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Feb 15, 2013|

Scoot talks about: CNN coverage of the carnival cruise liner "Triumph". Louisiana Gov. Jindal wants to release rehabilitated prisoners of minor offenses and drugs.Also, is it o.k. for a gay couple to attend a high school prom?

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All right Friday nights we are heading into the weekend have you ever been on a bus and of course but -- you've been on a -- on -- -- You have to have that little bathroom back in the back of the bus. -- -- that much of a bathroom men that you I I can't I can't say that I ever. He used the bathroom all of us. But I gotta tell you. If I was on the carnival cruise ships. And I didn't have toilets for five days that would be like an oasis I would've been so excited I was to just -- on I think I would have. Force myself to contribute is that restaurant. It's is it's if we're seeing pound. Suddenly something becomes a lot better than you thought it was before and you know I'm a bathroom on a bus that's not really a big deal break. -- my guys if you were on that carnival cruise ship and you got on the bus and it was a bathroom and toilet that worked wow that would have been paradise. Governor Jindal wants to release some drug and nonviolent prisoners if they go through an intensive -- treatment program. Do you agree with this plan. As a WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight here's an update on the pull it continues to change. 66%. Say yes they agree with the planned 34%. Do not agree with it. You can give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com we're talking about as CNN in particular. And does CNN's coverage of the of the crippled their carnival cruise ship triumph coming into -- to mobile last night. They started this coverage in the afternoon. And I thought it was interesting because I was I was -- Garland show yesterday and but we wanna think Todd Manassas and sorrow and sister program director here. For during the show yesterday wanted Garland show I just -- I know I know Todd does have been dealing with them. But it did colder whatever is spears going around and now I appreciate -- coming in and are doing the show yesterday. On but I was watching this myself and as I've I've -- -- Julia shares noticing that CNN had live coverage entering a breakup. I didn't switch around and didn't see any of the other networks doing it. And you know somebody who studies the media on a regular basis. I couldn't help let's think it was different for. CNN. As opposed to headline news network. Or fox or even MSNBC it was different for CNN to to have coverage of this kind of story. Not that it wasn't an important story. All the other networks carried it recovered it's that didn't carry it live wall to wall like CNN CNN had helicopters in the year they had reporters on boats. I -- in the gulf next added next to the ship. And then they were there when the passengers were report disembarking. It was almost as if they were trying to find tragedy when there really wasn't. On tragedy. And one point of Martin savidge very well respected reporter was actually I am. I -- scoffed at by a passenger. Rob Crue rob Kenny who was on the cruise. And more savage said the isolated the isolation factor you describe -- -- he was saying to this passenger who just got off the cruise. The isolation factor you described. This is the same sort of thing that many people who went through Katrina in New Orleans those. That were left behind. They never heard anything -- I imagine it's something very similar. Rob Kenny the passenger who just got to office said. Yeah but let's put that in perspective. Katrina was a major devastation. Were on a freaking cruise ship. And were out having a good time to different things you know two different things. And a guest on the appears more and show on CNN put things in a different perspective he said. Mostly this is uncomfortable for people that's all it is it's a horrible vacation. A nightmare vacation. But they're uncomfortable right now and they're -- they're up on the decks waving to the CNN helicopter. It's a it's a disastrous vacation. It's not. A disaster. And Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show on in company news. Comedy Central. He was talking about how hey you guys are not heroes. This is not a hostage situation. A baby you know well you re connected them they were supposed to see each other they were on a cruise for a few days. I couldn't help but think how interesting while it was and I knew that this had to be just four of the audience. Did you notice how CNN. Was connecting. Passengers on the stranded ship. These stranded passengers were being connected with loved ones who are waiting for him. Hey we've got your we've got your daughter we've got your son on the phone and and and CNN's connecting them. -- they could call CNN went could they call the family members. So I thought that was just something kind of staged about that maybe there's something about this that I don't know -- But I quite often talk about how news is entertainment and I think it's important for us who consumed. The news to understand that in particular the news channels. On a focus on entertainment value and by the way it works. The -- -- CNN reported that they had a big raise the ratings came in -- from last night. And CNN was closer to beating fox and it has been in the in the past fox was still number one on scene and was second. And they beat MSNBC and they usually trail behind MSNBC. So it did improve their ratings sodium playing CNN for putting on the air. Or people for watching it I have to admit. I watched it -- are talking about and openly gay Missouri teenager who now has the right to attend his high school prom with his boyfriend. Stacy Dawson seventeen years old he's at the Scott county central high school in -- 1016. -- Missouri. He was told last year that he couldn't bring his boyfriend because of the school rule about the -- He threatened legal action and the school changed its position. Do you think it's wrong for schools to allow a gay student to bring a member. Of the same sex to the prom. Or to any school function. And why would this be a concern. Why would you be concerned if this if this happened. If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight our numbers 26 so. One a seventy toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy and a text summaries say 787 were also talking about how this is the first Friday of month this year. And BS seafood restaurants were very crowded I'm sure many are part are still. Still have people in them because it's a tradition to go our meat seafood because you meet meet on Fridays during lent. A lot of people have had that tradition. And that's fine but if you're among the faithful. I think it's important you realize. Keep that tradition during lent is nothing wrong with the tradition. But don't kid yourself into thinking that you making any kind of big sacrifice. Because eating boiled crawfish or of seafood platter or the seafood that we need here the juicy fresh spicy seafood we have here. So just sacrifice. Enjoy eating it to be just be I was if you wanted to sacrifice. Find another way to make a sacrifice does that isn't much of a sacrifice. I here's a -- -- you Catholic. If not you really have no clue what you're talking about what religion are you. I'm Catholic thanks for the text format remark here on WW. You can do is go you know. It was this group you would you will follow the Catholic out there. -- yeah I'm I'm just trying to figure out how to answer that. Yet because that anybody not didn't do me anybody immediate future you -- you must follow the Jewish reaction. You can't pick on do it but you won't do this grip. -- which ability hijacking. How -- -- to a religious between -- hijacking though. -- Typical you know we go up there one thing. Mark yeah a lot of people make this this point. And there are a lot of people who criticize me for my point of view but many of those people are so conservative that they support the death penalty. Which used to which is not taught by the Catholic Church not Saturday by the Catholic church. And so there are a lot of people in a lot of different religions who don't agree with every single aspect of their religion this is between me and got -- record and already going to church. Well what do you do man is right you decorated between -- and order call that the same time you about here on the planet you know unless they -- what people are domino effect. No but you know you read this come about king and an and then you know look at what they couldn't get -- and -- -- and that he will be. You know what people are against same sex marriage go to law I don't know how you concrete that -- commitment to one of these speeches were. And this is called. Not at midnight. After midnight. Anything we tell inaudible and not participate in these bank -- -- Not to put on these men who did these black people were running groggy and beat -- -- well you -- calling people to know be affected to know. But. I you know -- we'll let you know what mark that's just ugly and I'm gonna end this conversation now. I don't recall ever saying that for certain that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would do it before same sex marriage. I don't know -- I know he was. A minister. So I don't know. I read a text earlier about not judging people and the context of that techs led me to from to remember things that Martin Luther King Jr. said. But I don't know if that's exactly what he would say about same sex marriage because he's he's not here. I here's attacks like he is without sin cast the first don't -- I -- I'm -- front with this okay. There are a lot of there -- a lot of things I love about the Catholic Church. There are few things I don't agree with -- there are a few things that if you're Catholic you might not want to admit you don't agree with -- but there are some things about the Catholic Church you do not agree with and yet you go to church and you go to communion -- what in the hell is the difference. And if you look at your own religion there may be things within your own religion. If you don't totally agree with but you still go to their church -- trying to change a Catholic Church. But. This idea of flight arguing about what we can and we I heard a discussion earlier today on whether or not EP alligator and turtle. -- -- Well the calls out of the war you can -- it. Really I mean is that really the discussion we need to have Orwell I I do this during -- wanted to -- it. OK fine but don't pretend to be sacrificing something. Because that's a farce. If you wanna make a sacrifice make a sacrifice. If you wanna eat seafood EC I'm not criticizing greasy -- during lent. I -- just reminding you that you're not making a sacrifice. If you and Joyner show the comment tonight our numbers 260187. Told 36688907. Texas they Seve -- is a -- receive food. For us in south Louisiana is not a sacrifice just finish cooking craw fish in fresh seafood. And airline motors and we thank all those who sacrifice tonight and ate seafood. From -- Paula urinary -- Euro. Straight -- don't. -- -- -- people who think their religious and that they understand. God guard -- our power or whether or Jews. Created ever -- -- he created everything. We created what they created obstacle the other. Create -- Day. Gay straight. Good evil. You know he created tall short. You know skinny track. It created -- opposite of everything he created. I think as for human rights. Should be gay rights or women's rights we're all human -- and I had. God created every human being. I everybody she had the same rights -- there's a human. What humans do believes that they have the right to tell I'll know that -- in the baby and. You are somebody. I grew -- I don't know. What I know I know I have as straight friends who have fallen in love with people I don't understand what -- phone over these people because of relationships are a disaster. And I try to tell them don't -- you know we sometimes we can't predict who we're gonna fall in love with and if somebody was you know born -- -- again not since my heterosexuality. Is instinctive. I can only imagine that homosexuality. Is instinctive. They're out of me. I'm not know shouldn't -- the color must -- and then a gay person can change. How they feel there's the way they look forward. Just like this is the way I was born. I'm sorry I agree with that that is yet to be totally. Validated by science but it's getting it's getting close or something India hype I think is very -- I from the -- site that's Al hunt them DiFelice gland. They've noticed on some changes site in -- that they discovered to -- homosexuals but he is yet to be determined. -- effects scientifically that you are. Born that way. And if it ever is determined then there's no debate anymore -- I appreciate you calling your show an idea and I appreciate your own. Your attitude from Metairie -- -- under the WL. Hey this group. The real story behind these two kids as young as high as two guys that wanted. But take each other to the -- It is of course we know that homosexuality is taught in the Christian religion. To be an abomination to be wrongly was sent to put -- doesn't really come prop. The demonization of this sexual. That so expect a lot of people don't know this historically. But. The truth of the matter is there off screens main patriot all -- world religions Islam christianity. And Judas. We're talking about very very very male dominated religions. As their male dominated religions. It's through the mail line. Let the -- lineage. That well is passed down when a man and woman marries a -- in Judaism christianity as a lot. The wealth is passed down to the children to the suns because despray tropical relative. And if that -- to god. Very young people. Did the least -- these boys. -- never gonna get married because they would prefer to be worked probably -- god is are -- eat each other. The well. Doesn't get passed out at and betrayed your local society is dependent. On okay you getting married. These big getting -- in the other your partner you -- -- -- -- which is value -- to Warner reproduce. And have a summit your own. So the wealth can be passed -- this the demonization of homosexuality. Is based on the passing down of wealth through the mail -- And it's in his bad light and if you could step is start the first C a little inkling about. What what where christianity was gonna go. After it took over the oh Roman empire around 329 may be because became the there's only legal religion and Roman empire -- ought to first see where this was coming to be a problem. It's a very old rocks say oh that's -- 1983. It was a serious that the BBC put on call our audience. And the Roman emperor Augustus. Was beginning to have a problem. With the young. People of his class a preacher -- class the ruling class a Rome. Getting. Into partying. And what you would call like -- say. So this is somewhat safe sexual debauchery. Plan around with one another. Mail when mail so that the so what was happening was still putting off marriage. And producing the next generation of the patrician class. And -- Augustus was actually trying to make rules so the most young people to marry. And and didn't via an example to the lower class socially and -- and this was image helped but the thing is people. Guess they don't understand that the roots of this. Is money and power and made them because they don't know their history they don't get it. Joseph I you know you bring up some good points and you know we that we can look back on history and we will try to judge. What was written a long time ago based on the social context of our society today and and that says that can't be done. If you're on -- stay -- -- we are coming right back with more of your calls. This is this coach Joseph and we push boundaries at nine here's a -- Reid says screw your preaching common sense of the senseless. And to the caller who said there. And I negative words for homosexuals. I hope we never faces they hate to be just huge for the world to hear. -- Our numbers 2601870. Really surprised that there is says some reaction to the idea that if you need our seafood. That we hear during -- it's really how much of a sacrifice fly. I was at this controversy you'll tools anybody. Here is and I sex -- reason I accept homosexuals like I accepted disabled with love and compassion not invent the homosexuals would be considered. Disabled in any -- -- here's an update on -- WWL -- -- opinion poll tonight governor Jindal wants to release some drug and nonviolent prisoners. Do you agree with that -- 66% say yes and 34% say no give -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. And from the West -- dean welcome to discourage -- We don't screw and I got to tell you can expect if they kept the though I called up to Google wanted to talk about the color -- cruise line with. Probably -- say this about -- told they would go ahead and everything else and -- born raised Catholic would -- Cronkite school look. Educated. Get educated and -- talk. Don't get ready radio would be ignorant because it just it may actually you know like keep doing it. -- -- -- -- -- -- They really don't want to let you know about it. But Percival a mutual thing could look at the manmade law it's not billions and and and -- -- to condemn somebody. To convince somebody because I would -- like tonight that I had. I had some grilled chicken and some it's some asparagus ram and a wonderful -- type -- meal from a fairway and we did had a great time -- My outlook for Christ in cash and in my in my guide in my faith in my guys could not have to do with whether or not I -- Am an old pro. I I totally I totally agree with -- I'm I'm I'm pointing out that the the hordes of of faithful they think they're making some kind of sacrifice by William Doyle -- Or grilled salmon or. Blackened fish have so it's not a sign read go ahead and eat it I don't care if you -- put it just goes to show you it's a reminder that some people -- follow the rules of religions so strictly that they don't. They don't find themselves to be very spiritual anymore because they're just following these rigid way I can -- this particular night. And to me that's just ridiculous I told -- it. Gartner -- again like this and I'm not disagree with -- anyway. There's remember it's not about religion it's about relationships anyway. Oh -- what are called it a bit trying to call anybody does that they were talked just about anybody but I always made to -- -- which you. You know what shocks me about this whole court -- crucial reachable and don't look for can moon. What do you hugged -- -- to outbid them all these days even MO -- -- people committed. All of them and -- Don't know ship you an adult nobody learned anything from African Titanic. -- -- that there's not a shipped anywhere. In the top concern about kids and adults to go went out there if -- these people off the boat improbable. Handled well -- I mean it's like nobody -- talk about that. You know you would have thought that they're you know they're kind of leadership come along side and I I think one person was airlifted to go off the ship by it because of that illness preserve a preexisting Aaron Berry addition. So I just you know I did I did find this whole thing. I -- it was a horrible situation there have been on a cruise but I've been in situations were better than I can relate to what they were going throw. And again I'll tell you there -- it would have been nothing that would of looked better. Then that small cramped little bathroom in the back of that bus once they got to -- -- to get on -- ordinarily you don't pass them on a bus is not a big deal but it after being on the ship that would have been a big deal. It's gonna patent is screener or even leave -- comment periodic they dropped off food and stuff like supplies yeah. But didn't have a complaint. Why don't. -- -- I don't try I I don't know but I know these are questions it will soon be answered -- I'm glad you called the show I'm glad you had a good dinner with the family thanks for calling WWL. From New Orleans Steve welcome to our show tonight. -- Palin how you feel good. I had two things number one eating crawfish should not sacrifice so -- -- would you would encourage jury. Numbered typical of this carnival cruise line saying it's. You could -- an early that was right on the money. These people. -- claim that this is some kind of -- disaster. Have no you know this is not a disaster OK and you made another comment about. Somebody who who couldn't -- -- for it but -- -- re entry yeah I think in the did you see this story about the lady who got on camera instead they had her daughter. Com. Additionally never Seagram company here again so that I mean I would that's crazy talk. Well you could understand how a young person I mean I you know as there was a fire on the ship and I was ownership I'd be scared an innocent guy darken and going through that I. I would be scared but obviously there was a point where. If you realize this is really inconvenient -- you know we're we're not dying and we're not gonna die. Exactly and you know I think we're at that point. -- this this kind of reminds me out because you know the class action lawsuit against -- line you have been the start cashing it. But you know people are now suing. You heard the story and they're going well right. Donald Duck or somebody didn't hug somebody's -- but now there's a lawsuit. And I don't get Donald bell didn't help me and my kids when I went -- I don't understand it before you know it you know people are going to be doing restaurant when they get a -- me. Well it's it's it it's getting to that point and it's just a reminder that in in life we have come to expect everything to be perfect all the time and when you when you board something. -- manmade. And -- somebody brought this up earlier any human made machine. Is is fallible and it ended did it it might break. Exactly but I think the problem deciding this day is. We're not taken responsibility for any of our actions so far -- -- have so -- It's somebody's fault it's not mine somebody yelled -- and I think we're going down a. I'm Steve is that this is the one thing that has led to deterioration of Americans so many ways it is the lack of respect for personal accountability nobody's responsible for their own actions anymore. I even think it's ridiculous to blame a waiter or a bartender. If somebody gets drunk and then goes and gets in the car. -- that was your decision to drink and even though -- I. I think it morally and ethically somebody should cut you off. But but some people can hide being truck and I don't think you should I don't think you should hold anybody except yourself accountable for your actions. I think it is America's -- feel right here because we're teaching. Our young. People. It's somebody else's fault no matter what happens. Where they you know come you know nobody's taken responsibility. And somebody -- That's gone a radical -- so it's somewhere. Where the easiest way to make a -- without it going this could file lawsuits normally we're at that point not think something needs to be done. Steve -- gradually show thanks for listening to WWL at night from Bay Saint Louis James so welcome to the scripture and I. Hello James. I over James a policy fees that are still there later. From the North Shore marine welcome to our show tonight. Well hello -- calling you in the card Q. He made an -- that had made a comment that. Following the doctrine of the church you know if if you gonna be Catholic he should do everything that that the Catholic Church -- -- I would. Catholic I endured seventeen years -- Catholic school from kindergarten through color. What people forget is that. The Catholic Church is a living entity which currently -- and even Catholic Church he felt. Admits that not all that doctrine. It. Everything that Catholics stood concurrent Catholic Church would institute was correct and then we're -- Vatican two. To change any bit doctrine. And there are there is there there's always a reassessment of for a certain aspects. Of the church -- -- you know evict the idea of not eating meat on Friday it was not just something during the -- But that was something that's it was for for every Friday -- remember. You're going and this is the tradition of of -- seafood specials on on on Friday's. Totally think that we indeed I mean do you think there's anybody doing a bum -- in hell because they meet on Friday and then the church changes rule on them. Well and you don't think the funny thing because. Years back I went to a church down in shell match and it was getting -- -- summertime and the priest. During their Connelly he could I wanna make an announcement -- -- -- -- gets warm -- here however. You do capture a lot in my church and short and they share. That's not acceptable -- -- drastic and the church in the morning I just thought. That's forty had -- teenage girl might get out of bed you're going to church -- from -- cherished. And cannot -- you know and -- and content -- cooking at how they interact. Also why aren't great tradition carried by people at the chino -- had me naked or hope -- -- -- laying on the beach someplace on vacation. Why would you say that would of people like gonna -- now contending that it could come my -- has. Well I don't understand it's you don't may -- we should show a little respect from the go to church I admit that -- you know I usually Wear jeans and I try to Wear something else respectable my -- or whatever but. You know I I -- you know I do see people -- who look like they're ready to go to the beach when they go to church in shorts and and flip flops and they don't I don't judge -- I have a problem where -- I have a problem with kids dads did go to church and and all the Jewish talk to their parents and each other they have no. They have no intent to even pay a little bit of attention you weren't even there and then I also have a problem with a few people that I've seen texting. During church. Well imminent -- -- collection that I currently the teaching during the current. Thank you it's a good point. So I'm texting is -- In an hour that they would I -- -- not well you know what kind QB then you act like you want me. And and the community and the powers that be people -- -- I think. -- -- -- Well it was an end and you know it was a it was -- if I'm not mistaken it was a Democrat there was -- texting during the save the union address. It's like you know the guys that are already there. Hacked into launch saying vote. And and the same goes for a -- get you thinking of religion when you think that it -- couples. Situation whenever you think and I. Whitening or what are in the same boat and complete well in the same direction -- and lead the small stuff. Below. Marie I enjoyed our conversation and I hope you have a great weekend and -- -- thanks for his imaginative -- -- here on hold hang on I'm coming right back with your calls and here's a Texan I can't wait to respond to room. We took corporal punishment out of school and child control not gun control. Boy I'll. Can't wait to respond and that's when we come back. Crimes dudes -- this is WWL. Shortly judge says the big -- -- Friday already has got to be is called tonight -- -- very chilly and windy tomorrow. And cold tomorrow night but it's going to be beautiful this is February and we expect this kind of -- this time here. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight governor Jindal wants to release some drug in nonviolent prisoners. And must rehabilitate him. Do you agree this plan. 63% say yes and 38% say no. If you wanna give a sure thing -- go to our web sites WWL dot com blogger tonight coming up here in just a few moments. Let me respond very quickly to this service -- we took corporal punishment out of our schools -- control not gun control. Here's the problem without thinking. The schools alone. Can't teach kids disciplined. If it's not taught at home. And you don't have to use corporal punishment even at home. There are other things you can do just take time to teach your children that there is a consequence for negative behavior. Period. That's not only your right -- you're damn responsibility. And if you're going to accept that responsibility giving kids away. Give your kids is somebody who will teach them. To be part of our society. And do it too early. Don't don't wait till they're their tool but if you're not gonna if you're gonna raise your kids and give more. Goodness somebody's gonna -- Removing corporal punishment from schools has nothing to do. With the situation that we have in schools and in this country. Now. Kids have gotten too rowdy and schools. They talked back to their teachers. But it's because kids think they have too many rights. Suit collector corporal punishment is these kids have not been taught right from wrong from their parents. You can't expect the school to teach them right from wrong you can expect the schools to teach them. That is a consequence for negative David that's got to start at home. Here is some another Texan -- -- it's time for all this hatred and bigotry in America to stop. And that everyone come together in unity and love one another. No matter what church you go to we still worship the lord Jesus Christ and that he wants everyone to love and not hate whatsoever. I'm Michael you're under the W a good evening. Actually didn't expect. -- actually handle it is because of the opinion that gross or Oakland did you English she. -- The warriors. Who has -- round. But he's really -- that people aren't uses cited this in here because of our resources almighty dollar and you know and so am I the second big cabbage cantaloupe so that civilians. You know certain I want -- the Pentagon and broke now but changed his -- I would. I think -- a lot more of that commitment to feature. You know he's he's great to -- -- says states and -- and hours didn't we coaching solar green complex. Similarly the more you know we're fifteen trillion dollars in debt and who has been always billion dollars situations people want you -- So he's billion dollars these people when it. The war on drugs is can not an absolute failure and anybody who wants to smoke pot can find it. Well it'll it'll be okay. You don't didn't lead -- home. Governments -- police department. The national security what are -- if you don't want to put the violence and then it's considered Europe's. Eyes because they're a little. India or alcohol. Who else out older prohibition. And you know it is easier narrator says once is legal -- let's put out a bit. Peter Michael and an end and if somebody wants to smoke -- Now I realize that some people don't smoke because it is illegal and saved they would be drug tested -- the question is. Well some people still be drug tested what if puck becomes illegal in a certain state is still legal for. Od company and I answered and a -- or not. And it looked -- to do the job that you actually it's. Always a good -- -- -- And our order and completely that's where they can do within hours. The all of the time especially that. Don't know us some jobs where it would be dangerous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lewis and ticket system. Or where you have to. -- Well let's succumbing is becoming more more like down -- -- New Orleans Sidney may have stopped really focusing too much harm small amount of marijuana. Arrest and and focus morons on some other things and that's -- that's a trend around the country so. -- we're going through exchange and America doesn't always like change share many Americans. Just cling to. What ever is status quo when they don't like change and and and there are always going to be people who -- gonna predict doom and gloom if there's change but if we look back throughout our society our evolution our socialization is. As there as a culture. How we see that there have been many changes and we're okay and we're gonna be even better. -- A couple of or attention. Okay here's your girl on girl Morgan and guy and -- -- social well it is essential. Permanent sexuality -- them. So their doors were socially acceptable. To 200 sensual intrigue -- Think. -- like to think that Terri even Obama mail as -- about sensuality as well. And as I understand your answer but I think it's -- race. -- -- -- -- -- What I understand Michael but -- the issue is morality and if you think homosexuality is immoral than the judgment of both should be the same and it's not. I don't that is what is your underwear client because it's going to be a -- I think it has continued hasn't actually orbiting because. Really intended that way than to mingle and have a child you -- -- alone -- tell -- that actually. Our ability to lead to more Alicia and I want you to work or aren't connected to -- I don't want to send a crime against each -- think it's -- -- -- I didn't get that up and I don't because. I'm Michael I'm gonna have to get your break here but I appreciate you calling are shown. All right give a great weekend here's a -- -- -- to what do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean. The answer is a damn good start. Yeah lawyers have encouraged -- people some lawyers some lawyers. Have encouraged some people. Into following through -- -- frivolous very frivolous lawsuits. It will be interesting to see if the Carnival Cruise Lines is held accountable for what happened aboard. That ship because apparently when you go on a cruise she signed something that says say they're not responsible. Don't you sign something that says they're not responsible then. Can you -- -- -- sue anybody but is he gonna work this is this good show and we will be right back and everything. The governor Jindal now wants to do something that a lot of conservatives may not agree with and that is he wants to release some drug nonviolent prisoners. And rehabilitate -- Do you agree with a plan this is as close as this WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll has gotten tonight. 58%. Say yes they agree with a plan but 42% say no. That's the closest this poll has been that I you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com from Slidell -- welcome to our show tonight. I don't. I would or comment on. The possibilities of that's how important those people -- that was in the bad old common or something of that nature. I'm America. -- career over the -- some laws in our sport is. They were very important you know. It could have been a lot worse I do get a text earlier from saudis said that you everybody should be counting their blessings sentiment. -- even though CNN seemed to be really digging for somebody to just talk about what a horrific tragedy it was it was a horrific vacation. But if I don't know that you could use the word tragedy because sits. There wasn't really a tragedy it was a disastrous vacation but it wasn't a disaster. Right yeah how poor -- on the view that this the period Paul -- we -- there. You know running don't have time to get into that right now if you don't hold on I'll talk to you after the news. All right hang on and he -- -- -- stay with us. If you are joining us with their comment about any they were talking about tonight our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 8668890. -- -- -- numbers 8787. Here's a.