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02-15-13 8:10pm Open lines

Feb 15, 2013|

Scoot talks about: CNN coverage of the carnival cruise liner "Triumph". Louisiana Gov. Jindal wants to release rehabilitated prisoners of minor offenses and drugs.Also, is it o.k. for a gay couple to attend a high school prom?

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Good evening you look at George showing this Friday night as we entered this weekend together you really short week. Feel Quincy seems like Monday because of morning golf but it's already the weekend which is good news and you just turn Carl you're gonna talk about how. It might be very chilly tomorrow maybe in the fifties but it's gonna feel like the forty sighed turning colder. Guys early tomorrow morning and the only a slight chance of rain we have is going to be. I'm very very late tonight and ending by 6 o'clock tomorrow morning so -- that it's going to be a beautiful but rather chilly weekend and a cold night tomorrow night. It come -- it's February's is okay. And and as spring weather is going to be here plenty soon enough. I have information that there's going to be a news conference to announce a major international events. During the spring of 2014. For New Orleans. The press conference is gonna take place this Monday at 11 o'clock. At the Mercedes-Benz superdome. -- Mitchell and room to Orleans Saints owner and vice chairman Rita Benson LeBlanc. And other dignitaries will be there and this is apparently gonna have. A big economic impact on the city locally and is gonna give us international exposure. I'm really not sure what this event this event's organizers will join -- Andrew. And the New Orleans Saints for the announcement is the Saints are public can't help but think it would be some kind of so kind of sports related. Type defense. In any -- we're gonna carry this news conference -- Monday Albion for Garland Monday from ten to one we'll have this live on the air. At 11 o'clock and and by the way if you haven't downloaded the WWL at yet go ahead and do it you can get the information on our website -- WWL dot com. Download the out and then -- or wherever you have your phone you've got to be WL with you will have that press conference alive Monday. And then will be on the air to talk about it. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight tear on the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on -- WL. Number eight. -- and Angelina will be releasing their own. Next month -- they -- a thousand acre of wine estate in France. -- one. One follower of fun this couples says they are. Such of a perfectly. Genetically blessed couple daylight everything to be perfect. So I guess whether it's his Cologne or whatever they do they want everything to be perfect so now they're going to get into the wind business. And I would think they'd probably go for granted I may -- they're gonna have a whole lot of now a hold of me why if one out -- you red and white in -- different kind I don't know I just can't imagine Brad and Angelina specific on anything like Carole white zinfandel. Which is and twelve in my in my opinion it's -- -- good -- anyway so Brad and Angelina will be having their own line. Next month. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- three year old man assaulting his girlfriend in the maternity ward over what to name their child. Richard Davis Tony three years old has been sentenced to 82243 months. In a Pennsylvania county -- is outside of Philadelphia. And most complete domestic violence counseling. I mean can you match. A fight over. A fight over a baby's name. This woman is Indy maternity ward she just gave birth she's recovering from giving birth. And this guy gets in a shoving punching match with her. The new father apparently push and punched. This woman who was recovering from childbirth over the name of their baby. What are the chances that we're going to be talking about this guy. On some future show. Number six of tonight's list other top aids and aids. And spicy food cause you to have nightmares. Research from the sleep disorders center at the Cleveland clinic show his stats eating any food especially spicy food too close to bedtime. Can trigger nightmares. Now this -- research shows that the body's metabolism. And temperature. Increase. Doctor Charles -- who was part of the Cleveland clinic who did this this study and said that heighten metabolism and temperature can lead to more brain activity prompting more action during rapid I. Movement sleep which is donors Rem sleep. Every ninety minutes people experience rant but I -- movement sleep which is something that they go through his they've cycled through their sleep. In Rem sleep when people dream. This is when people dream the most. Their bodies muscle tone. -- relaxes but to brain becomes more active. I like it does when it's awake and the eyes -- behind the -- in this is when nightmares. Can happen. I'm thinking if there is any -- -- today instead especially spicy foods -- If you nightmares. That I would think that there might be a lot of people in this part of the country or having. Some restless -- Number five on tonight's list the top eight at eight. According to a new survey more women in the US are now using the morning after pill and 49%. Say they have used it because they have had. Unprotected sex. About 11% of all women have used the emergency birth control such as the plan deep hill. And 59%. -- say they've used it at least wants. About half of all women in this survey reported using the after the morning after pill because they were concerns that. The method that they were using war whether it was a condom or whatever and failed but 49% of the women. Say that they use the morning after pill because they had unprotected sex. That's a little scary to me. And I know this is not a conversation you wanna have with your daughters and if if there's ever a mother involved it would probably be better for the mother to have the conversation with a daughter. But it -- daughter's just like sons daughters need to be lectured abouts. Having condoms with them and demanding that every guy there with. Uses a -- -- not that you want your daughter to be with anybody and I'm not promoting that and hopefully that won't happen. But at a certain age that the possibility of your daughter being with a guy. And increases. And eat you know you'd you don't want to ignore that possibility if it's gonna happen do you want her to be. Equipped with the knowledge that you know she needs to protect yourself. And guys don't be stupid. Don't just respond to this spur of the moment urged that you have don't be stupid because. You or equally responsible for any pregnancy but occurs. Even though you're not carrying the -- you're responsible. And -- know the other thing is of sexually transmitted diseases. And there's a young generation this dealing with a number of different STDs. According to this survey 82% of the women said that they have used birth control are you birth control pills. A condoms were the most popular method of birth control. And according to -- one of the researchers the proportion of females who have had a male partner. Used to using a condom Rose from 52%. In 1982. To 82% in 1995. And a number of women. Who have had a male Parker use a condom. Has gone up to 93 point 4% from 2006 to 2010 that is really good news. And I would think that the number of women that are still having unprotected sex might be a little scary for anybody who is Saddam. Leading sort of a meet and greet the lifestyle if you don't mean. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And openly gay Missouri teenager has won the right to attend his high school prom this year with his boyfriend. Stacy Dawson seventeen years old is a discount to the Scott county central high in on site to Missouri. He was told last year that he couldn't bring his boyfriend because of the school rules about prom he threatened legal action. And they've changed their position now the school handbook says students will be permitted to invite one guest. Girls invite boys. -- -- girls the principal the school district has ever spontaneous and I found out why the stipulation in the student handbook was originally put in here. And it's rather innocent to be honest. He -- on to say this was said during a time ten to fifteen years ago that the previous administration was having issues. With some of the students trying to come in. On either the single rate or the couple rates the implementation. Was put into place so Vick couldn't circumvent. The rates and they would have to come -- as a as a -- male -- couple but he said it was never meant to be a discriminatory thing. He said we want our educational -- for all of our kids. -- and we're we're not going to discriminate as to whether or not. And they can bring. Somebody based on the sexual orientation. He said we're like a family were small school district. Andy said I don't feel like there will be any negative reactions whatsoever it was never intended to be a policy that would create any controversy. In the first place. Now in 2010 in Mississippi there was a ban on same sex couples at prominent school district in Mississippi and a girl. A super high school over the -- -- Constance McMillen ultimately won the case against her high school. After a federal judge ruled that the school district violated -- constitutional rights to freedom of speech by not allowing her to Wear a tuxedo. And bring her girlfriend to the -- Well if you listen to the show you know how I feel about this and again I I guess I would it would challenge you to. Explained to me what your concern would be. You know this isn't this is a growing. Issue in this country. Not being prejudice. Against those who -- day. And I can think back when I was in grammar school and junior high school ice while not I guess on grammar school but junior high school and high school. There are a few people who. You know it seemed obvious that they they might be -- looks sometimes it's obvious and many times it's not. But there were a couple people that I ran until later in life and to the two people in particular that I'm thinking about. On who did don't they work. They were game. And I can't and mentioned two days that this would be an issue at a prom that would be based on any. Any rational fear I mean what what would your fear big did you think allowing. He is gay people to bring there or boyfriend or girlfriend to a -- is. Is the site of somebody dancing with a member of the same sex gonna turn somebody else and don't homosexual. I mean that is absolutely. Irrational thinking. So what -- your concerns me if somebody of the same sacks. -- if somebody who's gay brought a member of the same sex they're boyfriend or girlfriend. Took Tom or any any school that I've. I I've I've I've and lost at why this would be a big concern and yet this will continue to be. An issue this is not an issue that I make up this is in the news on a regular basis now and we're leading up to I think it may happen this spring. When it. The Supreme Court is gonna rule on whether or not discrimination against homosexuals and same sex marriage is. Constitutional. And -- necessary a country and based on the freedoms that we have in the way we approach individual. Choice. -- it and this is something that says the government shouldn't be involved in. And there you shouldn't be involved in telling other people how to lead your lives. Here's a Texan reads it a natural period. What is -- next. What's natural to you it might not be natural to somebody -- it might be natural for you to go out -- the beginning of hunting season is -- natural for me. When are we -- get to the point will we allow people to. Lead their lives as long as what they do doesn't hurt us. That's the main issue. This issue of same sex marriage to me is not just about same sex marriage. It's about a much much bigger tendency in this country. Where people wanna tell other people how to lead their private lives. And that's something that in my opinion defies. Conservative ideology. Which is based on the power of the individual to decide for him or herself without government involvement. So this is not an issue that I bring up because I have I have a dog in this fight. I have nothing to to gain other than living in a country that is it fair to everybody. And when it comes to what happens in the privacy of somebody's bed room that should be nobody's business. So this will continue to be a subject on the show he will be a subject on other shows it will be a subject to. On the national news networks will be -- everywhere. This is a battle I'm not relating this to the battle of discrimination against blacks in the fifties and 60s70s. -- and even today. I'm not relating directly to that. But there are some similarities. What would the concern be. If somebody bought brought his boyfriend. Or if some girl brought her girlfriend to the -- what what do you think would have why would dispute that and how would it affect you. That's one of the things we'll talk about tonight's if you wanna join us with a comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll -- 8668890. -- seventy. And our text number is 87870. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight -- eight. Governor Bobby Jindal wants to release some nonviolent prisoners and those prisoners who had been arrested and convicted on some drug related charges. He wants to release them from prison if they completes an intensive treatment programs. Mean Republican governor of Louisiana said by focusing our resources on rehabilitating those who can be real -- rehabilitated. Nonviolent. Non habitual offenders. It allows us to free up resources. And truly focus on locking up those who need to be locked up. Did you know that Louisiana has the largest prison population when it comes to drug. And nonviolent offenders in the country. Do you agree with governor general's plan. On to -- this is something that come up in there in the legislative session which begins in April. And that that's always a fun time to talk radio cause there's always want to talk about the governor Jindal is presenting a number of ideas that he wants legislature to to address. And one of them would be to release. Nonviolent prisoners. And those who were. And convicted on some. Drug convictions. Released him. After they complete an intensive treatment program is this a good idea. I think it's a good idea. But he argument could be made that the people who were in jail. Broke the law they knew with the law wise they broke the law at the time. Their four of your hard -- you say don't they should stay in prison. I think it's a good idea that a lot of people who I don't belong imprisoned there are a lot of people who belong in prison and apparently there's just not enough room for everybody so I guess you and she got to make a choice here. Do you agree with governor general's plan to release. Nonviolence and then tried convicted prisoners. For present. -- good ideas going to be earned every W a pretty general opinion -- tonight. At this by the way this sounds a lot more like. Liberal idea that it does some a conservative idea. -- coming from. Our our governor many believe our governor to be done. A strict hardcore conservative but this is not the -- hard court mentality of a of a conservative -- I think it's far. Which your ticket. And finally tonight's number one. On the list are our top eight -- Manning's. There was any doubt in your mind that what I talked about so many times that news is entertainment. There should be no doubt now. After CNN went to wall to wall dramatic coverage of the crippled carnival cruise ship triumph. As he was pulled and pushed into the port of mobile yesterday. Fox News MSNBC. And headline news network. Has the coverage but they also covered it as part of many other stories they were talking about CNN was the only network that yesterday afternoon. And until late last night. Went to wall to wall coverage. Obviously life docking I ended disembarking a passengers. Of a carnival cruise ship triumph in in mobile. They had a CNN news. Jeff Zucker. Said that it is his gold to quote to broaden the definition of news for CNN. Zucker was part of the ones who shaped The Today Show. Did you watch CNN. And if you did watch -- do you blame CNN for carrying it or do you blame yourself for watching it what's your overall reaction to the media coverage of the crippled carnival cruise ship. Triumph return to. Port yesterday. They had all the big -- down there and I must have flown a number of them down in there and private Jets because they were there instantly they sent out a an email yesterday that this is what they were gonna do. I was doing -- show yesterday afternoon -- under the WL and and how I was monitoring CNN. And we CNN about noon started to have wall to wall coverage of tennis that he was still out in the gulf. It was still 1012 hours away but maybe not twelve but it it was still -- eight to ten hours away from from getting into port. And they have live coverage that CNN had helicopters in the air. They have reporters on on on swift boats. In the water. And when I saw CNN doing this. I'd during a break I flipped around to the other stations because I want to see if it headline news was carrying it. Because they tend to be a little more sensational if you will. Fox HL land and MSNBC. We're not doing wall to wall coverage and I thought it was interesting that CNN was doing it and now there's a lot of criticism of CNN for carrying that. Coverage wall to wall we're gonna talk about that Jon Stewart. Who is hosted The Daily Show on Comedy Central said you're not heroes guys it's not a hostage situation or a baby in a well. Q you we connected them they weren't supposed to see each other they were on a cruise for a few days. And then now Martin savidge -- well respected reporter from CNN. -- he related it to two Katrina. And even one of the passengers he was talking to said hey this is not Katrina. This was not that kind of disaster. But CNN was doing what's a lot of the networks doing that is they were covering a story that was there are human interest story I -- A story that a lot of people could relate to a story -- it was more dramatic. And made more dramatic than it was in some ways. Newsworthy. When he has been your reaction to CNN and other coverage of the carnival cruise ships are being towed into mobile and -- the coverage of the passengers now that they've disembark and many of them came right to to New Orleans and I believe the Riverside Hilton hotel they were. Buses taking people either back to Galveston back to Houston. Or -- is taking them to to New Orleans. And think about the impact that this has on the on the economy especially in mobile. The ship is going to be -- renovated in mobile. Take about what this did for the hotel business the hospitality business and now the shipbuilding business. In mobile. If you -- with a comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Told free 866889078. And I -- numbers 87873. This is this good show and we push foundries at night it's Friday the beginning of the weekend and we're coming right back with your comments. Under -- well. -- You know I just realized. I mean it's Friday night I skip number three on our list of the top -- tonight. We don't numbers always confuse me as I get closer and closer to the weekend. Tried very quickly here's -- number three are listed at the top eight in day. Yeah this is the first kind of -- seafood restaurants were crowded tonight and crowded right now. And will be crowded every Friday during went. With the faithful. Who are making the ultimate sacrifice. Of not eating meat fasting on this -- not eating meat -- eating seafood. Think about it think about what they're reading is this a sacrifice. And there's a debate now about what you can tactically eat. Like you fit to if it is -- crawls if it's like amphibian you can -- it but -- his seafood you're not supposed to -- it's. -- the crawfish -- are part of the delay the season but I don't have a problem with whatever you wanna eat. But if you're gonna eat seafood. I think it's actually hypocritical for you to -- the seafood and pretended. That you're making a sacrifice. And that all these lines that are drawn or wait a minute I can -- is -- to look here's what it comes down to. This is a man made rule by the church the church made this that this is not something that came got as far as I know this is not something that came down from Jesus. And I don't really think Jesus would really care what you -- a -- and when you what to do and if you wanna sacrifice that's fine but make a sacrifice. And I don't think it's much of a sacrifice as I said the other day. -- to line up at a seafood restaurant to go to -- crawfish boil I can't fish are fried horror to. I tweet a seafood platter I -- that's a sacrifice should you wanna make a sacrifice during let's make a sacrifice. I don't think that eating the seafood that we need in this part of the country is making much of a sacrifice. You know you can be religious and follow certain rules but that doesn't mean your spiritual. And I would hope that you realize that and again I'm not trying to change any Linton. Traditions that you have and an eating crawfish and shrimp and seafood on a Friday is part of the tradition of being in this part of the country during went. But I think get to be honest enough with yourself and admit. Any much of a sacrifice. So will also what talk about that tonight and yeah I'm I'm I'm fascinated by as CNN's approach to. Covering live wall to wall starting -- in the afternoon yesterday and into the late hours of last night. It was almost as if they were trying to make the story about the the crippled carnival cruise ship triumph coming into mobile. It was almost as if they were trying to make it more dramatic than it wants. And you know I watched this as sudden as someone who studies the media and its relationship with society. I found it very interesting that CNN was the network it was doing this because ordinarily this would not have been CNN style. But he sure was and by the way the ratings that came out showed that CNN. Beat MSNBC and CNN usually. -- is behind MSNBC and Fox News Fox News still -- but CNN got closer to Fox News. That it has on any other. Thursday night. So we did work people watched and if people are gonna watch he -- the network for presenting it or. Is it the responsibility of there at the people to until the networks really what they wanna watch. If you wanna join our -- with a comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Told 3866889. Is nearly seventy. And it takes numbers a 7870 here's a text CNN stands for clearly not news here's another text do you think CNN was waiting for lord of the flies situation. A from the North -- Joseph a year on the -- -- good evening. But hey I don't screw job. Arm under is voted the most ridiculous staying all the newscast yesterday on I guess in every cable news. Can't ask yes they would whole -- -- thanks. I mean basically people are actually getting money I mean I know I'll repeat -- you'd -- -- saying hey you know that that situation but the crew is great and like news people get red that they were born in May answer that -- on -- Yeah and Martin savidge. A very well respected reporter on CNN where is they're comparing it to Katrina and even a passenger he was talking to a guy name Eric Kenny. -- Now this is not this is not Katrina it this is not what people went through a -- we were on a cruise it was a bad. But nobody's life was threatened. Nobody is dying. -- articulate Fox News data are a couple of people. Talking and they said oh there -- congress to give him 101000 dollars a piece and they were saying the reason why this year being calm and not turn the -- is what -- is because it's horrible it's old now. Told my parents they wouldn't get as much coverage. You know I don't I don't I don't believe that. I don't know I don't totally I don't I don't believe that if I there was some speculation that they might not even be able to come into that channel because it's a very narrow channel to come into mobile bay and then ultimately I think. The mobile river. It was a very near channels that come up through there. And as there was there I'd Tug blinded that they brokers they were towing it ended a -- been -- this ownership for. 900 foot chip for a couple of days and had won the Lions 2000 did you -- -- I don't I don't turn I don't I don't believe that. An and I if you watch the did you watching jail. Yet the order and all because -- in -- -- we keep on the news network. And I was just sit there watching it in -- -- day that would mean story on everything I know there's other -- support out there. Actually I don't know everybody -- achieve an op art that meteor that hit -- it was more important of a story. To. The people come off a cruise ship and it it -- in no pero I mean they are out NC. On the over the lack of -- but they had ordered a drink and you know they. So -- why do you think because obviously a lot of people watch it I have to admit I watched it as I watched so I realize why they were doing it in this way is. This was not a story that affected owe a lot of people and I'm not diminishing with these people went through on this this -- that this was not out. A hostage situation it was -- A life threatening situation and how likely Jon Stewart says in The Daily Show. Coming centers said you guys aren't heroes and they were heroes for for covering this and I couldn't figure out why they feel like they were connecting. Family members together. I'd like 'cause they had conference calls between somebody on the ship and a family member who was waiting for them but if they could call CNN they can call the family member. It's it's it's an act I don't know why people watched I mean people -- -- it's the same period then. You know driving by accident in just sticking your head in a rubber -- current calm. I guess these people are kind of would like -- it's it's -- as much coverage. Most of -- something else and -- -- -- nothing else they would ask you know it was I mean. It was a old school although. Al Capone blitz a whole lot didn't go in they get to glass bottle out of the email. And I admit Joseph I watched it and I I I was sitting there watching and I would go back to CNN because they had the most coverage but I realize what I was doing. I was watching a story that was more human interest. It was a hard core news story -- blades scholarship you have a great weekend. If you join us with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Until -- 866889070. Tech's numbers a 7870 here's a -- reached five days ownership with no power are you serious look I know I'm sure it was bad I've never been on a ship I've never been on the cruise. I can relate to how horrific that must have been. But -- really warned that kind of attention. Isn't this another indication. That especially when it comes to the news networks. News. Is entertainment. And it's the goal is to get an audience and his CNN covered this a got a bigger audience. Who do you blame CNN. When the people who watched and I admit I watched it. I'm -- and we'll be right back with more on WWL because our world turn so fast WWL first news earlier this year with Dave Cohen weekday mornings at five on WWL. It's the first Friday of Lance 2013 so on what was your big sacrifice today not eating meat. It's hard to seafood restaurant and -- on that wonderful seafood this spicy tasty fresh -- -- that we have and as part of the country. Pitchers to do that. But don't think that you make in a real sacrifice there. And then again I find this conversation about well you keep this animal which Kenny this and you know it yet. Think about it's the reason you're doing it in the first place. And I have a problem when it comes down to these really specific rules of religion. I think somehow -- the spirituality and the intent of why you're doing something gets lost. When you develop these definite rules are likening this one but I can't eat this. And I realized the church has its its its rules but I think even even the most priest would tell you that. This really should be about a sacrifice and to -- so much of a sacrifice eat the seafood we have. As one of the things were talking about tonight would love to know she had four for your -- dinner today. And was it really a sacrifice as an end to the other day and he my gosh if if week. If we ate fish sticks on a Friday won't that would be a sacrifice -- to pay a big sack of the world cross Fisher oysters -- much of a sacrifice. Here's a WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight. Governor Jindal wants to release some drug and nonviolent prisoners. Do you agree with his -- Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com will be updating you on that throughout our show tonight we're also talking about. As CNN's wall to wall coverage of the -- the crippled their cruise ship put triumph that Carnival Cruise Lines. I'm being -- pulled and pushed into Memorial Day and -- last night. They're coverage went wall to wall starting in the early -- so I think it was about Sarah about noon our time. And there while I admit I I watched it I think this is -- merit further. Further proof that when I've talked about quite often on the show the news entertainment and had a lot of people don't want to admit that or don't agree with that. But isn't this isn't this something that really does bring an end to any doubt that you would have in your mind that news is driven by its compelling entertainment value. If you and enjoy -- show with a comment tonight our numbers 2601878. It's all free 866889070. Text number is 87870. I here's a Texan -- pork beef chicken and fish. Are all -- because it comes from animals. Lay off the efficiency foods. To make a real sacrifice just one day. I hear is attacks were rather watch CNN crews reports then fox one cited commentary. Here is a taxed. Jesus and other issues I did set aside days during went to fast and not -- meets. Bible says so. I just say OK all that's that's fine. But again. Eating the -- food that we eat is not fasting. And I'm OK if you eat this I'm OK with this one tradition of the seafood restaurants being crowded on Friday's. But I think it's important for us to. To understand that we're really not on making a big sacrifice. Here's a text. That asked the question are you homosexual. I don't know what difference that makes but now we've already covered that so on the show and I don't feel the need to go into it right now. I here's a text I would not want to be filmed disembarking a ship that is absurd news they went overboard with it. Here is so and another text. I no longer I'm no longer practicing are no longer practicing but I grew up orthodox Christian. You want a real -- sacrifice. Go on -- no meat no dairy for a full forty to 45 days that's a fast. Also I was wondering if you have been following the coverage of the Russian meteor shower last night. I -- she injured hundreds of people that was amazing and I don't know what do you -- saw that or not but there was a streaking meteor that hit Russia. And -- there it's not that there's that big in terms of -- they're mass size. And even the end even the -- became close to the earth today we came within 171200. Miles which was actually closer than some of the the satellites we have orbiting the earth. But it was never expected to hit the earth and it it it didn't. I it was about the size of -- run half of football fields about but fifty yards wide. And if that had hit two at the speed that it was going which is like 70000 miles an hour. It would have wiped out to a city like Atlanta. For example if it would have hit Atlantis was what some of the experts were saying now it would have been like a nuclear blast without the without either of the radiation. So wouldn't have been bad it would have at being as bad as a nuclear blast but it would have been really really bad. And -- a lot of people were injured -- a sonic boom that blew out glass in this a meteor that hit Russia. A Carla you're under the W a good evening. Did it. What kinda wanna ask you a quick -- and Leonard Little cruise ship the Bob Hope you. And everybody looked at the conduct of the cruise line in Bergen and shipped back in the mobile. Rather than. Someplace like belt and work came from where which it was poker tournament. When it was disabled. I was it we've waited a bit closer to Galveston. Guess that was from what I'm given to understand them out of -- I thought plotted. It was a lot closer to be content peninsula that much closer to Galveston. And it was straight line that is the mobile. Well I wonder if they are brought it's a mobile because that's where it could be repaired and couldn't be repaired in Dallas I don't know if anybody has an answer this question please -- our short term to use excel. 187. And it's. -- it right on the head that's why they didn't it was a concern for the passengers. Or get memo as quick as possible. It was concern for the cheapest place. And I am in distance to get that -- prepared. Invent it if that's the case then I'm sure that's something that will come out in lawsuits that are going to be filed although I don't know how successful these lawsuits are going to be because it's my understanding that there's a lot of fine print. That people don't really read. -- it really. Exonerates leave the cruise line from a mental emotional distress or anything like this that they might happen. Well you're right about that in the same but the airline ticket I happen to be an airline kept them. And a cruise lines and airlines are well covered in the Arab rule book a couple of treaties that bit. Apply the things like that they can do pretty much whatever they want all -- Allstate you'd want her. And Carl if you actually read the back of a lot of their tickets to professional sporting events there's some shocking stuff -- that you might not realize -- you're setting yourself up for -- I've played it I mean if you get it without you gotta love an NHL hockey game you can -- the puck. I'm beauty you're not supposed to be able to sue because by going to the game you agree hey this could happen I'm in this arena. That's right I'm thinking of got what you got hit in the head with a baseball. At a particular game up in new York and I don't even -- Archie got lawyers all that stuff. And the team took several other as she was told a pretty convincing aren't there what don't. Carl what are you flying. 7737. Now. I -- I I'm I'm I'm such a geek when it comes to flying American city and I can talk to you for the rest of the show and asked you questions about. About flying about V one note about. -- -- to lift off have you committed if you if you have you have you actually committed to 22 taking off when you rotate the nose. Oh -- -- -- your lungs as committed to you wanna call to pick up decisions they may not have rotated and I was at that point. It's just being picked for the ticker reports of the aircraft in the -- in the conditions. It says from that point on you can -- prevention. And still continue to pick up safely. I'm not spiraling Konerko and fight very quickly how much hands are you how much is it hands on when your take it off and landing how quickly do you go too far auto pilot but you well. Big problem landing. It's all. And -- -- -- still some people engaged not a -- in particular might have 400 feet above ground some of the thousands. But it's not the individual you don't have to get fed off the bottom line right away. But in today's. Modern environment coming out of the bigger towards the overall replying to fears of Parkersburg but that was all part of you're going to double about a pretty quickly because they'd demand for -- stretch but still lives across country club. Takes all the fun out of it Karl enjoyed our conversation and I'm like carefully don't Ortiz him. Guarded it's all right thanks -- I can go along with an airline -- all night this is this -- -- hang on we will be right back on -- -- WL.