WWL>Topics>>2-14 8:45am Tommy talks to Dr. Stephen Crow about tattoos

2-14 8:45am Tommy talks to Dr. Stephen Crow about tattoos

Feb 14, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Stephen Crow, a Professor of Management at UNO, about tattoos in the workplace

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Amber -- been knocked in and out of the box de plane load songs for a bumper music which in the -- done to the program. -- would rather on Valentine's. This is -- extensive media blowfish. Who has. Sixpence None the -- doctors even grow -- again. From my alma mater the university -- new -- my friend Lindsay you both had a great line when he said you know built the middle class new -- -- and I think he's right he's a professor of management. And you know an expert in human resources doctor -- we knew that was. Expense and blow finished it -- Sure man big man as a line. It's actually comes in and I don't know if this goes to a gift suggestion for Valentine's Day or an answer about tattoos. It says red faced right on speckled Trout chasing a shrimp on left arm. Both above short sleeve. I don't know. All it could be about a shirt that somebody once picked up for Valentine present nor about a -- that they have. Tell me about. Tattoos and how they're viewed in the work place because. I was saying before you came on and it and local that was supervisor in the post office and years ago long long time ago. I thought I remembered him saying that there were certain jobs that you couldn't get if you had any. Visible tattoos if you had a hat now. I can't believe that there's any place with any kind of restrictions or any of that be legal. Well actually. It is legal. Two. I have to do things with with the employees. Haven't in a way that OK if -- it is like if you had a tattoo in the middle of euphoria for example. A swastika. Well well Charlie Manson -- -- that exactly what was it about early today and on Valentine's Day and it's strange that tried but that's between unions there to student. Well anyway. You know if if if if -- in. Recruited the first the first position where there's a lot of contact with customers. And these kind of things -- and to the extent that you've got please we we hope that it's not in the middle you're four theaters those kind of Asian. So for example employers to insane and I'm I'm just kidding about that the Charlie Manson thing but seriously taken saying. As part of their company policy no visible tattoos or limit to where they can be visible or what they can say it's Saturn. Yeah there's there's policies like this should but a lot of a lot of employers are aware of the fact that the user. Back in Stahl and and so. To the extent that that the customers. You know well. Might be put off -- those -- times then then you know you can you can always make some kind of compromise its. And you know as it it's saint yeah. Body piercings tattoos. Are seen by many courses as evidence of odd behavior that's one thing you know. But. You know and -- in our. Industries here you know it's it's very important that in the hotel restaurant terrorism. -- out of the rest of the elections there that with the that we don't have people. That are that are going to look respond to things like that and I think it's about it do. Oh what would you say to a young person that's listening and has aspirations of being a doctor or a lawyer -- or I engineer or a professional person and is thinking about getting a little tattoo on their ankle or wrist or. Something along those lines where it's not completely hidden. Well if you have that visit to the extent that you have to do something like that that's -- and didn't do that they just don't put it. It in a situation where it's gonna have an adverse impact zone on you know on on your clients and you know. It if it's mostly about supervision. And management in these kind of sanctions have been direct. Interactions. You know with with people that that might be put off there's there's no protection. You know about discrimination. The rules related to tattoos and then body -- security number of times like that. So everybody has the right to do whatever they want but in terms of upside downside. You'd be hard pressed to make a case that if you wanna job in a professional environment that is gonna help. Yeah yeah that that's you know not nothing good can happen to use. In the job or you're gonna have interaction with with clients and other people like that. That may be put off by the fact that that that you've got that in the show moves opinions of people in the third come up to them. To the conclusion that there's something wrong with you it may be in your judgment these kind of things it's a matter of trust. And so you know it depends on a lot of things nabbed in in places like New York California. There may be some protection you know before for those kind of things in terms of the employment. You know we're in a very conservative place here. And you know we we have the options. If somebody doesn't fit the profile. That has as has an effect our customers. That that we won't then then you know that's that's. That that that's acceptable -- concerned. And I guessed -- doctor William about thirty seconds left but in terms of did -- when he thirteen and look and had to career you have to consider mobility and not necessarily what's acceptable here bullet might be acceptable in. I don't Moines Iowa New York California Seattle New Mexico wherever right. Right track gadget thank you doctor appreciate your time -- but -- you know hello -- Thank you sir have a bad day.

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