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2-18 9:10am Tommy talks to James Weiss about doomsday prophecies

Feb 18, 2013|

Tommy talks to Father James Weiss, an associate professor of theology at Boston College, about the latest doomsday prophecy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Dave you're gonna wanna keep listening because I could have -- news a news flash for about the end of the world. I because as soon as the Mayan calendar tick down we should have known that it was going to be some parallels on the Mayan calendar ran out. And nothing happened we had conversations that okay what's gonna be the next staying as it relates to dooms day. And sure enough when Pope Benedict the sixteenth announced his resignation. Did beat the chatter started that oh you know what the next folks to be less one judgment days -- hand. I personally think it's going to be like a long time ago they had a song that I don't forget the sun screen and a guy says you know what. It's Ubisoft and on a Tuesday evening that blinds so blind side do not already had things happen in my life where it happened coincidentally enough on Tuesday afternoon where. You never see a common joining us right now father James Weiss. Who is an editor. Reverend rather James vice associate professor of theology at Boston College father thank you for taking the time whether it's. Happy to be that utility so much for -- Which -- and enjoying it doesn't whether. Well we'd love to have you what's it like in what are you Boston today. -- an -- to Boston College itself thirty degrees but there is zero minus two for for the wind chill factor. Details see that I give it 20% chance for showers nothing but sunshine otherwise highs around seventy today. Jealousy uses an environment knows it. I I let's talk about the end of the world can you give me an approximate the day in time here so I can make my plans. Well I mean this thing -- that that they hit about this this business about. The next spoke being the last Pope. Isn't it tells us more about the people who think that what they've been -- Then about any reality that actually out there it goes back to this. Think all the properties of morality and a lot of people take them seriously but there's absolutely no basis students. They were invented about 59 need to help to particular cardinal. Who wanted to be elected Pope. And he would never was elected but what they did. What this does afford it did not prophecies -- forgeries. What will -- his supporters did was to -- That would panic about forced entry. And it came up with a look at the model like to a three word. Hints about the identity of the -- well the -- -- up to 1519 world were absolutely. Linked to being correct but. For fifteen India and they -- very vague and and and suggestions and it became microscope you know over the course what you could. He constructed to make it's that anything like you said about Tuesday afternoon. So. Occasionally the things that are right and so the first popularly elected 1978. The model for that purpose in the middle of the moon look at what he was elected under the kind of half moon. So occasionally these things. Occasionally these things seem to have some reference to the identity of the next Pope. -- so people look at them. But but -- know there's forgeries that they they claim to have been written in the 11100 there's absolutely no evidence of any manuscript. -- And everything I think we have to keep in mind for the religious community is that that property doesn't mean. Predicting the future of the property means is god speaks to -- you know return. If we find text from the past that speak to that are currently. The great biblical prophets Isaiah Jeremiah. We take those in the communities safe place to work with those to see what god saying to us now. But probably doesn't mean just kind of predictions like London and there's significant speeding ticket -- -- you can. We've been spilled milk breakfast. So little. Unfortunately these things are taken seriously but people you know. -- travel agent called me up about five years ago she'd heard about these things -- can't simulate the pope's getting older than -- spoke to select but it didn't. -- -- -- Kelly that that's that's not how things work in this world of. Two decision inspectors' frequently do not try to build -- he would do the that that that is. That is the -- from acknowledged. But you know 21%. Of these United States believes the the end of the world what happened in their time after the mine calendars saying. In December. I think it was -- with the Gallup organization did a polls. People who believe that the into the world what happened of their time -- that -- signs. Adult Americans actually believe the world could -- the -- facilities in the lead and. You know what's the most intelligent thing petered out. They simply -- don't these people prophecies. Yeah I was wondering father witty you read when that did happen the Mayan calendar running out week. But I get -- -- specific guys that the Discovery Channel always went to end. And History Channel he had never seen these guys before the Mayan calendar end. And our news guy David Blake and I were talking about -- what they're gonna do now while allowing military is now they're gonna crap like cottage industry. Over that the people. Prophecies forgeries or not their problem to make eleven out of this and I mean I wondered about that the motivation behind all of this and and why one in five people like you're talking about dwell on this and dollars -- think that it's gonna happen -- And flipped at least suggests it's about credit card debt maybe that's why people want the world to man. Know why people so fixated on the end of the world. Well that's a good question and and I should do more homework before venturing an answer but. From the work I've done -- as a parish priest and and the spiritual counselor I can say people are scared. And and in our country in effect across the world at this time people are scared. Economies in freefall. They don't trust government anymore. People have never been more willing to believe in conspiracy here. And I think that the but these into the world properties do see that kind of fear to get in the sense of control that yet it's going to come to -- -- independence -- -- and. Then just. I'm going anxiety. -- That would be my guess I need to go back in the history of religion in the United States have been numerous numerous sects and groups. The police the world is going to and getting back in the eighteen hundreds. So. I think that since the senior editor for control over the future. So when I jokingly say credit card debt I'm actually not that far off because that's about uncertainty it's about wanting to be public control alive that they feel there there. They have no control over in circumstances that they view is spiraling out controls and they say when you know one. Good or bad for whatever reason it'll finally be over it is stated and that's one thing I can I can predict that's one thing I I know with certainty that on. In the case of the Mayan calendar on December 21 one -- it's gonna hand. No sir I mean ambassador looking at. The I don't think so I think there's another element too terribly. And that is that right -- people were very angry at the Roman Catholic Church. And I have to didn't -- to church deserves that anger that it has mismanaged any number of serious crises. Financial scandals in the Vatican. In the appointment of bishops who don't provide the clergy. And I think people feel very vocal about their so part of this. So called property now what kind of forgery. Says that there will be kind of persecution. And punishment for the Turks. And people are reading. That's which intrude itself -- the Blogosphere. If people read that probably didn't think yes exactly the church -- punishment the church needs to be. Brought down the Pope Benedict said the same thing last week it is different to -- the church needs to go through it and purification put -- in addition to the generalized fear that that the that the world is going to help and in desperate. Are you able to that this feeling that Catholic Church at least we brought down the -- All all of that being said part of this so called prophecy this forgery. Every one referred to it involves -- -- hope. I choosing the name Peter the Roman so first of all father who who do you. See is that the more likely candidate suited to be named as the next opening I don't know if you wanna weigh in on that are not and secondly. Is he aware of this or do you think there's any awareness of this and does that mean. That there is no way. That he would ever choose that name. But I agreed to this it is kind of an old. Which -- to have been pulled. Tradition of respect to the template for that. The new Pope takes -- -- Peter other in other. Reverence for the first two you know for the supposedly first spoke. And and there -- never bin -- -- Peter opening Peter. There's that have been put into your head that the first lot of yes the way the prices being the -- fortress is being looked at autonomy. Is that the people are looking cardinals' -- Peter. And in fact there are two. Very desirable eligible cardinals and Peter wanted to Africans who works pathetic and the other with a desperate Budapest. All of the people are afraid that that this company need to Peter might become the Roman Pope had disputed the Roman. But cardinals. I'm trying to think in the modern history do they have to keep their own name. Built in the last Pope to keep his own name was in 1550 -- That was when I was a freshman in high school. Work site and accurate was it OK using you a little older -- little younger that I am I see. Internet around army nicely father appreciate your time in the it would add a -- to go. No I despite. You know I played I -- -- a particular Internet web site of this stuff about. We hear about you know the next -- being the list of its capacity all through the Blogosphere there's all kinds of equipment putted. You know this little prayer. That begins. -- -- times in your hand. And doesn't -- unfortunately I think the people have been put you have to get the message out insurgents and so forth that this does. The property is bogus and in the the people needs looked at why they need this sort of staying crowding their mind. But I hope people -- pray for the church and -- -- the elect the next. That's why you went ahead beyond the talking about did the that. Does this end of the world fixation because I know it's his start -- -- take root now and I guarantee it's going to be unfortunately as big as. The -- -- at the end of the world the -- counted thank you -- -- have a great day thank you appreciate having come back on some time.

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