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WWL>Topics>>2-11 9:10am Tommy talks to Rex and his Queen

2-11 9:10am Tommy talks to Rex and his Queen

Feb 11, 2013|

Tommy sits down for an interview with the King of Carnival and his Queen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This really unprecedented and and and we are thrilled and delighted to have. Com the monarch exit Billy king and queen of carnival Willis unprecedented because normally. It's announced at 5 o'clock on Monday evening but because of the changes with the publication is times Picayune the Rex organization. Announced it at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon and published it in yesterday's paper. And would do with that we announced. And we welcome the king of carnival for this year mr. bill -- was bombing your graduation you and I know each other a long time. -- we've been doing interviews for 1012 years roughly the same made so it's a great pleasure to -- with -- again it's an honor and an if you will let me introduce you queen for alleges it's a family friend -- fact -- -- my older daughter baby sat for her phone number of years ago but it's non O'Brien -- some. The daughter of poco -- loss. To tell me about -- whole but first let me sorority queen first lady's first. You are delightful young lady were chatting did that before we went on the air. When did you find out that you to be a queen a carnival and in this is not. Something unprecedented in your family at all. And a grandmother was a colonel in 52 in my -- in 79 as a police strike. That's gonna actually last spring break so I think has march. I came -- town for spring break on Friday night my parents were really serious indictment this Larry Eminem had a turn the couch and Iraq's Maria Diana picture and -- grandfather my grandmother. And I can't read me a poem this funny and can include a family history an opportunity -- carnival. So I accepted obviously a. On that she did had written BS I think he's -- Islam and be very special moment. Any tears at the moment. The you know I think and think we're military I was just shocked honestly I thought whenever -- acts of about -- -- made. There really wasn't affecting us in Queens. At that point I'm guests and mom got involved in the end started talking about all the details and because your grandmother was clean and year it was clean it yet and at that point we start talking about everything that needs be done. I think that we today are like thirty -- literally search on meant everything I think you went to meet with the dress -- the next day and and then the captain. And all the stuff started happening -- -- pass. Lots of details Kansas things. Now you go to university Georgia right attending university George yet. Do they understand. Exactly beyond that it's been bestowed upon you or not. I'm my friends know. They've been asking him questions. Literally and they get it I think. They know it's like it's cool that I his -- technical and creative Mardi Gras wouldn't but. -- WOR. Equate democracy as a difference because sometimes. And no disrespect to any other organization and you could be going to. On college somewhere in and you could be involved in maybe is a volleying as a princess of sultan with with another organization or made. And maybe somebody at a college could construe that -- all you equate a money -- but in this case. You really are the queen a carnival do you think they get them. Well yeah they came down they're here this weekend. And they they match ever on talked ever announced about it. I think I think they understand now that initially they're confused there asking me on Russia definitely get -- that they're like how did you get my -- that you I don't understand and a atonement it's like an -- for my family and all that stuff and tactics and thus it. Com it is for people that are listening they give us a little insight into into you that the person because I I just find it interesting to talk to you that. It just seemed like a normal young lady that this video editing an adult he hears is on trying to semi on goofy way watching for years and years of queen of carnival's. ICI CA in your beautiful dresses with the with the roses that that the king presents you with an. I guess it sounds silly to say it but I don't realize that there's just than normal well adjusted young lady behind all of that there and I'm and I'm trying to put that. The and it you mean as I was little I was look at the newspaper and the pretty girls and like me had -- -- amazement at Disney princess ballots but now and the only -- for like twelve hours one day. And just normal girl as those on. Damaging day G day -- national affairs major and and not very cleanly in my -- time down contribute really pretty normal. I'll look on the clumsy sometimes soccer player in volleyball player in high school violence and a slowdown in tennis and where you very good enough. Definitely one state and as a sophomore from -- -- -- They're pretty good that's the time we had some off seasons pressure. Tennis is more fun and in laws aren't cents an idea Brothers and sisters yes I have two older some ideas of Brothers there Tony -- -- for. Semi abusive. You know there there -- all beating -- It's not. Did you ever get. You draw blood from -- the brother now they never got far I'd have come and I'm just wondered about. After this is over -- and you go back to the University of Georgia win. Five back on me and in on ones and audit awesome ones that I have a test in mid -- there. -- in the paper. -- of in the pomp and pageantry of being the queen of carnival. Tomorrow yes mam I would presume if you get a handle on what exit tests and amid terror. And -- -- a paper and paper and an English miners have asthma in this tosses it back to back and they have like the same scandal. So maternal line favorite so we you have your books and reviewing stand and in between the XP. Philip cramming into a figure all -- our balance. Good philosophy you take a break when we come and we talked to bill Lyons. McCain currently king of carnival. Eighty quickly before we take a break zero a boyfriend a suitor for the queen or not now. And bring it -- the ball that he is now concerned and it's and -- -- I think you'd be tough to show up at the so loss household and had the proper credentials today. The queen of heart of a -- that. That would be on the position that a lot of young men will wannabes who Jordan beatle producer nick Jordan you think your -- -- stand that it is now. He is that your as a what is it magnate who money graduate. University of Alabama mrs. -- -- That's pretty good to me I have. -- -- I don't take it -- but -- does it look pretty good to the queen of -- that's it matters to take a break talk to the king of carnival we come back and evidently. I Tommy Tucker Dade's seven need to be studied well -- I guess the king and queen of carnival -- times. Will reign ends ranks tomorrow bill when you get the word. I got to work Tommy and exclusively November 10 which I think I mean I've just from reading articles was -- We have four weeks later than usual soft made a joke I may have been a second or third Choice -- Yeah. I don't think that's case. You know I talk about did. Civic involvement that's necessary as I understand -- to be named Rex king of carnival and you look at. Your resume and and their civic involvement that. You hand I met you for the first time that I would guess about ten years ago and and the involvement that you had with metro vision but. You know you do we we we joke about how fast you talk and how. That the toast it tomorrow we is is going to be one of them more rapid -- we've ever heard of Rex give that. That's because you have an intense passion for the city you really do love new loans. Not really do an end as I told someone that's why you don't need thank keys awards and things like that it's it's sort of like a family member. A child because we know we have problems is -- that's not for today show but. But since then you just a cheerleader do you not see the problems I see the problems but you see problems of family members. I'm a native was away about eight years and I and I love the city and I think he's you know Tommy about ten to twelve is do we did start turning it around. And that Katrina gave us a reset and I think what we've really done -- his last 67 years. We've done a lot of what we could've done the next twenty years we've Bubba with his reset but we've -- -- lot faster. Is that something you always wanted. -- in terms of been doing it still say what you want it is different where I guess and say this is it's it's it's. It from me would be the most culturally meaningful. On our could receive a minute there there there are other business -- and things like that and so if you lived in New Yorkers something about be different. But a -- wants to be king of horrible. If you were up almost a goose bumps and that is the child that this is about as as as big as the -- have you arm if it were your page Remington not -- I mean I don't have that inherited a flawless and Jackson Mississippi and it's sad but my parents are deceased put down. They wouldn't believe that I have this on now and you know it's it's it to make that much more special. And when he comes in the -- to Murray tell your home now I'm going to be. In the street so a -- to mention my name first off. That's never been done before is so little shout out toward talker if again maybe a little nod to war. Feeling that just don't hit me with a glass. The problem is Tommy has drawn in and spot have been emailing me with various various -- for themselves some have to forgot how to work -- lands. Didn't count on man won a case which is no it don't get me with a glass -- but had -- put some remarks together already or do you just go from the heart. Well as you say it's you know I if you've talked to me along Tom I have some ideas in my head -- for each and we do four stops and some some messages I would like to convey. Some more social when I get with with the queen. And actually stop and house of -- and wanna give with the mayor the mayor I have known each other. Really pub since the late eighties TV yup we have very nice voice mail was taking an app yesterday some -- talk to a lot of ways but. Will having more -- conversation because he and I are roughly the same made him a little older but if you do it should be fun. Arm is in terms of is our year date to use -- with the royals run. If we half of all these weather though windows opening closed till we start with a rule will run and then -- and actually do service some very. Heavy breakfast at least I know it when I'm a regular rod -- heavy breakfast global -- with the the captain allows me to eat and then yet and we take -- -- do you four different toast. Not that we do get a little break for a couple hours have a reception in my home to greet friends and then go do the ball. And if the hypothetically speaking a word to aspire to be Rex next year what would. How to go about let the key is Tommy is that last year I was on the last flow in the Rex -- that's totally true and I complained vociferously that the captain about that position. And I guess it worked -- moved me from last -- so that may be the key is you wanna go last and then and then complain and get moved to -- So why should I should try to climb on the float this year is -- Tony -- -- erotic as we can start to work on that might might take a year or two to get you on substitute we can we can work. Iowa I guess I guess I'll try to get the number and -- the right have a great ride tomorrow and -- nine -- same do you enjoy every every second of a -- even. Close to that. Kevin is way. Thank you so much don't keep those have a great ride tomorrow let's pray that the weather stays great for everybody nineties -- but it. Everybody it's -- Mardi Gras and Doerr about that term paper. -- them on a deterrent that mid term test suits are appropriate time or bottle that the future right dead. And killing them off and I very good thank you thank you comedy in and pro Bono Politico she arrives at that and I'm sure we'll be right back into the W out.

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