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WWL>Topics>>2-11 12:35pm Scoot talks w/Fred Leblanc about Cowboy Mouth

2-11 12:35pm Scoot talks w/Fred Leblanc about Cowboy Mouth

Feb 11, 2013|

Scoot is in the Think Tank with Fred Leblanc to talk about his band Cowboy Mouth performing for Lundy Gras.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This says don't it's really not die and death and -- and we -- down and so much that I am now. It's like -- thrown out don't shout back. About the PE this -- Fred LeBlanc Cowboy Mouth when he -- live in our studio when Daon and execute show us on my papers -- -- -- Greg joins us why don't you do well Fred and Cowboy Mouth playing at -- to draw the center for thirty Fred happy Mardi Gras. Don't you are actually -- 459 and it's going to be a Spanish plaza. And it you you've been part of this event before he you guys are so New Orleans native New Orleans users are set on the -- many times when you and I've talked. I've seen you in other cities and you do such a great job representing New Orleans and it really is amazing to see. How much people in other cities love anything New Orleans a Cowboy Mouth certainly reflects New Orleans. I think New Orleans is just a natural you know place for celebration I think people. Associate you -- -- put a good company. In all I read a poll ought not to long ago that said that as best place to have that it there. That it is adorable and so they you know the. As the best place to have almost almost anything yeah I have seen more more weddings here and seeing more and more. Bachelorette parties and there's a part of me -- was ago try to talk about it but I -- -- my business. I don't I'm Fred there's there's no rain and I'm right I'm looking -- -- looking across a very close to Spanish plaza right now from our studio window. And there's no rain downtown possibility of a little rain but you know the way you perform you get wet weather rains or not. I'm going to be on the east coComment anyways so the rain doesn't really come of it -- another. I can't network about it. Let's talk a resonated surely you talk about your own memories of body from the past. -- count there are so many you know that things. I'm -- that I remember very pleasant but the things that I don't remember about article or you can better yourself and there was one Mardi Gras and expect that it. But remember that there's one party because doubt. Twelve years ago I was I've been partying for like three days straight like -- straight. And I was stumbling down the street internal revenue and -- -- Erik Paulsen. You know you guys to anchor for the morning TV show it again let's do an interview. As probably not a good idea. How to be great to be great. They got me on the -- to do an interview with so what they're well organized and flies. -- -- and so I looked like Barney the trunk and he barely able stand at the paper and it -- to talk about. Paper it looked like he held up this pair of giant oversized. Women's underwear. Right above my head and in the crotch was right by my yeah. -- I am more -- you're about to describe can you say it on our show. Yeah I'm going to be very genteel okay. -- without warning I just I took my. Tony PLO de L right behind him on the idea that the camera started to move the camera panned out to the trees first second I. You know it's kind of like those scenes in movies where they start to make love and in the camera pans. And it -- this good. If this standard really fast and have been in the camera -- down I looked like a little kid who's just been you know strategy and cause the cookie jar is. They were screaming -- they could do it very silently you know very pantomime freaking out while it was intriguing week twelve of the body part of the story was is that my parents who are locked them. -- Just happened to be watching. You know at that. At that moment I guess I was about 3637. Years old and -- like how could you do that how did you do that oh my god how you know we're still embarrassed Bubba like your house you know. I have polish to the -- like 36. Now my parents are -- embarrassed by some of the things I did early in my career as well. It is going to be great to see our we'll see you later is always great seeing you and Jennifer Keller mouth to be part of want to draw again this year is there's just -- one of those iconic. A coming together of all these New Orleans. Probably not the Mardi Gras is just Jerry can't have one without the other aren't -- Selig. You can't see everything you got it from -- -- my mouth.

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