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2-15 9:10am Tommy talks to Dr. Karen North about Chris Dorner

Feb 15, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Karen North, the Director of the Annenberg Program on Online Communities at USC, about online sympathy for the ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David we're gonna get to our guests now Kerry north Kerry north we. -- like to have her she's a director of the Annenberg program on online community DZ at the USC Annenberg school for communication and journalism and we appreciate her kidnapper early in the morning -- -- -- -- In the morning are gonna want to have you on because I was disturbed by. A sign Anderson Cooper talking about this the other night and I think Chris Joyner dissident terrorists in which is only was -- had the entire city California and then. Southern part particularly on alert for. I guess over a week. Murderous -- is already was and and he's got over 181000 fans on on FaceBook and and just since I've begun to talk about that this morning. I've gotten some -- in favor. What he did in. And his cause and any killed four people a -- quanta one -- fiance Keith Lawrence when he seven shot to death and there. In their car in the parking structure of a condominium complex of Michael crane police officer of the city of Riverside. Mortally wounded ambushed him as he Senegalese -- stoplight -- of course a fourth officer that was killed in -- -- -- on February 12 and I don't understand of this is about the anonymity of social media I don't know if it's about. Conspiracy theories I don't know if it's about anti heroes you tell me. It's about all of the things they actually did great job summarizing what we think is going on in and what happens with these situations. But let me point out to me and nobody pointing out right now and that is it. In all reality. 181000 people that there is very small number. When you're I think you're looking at the fact that this is -- you know who whoever is liking. Is these pages that are being productive and pages and participating in them. That is the extent that the international audience that is that is you know rooting for him. That was odd about it it was not unexpected but that the odds were for those of us agree that he's that this is the guy who went and ambushed and killed innocent people. Is it. What happens with these people is there's two things one is it's a little bit -- watching -- and you capitalizes. -- they -- exit seven -- nine or whatever day. Manhunt and it's a little bit like watching a Butch Cassidy movies -- Bonnie and Clyde. Or something like that and people start getting into the drama and the action aspect that it. And then that happened battled it. But more importantly because he had them legitimate complaints and no matter how mean or crazy or whatever you -- you can have a legitimate complaint. But the the guy is in bad economy. Is upset that he was I didn't feel that he was fired unjustly. Is against unjust firing in a bad economy are we all. He's against racism. He's against police brutality. That he said things that tension there and all that and then he's sort of reaches against. Hey you know what he considers it the perpetrators of this and injustice. And we all feel a little bit of that ourselves and that's life. Does anti heroes get such following but the differences that. Well this guy -- that said about the things that we also become upset about it. He -- actions. Are not on the -- that people will jump in and say yeah I -- upset about this and I wish that I could fight against it and fight against injustice. But it quit fighting against injustice. Let you know completely. Completely just I mean spirited angry and you know murder. That is that and it's kind of the social media site it is you know what I cutesy USC. Is it has been inside the Internet. Allows us to kind of like minded people. Having like minded conversations and we never again have to here's the other side of the story. And it's true that it sort of sorry university -- listing. It's true all that -- think about politics now. If you believe in the candidate to -- opposed to another candidate. You could kind of conversation that the -- is your opinion and everybody's opinions and yet you're right right. And they never say what about it and -- it -- because the other side is a different conversation online. At no point it -- for -- 181000 people I know it's a small number but but I can tell you -- Kerry and the texts I get here and I know it's about the anonymity of being able. To get on the phone and again the the protection in the wall of not having to defend your opinion they'd be generally speaking -- seems like sometimes they fall in the five different categories -- Somebody's always gonna have a comment on. On on something that has nothing nothing really to do with anything others are gonna have a as HL -- said a very simple and wrong solution -- very complex problem. Others are gonna go to with the conspiracy theory others again attacked me personally and and call me names. -- but at no point when it comes Christopher -- do they realize that. Moniker -- key Florence -- two peoples in the car although her father was. That the police officer had nothing to do with this at that bears about as innocent as innocent of the victim. Can beat -- they don't make that connection they're not Smart enough to do the -- of just an emotional conclusion and an illogical. -- never studied these kinds of people who. To do this. To. That can't -- -- hitting. And it I got a couple of emails from people at that her -- on. Keep your side that has run that didn't in this kind it has been all over the world in the Pratt. And a couple people and the angry email they went the troubled looking at my email address and sending me announcing this. It would have been their opinions. And I thought well you know that's too bad because at university we should be able to study and discuss any topic. You know I instantly and I'm not I tried to be balanced I'm not saying what he did it was the police did. It got my interest and it is held to discuss what that pop up and white people. -- -- Not whether or not they should it. But is it is that you look at -- you think -- -- people get angry and talk about things. And they feel that they have the right because we've developed a participatory culture -- the right to say whatever they feel without thinking about the conduct and other people. And we've always sort of done that and let me except via. -- -- stand by the water cooler or in it was a friend and gossip about things without thinking about the impact. On the person -- gossiping about it. Or on people who might care about that and let people don't think about anything yet rage against the injustice is. What you're talking about that he created heartbreak. For the people who use those people and he created terror not only for the fans is that -- that they were going to be attacked that for the rest of us. Who live here in California and midnight it was I was telling is that unity and -- people and killing them. Did the other thing -- professors that you know it seems like if you understand around the water cooler and gossip boy or profess your opinion at least. You have the guts to be identified with that at least a person to whom -- gossiping or spreading your opinion knows who you are even knows only one person. These gutless wonders that text in the gutless wonders that blogger tweet. Under the the did in Hampton with the Justice Department here until they were busted and hounded out of office. Did they did stages to don't even have -- doing gave insane on radio the -- let's say temerity. Then they don't have the the fortitude to idea at least be identified even they'd like water cooler gossip. They do a completely anonymous leading and spread whatever vitriol and boy vitriol and poison they like. And in just ducked back in their own shadowy spaces under the rock that they. That they live under an -- and I guess feel good about themselves I don't know is -- is where do we go from here I guess what I'm saying because. It seems like a trend that's continuing to get worse. Obviously I think it -- -- -- so they made some of -- -- attacking Iraq since some of the people are walking back into the executive offices yeah enemy we. You don't know who they are because they really are anonymous. And it. -- that it it that the Internet has allowed us to be anonymous and -- you couldn't increase identity. And can be anonymous. And have opinions and I think that the reason that -- to put that we are even talking about it is not because most people are shocked. It yet completely shocked at your things. That because there's a part of that is that when people are agreeing with this -- -- it's like said about that kind of thing to. Police brutality. Is the one that you know we were getting -- discussions about out here. And and partly a part of this problem and -- -- again I'm I like the police and the -- biding citizen I like the police. But the two cars that were shot that was innocent people in them. People like oh my god that you have to yell stop before you choose. If -- a policeman. And you start thinking about how. Terrified the police must be. And nobody has what to say that people get angry about these things that you can go anonymously. And to discuss it won decidedly online. That said the into they you know. As. You know and it certainly apple and -- for the personal paranoia. If I. And opinion that I thought was inflammatory. Instantly I don't think that I would I would increase of false identity and start expecting an online. I think one of the things it's going to be a check and balance on this is that like the water cooler where you're talking to somebody at your business. I'm and they know that you are. The the Internet is becoming increasingly transparent and you can get more and more easy to figure out even accidentally find out. -- -- And -- that you like something and then all of a sudden. Shares that quality difference either on faith that -- -- a -- -- the Internet connected with each other that they actually knows it. Well you're speaking in honestly on this they know who you are -- in my broadcast that people need to realize that. That we are that we are in the world and if you start talking about things. You know eventually might accidentally expose yourself -- -- -- -- -- accept you because you are still about one person. Typing from your computer or -- mobile device. Something that maybe the anonymity because -- the -- on this. Ten people differentiate between. -- what what is reported as a news story and we try to be as factual as we can. And what is just being blind -- or what's being offered up there as gossip -- -- opinion and it because I get text sometimes from people that. Past things along as -- and -- Jack in the site where'd you get it will somebody blind that well yeah doesn't necessarily mean that it's true images what they think happened or what they think you might be true it does with their opinion isn't any gets. As long as fact. Is it that keeps setting an argument is that newspapers because bloggers are -- bought things and people are going to send. In news to us and will receive it on faith that goes through social media remember about it. Because the reality is that we need the real newspapers -- the trained objective reporters. To tell us what really happened in the world. And effective blockers and finding out information and now they're hearing it from real reporters. And from real for the broadcast is and then they're blocking the opinion. But hand people all the different honestly people are drawn to cognitively consistent information. So if you have you know tea and if you it station in Europe and your area on the -- actually -- your area that if you have it stationed with the one sided. It and talk radio stations. You have to remember that a lot of people get their news from that and they are held accountable to some extent for how well Betty. You there opinions well reporting the real news. And on line that blog and yourself you're not held accountable at all that sort of like that shock jock radio. But even more so. And like that people what happens is when that the participatory culture -- people there and participate in the culture and or in the discussion. What happens to be enjoyed the feeling -- going in and being if you like the expert. Saying things and having everything is that they are talking to agreeing with them so it's not as much fun to get into. You know -- the debate on CNN. -- -- -- you know arguably -- cited as the debate on -- pro whatever blog at the end I would never applaud. Which is another category of taxes that I can always count on the expert on everything I'll ask -- talented yet. Yet now it's helpful but I look at the -- is expected coming up their opinions for us because of things there -- ever thought of it that way. Maybe -- that it. Thank you Karen appreciate your time I'll become that thing you.

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