WWL>Topics>>2-15 12:10pm Don talks to Daryl Carpenter about red snappers

2-15 12:10pm Don talks to Daryl Carpenter about red snappers

Feb 15, 2013|

Don talks to Daryl Carpenter, President of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association, about a WWL-TV report accusing the federal government of mismanaging red snapper fisheries

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back into the think tank -- -- to you get the ball around and I'm borrowing his homework page right now. To go to -- that yelled out come go to shows and schedules. Undergone a -- -- -- Collins homework page you're gonna find a replay of a television feature that aired on channel fifteen the new station out of Mobile, Alabama. We shows you the explosion of a -- In the resulting dead red -- that popped up. All of this in the face of the the national marine fisheries service ago fisheries management council. I'm telling us we're overfishing snapper and we're catching too many we need to cut back the limits. Joining us now as captain Darryl Carpenter are real scream is dot com he's also the president Louisiana trouble association now. Thanks for taking time to talk to us about this issue that is really got people talk and all -- not just the -- all across country on. Get done and look but there again like it to you you order the -- and all that it's sort of there's and so. Thank you look at opting to myself. -- -- I tried to capitalize some denied covered for fifteen years and about three or four minutes to run a little bit late and we had a cast press conference but. I think I kind of explain the situation where we are right now we rent and I kind of on. Four road between -- Louisiana the stayed in the feds and who's gonna take charge of the three to ten miles and if we do. What is there my next move gonna be in non -- Roy Crabtree is basically come around and said. Any state that goes non compliant is not gonna have a snapper season now of course the state can -- -- yes we will because we have authority when they announced they want -- to do it. Who gets written tickets who gives the ultimate enforcer on -- To be decided I think we're finally gonna see this gets settled in Washington. -- there was a rumor circulating that Steve's release had authored a bill to stop immediately the blowing up of the platforms. I his office responded to -- said he does not that he thinks that. Represented -- -- as though and by net might have something on the works on that so that definitely needs to be done. Because that really is on -- the blue -- genie out of bottle here people just outraged not because. Only there mismanaging the resource why not realizing that accurate data what's out there and setting seasons accordingly. But now the find out that they are major cost of -- to the pollution -- these visits almost laughable but -- really. -- all looked almost laugh more about it again here we are we're dealing with the federal government if you remember right this isn't the first -- came about in the last couple years there was a number of video -- that that this sort out their Internet. And -- -- I think it's a bit and it did -- not quite this much out pride but you know I'll make it gate cult a lot of egg on the site. That here their permitting you know -- of explosives are awarded a natural habitat for these years. And at the bank down the government does not enough bubble to blow them up and we we thought that that'd been stopped apparently that. Well you know you I think it was you know it was quoted at the last commission meeting where we were talking about different regulation between state and feds and you'd come on drew I mallet -- well marijuana and you taught you know it's kind of same situation the feds say one thing the state says something else. Put a fisherman listened to. Well you know that would be interesting thing I mean this straight -- -- there to argue other -- there is a legal procedure in place where the staking claim about the big -- well. And the state has begun that process however there's still what all -- that process and not his big day as the senate -- had a quiet. It until the senate ratified that is not considered legal and I put the federal government so the straight chilly in the date they're gonna allow you to finish out the pin -- but the bet to say no. We reckon that break and I think you -- don't think that there's something we haven't discussed -- that. That I had a partial compensation -- state while light enforcement agent. And I asked him how they would go to try and that because you know like all of our all of -- -- to get people electronic don't above. They can golf they can live to a certain level and it shows the old 1960s. So chart which shows sort of pretty mile idea. Well according to -- -- that's not how they determine that they -- about wherever they Intel for you they're gonna deactivate their rate aren't earned their right or are. If they would -- pretty -- -- the beach -- to expiration look at over the years. The beach -- -- -- -- a three -- a lot of is so -- to three mile an -- I -- pretty well. Yeah but it's not actually the three miles I guess the three Malan has to move to wherever the GPS coordinates say of his from the shoreline. Which throws another monkey wrench into it announced they -- and we got to take a break here we're gonna catch an -- -- back the captain Darryl Carpenter. President Louisiana charter boat association that you got to take a look at his video. Blowing up Briggs and blowing up fish what a waste though. Only destroying crucial habitat they still on the finish in Dallas we're over you know we'll be right back to listen to the think tank in the NBA sent. And looking and I'm -- opinion poll questions 79% of our listeners think that the offshore fishing regulations management should be given to individual states and taken away. From the federal government based on the job they're doing 21% say no leave it with the feds now carpet the president Louisiana total. Association is -- this. Jim we gonna get to your call him home if you'd like to get on talk with -- -- 2601878. Or 8668890878. Now I'm kind of wondering you and I have been common in involved in this issue for a long time we've had some elected officials. Who have joined us on the air they are way other problem I'm kind of wondering if this thing is gonna have to be sound in Washington just a fight between national marine fisheries service in the state Louisiana. Nothing -- get accomplished until congress so the administration. Directs them to do to do what's right and I'm wondering you know there right now they're holding up the for various reasons. This exploding Riggs and killing snapple which according to them is an endangered species. Maybe they should hold up the confirmation of the new Department of the Interior secretary Sally -- until. They can get I promise that that is gonna end immediately when she gets -- I think that would be of any other reason hold it up that would be one. He would do. But what you just went and got a huge hit putter I prefer don't what's wrong with the federal government did you gotta -- some kind of writing doing off our back -- go up. Get anything done on a legitimate issue. And I ordered the resort so many people -- this out of the federal I have I have to wonder who bet on it won't pursue live on that. Well I guess we have an element. Well maybe national marine fisheries service or US -- commentary I don't know let's go to gym and moments Judy's got the say about it. -- on line 18 GM good afternoon year old captain Darryl and I. Our children thank you mr. Duke are really appreciate you are born so for our -- Gulf Coast -- -- most. First all bit betrayed armour commercial Iverson 177. -- got a normal. I'm Melvin had about very large carting company watched all over the world. Most in the gulf -- so I'm also a skirt fisherman and a -- from an environmental. Or -- -- that we started I started at least seven -- used explosives to blow up against their other words. They cost more like a little more -- It's it's ridiculous. What happens when you explosions or movies or. After afterwards explosives. And you'll records several from the bottom -- -- -- beat fifteen people Obama blah. Mark divers or deep when I was starting we got down there and -- -- read what people now upper lip and it short. -- are just incredible. Incredible horrendous. Devastation. There's no -- -- and got pitcher any chance it's about money Serb. Did anyone from national marine fisheries service seven go down there with you and witness center and see it. But it seemed pretty goes we're real good you are urged. Oh exactly -- helmet Terrence. He worked and sometimes we should ability what our purpose. It's everywhere it'll come out strong and the -- don't like it but they work at it. You know wouldn't it wouldn't explode through all part of it. -- yeah and it went well and I didn't think you know we are here and there they met or short or watch. They're Portuguese and nobody or stern -- and but I will tell you want -- welcome Paul Kruger obviously. Final. In the last gross. On the -- -- water or roles on the bottom and Nevada not good about seeing is incredible and get a almost corporation. Right but that's sickening in the thing about it is we are when you look at the bottom of that describe what it looks like as far as fish habitat. Not only it would it be -- -- they are almost pay the companies for installing a fish reef is what they're doing and their charge and in the go out there and exploded and -- finished. Well throw it up until commercially -- for all around the world from PG -- You are involved in the to Australia. True problem league by the way I am. It could be water column where it is true bargain by these oil dust up -- is tremendous -- There's Arnie Arnie oysters they're only treacherous around a big group or in the middle. -- it's amazing what people above all grange who -- back. What what's left -- they blow up what's left after the blown up. Oh record. The federal regulators -- to make -- -- And that's why don't restrict our network yeah but every that are debris so there's nothing. In there and then the bodies. There's a little ball is such. An incredible Jim we got to go thank you for you insight we appreciated. -- -- with -- carved out only comeback I wanted to talk about it from the top of the water aside what are you finding when you go -- offshore. No it isn't hard to catch reds snapped they have one of these in danger of species though they become and problematic like Sharks will be back with -- our cars then your calls to 60187866. Feet 890878. Text messages say 7870. And please vote -- opinion poll about who should have the management of fisheries the federal government knowing individual states. Knew that it doesn't appeal dot com will be right back after the send me well it looks like this only -- opinion poll question at seven of the L dot com asking for the management of a horse to a fishing be transferred from federal government. To the individual states 82%. Saying yes -- -- it's time for it to happen. -- that -- -- WWL dot com we're talking the president of Louisiana Jon boat association now confident now that as a problem with the blowing up with a -- -- to. Drawing their habitat and killing a fish out right that's got to be stopped immediately hopefully somebody in Washington on their people listening knew this and now get that done. As far as working out to get the proper limits and regulations to stay in step with what the population is. That's gonna take some more haggling to do. I you've -- committee with doctor Roy Crabtree. What is what -- -- answer one meeting after meeting people like Jim. She'll want divers in fisherman like his self and you can tell us about how hard it is to catch anything elsewhere on the snap with ticket those rates. What does that answer is they -- thrown back to the Magnuson Stevens an -- that just the hands of time they can't do anything. Just sum game basically in and it you know asking indicated built council members or private did you get more in solo homer now started to go public. They were -- you the system -- broke. There's just broke because they get their marching orders from their screw rollout completely Euro you know they they rely oval were forced to do this because of the back. So you you know like -- that you and I several years ago started where. We have and our elected officials all bidders who was 10. You know we got to change Mac -- We we've got to get Magnuson bet that all had things in -- that were never properly considered it's got good conditions in the derby and apply it better wages strenuous in prohibiting commerce. That ball needs to be changed its all of our arcane and now that it's been in place for what in years. You can see him and even the people that are now sitting in the process -- unit does not work that takes true all. It changed things conditions -- waters change almost daily. Well -- -- but but really year. It needs to be looked at -- evaluated. There's no condition that in magnets and it takes three years to get anything done through the council process because of all the federal bureaucracy and. Well -- I've read the man listen thing here in depth -- looking for a how old ways -- loop holes clauses. That would allow them to act under emergency procedure is a while I don't really directly in that. I'm sure at some level of government somewhere there is an authority when when conditions. Like what has come about what that is population of fish that we have with what people see him out there and knowing that you were in a job where you working against what you really believe. There's got to be some mechanism to do something a little more immediate basis. Well that let me tell you what they're only now they they come right back to the redundancy they call it. And that local Loudon -- Because they consider a completely rebuilt speaks pleased to be species that at all age classes -- widely scattered throughout the population. And they're saying that -- snapper is 3040 years old -- we have they lack now they're that you we've heard this before now right. Now they're falling right back to that we got a lack of 3040 year old Strasburg. And until we get the populated general population it's out there well up to thirty years old. This is still a crisis and there under -- and because we don't have -- evenly distributed population. Now they also acknowledged that not -- the Eagles session -- -- to be 3040 years old so would you warmer area do you -- Reggie Brown numbers. Do you have a out of thirty year old fish or even -- -- better produce and a 1000008 each. Or do you work out 600010. Year old fish that are producing -- Saturday each. I'm an agent that he and it doesn't work. Well do you know hey all we can do is continue to keep on trying to memorandum and trying to get in the good in the right thing in. This is very frustrating when you see what's out there in their hands are tied in I guess you know that in the real answer I think in Louisiana I think is doing right thing trying to get them management of the fishery in their hands based on me if you go -- he'll say and proof is in the putting. You look at what the wheezing and has done we'll all my main shores BC's managing them getting optimum yield and yet continuing to have our noble resource. And then you look at the job the feds a dorm there's no way those those people should have control those fisheries not under the present system -- going I guess that word about losing their jobs. Could you could dismantle -- marine fisheries service as far as I'm concerned and give it all to the states. Yes most definitely go open you know what it's I guess is yet to get now goal line and -- There's just not that many history -- jobs so unless they can create a crisis to keep their position in their -- you know -- there's where they don't go on the next job that. So I doubt I'll believe there's some truth to that I believe there's a conspiracy theory has been in a so so do well around the conspiracy element you look at the numbers immediately when they do stock assessment they take a 25%. -- all of the top of the numbers they come up with because they claim that uncertain. So to me like they need to -- Larry Reynolds out of got beat pretty good again. I can't pass on -- well unfortunately isn't wrong field now thanks as always for coming on and you do a great job for the John bowl association will stay on top but as things statement -- at loggerheads. I think is gonna take a congressional intervention illustrate this thing on we'll see how it turns out. And I think I think I can speak for you to play and that you would gladly give them -- somebody bidders are excellent result balls are going. Well we offered its all of them we also -- Doug doctor Roy Crabtree a platform in nine and we couldn't get any you know response on him so mostly. Thank you down appreciated is always. -- Carpenter president of -- Louisiana charter -- association talking about the gross mismanagement of both. -- national resource the red snapper I would be back around and Ethier and the think -- and after the us.

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