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2-19 5:10pm Kristian Garic & Bobby Hebert talk to Sean Kelly

Feb 19, 2013|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk to the Voice of the Hornets Sean Kelly about Hornets basketball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome in now. The voice of the New Orleans Hornets on Kelly it's a big one coming off the break -- Sean. Actually is or isn't re establishing momentum because you want or I'm going -- the -- actual street. It figures to carry over after 45 days off. -- -- -- Enlighten me. When you look Anthony Davis the big game obviously. A rookie of the year type game going into the all star break. When you talk about number of minutes. Oval what is money Williams coach money when this thing in as far as the amount of minutes Kuznetsov. And I don't have an answer I don't know man action on Cali. Like how many minutes. Like would. -- when Anthony Davis they wanted to play more so what is the reasoning behind that. Well I think that coach was worried less about minutes is journalism that is as he is more worried about. Situations or other Japanese have a decent slider into the Spurs actually well with regard to -- years of Anthony Alabi at an idea of the big game I think I think two things factor in that or beaten pretty -- off but he had two bad performance is going here and I don't think it hurt that. Damian Miller who's got the all rookie of the year attention was in the building they get -- -- show. That young man and so I think those groupings record and having him having a good game. Now I think you know big big motivation each Michael played more minutes that he's producing like he did against Portland near the -- but. I didn't really think it's a person to a national endorsements so much where. He's going to get that done and and and coach illegal -- rotation down the stretch of a game or it could be a match situation cannot eight. I think it you have to play it late because because of boots are no that that from mine is really really -- Chicago and so on Anthony and and Robinson really -- below the right. Now a -- speak in a Robin all the basketball that you vote witness. Do you think going forward and and now -- now the pelicans and the evening -- -- starting senator. Do you think he's he's definitely a role player are an NBA player but it. You think going forward that he can be a starter or you'd like him maybe coming off the bench more. For me body interest is too early to tell. Well destroy what a real basketball mind that would -- body Williams and obviously uses or he told me I really like my starting front line meaning. -- present Davis. And we're we can go with them down in the Rose Bowl are you on the province first chance to be a starting center I think that we're -- seeing the fruits of playing starters minutes to the first you know just over 20% of the season so I think that there are OK with the long term future back in them together you know -- light up and you ignored the sanctity. Double -- story in the last nine and she beat Italy at the minute load OK after a little lull there. In -- Chandler so right now I guess you know. I'm out but I'm always humbled that cynical collapse happened economic I'll wanna see more before that and the coaching great. That this is this is an okay apple regard or in -- Visiting with Shawn -- the voice of New Orleans Hornets their back in action after the all star break tonight at home against the Chicago Bulls and a signed -- trade deadline looming it is -- is -- Theres going to be kind of movement for the Hornets. You know -- it's hard to tell. I think it's going to be quiet and on an -- with just one that's but I think for whatever reason tomato a third Euro could have a real quiet -- on the trade deadline here. You know as we can call trigger more and more rumblings and of course -- groups high and inside -- -- all the you know Twitter videos and see a lot of -- could probably get the water in the next 24 hours but. Something tells me that is going to be kind of quiet because you want to look at teams that have a chance to contending for a championship. Those are the ones that they'd be trigger a bigger move and so if you look at each of those teams -- Clippers he'd. Under most all the poems seem. Ready beast to stand pat at this point the Clippers have made noise about pot which picking up a guy like Garnett I'd I'd. I don't see it happening but it doesn't accept the Clippers do you like -- -- or more he's got. All the other contenders right now I just don't I don't see either of them wanted the change of what. What legal obviously they've been going well and shouldn't go for the post season. There may be some other minor cut the deals and and and maybe got involved or -- Yeah I just I don't -- -- right now and I've been surprised before and I know it just yeah I'm going to be nothing but that's much. Now our Sean along those lines you know yeah you look at Garnett then and this is a local interest -- Granger with the Pacers. And and all of a sudden Georgia's an all star can they co exist so what you. Is that a possible. You know they'll move grange general I think -- with the Jazz I was reading. Is that and they also in the -- mean. It can be. -- -- the stretch or you're not young man and that's what I just. How would you is that recurring injury at the moment he's he's what thirty years old I think he's on the outside of -- political career Aaron. No one's really sure yet about this century city -- extent -- the injury at this point so you know it on the scene looking to acquire him. And an open and they can explain -- -- -- that that's probably say at least in the eyes so. And it didn't blow but I can't see it being a major move or impact move regardless she's. Now I -- the last four -- you go when you look at Goran and and people of actually this. And you speculate you know when the a team player not in. You look at the availability. Before all star break in and Goran is not on the bench and he's nowhere to be found. In how that lasts a minute I guess scratch if you wanna call that. But I mean a lot of fans that they look at that is just and not do it for the team concept is a bad attitude. Yeah you know Bob and -- on this and and you play at the highest levels so they get the question back to -- I guess I'm more of a of -- let me see what is it do for you were able to be on the floor. And all the stuff that goes around when he can't play whether it be injury or whatever I just forgot to point out right and really care -- And I know that sounds kind of weird but. You know you'd you'd get guys say a lot like what you warms up for. You know like a what do you know he part to cardinal players and doesn't really matter all I care about what he when he's back -- -- and he's getting closer. Is to get -- when your game. Is Victorian you know 3234. Plus minutes and I got the stock I'd rather evaluate I know is that the -- -- extracting that was -- A freak and think that this morning you want to sugar conscious bodies and -- -- sudden start the next -- and -- we were two months. Almost -- over yours yours so we'll see I think now Woolsey you know. -- -- those -- -- really finishing up what has been and an injury riddled the year strong and and -- will give most all we need to know regardless he wants to do in the future that's stop on the floor as well look at -- the stuff. Shaun -- -- -- voice of the world wants wants a big week for them the Bulls tonight at seven and on Friday -- the Dallas Mavericks dumbed down and then on Sunday Sacramento some relate. A week of great action looks like for the for the points. No -- -- the start as a whole lot of home games coming up earlier today but we've been home games in March. You know. Mention it to c'mon -- achievement and and to attract opponents in my obviously -- on the Lakers still have to come here. Golden State who I really like it is easier to counsel what we're seeing obviously Chicago the night as you mentioned -- front. There's the sort of they could be the best time of the year for us as basketball. On -- -- and against quality. Yeah as soon rubles over now the hardest to get in a winning streak -- in that arena will be packed. I hope so body earlier today your period of the sun was out which seemed weird to me I don't haven't seen that. And there was no -- -- stop anywhere you go down a bit like what do. So I saw before you run your Twitter handle and of course the Hornets would and a lot of folks can. Followers and and you on Twitter. Actually until alive. And then of course at one so this is the 91 and and I know a lot of guys player's power I would prefer followers again and and pretty good stuff especially the minors so check them out there. It's a great way to reach out and touch those guys on mean they they respond that to their fans and it's it's it's a great way to interact with some of the players. Obviously SC a lot of Saints players in on his. Players responding back to tweets that they might get Sean thanks so much have a good call tonight you JD. 7 o'clock tip off tonight the Hornets and the Bulls this is sports talk on WW LI MF from -- a.