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2-12 5:10pm Mardi Gras Mambo the Review w/Scoot

Feb 12, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about Mardi Gras as the parades wrap up and the party ramps up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well actually I'm screwed and Todd would never wanna be mistaken for me it it topical and his schedule was all kinda crazy this week time will be when this in the next dead -- -- test. -- -- -- is coming up next at 6 o'clock and we'll continue till 8 o'clock which is they're gonna be time for the president's State of the Union Address. And I think one thing that really explains that this is not a normal day. Now sports talk would be on the air right now and WL. But ordinarily we would have been talking today about the anticipation of the president's State of the Union Address and we would be talking about. What you expect the president to say you what would you say if you with the president what you hear from the -- Any of that because. It's not a good -- in New Orleans. And it doesn't mean that that is as a culture it is a city we'll take responsibility seriously. But traditionally this is today when we take a break. Now we have been reporting on the breaking news tonight out of Southern California that this his fugitive ex cop. Who is a suspect in this subject of the manhunt in Southern California for a couple of days now Christopher and to order. Is apparently. I'm trapped inside he's barricaded himself inside the cabin. And -- -- -- San Bernardino Mountains there's notices are on the big bear. Area outside of Los Angeles and San Diego this is where peoples of California ago to snowboard and ski. The I guess the reality of this is. This will not have a pretty and and you think about the way it started I don't know how could possibly have a pretty ending but. Donor who they believe there is is now barricaded inside. -- does this happen. And there was an exchange of gunfire earlier. And two deputies were injured were airlifted out. We're continuing to monitor that situation for -- But the president is going to give his State of the Union Address tonight a lot of people in this area may not be conscious. It doesn't mean that they were drinking they might just not the -- because there's so tired because this is that they that starts really really early. And I'm sure you've noticed that it -- Christmas Day is one of those those exceptions but not a -- date is another one of those exceptions. You know people who don't like to wake up early. Don't get up early Mardi Gras morning. And they start everything early and become active monitor your behavior really throughout the day. If you don't have this yet get the WW app because you'll allow you to have WB with you -- you take your phone an iPhone or adroit. And you can find out more by going to our web site WW well. Dot com whether traffic parade updates after this time of year. But it doesn't matter where you are if there's if there's breaking news that there's something important you've got WWL with you. Where do you have your phones again go to our website WWL dot com and download that. Here's an update on our WWL project opinion poll tonight are you celebrating -- -- or or use it in and out. 13%. Celebrating 87% sitting and out. Once again -- water remind you that. This poll is obviously skewed because. Many people who were celebrating. Can respond to the polls an overwhelming number of people who are. Responding to this aren't sitting it out and the something wrong with that is as long as. Have a good attitude about New Orleans. I don't like peopled have a bad attitude about the city. Of people -- prompting some people are just theater. You know if you choose to relax today. There's nothing wrong that. So just relax and enjoy your day you defeated participate there's and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as it's not for the wrong reasons like you're just bitter about the city of New Orleans. We have. I screwed welcome back to a lot of drama all that review 2013. Mayor Landrieu did the wobble earlier earlier hall I just sent out a a tweet about this now a link to it it's on YouTube and again a -- -- follow me on Twitter it's an astute. -- WL. A from -- Keith welcome to our Mardi Gras mambo review. As well good good. -- -- -- -- two days ago and that item money situation but the transportation with a but I had a question. A couple of years ago. You have to know what happened and Martin recorded data -- at the core America that you do want to factor tonight. I don't know but if anybody knows the whereabouts and the status of the crew of America please call our show -- look I'm I'm. A story go through tough times what you know not everybody can enjoy -- everything. Every year I hope things get better for you and you can but I appreciate you -- Georgia. Our British Open about what connection to come out might be able to where it might be actually -- and I don't know if you want me. Yeah. And that always leads to. And well let's just say more people are willing to. French Quarter the weather's warmer. If you know I mean. -- I -- -- article thanks ballistic I love the attitude of this text. It -- getting old and tired but watched on TV all day. Still feel like I'm participating. I love that and if you've done it before you don't actually have to be and it's. In order to totally appreciate. What this feels like you can you can watch it and feel like -- there know exactly what it's like. I'm getting this this update from -- ransom our studio producer of the crew. Ain't there no more so apparently called America is no more. And I hadn't raided my past that is no and move -- existence either but I'll tell you respond. You know one thing I did remember I saw this last night I did not remember. How amazing. Or fetuses. It's truly become a super parade I mean delights in the tandem floats and he won it was in his because the nine -- and in Indian Indian and which is -- but there were at a -- of multiple tandem floats in one of -- -- like five. And five. Last night in now and in in -- and eight years ago it was just a tremendous honor for for meeting have been king of a four previous years ago. I think my most memorable. Money moments I've I've talked about this on on the year before. Was the year that Alice Cooper was grand Marshal on -- -- And Ellis -- is it doing is welcome to my nightmare tour. And they needed somebody to be in the cyclops -- there was a ten foot cyclops on states. However. Most of the costume. Was sitting on top of views of the need somebody who was under 582 it's five meter under. To be in the cost him. On somewhere between 57 and and and 58. And you you look out through the naval. The the cyclops and your your arms served in the and it's short arms secure arms do -- arms down low but they move where you can move your arms. Anyway is an amazing it was an amazing opportunity. And it was four and a half hours. In this cyclops if it on a grand -- flow with Alice Cooper. And hunt never forget what it was over I guess her the river gained or contentious and -- -- -- it might have been the river where Paris is now. He came over he was totally exhausted here's black -- make up the beauty where's where's. Where's running down his cheeks he says it's cute. I know -- one. It was a it was a great moment -- and my wife at the time Rachel and I ended up in the limousine that we -- we got trapped at the beginning of the parade she couldn't get out. So on my wife Rachel woods in the -- limousine right in front of the -- and I just I felt so badly for her. Because everybody kept asking -- one point the windows were rolled and everybody kept asking her she was mrs. Alice Cooper. Because Dallas had gotten not had gotten married not long before he came to New Orleans his wife Cindy Cheryl and and affect -- friend Alice. Years later and he insurer or are still married -- I'm really happy to -- to hear that because so often hear about couples especially rock and celebrity couples that. They don't make it here is his -- I moved from -- to to -- to Clinton Louisiana and and I have a neighbor from Michigan. He takes every opportunity to bash New Orleans just a sour puss and no zest for life. Yeah you know you really have to have empathy for for people like national it's one thing we do have here assessed for life. The manhunt in Southern California continues for Christopher -- we continue to update you on this breaking news apparently they had him trapped and here's another updates. From CBS. -- Had ever been bought it -- 2013 continues that was it was a blasted it reminded me. So many years in effect doing my show live -- -- morning from the -- and asked if -- was -- peculiar hall for me to 11 this morning Tommy Tucker is out in the street. And we just had a blast at the Zulu was just a sensational paraded. I can't say that I've I've been to many Zulu parade just a guess because of of working and being in different situations I haven't avoided at but I just haven't been blast with it. They need to perspective that I had this year it was great to be at your hall. And Tennessee the toasted see everything that it went on in -- was a spectacular parade. I hear is attacks there's still we made it through Friday through today without rain OMG. What -- treat it is to enjoy this wonderful city. -- for families who will be our friends. For life. That's the other thing that happens as a result of this bond estimated. Coming together you you come together with people you don't know -- yet there's this. Special. Special moment and sometimes you feel like leaving your girlfriend's by the end by the end of the parade it's it's really great to hear that and that we really did well with the weather. How much I was anticipating bad weather today. We're doing the show from the -- to -- -- and from a 211. When I left my apartment this morning. Aipac to back. I packed my hair dryer. -- anticipated. It might not be too pretty by the end of the parade. I packed. An extra pair of jeans extra socks. Extra. Short. And an extra coat just in case everything got. Totally soaked but the weather really did turn out to be okay by the way the hornets beat the pistons in Detroit last night so. And maybe they were the morning going uniforms may be that totally confused the pistons. But the other hornets soon to be the New Orleans pelicans. I have now -- now gone four and five item of -- tough nine game road stretch. Between the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras. The hornets have not been able to be in the hive I'm very long. You know we talk about time we talk about the police we talk about the the first responders and all those who work today. Again I remind you to notice those people as you go through your day and notice those people who were working today a so he could be a better day for you and done you know I got a couple of text a few minutes ago. I'm suggesting that. They're all I do was party. And then I'm going -- in the quarter to get drunk. Let me set the record straight on this. You don't have to get drawn to go to the quarter. You can go to the quarter. Without getting drunk. You can party. You can enjoy life. You could have fine. Without getting drunk. Now maybe some people can't laden may be. That's a problem. But when I talk about partying. A -- by life. I don't take myself too seriously but I take my life in my job. Very seriously. When I talk about party are going to the by live downtown to the quarter downtown the CB that this is my neighborhood. So where some -- ago. And I I just -- to set the record straight on that and and and may be led to all of you realize that. That people can talk about party. And and that doesn't mean that they're going on in getting wasted every night. To me the party atmosphere in New Orleans. Is not just about drinking but it's about going on and having fun it's about embracing life. It's about enjoying life and just having him having a good time. So if you have gone through this process of celebrating money grub before. You perhaps -- master question. Why. What do we do it. We'll talk about that on the comeback have or requests to do something aidid's. The other day and down on duty and we come back. Money -- -- we do it the answer. Coming up next on WW well. Assist in a continuation of the review of Monica 2013. I'm screwed in our studio sage advice will be live in the French Quarter. At least part of that time from the royal sinister balcony that's going to be from six to eight leading up to the president's State of the Union Address. At 8 o'clock tonight you'll hear that life -- Debbie WL. And Tommy Tucker will be talking about money -- 2013 tomorrow along with the president's State of the Union Address and I'll be in for garlic tomorrow from ten to one. And will be talking about that and think tank tomorrow as well. Here's a text -- that thanks for sharing the Mardi Gras spirit that is from bearing in Plano Texas here's a text. -- I'm scheduled to work in the French Quarter tomorrow however do not have a past. Can you ask if Decatur will be open to those of us supposed to do -- -- from Georgia. I Georgia as far as I know it's going to be opening you'll be and you'll be fine here's the Texas code is getting freaky on -- and I can't even report to you. When I'm witnessing. -- I think it's going to get -- years the horoscope line. To each his own my -- -- you know -- that that's that's true and it's not just something that's happening this month -- The party starts early. And win. The lights go down the sun goes down not that this comes out when it's it's dark. You know in an inhibitions. Kind of a fade anyway. And then you add alcohol to that so yeah the French Quarter is not for every one. This late morning draw day. The definition of one word really helps us explain mark McGraw. Debauchery. A life of the. Crave self indulgence. Those who are experiencing the body -- a season for the first timer innocent souls who have no reason to ask themselves that question. The rest of -- should be asking ourselves why we do it. As a native of New Orleans in a veteran of -- Graf from many different perspectives. I occasionally search for cerebral explanation. Of why. Why do we willingly placed ourselves -- horrific traffic can often leads to endless detours. Why do we leave the solitude of our vehicles are dwellings and -- on foot into the mass chaos of people drinking and bumping into one another. And at times get caught in the midst of a crowd with nowhere to turn. Why do we stand for extended periods of time waiting for a parade that often looks and sounds like the count was parades we've seen every year over the over time. With the hope of begging for and then fighting for worthless deeds and trinkets. That bear no meaning the moment after we take possession. Why do women lift their shirts in exchange for a brief moment of attention and a meaningless reward. Why do we spend an entire day wearing a costume that isn't comfortable. Or a mask that prevents us from having a clear view of the most colorful day of the year. And why. Do so many make the premeditated decision to start drinking early in the morning as they embark on a day that is known as a marathon party day. Over the years I have pondered a cerebral explanation of why we do it and the best answer I can come up with is. Because we can't. New Orleans as a well established tradition of party which is one of the reasons why we do such a great job of hosting events like the Super Bowl. Life for most of us is challenging and we faced problems on a daily basis both big and small. What -- is one of those moments when our culture celebrates. The human need to escape reality as to rejuvenate our minds and our spirits. Many only see the negative aspects of a draw it will be quick to criticize the city on this day. And the citizens for the behavior than they deem inappropriate and outrageous but there are many positive aspects of bodyguard that we should all recognize. As people we join the massive crowds along parade routes. In the suburbs and also downtown. We show a strong sense of community. Those standing nearest in the crowd often bond with us over the shared experience and the moment of of the parade we make temporary friends. In some cases maybe you make -- difference. That simple phenomenon reminds us that most people are good. And we really do care about each other even complete strangers. The active catching worthless beads and trinkets from the passing floats. Gives us a sense of recognition. The hierarchy from the floats choose us among the masses to present us with a present. And the context of the crowd we have this moment of recognition among our peers. But we also witnessed the generosity of people when someone catches speeds are trinket. And turns and gives them to a child who is lost in the forest of people watching the parade. As for the sinful aspect of -- let's remember that this wonderful amazing tradition. This season is is founded on the solemn religious season of land that time of reconciliation. And sacrifice. A time that leads to the joyous day in a religious calendar of Easter a new beginning. Prior to beginning of -- it was customary to sit and frolic in anticipation of an extended period of sacrifice. And while many people enjoy the sinful aspect of money draw and had no intent of making any serious sacrifices during lands. Of this tradition does continue in grand style. No other city can do what we do during Mardi Gras the police. The city. All those who worked to make Mardi -- fun and safe certainly deserve credit. But the people of your wallets and all the people who participate in this seasonal event deserve a lot of credit to. The atmosphere. The collective togetherness that is part of a massive on rehearsed event. Is only possible because of the unique tradition. That was established here many many years ago. A tradition that you and I continue today. It is generally responsibility of the parades and the artists to maintain this traditional Mardi Gras. But it's also -- to you and me it's our responsibility. To carry on this amazing tradition. That is the envy of the nation. I'm -- happy Mardi Gras. And a review -- draw. 2013. This is somebody gras mambo the review for 2013. Times do we're gonna go live to GA vice in the French Quarter for the next two hours and in the president's State of the Union Address. Tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker and a bit of -- L first news from six general -- talking about Monica 2013. And his perspective and what he witnessed. And it was a lot of Clinton tell the guy your -- Also really talking about the State of the Union Address albeit for early tomorrow from ten to one in the think tank will be talking about us wanna draw and also talk about the president's State of the Union Address. And Jack here on WW dog a time for quick comment. You're just a quick comment dude -- -- remember the big you do when you used to. FM radio yes yes are all -- One point one excuse. Remember the crew underwear. Yes I've I'd I'd do. Check -- I'm gonna happen I'm I'm I'm coming to the end of the show but I appreciate you. And no doubt about it. And they did it. -- that it was a lot of -- Jack thanks a lot for the caller yes I did the crew wonder where years ago that was a part of my past life. What's what's fun. But this is actually the most fun I've ever had in my life. What -- thanked Alison ransom our studio producer and that everybody who worked so hard to make this -- possible. Hope you have a good evening and drive carefully heading home I'm -- love you New Orleans.