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Feb 18, 2013|

Dave talks about Mitch Landrieu for Governor? Edwin Edwards for Governor? And silly rabbits

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news at February it's the eighteenth at 2013. Shared some -- there now welcome back to the workweek man we have cold cold Saturday. But -- win this would not let up by the senate it was a good day to clean up my car from Mardi Gras. And at that time I was -- I can no longer feel my fingers at all yeah out just a little snippy. Lines then go home I'm human at a down and -- -- it was a good time. Why -- as the coldest -- -- candidate that I don't know but I did and then yesterday it -- not -- Yeah pretty got you know when settled down and then you know is definitely a nice afternoon as long as we stayed in the sunshine we notice. And in gathering. Out -- back in the forecast at least we're not dealing with -- -- snowstorm. Like they are. Of the northeast again I'll Margaret -- here we are up. February. 18 and then the snow is coming down fears -- Travel anywhere to. -- You know domino effects are one playing the -- you're there and instantly in the hole eight and is waiting in airports. And it's a holiday. What -- we here now. Presidents to. He had you know I'm when I was acutely at Washington's birthday and we had Lincoln's birth right and they consolidated those and did this President's Day for all the president's the president today is it. Oh Washington conducted there on days anymore they this year on the other president. There bin Laden. Consolidation. And so there won't be any mail today banks are closed. But that's about the extent of the holiday. Deal and a objective -- parking and I'm not yeah idea that that I kids at school. Do they -- they were okay were off all last week and that we is not even a company holiday for fraud and all we get Mardi Gras the company holiday. That take residents there. Though weakness swap I which I yelling given the choice. If if I'm guilty which like which holiday you want you Mardi Gras. A President's Day well well you know I -- presidency of the big celebration I mean we go all the residents today out. -- -- -- Don't see any parades and barbecues in the history and know -- -- And a -- in urban streets in the President's Day. The -- -- white wager wouldn't he that are being black answer. He got very often like yes hats off to you. It's an anonymous you're from the post up mr. I'm not sure Aggies all federal offices closed. Yeah. But beyond that I think yours -- and mortgages so well -- President's Day and a that's very kind of celebrate that -- some theme music or something -- There's aren't about residents like. Hilton's chief well yeah that that that's pretty residential. -- about a presidential yet. You documents when he. -- -- well him and act a bundle up votes it's cool and windy this morning. You know what is your forecast here and beat him on sports with. Need gallery as wild for the first time ever. In a Sprint Cup race a woman is all. While that's a big deal and why haven't NBA all star game we'll talk about that and Wu is the first day. -- FL teams can -- franchise tag on players on the Internet and anyone. To some of what's ahead in sports here on WWB. President today. 517. Year president today happy president's name Monday from WWL I -- him and coming up. Troubled country singer Mindy McCready found and a report from the parents whose side the details CBS news while -- talking about that hole. That -- New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu against Louisiana US senator. David bidder for governor in the 20s15. Election. And shows it a dead heat between two of -- neither of them -- announce their running for opener and in fact very interesting the timing because. One of -- plant is expected to run for reelection for mayor and when he fourteen. That the turnaround that in the next year run for governor. Then -- just one year of war. I'm in his second term he has been so focused on New Orleans tries Centennial 300 -- Day of the -- the -- years may be in when he eighteen you think that -- One continues mayor straight on through then because that's -- it's not such an end point for such a big goal for him bring this city. So far along by that time posting -- -- global unveiling the complete rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina so on so forth so. If you -- measurements. Which you run for governor in 2015. After running for reelection for mayor. In 24 team do you think he's got to run will talk about that right now at the forecast. Increasing clouds and breezy today high of 68 with 820%. Chance first stray shower this evening. And tonight rain chances becoming likely as a cold front moves in through first thing tomorrow morning then clearing skies for your Tuesday. How is -- 65 and -- Wednesday cool with a high of 61. For the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. Right now we have clear skies at the international airport fifty degrees 41. On the -- joints like now clears guys barely a breeze southeast. At three miles an hour -- wind -- not a real factor just about everywhere looks like. Where in the low forties north of the lake a few spots may dip into the upper thirties. Sports time now I'm at WW -- -- man NASCAR actually caught my attention because a woman in. Is sitting on the pole for the first time ever to Sprint Cup race I didn't realize that never happened before but I -- the one female driver of the animal. Anyway there's a lot more going on -- sports -- that those Steve -- here that get all caught up aboard the. Good morning and happy Monday analysts use bats exploded in the final game of the tigers' opening season series against Maryland. We want wanted to put it -- deep to left field wall think going back he'll look up that's all the bleachers. Off with a clear and Jackson. Coalition would go on to win fourteen to three over the terps and swept the series next up for the volume -- is Lamar tomorrow night in Alex box stadium. We'll Tulane baseball was crowned the champion of the Texas State tournament. After going 2 morning games over the weekend the wave will host their first game of the season tomorrow vs SE there. Kevin Durant scored a game high thirty points as the west beat the east won 43 to 138 in the NBA all star game. The MVP though was former hornet Chris Paul and now LA clippers point guard -- which forty points fifteen assists and four steals. Crisscross or something I'm never done something. And I've definitely come into the game trying to -- wars thinking it might even be possible. Danica Patrick made history as the first woman to win the pole for the Daytona 500. Patrick went out eighth in the qualifying session and cover two and a half mile speedway and 45 point 81 seconds. No woman had ever captured the pole for any race in the NASCAR's premier circuit. I've been lucky enough to make history and be the first woman to do many things and you know I really just hope that I don't stop -- that we have a lot more history to make and -- we are excited to do it. And LSU women's basketball turned in his best defensive effort of the season in a 63 to 41 blow out of Mississippi State. The leading tigers claim back to back SEC wins for the first time this season and improved to six and six in conference play. Four on sports talk the NFL's making provisions to have the Super Bowl on Saturday next year. It's bad weather threatens the big game are you ready for super Saturday. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sport and you know at least they're thinking about it they're gone and now we chose to have the Super Bowl outdoors. In New Jersey. In the dead of winter. The snowstorm today affecting parts of the northeast right. And you know any time in February. 10 was the very bad weather's they -- they allowed just days. We can have announced that an evidence Saturday we had to have -- look like Sunday it was going to be real bad. This is already turning out as bad you know to the NFL experience for some odd reason I was reading. They don't have room for anywhere so there will be no NFL experience they're changing it to -- NFL -- for. Aren't gonna have it on the street yet and yet they don't have a specific locations like. Like we did where we have -- -- into the conventions and I've heard. They're gonna put it on Broadway -- it Alec under the -- of all the big theaters in the dead of winter. Outside. On Broadway sound like -- fantastic. They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway but that. There's been there may be magic in the air but is that a lot of warmth in the air necessary unless they have -- years ago. I could put up those outdoor propane. Things as the subtle problem tree and it felt inches he sees sometimes the down -- the put a lot of a lot of restaurant patios of bars that have outdoor areas -- -- that went year. But it went -- now like winter in New York -- again very interesting out what a great weekend to be at tight. -- -- Sweeping. A three game -- the -- men. Winning again in the SEC. Blown out the bulls all this. And they now as you win it but -- ever present rapper. Impressive performance that if well you -- And right before the weekend and can't read it right and like the -- -- a good tiger weekends we've got all the details on all of these stories posted. It WWL dot com fiscally sports installed on LSU. Or the that we have a place to zealots here don't you just like -- -- that there. Two ways to get DOC because it's so wonderful. We get you back in it what equipment to more sports you don't document today being the first day that they can slap the franchise tag on NFL players do you think the saints. -- use the franchise tag if you were saints general manager and vice president Mickey Loomis is there any one of the unrestricted free agents. Or any one of the -- with an expiring contract that you'd say you know what we'd better franchise that. Aren't the Steve Geller well. Give us his opinion on the franchise tag and if the saints will use it coming up about 25 minutes with more sports -- WW well AM -- them. And now we will have. Your weather forecast. For -- and up next W. No woman had ever captured the pole for any NASCAR's premier circuit until Danica Patrick performance in Sunday's qualifying. Session you know -- they take captured the pole. Usually if a man which is always happened in the Sprint Cup Series wins the ball they say he's sitting on the pole I guess they. Patrick is now the pole holder. That 527 here's your forecast. Increasing clouds today and a 20% chance for a pop up shower only this seat being Italy breezy though with winds at the southeast highs around 68 -- tonight. The front line of storms to move through through first thing tomorrow morning thing clearing skies for the rest of Tuesday. Price's 65 and Wednesday partly cloudy and a high of 61. An Eyewitness News forecast center and -- -- to -- up. Tell players guys all around bit of -- -- southeast at nine at the international airport where it's fifty degrees clear and forty on the National Weather Service office. In slide now I'm Dave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news. If the election were held today. And it won't we won't be held until only fifteen in the race for governor of Louisiana. And if Mitch Lander -- run which there's no indication he will. And if US senator David bitter where runners aboard the case and he might they'd both get 43% according to a new poll. Very theoretical. -- Landrieu asked to run for reelection for mayor he wants to do it when he fourteenth. You think mayor Mitch Landrieu will run for reelection -- mayor than a year later turn around run for governor. We -- -- form would you run to take a Democrat can win statewide office against Louisiana justice system. Attack of the Ravitz. Album that's coming up after the new news here at WW ally and map I haven't gotten now. -- it's a little -- to the seen in honor of President's Day you were talking half an hour ago about what's the Greg song for president. I can think -- not -- You know to the chief economist with the movie Dave. Who cares they were discussing whether or not president had made up words to it with a movie about president. -- each resident and make up their own words failed yeah. Lincoln Obama and -- on as long as it's being played yet president -- banks closed mail will not be delivered today federal employees and they golf. For most of the rest of us that it's -- -- -- yeah. I would think most things will be open and you won't have a problem well in the bank up bank yeah. That's not good -- thank industry yams and for the app and union tournament. Deposit checks yet take pictures of -- they take an even cash and deposited it you can TP should. Of checks and deposit them speaking of the presidents and elections and presidential election monopoly do you have. An odd schedule you were talking about this new poll looking at the governor's race -- in 2015. And well. And the people doing the poll. Chose to do a head to head battle between New Orleans Mayor Mitch Lander. And US senator David -- Democrat and and Republican respectively and -- Republicans have been running very hot in this thing yes and the question has been for a long time can any Democrat other than US senator Mary Landrieu. Who has done it. To win statewide reelection even -- question about whether she can do it again just because of the overwhelming Republican tide in Louisiana. Well. In order from Atlanta Ron heat after a run for mayor -- -- activity could run for mayor and when he fourteen. And then immediately terraces gubernatorial campaign -- -- 12015. That I I wouldn't be surprised if mats Lander has considered not. In the past especially when he was lieutenant governor about being governor one day. I would think since its editors mine and these pollsters say he's actually get shot 4343. And -- -- him against bitter. And that's an interesting and if that -- -- And it's the currently -- governor then -- wins yeah so. Interest thing. That there are starting to talk about that someone -- mediate 78 than anything we need Edward Edwards. Yeah very ago well he needs a presidential pardon. -- that. He can't run and that's against the presidential hearted and if Obama or departed and president Barack Obama -- apartment -- take -- to the end of his term and I'd be too. As we -- -- like they ego but you do this to look -- -- on February 27. So guys -- nine days away from now. Debut. The governor's why the reality show based on the life and add to an entry netstat Edwards. Will make its. Debut on AN ET. -- I think we might have some high ratings at least in the buy -- -- yeah I checked out out more likely to get to see him on TV in the future that you are to see him in the governor's. -- very enters into an -- news -- you look at like the of the landscape being so GOP dominated. -- -- Andrew and Paul looking real good. I don't know he's been focused on 2018. Which would be the end of his second term as mayor -- run and win reelection. The tri Centennial of the city of New Orleans. -- I guess he could orchestrate that from the governor's mansion why not start I would get a cup. Yeah you do a lot of things from the governor. To text messages today Stephanie Stephanie thank you the movie was my fellow Americans yet about the two former president run around together and they were talking about it upwards. It was not the movie -- which is my favorite movies about presidents because it's yours -- name and yours. Yes without speaking of names it's time for a woman who's not -- game. I think really we can. -- -- -- Now. We affectionately call -- missed meteor on the line from the Eyewitness News forecast sent. That -- yeah that we actually. My birthday was on Monday growth. Yes it was not a convenient time development. It's awful yet while I was working my youngest son was at -- on duty as a way -- -- the -- heeded the Marty because we -- in the French Quarter and he knows anyway lots of reasons why so yesterday we development. Perfect weather sports -- Our man the weather's deteriorating in terms of not think that name among. You know really today not too bad -- it skinny -- a little cloudy as we go through the day clouds coming in from the west. But actually a little bit my elders at the weekend made an element too cool for you were going to be in the upper sixties around 68 or so. And every should hold off for the most part to -- with a 20% chance maybe toward the evening. And rain picks up overnight tonight really between about 1 AM and 6 AM so -- Most of us are probably asleep not helpless but most of us also be in the bed -- and showers and media storm or two rolling on through. And that's how -- -- 8:9 AM tomorrow morning. I really think it's looking okay the storms move out we get from clearing skies for the rest of -- and it temperatures in the sixties again. All right so much -- at the present company people are up right now hardly -- early risers. You know you can have probably seen much rain and even at this. Point tomorrow morning I think most of the showers and storms already be through this city and it looks like around 330 year for -- the storms begin to move into New Orleans at least at this point that's. -- right so you're already at work. And I'm just getting up and so maybe the -- will be gone by the time I get here. -- say it may be that he's Azteca says one little line of showers and maybe if he storms. At this point it's expected staple little severe limits there's not a lot of instability they -- to lead to. Some heavy storms developing it looks like little rain overnight. And then clearing out for the arrested Tuesday in what state -- water temperatures definitive right tech today 68. Tomorrow high of 65. And Wednesday may -- little cooler once the front is actually had a chance to drag down some cooler air highs around 6100. It's a compared elect those big snowstorms that are out after the country can't even compare where we're really -- pretty it's not a bad we can't worry about snow -- have an impact flights leaving them to Portland or arriving at a good point. Com or I. Granted the tennis I'm going to -- Yeah now but just silly rabbit apparently did you now. That rabbits have ever racist appetite apparently yes or. Spark plug Kelly did not that's out there why -- rain. But I did not know that spark plug yeah I didn't eat there well in Denver they have all but it's silly rabbit a furry creatures are -- -- I'm cars parked at Denver International Airport eating this remark able that otherwise hearing what. Just like to -- on suffers or something in the east and I value may be there. Copper deficient I don't (%expletive) you to stop the problem federal wildlife workers are removing at least 100 bunnies a month home. While parking company's install better fences. And build. Perches wait for a predator hawks and Eagles Wear them by means. And and you probably. -- There removing them. Right that's it and their their their inviting the hawks and Eagles to come in and remove them as well now -- and that's kind of natural cycle of life but. If if we -- removing them that kind of hurts my heart line here the other solution okay mechanics are covering the wires on the rental cars anyway. With fox or coyote urine of who rob the rabbit of their ad side. That -- like that that's beginning to turn it did that you need to go to the local outdoor show -- at my -- here. I've heard yet around guy you know in Mississippi where I've spent some time paid hunting you know area -- Louisiana Chrysler yeah you can buy different kinds of hearings. That's not there. Yeah for whatever reason you want the year in but there there are different ones of all that is true. A get out so -- don't have to go extracted them our price. You're good to flocked to him do that on the wires right Deborah I go by insisting that the people who -- -- where they get. And I am I don't cry don't want to thank you offer up a lot about -- I don't I don't want -- in this -- little prayer at victory having to remember that silly rabbit. Like now -- direct Eyewitness News forecasts. Analysts note by crop mission -- -- tell -- -- love sports. But the franchise tag in the saint activists. -- that's -- -- WWL wow little more women are basically NASCAR. And who would few franchise if you -- the -- just a couple of questions that Alaska Ron Amadon tells all about warnings ports here on WW. Good morning and LSU baseball manhandled Maryland in the final game of the opening series to the season. There goes the three ones -- other hit out of the left center field that got that Gary do it now more than one day. Eight back there -- that bothers our back yard -- may harm arrived. The tigers finished off a sweep of the terps with a thunderous fourteen to three victory at the box Alice she's back in action tomorrow vs Lamar. Well the green wave won the Texas State baseball tournament after going through morning games over the weekend. -- gets to host its first home game of the season tomorrow vs southeast. Chris Paul became the first of Los Angeles clipper. To win the NBA all star game's MVP award after scored twenty points with fifteen assists in the west 143 to 138 win over the east. He's just a third player to have at least twenty points and fifteen assists in the league's annual showcase joining a couple of hall of fame point guards in magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas. And everything about it we just kept talking about how we wanted to win in our agenda today we wanted to win and as -- talk about. You know third quarter full -- we want to win again. Danica Patrick has won the Daytona 500 -- becoming the first woman to secure the top spot for any spring cup. Race I love that to go beyond racing in and general I mean just to kind of break gender barriers I feel. That one of the coolest things is to be able to think that parents and their kids are having that conversation at home about it. Patrick finished recession in 45 point 81 seconds. And freshman Daniel Ballard scored a game high nineteen points with seven rebounds and four steals. And LSU women's basketball team blew out Mississippi State 63 to 41. The Lady Tigers moved back to 500 in the league standings. They're four on sports talk the NFL's making provisions to have the Super Bowl on Saturday next year. Bad weather threatens the big game are you ready for super Saturday I'd Steve Geller with -- early morning look at sport. Now the price you may have to pay for the NFL the signing it be a good idea to have a Super Bowl outdoors in New Jersey. In February. Yet as a as a kid growing up in Jersey we all set to each other man if we only had a dome stadium we could get the Super Bowl. Figuring they would never bring it did because of the weather and now they did with his shot him and a comet that the only years ago at the -- -- -- new stadium will get via super ball. As an incentive to get new stadiums and that the new stadium you would think all the money they put into what you can at least put the retractable roof on that. And that it but it entered -- -- again are right. You are now the saints general manager congratulations thank you thank you only for -- iron to the erratic. Today is the first data about teams to start slapping the franchise tag on players that allows them -- Keep the player went out contract negotiations. And without -- -- to long term deal of the New Orleans Saints unrestricted free agents we have Chase Daniel. Devery Henderson Courtney Roby c'mon Busch -- Eric Olsen knew Cedric Wilson Center -- dismayed that -- Ellis Turk McBride. Jonathan Casilla Scott Shanle and Albert Mac. If you are the saints general manager would you use the franchise tag on any of these guys or any other sense I do not think the franchise tag will be used this year I would use it and in these guys I don't think they're worth it to only one that would be. The highest on my list here the priorities deathly -- mom bush rod. And I just don't think -- value is that high -- we're we're deserves a franchise tag. -- Drew Brees and you want your offensive tackle on there and that it's not looking like -- if you keep your monthly. Maybe just maybe -- -- anyone's taxes eighth that the aids that. Yet and I think what you saw the saints do last year leaving letting. Carl makes leave him -- -- and player. Well basically the same same talent level a little bit less for a little for a lot less money and the saints could end up doing that because. This team stresses -- play its offensive guard play and that tackles they've been they've you know let go in the past so I expect to see. Busch -- of his and a deal is worked out they'll be able to find somebody -- it's a strong tackle -- of free agency but we gotta keep having Mickey Loomis. Renegotiate these contracts like you did over the weekend with Curtis Lofton. Free on line because they're way over the cap -- right -- over our time capsule docked in fifteen minutes of more sports on WWL. 556 your forecast. Increasing clouds are going to see windy conditions around the area this afternoon a 20% chance -- today 68. And tonight look for rain chance is on the increase especially first thing tomorrow morning. With lows in the upper fifties for your -- you say rain early in the morning then clearing highs of sixty. -- and -- its. -- and outlets and -- the rain overnight tonight while most people asleep right now cleared fifty international airport that are clear and 41 the National Weather Service office in -- now I'd have boiled corn potatoes mushrooms positive crop it. During my birthday celebration yesterday but I didn't do it -- now. We -- on -- on my birthday celebration but somebody else -- Like it again here pretty stand it man. Tommy -- -- -- -- -- well noted talk about school vouchers and -- -- -- about the end of the world and now the new things and -- -- prophecy just when it was over there at the world verdict you don't give -- some -- yet everybody and it all -- represented began regular -- that's what I found interesting is that after the -- thing ran out. A news release of that now with the pope's resignations. -- -- next movies to presidents sports leader.