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2-18 4:35pm Kristian Garic & Bobby Hebert talk w/Andrew Brandt

Feb 18, 2013|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk with ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt about salary cap

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You have Andrew Brandt ESPN NFL business animal analyst joining us now on. Andrew you been on quite a bit especially last summer brought couples break down the Drew Brees contract negotiations but now the Saints are pretty much cap trouble here. Over the salary cap 42013. Season before march 12 -- gonna get underneath it and they're trying to restructure some deals how can you explain how. Teams can get creative as far as the signing bonuses in two are the roster bonuses in two signing bonuses. And how this cap works what counts against the cap and what doesn't. Second favorite charges are kept wanna ones. That -- not that -- yeah. Could be that these guys. Yeah I mean. I think I think the bets were answered as you can do these true. And you can what I always talk about create short term gain for long term pain but that's justice. You put yourself in the position we're down the road Japan in the piper and it's catching up to teams throughout the caps system back into the 1990s he's seeing teams kind of sit -- The Redskins and drew -- yet to be the Redskins did beat Nicole. And -- -- Jaguars should be did Broncos. Beat the Ravens back in ten years ago I mean you have situations where teams get themselves in such trouble especially camp and -- years ago or they couldn't even sign 53 players. I don't think were at that point yet I think everybody's much more managed but it pitched that you bring up through and we talked so much punter a year ago. What happened with true and they structure their contract and away day. That did exactly what I said it created a lot of room for them it took took them away from that. 69 dollar franchise number -- a much lower number. But in giving him 37 million dollar bonus of only three million dollar salary last year. They -- all -- cap room last year but now that can hit them because that 37 million is now operated over five years that can hit in each year. And the obvious counterpart to that is actor's salary keeps going up. So now you have not a 39 dollars that are but a 99 dollar salary. Plus the seven point four million of the preparation. And your back to where the franchise tag number was last year for drew it's sixteen something. You sort of see one situation like that and then you can only imagine. If you get in these other contracts and you start in the same thing how much. Where I called dead money you're stacking on the cap for future years so that's not a good way to manager -- when I hear talk about. Vilma and -- restructuring. That's not a restructuring that is what they're asking -- -- -- a reduction. In their very different I mean they may go to through. And say -- take some of that 99 dollar bonus about it Porsche in the future which I think is dangerous but they may do it. But I -- and when you when you look at. I guess Andrew drew and Jahri Evans only one neighborhood that kind of leverage like you sing in a Vilma Wilson and know that its a cut in pay. -- idea. That a campers structure now again I needed that teams get in vicious cycles. There's some teams -- always have cap room they don't need to do this and they never have to worry about the some teams that seem to get in situations every year where -- do it and do it and do and it. And I wouldn't put Norman as one of the big corporate here -- pick a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Where they've gone Roethlisberger. And Polamalu. Benching players and year after year after year. Converting our opponents and -- get room and they go forward in -- Comes upon over the pay the piper there's no more leverage team in the NFL right now and then Pittsburgh Steelers. So that's the good thing to have issues they're not as severe as the couple other teams like the Jets and Steelers that. Not a great situation to support either. Now I drew a looking at personnel on the same score of 43234. You bring in Rob Ryan what's your take if you can look in the crystal ball. I guess there's nowhere nowhere to go but of consider when you sending NFL record and you Dan alas it. When you look at that position and nose tackle and and what you demanded to do blower and being net. You know a ball that space in you know we've taken on two guys feel linebackers can flow. The Saints have that nose tackle on the roster. As what your take looking at Brodrick Bunkley are a team makes our. You bigbie is dead and have another road trying drafts on and on -- you think you have someone on the roster that could be like to advance wall for a for the things. Not think that have that guy but you mentioned two guys that are pretty good players. Certainly. You know above average players that position but like she's when these convert to that kind of system you really need. So much out of that player like Wilfork collected guy that has Minnesota had so long and Pat Williams. I got economic take up space that has movement skills in in the beyond a normal person that size. And the frank in reality is that just start many albums and you know back to sort -- special opinion in today. That's when guys make so much I mean you can't find these guys these guys that can play that under technique on the 34 -- that. Cannot only free up linebackers that can make plays themselves in the back backfield and I just think you know when you start talking about people that are paid you've got to find scarcity. Drew Brees is scarce there are many like him and when you mention a Wilfork her other names there are many of them that's when -- get there it's much. Andrew Brandt ESPN NFL business analyst and that Andrew if you could just write it tour and on no folks we love the file you always post it's pretty. Insightful things on Twitter. They're trying to offer unique -- said he deeper and ATP are in DT. And -- before you Ron what if he could for. The simple folks like myself that what counts against the the cap and what doesn't mean how does that work. Well you know they take someone like -- drew you get to salary of course and pro rated bonus so. Again here at third so mines 37 million bonus over five years that comes up to seven point four year. That's seven point four counts. Salary parade a bonus work out money. Incentives that are likely likely -- -- done it before or -- an incentive for 3000 yards passing interest on it before any of that amount would count. If somehow -- incentive for you know 101000 yards passing. That would not count because it's not something that he's been done before. And so after the end of the year has done all these incentives and everything else sort of goes in reconciliation. Knees hit the teams can be under or over. And the last point about that for the first time in the news deviate teams can roll cap from one team one year to another that's never been allowed before. Which gives teams do well do a way to continue to build kept your year and not lose as it used to be -- it or -- it now -- always keep. Andrew Brandt ESPN NFL business analyst thanks a bunch for breaking it down and mean it pretty simple appreciate it and you've got to take Andrew.