere the collective togetherness. That is part of this massive -- event is only possible. Because of the unique tradition that was established your many years ago. A tradition that you and I continue. This weekend and through Fat Tuesday. It is not only the responsibility of the parade. Goers in the artists in the race to maintain this morning -- a tradition it's also our responsibility. To you and me. To carry on this amazing tradition.