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2-15 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 15, 2013|

Dave talks to passengers returning from the cruise ship Triumph and talks about pets on parade

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fifteenth of February 2013. And news team GI. Apps. -- -- -- Models. -- class guy. Feels good to be Friday and -- doesn't go over and I guess it's doable this. That's where we left off before Super Bowl Mardi Graz in a volatile market Marty -- super ball that is trying to find that special Fridays on the play until football season's start to get it wrong. So we'll resume that conversation but as good as we feel on this Friday if as welcome as we are you out Harry's welcoming as we are for the weekend I'm -- just got back from the river -- Hilton. And we cannot be nearly as -- as those triumph passengers. Who actually got some hot coffee and hot food hot shower a -- bad. But now most -- -- I -- -- get that there are. Lay -- target they've got to do you have got to catch flights get rental cars going on now for about ninety minutes. No longer exist long -- -- cleanup and short on -- make -- -- there. You know men and go to the airport gone most of them are really ready ago yeah I did I understand that thing you know and it's strange and I know this is going we brought this up before other people too but. I have related this thing in many ways to the Katrina after him out now can't compare -- You know -- know some people though are some of the passengers drama about -- -- yeah this is our dome after Katrina and its re living at all or exactly hot. Stinky. No power no hot food. -- -- and then just waiting and then when you were displaced what did you want you get back home one of the guys told me it felt like they were on the water for two weeks at five days. Two weeks he said it -- And you just sit there and wait and wait and wait and and you just didn't know what was coming of any help was on the way out if anyone was gonna have provide you anything to make life. Any better but. They really mean the smiles on their faces this morning especially several of the women who were leaving to go home to their children. Yeah as they were walking out of the Hilton. And getting ready the biggest -- -- that much closer either driving homer getting to a plane and flying home. Just one. Hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now they've got -- into the rooms and now got in about an hour and a half ago about maybe two hours ago some of them coming -- By. Yes double stay stick around it. Advancement that 500 blocks that are here and warm down most of them is now. You -- -- -- back edited the biggest thing there rapping about next to a hot showers and not that it -- not just being out you have to -- off getting off for the water -- -- I'm not on the boat so life is already batter checks. And -- essentially we'll talk about over the next at 45 minutes here is I asked them also go into another career out years that free cruise certificate. Now -- a regretting it just remember one of the guys I talked to said he was given his away. At this moment and that's our secure our hands here -- -- because personally I lockers. But having seen what happened here and -- hanging on fingers. -- does make ego and -- gives you a little pause doesn't have a Condo on the beat the new one. Impact on the and even go through it they went to her from talking about how many do you think about all the luxuries and the wonderful things that you get on the -- cruise ships and it just want to -- at all literally again. And and then ask don't ask our listeners tax -- than any of them call me -- 170 toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. As what you seen unfold on the carnival triumph. Impacted your thoughts on whether or not stickers if -- -- -- if -- cruised before W cruise again and if you've never cruised would you -- we try it. 2601878. -- 38668870. Or text me your thoughts at age 7870. Coming up I'll play for you some of the interviews I just did minutes ago with passengers off of the triumph. We're now here in New Orleans. 5:9 -- good morning I'm -- Selanne. Happy cry. You and yours and YouTube war you don't. -- don't -- -- -- had to take it occurs before. A ethnic and recruit them on local ribbon in 2002. Government I am and 20072011. At carnival cruises order -- Wally and we do that again we get another kind of leadership. Yeah orders that actually we went on a triumph in the 2011. It continues to come article you mentally plug along and -- -- -- not a one it has might. Well maybe -- and still some com. Sexist and then you know the industry -- if there is some over the light up and it's good. Know what I was -- actually. I was -- at that to drop the price is a little bit because a lot of people want to anchor it is and I can save a little more money to take another Curtis. Well yeah. But at least. Outline all -- I can walk again. I'm literally what I'd walked out from where I'm sitting right now about -- That you will. -- weekend and were taken -- actors. -- probably well. Which June 2601878. Bowl 386688970. Everything you've seen with the triumph will that affect your decision whether or not take -- -- well. The weather this weekend you might -- takers -- get -- warmer temperatures. Mostly sunny skies this Friday with a high of 66 this afternoon and tonight. Lows dropping into the upper thirties to low forties mostly cloudy skies since Saturday at 20% chance early for a shower and look for highs mid fifty's feeling -- all day and Sunday mostly sunny and a high of 61. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist lop off. Tell this the warmest of the three days of the weekend -- 42 right now the international airport calm winds relative humidity is 89% of partly cloudy and slide out. Man on the North Shore. Is in the lower to mid -- it's 36 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell 34. In -- elusive but not much of -- wind so could definitely be some frost. -- Well it's all star break for the hornets and it's. Now first pitch for the LSU tigers and today we find out if the reports are correct -- who will be the next offensive coordinator for the reality tiger football team. -- -- talk about luckily we have Steve -- and help us -- good morning there. Good morning David yeah LSU set to introduce Cam Cameron as their new offensive coordinator today. WWL college football analyst Mike to tell -- -- likes the higher fuel that -- met burger will benefit from a the most. Do what you gotta think about Cam Cameron made history mile belt that you didn't -- commercial -- -- troops were you doing with Joseph Flacco got a pretty doggone good job developing quarter. You can catch the press conference live on WW well -- let him. All the saints announce that the club has re site's safety roughly a bush tight end Michael Higgins and guard Eric Olsen. All three players were reserve's last season both bush and Olson did see substantial playing time. Fight tiger baseball season begins tonight in Alex box stadium as LSU starts with a three game series vs Merrill it. Could pulmonary says the thrill of opening date never gets old. The court thirty -- here this is my 31 opening day and I think it's a little bit. Butterflies and excitement and anxiety waiting for the start of the season. Tulane baseball begins their season on the road for the first time since 2006. As the waiver in San Marcos to participate in the Texas State tournament. They're -- square off against Sam Houston State in game one today. And LSU basketball took down South Carolina 64. To 46. That's an exercise restraint here. -- particulate download -- Johnny O'Bryant started my -- back to the build walls to try to force something does jump -- good. Johnny O'Bryant is dominating once they get it -- it inside. Sophomore O'Brien he -- did for a career high thirty points. Today I have four on sports talk youth football numbers -- down across the country because of head injury concerns would you let your someplace ball. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. He's and then fire -- and get rid of them as the offensive coordinator over -- they're just gonna shift him to maybe the offensive line coach or something like that. Brian yeah I guess the focus more on the offensive line kinda close similar situation with what happened with the saints is -- just because of all the suspensions but. Now that was his job to begin with and now he gets the shift back to that and focus on the line. Which which is fantastic as they need help they had their offense last year with eighty something in and college football not very productive so. You like the idea of bringing in a new offensive coordinator in what -- think about Cam Cameron other than at the essentially same First Amendment and Cameron. Well as -- to -- you -- a cut I love the idea of this because he's developed quarterback like Drew Brees Joseph Flacco and Philip Rivers. Exact met burger we've we definitely saw you once struggled a bit. And this can only help him in the future because he's got we got the skills that he just needs -- gates gave a little bit of confidence and swagger in the pocket. And when those pressure -- to -- situations come. Be able to keep his head straight and make the right decision instead of forcing the ball in there as -- that the world champion ravens. Exactly and Joseph Flacco was shocked when the ravens let him go in was really upset about it he credits him with his his complete development. His career tiger fans have them to be excited absolutely. Offensive he better just because of this -- we'll hear all about it at 11 o'clock this morning -- WW well earlier and Steve -- again. About 45 minutes more sports next we'll hear from passengers who just. Got to New Orleans after that five days of hell port aboard the carnival Bryant. -- and your forecast -- WWL happy I game. Yeah I -- the the boat and now that's a key off the -- yeah the vote. Think -- try to get you think you'll use that free cruise is ticket they gave it to try again probably I think I'm done. That -- given away to some when he doesn't like we'll hear more from the passengers you're arriving here in New Orleans this morning in many of them turning around and leaving right after taking a shower and yet Sunday. Head on home after their experience on the carnival triumph and gave known at the early edition of WWL prisoners and it's your forecast for this. -- day. Your Friday forecast 66 -- -- -- -- little milder -- with mostly sunny skies tonight lows dropping into the upper thirties to low forties with mostly cloudy conditions Saturday a slight rain chance first thing in the morning otherwise blustery and much colder highs during the day only in the mid fifties. And Sunday mostly sunny and a high of 61 but the amnesties forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. At mid and lower thirties north of the like Okaloosa right now 34 Hammond 37 Slidell thirty. Eight -- 36 degrees pardon me on the North Shore that's some frost -- there 42. At the airport and -- -- and river ridge you had the opportunity to get moniker is today -- aboard that boat. I would question not gay and twelve bruises. And but I gotta go along -- it goes back you know I -- maze of. Right there you you're getting on -- -- no matter why. Aren't you. You're making a quick break down area thank you. Right text messages and 87870. -- now I won't go on a cruise that is it would be like Charlie the tuna floating around and it's been N Allen well. Those as Tom Cruise in next month for the sixth time. Says ain't nothing better than Vienna on the water's so split. Thoughts and feelings and that was what we got from the passengers getting off the triumph some warrants served lakers again others definitely. We're gonna use -- tickets and others definitely were not gonna catch him there -- careers. Partnerships are poorly maintained that the text message today 78 MD I would not take that chance just quietly to a nice hotel. In Hawaii all right coming up the latest CBS is David like with UW WL -- -- We'll see what plan at the box office this weekend what movie you might catch traffic and weather together your weekend forecast. And throwing cats and gold glittering dog droppings YX 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the fifteenth it's 2013. And it's a big gold TGI. Apps you headache. One of the top vote -- a few weeks ago and he. Kinda talk about what song did you plan Friday morning as did people move for the weekend -- number I don't have. -- come around but you're driving please -- that that. That would be a bad idea like -- -- -- company according to the -- and and make -- move him back. In the morning nap there. All right hopefully that -- if -- -- a gallon starting next Friday it will resume the -- Friday suggestion -- voting for music what is -- that you are now we have an even though it wouldn't miss the beginning of those Friday's attacks coming up in just a moment I'm gonna play in my whole. Discussion with four passengers who just got out of the final triumph. Over here at war. In the meantime for the rest of us I don't know if they're going to a movie this weekend. You might now. -- champion can catch up on movies after three weaken them. Well rubble here in Portland. Opening today is a good day you die hard. Bruce Willis is back all of board and the latest that die hard movie. -- is actually open on Valentine's Day area theaters beautiful creatures. Which is a drop -- fantasy romance. And he took long to escape his small southern town and meet the mysterious new girl together they uncovered dark secret. About their respective families their history and their. Iran and -- pavement of books that my wife and my daughter and my youngest daughter vote that diplomacy. This is a young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport North Carolina where her bond with a regular forces her to run the dark secret. That haunts her or. And that day drama mystery romance thriller -- the with Julianna Hoffman John. Q now do mature yet anyway that's to -- on okay current top five of identity thieves. Warm bodies side effects of relying playbook and Hansel and Gretel witch. While we know identity favors at a very nice run here for a couple of weeks. But I think this is a no brainer since they've been running trailers on this for what two months. Bruce Willis. That. In Moscow blowing things up you're gotta go -- that. Yeah -- somewhat that I think it was filmed right here. -- eyes and a Bristol hospital -- time here they make us look like Russia and I -- now that didn't do that yes they can't they can make -- world look like just about anywhere -- all right you're -- with. A good day now. To die hard. You don't think Bruce Willis is washed not fuel he can handle it his you know his fellow actions stars have not done well with there no make comebacks Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and Sylvester Stallone movies. -- huge flop in the box I think your -- around a few more box on Bruce on this one and I you know he's going to be all right -- so would you take acres at this point yes yes absolutely my wife says absolutely not. -- that I guess you know well as you are that your wife while then -- chic kind of backed down later in the day when the people got off considerable may be just a different cruise line or something. Now one person text that he need to think about this that going to be glad that there were no storms out there in the -- yet that no way to navigate around anything there'd been. You know one of those now asked the gulf storms and think hurricane season do. To imagine they can vote that have been stuck right and settlement men. The -- have been rocket -- And I thank you David -- talking about twenty minutes more British Chris Miller joins us in other recounting. The votes from the Crescent City connection. Out to what's the deal on lap crystal tell us in about twenty minutes live here on WWL IMF -- -- dot com. And actually going to be cold front for the weekend. But it just names on Tony Harris is. Lovely -- meteorologist Laura but now. Right now it's Friday at you look at last week as you know. What are you it was a it was a day eating a cold it's cold outside always on the right to -- announcement that. The equipment you know it with my hats that have coal. So as a romantic trip to the Irish picked at some chicken noodles. -- enables. By the fire. And ticket in new area that pulling in -- sneezing and blowing right immediately gathered -- will. Yeah -- tell right now how romantic partner pat Abbott today the warmest of the days of the week it really. I got to this afternoon is going to be very nice 66 and sunshine I mean that's beautiful beautiful it's time weather for us that it be. Yeah you know got that this -- needs him in if you may be delayed your Valentine's plants could go out last night pitcher had -- tonight it would be nice to eat meat just like jacket weather. But we do have a front as you alluded to that will move through first thing tomorrow morning around 345 AM tomorrow. It'll bring a slight chance of a shower I don't think many of us will -- that but will all notice the much colder air and be entering day Saturday I'd does senator temporary drop. It's gonna be breezy and that it's gonna be 55 but it's probably feel more like the upper forties that. Great for your cold I don't have much better -- that go on. If the data can't stay inside. A lot of people get might drop colts out and I think the body just finally says -- I'm exhausted what have you done to me I think you -- be right up partying a little to do our best meteorologists. And I are and things warmup and all of them. Yet -- little that we rebound a bit 61 with sunshine on Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday at this will be great for the colts -- we're back to seventy. And we have some rain on the way says -- scattered showers possible -- Monday at. All right well maybe you'll look at the Marty because. Of the that's -- Sunday and it's not following the stuffed cats all that the dogs are. And that Marty -- -- rose glittering gold dog dropping -- well. While I have that the rest of the rating -- throughout the regular brown stuff according to the organizers. At the water theme this year to the vehement. -- off to bird to all have but at I bet you'll see it bites of my right hand it's it's it's half mermaid act -- I began in the value life guards and they don't panel -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes we -- it actually separated by L -- crude upon. And he wrote with me he was he with my special you know the death as Richard dog in the -- great throw money dropping. We note that that -- not that -- at a word actually you know real at that along separate out there look the other couple from it. Different dogs Janet yet okay yeah that it's a separate you're gonna get woods yet but now -- enjoyed the -- I guess that I mean he did really tell me he did -- is now. We we had two dogs one of my dogs which is that yeah I got a dog would love it really heated up. Yeah the other one would try try to eat everything and it would just be going great helicopter that you wanna play -- -- no weighs around one. Well I talked thinks he's human and he wants to go everywhere that we get so as long as he's with us the consoles the three musketeers. Then that he'd get by with what they want to the bread and get -- -- that -- or some don't. You do. That's them there if any -- us -- -- and I now lies in Iraq is these forecasts matters sniffling and she goes that way. Now the passengers off of the carnival cruise ship triumph were doing a lot of sniffling this morning Georgia's students and celebrating glad to be here I got a chance talk to them. As they arrived and and after they got the chance to settle in here in new moral and jobs. How would you describe the last several days. Horrible. This isn't. Just scary and a yeah you're glad to be here and yes they know that we wish to its data not that we have to catch a plane that looked so how long have you been in the hotel. -- -- -- -- What did you do with that hour -- at this hour and a little cat -- -- now wears him. Now we're headed to Dallas and then camera. And that no Tampa yes background. You do you feel good just being mean to finally have. Word hot water yeah hot water straight -- -- -- my kids of that. -- how much you how happy are you that. Their ordeal is at least coming to an end. I'm very happy I am glad that the air and land -- you -- at home to see my children. Now I'm just glad to be safe what you do with your time here in New Orleans. I got. I rent a car. Out Wendy's. I came to the Hilton I showered and now I'm elated their -- -- it was the best part of all that. The shower most definitely you may need -- Wendy's I can't happen unless the -- -- was definitely one of the that are hot is the key catch our hot food. Tires are hot today. And yesterday at this point incidents -- when he taken exporters. And I you know this is our first one. Our very first cruise and where. Teetering bringing dead decompress for everything to -- and we'll do that again or not this neck and we're out. Well about the guys is that -- home but some concern has been and well what was the best part of being here in the worst part of the last five days. This really kind of felt like even though and it was only in those words. To hear more of those interviews throughout the morning here -- -- well AM and dot com passengers about 3000 of them get not that got about 2000 of them came here to new war its exports. What's next -- -- 77 is as I'd rather be on the water with he had been going out that in the air with the engine going out it's a good point that the with a bunch of good points now in sports it's. Happy Friday with Steve Geller how -- it. Yes indeed happy Friday good morning everyone LA she will announce today the hiring of quarterback guru Cam Cameron as the tigers' new offensive coordinator. WWL college football analyst Mike the -- -- says though that doesn't mean the bayou Bengals will suddenly become a pass happy team. Like probably got a beautiful while you get coach -- you could this -- He's dating -- less about golf because you don't know yet to approach. You can hear LSU's press conference on WWL today starting at eleven. Six general manager Mickey Loomis says the club has -- -- safety -- be a bush tight end Michael Higgins and guard Eric Olsen. Bush appeared in all sixteen games and let the black and -- with fifteen special team tackles to go along with the fumble recovery. He also had an interception with thirteen tackles on defense -- -- opening day around College Baseball and LSU opens a three game series at the box against Merrill -- skipper Paul and Mary is extremely. Confident in this year's team. Just my entire coaching career I don't think we've ever had -- -- that I feel more prepared its third season list and I do their thing we've just had a great hair on top of the football practice leader who beat guys guard to go where -- relatively healthy. The green wave based Sam Houston State today as Tulane baseball opens the season in the Texas State tournament. The greens are returning five of the top seven hitters from a team let that led conference USA in batting last year. And in college hoops Johnny O'Brien had a career high thirty points along with ten rebounds and LSU basketball won for the fourth time in five games. With a 64 to 46 victory over South Carolina. -- with -- back to the goal. Accidents that the pain goes up for the shot -- it up and hope Bryant is put on a show what he is carrying alleging on his shoulders -- tonight O'Brien -- Eight double double for the seventh time in the last day games today have four on sports talk -- numbers aren't in football or down across the country because of head injuries. Would you let some play ball I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports -- a little one. He's done what you are about to turn 3 march are right -- guys a little ways away from that bad if he says -- -- played football -- be used to. Absolutely -- supported dom I mean I've played as a gave Little League Baseball. Also football so. I mean you got to let them to me if their interest and -- -- obviously push him but if you wanna come play. The to -- you have to let them because while we -- -- stifle their interest at all. And you love the selection of the guy with the same person realize that camera as the offensive coordinator for the LSU tiger football team. For what he's dealt with some quarterbacks in the NFL to bring that LSU would -- met burger and -- bit. Members got the talent and and now have the coach. Guys that we'll hear about more about that at 11 o'clock live formality -- on -- get well very capable. Got Betty of the described as talented and capable at some point during the news conference -- -- miles that's pretty good that thank you Steve. Docket fifty minutes here at WW. -- What to do with your time here and. Orleans. I got. I rent a car I doubt Wendy's. I came to the Hilton I showered and now on the way to the airport -- -- And how much time here in New Orleans for the passengers off the triumph -- forecast. Cloudy skies this Friday after an ice not bad at all 66. Than a -- front moves in tonight lows will drop into the thirties to lower forties. A slight shower chance first -- Saturday morning. -- -- stay cool and blustery all day 55 for a high Saturday 61 on Sunday with sunshine. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm drawl just lock box itself. What did you do on the South Shore 34 on the north. Tucker happy Friday. Write negative. About my analysis verbal. -- -- Collier you know for opening game based on net revenue offensive coordinator but. Leo and it up. I would go about cruise ships -- to talk with an attorney. Lewis' cruise ships aren't regulated anywhere near as much as they should -- when he saw the that triumph video everybody is watching a documentary about it ship that doubles and they haven't you back into when he hit. So he says the safety needs to not come along when it comes cruise ships and it. Probably get at a loss -- cured Christopher daughter Christopher daughter has over 181000. Fans on FaceBook. What is up with that that cap you know again he's terrorists when he was and yes I saw a good day to die hard last night we'll talk about male movies and Chick Flicks and yet received one or the other and study to -- you like news talk Atkins ideas.