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Feb 21, 2013|

Dave talks about a study saying Louisiana is the saddest state and exes posting compromising pictures online

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the 21 at 2013. And you may be more important it's the day before Friday. Don't come down Friday eight EE gaffes he asked Thursday. Second best day of the workweek that. Now I get the feeling there are still some people would need recovery time yeah you know it's still. Marty got to me is not a distant memories and huddle what kind of pain in the prize up. I don't know I noticed you were going over some of the great photos and use -- Yet during all the there craziness in the French Quarter. -- yeah it is still kind of refresh yet -- you know on my jobs -- to document Mardi -- for WWL dot com and you know -- card after the cart full of pictures. From all of the different festivities and activities we put a lot of those on WW well I'd go but the one thing it's now now you know word goes cliff notes and cards yesterday -- very interesting and some of the things sites off. Yeah. Very interesting to me is this. Quote unquote X -- Of key words tweeted by people across the country now to determine. That happy just -- status states. And the -- and now according to this study of Twitter keywords. Is that sad. State in the nation now aren't I know a lot of things about Louisiana. I know Louisiana's among the forest state that is through people with the least amount of -- I know Louisiana's among the least healthy states -- -- People with the most obese it the wrong. Others. Personal habits that -- powerhouse smoking drinking things and access. -- we are a state of people who live to excess. To the point where. And the misunderstood by many others many across Louisiana when given that choice. Of working. And making more money. Or individual. Life friends and family might choose the latter perhaps more than some other people I would -- yeah. Not because. Louisiana it was a little lazy but because Louisiana in -- -- higher value. On time with friends and apparently. And on -- bullying. The short time we spend. On this plan and even enjoying strangers. I mean we Josh and I don't have a break and how -- it's like c'mon. And then why is it that people come here from all around the world. And and they want to elaborate -- its client have fine. And then they say gee that people here are wonderful I guy I just Campbell later this. Like they came from some boring sad place and some nerds sitting at a computer screen analyzing -- tweets. Are gonna say eyewitness that is state that there could be nothing. Further from the teacher's eyes fine while Louisiana -- May have a lot of reasons to be unhappy. While others a lot of unhealthy this while there's a lot of well squander a lot of war and us a lot of poverty and crime problem in this in -- corruption. That people are ridiculously happiness -- saw the they live life to the fullest that they enjoyed every minute of it. Happy define the most Louisiana and hear what maybe. One man's opinion. We like to complain. Like that they always do we covered like the sound opt out that's part of living life to access. We love them hard we hate art. We complain to Harden. But sad. Now. I'm never ever heard that allegation that leads -- and means that its people in the nation. Probably -- governor -- writes about for some says a bunch of poppycock poppycock gas underdog while out of ideas that I. Thank you David Card you'll be happy. I think -- here at WW on allied air premiere text me at 87870. Call me. At 26 187 the year -- 3866889. There right then. Do you think is anyway Louisiana into the sad is people in the nation. Cut our tweet me telling us something even we don't know or is it one text message it just came in at 87870. Is it correct that this is a bunch of Malarkey. 5:19 good morning I'm Dave going to the early edition of WW golfers -- man -- great text messages come and 8787 you'll share them with yet comment up here on WW well right now your forecast. Or -- Thursday look for a 70% chance for rain and storms this afternoon a few of those could be on the strong side especially north of the late. Highs will be around 73 storms will be diminishing overnight tonight but still cloudy lose -- 65. Rain threat continues through Friday an 80% chance a -- downpours happy highs in the low seventies. And Saturday morning a few showers that wrapping up with ties the afternoon 68. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell right now with 59 degrees relative humidity 64%. It's mostly cloudy and east went to ten miles an hour. Down along the coast not even raining there yet says so far so good. On the rain Jerrold thanks for calling WW -- you sad Gerald. Now. You know -- like somebody that an -- jobs the -- -- sitting here reading everybody else's -- Asian. And I think it is -- -- Cup party -- Louisiana at every bit that we buy dot com. A -- -- a year now it's sad at all this set is state in the nation. But talk more about how this study was done in what you think about it in great text messages coming up at 87 the right now let's average sports and for that we say. Sad morning. Just the you know odds never sat morning well I -- -- artist and you know real happy but I it's not about that anyway I think I don't think to be happy about ego. Well good morning everyone that things were tight the entire game the Kyra Irving dropped 35 points. And led the cavaliers to a 105 to 100 victory over the hornets. Coach Marty Williams wasn't happy happy after the game seeing his team fall because of -- another sloppy fourth. Warner Richardson so we shots down the stretch you know those are things that they're trying to build a foundation. -- try to teach guys how to play you can't teach the same things over and over again. In other NBA news after selecting Thomas Robinson with the fifth overall pick in the 2012 draft Sacramento -- Sacramento has already traded him. The kings have agreed to send Robinson to Houston Rockets along with Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt in exchange for Patrick Peterson. Patrick Patterson Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas of the NBA trade guidelines -- this afternoon at 2 o'clock and Eric Gordon has come up and some rumors. What does the shooting guard make of hearing his name possibly mention Andy his stay in New Orleans. Well I'm here and I look forward to be here. And that's that you know our team's building as one and she would goes on from here. LSU baseball separate contest against BYU and Alex box stadium tonight sophomore righty Aaron Miller takes the mound for the tigers. LSU is off to a Ford auto start to the 2013 season. And Lance Armstrong won't do a tell all interview under oath with the US Anti Doping Agency. To reveal everything that he knows about the use of performance enhancing drugs in cycling. State officials had told Armstrong that he must speak with them if he wanted to reduce his lifetime ban from sports and that deadline was yesterday. Today -- four on sports talk would you want the saints the draft to ram Matthew and if so which ran out. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning it's. Lord sides wanted to do on -- Thursday morning the day before Friday in the last dated trade away NBA players and a two part question. To answer the first part now parent and the second part and 25 minutes of YouTube back in here with more sports. One the first question. Should get the hornets trade away Eric Gordon and is -- 59 million dollars hour. Yes and that's should the second part is -- -- are right now should. Should they right now I would say no just because his value is solo duty injury history. And that's been the biggest concern for any team looking to make a deal with the hornets but they've. Openly put his name out they're saying they're they're you know he's on the market in the shopping him. It just the fact that teens are worried about his injury history his knee has been an issue he has been able to play -- back to back this season not asking you can't. They trade in my eyes he should should they get rid of Eric Gordon. Should they re up get rid of his salary as much as they can't even if they have the -- should day if via our rosters -- -- can get a viable deal good deal for the team I would do I would treat him away just because he's been. It's been an issue since he's been here and bouncy getting any better part of the better off without. I would say so OK now the question lies in 25 minutes should date traders every will play. He said that they should will will Eric Gordon B -- hornets uniform tomorrow. Prediction from Steve Geller Ed Douglas ran -- issued if you aren't it was a time after everything he's been. Two to two point seven it'll bring aid to dictating standards that I got back. More of your reaction to this quote unquote study. That says Louisiana's this that is state in the nation. 5:27 this morning I'm Dave -- study done by the University of Vermont -- Louisiana as quote the saddest place in America based on post on Twitter. We get a lieutenant governor Jay Darden the tourism ambassador for the state that he didn't care what this -- -- -- says. The -- state is a happy place the study used positive and negative keywords flag over a ten month. Over a 101000002. Week period then cross reference them by geography to determine where to find the smiles in the forums Darden though feels the study is. Partly scientific. And cites a study done two years ago published in science magazine that does Louisiana is back happy estate. Amongst those of you responding at 87870. With your text messages -- says it's Roger Goodell fault and that may be part of it. -- -- so angry about what happened with the saints and bounty gate and Roger Goodell that. They may have expressed sadness in their tweets but. I think it's more they're expressing their passion and and I'm really sad they're just not real happy about the saints overall I think they're still happy people. Those that I'd be very happy and this date didn't help. -- yes we are sad because we feel sorry for every other state. -- -- text messages coming up to date that needed levity right now your forecast does that potentially nasty weather government. There is a severe storm threat this afternoon especially north of the lake has some strong storms roll through. Otherwise cloudy and windy today highs of 73. And tonight look for those winds to stay -- closed the mid sixties and thunderstorms diminishing. And for your Friday the heavy rain threat continues we'll see 80% chance with -- it's 73 Saturday could see some showers early in the day then clearing out of that high of 68. From the Eyewitness News forecast center hydrologist Barbara tell. Now again these wins and 59 degrees and mostly cloudy. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WW LR's -- it's February at the 21 2003. Team and it's the day before Friday welcomed a third. Today then ride a unit. To call and now all 80%. It's measured little percentage thing martz. Yes correct or 8% effort today that your right now that anger out today that week -- 80% over means I'd say there. -- ballot I yeah now I feel. You'd be on the rain agrees -- it is announced on a wild we've got that to look forward but that's okay we were going to be happy -- the last -- Have been sounded -- -- On this so called study and the University of Vermont. Where someone got paid decision read ten million -- currently. -- the program and analyze the words used in ten million tweets you know somehow they determine which of those words that we tweet makers have the art shows that were happy in which was San. And Louisiana based on that analytical. Analysis. Is this sad state in the nation why we're just -- around -- heads down city's plan does nothing to do out there did you hear toward. Word word to France foods terror about nothing good TV no no -- or events to celebrate them all now than it Docomo. These people. Text messages at 87870. They aren't just saying those things because we are the best of the best we got all the goodies we get crop they -- And they -- mentality. Right. And others according to fell from -- dynasty. At all. All the key words were from tweets about the thing that sneeze in apartments on this well unique. Locally here. -- don't like -- that we say we don't like it yes reader of the latter we complain about the weather every guy in about the that we complain about the sport we complain about the politicians we complain about applicable. But that doesn't mean -- The McGraw and have a big party yeah cats. After after rebel yeah it -- action it. Noses maybe -- happy -- people don't have time to tweet they're having fine. Point. Now we consider who tweets personalize. Our noses may. And nobody got -- but -- daddy out of our mines. And others used and it ride we love our identity card act. I love Louisiana. Another week I text message to date that the gates and he says you're from New England because the people are so much happier right now in Ireland -- New England for a while you know -- head down it was you on the idea at one pars. As I work with some of the biggest cry babies in the world. I'm talking about -- in our -- and others does Louisiana does have its fair share of complainer it's been near 52 years enough right thing but. I just think interpreted with that people. -- to Louisiana and easy alliance. I've heard that yet and and he's destined to come down here and they will be seen Louisiana in out celebrating. Mardi Gras they -- Louisiana in every weekend get together to -- seafood with their families they see Louisiana -- haven't block parties in street parties and any excuse to have a parade we have a parade and they think that's lazy because we're not work on is our right and then they come here and they lived here for awhile. And they realize now that apparently it's it's that we prefer. To have. On yeah. We'd prefer to live life to its fullest even if it means we have a little less money to -- because we have close knit. Tight knit families of people from other places who see their families want to twice a year. They see -- on Christmas. And they seem for some other amount that would not cut it here here I most families and now they see each other if not every day every week. And used it to it's another and another example of power horribly misinterpreted and of course all of these millions of people would come here to visit. -- so they can be sad. Right -- there are gonna go to Louisiana that the status very Castro wannabe candidates today that clinic there are going to be sent not for the great food not for the great people not for the great celebrations that for the great -- not for the great -- and not for the great landscapes that for the I go on and on non and Americans were so -- All right thank you David talking about twenty minutes -- -- Christa Miller will join the discussion with reaction from lieutenant governor and the Iranians. Thing if that's. Well you might not be real happy about the rain coming in could be severe CNB ready for the. Man let's go on over to the always happy and meteorologists. Are but yeah. The good cup of coffee -- -- right at that everybody's new -- -- -- -- -- chocolate might add a decade right yeah and and that's the name we have. Great coffee we -- that trickery and it other. -- -- -- can't -- eight we have lots of chocolate and -- that active enough all right we'll just have a bloody Mary yeah. I'm glad I'm -- I'm. Playing a guy down again and we're misinterpret -- -- -- it don't get -- and I like not be an act like people don't get it is -- -- don't want. Got it appeared to understand. And even. Party with a that people -- -- that's true that's just me -- people who wanna say I don't understand you know act that would you know annual understand -- don't you know -- can get it out to get it you know talk. Proudly refer to myself frequently is a damn Yankee. You know the difference for any Yankee unit in -- I dull but I held damn Yankee comes here and -- hi I have lived more of my life now in the south than in the north because once I moved to the south I realized. That this is where I want him but then. Governor -- -- yeah I have to call yourself a standing are well hi I am I've been here long enough to know that. When it rains here sometimes it rains hard in that may happen today. Yeah it it may in it would likely be this after nearly insane really. Between about 3:8 PM probably the best time is decent storms and everything I've been looking at this morning really queen wore to the North Shore and south Philly not to say we couldn't get some storms south of the lake. But I think the more likely area would be southwestern Mississippi and north of -- onto trains so you know Washington -- -- -- areas and -- we can policies some rain -- three things that nasty stuff do you like -- we see some of those stronger storms -- think -- will be north of I ten and I -- but. All of a thunderous flight risk for severe weather today so that's important you know kind of -- weather alert this afternoon pick up the kids from school maybe heading home from work yourself. To -- to not keep an eye on things follow me on Twitter I'll become a tweet throughout daylight you know happy and what's happening meeting. I'm. Happy. Well maybe not to much if you let me tell the truth tell it like it is that whether that's -- out in all this is associated with the front yeah it's gonna impact or whether for a few days. Eating at Hewlett the front actually you know lay over at Louisiana tomorrow and so. Even rain in the forecast for Friday and Friday evening because as the front sits there kind of acts like a little highway. In less people impulse that kind of right right along highway and if it's parked right over us that means impulses right right over us system right around Friday Friday night even. Through first -- Saturday morning. All right so then you think you know we do get Saturday afternoon maybe Sunday and that too much trouble. I'm hoping that Saturday afternoon -- evening will be fairly dry and same for Sunday morning of course at the rock and roll -- on Sunday morning and I think that it will be okay we get some showers coming and but it looks like it will be the second half of Sunday so I'm still optimistic for Saturday night and Sunday morning the second half of Saturday looks back. And the first half of Sunday and I've been waiting all morning because asked me yesterday. If it was going to be breezy and -- that yes but that today would be even windier and back to a wind advisory. Has been issued for the National Weather Service but we know it's not official. Bride until we issue the official skirt alert and you arguing that. Today we are under start alerts. Let's doing. The. Quarter sure yeah. -- sure we'll. See you -- -- hear -- -- and we're here. Ladies and gentlemen the required -- The creator of the woman who develop the -- alert has issued it today women if you Wear a skirt you should know it may blow up over your -- and expose your well whatever's underneath men. You should be alert that women wearing skirts may have that happened to them just just protect yourself lately. Aaron -- it's meteorologist Laura but now speaking of exposing yours now. Wow I don't know if you heard this story that -- W Austin roads and sharing with us this morning but a surprisingly. Large number of people. Have reportedly been the victims. Of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend or ex spouse. After the relationship breaks out threatening to. Host there well pictures perhaps they took private moments or videos they shot in private moment to the Internet. Yeah go ahead yes -- your deepen our romantic relationship it may never occurred to you to be careful about -- well that. Pictures and videos even if it's in the throes of passion but a new study. Found by McAfee just released from their 2013 love relationship big -- talent technology survey. Finds that after our break up many people are threatened with revenge. That those pictures can be posted as many as one in five how. -- been threatened this way you really see -- significant others made up when I got that and Louisiana state police say they investigate this kind of stuff all the time and say if it's based on extortion. Maybe even had people demand money they have got that new video view like dot I'm gonna posted. Ex boyfriend ex girlfriend if you don't give money and they say that the crime it's a posting this stuff. For other reasons and also via crimes so the advice from the state police maybe don't make that passionate picture or video with your lover yeah. Because the relationship may well land then it could get an act announced that your lover knows your passwords to your accounts. Your financial accounts here. You know you're all of your county FaceBook email. Wanted him after you break up because a good idea when there and -- -- Yeah that's out change all of that -- -- and the pictures of us but yeah I don't let him take him I mean a lot of people they -- the video to take pictures together but its sister and badly. Hopefully it'll break up but it's in that. Are right about now alignment right Eyewitness News forecast a sport -- next. City's -- -- when people died days upgrades for dogs in marriages. What is wrong with that Paul thank you argue for the text message today that it did them and I'm now happy to introduce Steve Geller. And sport. Thanks Dave happy Thursday -- Irving scored twenty of his 35 points in the fourth quarter. To lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 105 to 100 win over the hornets. After hearing coach Monty Williams post game comments I would expect some intense practice sessions before New Orleans is next game secondary roads we threw the ball forward and don't put. Those paratroopers are. That's elementary where their suffering great school. The NBA trade deadline strikes at 2 o'clock this afternoon and have been some rumblings that forty Eric Gordon could be dealt. The 24 year old was asked if he's concerned hearing his name being mentioned in trade talks. -- none -- -- not really worried about it. You know I just got to go out play my game and you know whatever happens happens. -- tiger baseball returned to the diamond tonight and host BYU LSU is off to a 40 start this season and skipper pulmonary sense Aaron -- today no. A sophomore fired six into the third innings of shutout baseball on opening day. And free agent quarterback JaMarcus Russell recently registered a five point 240 yard dash. And 29 inch vertical leap as he attempts his NFL comeback. JaMarcus Russell is planning a pro -- type of work out at some point this all season. Today a four on sports talk would you want the saints the draft to -- Matthew and if so which round I'd Steve Geller -- early morning look at sports. I want your answer that question at first I promised when he feminists going to ask you this you said you'd think the hornets if they hand should trade away Eric Gordon. Do you think they will act -- tomorrow morning this time will Eric Gordon's still be -- Eric Gordon wheels mobile tomorrow I believe just because of the fact that the hornets will not get enough value on the return right now. Just because a stock is low bigotry right secondly Iran Matthew. Should say it's ticket chance one person tax mediate 78 and he says I grant the box with the saints desperately need -- Another says no no no no no no no no no no no. Not a chance in -- now. -- -- -- at the center estimates they can't. I would say if he's around fifth or sixth round I would take -- chance because like that first Texas said. Through the guy just has a nose for the football and it seems desperately need a playmaker like that doctor in fifteen meant to more sports thanks Steve -- -- -- -- -- the early edition of WWL first news. The forecast. Audi and windy today and by the afternoon some strong storms developing especially north of the lake. We'll go to 70% chance highs around 73. Great overnight should be diminishing as wells the storms with lows in the mid sixties but in the heavy rain threat three develops tomorrow and 80% chance. Highs of 73. Saturday morning some rain 50%. What type the afternoon a 68. From the -- these forecasts that are I'm meteorologist larva. Now mostly cloudy now 58 the -- they're gonna pick up or a defeatist -- -- coming up WWL first news with David like Chris military does with more reaction to the it's not be that says Louisiana is that that is place in America I'm can't be outside this one -- -- to be happy. Have a great day before Friday news talk and sports leader.

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