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2-19 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 19, 2013|

Dave talks about the expected results of the CCC toll recount and two stories of what is wrong with people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this February 19. 2000 and there is -- -- Tuesday. Not Monday anymore learns -- man who wrote it. Now with a ER and that rain came down last night -- just dies he said -- time most people got up this morning the rain would be gone. We'd be clear now and get ready for a nice day in the mid sixties -- that's about it Andy's dispute clouds still out there other than that. Wet roads but there should be -- announced today we finally find out wow what the recount plus. The Crescent City connection -- votes will be and it's going to be real interesting and as judges not making it. Any last dispensable by not letting the media in on Saturday to find out what they were doing. And then holding the results not only Saturday not only Sunday but yesterday because the president today and federal judge federal holiday. Now today we finally find out but still the judges -- doing is exactly what time. We'll get the -- not adults. I don't have that for you reduce notably today. But you're right a lot of suspense. Could there be a surprise. In the air. One way or another gets on the today. If there will be tolls continuing. The federal appeals court -- ultimately the US Supreme Court. By. And a if this is this is the fun of elections in the fun of democracy in Iraq Israel to see how far they wanna take a -- Allen in it now works. And votes are close they can be tested in the questions. An election perfect they have what about the other side let's say for example the two it's thrown out. It and does the other side maybe take some action. And and take -- to the consulate is no matter what happened out exactly. It is definitely the Court of Appeals in US supreme -- we didn't like that recount but Stewart again. Or as some opened. You know on hanging chads and know that the development of paper now on ballot provisional -- mountain people -- not -- on the computers they mailed -- the they expand it. So in other. It's neat to see the inner workings of an election. And that it's still not perfect night that there are still questions that require judges they. Count one -- yeah. Stay tuned folks. Indeed -- posted right here at WWL AM FM and of course we'll keep mentally and evidently well now will -- the result FaceBook about it. If you sign up for our news alert an 878 Sammy just by texting the word news 878 -- Indian and following the prompts. We will text. It's in the results. Of the -- and is well you can't beat that and what efforts like by two votes or some crazy men could be and we know we don't we just down we you know as a panel lot more for gas. -- every -- is slash yes 32 days 33 now gas prices have gone. Well I'm remembered talking with darn revenue we just out in the news. Yacht and -- He had predicted I remember clearly talking about 380. May be a little higher but. At that time he was talking about April and not the end of February and it's typically when we see it and there's a flurry of explanation. Why gas prices going up earlier this year but the good news. Is that they're expected to peak. This month or next month the -- falling instead of staying and I do the sparring archive and apparently a lot of the refineries suggested there's schedules because of some slow demand. The last few months -- -- they re formulated and shut down and he does things that normally do in the spring additionally when terrorists. Added all kinds acts like -- -- -- either way obtain more for gas that's not good for any news and good. Bad bad bad bad thing. System and it very well -- if it's likely -- commitment tournaments over here and beat him and mask them and that we will get to forecast and years sports. Right after. Tonight there are still some showers down along the coast Galley on -- grand -- -- -- places like that are still seeing some rain but here in the metro area. The weather has cleared and the rain is gone but if your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast that there seeks. Ice clearing throughout the day -- that the rain is moving out a few showers around this morning especially south of the lake and in our Mississippi counties. -- this afternoon mid sixties and tonight. Thirties and forties under mainly clear skies for your Wednesday clouds increase -- but staying cool -- of sixty. Thursday cloudy skies as 70% chance for rain and thunderstorms and highs near 71. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist locked out. Right now we have cloudy skies of the international airport sixty degrees partly cloudy and Slidell and sixty degrees that west wind eight. To thirteen miles per hours still a little better rain again following. Mostly along the coast but the rest of us. And over the except for those folks over in Mississippi will be interesting things clearer -- coming up. In less than fifteen minutes we'll get the latest an Olympian Oscar Oscar historian. Sobbing in court for his bail hearing today and is the prosecutors try to convince a judge that he premeditated. His model girlfriend's murder and that he belongs to stayed behind bars until trial latest coming up. Again less than fifteen minutes here on WWL am FM and a -- you don't have to wait another minute. Easier right now. Was sports and -- he's been on good morning. Good morning Dave and the Los Angeles Lakers are mourning the loss of their longtime owner Jerry Buss who died at the age of eighty due to kidney failure. Hornets coach money Williams reflects on the man who brought showtime to LA along with ten championships. I don't know a lot of people. They're like the organization they look good out there in the main reason -- stuck with -- -- was woman who in my opinion -- founded holders this -- basketball. Coach Williams -- squad gets back on the court tonight for the first time since the all star break and Eric Gordon. Plans on returning to lineup after suffering a sprained -- shoot around prior to the hornets last game against Portland. Parents still pretty sore browser that day last week only as there was was really painful and went over with the doctors and -- just tough to play in those tough shoot the ball. And you'd just been tough for me -- brought to supply. You can catch that ball against the Chicago Bulls on 1053 FM at -- game. Well LSU groups look to continue their hot streak in Tennessee this evening. The tigers have won two at a row and that even their conference record to six and six after starting out oh in four in the SEC. Our coverage against the bulls starts at 530. Indiana retain the top spot in the AP basketball poll picking up 43 of the 651. Place votes. Miami moved up a notch to number two Balkans object jumps from five to number three. And California coach Mike Montgomery has been reprimanded by the pac twelve per shoving one of his players in the chest during a game. Montgomery will not be suspended by the conference but has received an undisclosed punishment. Confrontation happened Sunday night were among gummery yelled at star guard Allen -- for nonchalant play and then shoved him in the chest with both hands. Today a four on sports talk a little less miles give new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron the control he needs over the offense. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports -- -- just on to say it is almost -- -- people go to school at Gonzaga used three years ago where what -- -- their basketball team put them on the map to a basketball team the LSU basketball team while. After starting out oh and four in the SEC -- that. Another rough year it's still a rebuilding year new coach -- -- about it and it. But now they've got a pretty it -- there even in the SEC overall winning record and their hot right now. Heading down the stretch in February. As we get towards March Madness which as many people wondering and they make a stand and do something in the SEC tournament. -- there anyway. They make the team in the NCAA tournament. If they keep this up and like you said do well in the SEC tournament auto sear reason why they can earn a berth and in the big dance but. It all depends on the play of Johnny -- for this team and he's been averaging a double double -- I think he leads the SEC right now with eleven double doubles which is absolutely great. -- the team. A low as we keep playing well and just keep getting those w.s -- they should be able to make the tournament. It'll be interest in the see what they do in the SEC tourney some against some of the other teams like Kentucky has dropped off this year just because of injuries. Found and it'll -- they should be able to make some. How to run it's -- just a few weeks ago we don't man and it always ranked CS -- it yeah write him off forget about it he went. So LSU basketball I even if they don't make it this is definitely signs of program turning around. Definitely a difference from what you know Trent Johnson had going on here Johnny Jones seems to be getting the most out of his players. And it's much deserved because that you've been all been waiting for this LSU basketball team. To return to prominence after you know some some great runs in the past but it's been really stale place I -- -- haven't won a five mentally expecting here at Morse. -- well please him. Good deal -- -- is crap next year ago more delicate right next here but we'll talk about what are still the hornets coming haven't -- -- -- minutes -- sports with Ron -- out of the hornets look after the all star break right now we're gonna take a break and come back after -- for the year. Forecast -- all the rain out here. 5:25 good morning I'm Dave -- Our distinguished guests will come up -- -- don't speak about -- the bottom line impact we have on made cities economically. But the bottom line is. It's fun it's so much fun it is going to be fun experience -- this great city. The rock heard live here -- going to be WL I am FM and that Tom announcing wrestle mania will be coming to New Orleans for a week's worth of events. A hundred million dollars in spending expected over 125000. People from around the world. Coming to New Orleans a year from April for wrestle mania thirty you're excited about this is this good for the city. DA think this is it's the super bowl of professional wrestling. The super bowl of professionals that they caused huge event. That's coming here to New Orleans nuclear announcement or Mitch Landrieu got a with the he's actually a huge fan of prevents or professional wrestling he loves it -- Do you love it how cool is that and you got a gallery -- a participate do you want at the professional wrestling here in the Crescent City. The detects an 87831. People call the hornet stadium -- it should be called the nest. Like hornet's nest yes yes that tidbit again as we won't have to worry about any of this next year because well. The hornets will no longer be the -- they are becoming as we all now. The how can have a back with your forecast right after the your forecasts. For your Tuesday look for clearing skies throughout the day -- moving out appeared temperatures in the mid sixties this afternoon. And tonight lows in the thirties and forties state a bit chilly tomorrow clouds on the increase that keep us cool highs only around sixty. Thursday a little warmer 71 but the rain moves back end at 70% chance for rain and thunderstorms. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I mean -- just walk up -- out. Tired so -- enjoy today mostly without -- tomorrow mostly without rain -- and comes back cloudy right now the international airport and sixty degrees cloudy and sixty in Slidell the only rain the last from the overnight downpours as hugging the coast. And swing and Hanover in Mississippi the rest of us are you seeing those who hearings guys. I can and up the latest from CBS. News as prosecutors have been outlining their case. Against olympians. -- Oscar is notorious telling -- court today. But he fired through a bathroom door unlocked bathroom door at his girlfriend they're trying to convince the judge to keep them now. Until trial thing that he premeditated. Murder. Defense has been saying he's not there was records. That he was shooting to protect it now. It like as it WWL birthdays that gas prices. Up man up even -- there. -- -- applicant whether together if there's anymore rain in our report today in sports with Steve gallery as though markets gave back an active after the all star break. -- season look like. Text message an 87878. -- as a lifelong wrestling fan I can finally. -- wrestle mania in new war alliance. Doesn't -- half I wanna smell what rock's -- took gain one of wrestling fans right here. Immigrants that I gave Cohen thank you for joining us on the early edition of WWL. Offers 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the. Early edition of WWL prisoners at February it's the nineteenth it's 2003. Hand we've made -- to Tuesday. My you know holiday known moser done. And president date with. I went on mr. Abbott then it was president they all day on the radio -- and it's not the markets are closed for President's Day we you and I talked about -- snowman -- bank to close at one moment. But the mind about. Yeah yeah if I think it's a -- year holiday the president's state doesn't exist here. You know the rest of the country that everything's closed the -- school all businesses are closed now the holiday. -- now we had Marty so president does -- think that's what happens I lose a lot of trading off on the Mardi -- thing in. It's makes sense. All right now. -- sealed results. I'm recount that was done Saturday. Night portion of the votes cast in the Crescent City connection holes now. Will be presented to the judge today may I have the envelope please now that judges not making it clear if those yield results will be immediately opened if those -- results would be examined in chambers of days now witnessed -- That the suspense now it's driving us crazy. We will let you know as soon as the judge to let us now. If and when those results again to be made public. We expect that at some point. -- -- on about -- but a thriller for sure now that the long holiday weekend is over we can tell you what happened at the box office yes I've been waiting with baited -- -- do that on Monday but since it was a holiday and the rest of the country people were still going to -- movies we've -- weight of the day. Mori will try and right did Bruce Willis in the final analysis yes. It was a good day you'd die hard die hard Bruce Willis Mahan did flock to theaters and plopped down 25 million dollars on the latest Bruce Willis -- that -- you know believe that was meant for the fifth. Could that be the fifth die hard. I read that somewhere and he's trying to add a mob and he doesn't seem to aids nearly as much as some of these other aging action stars graduate degrees well. Identity thief was number one last week in minutes seconds as frequently 3.4 million contributed to that effort you got to see that -- identity if it. Mean -- it just sure looks like it is safe haven came in third. The blows to. Woman read the book and one movie escape from planner it was fourth and warm bodies game number. So. You know at the Ohio State guy looks like. Five point in the -- is that what it is used to recite a block I was like or not. Eleventh at that Cuban apparently the plan as a -- the part that makes them not yet as a lead but. Apparently as state trooper. In Tennessee wasn't familiar with it either because he pulled over a Texas couple authorized shares that it got sheriff's deputy. After seeing a buckeye -- sticker on their car. The couple tells the newspaper in Memphis that this deputy thought it was -- sticker. Old block. All right his five pointed while marijuana leaves -- seven point. Is that right the couple says they're laughing about it now after they explained of finer points of the Ohio State Buckeyes civil. The deputy. And they were able to continue on their trip on 940 in that nice when you can explain your way out is because I don't when the lights come on I'm never happy camp I don't get. And -- it was a real -- And -- said -- it was at the as a real sure probable cause the -- I don't know I'm not either and it's you can have all the faith beliefs he wanted from marijuana police cars now they're plastic cars stickers or whatever. The legal limit it to. Displayed on the way but I make a barrel on I consider this -- man we got some pot smokers here let's take a little -- see what we got if he would stop them and found him boatload of pot in meeting held up in court I don't know if that's probable cause maybe you. Copper prosecutor can text meaning it needs to call him but they -- based Blaine did and it hit the hit the wrong to have back on our way around about it man. -- the there's another danger of being an Ohio State. -- a bucket but the buckeye leaves all over the helmets of the players related to -- -- that's right idea all over the back you know it is like a marijuana -- to -- but one negative narrative about twenty minutes or first here on WW now. Lottery getting eleven Iraqi eyewitnesses -- undertake unit marred day. -- this meteorologist Laura about. So you're right a time. You told me that it was gonna rain after I went to bed. And it would stop before I woke up. And act. I heard it while I was yeah. You know in that be in between Steve we'll -- up occasionally but any rumbles of thunder I did want that couple out there and I heard it being down -- it. Now in the metro area anyway it's gone -- as. And it's been on really the metro area since about 4 o'clock -- -- it's an out of yourself. Still a wet roadways and evidence of that rain overnight but it's not actively rain anywhere until it's mark coastal areas of -- retreat grand dial. The URS as a really the only areas with a heavier rain still some maybe lingering showers -- light sprinkles across the South Shore Portland feet. And angry really areas south of the like that it's gonna dry out today and how warm weekend yet today this afternoon we're going to be in the mid sixties so looking to warm up they kind of a middle of the road temperatures like guests today. And we will see some sun that he not only do we try out but we get some sun probably by late morning. All right so most people will have a -- free hot sunshine filled day with temperatures in the sixty yeah it's it's gonna -- that rain. Over in the overnight hours and it's not -- -- -- to -- it's a school and it and so it really lucked -- force this morning all right well the -- to be dying down we had kind of breezy conditions yesterday yeah if you're expecting ST maybe -- -- ten mile an hour -- they not that windy just northwest wind bringing in some slightly drier air tomorrow. Will notice that clouds on the increase and staying cool all day Wednesday Temps in the fifties pretty much all day a case that today sunny and sixties. -- clouds increasing and fifties rights and then the rain comes back pain comes back we're talking about showers and storms Thursday it really more so Thursday. Afternoon and evening. And even into Friday it first part of Friday and I even -- a great -- its rounds Saturday and Sunday as we see another front. The stall across the Gulf Coast in brings a repeat rain chances so looks little stormy toward the end of the -- enjoy the sun today and even drier weather to. Yet something -- today is investing in and do it tomorrow not bad but not nearly eight -- -- more I have a question what would be. In upstate New York mom is in trouble with the law over her son's sixteenth birthday party. Police charged -- duty vigor. Hired two strippers. To entertain five -- -- the party T sixteen year old Adam bowling Alley and not landry's fault it was we're doing they're they're -- -- -- they caught them because the boys just couldn't contain their excitement -- things and posted the pictures all over social media and yet south Glen falls police say the investigation started after the thirty Russia they. Racy pictures of the party that were posted on line. The mom now faces five counts of endangering the welfare. Of a child. Yeah common the year there. Lasted a nominee but I don't think -- that. Now the sixteen year old may disagree that it's actually all out and -- analysts on -- And found. Sixteen years old strippers at the bowling now. I'm not knowing you can do that. Why he wanted to and play. -- -- he -- -- makers time champion had a lot of that other boys adds that he was for a brief time anyway he had. You know starting rights advocates are doing to -- -- and this on the planet of the upon all kinds of other it to get it's probably not the first time there's a problem yeah. And yank it -- -- to -- thank you Laura have a great day but now live -- -- -- Eyewitness News forecasts. Well it's -- was Steve Geller coming up next and I've got a sports. With people for you as well this war. 5 point 9 good morning I'm Dave Allen at the early edition of WWL first days -- receive these auctions and you just wonder who in the world would -- that. Now I'm gonna tell you wanted this to me has -- at wondering really ought to pay that much for that. It's our sport what would people coming up after sports. Yeah I've got about an artist you good morning Dave in Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss has died at the age of eighty duty kidney failure. Laker great Magic Johnson says the man meant a lot more to the league and franchise in just the ten championships he helped bring the Los Angeles. C actually -- -- blue go to another level because -- -- the first owner who cared about making an entertainment not just the best programs but he was a pioneer he was at the forefront of all of that. The hornets returned from the all star break tonight to host the Chicago bulls and Eric Gordon will return to the line up. The shooting guard missed the last contest due to a sprained hand which he says is still sore. They're just great was really goal you -- -- today treatments really get don't suck you back you know a good thing isn't it wasn't fracture but. You know song is not fresh W plus. You can catch -- ball all 1053 FM at 7 o'clock LSU basketball goes for their third straight win them when they face the bulls in Tennessee today. With the win the tigers will go above 500 in conference play for the first time this season are coverage starts at 530. And many have wondered whether the bizarre scandal that embroiled notre Dame's men's high -- -- have an effect on his draft stock. But don't count -- as among those the linebacker thinks that his play speaks for itself and he hopes that he'll be evaluated solely on what the NFL combine. Shows that starts later this week espn.com. Analyst -- hyper junior atomic -- Currently have -- being selected at number thirteen and number twenty in their respective mock drafts. Today a four on sports talk will less miles give new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron the control he needs over the offense. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning with exports by 51 they've gone Steve -- hang out on your radio do you think that Cam Cameron it's that -- applies all the shots and run that offense at it let's -- plays -- pretty crucial role in determining the offensive game. I think it's going to be mainly less kind of like which oil painting. Does here and Carmichael is kind of -- as a basically advising. Alum I think. But blessed miles realizes though that this offense does need to change in the news. The reason why he's bringing Cam Cameron and I think it's great that they're such good friends and if your company each other's weddings right guys are great friends. Right so he's not going to be afraid to go let's listen coach -- we really need to be. Doing this right here instead of that so it and anything less will really. Take what he has to say to heart and trust what is good friend has to say and his -- of quarters I think it's of a big plus for the tiger. -- follow our audits on our ride their back after the all star break. And well Eric Gordon. Got a play. Against the bulls and less what I was practice last that I tweeted at the picture no rap on the hand and one of the my followers tweeted back to me well until he picks up his paycheck -- hurt him again. Went -- the trade deadline that that trade deadline is actually this week Thursday at 2 o'clock. Do you think the hornets will trade. The 59 million dollar man Eric Gordon or keep him even though he still will not play two games in a row because it is fingering the Houston now rain it's. Like anything with trade markets all about the value of the player and I just don't think they'll be able to get enough back in return for what he's worth. So I think Eric Gordon remains -- Who knows what happens in the future but as of Thursday -- states and beyond -- in the hornets the rest of the season. Which your prediction on 500 and it better than 500. I could see them being a little bit of the 500 because out of the dig up 29 games left seventeen are at home which is a big plus. But I just. Don't see them making it into the playoff race will be another lottery pick. This year and had a big Mardi Gras record that the big Super Bowl road trip. So they've done that time on the road they deserve a -- yeah it was a brutal schedule -- so -- -- -- this comment on Eric -- days they played better than 500 that they'll make the playoffs and become the -- But lots of positive day again Steve we appreciated -- in fifteen minutes -- more sports here -- WWL one -- -- and -- 87870. This is wrestle mania in New Orleans this April new. Wrestle -- wrestle mania 29. Is up in New Jersey. And then wrestle -- thirty a year from April will be here in new war. Did you pay for up. Bloody sock. Sounds gross doesn't it well. They're auctioning off curt Schilling's bloody sock from on the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series and they expect. Someone to pay more than a 100000. Dollars in the on line auction. That began at 25000. Dollars yesterday. What's wrong with people who spent on dollars on a bloody sock. Of all the sports memorabilia in the world a hundred grand. That is that is -- forecast. If you lingering showers around a special the south sore this morning that clearing throughout the day. Afternoon Temps in the mid sixties that we should be mostly sunny by later today tonight. Mostly clear overnight and chilly 36 on the North Shore 45 south of the lake thick clouds on the increase for your Wednesday staying cool highs of sixty. And Thursday cloudy with rain likely developing during the day. Price of 71. But the Eyewitness News forecast center I've urologist Clark talked. I remaining rain is along the coast otherwise sixty and cloudy on both -- -- -- way. Tommy Tucker -- -- for the next four hours upon what you got not a whale of motive came out in the sandy -- elementary shooting and one of the guests that we had on. In the days those dark days after the shooting. Was on it I'm -- automatic -- just want to out do another mass murderer. What what about if also numbers indicate one in four women owned guns in the US is the lady in your life -- -- need a gun to protect your family and we'll also talk about this. Incident and a guy on a plane -- and a nineteen month old toddler column in the N word. Because it was crying have you ever corrected another person's kid and -- would you. -- slap my kid. It dawn and I don't recall it was big guy so this old man's lucky that the worst he got was fired and arrested. He's -- and have a great Tuesday.

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