WWL>Topics>>2-13 12:10pm Scoot speaks with WWL callers about Rubio's Speech

2-13 12:10pm Scoot speaks with WWL callers about Rubio's Speech

Feb 13, 2013|

Scoot speaks with WWL callers about Rubio's Speech.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon welcome. Our show it's Ash Wednesday I'm scoots in fort Garland beginning of lent. Yeah I still think there's something I just quite ironic -- malice the frivolity of Mardi Gras. This sinful nature of aspects of -- -- on alimony golf that there are some simple aspects of morning draw there's just a maybe a little bit -- myself intelligence. Bush is not necessarily a good bit all of this is. Founded upon the idea of the sacrificial season of let's. A time the sacrifice of time of reconciliation. A time that leads up to. What -- many considered to be the most joyous day on the -- challenger which is which is Easter -- just a really great time if you mean I love the fall when a source to get cool. But I also love Easter. I've didn't celebrate the resurrection and then also just have plans are coming back to life and starting to warm up tumors or anything about French Quarter fest and chances are many different course has to happen before them but it's just a wonderful time of year. Now here but around the countries -- well there's is just a new beginning foreign. To -- a new beginning for. For -- for for everything. And I -- remind you -- if you see somebody with a smudge on their forehead as some leftover from you know party last night that it went to get ashes on their forehead. There were so many people to thank for our location broadcast from -- draw and to tell your home. And I in the French -- with -- Vice last night in the French Quarter around pervert and and can't tie and that was just two of bizarre -- had to do is just stand there. And the party literally came PO I enjoyed and I Georgia doing funny growth and tell your home with the Tommy Tucker yesterday and that's the first time I've Simoni draw from that perspective. Simoni draw as senate the king of Orpheus a million years ago. As they're grand more on note is that the cyclops when Alice Cooper was grand martyrs I've seen. I Simoni -- from parades from being in the media. And as a spectator but I differ senior from -- your -- that was soon it was really quite a pleasure a -- Newman our executive director who did a phenomenal job Millicent Kenny. Our location producer did a great job -- again you know we we get credit because. We're the ones that are on the air but there are so many people in the background deserve a lot of credit. And -- -- on their production engineers. Who were involved in all of this in our studio producers wanna thank all of them also Casey Wainwright. Who is an account executive here with a WWL. I she you know worked out for us to get to. Like his signs and hate -- for our location for Marty draws so we. Where well fed and well taken care of so we only wanna thank Terry Casey but also I hate -- and -- -- science. These could blog today is titled. Morning drawn. Can we keep this attitude. And the subject to the blog is about what we've learned these last couple of weeks abouts about ourselves and about -- -- would we've known all this before. -- we've just lived through what we've just gone through a couple of great performances. For the Super Bowl. And promoting draw. And we should learn from this and try to be this way all the time. To each other. And to our city. And not just make things great when we have visitors in general we have something big like money -- going on. They should transcend not just a big effect or Mardi Gras but they should be part of who we are as a city and is a culture. All the time. And having experienced much of Mardi Gras this year. And being in the French Quarter downtown every day. I could not be more proud. Of our culture. It's not just our people but it's also our culture. One of the amazing things about this city. Is when people come here for the first time. It doesn't take him long to figure out how to act. It does it take him long to figure out -- they were here to have fun. -- exist does that mean that we party all the time because we -- serious things to deal with like any city. But when we party we do it right. And I'm always amazed what IC people who have never seen New Orleans before and showing them around and it doesn't take him long to pick up on a very infectious. Attitude of our culture. And we should be very proud of our city but let's remember how we have acted the last couple of weeks again not only to each other but in the way that we treat our city. And I think we should be very very proud. Of who we are let's just try to be that way not just during a to defend our morning call that was trying to be that way all the time. And I want to thank not only law enforcement of that law enforcement did a great job. It's firefighters are EMS workers are first her first responders. But all the people who work yesterday and over there the Mardi Gras weekend to make it a fun weekend for you and and for me. There were people who are working this weekend to to make -- a great weekend for you. And I really was struck by this idea when I saw I guess it was Saturday night. It must have been around midnight -- died early in the morning. And the crew of sanitation. And again it doesn't matter which but which company you work for a -- part of the -- -- sanitation you did a phenomenal job. Because the the -- trash. In the quarter in downtown starts in a quarter piles up on an hourly basis. As a -- these guys are in the middle of the night. Doing their jobs which is not really doing their job but there's all this party going on around him. And they were doing their job cleaning out the trash. To make the city but better and more livable for you and me for going out in -- and having a good time. And I thought as much talk is there is staying in this city in this country about people who -- lazy. And people who don't do their jobs. I was really struck by the idea is that there are a lot of people who do jobs and they're not appreciated him what they do. They're dedicated their jobs and sometimes I see these guys and since I live downtown it wherever you live you see as sanitation workers but. Living downtown I see sharks quite often and know a lot of these guys have a really great attitude. It's not that maybe this is that the perfect job to have but they put a lot into their jobs. And I started thinking about how no job should ever be just -- job. You may not have the ideal job. But if you want the ideal job if you -- another job. And you really have to apply yourself wherever you are and whenever you're doing. But I just thought it was so I thought it was -- just awesome to see these guys with all his party going on around him and they're doing their job. And they're not they're not making as much as many of the people who were partying. But they did their job and and I respect -- not taking anything away from law enforcement or first responders are a city officials that make all of this happened. But I think it's also important to recognize some of those people that maybe we don't always pay attention to. -- last night's not everybody was paying attention to it the last night the president gave his State of the Union Address or not because he was President Obama. But because it was Mardi Gras night and people either exhausted or button sometimes people get a little intoxicated -- -- the notices are not the people barker would drinks. Just right out in the open. They don't more than Nampa to dealers walking around with drinks. And did a lot of people didn't watch and in this area and then there was Marco Rubio is response. If you didn't see it there I am Marco Rubio was very tense in the Republican response. And as I've said so far today I don't know who was coaching him but that person should be fired. Because he was not well coached. He needed a sip of water. And it was uncomfortable because you could tell he needed water. I I was distracted by his body language I -- like agreed to content later but at at the moment I was distracted by his body language so I can help but think that a lot of people. We're also distracted by here's his body language. He went to take a sip of water. And not only was the water like out of the way I was it right there in front of him. The water was out of the way he had did almost walk off camera to get it. And -- in a very uncomfortable manner he kept looking back get the at at the camera smiling as he was getting his war. Now he addressed that today in the -- so that's the right thing you do market relieved at the right thing today and one of the the network news some morning shows he addressed it said hey that was God's way of reminding us that we're human. And senator I totally agree with that. But that order should have been right in front -- you. And then there was just they are horrible. Fake smile at the end. There's a set I was I was watching this with a high profile a reporter here in New Orleans. In the media suites at the world's best hotel we're still downtown in this high profile television report are watching and you know we've both seem to have did the same impression. And since this deals with opinions I don't wanna mention his name because reporters are supposed to be our objective so a lot of fun out of respect for a bad that private moment that that we had -- I don't want to reveal his -- But we both had this this -- same idea that there was an uncomfortable about this and we both said different words but simultaneously. At the very and we both looked each has sent -- fake smile. Again we we said that not necessarily those exact words that we we said the same thing. And if the Republican Party. Is to win. Then it's gonna have to appear to be genuine. If you're not genuine and ended the problem with the Republican Party to this point is it has not appeared to be genuine. It is not appear to be the party that cares about people that's why the Republicans lost its one of the reasons the Republicans lost in November. Another trying to change that. But a performance like last night it was a political faux -- it was a wasted moment at a time in the Republican Party is trying to demonstrate that he is the party dictators. Marco Rubio might really care. But you couldn't tell that last night. And I'm not saying that it's it's certainly isn't too late for him he could certainly I've changed by two and again if you if you watched the Republican response. I don't think you could help the team. I'm comfortable here's a WWL pretty general opinion poll today. I did you pay more attention to senator rubio is body language than the contents of his speech. Point 1% distracted by his body language 79%. Say they paid more attention to the contents of his speech which is which is good. If you wanna give us your opinion go to our web sites -- WL dot com also we've got a lot of fresh pictures side and video from Mardi Gras 2013. I if you wanna relive any of the moments in some of the stuff that use. All we've got her on our website where radio station by our web site is very active and very visual. Plus pictures watch a video you'll find all of that in more updates on all the news is going on -- epidemic if you will. -- -- if you wanna join us for comment this afternoon our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. Then in December is -- 7878. I'm scoops and for Garland or your comments -- more attacks are coming up next on WWL. I'm -- in fort Garland here is. Another update on our WWL party -- opinion polls did you pay more attention to senator rubio is body language in the content of his speech this exploded with Twitter accounts and exploded in the social media. And the social media now has the power to collectively. Dictate what the mass media covers. 241% say they were distracted by his body language 79% say they pay more attention to the contents of his speech. If you wanna give us your opinion go to our website WWL dot com. Last -- in his Republican response. To the State of the Union Address Florida senator Marco Rubio did say that President Obama has created more debts. Then bush. The president loves the blame that on President Bush but President Obama. Created more debt and for years. That's predecessor did in eight. You know when you think about Obama winning when there was high unemployment. When he economy is down when the -- is going out of control. This is why insiders in the Republican Party are so devastated that they lost. For a candidate to lose against an incumbent. That that has a record that could easily be exposed as an ineffective record in office. It means the Republican Party needs to change. And the -- and again I say the things that that are being talked about now within the party. About change of the very things that I talked about on the show. Prior to the election. And believe it or not that's an unbiased political observation. And what rubio said last night is important. The problem is if he doesn't say it in the right way people aren't gonna pay attention and Republicans aren't gonna win. If you think this is just about attacking a sip of water or -- fake smile. It's not. It's about a party that is having trouble presenting itself as a genuine. And if the party does -- present itself is genuine. It's not gonna win. I can't think of any time in modern times. When a far right or far left candidate. Has won. And people say will dole was moderate McCain was moderate Kerry was moderate they all lost. And you gotta think beyond just that superficial observation. The problem lies. The Republican party for the general election steered. Bob Dole to the right. Steer John McCain and John Kerry. To the right. That's why they lost. A strong. Moderate candidate will -- and and for those who syntax like the -- I -- I can't listen to the show anymore because your bashing the Republican Party. Unabashed in the party anymore in the party's bashing itself. And you can go back and listen to shows before the election the stuff that I'm talking about now is that I talked about before the election the stuff that is being echoed by Jindal and -- -- -- and Haley Barbour. Former governor of Mississippi and and many other prominent Republicans. We have discussions here on the show about. About politics. And I have studied mass media over the years of my career and it might. It might scare you to hear the truth sometimes. -- This country can be very superficial. And the -- something is delivered is as important as the content. Those who handled President Reagan. Realized something. And Bill Clinton realized it well Bill Clinton he copied what they realized with Ronald Reagan and every president has copy that is well. The Reagan administration realized. That he didn't matter what Reagan was saying. As long as she we've seen. In a good setting. If he was seen at a factory. For example. -- he was seen at a factory and this was covered on the news. He was seen as somebody who cared about workers regardless of what he was saying and regardless of what the media was saying about him. I don't make up the super -- -- of America. And this goes back as I said earlier to the debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy in 1960. Nixon was sweating. And rubio appeared to be wiping sweat off his historic. He can't make those mistakes if you -- resonate with the American people as superficial as that might seem. And it is superficial but it's real. And as I said earlier many people actually believe that Nixon lost the election because he appeared uptight and nervous and tense. And the truth is that's the way. Rubio appeared last night. Now he is going to be the rising star. For the Republican Party. And they need to fire who was -- him and get somebody else didn't handle it. And you can save and I'm bashing the Republican Party you can be critical of me for saying that. But that is going to be an absolute fact and you and I will be here to discuss its. In 2016. This group blog today's titled money brought can we keep this attitude -- -- shared it's on our website WWL. Dot com. I will get two more of your -- secure and hold his feet patient stay -- -- get to your calls when we come back. I'm -- in for Garland oh by the way if you haven't seen yet I think is still on our web sites. Mayor land true. Did the wobble. And to tell your -- yesterday I guess cards and your money grow spears -- the mayor did the waffle. We've got the visual evidence for -- on our website and it went pleasant and I don't know how to do the wobble so the -- got one on they. Movie -- -- more -- -- to -- a real news update with chain rose. Welcome back to the think tank on -- in fort -- you know the mayor did the did a while I didn't witness it I had already and left tell your -- then connect to to review. -- in the studio from 26 yesterday afternoon which was also a lot of fun. But apparently we have this on our web -- I haven't seen yet but if the mayor knows how to do the wobbled and again. He studies he's better than me that I'd buy her knowledge about had a couple of really great conversations with ceremonial entered that stage it. I want to draw with the talent mouth and says it's -- transcendent. Also yesterday -- all I -- takes a few moments ago. I guess it was sarcastic come. About watching morning Graf from the perspective of the rich. And tell your home. Just because I'm in that situation doesn't mean I'm rich. And it doesn't mean that I don't sympathize. Or understand you and your life if you're not rich. That was my job. You know think about the people who might again. They are to serve drinks. The people who were there is wait staff. -- -- -- -- -- Tell your hole. Which you criticized him. For viewing it as a rich person from the standpoint of of a rich person. But there is just there's so much so much hate in this country. People are so quick to hate you. People are so quick to. Find some reason to hate. Rather then. And lanky and I'm OK -- that I mean I've I I've had a I've had a great successful unbelievable career this is the best my careers ever begin. And I have I learned over the years and and learned this a long time ago he can't make everybody like Q. And everybody the truth is everybody doesn't like you. You change your opinion is because some people like you can't do that. Got to be honest with who and what you are. Viewing money Graf from -- your home. Somehow puts -- some kind of delete no that's. And again I think that's manifestation of of people who are just -- An angry you're looking for reasons to criticize and an -- -- hate. Most of you have no idea. What I've been through in my life. And what it took for me to get where I am -- -- and a boy you that story right now. But if you think for one minute that I can't relate to any struggles that your -- thing. And your personal life and your professional life. Then you don't know anything about. -- here's a text scoot to nearly Andrew was dancing and then Benson and the whole stands were dancing with him WWL is showing it. Bravo for them and that's from from Monty I listed to. And and that would have been there are a classic moment I mean they're. The mayor dancing to. The wobble. Tremendous -- -- you're under the WL. Good Jim. The democratic government -- could backfire -- hurt -- a familiar show about. What shall. And I like you. Act on. -- it -- well it would be -- to Ontario look Republicans not nominate. Oh -- you Pelosi with you Bob -- Obviously obviously that was a mistake about it I. Call them good data should. Look at you know the court. No I'm I'm glad you corrected yet this is live radio and and this show is not as scripted and they are going to be mistakes that are made and I'll be the first to admit that I'm I'm not to. I'm not infallible and I'm I'm far from perfect. Obama I don't want to make sure that they don't go to -- you know. Ever felt like show. That really don't ever collect call it a little bit younger here air. Hi I'm glad I'm glad you called the correct -- and and anybody that hears anything like that you certainly here are welcome to call correct it again you know you. EU and I both make mistakes rumored to were talking lies and and I think he would rather that initial B lips sinks. I mean I can pull beyoncé and lip sync the show I can plan out the show and they -- in the studio and recorded and be lip syncing to my own voice. So it would appear real but it wouldn't really be real. But it was a it was dole and McCain and Romney. Who were all. Classic moderate politicians. They weren't allowed to be themselves. Explain to me one far right wing candidate. That won the presidency. Tell me about one far left candidate when the presidency there is at at and by the way what has happened to the Tea Party. -- by the way the Tea Party had a response to the Republican response. There was the State of the Union Address then there was the the -- -- there was the out Republican response and then the Tea Party Tea Party response to the Republican response. And then I believe there's a group of ground hog lovers and they made the response to the tea party of you know again -- how many responses command. Great it would have debate let's have everything. Out in the open I don't mind that it all but if the Tea Party was right. Then. The Tea Party would still be a factor today the Tea Party is is insignificant that the Tea Party tries to rise again if a far right wing or left wing faction tries to commandeer either party that party will not win. Contrary to. What the far right and the far left believe this country is populated mostly. -- people like me. And you. People who are not politically or socially hypocritical. People who. Are. Moderate only because they don't. Belong to either -- The right or the left. But people who showed a -- I have an opinion about everything -- talk about which is why I like to describe myself as a radical. Moderate. I -- here at WWL -- good afternoon. All and they're so great would chill -- beer -- I'll -- on rubio -- -- a -- that -- drink a war on debt that was distracting -- Don't believe he had a really -- jumped on. Obama and -- -- -- independent true. And I he is -- they're not all what you do with how you do it. And -- thing and say about Republicans enacting new digital book in this this from an independent point of view all album. This thing might be water gun -- edited and -- killed. Medicare and Social Security but all of a bit on it is like the -- at its core bank. So why people even audit and the guy who ran well. Liked Carter he was on social security. And the -- looked as if it was very important area. But what if they did not -- articulate what they mean that -- they've got to change it for the people. All of this body -- is still going to be changed. You know that there are. Think bit of hypocritical. Papacy. Content that but Republicans there's like OK I have gotten maybe not what you're -- -- the -- beyond this is not going to be that they have put it it you know in every ball club head -- what why do you can't get why did you take it. Now -- Jerry there is a lot of thought a lot of the talk received with the with both parties so to speak a politician. To a large degree makes you hypocritical and I if I appreciate the college he does a lot of a lot of truth in that again when it comes to. On -- cutting things. We talk about cutting back as a as a country because we're we're broke him -- going broke even more going deeper into debt. We talk about cutting but nobody wants any of their programs cuts. A business needs to cut back. In order to become solvent. In order shall profit. Meet this country doesn't need to -- a profit but my god let's at least break even. And the answer should not be increase taxes action. Maybe to some degree there there's validity in raising some taxes. But that should not be the answer. The answer should be cutting back but that's not gonna be a pretty sight. And a lot of politicians on the right and the left are gonna fight against changes. In their district Jason we're gonna affect them everybody wants the changes everywhere else except. For them and that's human nature. But that's not gonna solve the problem ordered all have to pull together as a country if we're gonna do this. I think all of us are just a little bit tired. Of. Politicians yeah. It's not working together. And maybe if Obama and rubio. We've done the wobbles like -- -- it's minister today you know and maybe when they get this feeling out of harmony. Yeah right now invasion and stuff. Palin -- -- -- doing well. Okay -- for the people who. -- -- I'm stood in fort Garland here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Did you make for pay more attention to senator rubio -- body language and the contents of his speech. Tony 3% were distracted by his body language and 77%. Pay more attention to his speech. If you didn't here this State of the Union Address from the president you couldn't find that their contents out. On our website at WWL dot com and also view I've missed Marco Rubio is response. -- you can also find that as well so you know Doolittle researcher I got a takes a moment ago it was sudden. Saying it's it's sad that Americans formed their opinions about politicians who mass media. And I totally agree with that. People decide who they're gonna vote for based on sound bites because. They're lazy. Because people don't wanna do research. They want what's quick and easy. And they don't want it to they don't want to do resource we don't want to investigate what would really be the best candidate or why this would be best candidate. And I don't think I don't think you should depend on the media for that information. You might find something out from the media that might lead you to one learn more about a candidate or an issue. But this is not a classroom. This is entertainment. It does it mean that we don't talk about serious things but -- you shouldn't as we've talked about this before to you shouldn't go to a movie and expecting history lesson. It's entertainment. You shouldn't go to talk shows or the media in general. On your gonna be informed but that's it shouldn't be your only source. Of information. From -- -- -- Joseph you're under the WL. -- College they talk about don't cut back on post period a cut back on Medicare. -- a -- of security and Medicare and I read that board a year ago. -- they want right now. -- a lot of money. That I -- -- there and I can now that the government and I had drew. And ticket and name honored away elsewhere -- bode well outward both Fiat. Don't get me my money back L Ike -- by an old boy and because I'm toward a bullet. And -- had -- let people -- money in my home again. And Joseph there's there's there's talk about it. Allowing people to do that but then the government doesn't trust people to do the right thing that money so. And it comes down to the government says kind of running -- -- -- -- I I respect guys like Q I understand the points you -- and I got to get to break but I'm glad you brought it up with -- -- -- feel the way you feel I hope he gets a -- joke because -- did put it there. Don't get it back but I. Don't drive them to do for your time John -- golf. -- do you feel that way and rightfully so. We'll be right back -- born on WWL. I had a great conversation with -- actor Wendell Pierce just today it -- tell your hollered great conversation with him on the air item. A great actor with the show remain just finished up another season of remained and you know he's such an authentic guy that even though he's an actor. I'm his authenticity. Is so reflective of our culture are really enjoyed to talk to him my yesterday pursuant to thanks for us thanks for taking time to do that. I applaud Pope Benedict for resigning he says he is resigning as Pope for the first time in 600 years of Pope is resigning he said he's doing it for the good of the church. Here's where I applaud. Recognizing that it's time for somebody else to do the job. Instead of just clinging to the power clinging to the job until you. Can't even do it anymore. It doesn't mean -- your old 85 is going to be 86 I believe in April. This arena that's all just. But he's come to the decision that he is not the best person to do this job he's giving up the power. Not many people do that and I think that is to be admired. It has been learns that would athletes studied video of their excellent performances. They learn how to recreate the physical and mental feelings. During that moment of excellence. When we talk about these last couple of weeks here in New Orleans Super Bowl week Super Bowl weekends money draw. -- -- weekends and -- Roy yesterday. We need to look back at that as a city. And realize how good -- candy. Let's not look back get the wonderful job of hosting all these events in and say our work is done. Let's study the feelings that we had in the the behavior that we exhibited during this extraordinary time. And were to repeat these peak performance is on a daily basis throughout our city not just downtown for the terrorist but for all of us in the suburbs as well. As a native of New Orleans I have often criticized the attitude well that's the way we do it in New Orleans. And as if so well everybody loves you morons eventually be doing here too bad -- sort of enjoyed. Opponent doesn't always make it right. When any performer excels at their craft are with their talent. They should not relax and think their work is done -- performers build on their best performances and that's what we must do in New Orleans. Rather -- look back with satisfaction for a job well done. Let's look back and be proud. But let's also look back at how we use our talent and ability. And apply that in every aspect of our lives even when there's not a party in town. There is no doubts. We know who we can be. And we've shown it to ourselves and the world the last couple of weeks. The question is will we commit to performing at a peak level all the time. And also since this is the beginning of -- I mentioned this earlier but if you're going to get ashes and if you're beginning went. This is a time for sacrifice leading up to Easter one of stories in the news today about what a good crawfish season it's going to be during went. When you find that to be a little ironic. During -- you're supposed to make a sacrifice and one of the sacrifices are traditionally was not eating meat on Friday -- seafood. But in this part of the country. Eating the seafood we eat our seafood boiled crawfish seafood platters. That doesn't exactly. Qualify as a sacrifice. -- -- not lecturing you on just reminding all of us that this seasonal phenomenon and we need to remember that by eating our seafood. We're not really sacrificing. So if you're gonna sacrifice something during -- don't think you're doing -- like going and having. Coffee Sharapova Friday.