WWL>Topics>>2-19 9:10am Tommy talks to John Maginnis about the 2016 governor's race

2-19 9:10am Tommy talks to John Maginnis about the 2016 governor's race

Feb 19, 2013|

Tommy talks to political analyst John Maginnis about a poll on a hypothetical match-up between Sen. David Vitter and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you David wanna get right you are against John Maginnis. Publisher of two books -- -- rioting across to vary also publishes Louisiana politics weekly in email newsletter and he's our -- to go to when we talk about all things -- it relates to Louisiana politics in morning John you -- -- aren't. -- saved -- flop politics weekly politics and I had it on grow. That in alone -- he's he's he's he's straightened out but it is up politics we've got a great -- too because it's all about the right thing -- if you only get to the right. Saying this -- yet. LA law politics not count Vietnam the let's talk about this survey that's out new bullets out their interest in talks about it Ohio hypothetical match up between mutually Andrew and now. And US senator David -- And -- pretty close race. Would say that group is unknown public policy polling numbers -- a bit left the group. And also the samples if you broke it down -- 54% of people deserve -- for Romney for the present for the president that's a little bit tighter and the real thing so they have them maybe you look -- -- democratic it's people. Not a much. But it shows is that that those two would be that you dominant politician depictions -- in either party. -- for the -- -- the governor's office and Antoine depicting. -- my answer is John if you will in terms of push poll learn attempt to influence anybody who would would there be any agenda behind this -- not a not a. Thanks so by -- you know maybe the sample was visible at all. Ridiculous and that sort of put -- -- and that is felt like the view and an example one that -- have -- the person it is about party. And yes you know early in your conversation with the response so you don't culvert with Scott question leading up to that. And it take it is polls like that Google but it also -- automated. -- So people were just listening to you know a computer. -- given the questions -- question -- There was another poll out last week percent of the medical side anyway they actually call people that in match of those two. -- rural Ohio a bit more simple word you could actually get some on the phone and talk to them. -- is more more challenging these days with the use soap and let them do heartland. I got a bunch collections and and I'll try to keep me in order but if at any point is something you wanna pop in with please feel free. In terms of David -- running for governor. Whether or not he would want to and I think he's used to use a phrase earlier at the ultimate prize. Com. Maybe I'm wrong about what they did David theater. Could beat -- Robert Byrd from Louisiana 51 entity get elected senators long as he wanted -- So the question the role as a David there's always been a legislator. State legislator. US congressman. And senator and people that the Siemens executive parole limit him -- not feel that he's the right fit for that. But anti riot in -- he's gaining more influence and clout in the senate and east. Particularly speaking out more on these issues immigration of course there. Businesses and BP and he seemed pretty comfortable doing -- but you know the same time that the bulk of that decision to leave Republican. For governor you do full glued to -- and Ottawa rough and don't worry if you let it. So stay there. He immediately let people just assume that you could be the people who -- the leading guy -- his options say right now to it is is that you would run or not. But he he -- he wouldn't take his name out of consideration. At this point that would kind of created a year. Avoid and you know and other people would be competing for so that's. No point doing that but yeah I think you ride. I'll -- think Bittermann people comfortable role as senator but he'll make that decision about running for governor probably you know couple years from now. And also gives him power right now right and long and he sits on this morning already wields. Yeah and it -- step -- evening involvement state politics more especially in the legislature he did that last year and those who would kind of -- -- Governor Jindal from the right. And I probably just enjoys -- and so. So articulate keep it to his hand in in state politics even while -- you know his rule books so what's going on Washington. Now in terms of -- land drew a couple of questions I have -- statewide if he chooses to run for governor does is sister being a senator. Help him or hurt him. As -- it is questions realizes that too many Atlantans question and it is it is always out there and you're right I'm not sure. Whether it will order not to and negotiators are on election to deal with next year so -- He -- to view we have two elections and Mitch and Mitch is running for reelection early 2014. His sister is all of 2014. And you know they outcomes of those. Partly as a -- and when he does he and he is. So probably the only major -- Can remember that that he went and media statewide appeal and so that may come from from his sister but he is -- -- right known around the states. Is the the Democrat but but he. Bookmark a middle road Democrat. So when a commercial a lot of issues is known to -- in a good manager and you know assuming the via the -- situation losses. You know doesn't get a whole lot worse. He he probably view. He would be need be but far away as the. Strongest Democrat that he if you -- -- -- 112050. You know I don't think any of the major democracy get into the race so that's one thing -- that the Democrats might have more unity. -- form right now than the Republicans were more. Open question of others of guess who -- Iran and might might still an even better runs like lieutenant governor. Agricultural commissioner Mike strain then. And you've -- Senator -- law and active issues or Republican Long Island new twist on on the long -- well John Kennedy. It's I can and do he has certainly. He's decide whether India. Want to run for reelection a run for governor TV shows -- really do it and in Poland is a very little negative -- He's very strong month conservatism has put observers as the Al -- -- that they've -- probably he was Kennedy probably more. Affected. -- decision because they they really can't share. Base them on fiscal conservatism and if reconsider -- can be less likely to -- editor and currency Kennedy would be more likely from. -- -- well known around the state because he was lieutenant governor but that brings is so the question of those letters behind the name and Louisiana trending. Very Republican would make -- have a chance as a Democrat. Probably be loaded. You know we Soviet results of the presidential race for production when we were. Four years ago but overall the state does this still love strongly democratic under current. In this state and with the right. Candidate. A lot of the people toward Democrats would vote often for Republicans might be more likely displayed at home. You know Louisiana's polluted river destruction in. National elections and certain. War in state elections too but there's you know visit as. Ebb and flow of that in politics in cycles. And that the Democrats view they may be coming into this cycle where they may. The chances by appealed the better in the work past governor's race -- Governor phrases you you ignited in really an effective. Democrat run well. I think you'd have to be there in a coma or a cave not take knowledge of Bobby Jindal has. An agenda for national office and and this latest polls shows at that maybe that agenda might be affecting his popularity rating here in the state. She ended and from that it is popular written statement the affecting his. Viability. You know national. So that was the story in Politico. About that his low poll ratings and and and more you know. Well opposition to him here in Louisiana and so it was that kind of gets out of the mine because his. You know his viability is as a potential presidential candidates effect -- -- not popular in his own state. That's it on one to beat on the day should. And in Huffington got the message now yeah -- we'll probably see him more. -- now on the state in and attraction to to build because he has some. Controversial things coming up in the legislation season trying to appeal. The income tax increase sales taxes that that you easily dispersed popular. Of -- down from 5837%. And Al province data. Was an -- that let the state medical society paid for the with a call people. And there it was like his approval -- 46 to forty days later and I would place little more. Patent on a little bit ago and -- reasons for approval rating but. He think he is on the war for the first time in his career and I think it's. As as attention. Will something that surprised me and a hypothetical match up for president they had Hillary Clinton didn't. Jindal 48 to 45 in his own state did he can -- right. Well eighteen we've talked about certain three years away. And that many. Reflects somewhat on uses his you know people not to have had with him right now but. You know I wouldn't place -- stock of would be amazed if that -- if so or a short. Is -- -- hasn't -- -- -- -- you know if you look at it there they say the two biggest sports what Louisiana football and politics at it we're betting on this one and I've made some bad football that's LT Jindal for Clinton if we put. Product -- that just on Jerusalem on the patent such that anything in this news update they query you know. And victory is of course is currently it is election -- -- Medina always whenever you have a. Obviously that the Bible is still warm from the and governor because 1% in terms of people radio talk about who's gonna run next this year's. Sport in this city will be talking more rules on 1215 Israel. What kind of Republican challengers is Mary Landrieu likely to draw. What I think general our in the he has. Could be -- strongest -- Congressman bill Cassidy and and is it is been talking about it too and in John Fleming. So up but I predicted maybe you won't be one strong public he's not in the seat three aborted -- Republicans really payment of this city. Which he got Tony about the Crescent City connection recount. -- -- -- but until we -- it off of borrowed Cologne well do in the region what does it mean who was I guess I. That's not -- it's interesting John I can't thank enough I hope we talked to begin a lot of politics dot com how to do you do it right -- thank you sir appreciate it.