WWL>Topics>>2-14 10:10am Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about minimum wage

2-14 10:10am Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about minimum wage

Feb 14, 2013|

Scoot talks with WWL listeners about the possibility of raising the federal minimum wage.

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Good morning again happy Valentine's Day February the fourteenth. Fort Garland. And I thought this Valentine's Day we're. Feature going in and out of breaks. -- BS the coach she easiest. -- -- -- -- She's going to have this power and ability to make you never never wanna be in love. We're actually but. A lot of would send us you actually request of a story that you considered to be just -- Love song -- it's Saturday. Are you sad because you have no one to get well. Are you happy because you have someone to give them. Are you happy because you don't have anyone to give a Valentine to -- new single and happy we'll be talking about bed and also on this. Today it is titled Valentine's Day. Bipartisan love. Can two people who don't share the same political views. Fall in love will be talking about that's. Later in the show today and here's our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll Chris you have a relationship with someone who has different political views. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com to get update on that throughout the shows can leave you see how vet told tracks throughout our show today. Also today we'll talk about Louisiana being the fourth most religious states in America. According to a new Gallup poll Louisiana ranks number four among all the states that are considered the most religious states. Mississippi was number one. You taught that it's not surprising number two of Alabama number three Louisiana number four Arkansas. Number five. Now which state do you think was the least religious states. Think about it and I will talk about that coming up a little bit later and also could you be in a relationship with somebody. Who doesn't share your same religious beliefs. Is it possible for -- I have known Christians and Jews who have have been married could you be with somebody -- you with somebody have you been with somebody. Who does not share your religious police we'll get into that this morning as well. In his State of the Union Address Tuesday night the president proposed raising the minimum wage from 725 an hour to nine dollars an hour. The president said we know our economy stronger when we were bored at an honest days work with honest reaches. He said let's declares that in the wealthiest nation on earth. No one who works full time should have to live in poverty. And raise the minimum the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. The president said that raising the minimum wage would help millions of working families. At and help boost the economy. -- agreement -- should the minimum wage be raised to nine dollars an hour. Would that affect you as an employee or as an employer. How it affects -- the minimum wage went up to nine dollars an hour. This is this is all a long. A long debates that this is gone on for many many years whenever this talk about raising the minimum wage. Their two schools of thought one is that's gonna prevent employers from hiring people because it's gonna cost more for them to hire people. So that's gonna cut down on jobs. And others say well it would be and it would be better for those working minimum wage it would help them out. If the minimum wage was raised from 725 to say 9000 or whatever they do whatever the implements is at the time of the debate. -- so is -- a good idea for for workers is this going to help the economy is is going to help American families if the minimum wage was raised. And here in New Orleans at particular. Our economy is based on our entertainment industry or hospitality industry. Should be a minimum wage. Be applied to those who work for tips. Now if you if you're in the service industry I don't know what which -- paid. For our. If you work for tips. What what are you pay per -- excited I don't think it's minimum wage and in most cases. Now in the state of Oregon. They actually demand minimum wage even for those who worked for tips. And I'm thinking about to all those who worked for tips right now they would think that that might be a really great idea. But would -- it we lead to an increase in prices of the food here. Would increasing the minimum wage I have a ripple effect through the economy and lead to an increase in prices. Should the minimum wage be raised and in New Orleans it's our economy is driven by our hospitality industry a lot of people work four tips. Should the hourly wage. The increasing the minimum wage for those working on tips. If you and join our show with a comment this morning our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889. Necessarily seventy. And -- -- -- is 87870. There are always differing views on what's going to be best for the American people. And what's going to be best for the economy. And to be honest with you ice I I see both sides of I certainly understand the idea that if it cost more to hire somebody that some employers are not -- -- hire more people so that's not gonna increase jobs. But then again if we didn't have a minimum wage at all. What do you think people would be paid today. Do you trust businesses to give a fair wage to those who. Give an honest days work -- and analysts go back to what the president said. We know -- Ari we know our economy is stronger when we reward those who give an honest days work with honest wages. Now you and I both snow. That a lot of people don't give an honest days work. They're a lot of people who just go through the motions. You and I see it in in retail outlets we see everywhere. You might see it in your work. We all see it in our art our jobs and our workplace there are people who just do the absolute minimum and I said recently on this show no. Job should just do your job. If you treat your job just as a job you're not going anywhere in life. Nowhere. So you better hope the minimum wage goes up because that's the only damn -- you can get a race. A -- opinion that is it economical. Free enterprise fact. And should be. So if you do give an honest days work. You should get on switches the question is do you trust employers. To reward those who do work hard or raising the minimum wage. Actually allow the cream to rise to the top. The best workers would be the ones who would keep their jobs and those who aren't applying themselves would lose their jobs and isn't that part of the free enterprise system. If you wanna join us with your thoughts your comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven it and it takes number is 87870. From Jefferson Steve here on the BW on good morning. Hey that's what I'd say you're asking about minimum wage employers and they e-book for anyone who makes steps. Our most servers will get paid 213 an -- someone get paid more depending on the restaurant at their discretion or -- delivery drivers but. The wayward -- Louisiana is if you do not make enough to its gonna pay periods equal at least minimum wage and the importers supposed to do make up that. And can be used for whatever you could not -- So imagine if those who are part of weight staff are those who are working for tips imagine if they made minimum wage as well. Yeah hello -- importers from all over -- I think -- it would be nice little -- probably can't afford to -- Well it's a way it is in in in Oregon it would be interesting to see if that says something that becomes more popular -- -- country Steve I appreciate your call thanks for -- so about 213 an hour if you're. A server euros a waiter waitress served a bartender. Should the minimum wage should be increased. And that means that some people who don't deserve it are gonna get -- Not based on merit but based on the federal government. So philosophically I have a problem with that. -- a problem where if merits. Not being -- -- Foundation for a race. Work ethic being a basic foundation for -- think about all -- but the people who don't apply themselves and just go through the motions every day. They're gonna get a race that should bother you. Now those who work hard they should get a -- but do you trust. Employers do you trust businesses do you trust. The free enterprise system and agreed it is such an integral part of the free enterprise system do you trust all of that. To. Give those who deserve a raise. A race. If you wanna join our show the comment this morning our numbers 26 don't want a seventy toll free 8668890878. Text numbers say 7878. And also since this Valentine's Day we are going to feature the sap pianist she's he has to. Love science and -- Time and again this is strong among them you can send us a text if you ever quest for a staff people outside politics numbers 87870. I'm -- into Garland and we'll be right back on WWL. The only. Yeah. It's Valentine's Day and I'm scrutiny for Garland. And this morning we're featuring some of -- happiness love songs ever written if you have a request you can send us. -- 77. I kind of like this Sandra I have to admit this release happy. -- your speed right. Here's our WWL forty check my opinion poll -- you have a relationship with someone who has a different political view. 40% say yes and 60% say no this is your opinion by going to our web site WWL Todd comes to blog today in our website is titled Valentine's Day. Bipartisan -- to people that don't share the same political views. Fall in love. And have a successful relationship will be talking about that's later today also Louisiana is the fourth most religious state in America behind Mississippi Utah and Alabama. Are we really that religious and what do you consider to be a religious person. What makes you believe just all talk about that and also on this Valentine's they'll talk about whether or not you could. A date or be married to somebody who doesn't share your religious beliefs here's detects a reason I have an atheist I have dated a Jew twice. And my fiance says is Catholic airports just find I respect her belief she respects -- non beliefs on you need is respect and love -- here's a text about the minimum wage or -- talking about right now Obama in his State of the Union Address Tuesday. I mentioned that we should raise the minimum wage to make everything better for everybody from 125 hour to nine dollars an hour. Is that a good idea and will then achieve what the president says it will achieve which is get people two higher level of living and out of poverty. And -- also increase. The economy. Here's a Texan res when the minimum wage goes up cost goes up. I already. Make a bit more than minimum wage so. The only ray only. The only race I get is. Is cause I guess it would be a cost of living. Here's attacks when minimum wage goes up prices of goods and services go up economy spikes for a short period. Then ends up. -- Rights right backwards sorted out. For mid city Michael zero under the W -- good morning. -- -- dot -- -- while avoiding sleep on the same kind of liberal. Com the incompetent. Yes. My comment as a by Saddam minimum wage Alitalia. Brought up to believe that it's -- -- thought it's being wet in the working world and move on from there are not meant to stay there and support to immigrant life. Well that -- that was my impression of the minimum wage there was an entry level in a position. End all employers are gonna eat cause they gonna bet on the consumer. Grade apart but and -- -- -- ER about. And and like Japan -- previous text and -- -- That's about a certain -- dominant argument whenever this comes out Michael Bush goes -- Up front -- and Richard -- on WWL. Yeah or -- -- -- -- graphical look at the state income people people Social Security stuff you know that your -- -- -- -- -- the part of what I want to work you know. Incredible -- -- scholarship he tried you can buy -- -- company and murder for dollar settlement now what you know seven dollars a barrel for hamburger. Yeah I don't know what would happen to people on fixed incomes that would be open a different discussion this is just about the minimum wage workers so we'll stick to that Richard do you feel. Well. Because it is believed that because our people our people on fixed incomes. Would they still be considered living. Under the poverty level with -- with the number of kids -- you know and again that's a slightly different topic. Well yeah Albert -- if you raise the minimum wage up all prices are gonna go up so that's gonna affect the. -- -- go to Charlotte and own a lot of people believe that that would be the action as a result of raising the minimum wage that prices will go up. When it comes to the minimum wage do you trust employers. To give a fair wage to those who deserve it or will employers will companies will this is mentality within our free enterprise system. Always seek. The lowest amount of money to pay as many people as possible. From New Orleans -- -- under the WL. I still value -- ten. -- have a balance they've ever run that I want it to make a quick comment. I applaud the the the minimum wage. -- is is is based on indeed. In at a cost of living now America heard comment about. You know do we give people always based on merit and up port Perry stated that I bet -- agreement and I think -- -- Pay an employee based on how they work but the way that public based on the cost of living so. I mean you know in other countries it's paying employees. Much who have spent you know almost called slave labor. Leave it because I know them out if it's not based on Acosta live in a game in whatever way. Wanna pay him well. I don't think it hurts anybody I know you know I looked at -- and so are they really meant that has gone -- anyway so I don't do you know. -- to get married and also. You know well you know you know albeit it but I work from basically you know. So what I'm just so somebody earning seven point five an hour right now they work a forty hour work week that's blow over 151000 a year. If you went up to nine dollars an hour for forty hour work week that would be 181720. Dollars a year. Now for somebody who doesn't make minimum wage raising the minimum wage might not seem like a lot but for somebody who is. They're trying to to live and raise a family on minimum wage. An increase of almost 3000 dollars that might because bank be considered significant for a lot of people. I think people you know and I mean I cannot say if it's. You know somebody -- his -- and cannot do what they needed food and employees got the right I admire somebody else but. I mean they should be you know looks. Would it bother you can that there are a lot of our people in the workplace now when you and I see them when we go out and -- murmur in retail outlets are out today in restaurants. There are a lot of people who are lazy and they don't apply themselves they just go through the motions. Those people would get a raise that doesn't send the right message to them as far as several boarding their work ethic. That's at their expense that is them that they that employees should I think he's CPU one. I mean I'm not the we're about governor people work -- two -- demand -- diplomatic though I'm not I'm a little -- a bit -- what happened. You know I'm we'll watch that people that they laid. So many around. I agree but obviously there are a lot of people who I would consider lazy in the workplace and not really applying themselves who have jobs. Can -- political Michelle priceless thing if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 26 don't. 1870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And it takes number is a 7870 here's a Texan -- -- those songs are great. You used to spin knows yes in my DJ days yes on the air I would play many of those sappy love songs that today the secretary said the I'm happy Valentine's Day for bill -- Brian your inevitably -- well. Mark are you go download -- you -- -- -- different is it okay for straight guys to wish each other happy Valentine's Day seem a little weird to me. No it's all about the matter is that you. But my comment at a moment where you very near. The people that oppose it. That all of their relatives there and remember a cup war -- Graham. And we would -- They were thrilled about because you don't look like the Mets. -- though they have here that we're. One out but at six finalists. And the wait there's very cute very. The -- so you know it's just like the word monarch. And in 1960s. When it was Richard what was one large man just fair at all. Well in 1960s minority meant to African American. Program what they're doing great. An African American and Hispanic in this part of the country. No -- Women as well yes you're right that's true. And everyone else -- until you walk. Heirs of that first issue that you're intrigued. And want to have port side. Been fixed now. Brian I am I appreciate your call. This Valentine's Day so today we're featuring some of the cheesy as well. Love songs ever. I'm -- import car. This your blog today on our website at WWL dot com is titled Valentine's Day. Bipartisan love. Just of going in and out of you know under the breaks we're gonna have featured these happy is love songs ever. If you want to give us a suggestion who requested some primarily text numbers 87873. Just had a part in the and carnival cruise that line. And Transportation Department. -- people in mobile talking about the disabled carnival cruise ship a triumph as being towed into mobile bay we just had departed at press -- like for you expected to arrive tonight. For the people on that ship this was a vacation that turned into a nightmare of here's our Demi WL pretty jaguar opinion poll this morning. Chris you have a relationship with someone who had different political views. 51%. Say yes 49% saying no. Could you. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- beach on that coming up here. In just a few minutes in his State of the Union Address Tuesday night the president proposed raising the minimum wage from 725 an hour. To nine dollars an hour. The president said we know that our economy stronger when we reward an honest days work with honest wages. He said let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth. No one who works full time should have to live in poverty. And raise the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. This is a good idea the president says this will help millions of working families and we'll help boost the economy. How would raising the minimum wage affect you. And in a city where our economy is based on hospitality. And the servers and wait -- for all of those in this area making I'm making a living blew through tips. Or paid maybe 2213 an hour. Should they receive minimum wage. And the state of Oregon if Europe a server bartender waiter waitress you get minimum wage which is about nine dollars an hour plus tips. With that cause everything to go up in price. And would that be worth it which you pay a little more to help families. If they were struggling to make a living and would raising the minimum wage really help famous but if you. If you're earning 725. An hour and work forty hour week that's a little over 151000 year. If it goes up to nine dollars that's over 181700. A year which for many if you might not seem like a lot but for somebody who is working at that level. -- that could be a significant difference and I guess other question is what if there was no minimum wage at all. Would you trust businesses. To pay people honestly for an honest days work. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And a -- number is 87870. Tougher Baton Rouge star on your under the WL. -- -- I got enough art here. While these -- and why has the war speech in Washington just -- with this feeling not about the checked several important on every week. And that way we're on -- bit more money at Iraq. -- put the curtain on the businessman that they've walked a little bit bigger responsibility and shall it be the 6 December with a jerk and I about H. Going to -- A topic this. Argument basically showed -- lot of ways that the abortion but when you delivered tomorrow. I I think you're I think you're right that that doesn't fly with third the politicians who are benefiting from taking as much money as they do from from our our paychecks. And what they do with that money is safe. They assure themselves reelection by. Coming up with projects that they can brag about when it comes to reelection time. Thought that maybe the people that make them make it minimum wage hopefully it'll -- shut down the people that Vick minimum wage all. Standup fight for themselves and demanded that stopped taking money that paycheck that's another novel idea maybe they ought to look in the mirror. And see that big it jerk -- Well done I would refer to win Morrissey radical ideas and a novel idea appreciate you calling our show. -- the French Quarter Mike you're on WWL. -- you don't want to do it might. Howard actually want to comment on minimum wage to -- to a minimum wage is not restarted Al. Is supposed to be living -- it was first piece starting -- wage right just because she's pretty minimal wage that mean the people on top. Are gonna get the rated. That you know we are important minimum wage but -- just because not a waste dump -- doesn't mean you're gonna get -- everybody else out. But at a mile off and caught the -- gonna go out I mean -- -- you remember. Actually today I was working their urging for four hours and -- constant hour. And whopper real album no question Q how do not recent attacks could trot out a -- now at at. And Burger King entry which I mean which he should -- great great great. All they clearly they do have a lot of dollar menus at many of those fast food source. Right but you know what I'm saying it just teachers who raise minimum -- Certainly everybody on our -- -- -- this. -- -- gonna cost more. I mean you need to quit being you know everybody you talked earlier about employees. What you do that you know unfortunately in the region outside in the past we've got a lot of times. These are people and we are now look we tip our marriage as warm body warm bodies to push to register and keep things going unfortunately. Until that not enough people wanna work and people wanna get hate in this country a million dollar. But -- in the dollar. And that's one of our biggest problem is that we -- every scrutiny problem. And are -- you know we don't appreciate it worked there -- a dollar cost anymore. Mike is really a shame that we don't have the workforce to. Two lead business to have competent workers. This is a mentality in the United States of America. This is one of the things that we should not be proud of I'm talking about you or me. But they are far too many people in this country. Or lazy and think something should be given to them this is not the mentality in a nation like Japan. So if there are not enough workers to go around. That's not the fault the business that's -- -- of us is a population. And if the minimum wage does go up. That means that people who aren't really applying themselves it worked in their lazy and they're doing the minimum amount of work there and -- And I don't like rewarding people. Who don't work hard. It's Valentine's Day and doing -- is coming our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. -- Amber's late 78 -- on this Valentine's Day we are featuring some of these sappy -- love songs that cheesy slow songs of all time. And this of course is among them. Good to have more of your request for sappy love songs -- -- number 677. I'm studio for garlic and we'll be right tackle different as well. As we feature. So happy cheesy love songs on this Valentine's Day. Ancient saying it was a request for our. This. Yeah. The news. -- have you ever had the chance. Many relationship with somebody worked as a new survey out four out of ten people have dated somebody they work whereas. And you gunmen are you doing it now and hard at work out we'll be talking about it later today and talking about that pres Obama's. Proposal to raise the minimum wage from 745 to nine dollars an hour from battery failure on WWL. -- -- I called in the flag although I'm probably a little older the most of your caller project. But like a rumble back in the sixty when I was working and you have a Bauer now minimal wage and shuttled people award for would have preferred they were given between ourselves or our. That they could get -- what. And I guess and a free enterprise system parent to some degree they pay they could get away with it but then what it ultimately work itself out to where. Those who really applied themselves would end up with the jobs in those soon. Who who didn't apply themselves would be paid literally the minimum minimum wage. Okay go to Mexico. And a look at the place is that AT&T doesn't go down edit that move back up there are some -- but I will be. And some of the other company's -- they're perfectly happy paying those people so little. That delivered score board charged extra point and. Until I understand this at this argument I I have a tendency not to wanna compare us to other countries because there's so many things different about different countries that it's really. Unfair to say well if this is the way it is here than it should be this way here and there were some things we can do that with but not necessarily everything here's a text. In and out burger in LA pays nine dollars an hour yeah in the state of Oregon if your waiter waitress or bartender. You get minimum wage of I think it's nine dollars an hour. Wash your tips is that something that should happen here in New Orleans and Louisiana. If you're Arnold state.