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2-11 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 11, 2013|

Dave talks about Mardi Gras and the announcement that the Pope is resigning

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy -- the garage yeah masts. Now eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL. 2000 at thirteen and it's a Monday Monday prior mobile doubled off. US sort of -- Monday the fattest Monday of them all -- indeed indeed. Are right here I am alive from the -- Orleans hotel and sitting in the lobby right now. And revelers are coming in that guy with pizza. Happy Mardi -- Everything. All right breakfast but I guess you never went to bed did you know he's shaken that now he's just come -- and take it. From a long night revelry and find out on urban street and I've got to tell yet it did not rain a single off the drop. How dare to even on senator Brown's. I want the entire year -- is wrapped -- Daughter was playing the flute in marching band that I walked the entire -- people everywhere. -- great crowd and good mood no rain I got up this morning in the first thing I didn't walk down this state trooper at the corner bourbon Orleans right out the -- right outside of the -- Orleans hotel here that. It ring that not a drop the revelry continued on the. Because I was very curious but if you're very afraid that you know. We're gonna covering yesterday's training in Lafayette Louisiana. For Indianapolis this spring and Alexandria. It's -- just north of butler's and it's raining in northern tend to bow in Washington parishes. So that's where the rain is right now now not here. No not here but I heard -- say that is a good chance we'll get it later today so we should be ready for it. Yeah -- we've got to be she's got a 70% chance and as the day goes along so I you know and I could be right around parade time but like how come on doesn't mean we won't get real lucky. This. Well we definitely had a fantastic Sunday despite the threat of rain. None -- the revelry went on uninterrupted. Unabated and it was great fun and I'm walking out the front doors of the -- Orleans hotel right now. And I am making my way toward urban street David's coming up after the brief timeout. I will let you know what urban street looks like right now. What revelers heading back out. -- -- -- It is it's Monday what did you think it was. Yeah I don't. It goes -- nine. Aren't well tonight -- her back. There goes tomorrow revelers heading back to bad for the first time I didn't even know what day it was they've been partying so hard. All right after the brief time out of they would Bergen street looked like thank you David I'm Dave -- and live at suburban Arlington delegates -- gallery and was boards and we will get -- but fell back reasonable forecast. That's straight ahead here on WWL I am of them and that I'm Abby -- -- -- drop from the -- Orleans hotel like Dave no I. In the French Quarter. Good morning I'm Dave knowing coming you live from the corner Bergen street and Orleans avenue at the beautiful -- and Orleans hotel. As we bring you are lucky -- special here on the early edition of WW Albers is. -- is the weather going to do for a loan to draw and are Fat Tuesday. Democrats Wednesday -- let's find out as we go -- the Eyewitness -- forecast and -- check in with meteorologist -- bogged down. Certainly -- again number three and bring you whine. Forty -- -- across 70% chance for showers and storms especially mid day temperatures around seventy falling into the 60s this evening. And look for 50% great team around great time and for Mardi crop a 70% chance of rain some could be happy. Highs near seventy at for Wednesday it was at 50% chance for showers and highs 65. From the -- is forecast thinner and you're all just locked down. 68 degrees now here in the French Quarter 69 in Slidell and clear skies here. In this portion of southeast Louisiana there is some rain in northern Kansas Idaho and northern Washington marriages there is -- in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. But it has not rained a drop. We made it through Sunday. -- is role without ran all night last night the revelry continued here on -- street. On interrupted by rain right now there are a couple of thousand people still. Party here on urban street. The balconies are clear but inside the club the music is still booming. And down the street is still see several people wandering here there and Yonder some of them look very confused not sure where they are. Others are dancing to a beach there apparently hearing in their own head and meanwhile the garbage trucks have just arrived here -- -- -- Along with the street sweepers and yes. Forklifts. And mini bulldozers. To clean up the mess that was left behind all of the cups. -- bottle feeds and more what Roland I mean right now bush and appliances jumped into a pile. Well everybody here so suburban street rule book well as clean as it came to start our Monday Graf and of course the action shifts of the riverfront today where that -- -- McGraw. -- festival will get underway shortly. A home man it's going to be fun music food drink and at 5 o'clock tonight we really ramped up. With -- -- heading on over to Spanish plaza then Rex arriving on Coast Guard cutter. They'll be the proclamation. Revelry shall rule both day and night and fireworks will -- over the Mississippi River around 6 o'clock. You've got that to look forward to you. Right now we have sports to look forward to and for that we go. Our very own Steve Geller on here Monday morning back. Monday here on WW well I think it -- -- there. I am on Bourbon Street at suburban Arlington hotel I am not compliant. We'll look you. Good morning the hornets are had an off night -- for the first time in the three games. 102 to 89 in Toronto turnovers and missed free throws were killer the coach Monty Williams -- lack of aggressiveness as another reason for their downfall. -- it's -- good -- so sometimes that happens. They're stupid and we've merry go shots tonight it was one of those games and got to recognize it is not going down ticket to the rescue. -- hornet's Marty rock road trip that wraps up tonight in Detroit tip off someone else is on 1053 FM at 630. All the saints -- named Rob Ryan as their new defensive coordinator over the weekend. And WWL NFL analyst Mike affiliate tells us. That this just might be the guy to bring back that 2009 Super Bowl swagger to the Florida -- date. They have to guard has closed -- Greg Williams initially as forceful locked up he was can't ensure a more aggressive as. Crash try to take no prisoners -- approach. In college hoops the Lady Tigers upset number nine Georgia 62 to 54. Teresa plays suns scored thirteen points grabbed nine rebounds. And blocked three shots for LSU. Golfer Brandt Snedeker didn't have to take a backseat to anybody yesterday and runnerup to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson the last two weeks. Snedeker fired a seven under par in the final round for a two shot victory in the Pebble Beach national pro am. And Lindsay -- had surgery on her right knee after she shredded two ligaments during a crash last week at the world championships. The 28 year old is hoping to be healed in time for the 2014. Sochi Winter Olympics. Today -- four on sports talk. You feel the saints made the right choice hiring rob right to turn around the defense with an early morning look at sports I'm Steve Geller. Well Steve I know you told us last week that you thought Rob Ryan was the best take you thought he was the guy for the job you thought he was the guy who could get it done. And that's who they went with how you feel about it now. Well from what there was available for the states to select I just felt like he was the right choice it's going to be definitely interesting with the personalities that are now on the sideline. Which shall all pay in Joseph -- and Rob Ryan a lot of strong. Assertive people there and rob Ryan's been know to put his foot in his mouth a couple times but. Well you know Sean Payton will have I'm sure a very short leash on him. -- that. Well that's a lot of talking about when we get to -- point five meant that more sports is the concerns that some people have expressed they look what happened last time. That the saints had well I don't know if you stay out of control but very. Well it's aggressive defensive coordinator who maybe doesn't take a whole lot of direction from the head. Five minutes and wanna talk to you about that and if you think there's any concern. That Rob Ryan would be difficult for Sean Payton to kind of keep that he said on a short. They did get a it's you know Super Bowl win out of it but Payton got a one year suspension last time -- had an aggressive defensive coordinator so we'll talk more. Aaron I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL offers and is it 23 minutes after 5 AM we'll be back with another look at your forecast after this. 5:25 good morning I'm Dave donuts early edition of WWL first news comedy alive from the verve and Orleans hosts. A little dazed and confused continue to stream back in suburban street right now I'm going to bed for the first time as you heard the last half hour of several -- Weren't sure what day it was and well. -- really what was going on period. Hey we know what's going on otherwise it did not rain a drop on your Sunday or overnight into Monday what will happen the rest of today on into our Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday let's find out from or about -- Eyewitness News forecast and a. Still expecting a rate around the next couple days scattered showers and storms -- that -- percent today especially around midday look for highs right around seventy and tonight. What is braids at 50% rain chance tents in the sixties. For your money drug Tuesday rain chances likely some could be -- highs around seventy. And Ash Wednesday looking like a 50% chance for light rain and highs of 65. From the amnesties forecast center I'm urologist -- tell. 68 degrees now south of the lake 69 on the North Shore rain again is stretching from Baton Rouge all the way on up to northern. Washington -- Area but there's a whole lot of it in the upper well let's say 13 of Louisiana. Is now getting -- whole Lotta rain in some of that as you heard -- said. Could well come here especially this afternoon let's hope though we at least get it dry through the riverfront festival with Zulu from Monday Graf. And for the arrival of racks in the meeting of the courts in. Downtown New Orleans that Spanish plaza one -- Favorite events in all of the carnival celebration and also will learn more about this coming up in the news at the bottom of the hour the meeting of the courts now. In Kenner as targets and -- get together in river town later today I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news coming up. Your text messages to date 7870. And I'll head back out the door is here's the -- and Orleans hotel to see what's going on on urban street. Here is we come up on 527. On your what they Graf back Monday morning man. All right coming up from CBS news breaking news about the Pope. Will he be the Pope much longer will find out next what's going on with the vote here on WWL AM on them back now. We'll get your WWL first news David Blake has that -- traffic and weather together when will the rain get here. In sports with Steve Geller on your back Monday -- Dave felt like coming here from the urban Orleans hotel. Where the party ever been treated well winding down from Sunday night Pacific about the track and get ready for the big Monday. Morning. Folks to panic get out of bed roll out there but it has bloody -- and getting things and for a. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the eleventh that's 2013. -- Lundy grow. Gonna be alive and direct from the burba -- Orleans hotel on back in the lobby now after having gone out on a -- entryway that. Revelers were still well. I think they're reveling about half speed and yet you think so maybe Doug zombies are being done. Gary's not full speed rattling by any means he cannot smoke but there's still there's -- gone out of people's that you still wondered about looking around that. Beads around their -- one guy just walked in he looked at me a nice give me a thumbs up because there aren't as happy now be looked at me and said where's the reception desk and they found itself pat Leyland gonna. Thank you you know this morning -- turn out to be an excellent -- and great people have been awesome sponsor value on life. These guys. Know how to party as stated that demand be careful out there he's heading back out there apparently hasn't had enough paid what he stopped yet he decided I better go get some more series back out on Burma street -- during those human. I think something about a company would still trying to find a bad. You know yes let -- as I don't remember. Yes of the November which hotel that no. You know that kind of repeated it -- a vague recollection but they'll start in the second purple it's just a capacity. -- anyway -- it's a the revelry continues but it is winding down from Sunday. I talked to a couple people while ago that you know what it was that happy Lundy got as of Monday -- and that means that Monday that via the since Monday. Again on Monday now is now it's Sunday. With the no. Or ride well it is raining in the northern third neo of Louisiana that just above Lafayette and batteries on diagonal line minutes on the way to northern came to -- in Washington parishes there is rain out there but not enough -- -- -- pollen here. Not on Sunday or so far on Monday. That's good news right now it is and we got to keep fingers crossed I'm sure Laura is gonna use those little rundown. Yet what -- -- about that weather around them rain and the fog coming up with Lauren just a moment by the way the box office over the weekend and we some people did go to movies apparently address that the country wasn't -- all weekend. And weren't out on parade route so weak and I -- they're miserable -- bet there was a comedy that did very well yes. Well Chris Miller in for you on Friday. Did predict that identity thief would be the number one movie and indeed. It is amity about a guy who chased down the woman -- stolen his identity. And then they. Set out on a road trip together is number one bringing in 36 point six million dollars warm bodies -- zombie love stories speaking of zombies. Number two at eleven point five million number three side effects followed by silver linings playbook. And Hansel and Gretel witch hunters rounding out the top -- very very good and a great Grammy show last night poll that was as that was a good one. He had a rub it and here I was out enjoying -- is. Reveling here in the French Quarter -- a stay at suburban Orleans hotel. It's the grammys I got back from -- after the grammys were over. And man I wish I'd seen it will save you a copy some work. -- -- -- -- figure DVR but I never watch award shows afterwards it is weird watching it is this you know recorded. The winners of party announcement. The great performances I'm sure anything that day stood out that you really enjoy yet I I thought Justin Timberlake just knocked it out of the park last night boy he is is stock is rising again. You don't want -- because he was this year down Super Bowl weekend at a big concert just down the road at the end of but Mardi Gras world on Saturday last week and I guess after that you know new Wallace got a pumped up for the grounds and opulent great performance -- -- -- an -- -- All right David Blake will be back in about twenty minutes with more first news. Chris Miller will join him from the riverfront to tell us more about the lose Hulu riverfront -- gras festival. And about the meeting of the courts of Rex and -- coming up tonight at Spanish plaza right now we're gonna go live and direct to the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- -- -- more than willing and happy off. A happy Monday -- -- meteorologist now about normal little closer to you today I usually where are you because I can tell you're not the studio. I do well you can tell our listeners it's no secret I'm a suburban Orleans hotel so I'm just about six blocks from the guys over there at the WW LTV will welcome to the quoted ball. I thank you and thank you for making sure that at least we got through -- and well celebration in the quarter last night rain. Fareed yet the storms are well north and the North Shore and of course we saw southern Mississippi today I don't think -- be quite lucky. But if that's the rain is going to be that happy I still think you can head out to the parade route. And enjoyed it rate deceit mean it just looks like it to eight years and maybe next chance for rain. Yam looks like if you're north of Lafayette or Ryder Cup and Alexandria and then in the Mississippi in -- like it's a little bit of northern -- upon Washington it's raining. All right we have -- meteorologist Laura but they'll certainly lead -- technical nobody else can we got. And yes so all right there it is -- Yes it is -- -- across the northern tier of Louisiana but that -- it's heading our way history and -- hours on the increase restaurant today. Can be rain free but it looks like right now it's mostly light to moderate rainfall. Iowa that's -- what about that. As he had in two some I think you're -- -- cry and -- have some problems here is that the same for tomorrow or talk about some rain moving and often on throughout the day I can't paint can be rain free at the parade route that. I just bring that they're ranked here with you just be prepared you know for some showers to pass on through I think they're gonna roll rain or shine so it's going to be that might -- either way. Not a washout that's the bottom line right that's right not a washout it looks like just scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow as well. All right well you know what Laura if the forecasters have to get it wrong. If the rain has to cooperate and state north of us that's what we want we want that he got her back predicted I would be fine -- -- they're ranked saint ports but AA it's not really. Didn't say that part Norton it's already pushing through that yours and if fact it's already approaching panic and the north source that we're going to see that rain today it says that it's not going to be. All that heavy and -- you -- some breaks and it over the next couple days. Ari can you give us any sneak -- any -- any clues about what constant you're going to be where your Fat Tuesday coverage tomorrow on WW LTV well here's the deal. And AB out here and they got the -- depends on the rain but we are. I get that the foursome at the morning show crew and its Sally you're cheap and myself. And we are a group of fat you -- Wound. Even -- in the may yeah. Group's head hits and we don't wanna give it away I understand that you are right -- All right and we'll also ask -- than usual I guess -- -- well when it for all the yeah -- pretty fascinated thank you Laura have a great day -- -- let me try everybody. Happy Monday Laura but now -- -- -- -- Eyewitness News forecast and -- -- -- the early edition WWL prisoners. We apologize -- we're having a little technical difficulty I think it's just the electric abide here in the French Quarter. That really has that well makes it difficult to do use all of our broadcast equipment all right Steve Geller was -- Coming up next here at WW. 5:47 good morning I'm gave -- -- you live from the -- and Orleans hotel although lovely well French Quarter a year and have received. An iPod that just because it. It. Well the good times did not continue to roll for the hornets as they've built for the Toronto Raptors. 102 to 89. Big names like Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis struggled as the two combined for just eight points but coach -- Williams points out some other reasons for the team's loss. You're gonna have all nights couple overdose today. It -- -- -- it's on turnovers. Patriots -- and that -- mistresses and just kicking yourself. The -- -- trying get back on track tonight as they wrap up a three game road trip in Detroit catch tip off on 1053 FM at 630. Elsewhere in the NBA with LSU football coach -- smile sitting courtside in South Beach. LeBron James scored 32 points on twelve for eighteen shooting. While Dwyane Wade at thirty and the Miami Heat beat -- LA lakers 107 to 97 for their fifth straight win. King James has set a heat club record by scoring at least thirty points in five straight games. Well besides switching schemes this upcoming season. WWL NFL analyst Mike it's -- points out that the saints are also going for a change in attitude in new defensive coordinator Rob -- over Steve's. Nolan. Deal they attacked may -- trying to analytical about. -- huge you know what I need somebody that one has been attacking defense or -- -- Facing their third top ranked fifteen team in seven days the LSU Lady Tigers basketball team stunned number nine Georgia 62 to 54 in the and Brent Snedeker is arguably the hottest golfer in the world right now. It runnerup to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the last two weeks on the PGA tour. Snedeker fired a final round seven under par for a two shot victory in the Pebble Beach national pro am. Today -- four on sports talk. -- feel the saints made the right choice hiring rob right to turn around the defense I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. 550 on your February 11 2013. Happy letting rusty if half. -- -- -- Time live from the -- Orleans hotel and you and I were talking about half an hour ago about how you thought that Rob -- was the the best choice of those people available for defensive coordinator for the saints but do you worry at all. As many people have been texting us and expressing a little concerned that he may be quote out of control that Sean -- may have difficulty. -- -- keeping you know kind of the Helm of the defense is it is that work. Well I think that was definitely part of the interview process to bring him in and find out exactly. Where he want to to bring this defense and I am sure that what Peyton went through this past offseason. And what he went through with Gregg Williams he's not gonna let the same thing happen again here. I feel confident in -- leadership ability to control the entire team especially what just transpired so I believe that Ryan will. Bring back that aggressiveness and hopefully we'll see what kind of horses they can bring in free agency to help this defense now. Yeah that. Higher during Ryan were the worst defense in the history of the NFL last year ranked 32 in the league obviously for the year but worst ever. Just hiring line does that boost their stock as significantly the thing. Well because of the good thing is the only thing they can do is go up and I think this team is more tuned for that. Aggressive. Blitzing style because they have such great. Pass -- like a junior -- marked as Wilson that we really see utilize this past year and hopefully they get into the flow more so. I do think date he can at least bring this defense to mediocrity. And I think that's all they need to be back for the championship quality team. With that with the Drew Brees led off -- out on events. Very powerful on a given mediocre defense you can win a super ball case -- that we did see that formula worked reported exactly and I think. You know what if fans should be excited about this I know it's not the most popular hire. Because of what Ryan's really his personality and his look a lot of people been knocking the guy 'cause he's got long -- in his rather large but hey I don't care as closure would have football games. Thank you Steve well hello we're talking about fifteen minutes of more sports here on WWL. AM FM in that count and no rain overnight. No rain this morning and no rain on bond is but there is rain. In much of Louisiana really come here we'll go back to the Eyewitness News forecast and inject -- with meteorologist Laura but fell coming up after the brief time out Dave Dylan Meier of suburban Orleans hotel where revelers continue to. Wonder ran for a very long night of partying and others just getting up fresh and clean showered and shaved. Heading up the door for maybe some breakfast or well. I don't know a bloody Mary sister was there Monday -- and then maybe they'll head on up to the riverfront where the Zulu festival gets started in just a few hours we'll check in with Chris Miller there at the top of the hour at about seven minutes also the latest from the Vatican the Pope is resigning there will be a new Pope. Coming up at the end of the month details coming up at the 6 o'clock news here on WWL I am up them in -- So tell no fault here but there is some fog out their visibility is low and as an eighth of a mile in spots that -- be careful out there votes to the rescue forecast from war about now. For your Monday cloudy and cool look for highs right around 71. And about a 70% chance for rain especially during the midday hours rain chance at this -- dropping to 50%. With tents in the sixties and overnight lows. Dropping around 56 for your -- tomorrow's 70% chance for rain at times could be heavy highs around seventy. And for Wednesday cloudy breezy and cool at 50% chance for light rain and highs right around 65. From the IDC's forecast thinner I meteorologist Clark knocked out. Right now we have 68 degrees at the international airport in -- with ball we have 69 degrees the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Northern and -- Washington -- and get some heavy rain as well as just north of Baton Rouge and Lafayette Louisiana so that's where the rain is now folks but it's not here. And the party continues we'll continue the party to find out what Tommy Tucker has ahead to the next for the fun up next coming -- from the -- Orleans hotel at the early edition of WWL first news. 5:58 -- morning I'm Dave Cohen now walking up Orleans avenue toward suburban street today who headed up front doors of the -- Orleans hotel. Stay tuned to WWL for the very latest on how the weather will will not impact -- celebrations today the riverfront festival for Zulu the meeting of the courts in -- this morning and then the meeting of the court that evening. Here on the river front in the French Quarter and out by the aquarium and the Spanish plaza also at the top of the hour we'll find out what's going on at the Vatican the Pope stepping down and a new Pope. We'll becoming the end of the month. Pope will be stepping down to get the details on that Korea has guys step out on suburban street now. While he's the picture has changed a whole lot over the past hour when we started this broadcast at 5 AM there were few thousand revelers out here on Mercury. But with the front end motors coming this week the street and pick up all the mess. From last night well I guess a lot of peoples that oh goodness maybe it's time to go to bed and get some sleep so it looks like a lot of people that had game. For some sleep. And to get caught up for the next round of revelers are starting to wake up and head out for practice. I'm Dave go onstage and Arthur -- of -- Tommy Tucker up next. He'll also be joined by Rex the king of carnival bill -- -- for 2013. Right here on WWL. AMF famine dot com -- news talk and sports leader.

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