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2-13 6:10pm Sean Kelly on the Hornets

Feb 13, 2013|

The voice of the Hornets Sean Kelly preview tonight's match-up against the Portland Trailblazers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So it will be good I didn't want and tap the rebound and stopped twice Peterson right side between Powell right there. Beat the shot clock buzzer. And tonight you'll -- that gentleman call the Hornets and the Blazers seventy -- tip at 1053 epidemic. And -- accountable is the Hornets joins us now it's on a Blazers ballclub when you look at their weak point. Worst in the league in points in the paint a little 45 minutes the Hornets have been exciting lately. Averaging over 45 points in the lane it's mop I think it's a good place -- thought this meant to. Yeah -- utility elaborate as to Robert Lopez is -- -- last three games he's. Double figures -- up a respect your points a game rebound a little butter or. Actually opened deputy it was a little bit the last couple games solo but it's been a big reason why they've won. Three out of the last four and and I had a warning track so what -- its all about shooting on the season so far -- Big in the back of the -- -- -- the first -- -- February about a percent and any other month or so. Now Sean look anywhere the Hornets and it right now. Who's been the biggest surprise you has it been. I guess to play a best way isn't and his improvement RO who would say surprised you the most of support -- season. I guess I guess it's got to be re you know are they couldn't grip so you're by many Corey -- really solid. Backup point guard. Now overtime that -- made better out. But right now his numbers say otherwise and there's improvements that otherwise in the numbers are literally double points a game. And just collapsed in Bobby yet double which -- like 2020s. That I am. This season all last few -- that happened six times so. Just equal numbers alone and the way that you against. In the world there. And he's been the biggest prize of all I'm sure muscles somebody that'll all -- to -- downstairs. Now Sean this staying on that way as would it be if the geeky but. The points in this assist total would it be -- -- in the turnovers is that where maybe can improve on his game. That's the next you know I thought they were so you know in the Detroit. -- -- some of the tracks that you can put on him make some cop out. And so turnovers LB would be really. Well. I'm more of Egypt which is your patient pick and rolls because valued at this juncture in the immediate need in the coming out. And then what Robert figuring out how -- are playing against him it correct that can improve. In the election in the pectoral just as important as turnovers. -- now when you look at a guy I was reading the other day the ESPN the magazine this month issue this week's issue commuting issue and again that realizes. How musically talented inning -- Roger Mason junior he's got his own record label he's sands and next to it and away from the court it was not just. God though sometimes athletes got to get that stereo type were -- involved with the has been involved dead but isn't that it's clearly. You know entrepreneur knows -- ball. Away from basketball really Smart in the music industry. You don't I don't know a lot of the beat joked about it but I don't you are an interesting retires that wanna hear music business and you're no good. Talk allowed just about it and they -- -- -- -- out there in the music business but here's a guy like Roger Mason couldn't ever talks about it. And yet you do what is successful. It's a fire which. How it is -- -- but it's a fascinating story Jarrett swirling at ESPN the magazine did this month he had seeded. It's got counts in the NBA stars and the -- taken pitches with a different musicians and doing things -- -- Roger Mason junior of the Hornets. Who's doing well than in you brought that -- this week year's all star weekend and it. It makes a little more fun -- when you've got a guy that you -- And you know little about that involved in the all star activities 31 points in 31 minutes the other night. Ryan Anderson clearly going in a shooting the ball is as good as he has and you know probably a gap that does got a good shot is leaking. And it shot at a really good you know I don't let or are these green. You know on the -- what Matt Bonner and stuck occurred at the breeze right they don't like about. And it'll make me who are big guard because there's someone -- -- involved work Brock Huard to your whatever steps are. Stupidity of the weekend so you have extremes on the birds got a lot of stops when we got into the there you know what the all star game well. You know if ago there -- greater although I don't DB -- -- a little breaks this season. The events involved agreed it as Ryan -- and I'll make sure liked seeing those who have the same way. Well and we as a city host the game and 08 and crust all -- the last Byron Scott Rolen ball. I think more people get into all the activities probably can because they had they had us in the game that you will. Now was shot -- your opinion on this all the basketball you watch and you look as a blade is always you know case appointed times that fans and -- look it would be department lately. And you look at the heat right now and -- LeBron James does it truly is a king James right now. And I'm Brandon I heard different things where there's an end Dewayne wade healthy how can truly -- anyone. You know beat the Miami Heat the way LeBron James is playing the same -- seven game series. Well and and the Olympic -- flying around in a compliment from Bobby your card there. Also they're unbeatable but that's why are there any damn man either favored to repeat what -- -- -- history right now. There's really relieves the actual hope they -- basketball fans those -- my parents. Take advantage of the little stretch they don't last law. You know he's going to be all of Kramer traditionalist. Great being on the road to what what you're seeing right now in the stretch or he shouldn't. So busier and will be a -- lost. The Brewers are. I don't wanna -- -- Because you know and remember Michael Jordan and then they'll vote in and I can remember. Robert Robert that there -- many others who -- wonder quick -- peace in the game and order. Single -- and LeBron James this is doing something that's never been done -- that's not the case -- At least at this moment in time that there's -- -- And so on a lot. He is the boys -- a New Orleans Hornets tonight the Hornets are having their final game before the break it to take on the Portland. Trailblazers to prized rookies in an accident like that each club. Shawn -- Sean thank you so much have a great called -- Here are all right coming back are a college Gary. Chris -- not this is what's up on WW yeah.