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2/15 4pm Sports Talk Kristian Garic interview with Bobby Hebert

Feb 15, 2013|

Kristian Garic & Bobby Hebert discuss the injuries that our youths are enduring playing little league football. They also discuss the hiring of Cam Cameron as the O.C. @ LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A variety of ways to join the show. Text messages and 8787. On the phones at 5042601878. Warts all 3866889087. Camping of -- phone. -- -- Christian with a K at WW well. Dot com the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert joining us now -- nobody -- talk about youth sports and youth football and there's so much concern a heightened concern about concussions. A round football. These days and we're asking the question quite simply would you let your kid play youth football and you've had. A couple of Marty played youth football but given what you know now -- act act having played the game at a professional level and that sustain. A couple of concussions yourself are you OK with that your kids playing youth football. Well I don't know what might be challenging. Having -- senators some. Position. Don't -- -- them the play football and sports it's important. Especially keen sports -- -- football. A basketball -- when it thinkable ultimate in sports soccer you can go on and on. You can difficult it is for a minute that's more individual thinking sport right develop character. And he communication skills that ignored important part -- -- young men development now. Would that -- -- one I would never. Talk about football and since we're recoup -- -- -- I have right now and then when it. Has basically the early eighties it would have been because of the football -- I think now would be more educated England forward. Now the pop Warner people like it picked off let me. Realistically. -- -- contact football now might -- should be saying that. And -- -- popular that it. You know when you have parents that indicated. And they want to apply its actual to be uniform. Club there. And and he should be. Pain yet because -- say hi coach ninetieth annual football teams and I keep. If he would -- and yet some kids. Better so aggressive and so physical. That they could knock out acute that each and and they want a different level. Now you get that weight limit. You know picture football how old you are in Georgia it was called the Brunette football league and count me. The PG AFL strictly EQ what -- -- like it caddie Cameron Heyward was -- -- and practically the Steelers. The when he was in your soul was a young team X 160. You know something that is in that. Definitely in the city this week -- -- -- daughter elect and I started playing well -- seven degree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How they don't start playing really to a junior high. I think the one thing you know you look at -- NFL and everything. But as far as the contact. And when you look junior high high school college. I think you're when you accumulate all these kids and it starts in the tree is like one iron. -- -- it and -- How you practice and -- You know every play in the trolls Ali. And address that I think I mean yeah. Price and I think sometimes he could -- the fundamentals yeah. And produce them -- with the talent that not happening. All of those it's -- head that happen every -- in new course that we didn't correct. And Bobby east B you're speaking right to a point am I mean earlier which is -- -- lot. I -- on -- -- coaching. Any appointment coaching you're two boys youth football there are a lot of coaches out there that. Let's as stated in the with they were doing it which he deport technique and I think that contributes to this factor as well I mean I'm sure he's coaches that. Like to brutalize their teams in other words they would have full contact. You know for half more than half their practices. At 34 days a week and I think overall it speaks to what you were talking about with the constant. Pounding on the head if you. Well you know a year -- old tree grows. -- Oklahoma drill. Below the bull ring if you look at -- -- should the -- Like man and offered is that there that it could be a real. Cologne you don't think you you know but and hollered and it. Each week -- legislate violence. But but again at that point that thing go footballer. I think an old and -- -- protect high school and college that he would be the union. And it felt it in the evening I'll. The limited amount of contact in practice. Prepared. A conflict apparently you've seen in the past like I'll explain it is not exactly the court house -- community game in trying to crack potty. But the line and -- court. You know who -- would tell you mean in that you guys and the trick is opening -- there and it started to keep Bob. And -- should he lose that many. -- different to practice when he went to training camp programs. In mini camp and training camp now you still eating and not on the level that they are -- this in which. So I'll pretend those college athletes who don't oh -- You know the -- yet it would be coached as they lose their scholarship they're going. That that's also need to be addressed not just pull them and bell. But also. On an eye on -- I'm Smart to figure out the Schilling had to be done and also on the high school in the college level. Body NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was released today that a tax return that he need. Point nine million dollars in 2000 and eleven. Point nine million dollars. I thought he made only twelve. Is all. About that was settled on that he's done. Well in shocking that point -- that I thought. If you make it all around twellman and then again he has been investment but it. -- what you look at c'mon it was pretty. -- him and a memories for capital of the richest people in the world. In the you'll you'll the only NFL franchise that you you have been there. You know you look at whose pain and Julia that satisfied that part of it Q it's only. Come for the comes from in that regard because he's -- any the 32 owners. The end of the foreign and that's why it's such a force him and have a lot cal. With any statement. That he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know bleak outlook of the sacrifice he's making a while but no I'm surprised that -- pretty well and I'm there. Body big night in College Baseball LSU in two lane opening their seasons tonight -- you having Maryland. At the box at 7 PM and then of course Tulane on the road at -- used to stay in Texas State tournament what do you expect from the Tigers this season Almonte. Well that. You know a big challenge and says -- -- -- -- it's amazing. When you look -- style a -- at -- he has you know and we've focused on football. In other dominant but look at appreciate it right in there and -- are going to be ranked just SEC baseball. -- that he's seeking. The last probably ten out of fourteen teams are ranked in the top 25. It almost looks like a football pulled with it that's one area to Lincoln and I'll she and I welcome that. You know to see that part of -- -- and get into it and really legion baseball -- its top notch you know players. A wanted to come here because there are programs that at Tulane L achieved Louisiana Lafayette. You know -- -- on and aren't even competitive program elected nickel state help beat the -- Louisiana eagle on across the board. That that that baseball is a priority and we you know as far as young talent what do. You know the tactics in their education plate baseball players get a degree I -- leave here at school because big goal of top notch. And -- before you run here Cam Cameron officially introduced today as the LSU Tigers -- -- about. -- well 85 in the country last year in total offense how big of a jump. You think they'll make. -- -- Okay I think it's and we are -- -- had to use it. Then. And that smile that won 80% of the time make sure you account. Good team and I think most of the time in the -- Hectic up there in aboard. I -- active account and then when they won the national championship there territory fourteen. You know division one. The -- L coaching -- and -- two areas that everyone received a you can always run the ball. You know might be a dog fight when you go against Alabama but majority of time elegy no matter politically. -- -- -- -- -- Even in -- CBO program. I'll look -- right here. And totally you know four total and the attentions. -- -- Or -- Neitzel. On the exit and we expect. A top ten total -- every year but I think Alicia the ability in the panel. Did they get the right coach in W combined money in the game that they should be -- what I'm not -- -- top ten. Year it would 42 in the nation passing but it -- and 920. That will you pay attention to expect from their team might look at 2008. It wouldn't look at toward total -- -- -- even in the top fifty. That pats by the year that's acceptable at the -- it's. You look at -- 2008 it would get you want total -- 2009120. -- 2000 and him one unacceptable. 201157. Or walker unacceptable. 2000 well this past season -- assembly that would tore off. Look how good they were that's why beane guide them and you look at their track and attacked. I guess that they've been on. That topic to that point. It would noble sport to 2007. And 2008 in the 67 2009 them in 92. Carter struck out to cricket or football. Took out their record. -- that that it which could be. About an eleven well the last three year there were hard to -- out there and what Carter 2011. And distracting and they were nine. Throwing the ball well that. -- Cam Cameron. And talk to guys that detail -- -- -- it used he should. A great senior year. I developed Drew -- Philip -- -- tackle. I'm -- is and I would do what you can actually nick we wish we can complimented Mitchell and let's not should -- to work with them. They -- about seven years together at University of Michigan. -- -- -- Coach -- that trust and Cameron. Now you might -- look at -- like they're part in the race and certainly in the passing game projects in balance is eating you'll. End up like he -- But Cam Cameron noticeable rate does go to -- realize that Cam Cameron did -- -- develop Joseph Flacco I think. And it is great -- LSU and operated and the reason now could get the player shouldn't be out all the security bureau. The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert I'll see on Monday -- have a great weekend I. -- final four to 601878. Till 3866. It 890870. You like your kids play youth football sports talk on WWL.