WWL>Topics>>2-19 12:10pm Scoot speaks with WWL callers about social media

2-19 12:10pm Scoot speaks with WWL callers about social media

Feb 19, 2013|

Scoot speaks with WWL callers about social media and how everyone is their own paparazzi.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sometime this hour. To give you a chance to win some tickets to see Eric Clapton arguably the best guitarists ever. Great songwriters. -- semi not a classic voice but certainly a classic rock icon. Eric -- coming to New Orleans to New Orleans Arena on -- I'm sorry excuse for -- this hour we get a chance for you to win tickets -- I don't think there's nothing out -- -- prophetic about the fact that here. In my career as a talk show host I'm still giving away tickets. To rock concerts. -- the baby boomers are now the establishment so he listening for and. The and the song -- -- in the -- Eric Clapton delisting for a little clip of -- when you hear that if you're the -- caller. A give out the number of a UN a pair of tickets to see Eric Clapton march 23. We just heard in the news about this -- this woman. Who I is in trouble now because she is she hired strippers for her sixteen year old's birthday party and out at a bowling Alley. Here's a text. Scooted by a -- want the name of the mom who ordered the strippers for her son's birthday. Wanna see if she will adopt me here's what we're talking about today if you have a FaceBook page or Twitter accounts you have. Following the definition of a celebrity is a person who is known by a number of people. By definition that would make everybody with the FaceBook or Twitter account. A celebrity. And if you have a following what could you call the following. An audience. And have you noticed that people have become their -- paparazzi. Taking pictures of themselves to report to their fans their followers their audience. -- Whatever they do -- I don't think there's anything wrong with this and I do it. It's just interesting how we can now look at ourselves and realize that FaceBook get things like FaceBook and and and Twitter. Have given us the power to become. Our own celebrities. And here's another. Interesting thing that has happened with phones with with with cameras and and and video cameras. Are you so busy taking pictures or video. That you actually miss a lot of what's going on. I noticed this morning -- night terrors in the media suite on the balcony of the rest of us on perpetrate. And I'm taking pictures to send out on my Twitter account which is scoot. WWL. And also sending us some pictures for WWL radio that Twitter account. And I'm so busy taken pictures and then a -- amounts and get in -- tweets that I'm I'm I'm thinking. I'm really actually missing this moment. Are we so busy capturing the moment that we actually. Missed the moment. Now I'm not suggesting that you don't take pictures but I think sometimes people become too obsessed with taking pictures or. Or videos. And they actually. Missed the moment if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about today are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And -- -- amber is a 7870. He recounts on the vote on the Crescent City connection -- has been upheld the tolls will continue -- going to be talking about that and show. Which begins at 1 o'clock today here into the W help also while blood on his golfing weekend. The president was alone the President's Day weekend in Florida playing golf with Tiger Woods the First Lady in the kids were on a ski trip. Is it good for couples to take separate vacations. Do you -- or have you ever gone on a trip with. The voice or the girls without your spouse or Parker and do you regularly go out alone or with friends. And what do you think that's good for a relationship. Personally and it is good for relationship in the time since I've either had been married. Or in a long term relationship sixteen years and there were many times when. I would go out on my donor immediately she would go out on her around because I'm sure she couldn't wait to get away from from me. -- number of reasons. But I just always thought it was it was good to maintain your independence of who you are never lose your your personal identity. And sometimes couples grow together to the point where if they they're like molded together and they they lose their identity and I think it's at some point in your. In your life few rebelling against that and if you're able to maintain your individual. Identity over time in a long term relationships or marriage -- the long term relationship and I just seems like it would be it would be better. Have you or do you take separate trips and is their total trust when it comes to taking a separate trip. To join our show with a comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And XX number is 87870. We've also talked about whether or not the the media has a legitimate complaint here. Because the white house press corps is complaining that they didn't have more access to President Obama. During his golfing outing Sunday. With Tiger Woods. And I guess again your impression of that is going to could be formed by your political ideology. If it was president's George W. Bush you might defend -- you might criticize President Obama. If it's Obama doing it you might defend it if it was George W. Bush or Republican president doing it. You might be critical but. The media. I believe have plenty of access to the president but there is there is this deal. And a lot of people don't notice. There's a deal between. Every White House not just this White House. But every White House. And the press -- And the deal is. You you have to -- these somewhat in line. With your questioning. -- how you cover the president or you lose access. To the White House. And the White House determines whether or not you get access. So don't think that's the president's. Any White House any president and the press corps are kind of in cahoots with each other to some degree. Now is that enforcer for the American people yes but there there are enough journalist and there -- enough outlets. For the truth to ultimately. Hopefully. I come out. And if something does come out from not necessarily the mainstream media but if something does come out and and it is is part of the news. Then it is eventually picked up by the White House white house press -- I'm not concerns about me bit there's there's no question that for a long long time too many presidents. There's been an attempt to control of media but I don't think the media are control to the point where we have lost freedom of the press in this country. -- do you think the white house press corps has a legitimate concern about not covering the president's Sunday while he's playing golf with tiger was and taking. There was a pool reporter they are so they were pictures of it we would ask you want. And he can't the president whoever he is or one day whoever she is can't the president of the United States. -- time alone to play golf and not be exposed to the public all the time. Through the media. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. -- -- 787 years -- -- -- -- good it's going to be a concern of government's controlling the media it's the lack of knowledge about who owns and controls certain news entities. And what their motives might speak. The good example Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch. One of the most unscrupulous men in the world and millions of Americans use fox news with unwavering. Blind faith as their sole source of information it's scary if anyone wondered why Fox News didn't cover the oil spill as Bush's other media. They only need to look at Rupert Murdoch's investment. We're also talking about zero tolerance in our schools have this mentality should change I'm screwed in fort Garland and we will be right back on WWL. Good afternoon I'm screwed in Florida Garland graduates here's an update on our WW old party jaguar opinion poll. The president and the First Lady did it this past presidents' weekend should couples take trips without their spouse or partner 65%. -- Yes and 35% say no. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL it's icon and there's always something new at our website if you had been missing Garland Robinette he's been dealing with some horses. He will be back soon Garland may not be talking. Three hours to take a WWL but he's still thinking check out to the latest think tank in the Blogosphere. Believe it or not I'm with -- Jindal on this one and you can find that. And a lot more about their Cam Cameron who is -- has -- right fit for Ellie she was offensive coordinator a big chief Deke Bellavia talks about that. And also is the clock ticking for Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert sounds off about that. All of anymore and our website WWL. Dot com. The -- blog today is entitled to Y zero tolerance policies are bad for America and you can read that under our opinions on our. Our front page search I was policies are are bad for American and and American schools are robbing children of innocent activities. They have always been part of of of being a kid. Advil Tylenol might call up -- elevated to the level of cocaine and meth as far as a drug is concerned. That's ridiculous. To treat kids pretending issued each other as a real threat is. Is absurd. A policy of no tolerance for weapons led to an eight year old boy in Rhode Island getting in trouble in his grade school. The boy brought. Nearly a dozen M fourteen army rifles. To his school in Coventry Rhode Island. He was chastised. By the principal. They were two inch tall. Army soldiers. You know that classic. Schoolhouse Franco of slapping Arabs kick me sign on -- classmates back. Well is no joke in New York a precise school. Where the school's. Zero tolerance policy against anti bullying. Was strictly enforced. And a nine year old boy who was suspended for putting a kick me sign. And it's classmates. The upstate New York school superintendent who suspended an eagle scout for twenty days for keeping a two inch. Utility knife locked in his car. Was unwilling to talk to the teen's family. And is still standing by his ruling. The school's superintendent Indio Lansing -- central school district -- George Goldwyn. 55 years old in a written statement said that his district has an established policy of zero tolerance. With respect to the position the possession of weapons of any kind. On school property. Or in school buildings. A two inch utility knife the kid is an eagle scouts. Doesn't it occur to you that something is wrong here with this zero tolerance mentality. Originally applauded as. A definitive approach to making schools safer for all young children. These policies have led to unnecessary suspension of -- innocent kids doing innocent things. At a Maryland elementary school six year old suspended recently for making a gun gesture with his hand and aiming at a classmates and saying. Powell. A father was arrested after his four year old orange to a picture of a gun to school. Shooting rubber bands in school have have led to disciplinary actions no but -- Arrest not just being -- shooting nobody's gonna support shooting rubber bands in school but. Don't equate that with any kind of serious threat on other students. Zero tolerance drug policies in schools have led to the suspension students caught with Ed Miller might go on school grounds. In Portland Oregon a high school a student was expelled. Because he -- a teammate attract practice that. Innocent prank and that's an innocent prank it. Should this shouldn't be reprimanded absolutely. -- the student be punished yes but he expelled from school for meet for morning. Teammates. -- practiced. Here's the problem. The active moaning was defined as sexual harassment. If you really think that is like coming on to somebody. You really think that equates with real sexual harassment and that's the problem with -- zero tolerance policies. -- They elevate such innocent -- up to a level where they're considered to be a serious. Detriment to the school and the safety of the students in the school and it really distracts from the things that are really important. They're really candy sexual harassment on a high school campus but not morning somebody. Following the tragedy to sandy hook elementary school in their Connecticut America is being played with him you irrational fear that everybody is a potential threat. Of course we need to be efficient. But this irrational fear it's running through our nation has been growing for a long time many years before this recent tragedy. Zero tolerance policies have been robbing children of innocent activities that as far as I can remember have always been part of child's -- A third grader was suspended for drawing a picture of a soldier holding a canteen and a knife. Now equating. Something that was probably nothing but innocent patriotism with some kind of potentially sinister plot against fellow students. Is an embarrassing function of a society in the school system that obviously can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. I remember drawing pictures of soldiers holding guns and knives. As an elementary school I gonna draw pictures of both soldiers. Dead. But those actions were motivated by an innocent attempted fantasy and we're never interpreted at that time. Is an actual threat. I realize the world has changed. I'm. Far from ninety. But I'm sure you can recall countless things the -- when you're in school. It were not viewed as a thread then but would be viewed as a threat today and actually might lead to your suspension. Zero tolerance policies remove the human factor from judging human behavior which can never be reduced to predictable mechanics. This zero tolerance mentality that has spread like wildfire throughout our society is further proof that. Americans will desperately jump at ridiculous solutions to difficult problems and then develop a false sense of security that they've somehow solve the problem. So let's work on solving real problems. Rather then coming up -- -- feel good solutions that allow us to quickly move beyond a tragic moment. You know America has lost something precious when. Kids can no longer be kids. Can you think of something like I did I drew -- pictures of of soldiers and dead embed people people dead. Do you think if something that was innocent at the time that you did his school that would not be tolerated today. Fairly recently and Colorado in the Denver area a student was suspended because he pretended to throw a grenade. Can you think it's something you do when you were in school. That today might lead to suspension. And do you support. Zero tolerance policies. Or do you agree neither of these zero tolerance policies the hard to say the least out of control and robbing us of of equality that we have a child like quality that kids have. They should be able to exercise that. Bad instinct. And again I think if you suppress. If he's depressed kids too much ultimately. At some point they're gonna rebel. And they might rebel in a negative way. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And -- -- number is 878 Stephanie I'm scoot him for Garland and we will be right back with more of your comments after this study WL news update with Steve Cohen. Asking them to think about songs we used to -- Clerides about things like burning the school -- -- now pool you know my eyes have seen the glory of the burning in -- Gloria -- -- the -- with gasoline -- and interact with -- hey congratulations to the a state of Mississippi they have finally have ratified the thirteenth amendment which officially. And it's slavery. Don't know whether this went through a nice quick very recently the state of Virginia. -- Was trying to decriminalize. Living in sin. The state was trying to decriminalize. Co habitation. See that has has changed over overtime in the fifties and sixties even into the seventies it was unheard of to live with somebody I was living in San. Well because the generation that you know started communes in the whole hippie thing in free love and all that stuff in the sixties. Wasn't the establishment. Content now that generation is the establishment and as time goes on as we evolve as a culture as we evolve as they're a species on this planet. I'm -- view of things changes. And living together is it no longer carries a stigma with a -- it he wants kids so I I hope Virginia has gone through with it or hope they go through it. And it just to -- decriminalizing. You know calamity could you you'd -- you'd hate to be arrested for -- happening. Quit your girlfriend. Or boyfriend and then you end up in jail was somebody who committed murder and -- that just doesn't seem fair to me. I'm screwed in -- Garland one of the things we're been talking about today's if you have a FaceBook page or Twitter account. You have a following and by definition that would make you and celebrity. Following the audience of fans people become their own paparazzi. Here's XX series I sort of felt like a celebrity on FaceBook because my brother is a local celebs. And I was his manager. We even challenged each other on who would Max out with friends which is 5000. Well of course he won he reached 5000 friends in less than eight months. Me three months later. I'm still -- three years later. I'm still at 3100 LO well I'm really on FaceBook and never started a Twitter account because he just felt like too much to keep up list. I hear is attacks when it comes to -- vacationing separately should couple's vacation separately when you married or you additional long term committed relationship. The president and the First Lady did it this past weekend you set a mouthful of trust in the relationship. You know that's one of the things that we should be able to -- to give each other by 39 I know a lot of people that it had no trouble with that it's not overtime minutes he you'd think that that would be something that we can give and if you. If you haven't given trust and relationship in the past then you look yourself in the mirror and be honest enough and and it just. Give their trust in -- and and if you don't want to be trusted if you if you. Don't wanna be faithful than just you know move on have the courage to actually do what you need to do to. To move on is it takes about zero tolerance maybe they should put a zero tolerance on things that matter like priest touching children. I -- is another text they had a child suspended because he was playing guns with his hands and fingers. On the playground. Yeah that is so common these days and think about how many times you may have done that. When you were a kid I mean. I mentioned earlier I went on many shooting sprees on the school playground and in my neighborhood. When we were playing as kids. I realize the world has changed. But he shouldn't change so much that kids can't simply be kids. And every once in awhile I think something gets out of control it's time for us to look at ourselves. As a country. Now the baby boomers are the establishment it's time for us to look at ourselves sometimes in quite often I admit I am hostile witness to my own generation. It's time for us is sometimes recognize that wait a minute. This might seem like it's right but it's really not right. I think there's just something inherently wrong with our removing the human equation. That's one of the problems I have with the VP of the red lights and red light cameras. Because inevitably there is this moment there's this there's this threshold. That if somebody's there washing it. It doesn't really look like you were trying to run a yellow light or red lights. But based on speed and traffic and where you are the intersection based on based on the physics of driving. There could be that moment when it's better to go through the intersection. Then not go through the intersection. And every human we're judging that it would be judged. And on offense. But yet the camera is so technical and removes the human equation. From making that judgment. That even though that might have been the safest thing to do with the time. You're busted. If you wanna join our show a comment about anything were talking about this afternoon our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688 -- nearly seven in our text number is. A 7870. If you like a pair of tickets to see -- -- that in concert New Orleans Arena march 23. -- you call right now. Eighth -- at 260. 2609467. It's. Color. Think it's good to see Eric Clapton and I'm shooting for early and we'll be right back on WWL. And our congratulations. To Brenda told -- she has won a pair of tickets to see Eric Clapton concert New Orleans Arena. March 23. Valued at 124 dollars. Now you can listen all this week for your chance to win and you could also win by going to our web site WWL dot com. If you become a big talker you can register to Wear and tickets and have your tickets are one lucky winner. We'll be picked at random from all the online entries -- that will be on Friday. A February 22 tickets are on sale right now at Ticketmaster dot com. And good luck from all of us at WWL I'm -- in fort Garland -- talking about zero tolerance and how ridiculous it has -- it has gotten. I existed in the makes me cringe everytime I hear about some some kid doing something really innocent and getting suspended or even expelled from school. I hear is it's a text the reason is -- I can see schools outlawing the game tag. Because when you tag another student they will say that is a battery committed against the student too far gone agreement that. And here's a text tapping a fellow. Tapping a fellow. A football player. On the blight and saying good job could not be considered sexual self -- could now be considered sexual assault. Yeah exactly why not and you know it's ridiculous stunted and -- I was much event of an athlete. In high school. But if you do that today why wouldn't that be technically considered based on zero tolerance why wouldn't -- technically be considered something that would be. Inappropriate. Activity. I here's a text I'm not at school but add jobs in 19801981. Vendor would give neck -- this I told him I didn't like it. Manager said I better not say that's manager told me it would be good for my career and job to date sign. Finally quits and was told I wasn't a team player. Interestingly. Managers husband. Was a judge. Here's a text boy I would be -- no juvenile hall if I was a kid today pranks throwing out paper balls. A week plastic swords. Laser pointers to make the class giggles on the teacher's back was turned it calls slot. I was clearly a danger to society. I -- -- under the WL. I screwed up big. -- thank -- so stupid. I -- children act out what they shady and what they had drug by watching an -- day you've got car chase and you've got. Criminals cherished. The police you've got all of these banks and sure sure to lectured him. Cowboys and Indians over and over an -- we had comic well and we have all a bit strange and everything related to the change that we play. All these children are do -- we only used when you talk about it probably never had a -- trying to make some of these were all just complete finished -- Well zero tolerance should bother all of us because it totally removes the human equation from judging you in human behavior and we talk on imitating these things and you know. It's just instinctive for kids to imitate some of the things they see. Now it's up to parents to be fair to say. Well this is not appropriate in real life this you already know you can play but it was really up to parents to. T kill you from street -- -- CNN and reality. Exactly right -- -- -- and you can't glitch shall they are children forgotten this site I'm. That they kick on the today. Go go. All of these department stores like Wal-Mart target elegantly and -- reached -- toys that are well what should be our young the other you know all shale. -- moving the ball -- programming from cheap beer. And now don't have anybody that usually whether. You know. And I saw an anti in the argument or the yard argument could be made that the news can be quite violent as well. I'm glad -- -- -- show thanks listening to WWL. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 26 -- 1878. Toll free 86688. Nines early seventy text numbers 87870. Here's a -- recent 55 years old. This is a song we sang his school and that would get you expelled today. Glory glory hallelujah teacher hit me with a ruler stood behind -- with a loaded 44. Now she don't teach no more. -- You know I remember that effect that it was last year when school was letting out we were talking about some of the songs that we used to. -- the -- school that would never be tolerated today I realize the world has changed. But that doesn't mean that we have to change to the point. We we can't use common sense. And we can't be human and allow kids to be human. If we can't recognize the difference between fantasy and reality. Then. We're not on the right track. I'm -- in for Garland -- cause more of your text are coming up next here's our WW authority. -- opinion poll should couples take trips with -- their spouse or partner. The first couple -- this past weekend the president on President's Day weekend went to play golf with Tiger Woods. And his wife and their kids who it says skiing in there and amounts. Should -- couples take trips without their spouse -- partner give us your opinion by going to WWL I come to give an update on that when we come back. Times go to him for Garland hands this is -- WL. There's another song we can. This town nice -- on the right. School's out -- goes on forever. -- in songs like this songs. Alice Cooper. Blowing up school. School being out over. -- on like that was written today and yet the very generation that grew up with this kind of music and these kinds of -- the very generation -- grow with that. Is the exact generation that is judging a young generation today creates. Lyric content. I hear is a text my how times have changed dude I grew up in the early seventies and we had a rifle range in the basement of my school. We shot real -- 2.2 caliber rifles in gym class all the horror. I here's -- -- Obama should be taking a vacation. And all he needs to be a sorting out this country. Again. There will always be criticism and support the president's for taking vacations and when they take vacations. But if you're honest with yourself it's based on your political ideology. Who you actually -- criticized. Hi if our country is indeed broke. Then I think presidents should I get the time that they need to to relax so they can make sensible decisions I mean this is a physiological thing among humans. They don't get -- to get some time away -- relaxed so you do have a a clear mind. But I would show restraint. If if I were president I'd like to think that I would and I'd like to see a president that would show some restraint when it comes to. Some of the exorbitant things that presidents have an opportunity to do. Here is -- I Texan Reid says -- wouldn't tiger be considered a bad influence. With the cheating that he is time I wonder if -- if there if the media are depressed or the white house press corps which is now criticizing the president and the White House. For not having more access. During his their round of golf with tiger was I wonder if that has more to do it affected it was. Was Tiger Woods. They've had been Bubba Watson might not have been a big deal but when you consider who Tiger Woods is seeded who might have been and considered a bigger because they wanna get pictures of the Tiger Woods and the president maybe there should go see somebody sent a text earlier. Maybe -- the president was getting tips from tiger now we're talking about Obama. Not Bill Clinton. Here. Is. A Texan reads another one from my generation I'm Tony for is. I hope I held off to school we go we hang grenades and razor blades hi ho hi ho I did my teachers toe. And she bit me back. That dirty -- hi ho hi ho. What I think our they show producer Allison Janney a studio producer mark Bernard and maybe -- he has been on the -- today. I suppose coming up next the the recounts on the vote on.