WWL>Topics>>2-18 1:10pm Spud talks to WWL listeners about cops with cameras

2-18 1:10pm Spud talks to WWL listeners about cops with cameras

Feb 18, 2013|

Spud talks to WWL listeners about how equipping cops with audio and video recording equipment could help keep everyone safer

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Kids -- so CEOs to have the whole week off last week. And I mean we're just holds on the -- for awhile there actually have a nose clean -- your. Things and find some common those -- -- inning Bedell had a go back to school. So there ego. 267866889087. They are told the money 78 -- recent attacks. A look at estimate text from when this goes on here talking religion and go to -- wrestle mania will talk about that at 2 o'clock we're going to be -- -- joined by some people from a visitors and convention bureau will join us at 2 o'clock and Scott Redmond from. From a triple -- join us at three and will be speaking to some. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just -- old -- your -- put up Foreman today you know I mean that's what it is. Too much to do into multi candidate. Slow Don Rehman from Tripoli and I know -- Rehman -- -- -- Rehman. Will be joining -- center at 3 o'clock. I saw Adrian Darcy. President of the iris network Nolan joining us at 330. Was because somebody from convention and visitors bureau 2 o'clock to talk about wrestle mania and we'll Thorman and you know what what will throw into the mix there too. Is that there's a move by the International Olympic Committee. To do away with below wrestling Greco Roman wrestling as a course sport and -- -- should the WW eight pick -- up as a spot up. Not picking up an army throw their influence behind keeping an I mean it's one of the oldest sports that their are I mean if curling up. Is going to be a one -- Olympic sport currently and that's going to be a sport then to keep grassland. 26 only seven -- we're a startup today though and I am about a women be given away. Some tickets today actually all weeklong. And you can actually go online and sign up as a big talker and register to win tickets online too but Bernadette Peters is coming to the the philharmonic video Louisiana philharmonic orchestras before ordered Thursday the 28. As says 730 they'll be at the convention center theater. Saw basket begun should be -- a sum up her big a Broadway Show attention Brian Peters and it's been around there. Sing the songs -- issues Don bunches and movies to. But one of the things -- remember a promise from the jerk with Steve Martin's. But she's had a long and distinguished career and it's far from over but she'll be touring around she's turning the country. And she singing with the Louisiana philharmonic orchestra and that will be coming up on Thursday the 28. So just listen up. And when you hear her saying. Where's the sounder. Everything's coming up roasts when you hear that. I'll give me a number BV caller and you'll win a pair tickets you can also going wanted to get a real account sign up to be a big talker. Or if you already are signed up to when the tickets online will begin only tickets they're too. So stay tuned given away some -- tickets for that. And today we're gonna start out talking though. With. There was all the too dark and and still controversial debate about and the and it's under investigation into that might cut them some resisting police colonel on on Friday talking about the and the incident. Between two moot teenagers. Some state troopers some in OPD. One of the teenagers mothers is a sergeant in the you know PD. There was an audio on the you know of video recording of the event witches are being looked that and being in in their everybody's being investigated so I -- last Mike about it on Friday was under investigation aired on doing gonna comment about it in the story. Because and I mean it's a pretty good video and you can see also this go -- understand here. What's going on and a lot of people are wondering what should be can anything be done about that there has -- for a long time. -- -- Cameras in police cars and -- not too long ago there was recent still studies and then comments made by the -- sponsor crime commission. That there should be those those camera should be in all marked police car especially in the -- PD. Very it has been for a while and there's different companies out there that are capable of doing it one of -- the company that makes -- It's called -- But they frankly make account a camera that mounts to assays are sold any time anybody gets to hazel camels don't moment. But they also make a couple of different kinds of cameras and just two or three different kinds out their cameras and audio recording equipment. Digital recording equipment that can clip on to pay a vast store shirt or can be here and like glasses or can be worn like go like John. Like a Bluetooth like -- earpiece which shoots photo shoots video. Count cameras like cops where this is former -- national. The San Diego union Tribune. Coronado police now have new technology they hope will keep officers and members of the public on their best behavior. Improve crime scene investigation and -- evidence management. All for about twenty grand. What they did was they bought five cameras. The department bought five miniature camera systems. That are meant by officers at eye level to record what they see and hear on patrol. And endless offside storage capacity for the recordings -- Coronado police department. The first one agents well off agency and Sandia -- to purchase the Exxon head cam system. Made by Taser International Scottsdale Arizona. Send a company spokesman. Huge fan of this car models police sergeant Matt Mitchell. Who's been overseeing officer training in the use of cameras a lot of time you have this he says she says sort of thing it's going to be one of those profession changing types of things. Do you think we need that and that's going to be -- any opinion poll do you think police officer cops have recording devices. All of that record everything audio and video and make -- wrestler -- volatile situation. There -- in a situation right now of course without the consent decree and the -- upon -- wave and a big finger because the mayor. And the police chief thinks that the -- those friends pull a fast -- The feds are accusing. The city of crawfish and on their deal and saying that that's one of the reasons that the -- actually -- Absolutely need to be overseen. By a consent decree but 55 million bucks. Over five years is eleven million dollars a year and a city that's broke we can't do it that's one Republican to back out. Doing you don't think. The addition of cameras and Emmy Awards are -- not only cameras in the in the cars but cameras all on the person. Woods. Improve. The relationship between the the cops and the citizens. As much or more than the consent decree because then they had the evidence is there army -- -- testimony going on but the way these systems work if I understand it correctly is. There a police officer cannot erase anything especially because and has all -- storage they can go when they're making their notes at the end of the day. They can flag certain things and bad notes in tomb. You know be on the audio video recording of it but they cannot. He race that they don't have access to -- that kind of stuff so what do you think is that a good idea and I got to study right here. That was and commissioned by the chief of police of Orlando. Talking about cameras and such -- read you some responses from Matt what do you think about that. What this the controversy and and such that this particular piece of video footage -- stirred up -- out in the audio. Would you do you think would you like to see. Uniformed. Officers do this would you like to see. Plainclothes detectives but Don this stuff when they're actually doing interviews. With the FBI do this kind of stuff. And should you be able to because they're there are I mean there's still stories out there about people -- Pull up their cameras and -- video and stuff. Whom are being. No hassle is not a good time. Some threatened with a rest. I know if you were inside that area that they considered their trying to that the police are trying to make a safe zone and you're inside that area. They can and will and have a right to ask you to step back. Like for instance if they put up police state stepped behind the police state but to actually stop you from video recording I don't think they have that right. Then they probably have the rights I think they know the right to actually request a copy all of your video. Right then there -- forwarded to us of something but to confiscate your phone and taken -- I don't think they have a right to do that but would you like to see police officers. With a video audio recording piece of equipment on their person. Literally. Uniformed police officers carry this kind of equipment would be good idea bad idea and I want to hear from you constant you tell me which you -- one of these things on and video and audio. All your encounters with the public to six when -- seventy. 86688. Man's early seventy S are told -- -- 78 Sony's recent attacks and what are you prepared to do pay about to pay for. If you're gonna have to come up with eleven million bucks a year. How much -- back did you shave off if you spent the money instead on somebody's cameras to six on a semi -- showing a -- -- -- get a cup of coffee real -- All right we're back on the bush notably at WW WL. And clearly felt they are. First thing in the -- today we're talking about. What's on the conversation is that video it's under investigation that true change one comes mothers and a PD sergeant. Run and within a PD and state troopers some people think. Troopers the -- -- overboard other people are going I don't think so what were they doing out there in the middle of the night lots of different things so it's under investigation. But because of that and because this video has no audio. And blocks of things happen that are never all -- video mirrored there are now police as you watch those cop shows on on merged cable all the time. A lot of those things come from the -- of the Odessa the dashboard cams of police cars so. There is technology out there that allows police officers and there are all agencies that use them. To put small cameras on their person and two record. Confrontations both all the audio and video and it's all digitally stored all. All site so what do you think is that a -- an idea or a bad idea and are willing to foot the bill for that let's go to the phones Don Zimmer -- hey Don I don't thanks for Conan. Pretty good tiger is not bad enough that at all. I mean I karma world. I'm coming right what -- When you shouldn't commit a crime they commit me if I'm wrong and turn your right now. You -- upper management with one camera. It is regular line officer would not mean a lot and they don't yeah. Completely -- action that they do a lot of time they step over the long right. And it took on a regular basis. You don't want that recording. Well but I'll tell you true and in the -- in the some of the studies and in doing yes what you say is true however. Since this has been introduced where is -- Since this has been introduced. In some agencies. They have head. A drum a dramatic drop. In people filing complaints against police officers so it was basically the other side and know that he says she says is is out of the picture. -- somebody raises a complaint about a company go straight to video so I mean they've also seen. The drop -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You understand. Under my standard the standard equipment issued -- -- -- costs radio taser and whatever -- we're gonna ball. Expo and the camera mounted to -- -- court betrayed. Well I don't know I -- this company sells this Taser International sells cameras that will -- to their pay users are in right and we're. Your belt I'm the company itself camera but what I'm -- would be right that every police are concerned and -- enforcement -- eight. Local. Kitty ball weren't -- they're not expand. Black. -- -- A -- you might want to. If they can talk in the cold because they've been reported. Being followed they're gonna bring civil rights violations under him is -- Well the thing -- it wasn't if you're in a car like -- and another was I know there will cause a situation where somebody tried to get out of being arrested. Or something because. They were making comments they were arrested in the and they were sit in the back of a car and the in the video cameras going but it was recording all the audio in the car they didn't know what. But when they went from the judge that the decision was made that you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy when you're handcuffed in the back of a police car. If they -- turn these cameras on only when they're confronting people but not driving around. There might be a different story but I don't know if I would like to have. You don't like being being part of a reality show. And and not having any any say so or not Mike it every word and movement in your entire day. Is being is being recorded -- somebody else -- -- play armchair quarterback for -- I'm not sure I'd be too happy with that either. Now I want to understand that now you look at their position. That they don't want Netgear Buffett want the current. It's a way to keep and I. All right let me ask you this. Now these are situations where people confront. And I mean some there's life and death decisions sometimes they're people they're gonna go to jail who may end up getting convicted of different things. But what would happen if your boss at your place of business decided to stick a camera on you know. And and and make you aware that all day every day and record everything you say would that be a violation of your privacy and even -- year on the job. That's what I'm thinking am I don't think you're that you're in trouble the whole lawsuit against it. Gonna fight it -- years before it can get anywhere and he can. -- -- You know they're very good talk about they want to direct your -- fifty OK why were there -- army. I wanted to drowned -- were developed in 1970 poor we work on I didn't get sculptor in 1980. Mean I can actually a working on that now be expected here later. Well and that's there's -- -- and other cities surpassing. Texas other states are looking at and there are cities that are already. Quote banding dropping you know what a drug as far as I'm concerned go get a warrant. If you're gonna have a if you're gonna have a big crowd and you need over ME if you got a helicopter flying around overhead. Then -- crowd control or that kind of such thing get a drone but you know get a warrant from a judge just like you need to search my home we'll get a warrant to putter drawn up there. And arbitrarily use and on your -- I don't think is right. Get -- we want triggered. Very many more on the Patriot Act and I don't know going. Depends on what they're looking for. But the MMD that are from probable cause anyway right -- -- -- out of indicted and equipment policeman at stake in the Patriot Act. The floor we have -- on. I got you but I don't wanna get too far Olympic OK I mean there's a million dollar would appoint more -- problem. Expect him then. I -- -- I'm -- -- I'm sure it will yeah union. I think some I think some -- will embrace that and other -- they're gonna go no. And I don't know maybe if they turned it into a voluntary thing on the policeman's then then on the policeman's part. Maybe I don't know everywhere that move you farther -- the food chain Parker I don't know that's why romance can tell you -- those comments weren't. And I don't know I don't know how they ever get it have to be honest. I think they didn't between unions are changing we're fighting from. -- you and her hand are gonna be brighter in the late trading day. What are they they fight the cameras on the dashboard because those seem to be all over the boards I think a lot of moment be in favor of it because approves. You know it it it -- what happened. And I'm really happy how I can't really don't know like if you look on we've got. I can't figure here honestly you -- And I got a great. I gotta I gotta go for the news I appreciate that Don got a great and sent me an email when your book comes -- I'm Dave Cohen is our our news director he's in the newsroom is gonna bring us up to date on everything else and back more your calls on this question of its pilot. Arnold was going to be 870 WWL music so 17866889. Early 70s70s. Have any idea of all the way to contact got a bunch of golf and a bunch -- text. Really really probably the first -- in the -- And is -- for any opinion poll. Should cops have recording devices that -- record everything audio and video when they make. When they make arrests or -- volatile situation basically a personal. Audio video recording device on them. Yes tomorrow so that's our looming I'll get some fresh numbers or you're just a second that's the question we're asking today here's a couple of -- and we get to -- Get to the phones you don't have a right to privacy on the job there's one. Audio and video is a great quality and training tool for the police along with great court documentation. If they have traffic cams. Then the policeman should have cameras on them. Bad things about these camps if you actually come across a sympathetic officer they won't be able that you go with a warning now there's an interesting point. You know that does that lessen the amount of does that lessen the amount of discretion that a police officer hats because of you flagrantly break the law. And they let you go you know is that is -- do you think doing this is going to. Open via the arrest records. Or -- things don't make fairer cotton. That's why we're talking about this coming what you think let's go back to phones. Willis and bad gurus are you know -- thanks for comment. Good. You heard -- calls her which is the home front. -- I won't the other side my whole family is and law enforcement. And recently. They decided to put it. Camera on older person is not in Baton Rouge. Mrs. You know doing it on -- and every time -- go -- Courtney had been paid -- -- might -- their camera you know won't all of that other gear sincerely do. I don't know that they voluntarily do it but. They have all of -- -- have. -- market where they have they. Camera. And they have also noted correspondent -- our -- and and I I think it really helped -- now because it. But -- -- a traffic stop okay. And you're you're talking group lady she's not very happy that you quarter over for whatever reason changed in my youth but my copilot. And she has some serious allegation going I don't think that video that you -- an hour of need by. Let's just say they have compared allegations. Well you know active video right now and I was saying before me and prove or disprove whatever didn't happen. And so I mean it's good. Why I don't they should be forced to do it and I just -- email. I'll be. Possible cameras. That they can have yeah very not very bad at all. No well it's points out well here here here's the deal all right 'cause not it's not just the camera it's also the the off site storage and anybody got a camera for a hundred bucks but you can also. You race you know the thing of it isn't gonna put the cameras on them then then the ability to erase it needs to go away those storage needs to be taken away. You know Indies to have loss like this is 20000 dollars that the Coronado police department spent. And -- bought five miniature camera systems. And also up endless off site storage capacity for a recordings and that was twenty grand and S five. You know now I don't know that's over Chrysler there simpler stuff I don't know. I mean there's there's a lot of what consuming but five cameras at twenty -- four grand a pop at that. You know that would now it probably be the most expensive piece or equipment. On their entire person probably you know on I don't know what do taser cost -- a no good weapon cost. Six to. 102000 dollars plus the rounds plus the cost plus the bell plus the uniform plus the -- -- the radios. Postal wrestled the stuff and then of of you know a 4000 dollar camera system moment. I mean get up to check put their own citizens -- -- Engine very expensive. And here's the. But again though it's gonna put the camera on them than it needs to be and then you need to get the right one that you cannot manipulate the data you cannot erase the data. Once they turn that camera on and it's one and there it is there's a lot of -- -- or anything you know otherwise what's the -- happening -- forgot to turn on Osama battery next to the videotape. You know I mean it is it's either got to work a 100% and I work at all. And another thing. I know it department that they can really have body like. You know they had to bet he's parked side by side probably headed -- -- And they can't -- don't. In recording everything that and they -- to -- -- to -- nice things about their department. And there. -- found out about it but. TJ you just had a little -- and doom and you know and that's not a really big happened. Well I don't know you know what -- a series hormone that but I mean it's it's. You don't even have the right to complain about how things are done even if you're peace officers' safety and that's all that should happen to own your -- what is so bad to. That you two guys got parked out here. And a middle and I -- and have a conversation that's now recorded on your traffic cams. You know let's. Let's try to fix the problem and that's the boy well I appreciate each -- thanks a bunch -- -- so -- somebody's -- number. Rich and Trevor brown and Roy and the system itself not just the camera. It's the system that goes -- to make sure that everything is. -- -- -- You know four grand apiece for farm system for -- moment that's. You know again it -- to checkbook bill I think I think this police department in the city -- who. Just about anything you want but get a check -- acrimonious -- -- -- By -- Saint John. On neighborhood watch meetings tonight at 6 o'clock at holy rosary cafeteria. Subject on the presentation will be home security. New security. How you secure your home there Ian -- who screen the calls. With a big deadbolt -- I knew jujitsu too much -- -- how you secure your home. -- -- judo and College Soccer goalie on the floor but I don't wanna get back closely failure true. Don't gym rats. -- yep -- pet -- -- you like Willard so that's how you protect your home. Hey you know I you'd you'd just you'd better hope he got a was breaking. -- you know on how wraps up. I got to spin on the tea into the cartoons of we knew that mark Bernard how do you secure your home. -- -- And bagels lox and bagels. -- -- I got a dog. I got a dog. Every big shot until. Now. The dog wakes me up that's the dogs. Know the dog wakes me hmmm I'll take care of the rest. That's how it works to six Sony seventies and number 866 say they now 270 riches in Gulfport miss separate. What do you think their rich I what would happen if you Europe every time a police officer approached you for any thing you've got a recording device operate. Or -- may be great shows were arrested for public drawn in December and so tomorrow. Waiting for the book and I slipped on the wet grass not more so proud. And they should have called -- but they took it downtown. I pleaded guilty you know 220 dollar fine. I'm never gonna arrest in my -- my mark so many years old you wouldn't. You know you so bad. Are our only good pretty good home going to require beer. Yeah notes remain. So good it would it would benefit you and do you think that's a worthy expenditure of your tax dollar when it comes to support has let me bring this up to. There are there are. Budget cuts across the board I did a show last year. And I bring us an up limping as the most drastic I did a show last year. About a a city in Kansas that has decriminalized. Domestic violence because they don't have the money to roll on all the necessary calls. So now you know I mean. It it's probably. Is certainly cheaper than buying a whole new car when they need to do that but. But outfitting every officer with the camera and the recording equipment necessary ain't gonna be cheap. Or you must have thousands of public drawn from New Orleans are talked to one drives so -- -- who -- central Maricopa fifteen days for the Pope would -- Our executive there fence over some of the -- this way improve blood and. He. Pulls so can be who it would behoove you to -- Yeah aren't our news -- though my records from an urban resident who you're talking about Bernadette Peters. Listen tickets. You -- with her and funniest quote no Reno on pink Cadillac. So America through its huge -- -- -- or around him away the -- -- and we have food and so. I -- Action's a good gig go to Hollywood south casting. Go to Hollywood south casting dark come home just Google Hollywood south and sign up as an extra they're always vote for breakfast it's a good gig if you got nothing to do for today. Sure and there aren't rich appreciate your call man thanks a bunch 260170. -- rock and -- and reverend brown I don't -- event. My grip it well ebitda up man got a good mark from Korea stepped up again took the kids on had a good time when you think about office. Don't know what do you think -- means is good idea bad idea. You know is it worth the money what do you think I don't look at you don't look at the money because there's got to look at the money. I know you have to -- you got. Well because we out you know multiple -- and set -- Pandit in a million. I guess well about the police were well just the product. A level not the police put off due to probable cause. To -- thrilled to be told what to help them what they -- a woman -- -- -- all the foot and a pitiful. Because what the camera would do wish Joseph that the police felt so good that sort of fortunate. The result so did not do profanity capable of all the act in accordance. Do that who are calling it could be international. Paterno all of a police manual and video we just stop also picked. All these steel off to close. What police do over the kind of B cup or consolidate. -- a problem that whole wipe -- the legal and they come out in the street. And he kicked the field of battle the police are you will be. And they have purple we'll probably have the other ripped all the regular basis. So -- -- -- -- literate don't even look like how -- don't you. True when it's off and then when they just pass just recently. Some court decision that it's. Perfectly fine for you to flip -- police officer -- there's nothing you can do about it. You can -- you can't pull somebody over for a it. Or anything like that so now they got to take abuse and didn't spit on and everything else and and then run to the sound of the guns and and and I can -- well. You know simple solution right here and is that you know there's jurisdiction here forty characters in Raleigh. Tablet industry and out is -- that they can't fit decrease we have Nolan chart. -- -- -- Well that's life that's why I brought enough room or as -- brought it up because you know where you don't get the money from we gonna get eleven million bucks -- Death for everywhere you go to eleven million bucks every year for the next five years 55 million dollars. Where you gonna. And on the plane that. We you know you know if people give you -- -- -- -- keel. And you don't get up occasions. Did you put yourself in a situation where. This state police -- people would -- putting the proper enjoyable book will be visible. You have optic outlook -- -- but you don't all well. Into Liberia not just -- thought that you'll ever hear that you like so we talked about it. In new -- It got really partner to partner -- did almost everything it would disturb that all of it because it was almost a cure. It might -- and so much. I wanna open by issuing its account to distribute a mark -- in locker room in a brilliant bit of room police department. Any replay of what this character flaw was well. You'll do you want it to happen you. I don't know well. And I know some -- like that happen I'm not sure it was New Iberia and I'm not I'm not sure what's -- lawsuits. And it's happened in more than one city it's happened in more than one city in this state and it's happened in more than one city in other states that frank. Although -- that is -- is -- moment. Ago OK did you unravel don't have a lot of charts. But you put that -- -- -- group -- -- gambled it all why we can't report that initial field. But McCain report definition you -- -- kind of like. We don't care equipment opponent but no equipment no no no -- let the capital bought by the all of it but. And we haven't looked back at the feasibility. Of how much money and it worked well Sonoma well well. And some I am I'm with you I think that needs to be a certain standard and I know a lot. There needs to be a standard that they need to change but I think some of the standards at the -- try to set form a little bit high hero now look look I wanna get in a clean car that's gonna get me from here today. If it's twenty years old. But as well maintained and is clean I'm good for that if it's five -- -- about it needs to be clean and well maintained as for the rest of it. What's the price to get me from here to there and the rest of it is his -- and on the pick. -- I appreciate it as -- way back for more infamous.