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Feb 14, 2013|

Dave talks about Valentine's Day, Saints coaching changes, and if zombies are attacking

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW LR's news on this fourteenth of February 2013. Wedeman an aha I'm confused it's the day before Friday it is indeed and it's Valentine. Or bravery or Valentine's Day is my kids call for years that is that Anders. That is on time dad valentines and tests. It's time for -- Discount you aka. Well how do called found time -- think differently now but my youngest is twelve. -- that got that straight guy that has a creeps up on you and we've been just a little busy in town for the lot was for the whole month. Yang and now instant party and now I did my Valentine -- shopping yesterday all -- Smart guy yet -- I had a little opportunity after it finally got it now because you know up all night -- -- in suburban treatment. Early yesterday afternoon and it finally and napkin again. Take care of -- -- times shopping so that tells it all done yes -- I have a feeling all whole Lotta people -- on the Internet last night. Ordering those deliveries sports the -- yeah out. Speak as. Out Fat Tuesday and Wednesday they closed it was very difficult. Amendment and drunken stupor that -- and parade -- But don't try those excuses because they won't I won't work out guys there's -- out here don't doesn't match. Don't you are expected. Even if there'd been a world war even if there had been a zombie apocalypse even it doesn't matter watch. Happens. You do not forget your woman on mountain time. You just don't do -- That idea yet they're in many ways. We could list the ways it's a bad idea. You you've got your -- audio and I'll take Eric that that it did a lot of people hate Valentine's Day. I mean just despise it. And not only single people who feel particularly well. Today but there's a lot of people feel like they've been come personal the congressional report commercially. Compromise to -- to -- is going to having to spend a whole lot of money for a time for holiday they feel is really not created by a glorified by. Makers of candy stuffed animals and greeting cards all those things and shots at -- and I just a good deal today would be viewed. Far in the Bastille you can like on a dozen roses you can't go wrong with that although you know a dozen roses he may be able to get for twenty bucks any other time. That's like eighty like yeah -- -- -- mean you know somebody's got to deal on the area to hunt around I don't know about that is going to be made it. Patent rights guy that has really well and and it's not like you with Christmas. You know the day after Christmas in go by your Christmas cards for the next year half off -- -- after Christmas in the -- Christmas decorate he can't buy your roses. Tomorrow keep them for next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you directs here pause will last forever maybe they've been like petrified. Think she'd be petrified repeated that it's just a carry your duty and everything will be fine guy -- out -- Thank you David very. When he missed opportunities here that you well in them that Valentine's Day. Love letter hated to -- 187 lethal free agency they -- -- there right -- and he protected me and a cavity that. -- person argued that that people call today Valentine's Day I call it Thursday. Fellow called today for Friday anecdotal right says. March 14 Valentine's Day and -- Ultimately -- get roses for fifteen bucks. And one of the big bucks that's that it is now. Did you care of the roses come from a Forester from a growth restorers from a big bucks or. It's how or whether this game that you care. I'd do six wanted to have people where you think dictating and there it that a lot of -- next yells and -- -- get the rug is relatively cheap on this Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day 2000 and their team your Valentine's forecast and sport that. Hydrates in on this Valentine's Day good morning guys gave no in my sites regardless Amanda goes one on what you get. Orlando. That league but as far as right now outside throughout belt so remote -- small light and bad that the beltway denizens. Saying it is and it being redundant. Today you know did you wake up or did you just leave -- and tonight. I'll let that doesn't -- better rate of just seeing. -- let me get your they use that I wondered why you are why then maybe you're gonna begin -- 124 hours -- that. Aaron well hopefully not to fight any fires -- thank you for being on watch. For us and hopefully your wife is. Understanding and when you get whole month tomorrow morning at this time -- how she shows her appreciation. They. You know thanks Mike we appreciated Cusick 18780386688. Nines there right then it's very interesting text messages and -- them and it's -- it -- get to those coming up right now your Valentine's forecast from its meteorologist Laura. But now clearing skies this morning with some sunshine around the area and a bit cool today heights of sixty. EV Thames for Valentine's Day plans in the fifties under clear skies -- tonight Chile overnight 35. And patchy frost on the north -- south of the lake a low of 43. Friday partly cloudy and a high of 65 and Saturday. A bit cooler behind our next front sunshine and 57. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell right now we have cloudy skies at the international airport 46 degrees in the northeast wind eight feels like the lower forties it is the lower forties north Italy where it's like ballot. Cloudy and forty degrees over bad. 37 with the wind chill feels like 33. And some very cold spots out there. Cold -- heart it's time for sports listening sideline reporter Kristian -- good morning -- Good morning it is they Davis was pretty cold hearted. It's one at one point in the new world wanted to in the Portland trailblazers their fifth straight loss. 9963. Last night Davis scored on a -- of -- robbers on the late bounce pass the site. The hornets are off for three days during the NBA all star break the LSU men's basketball team is in South Carolina tonight steak on a struggling gamecocks team that is lost. Four straight. The tigers -- into the contest with a thirteen and eight overall record four and six in the SEC. Tip off is at 530 tonight following sports talk on WWL. The saints are reportedly shuffling their coaching staff Pete Roussel of coaching search dot com explains. Run -- will work in this state head coach -- this cashier's. With the Jacksonville jaguar to -- -- if they're all on the line coach he actually got an interview on patent for the running back shelf. -- on the backs coach Gregg Engles who reportedly take over as the team's offensive line coach. LSU and Tulane baseball over the regular season tomorrow night the tires are -- -- Merrill in the wave take on Sam Houston State on the road. Today at four on WWL a sports talk with Bobby Hebert in the -- the F followed by tiger basketball at 530. Against South Carolina on Kristian -- that is -- early look at sports. This case is still some personnel changes to come for the saints right because they have not filled that running backs and offensive line coach -- positions vacant. When. Mr. -- across. It let us yet on the cost Eric drummer left to go help out and talk it. The -- he'd -- remember now. He was running backs coach before he became with the saints before he became the offensive line coach so the the thinking is pretty clear here. He said shopping says success doing that before he's gonna shift Brett -- into the -- -- line coaching position and in hire a running backs coach. Oh -- and that and that's pretty much the last position that we filled with Intel set to -- Here's one thing I was thinking about you know the saints did the search for a defensive coordinator at an open Rob Ryan. Was there ever any talk that you're aware of and if not why not of Joseph bit becoming the defensive quarter he was the interim loving call on that but you brought in -- purpose he was the interim head coach for most of last season. And he is the I -- the linebackers tray right I don't know if there was any discussion about that I think. Joseph with pretty comfortable with working with the linebackers and being the assistant coach he has a great role on this team he's also he's he also serves as -- The motivational speaker if you will could. After the team that's -- -- as maybe as. We got we we really did the neat thing you know you look for silver linings and every black cloud the neat thing about last season -- John -- suspended. What do we really got to know -- bit. And those are fun news conference and everywhere joke make it much -- to the media that you've got some armed -- reserves fingers that he would deliver. And he he he made it interesting anyway like boring and over again on the. No never and he had and he is a good one liners and they get to know him they my favorite was. Flash is about a photographer was thinking about your pictures today -- get much -- -- -- any -- -- she's a -- haven't got enough pictures yet. Good and Ritalin in an illness that could -- the guys that desire for just kept that picture. Don't understand digital cameras now. They don't have to make all that noise that's -- that's what I know is they put into the camera and it sounds like a camera yet. Wasn't all of the this is technically five minutes -- sports here on WWL some of the text messages. Do you love Valentine's Day or hate it let me now text -- 78 Saturday called me 26 187 near total for 8668870. That and your forecast after this. Prize money 5 good morning I'm Dave -- thanks for joining us on the early edition WWL Burris news. What do you think about Valentine's Day one person texts -- at 878 and it is a waste of money. Tell my wife and girls I'd love them every day knows -- happy singles awareness day. I humble a and that is as my wife thinks -- me for the thought. But she'd rather chocolate. Flowers are a waste of money out yet that John flowers -- obviously there's so many other ways that you can take care as we -- today I don't think she needs to have flowers. Jewelry -- New Hampshire crap. -- -- good I think it's just anything to -- that you really thought about it really put some time and effort and and that it wasn't just in graphic card on the way home from worker in -- shows that you actually tried you know make a car. Act they love that open little effort and does -- take care of your lady year round and Valentine's Day it will. Become just another day poses no roses today as -- I love Valentine's Day he gets. I again -- Gone up by you get an ulterior motive and everybody -- so they get to this and that some of the text messages having debates that needs to keep coming in and ladies. You know us guys are valentines and -- you know that we are not. Well necessarily fully understanding exactly how to make this works I would love it if some women would call us -- -- 170. We're told free 8668890878. Or text -- at 87870. And let me know that your woman when you text and connect town she tells me. From text that -- report. But give us some suggestions on what guys can do to make a perfect. But there's sweetheart 260187203866. -- 870 women go to the front of the line all day. Here on WWL. At the front of our line has missed meteorologist Laura about now with your Valentine's fork. Now clearing skies for this Valentine's Day with some sunshine this afternoon but staying cool highs near sixty today. Clear tonight but still chilly 35 on the north sort look for some patchy frost there south Philly near 43. Friday looking a bit milder partly cloudy and 65. Saturday -- our next cold front arrives it also recent sunshine but -- cooler Saturday highs of 57. Let me out -- forecast center I'm drawl to Smart tough tells. And it's cold up there folks let's go to that has been cloudy and 46 at the airport with the northeast win at eight making it feel -- lower forties actually is lower forties across the moratorium some upper thirties cloudy and forty in Slidell feels like. 33. And bad murders and gave Tony the early edition of WW Alfredsson as terribly with Tyson an 8787 needs as the SLR cameras the big digital cameras. The 35 millimeters still having actual shuttered and opens and closes so at least some of that noise is actually the shutter opening closing. The little digital cameras maybe not among the big ones that I got it that I have to make some -- Thank you I ladies call right now 260187. -- text me right now and 87870 what you guys do. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the addition of WW Alpert says it's February if the -- to its 2000 -- thing hand it is a day before Friday happy Friday. Who don't hate holidays some people I absolutely hate around the -- some manipulative decided you know what -- embrace it love and make the best. Coming up on past missed the rounds or about -- a lot wonder what she's. You're gonna give in her little dirty bastard yes well on -- well guys are valentines and -- Women generally know what did you I don't know how to make -- -- champion. No real secret that. Not -- -- for for guys were rumored announcement compared to get -- suggestions from current. Where guys can do now to make sure that there successful and there Valentine's. Efforts yes. And have a smile on their faces. By the way don't worry zombies -- not attack. Cute TV stations. In northern Michigan's -- hackers broke into the emergency alert system computers. And put -- methods on this Eileen. -- A crawl. And audio message -- that quote dead bodies are rising from their graves and attacking the living there -- ago the -- the message is -- on public station W and avenue NW the UP. Two Montana stations were also. So that's for -- -- TV stations that were packed with messages on the screen warning of the zombie apocalypse. -- -- -- These these zombie three people they're pretty funny I mean it -- they. Now that's illegal and you shouldn't tamper with emergency now and on I was that was the wrong very bad yet that equipment relief for emergencies that. Yet they get on this road signs than they've -- those with warnings of the zombie apocalypse it and now there hacking TV station crawl. -- A good idea but. It is fun. It would actually believes. In god and if they run up to their storms dollars and Montana or whatever management said. And in Michigan and they battening down matches fearing that the zombies coming zombies Erica and that's something all over the counter they're very -- storm cellar with nobody sellers here and no sellers well that's because -- -- went to the seller during a storm here -- drown out the very good point that -- get out of the -- it into the water and -- activists -- anything thank you David attracted about twenty minutes more -- -- Miller joins us. With. Also vote talking about Valentine's Day years new war in this February 14 2000 and. God not so hot outside today about it just names on -- play anyway this meteorologists are about -- And make you feel to steer this -- the -- well I'm like yeah. Should be -- Alan Alan because it promotes snuggle snuggle with your sweetheart -- accident or maybe with your furry sweetheart. When I made it. All out gamma camera trying to -- fairly problematic. Worried are you never ideal way. Yet because poppies need Valentine's love. All. God knows it's Valentine's Day and be very upset if you don't know he doesn't know itself -- -- always knows it's his birthday. Because he gets a special dog keeper they treat you but did he wrote that he puts it all together and -- -- -- -- treat it and thank outnumbered them public imagery today I don't I mean he's a genius. I mean I don't know if I just treat him special. Yet -- now. Hopefully you have Valentine's Day plans with your sweetheart whether their furry or not the fit between that and that whether we cloud cover this morning but it's actually in a push out. Throughout the next couple of hours and plenty of -- on the way for today. And equal afternoon highs only around 60 you know this morning we got what thirties and forties. And that we may feel little froth there right along the state liner at the southwest Mississippi when that a little light or they're. And McComb Mississippi right now at 33. Yeah him temperatures drop and where it's been a little cleared north of the lake it's in the thirty's fell -- -- been in the cloud cover much of the night so -- in the mid forties died at sunshine and around six the this afternoon that yeah. Had a quiet -- the showers are offshore into the east I will say this though. Watching few showers south of mobile bay -- As those include an -- Christian -- and that's just what they need after they met bill through they need a little rain because well and and here's the deal seats are going to be a little -- there's little breezy here. And the stabilizers I've heard are not working or not working it's a political has. Rocking back right fourth and make it bags and pockets full of human waste around everywhere. Hello that being Ellis now are you at the -- luxuries they left. Man that left Galveston on the champ food and they've just been kind of thing in that with no powers that are very glad to be no matter what the whether they're just glad dryly and I -- as Friday and into the. We chemical that we look good for Friday were at the height little milder 65 but -- late Friday night a a cool front that -- it's. To bring any rain but it will bring them more cooler weather since Saturday's highs. Back into the fifties maybe mid fifties to about 57. With mostly sunny skies and Sunday sunshine a high back in about sixty. Right today go BA bears the planned -- get it all right. I need your. Suggested a major tips he has. You know most manner Valentine's impaired well they and they may wait till last minute right well especially this year yes. Know -- you wake up and went home me and a -- you've finally at times and recovered from -- From as of all the carnival and Tuberville and everything out tonight. Now we got a text messages bass response -- -- -- and one woman -- -- -- Melamed yeah. Yes that would love of my boyfriend put new tires on my car. Why happy about that there are big pieces of rubber here's the deal here's here's people need to know your significant other your. You're sweetheart eaten -- some people. That would be great you know they they -- tires they don't wanna buy -- for themselves at that luxury unit for a lot of people have nice tires that. You know she left -- that the important thing to -- is now. You were sweet I didn't ask her maybe what you want from. Well I mean that's not a bad idea I'll tell you what I DU I and it's maybe a -- ethnic. But it's been working for me for years. On my husband's computer but there is -- older that listed Laura gift I caught a and I go on air and there's probably links to -- maybe forty different things all price ranges from you know. Lotion ballot like you Ian sweater that I have been one -- you know all. Eat for all you know he's got options options that way I don't know a little yet and I keep going. What do you want it now want this and that I know and getting. But he option and get them to reflects -- -- just tell you this has worked like -- charm for. Harris well it's it's a little late for that now that -- -- -- company to start that but for a guy. Two -- does not have a full run it's got better -- sweetheart is leaving him suggestion search center summing simply you would say that is generally gonna work for most women. Yeah all I mean a card is great is that you're remembering its chocolates always a good thing. And eighty something you know I'm usual you know we always think flowers and chocolates that maybe pick up her favorite coffee at at UCDs or maybe go. On pick up her -- -- item and -- -- delivered to our work not be a little unpredictable not just flowers chocolate strap it still had to something that lets you know that you are remembering them on to. They go folks it just is something a little special on and off should be well -- one person does say I wasn't aware that Valentine's Day is meant strictly for women. What are all the ladies vying for their -- just -- totally agreed the most men all they want Valentine's days to make a woman happy of that he'll make him happy and. It's. It's it's a holiday for shirts just recently but he won one man connected that my wife gave me roses and make -- -- -- -- -- I don't know OK okay what. I don't know any more -- Google was different. They again who -- I did yeah the funny thing. Odd -- BS that is the part. You have a great day like down -- Correct me -- -- sport yet there -- folks -- hope those suggestions now view but winning more tax that's limited to music and text -- -- 87870 women and call me. Went into the front a lot of literate already accused accelerate seventy -- -- create -- dictating and -- -- that he helped the valentines and -- Know what to do today to be successful sports. With Griffin Gary. Happy hallmark holiday congratulations. Doc says paying fifteen to 4% mark up says one segment the debate -- -- -- Saturday. That's among clearly loves valentines and think it's a fantastic thing. Another person -- today it's 78 -- have been asking for -- suggestions. And as early morning -- -- works every time I texted back suspicious if that is a man or woman -- admitted it was a man or women is that a good idea that your man wake you up on Valentine's Day. Person early morning action is that how you wanna start -- -- -- there is yet to do some parsley. -- give you the flowers in the Indian or take -- outer DVR -- a diamond or whatever it is. It just wake up and off we go from well we always sports while accounts -- fast. It's early morning sports trying to quite -- status. Crying his eyes drifting yet another sentence 121 points from Anthony Davis out of the room. -- -- -- -- Two on Taurus crush the Portland Trail Blazers 9963. Last night -- head into the all star break having won three of their last four. Ellis humans basketball's back in action tonight against South Carolina tonight. On the road at the gamecocks lost four straight tigers are thirteen and eight overall and four at six and SEC play the action starts at 530 on WL following sports talk and the saints continue to search for assistant coaches. Peter -- of coaching search dot com says. Former Kansas State head coach Ron prince will interview with Sean Payton for the team's running back coaching position. What -- I think you got to do is move running back started rectangles -- apply. Prince spent last season with Jacksonville LSU and Tulane baseball opened. There regular season tomorrow the tigers are at home it's Maryland and a -- take on Sam Houston State on the road. Today at four on WB well it's sports talk -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia followed by tiger hoops. At 530 against South Carolina I'm Christian -- and that is your early look at sports. Size if you want -- -- Thursday Valentine's Day before Friday. Here on WWL I am FM and that -- we are the all star break for the New Orleans Hornets have won three of their last four -- -- look at. I'm a little roll here they've been on the street thing where -- get on a hot streak every now and then the -- culture here in the on a cold streaks it's still looks like the -- -- -- -- each form. Yeah and all likelihood that look which -- seniors. A team that's learning how to win. In the Samoa a lot of positive signs and Nancy Davis last night coming off the night he had against the pistons a double of games ago. And yet won on points last night and was dominant. Inside the paint. Aren't there -- ago also wanna ask you quickly to -- sports talk. I'm on Valentine's Day edition. Bobby and -- gonna ask to the ask. Athlete -- loved to hate. It it's funny how there's always if you acknowledge that the people just -- did but they -- love to hate him. You know that the topic -- all the discussion and there -- always in the news and we're always talking about him and people and as anyone athlete out there that you just particularly love. Eight he -- don't care went -- Notre Dame is it. Program that you love to hate. The end Notre Dame certainly up there but also Ray Lewis -- you loved Avery I just think that hold. And so file lot of what he's selling. Thank you for -- this. We'll hear more of who people what sports figures people love to -- to transport them read them well I can text messages and make 78 Tony from women want as many petty facial arm aside. Okay that's a good suggestion by your woman a little pampering. Or or pamper yourself what part of the guy offers to massage you. Ryan -- motive but does that -- another one says signed from a female Italian take nearly morning -- me that the flowers and chocolates. -- that a guy Texas and 878 guys that I shower my woman with roses chocolates wines Valentine's cards and a small -- Well you know actually shower with -- like that would be pleasant but any goes on to admit it and hope she will return my generosity with. -- -- I think -- five let's head on over the -- -- forecast center and airport estimates meteorologist Laura about now. Thursday outlook clearing icing cool Temps priced near sixty. And we should see some sunshine this after -- -- Valentine's -- this evening. Temps will be in the fifties under clear -- might wanna jacket overnight lows around 35 on the North -- with some frost South Shore around 43. Friday looking mild 65 and partly cloudy and Saturday mostly sunny a bit cooler highs of 57. And yet nastiest forecast thinner I'm -- just larva. Tell partly cloudy skies now at the international airport it's 46 degrees -- -- northeast today make him feel even a little cooler on the -- surely have some upper thirties at the mid thirties and some frost. Near the Louisiana Mississippi line now forty degrees now and bodies guys in flight now wind chills down into that Albert near freezing over and banners to its 33 degrees. How many have you watched this president's state of the union is one of the lowest rated ones -- much lower rated in his last State of the Union Address. And accommodate even if you -- stuck around for the Republican responsive and you probably heard about mark rubio as. -- it. Pause to get a drink of water. Lot of office from watching that video that we haven't posted now at WWL back talent not have a thirsty someone have a habit of running to the watered during the breaks here to get and I -- entire bottle of water I think ever rubio ideas. Days to contagious and you get it from just watching that video that is wanna warn you if you watch it WB of account mimicking -- -- one woman's access today 7870 about is it okay for Amanda give a woman. A person homicides for Valentine's Day just yet -- -- -- a five minute massage with ulterior motives. Does a long. Total body massage with good effort you're -- they got Tommy -- bring you think shirt on this. Found that there. Yeah I didn't realize until I was driving -- work in her energy talk about it that it was Valentine's and I don't and it came out of closet yet. Minnesota came out of the closet with a -- Terrible choice -- where it's not currently over the next well it's above minimum wage and the benefits and disadvantages of that. And is it gonna help or hurt people that make minimum wage and the other thing we'll talk about naturally is Valentine's Day in relationships and it is Olympic guy in Africa that's charged with killing his girlfriend shot a burglar gated community history of arguing. Good luck with that it's not about ahead yet. The passion aspect of relationships. It is when it's good it's very good but when it's bad look -- -- regularly I ask you sound less -- bigger.

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