WWL>Topics>>2-18 10:10pm Todd talks Lent, WrestleMania 30, and bubble guns,

2-18 10:10pm Todd talks Lent, WrestleMania 30, and bubble guns,

Feb 18, 2013|

The Lenten season for Catholics has begun. Even if you’re not Catholic, let’s talk about sacrifice. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up for 40 days?

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I'm a resident force Q2 6018786. Exit 890870. Here we're talking about tonight. -- recent here 'cause it's it's 10 o'clock and we do that usually. Chicago's top cops says the Second Amendment only gives citizens the right to own smooth bore most gates. It is that's what they had. When it was written. He also -- who's pro gun advocates for the gun violence in a city. And says he equates fewer guns in the public cans of greater public safety nets are pretty -- opinion poll. You citizens owning guns. Make us more or less safe. You log on and cast your vote. At WWL dot com tech mediate seventy -- and your gimme a call 26018786. Exit 8908 -- right now most of you logging on. Are saying 85% of you say. Citizens owning guns make us more safe 15% say makes this -- say if you agree with the yeah. Police chief of Chicago. Let's see zero tolerance in schools few weeks ago I told about the kid who. Got suspended for throwing the imaginary grenade at the imaginary bad guys with his imaginary game colts lead the world. Well that's just the tip of the iceberg we've had kids suspended for playing cops and robbers a user. Hands as guns. A girl suspended and treated as a terrorist. And had to go to psychological evaluation to make sure she was not a threat. To herself. Or other students. Or the country. Because she had a hello kitty bubble gone. That fired bubbles. And pointed -- at her classmates things she was going to shoot them with that. And another job for making a gun out of Legos and pointing and another student thing bank. Here's the deal would get to five and six years old. Teenagers. -- talking Columbine students would not talk and you know the students wearing you know the trench coats and the goth -- and wearing dark clothing and all those things that they say all these other kids and all the warning signs and so forth that people look out for. These -- five and six year old kids playing. Time to stop the menace to -- zero tolerance stuff. You think we've gone a little too far on this most studies say it doesn't do anything to damage these kids further on and make them. Become problems. Later on in life. Are also wrestle mania thirty will be here in New Orleans and Mercedes-Benz superdome next year who's your favorite all time wrestler and why. And bureau of the old days -- mid south wrestling. With talk about some of those wrestling giants of yesterday and today if you watch wrestling back then do you still watch it now. And a lot of -- of people. Who were saying. You know they used to watch wrestling back then the question is do you still watch it you still watch the WWE. Or any former wrestling today if you watched -- midsouth back then if you were phantom midsouth. Are you still a fan of wrestling today. And even if you're not Catholic. Thought about Clinton season. -- It's begun for Catholics and basically. Most Catholics know who who follow it today give up something for let you hear people say middle Thomas given that up for -- and given us up to let. -- making a sacrifice. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up for forty days. Think about it. Your cellphone. TV. -- most of their DVR they couldn't give up their DVR for forty days. What about note texting. Anyone for forty days. Could you give up email for forty days. -- a lot of times we give up food but what could you not. Do without. For forty. Days. 26018786688908. Semi tech's guns and an 87870. I recently read about a high school student got suspended for wearing your Guns 'N Roses. T shirt. There is gonna wanna mention. Someone says the facts say we are more safe. You know citizens owning guns make us more or less safe you can logon to -- Ubaldo comp cast your vote or give you call. Right here. Let's see another -- coming in about wrestler is Rick rude you know remember him. Ravishing Rick rude I believe it was. Someone else saying macho man Randy savage. The -- of the macho man Randy savage he made his way through mid south briefly and then went up to WWE. Big cat or -- people mentioned him before. Butch read yes tax -- butchery in Axelrod Jim -- Fighting with each other interesting funny thing with a hacksaw Jim Duggan. He started out as the bad guy and get calls and again as a world he start out as the bad guys that he'll. And then turned. Babyface. Is one of the most unlikely Beatty faces. -- when he became you know the all American fighting via the Russians. I've been in the key to call. And this famously in one. Interview. He was suspended memories come -- with the two by four he started that down here in itself during the two by four with a two to the matches carry over shoulder. And he got suspended from a match. For using the two by four. And according to the rules he was suspended for using a foreign object. And as he said in the interview the next day or the next show afterwards why he got suspended. He's I don't know why got suspended oil in the foreign object -- two by -- made in the United States. Made in America it's not a foreign object. That was excellent abducted 26018786. Exit -- nines -- relates heavily to George on the nor sure a Georgia on WW well. Our thanks to -- Marco. Touched off that thing that couldn't get the most the forty dates you know. But not a -- Haven't been to wrestle matchup challenge. Twelve and I would suspect in -- early fifties and Specter in the local. And -- -- was so Al masri. And the Kurdish revenues. And during that time they were bring down court -- George. Who says and probably somebody most people of -- it would promote an error. I don't remember him. -- and you'll remember money as a brilliant young but this -- he was a boxer and camera would average probably like 6667. -- on the ground Jeremy strong Sobel and how -- -- in which Moore show. I enjoy -- -- back I don't want you to -- but the guy apple was the was a bit -- -- to me what does that mean one that this animal life via which Peugeot would go -- the broad. -- and I've heard the stories about as mean as you saw him in the ring that's how he was in the locker room. I mean he was just mean he was just now. Like a lot of things just like to ordering didn't seem to be effective -- Are. Director. -- these guys now some of these guys in the old days. Did have grudges with some of the other guys and did take it out in the ring in in in the form of punches and you know real audience and so forth but you know they didn't really goals for the -- goes of course to injure somebody and their career. But occasionally they would they would hit him with the you know the closed missed a couple of times. You know I only saw one match back in early fifties where it got to. And there was no question. There were really -- Black guys and boats and noses. It was vote that was shake. And the doctor on the board. Contestants. This same school back and he -- toward east and he directorate -- and probably a few years before me. And I -- the camera and I haven't seen about the so. They may have suspended him Egypt may have given. The term. That you're -- I don't watchable on adopt a do -- -- Blockage or just be serious what could you vote for forty days besides breeding. Beyond our. Playing cards and playing golf Boca. Or I'll I'll buy that -- Akron. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2601 late 7866 and 89087. Some testing three things I would never give forty days six beer in my weekly rate card game and not necessarily in order collected -- In Kenner -- -- Euro on WWL. It. -- and the other one rapid -- -- it possible back. He's got a he's got a new book out actually he just wrote. Yeah road is -- more super place in the area member -- out of the was that the leopard print. -- -- and you know another out there and -- comic console that back -- amendment saying. The -- Okay. He had a big feud with dusty rose to remember. That was that was the big -- -- duke used to spit the the green and started -- air. That very well and then come Malo was the you've got to deny Kamal. You do you know -- face painted like you African -- he's come out. Beaten on his -- -- you sure could be head Kamal had a manager was the guy with the little guy had a mask on but he had he was dressed like a like you would see an African. You know safari -- with the pit helmet and and the whole outfit like you lose you know they carry you come out with a leash like he was we -- about it was it was crazy stuff. And from what I hear Kamal is now preacher in Mississippi. You don't watch current wrestling used to watch and it's out the deal watch the current stuff. Why is that -- Will act in coming out on him into a Mott and -- -- if not it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd Jodi thanks for listening and I felt like I can go quietly. -- -- Yeah yeah that came and went out in a place. I mean begin to -- and at that. Time five and six Urals and I mean I know looking -- it. You ever play cops and robbers and you're cuter -- I agree completely you know cowboys and Indians -- well we play well it's. I mean 80. My now. It active. In to. It -- it out and yet. He's. You're right got to have the right sun screen to protect them from the sun and so long. In the top among. He hoped it would on -- you might get. Let's not go that far yet -- Yeah well it came -- on that route. Cured. Joint -- thanks for element. I'm -- by 26018786. -- 890870. Another -- coming in -- 87870. I could not give up fast food for forty days. Someone else says. Where's that I decide what they couldn't give up rolled past like I have to find it here. Scanned our Akbar was Kamal as many it was a manager but he also -- a little. Trader guy that would come out with him as well. The trader guy never talk the guy in the mask. He never really talked it was always scanned -- Akbar. What about the generating guy in the -- yet the iron sheik. Remember him as well and now stagger Lee AKA. The junkyard dog some -- coming in. This -- are -- dude seriously stop talking about wrestling you know nothing dusty road vs the -- big phew never happened yes it did. Actually did dusty Rhodes had a video. Is on the TBS wrestling wasn't in mid south. But this is when they started wrestling on a TBS which started airing midsouth. And then they had the WW out in the name drop that and started their own turner started his own wrestling. And that's -- filled another hour and and they drop midsouth and it took over both hours but. He film this whole video. Where he painted his face. There was a match where you could book became an interfered. Inspect the green stuff and dusty -- a space. -- and supposedly blinded him and all that stuff. So the next week at a video that came on board dusty rose -- displease. And was talking about. Blue PU. And fast -- With food do. You an errant ball. I think you there and ball mom I am. Want to -- down at least may have beat the faith. And they had a feud going on so yes it did at. Let's see there's a Tel 1878668890. It's immutable and you can look it up. And check it out for itself I'm sure somebody's got that video some more. On YouTube. Let's see let's go to Dowayne -- Dwayne you're on WWL. I contacted -- and don'ts on. A little almost our outlook does stressful thing -- make it short. Blackjack Mulligan. Yeah totally atlas Ricky steamboat. Upon Eric and pretty birds now that bothered some pretty -- big feud for the longest start. Yeah that was over in the Texas. You know there. And then on to the Utah kids -- again and now they play at all. On these kids self from making big guns but they have yet. To do anything about school bully. Yeah. You know it's no part I'm I'm in the Texas area so I'm not hard this story in Corpus Christi. -- kid shot himself not too long ago. And the parents went to the news station and -- we've sent. At least twelve letters to the school board but the scoreboard down note now management of those letters that how that works. You know and and you think what did the video they came out the movie that came out last year. About bullying. And you're here all the talk about bullying. You know they say that does zero tolerance this this is one step to stop bullying. But these your kids just playing -- to five and six year old kids. Not to listen if you fail to. They'll have to focus on something that doesn't really matter at all you know instead of the real points system like cargo -- that he. They point out things that are insignificant instead of the real problems and -- A lot of people say that if they started fighting crime more than they wouldn't have to worry about. Law abiding citizens -- guns 'cause we're not the -- commit the crimes. Right so. Our poll to citizens owning guns make us more -- -- makes us more safe. EL. Actually the full adult FaceBook one time and actually put the sign out in front of my door that says my doors locked for your protection. Good point -- Thank you for the call that. I used to 26018786. Exit 89087. Is go to Preston and you meet a Preston you're on WWL. We don't do. Well -- -- lately moments in magnolia Mississippi now it'll convert the but it wanted to the Jim -- talked about the order yeah the -- is playing. General scandal well. -- follow and understand a word. Like that and fortunately it went postal. But I want to bear if you get you actually. I know I live I know he lives in Texas I don't know if he was from shell -- but I know he lives in Texas now. He's possible storms shipment but I can out there that mr. Kamal. You can Jack is indeed minister could not -- does not -- Here in Mississippi street here and he's a friend and he's been sort of trans. He actually we have been -- -- But but he does he doesn't have a church in Mississippi. In just -- -- there may be the year if you. Don't. Want want want -- and someone is taxing that his manager was kimchi. That was the team -- Baghdad and east of Lima out these little dress like -- of Oregon. Mr. -- But he is not sending Anderson great. Topic you couldn't buy -- religious -- out. Mr. emotional strength especially the audience. Objection that some little border war -- all been working and you know -- slow -- which means you expect to. You know and it was say it's such a tragedy with the Von Erich family well you know what happened in those diaries. -- they were they were at the top of the wrestling world -- -- And they were just about to branch out into bigger and better things in. You know just tragedy struck with the you know first the one the one brother committing suicide than the other ones and it is. Yeah a little that question -- wrestling world and actually you know epic -- -- Steel around the arms and the first real -- -- because they they chip that you'll hear much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But stopped in to our children. I press and thanks for Goldman. All right 26018786688908. Semi -- my ex husband thought he could show me how to do a figure four leg -- back then. He couldn't get it right so I showed him how he squeals like -- girl. Another tags Gilead. Let's see you. What I could not give up 440. Days Jack Daniels and cigars. Another person -- in the rock and roll express. Yeah I remember them. The road warriors. Hank and animal. I was actually talking animal I'm sorry and hillbilly Jim I believe stupidly Jim was WW. Now. I don't think he was there were down here was done via. Let's go to Sean in Metairie -- on here on WW well. I think turner and thanks -- Well I salute -- this sort of wherever but really -- not getting any of freeware but I bet I did. It would. Which would -- you've lived with for forty days. You could live without for forty days. I couldn't live with -- I used to live in the city. -- to just ride web -- everywhere to school to work and now I'm documentary. That they tributes that are serviced in the -- -- I would give it a true world unfortunately I can't -- don't think that there is still sitting right. Yeah. Now that that would be definitely hard. For me -- Obama -- -- so that would definitely be a long commute but by economy. Public traditional or -- Yeah there's there's that the run from there a year ever watch wrestling John. Are you lose well as the king. -- I don't know any of these guys. And other guys from the eighties. -- know. You're you know what you're the first person to mention Hulk Hogan called night that was -- for somebody mad at him. You're the first person to mention him. I literally and the undertaker. And partied. Hardy Brothers record. Yeah. -- -- I -- -- -- make a comment when you're talking about gun violence earlier you. As you commercial weeks ago but it. He talked about it so warning signs. People. Sort of speculated. Sort of author. They're it like. It was sort of zero tolerance in the schools. Notifying. Only people who. Try to. And children who we're certainly don't include being -- like for instance at the transcripts from. Okay yeah I was I wasn't trying to paint them a stereo. You know type them but that usually hear about that when they were a loner -- or the trench coats and blah blah blah but. You know there and I'm just trying to compared to -- these aren't teenagers these -- five and six -- Yeah. I think it's ridiculous. People are these kids are getting suspended. Serb rule was to build that one and should yeah they don't they don't really know any better but I don't. Their kids being kids are playing will we all -- It. I've never you know I I've played cops and robbers played soldier and a I mentioned this forum and next door neighbor grown -- who always wanted to play the war. Always with the play of war we had to be soldiers and and a -- always shoot imaginary. Bad guys. And picked up would go on and on and anybody in my. Own guns but it never picked up and anybody read it in. If if children are being punished for things like that the old feel marginalized. Invited. -- served school educators and I don't agree that it. All right John thank you for the call Flexilis -- I'm -- by 26018786. Exit 89087. He. Let's see another Tex coming in my all time favorite wrestler stone cold Steve Austin. Followed by Randy Orton the viper. And a new one right back also liked the undertaker and Kane. -- wrestling fan from way back and I'm glad wrestle mania is coming to New Orleans next year. Let's see here another Tex. Coming in at 87870. I cannot give up listening to Tom Fitzmorris for forty days. I think that's no that's not -- phone numbers so. Tom didn't -- that women. Let's see here King Kong Bundy you select the bush Wecker is couldn't give up cigarettes for forty days. Another text talking about. Aren't that fast food that fast food. Someone says police say. Meet me at our name -- a WTBS again use -- -- voice -- -- -- -- -- -- out in. Atlanta these two wrestle. At the O two is excel on late 7866 and eight nines in -- -- -- go to mark in Hammond market on WWL. Here you know. Beat the crap out of the law of the ground and he was my favorite yeah I think -- -- Romania now the draft the draft room refresh my memory he's the one used to load up the blue right -- mayor but they need to put -- mayor. He won the London had the boot was the one that used to root out -- out there -- it but was it mr. Assange who always got those two confused as a -- similar. What -- you know growing up I was but the -- I don't believe that he had outlook. Well but it analyst who. It here at the -- you know come volatile. I doubt whacked and -- the -- in the audience the body -- thought it was not immediately say that boundary yet -- you know the beauty of the if the league. -- not well liked which you don't -- though that like it. I was in Iraq we'll watch it but you know also to draw on the you know the -- there. So you. Also. Even but which Serena and don't got an engagement it would it would bring it would street -- -- my editor Arabic red carpet you know and drop the -- I could see these days you know. I'll be grounds that they you know. But -- ought to pay it back but couldn't get the product we. You know I've been trying to correct he's an outbreak at about returning people -- problems you know the ball wise. -- -- you don't audit me. Yeah. So you know I'm not I'm not the big big on sweets I don't know -- for me it would probably be. Television. Computer Internet would probably be hard. Video games probably hard to. Yeah yes I write it I can definitely give up cut the grass for forty days that I could. -- marked excellent. Another -- to mean Jesse the body Ventura up. Hammered him. Someone else what they give up for forty days I would give up eating junk food and fingernail biting for forty days the question is. What would be hard for you what could you not give up. For forty days will be the horse thing you could give up. For 4040 days as we enter the Clinton period a year for most Catholics and even appeared -- or not just speculating. What would be really difficult for you to give up for forty days were also talking about wrestling -- wrestle mania thirty if you heard the big announcement here. Today on WWL and was made with the mayor and Vince McMahon. Wrestle mania thirty will be held at the Mercedes-Benz superdome next year. -- kind of reminiscent. And looking back and it's mid south wrestling. And with spot on this was I read our national articles someone saying about. How well New Orleans has hosted Super Bowls and they posted. You know Mardi Gras and final four hours and all these other major events now we get to see how they do with wrestling. And New Orleans as a big tradition of -- wrestling events -- -- mid south was here. Back in the eighties the -- big events at the superdome as well. 260187866. -- -- nines or wait Severino the Texas -- your right to grapple had the boot. Mr. Russert to head the -- That's what he used to do and does throw him the bionic elbow. But that -- do all the fancy. Windup and then he -- -- deal bald -- would fall out. Probably one of the funniest. Wrestling or finishing moves ever let's go to Charles -- Charles Iran WWL. I don't -- fun. Just be a big news out at -- travel. Over open book typical coffee and in this. That by the reference to pick up global attention that he high school. The football field and go put in this while terms greatness -- -- -- by late teens or twenty epic. We follow and there he -- how -- -- -- yeah. You know that thing went to Jim -- Tech -- -- -- -- I can understand. You're protecting. Any debate eat solid strap these Lester hasn't stopped Fallujah. Yeah that was a that was a managers hold jobs they are really managing anybody. It's just the north part of the show they were distracting people on -- to make you know they still do that the WB either managers or just there to distract people. -- the fight -- -- Eric I was. You can just called -- to be overly broad in -- -- people and on that ticket would -- -- anyway. Keep their and that roughly you that you try not to reject it but. Anyway -- that -- Matt -- It on that match to dinner. But the -- or chew up well it's all well. It. I remember a match is -- the Saint Bernard civics that are. And -- my widget you just text me about this because we were both there. And this was. Paula warned -- against Ted DB -- this was when Paul or north had become turned the bad guys became the deal. And they were fighting each other for the mid south championship aware of the of the bill was the big built in in itself. And you know it was you come out and out want to fall of the one hour time limit. And that time keeper was this old guy. Who I mean the minute they ring the bell Ding Ding Ding and these guys walk up to the ring -- sizing each other up and grapple. He goes on the Mike. Ten minutes go by ten minutes. Into the match just it will be talking about. So three minutes later courses at ten minutes go by another ten minutes were like what the heck is going -- will this hour match lasted about fifteen minutes. Because he kept saying it was ten minutes ten minutes ten minutes. And they even made comment about it the next time they taped on TV. I think Apollo and and a -- draw an endorsement. I don't know who was keeping time that was a short is now what model. They don't look at it and get opt out of that again that acting captains cheap yeah. That would travel -- All the world is not -- used to. We're all we'd been the other two were content. But on my boat follow results on -- big cat will called -- and beans or without that incident -- the ball. Gather that there would be you know of the bigger guys and the bad guys and -- that's what -- what do you mean by babyface well. In wrestling terms the good guy is called the baby face and the bad guys -- the villain is called the -- So and tomorrow on the spot show will be Crescent City connection keep its holes the recount happen -- just waiting for the final -- that. Where do you stand on the -- told controversies. For. Or against the told joined Johnson but McConnell talked gumbo tomorrow one before here on WWL. 2601 point 786 exit eight nines -- awaits them is go to Georgia Mississippi to Georgia on WW well. -- -- -- On. Page follow it. To slightly slightly -- -- typically. It's. Probably been -- -- Missile -- it was actually try. They look like defending people. I mean nobody even in the open about it and they probably -- you are different. Are never mr. Russell three good I seem to remember mr. -- to a mister -- and three wrestling as a tag team. They looked like -- -- -- community is coming. Currently being so boat and struck. In -- it was like you did did you talk at all. Junkyard dog when it went from other customers. To these. Yeah he he lost a match with Ted DB -- where it was one of those loser leave town things. And he lost so he had to leave soon came back stagger -- You can do. And he. Should be in -- Each. Couldn't. Put into it. -- -- -- And political news and will give me -- Column. I have seen -- four. Days. In a if you will be true. Welcome to -- ought to focus on it like that diminishes. It is open to commercial. And. Dad -- Georgia thank you for the call. When we have today died 260187866. Then 89 points every -- George couldn't give up Reese's pieces for forty days we found that out. He thought mr. wrestling two and three were the same person. A -- would be kind of hard 'cause I think they did at tag team match together. I think they may have been the same person that person and maybe you found somebody to play number three I don't know. Remember them having him match his mistress in two and three. -- what was the other one. All the tolls it tolls on the presents it to connect. -- 2601878668908. -- someone talking about Jake the snake the DDT remember that was his big finishing move. Someone else their -- resting -- was the super plaques. And the Boston crab what was the resisted the F figure four leg -- I used to like that one and I used to like the via pile driver. That was always via a good move as well. Let's see George the animal Steele -- junkyard dog from the hades. He was my favorite. Let's see the southern region had by far the best wrestling. During the territory days and that's what we're talking about back in the the eighties the old mid -- territory days and in a lot of wrestlers that you guys. Haven't mentioned yet. The did make their way through. The mid south region. And some went on to be very big wrestlers and in other areas. Some -- just lot of favorites here. That people don't remember remember the a big big John stud to. He wrestled serials -- wrestled in the Georgia wrestling. Yet it up and via WW as well Magnum TA we mentioned him. Earlier on Nikolay bull cough. He started here he's had. Bitterly. The issue call that a few battles with the excellent Jim Duggan nickel -- caller for resisting the Russian National Anthem before each match in to the crowd all riled up. Don't know if you're really saying it and but it sure sounded. Kind of strange we'll be right back WWL.