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2-14 12:10pm Scoot talks w/WWL listeners about love and politics

Feb 14, 2013|

Scoot is in the Think Tank with WWL listeners talking about love and politics. Is it possible to be in a successful relationship with someone with opposing political views?

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Happy Valentine's Day. I'm -- for Arlington. This taking requests on the songs that you consider to be peace happy as she easiest love songs ever the or somebody pointed out. Very accurately earlier. I was doing music radio this morning. I played many of these songs I've been here here's another -- and I got a request from a -- English. Motoring laws. I honestly love you by Olivia Newton-John yeah that's -- that's cheesy two relatively quick update on this service crippled carnival cruise ship the triumph. Apparently high winds are making it even more difficult to get it into mobile bay and now the the arrival in a mobile bay has been delayed even further. Now expected to come in at night and I guess and it's light the passengers are gonna see land. A ten to twelve hours before they actually. Get off the ship sewage is reported to be in the halls and running down the walls it has gotten colder because a cold front that moved through here. Not hit the Gulf of Mexico so it's in the northern Gulf of Mexico now where it. Is affecting this ship. And I a doctor describes the ship SE Petri dish. As far as we know not only one person is really got sick and that was from a pre existing conditions so. So far people seem to be healthy and they're they're no fatalities but. This is a nightmare and hotels in New Orleans and -- in mobile along the Gulf Coast are preparing to take care some of the passengers. When they get off the ship before they are taken back to Houston the shipment out of Galveston on Thursday and is scheduled to be back on Monday. And that's I think with their carnival cruises to. I'd think many got here they go out on Thursday and come back on on a Monday. However the ship has been adrift as since as Sunday. As I said I have never been on a cruise I've always wanted to go on one and will go on a cruise I can only imagine. The horrific conditions that are that must exist I mentioned briefly on the showed that I did last night. I was in no one vacation one trip a pleasure trip Victor turned into a nightmare of a -- -- is on business in new York and I went to visit her. -- in new York and two we got stuck in the blizzard of 1996. And I really wasn't sure whether I would actually lived through that there were times when I was seven. You know on the runway about to take off -- on a bus heading back to to New York on a shuttle bus and then trying to get the ferry back across to where we hawk -- New Jersey where we were staying. And I was really concerned that was definitely on. A fun trip that turned into a nightmare and sometimes that does happen here's our Demi WL pretty jaguar opinion poll today. Could you ever relationship with someone who has different political views. Right now 53% say yes they could. And 47% say no they could not have a relationship -- anybody with different political views but Geico earlier said that there's no way that he could. He could sleep in the same house. With a liberal. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. So -- to people who don't share the same political views fallen laughs well of course to deal with differing political ideologies can fall in love. But could those two people maintain a success relationship overtime. Democratic political strategist James Carville. And Republican political strategist Mary Matalin are married and arguably one of the most interesting couples in America. So it is possible. To be with somebody you don't agree with politically. But things to work out. Have you ever been in that situation and didn't work -- or you in that situation right now. Do agree or disagree with the the politics of the person. -- with. Could you be with somebody you don't share. An identical politically -- at political ideology with. If we as humans have a passion for love that we also have a deep passion for politics. Many Americans define themselves through their political ideology. Since our political views are an integral parts of who we are as people. How likely is the success of long term relationship of two people are defined. -- a different foundational beliefs. The political or -- just for that matter. I growth and -- -- with a dominant father. I read very strong political convictions. My mother always agree with my data while I was never in the voting Booth with her. I'm certain that she voted the way my dad voted and wanted to -- -- perhaps she really did believe what my father believed about candidates and issues. But I never thought my mother wouldn't have been an independent political thinker. I can't imagine my parents disagreeing when it comes to politics. And they never did because my mom went along with from my -- and I look ideally love my mom this is not a criticism it's an observation. How important is political ideology when it comes to a success for relationship. Political views guide our decisions about who we vote for. How we raise our children. And what we choose for entertainment. Our politics. Or at the core. Of our inner self. So could you be with somebody. Who does not share your political views. If you enjoys with a common are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it takes Amber's -- 77 here's a quick Texan reason I'm liberal my -- conservative we've made eleven years so far. Could -- -- -- somebody or are you with somebody who doesn't share your political views. During a crucial thing to talk about on this Valentine's Day. Since people do change throughout their lives them. I think it's fair to say that you could be with somebody who you share political views with and then things change. And over time you have differing political views would that be a recent break up the relationship what if you marry somebody or with with somebody. And you had the same political views but over time you changed. I don't know about you but I admit that I've changed. My political ideology has evolved over over the years. Mainly because of what I've seen in life. And because of what life is guilty. That tends to shape who and what we are. Politically. If you're with somebody and political views changed. Would that be reason to divorce her in the relationship. I was married to somebody who did not share my political views on almost everything. And we both in our own ways contributed to raising a child who we are both extremely proud of today. He is politically active. And he has his own independent political views. Some reflective of his mom some reflective of many. But I have changed since we were together and if we were together today. We would share the same political ideology. I can also think of many occasions when the person I love to agree with me on some issues and disagree with me and other issues. And that led to -- lively debates with the usually sleeping on the sofa nice. We always made up before we -- time for bad but we had Manning the lively political debates. If you have used politics as a criteria for selecting a husband. A wife or boyfriend girlfriend partner. Perhaps you should consider that love can and should exist. With no common political bond. We become a nation divided along along political battle lines. But politics should not define us as couples. Love should always supersede the politics. That divides us and again I can't think of a better couple than Mary Matalin and James Carville. I -- to -- they are one of the most interesting couples in America if I can have dinner with one couple that might be the couple -- and have dinner with. If you want the president and congress to work together. Then maybe we should be the ones to set the example of promoting bipartisan love. Among all Americans. If you're conservative. -- you love a liberal. If you're liberal Christian love a conservative. If you wanna join our show to come in our numbers 2601878. Until 3866. 8890. A 78 and protection Amber's late 7870. I'm -- and for Garland in the journal see where this more of your calls and more of your tips are coming up. This was another request for a -- cheesy love song on this Valentine's Day 2013. True -- standout Belli yeah I was on the air doing music radio win this song was a hint. A few years ago. Will be right back into the WL it's. How could any show that features. A cheesy sappy love songs -- Not including -- -- -- so. The air supply. However I have to admit when this Ozzy fan first hits and they would pick. I didn't TV interview with them easy to see the -- theater and I I remember acts. I remember my wife and I used to wake up on on Saturday mornings and clean house. Women put on air supply to inspire us to clean the house and believe or not we did have actually. A clean house. I'm very happy Valentine's Day let's hear it straight guys know we're here at his own kind today. One Las Vegas shooting range is selling take a shot at love packages that includes. Fifty machine gun rounds and another invites love birds to. Renew their -- despite shooting a paper cut out of zombies. Here's -- WWL pretty general opinion poker if you have a relationship with someone. Who has a different political view. 55%. Now say yes and 45% say no. It's close but it's been changing back and forth to a majority says yes that a majority says no give -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. A friend of mine who works at the station I've known for many years says she came in and says she's -- -- What about friendships and I've got friends and they're very very conservative and -- are we getting in arguments all the time and input of what your friends. Can you be friends with somebody who is totally different political views then you. And the -- blog on our website which is at WWL dot com is titled Valentine's Day. Bipartisan love. From Mississippi Fred you're under the WL. -- -- -- -- Go. You know -- -- -- -- married for 32 years and now. We'll open or sixty usually pretty well -- politically and everything but -- I was still a little to be better if it should look like so you have hope for something more bit of what could be arranged in. So in other words if there was like somebody. Aaron white -- I Jennifer Love Hewitt tonight -- you could do you could go to totally get along with or even if you didn't go like her political views. Yeah you know just monitored. Nice girl you're you're you're still you're still love your wife if if she changed -- political views. Yeah there are probably about an hour here. -- and T well well well wouldn't do occur Goodyear. Only printers shield but had -- bit. Sure low crew it was. -- -- -- -- -- also one would Norwegian -- had nothing but the first concerns and it's just unfortunate that somebody would get -- dismisses. Yeah accidents do happen and a lot of people are not gonna forgive -- before this this would not this. This tragedy well I call it a tragedy is not really a tragedy because people haven't died -- that we needed to save that word to define a real tragedy. But this very unfortunate situation an uncomfortable situation for all the people boarded the triumph carnival cruise ships. This would not cause me to not want to take a cruise again. Maybe I -- if I was on. I'm ready for -- and I might not want to go in the trunk. And number 80 yeah I don't think that goes in -- -- New Orleans anymore Fred I'm glad you called the show and I'm glad you wouldn't kick your wife out if you change your political ideology. -- wants understandable I appreciate contrast all right thanks. I here's a -- -- is I think a liberal male. Could love a conservative woman. But I don't think a liberal woman. Could love a conservative male. Here is another text they -- keep up the sappy love songs they're also here's another text. I'm in a relationship with someone who has completely different political views and I do. We just don't talk about it's there's more to life -- politics. Now hey if I talk about my work. If I'm in a relationship with somebody I have to talk about politics. And he's social issues because that's my job that's what I do I would find it very difficult and maybe this is just the type of person I am. I would find it very difficult to be in a close relationship. Cannot be able to share your work with that person that does it mean to you live. -- four hours a day with your work if your relationship mean -- I can do that right now in my life but if your relationship. -- need to do some yourself to the other person but I couldn't hide my -- my entire work. From that person of -- an argument that's fine. I can be with somebody I could be with somebody who is Smart. But still had different political views than me if they were Smart and if their political views were not just rhetoric is their ideology was based on. -- some some knowledge of of the issue itself I couldn't be with somebody who just bought into being. Far right or far left or despite being into the the ideology just because it's a mantra of Monterrey that they've been given over the years I've I could not respect that person. And here's another question for a Valentine's Day are you sad. Because you have no one to give -- Valentine's you. Are you happy because you have someone to give a Valentine to or. Are you like me happy because you don't have someone to get a Valentine to. You know you can be single and happy ending it in our culture and people seem to. Feel badly for you if you're not with somebody. I do I have been with people in my life and I may be would sit somebody again I'm not ruling that possibility open right now. In my life and things that I've gone through have led me to a point where I am just absolutely perfectly happy. Being single. A front door was -- you're on WWL. Stay indoors -- can do. Isn't there you're sure and I didn't want a moral high. Quite average drought may have a couple of times also -- being in GDP and almost all writer Ted K. A potential friends. Their very being from some. Zones. Are. Disgraceful. On all certainly get my Everett. Base Kennedy. You know it is about worked -- on song writing and I don't know if Google -- You doing good jokes are the sincere -- -- -- they are you doing. Win to win here you know people are really understand man. You know. You can't believe everybody you know you -- do these greens are responsible. No one knows if board which are. Definition of that. She's in years well. Alan you know did she see is a subjective. Term you know what she's -- you might not be cheesy to me -- and vice -- and a lot of these are cheesy songs playing are coming from. Our requests that people have the from their memory of their cheesy glove SARS. You know I realized that not everybody -- agree with everything Isaiah or I kind of a bad connection here are some real which ago. I you know this is not going to be as successful show if I don't have how I complain about offending somebody so plain cheesy love songs has offended -- a song -- here also there's a new survey has come around. And this is from from the other web sites career builder -- jobs website. This survey shows that four out of ten people. Have had an office romance. Have you seriously dated somebody you work with. How -- that -- -- Did you take your boss or someone higher than you did that lead to preferential treatment in the workplace or have you seen that happen to office romance work out. According to the survey 30% of those who have dated someone they work with. Send it led to marriage only 30%. So that legendary and then if you married does that work out. In a workplace I think it would be very difficult. To. Work with somebody. I think it would be very difficult to to. To work with somebody and have that kind of I'm just I'm just thinking about my past and there are people that I'm attracted to. -- mean -- I'd like to think that I'm an adult enough to do it may -- if it was a different department but in the same department would -- be more difficult to have a romance with somebody. You -- I got there are people in this in this building. That I could conceivably. Have as and more than just their friend if you -- I don't wanna get to Blake what capital -- -- one HR coming in here am I gonna mention any names but. -- you you run into people who work and you work is really a great place to meet people. Because you you learn about somebody it's it's not a bar it's not a pick up place but he just kind of learn about Somalia you get feelings about somebody. Despite missing in the hauler talking to them in and it in the break -- so all those things are are are possible as that works for you. It's Valentine's Day and I'm studio for girl amber coming right back -- you wanna join us with your comment our number is 26 don't when he seventy. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And -- -- number is they Seve -- were coming back with your calls and more of your text. Under the W. Hopefully she since has. -- -- And -- -- players and you're gonna remotes and -- attacks. -- -- This happy season. The stuff he. It's Valentine's Day -- to import -- ledger -- hope you're having a good Valentine's Day you know I went to an all boys school. And when I was in grammar school and even in you know 78 grade. We used to give each other it's Valentine's. Cards. We used to give people cards that said be my Valentine we were all boys. Quad that that would never be acceptable today and -- we turned out okay. Well it's there's some debate about that concerning me. Here is attacks there a -- about could you do it took a conservative or liberal if you're not conservative or liberal could you love somebody that has differing political ideology. Conservatives yes anyone who watches Fox News no I hate that station. I here's a text and nowadays your political view doesn't matter as long issue have a job any woman liberal or conservative will take Q. I don't believe that because women are living. Independently of men more and more and being happy since I mention you can be alone you -- be -- -- -- you can be single and be happy. Because I -- people in my life. But I'm not in a -- coach relationship person. So I said you can be single and be happy here's a text you can be with someone and be unhappy. -- table below earliest I have ever felt in my life where those moments when I was actually. In a relationship. But realize that it was going nowhere. Because. -- you're with that person. But you're not really any more connected with that person. And that's when I have truly felt the most alone in my life until I'm Sharon WW well. -- -- -- -- and responding with deal well time can appeal all bullish problem it's close towards the usual mention. -- mostly good luck it will look a little like to come true for resolution -- The war pollution in these terrorist -- To -- to you. Because you already council to make common with the person. You're already working with -- And if you're player at least -- Looked -- it looked slow moment. It. Tell -- I I agree with you I don't know if we agree on the -- the reasons why but I think work is a great place to meet somebody and if you just joined us there's a new survey out. From the jobs web site career builder says it's a 39% of workers almost four out of ten say that they have dated a co worker. Have you ever dated somebody worked with and how did that work out and did it work out. After a -- didn't date any longer can you can you date somebody and and still work with a masters the relations events I would hope so. I mean I'm friends with not everybody but I'm friends with many of the people that I have had relationships with the word or live with. And and my last relationship with flash which lasted just sixteen years she still in Denver. And we talk to each other a periodically. Obviously I've I still talk to my your son's mom. But most of the people they don't still friends with tonight I hope that it works out that way for you. But this new survey shows that about four -- ten people had an office romance but does that work out I think work is a great place to meet somebody because it's not a pick -- place. And you kind of get to know somebody in the -- Thomas just said you do. Share some common denominator because you work at the same place I would think it would be better if you worked in different departments spend in the same. Department because there are times when work is work. And there are times when there might be somebody in the office mad at the person you're in love with -- and their supervisor might have to reprimand them which might cause you to have a different opinion of your supervisor. From New Orleans right here under the WL. Every -- certainly going to be an order you stayed at. In -- -- -- the -- conservative whatever that CNET happened. What I had to I had a tax rate -- -- I think liberal a liberal male could love a conservative woman but I don't think a liberal woman to love a conservative man. I don't know about latter but I don't think the former try to do official to meet at that I think for all the means of bones about it. And actually you know together and -- hit girl when it comes down to what they read a woman with you know qualities that. -- would be traditional. No matter what you know got a little bit better and that's why I think it's pork. Don't want the -- conservative women get. What do you think it would it be fair to say today it's it would be more difficult for somebody who is conservative to wanna be with somebody who's liberals and the other way around because conservatives. Tend to be more judgmental about the way other people feel and -- their lives. Well. Yes they can yes we could be because well. I think dead you know give did that give you steeped in traditional values and another person not to. -- -- It would be you know it would be -- looks more difficulty trying to please the people -- do you know your parents and all an opinion that's not. In -- it's not little difficult sometimes things. -- would be right appreciate you calling her show officials seem to WWL as I said earlier and it's a say in the blog that I wrote for our website WWL dot com. I was -- married and so in my new wife at the time. When we had our son if she had totally different political views that I did. And we both contributed to our son I have changed over the years I don't know how much she has changed. But honestly I if if we were together today we would share the same political views so I would hope that love supersedes. Political ideology. Because if you want somebody there could always be that time wind. When you changed now you can change -- in the other way you could do you could be together in the beginning politically. And then one of you becomes different based on life experiences. And I know that I've changed many in my views over time. And I I'm assuming that most people do because life teaches us to look at things differently look at each other differently. So our hope that loves always trumps a political ideology but time you know I I think it's fair to say that the general. The very general liberal attitude is hey you live your life Polley mine. The general. Conservative attitude is this is the way I think you should lead your life and if you're conservative and you don't like that. I can come up with a lot of. Excuses as to why that is the case. Now I I'm not it's not neat but it fits you lose that's the way you lead your life and you wanna tell -- totally their life that's your political ideology. I'm as coach in fort Garland here is another -- me chasing. Love songs which may be offensive to somebody but again. Hasn't offended somebody during my show I just haven't done my job. We're coming right back for more happy Valentine's Day this is having to figure out. -- It was a song that came out in 1981. Canadian. -- so -- that we made this a hit. Online. I'm -- in scored early today. We're talking about sappy love songs on this on Valentine's Day as we go in and out of our break here's a text that reads I lived down the street from you. One of those annoying kids asking for bumper stickers only time such a nice guys thanks. I would think it worked relationships and work our post office while they're currently in a relationship. So that's why the percentage is -- for him working out. That's a really good point a lot of people hook up -- work even though they're in relationships. I don't know whether you know they should not but some people. Have sex outside of their marriages and relationships. Here is attacks most young people nowadays don't have a clue about. Politics so political parties don't play a big role in relationships anymore I don't know if I agree with that there are still -- -- they do the baby boomers the sixties generation my generation. Was very involved in in politics and I see young people for involved in politics today -- there's always this assumption that young people aren't but. One of the reasons the Republican Party is now trying to change its direction is because he didn't win younger voters particularly younger women. So they're obviously political enough for Republicans is saying hey we gotta do their job attracting these people to get their votes. I here's a text about the songs reminds me of eighth grade at -- country hoping I would be asked a couple skate keep playing these songs I've been giggling all day. Here is so I text when he is good it's good but when it's bad it's terrible. Workplace romance. Are run your and -- VW -- good afternoon. Oh yeah flight. Would that -- work place shall a man choose this. And do resolved through the actual matches physics and security. Most of it's. Well basically. It would be would have -- Marion. Looking to marry a simple flat out there. And -- -- -- because shortly after the also become the supervisor. In the and in some cases appear. You know promoted to. Postmaster. Well as. Usually an idea where I used to work out but they used to be a lot of -- gone on because. This should -- you know the romance would start. People would be giving preferential treatment and the notion that the you know in in in -- to a motive. Overs. More deserving people lives. Hit I mentioned that should happen but I'm sure that does happen if there is hook up for a relationship had worked and I can't see that that would cause a lot of resentment in the workplace -- I appreciate your sharing your story with us. A from Slidell Chris you're on WWL. -- -- -- I was commenting on the the political views and romance I am I think it's less about the political views and how -- -- you have them. Because I mean he could have different. Political views it's you don't necessarily -- control the other person or rights. Regarding -- and it is where -- conservative or liberal I think people have varying intensity -- -- how they feel that way. Well you're definitely right about that and and so people are very very intense with their political ideology. Chris -- gradually have you ever date any body work. -- -- Yeah I mean I IC really attractive people in the workplace. But you know I'm I'm I'm. I'm kind of cautious about to crossing that line but again if it's a different department I don't think I have a problem with that and then. You know the hours that I work at I think I think there in a lot of ways it it could work out messing it rewarded tonight I think in a lot of ways it it would work out there for some people wouldn't -- a bicycle show thanks soliciting. Course I haven't necessarily had their great luck with relationships even when I didn't work with the person in that -- public record I. Does that tax there's -- I -- my -- this love song as you light up my life by Debby Boone. Love hearing you on the air during the day have a great day that is from Maria. Maria you know and I would play that is a sappy love song except that you know at the time it seems sappy but then when she says she wrote it about guide. -- I don't consider really the same kind of slow song that you and I AM I think if it. I hear is -- a reason I'm a conservative woman married to a liberal Yankee man. And I have been judged more by his liberal friends and I was judged by the girls in junior high school. Even people like consider friends have made comments about it by being a Republican. I think it may. Be a southern Yankee thing also. -- seems to be a lot more tolerance. The differences. Down here. Here's an update on our seven W a pretty -- my opinion poll could you have a relationship with someone who has a different political view. 56% now say yes and 44%. Say no. -- -- your opinion by going to our web site Politico dot com. I'm mark an artist studio producer selected this week. I like this yeah. Unlike anything coming as a ray dvd to Iowa I just love songs. -- well I'm sure somebody thinks of -- -- -- I'm students were coming right very good morning a lot of these are the results of request that we received and only a phone over the phone but also your tips. We're coming right back with more on. On this Valentine's Day we've been featuring savvy cheesy love songs in this it was a request that it came it. I mentioned does it Debby -- song are you light up my life and -- -- -- citizens cheesy sappy love song. And I mentioned that she wrote that about god and that text comes back really I never heard that before now I I feel terrible about saying it was sappy I need to go back and listen to again from that perspective and is -- from Korea. I hear is attacks done everything you do everything I do by Bryan Adams that was that was Tara -- police -- contribute to that song. I got a number of mentions of. Must grant -- attacks unscrew my girl and I disagree on several big political issues but I love her. And all the more because she doesn't see eye to eye with me -- I have two in my era a woman has her own point of -- I'm Mary Matalin and James Carville made it work common religion is more import that's from Jim in Covington. This blog today is titled Valentine's Day bipartisan love you can read and share. On our website at WW dot com spot is next what's coming up in -- gumbo. Still happy bad times don't say that to me you know -- God invented -- so it's okay that you did know that song was about guys -- -- well but for you generally every memory and -- and then it's happened so he's all right what is so you can be too. We'll talk Valentine's Day what are you doing for would you -- for you Valentine. I actually done.