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2-15 11:10am Les Miles Press Conference

Feb 15, 2013|

LSU Head Coach Les Miles addresses the media and introduces Cam Cameron as the new offensive coordinator

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Couple of remarks here before coach comes up we'll have coach come up make a few remarks introduce new offensive coordinator in you come up. Make your -- -- questions from you guys in them will follow back up with less -- -- united. Then once we're done with this press the formal part that will be available for someone once so. Again going silence your cell phones and raise your hand would have to mics we'll get around T for questions coach. Listening to a live press conference with coach -- me personally I'm. Very very. Key -- and any great date for a -- -- football. I think usually. An opportunity that Andy. Very fine football coach and a quality man to our staff. -- The out of style experience it -- camera range -- stay out so my spent head coaching college head coach in the NFL. Called place really for career. And has sound just great to background. I mean how many times you can say. The one guy played down basketball for Bobby Knight and coached with. -- -- backward so. I think he'll he'll bring a lot to the table. Personally I enjoy the fact that done. He and I have a lifetime relationship then one that -- started at Michigan. Now where we share an office and continues to the state. As our families are intertwined. I think that that he comes in to do and and add to us. And build on what we've accomplished and and that's not to take away from. Look very positive contribution that -- stand trial had the last two years is offensive coordinator. But he returns so line and where he will give us the same strengthened. In the experience so far what we've done in the past. Steve Craig -- it is is so my we're adjusting his responsibilities. He's still gonna give a -- at every opportunity it. And administrative. Ask that has screech -- football I think with the new rules that are changing in and college. Allowing four. Differing styles of responsibility. By administrators that he's a guy that can be invaluable to our shot. Is as we go forward but. This is say they move where. We're adding and and not subtracting and we're thrilled. At this time I'd like to. Bring our new office coordinator. Forward Cam Cameron. Thanks less. First I just this one cent monitored. To be a part LSU football Ellis Schumer. LSU university. It's. It's been a special time his last few weeks so my wife shared time with me enough. We're excited to be here I think the first thing comes in my mind is can you know our players had a chance yesterday. To be a part of a team meeting. And the next three or four days or get a chance to visit of every one of these guys and -- officer guys came through this morning some real excited by giving nor players. And I and I and I know this office of staff. Really really looking forward to working with these guys. Came down the spring a few years ago had a chance to watch spring practice. Had a chance to bring my family to a national championship game a few years ago and I can tell you one thing I've seen. Every LSU football game for the last eight years and now. And I can't tea I don't know I am and how how thrilled I am to be here and be a part of this program it's that it saw. It's one -- if not the greatest football program in this country. I'm glad to be a part of it look imported doing my part. And get my family down here so. With. Well we only have one thing. First just. Let's just thanks for -- thanks for bringing me here. Also wanna say thanks to Joseph Joanna. At a huge part of this I know other people get involved anytime someone's tired from the outside coming -- and I guys I know a lot of for one and getting this done. I'm greatly appreciative out and my family is as well and I just wanna thank you for doing that -- -- see you back there as well wanna thank you when knocked. We -- recruiting me this morning. And or off and running so with that being said any questions. It would take questions could. Good standing with the the last guy who came in coach correct orbit to clear that he would just know she's terminology in some cases. You know to the actual scheme would be the same way -- -- of the other way around. You know it's. Anytime you come into a new program you know and and in this case we've got a great foundation we've got a great foundation. That we can build from and I think -- -- -- set you know what we wanna build will build on what we're doing we'll improve on what we're doing. The first thing that that we're going. I need to know everything that that Shaq knows I need everything this Stephen knows I need to know what our guys well. I've had a again they're seeing a lot of games and it's a great system. And now you guys wanna build on you know -- guys get better some things and then I and then that is my job good adapt and adjust. And then bring you know my experience my expertise. And blended in with what we're doing. I think -- in any level. Especially the college level we have freshman coming now we get there maybe a -- -- player to come and then. That. And we are returning players that didn't know certain things. And but will build on what we're going and then we'll just we'll let -- -- I think that's the best thing in the short run so we can play well quickly and continue to play well. And then of all billed as we go. Coach in the middle mabus don't know ESPN radio Baton Rouge. You do you foresee any challenges or were you perceive as maybe some of the challenges transitioning back to the college game after being gone for a decade or so. It arrived at some. How can you not be in love with the direction the college game is going again sitting on the other. And -- from a different view for some real appears now and I tell you I'm marvel. It what -- what's being done in college football what a great game I mean the game is getting better and better. And it's it's a little interesting to watch the National Football League now. Really evolved more more from the college game I think I think that's. I think that's that that's a neat thing. We've always felt like in in in -- as coaches less and I came up together is young coaches and then we've always felt like we need to adapt. Whether we're pulling things from the NFL. Or your only other and Colin thanks from college. Is football and hash marks are different. And the rules are. There's some slight differences but there -- those are even become more -- like. I don't see a lot of. Any major issues there. Bremer told the associated press and somewhat similar question but maybe can expand on why the evolution of in a major -- college football lends itself to the hiring of a long time. And FL offensive coordinator just in terms of you know current talent level on the current strategy is to -- them. Here's the question and I think. I think the bottom line is that -- world were all lower level we are we're teachers and then. We came -- come up my dad was a football coach. And I taught me early days that. You gotta go to teach them -- what level this high school. College National Football League and remember him telling me this when I was -- When I got my first division one job he said the one thing on -- that he would prefer not forget. Someone great coaches in football at the high school level. Or the division two level division three level there's great coaches at every level we're just fortunate -- duke coach at the highest level. And now that I've been fortunate to coach some of the National Football League so I think. I think coaching is coaching and I think. The biggest part of that no matter. How you try to. -- all this together the other you have a staff that can work together and players that wanna be talking guys -- can -- it. And I get though we're trying to get done and and and represented. The program our offense you know these are real represent our program. Not just our offense how it fits with our defense special teams all -- -- -- has brought to this program so becomes I think -- his most important thing. Came here on the right side. Michael couple that reveres the here in town. Could you talk about your offensive philosophy. But you expect to have an identity for this offense does it mirror that of less is seen you on similar routes. And I guess for those of funds that are familiar with your game more your style of game describe that a little bit of course well it's it's. Is still -- vocal style already is physical it's tough. It's bringing guys that. Football's important -- guys that are Smart guys and know this game guys that understand. That there's three phases of football on that is not just offense. You know we're charged on offense. -- take care of the football. LSU historically. And under less his guidance has been one of the tops in the country I think we're a top five this this past season. There's nobody and then and then I think in this sport winning games turn the football over. Does that mean you play conservative absolutely not you you you play Smart aggressive football. It's got to have a physical nature to -- that's what that's a way we were raised I mean we're out apologizing for and I got. I got a lot of that I was an office. About that little coral there with a guy for a few years there -- toughest man I've ever been around. And I know he brings the table and the mindset this team as an offensive gonna carry that torch as well. And I think I think now. Are within that. You know -- water what kind of players do best -- in May very little bit from here here aren't you got great running backs and you'll run the football. All right if you lose your quarterback. Is it is a two dimensional Garros or or just a thrower or super bright guy you could tweak you know. We're gonna adapt and adjust to what our guys can do what our best players can do best I know that's what we've all what's what what we've always done. And we've got a lot of options here there's there's no doubt about it and got a lot of good players so don't what are our guys can do best. Within those other things we talked about being tough. Physical and obviously playing extremely fast which -- we've got guys -- can do that. Pro -- here earlier on the left shape Nixon with 24 sevenths sports. I'm curious as to how you feel like getting back into the recruiting game after being. In the NFL so long -- and went I guess what sort of areas of expertise do you bring there in terms of geographical locations and and connections and things like that. Or one I'm thrilled that I can recruiting because it's in your recruiting is. You know when we look at why we do we do is as coaches or teachers they go that it's a relationship business. -- a relationship proposition -- and and they get the opportunity that. To give back in homes and and having kids you know -- a lot of kids come here tomorrow and this weekend. I was I'm excited about recruiting and we had a lot of recruiting me this morning and -- and I -- -- this -- recruiting. Are successful recruiting here it's impressive. And that is since. The the kids that are choosing to come here employ its its its I come to school here and give us education this I have in my accident if you look. -- minute in this building yesterday. My -- academic senate. And you talk about a group effort I mean the amount of people. That I've seen in a short period of time they're involved. And bring in all these you know these these young men here it's its sub nurse anything like it and I'm I'm just think I'm I meant what I said and I'm honored to be here I'm excited to be a part of it. And I know I'm just like anywhere else I do my part and I'm prepared to do that. It can't hear earn your right Gary -- with ESP NR come to target nation. Two quarterback questions one was -- hope you'll be his fifth offensive coordinator for years of car actually I guess five years of college ball. Talk about how -- you might wanna handle a situation given that you know number different guys he's he's concert. And as a follow up massive you're. Experience -- suit and we do with more of the passing quarterback that you have that one big departure in Indiana within pondering right now. Talk a little bit about the difference. And handling him as opposed to some Democrats handled it was a great question because it's because it's it's a critical question. And it was. Ran and that is -- in -- hallway yesterday. And that the one thing I just want to let him know as it evident I'm coming there -- -- -- leers at this point. Because again you know guy gets into his fourth or fifth year and you think about. The guys that play at this level I've had great high school careers. -- it. Hear your fourth or fifth year and then in the certain things you like to do that certain things you know you're really good debt and and though that's when the first things within the system on what we're going. It's just what does he what does he like most. And then we have a chance to talk about why do you like that aren't oil in the and so I need to get some of the wise from him. And and I think it especially this time in his career. Do everything he can do well you know young guys it's a little bit different -- -- you can you can you can develop some things or expose them -- more thanks. Early on and and really try to expand what they can do. And they -- doesn't mean we're gonna challenge -- that we are -- mean word. We're gonna we're gonna test every limit he has and see what all we can do and and build on this it's kind of going back when we talk we're just building on what we're doing. But I but I think you really need is is is input and give feedback throwing they'll be the first thing that. That will do and then. You know having. You know again you mentioned not Antwaan -- well that that this goes back to you know do what guys do best so my -- case where even this spring practice. No 11 quarterbacks and there are if you got five quarterbacks are. Very summing up five guys -- called the same thing. So I think you -- -- to your offense to neutralize your quarterback can do the things he does best when he's in there and have -- -- guys -- Completely different than maybe a look completely different some degree but it but the productivity still going to be -- You moved to -- score points and take care of football so. You know that's how this approach we -- -- right here Matt -- was fox Sports Radio battery issue. You've developed guys such as -- rivers Drew Brees had a chance to work with obviously at least one potential hole favor there may be too. Is thirty difference in developing a college quarterback who is. Maybe trying to play his way into the NFL or or at least working on his college game right now. As opposed to developing professional quarterback is obviously flavor a salary and what are the differences in the the style development. Well it's it's I that would business two things come to mind. One this all those guys you mentioned I would say I learned as a coach equally. There's much from from them as they say they learn from me and and that's what makes us thanks so much fun I mean you really these kind of quarterbacks they can teach you so much pressure when you're you're communicating -- And a and a high level but I think it's it's running is simple I really do it's it's not degenerated it and this is what we're charged with it's our job. To develop a guide to the best in his ability period and then. And you know you really can't get too far ahead yourself and in college if you focus on becoming as good as you can be. Do the things you've got to do become the best player you can possibly be all of a sudden what it the way it's turned out for all these guys. That and that's what they do they focus on that and next thing you know. -- there. All American or that are. And the singer ball on the winning championships in college. Now they're they get a chance the National Football League their work -- come as good as I can being able. Now -- in the pro ball or they've won a Super Bowl and that's the way it's I think if you talk to most of them. -- tell you that -- keep it simple focus on being as good as you can be that's that's what you have control over and I think that's that's what we're charged with that's what we'll do. Would like to see every kid. That comes to the program. On offense especially in and with quarterbacks become as good as they can be and see that see where that takes us. Listening to a live coach -- -- -- issue offensive coordinator -- -- -- dot com the times Picayune. What concerns -- what pitfalls are there for working someone with someone who is a close personal friend as well as a professional friend is there concern on your part for doing matter. It's something about the relationship that you don't worry if you were. I would say this for the past five years -- with a with John. And now we're still great friends in this day -- I think I think we did a year ago when you're doing -- when you love somebody. It's it's easy -- just look at each other and -- and and though -- that we love each other unconditionally and that we understand how things. And then football or just in and things in general. Can play out but it is an opportunity of a lifetime to work with the people we care about. And there's no downside to it in my mind. Because the relationship is still always trumps everything and for me and my family. Than getting better and us. They perched on the middle -- somebody foxy New Orleans. In -- -- offensive play calling this fall do you feel you need absolute control. How much does coach miles play into decision making it and how much have you all discussed that so far always wearing. Absolutely disgusted and that to me it's it's always been a team effort. And that's that's why I think. That's why we went. It's. You know that the head coach has a vision. And and his vision for how each game needs to be one -- all three phases in mind. And I think I think where you can get in trouble is when one guy that thinks that his phase. Is. Paramount over everyone else and then -- -- what our relationship with the way less communicates who have been very clear what our plan is. That it will obviously it happened just have -- -- goes along but he'll be -- wee -- I'd be crazy. Not to use the -- and then be working with -- less as we put together the game plans as thing as as the game is called. Isn't as a natural feel for the game and it's a resource that I need personally I need that. Because you can't that's an office of coach it'll it'll -- dialed in on one certain thing. And I may not be what's in the best interest but I know the communication whether -- four down territory all the little things we can. You know what we're thinking here how the score factors out the clock factors and those are all things that there's going to be critical input. And now. You know I'm looking forward to the the way we're gonna work together and that's what that's we've talked about that's what we'll do I think that's why we're will be successful. Coach -- the little nervous -- ESPN radio that rouge. With coach -- remaining on the staff that I guess it's a perceived demotion from offensive play caller back to offensive line coach if you thought about that I mean is there any potential. Awkwardness they're happy guy whose -- taken -- sent. Well I think it's a huge advantage for work for us and for me. They have a guy who's who's been and then in my shoes a guy who can bring great expertise. This this man's a great football coach I've known that I've known that for a long time. And will work together I mean it's it's that's the way will be and I can lean on him. For variety in a -- situation just like analyst Steve. And then Steve I had several great conversations. And he's. I think you guys -- kind of manner he has and he is. Been nothing but supportive. Help and every -- can actually are going to be looking at some take this afternoon it was his IDA I have -- thinking about this. If if we got some time maybe I can I can show you couple things -- doing that this afternoon so I think. It's great staff that's a great group of guys don't anticipate. Obvious I'm looking for to learn and everything they know at this point. And then as we said just -- -- get better. Coach straight back Erik Richie Cox sports television in New Orleans two part question if you could. I guess first of all we ask you a little bit about some of the players and quarterbacks that you coach what about I guess talking a little bit more about getting your coaching philosophy. From guys like will win. And even on the basketball court with with Bob Knight and second part of the question what was it like coaching at Michigan with coach miles. Well it's the first part of that it's it's where they'll all those experiences. This fundamentals this techniques. It's it's the bottom line and our effort our execution mementos of those are critical components. And that's those are gonna live assault there's that in the in this game there there's no doubt about it and can't speak for less on our time of Michigan but I. I know I'll I'll I see it is one of the one of the great great times in for me as a as a young coach to grow to learn. It's an NN and you guys you just feel no different I'm sure with what you do when you can come to work. And leave feeling good about yourself and feel good about the people here working with and you're getting better at what you do it doesn't mean that. They know a lot of money can give you that and that that was -- I was fortunate to have that time what lesson and I was a coach them back -- and in -- you mentioned you mentioned Bob Knight it's some. You know you especially when you're young. A young college student you do about anything if you know he's got your best interest and mine number one and -- you're getting better and have an opportunity to reach your goals and that's. Those are things account in my mind when you mentioned most. And and then -- by turn 52 last week. And I don't see it any differently right now 52 then I did when I was 22. I'm a better coach I -- at that recruiting there's more out a better recruiter right now and -- was two hours ago and that that excites me. That excites. And and I know from -- coaching standpoint with the staff I just -- I think I think I've got a good view hospital playing how we -- -- -- -- they're gonna they're gonna sharpened me. Just as religious as well as I hope -- -- chops -- them but I have a bomb level lean on these guys heavily I know you guys have so obviously I can sense. Some concern I don't have any concern. Because -- come and then -- all lawyers and and -- and I want these men to teach me Leo why they've been so successful so far and then how can I help build from where we are that's. And maybe it's. -- -- you agree or disagree with them that's -- that this whole thing. -- talked about. One guy having the vision and sometimes that trumps that and you also talked about your relationship but less. To use a less as some do you have the chest I guess to stand up to the coach when he's the guy that's wrong but -- Did you get he has educate near a little bit though that. I think. The bottom line is. We're all -- together and not Brothers fight like Brothers sometimes -- all know what's most important thing is is the team the university we all we all know how this thing goes and and then and I'm just part of that and and I would just say in closing to have an opportunity. To represented. Louisiana State University. End. The football program was truly an honor don't like going for today thank you. You listening to a press conference from -- issue with new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Waiting for less miles to return to the coach over -- you -- You're all smiles of their -- talk and can you talk about what this means to you personally. Yes Sarah sting the the -- lastly we've gone over that and now -- -- gone -- that went -- over a bunch -- stuff and what what is happening. When you when you talk football and in personal life over years should. You understand what is common philosophy and a common theme and they. You know we. What are what are. What a great experience to young coaches had a mission in panel following bush Ambac around the listening to everything you said. Be a part of a team effort. Do our part. In the end up being part of a time that mission in war we won five straight. Championships you know shared or won championships. Yeah. It's this an amazing thing. How well you know somebody end but you and did not. Talk about it he just. You you've grown and they like position and so while I was I was all smiles because. I realize what that came camera do force. Last down here in the front. Did you decide that. You wanted to have a new offensive coordinator and then cam was the best guy or did you decide to bring -- coordinator because cam was available to I want to bring in somebody that would make us better. I just didn't wanna bring in a guy. And I certainly knew that when it came became available that. There's an outside chance that he hit it and he might be available to us. And I I I text him immediately. I. Which would not be in common anyway because. From our relationship. But. It. Traffic fell together and you know exactly right and I. Dry out. Yeah how it came together -- now. Benefited -- so. What had to have a a guy that I that I really felt like -- wouldn't. They had to works in a similar fashion so. Coach bottom right and one -- -- send this but we ran out of time -- as excited your to have him here he's been so successful in the NFL level. Is their concern that he may not be around the long haul because the higher level make -- call we've we've photo which ties him to his status. He's not gonna he's not gonna be allowed to leave. You know what it's a he's made oral commitment to be here. He's. Com. If he's if knowing the guys he shop. He's not a short term thinker he's a guy that they get is addition to. Any. You know I'm. An amount of time and I'd be I'd be surprised I I would I wouldn't be surprised that -- -- opportunities I think -- that's. That's saying -- foregone conclusion that that he will have annually opportunities but. A good again. You know he's making a decision to come here. Now and then live out a a good patient piece of time. Here without issue. You're listening to live press conference from -- you would thank you very terrible right. Coach -- -- moving over to this administrator role can you elaborate. On that position and and the new positions in general that the NCAA is sort of created. Got close. The stuff first of all Steve soon administrative role and they a man coaching role and off the field position and and it is going to be able to share our offense should you know with expertise should you know with KM H. You know he turns over you know some of those responsibilities. Is this also you know -- new rules on the horizon. It appears that their -- a they -- it an opportunity for him to expand into. They now you know some of those spots and I had the it'll -- -- it be little in front of me. Put you know that I know exactly those rules because you're going to interpretations we just had a head coach comedian in Birmingham and it's obvious by the room. The head coaches should that you know there's a lot of indecision and not know and but. If -- do what they've done. The NT two way. There's not only. Chain controls things changed the course of how -- college football. Could be done and saw how this -- how this interpretation will eventually affect us. It's it's nice to have a guy like that Steve Craig torque again who's head head coaching experience that's run you know major college programs should and could be an eighth position you know to help push administratively. -- earlier in the left. I'm do you anticipate any more changes in the staff the team -- from your guys had two minute -- interest. And -- the second question. Do you walk which Kaymer be in the -- from the field these traditionally -- guy's been on the field when when play calling. Yep I have I think I think certainly that be up to cam I am I I think that you know. For us. He might do best to have vision from the you know from the box I think that's something that time that -- can't we'll have the last word on. Come. But. Now move it makes it. A great deal of difference. -- expecting more changes at this point certainly. I mean I'm not aware of any. Let's career and your right. The offense I guess this has been effective and you'll have won games but it has not been probably the most effective part of your football team. Over the past years do you expect cans outside influence to be able to identify. Some of those problem areas and corrected and have you been able to maybe self scout unidentified and that's what led to this this change here. Yeah I -- I guess the there should there should -- action that that we have. I think our I think Kim spoke to their own personal. No personnel ability Stewart sort of quarterback does it -- tailback does Wear tight -- does and so that'll be an inability for him to. To change and then restructure. I think -- -- down. Me I need to serve the guy on our team who knows our offense. I think the the disruption. And in thinking it's not something that -- can he do we really want to use cams conception. And ends. As it is appropriate in fits what we've done in the past. And then those things -- Conceptually different you know we don't add to but I I guess what I'm saying is that. We have some inherent shrinks. I think reviewing. Our personnel. And then. You know being more efficient you know really what he said earlier. Can very. Rapidly Emeka make a difference offensively. Yeah yeah I think what we've been pretty good you know in. They. You know there. It minus a young men and half cent in two games should we finish out -- -- you know. Told C a twelve game may be a team that played me conference championship game and maybe it -- to place the national championships so that being said. You know. It's not good enough you know we won't be great team we we we opening meeting yesterday with the team. And I pointed tool or rain was champs your -- last time there were -- conference champion besides last December it was such. I said this programs to sign -- C championship. Pro were -- championship to sign and we won't be in the last game and there was a lot of great time coming up in college football you know certainly a national opportunity. To me you know to see in national championship. Next year but then in two years Schwartz the the new tournament. Pictures of the rule open eight wanting to be in position to play our best football. Then and not so yeah I think petitions the next level. My opportunity for a coach Cameron you know to help us. -- the same thing. Every your starts brand new you know we we just spent. He an hour and a half on what will be our coaches work outs and com our team. It is so you know has to come to life and and developed leadership and take some of the steps. There are other great teams around here have taken. And when you know in the process is a long one. But the action you know without missing steps and without. -- you know skipping to the end of the year and -- -- will be better next year. This move is designed. To put us in line with the championship. Thank you.