WWL>Topics>>2-21 9:10am Tommy talks to Mike Detillier about women playing football

2-21 9:10am Tommy talks to Mike Detillier about women playing football

Feb 21, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL and college football analyst Mike Detillier about a woman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well in his case yes and I'm just saying generally speaking you wanted to generally your house is big enough strong enough fast enough tough enough. And legitimately beats out the male competition. Would you be OK with the woman playing in the the National Football League I have -- some land in the outlook like LA my day ago. That's what I'm saying. Venus Serena Williams very talented athletes Martina Navratilova Mike to tell -- -- joins us right now Mike if you've ever seen. And it -- mixes a long time ago Martina Navratilova in her prime. Returning some tennis. Shots in a bikini top of your resolve this -- she reminded me of a defense of back in the NFL -- in his pictures. Yet and that. Again that's a big difference between playing golf in China and in football now on big difference and I mean I mean -- it's. If -- competent certainly yet especially position of honor our kicker and but you know what. -- wouldn't have been the issue she herself what she would that happened who was so I think collegiate level and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first woman there who think that the Jordan yesterday. You'll see a woman in BA player for NC. A woman NFL player because the McCain so -- radiant orange. What did -- and BA and you seem to Allah to him that they out -- -- lot of miles. Always you know what played it possible that dust follows a tremendous way there and elect -- court you know but the wanna Opel. Follow Lindsay Whelan go so great. MBA player as. India. And PA. Queen. And see that woman basketball correctional player. I don't think we're gonna live long -- to that woman professional football. And it has to do with the physiology. And and men and women are different the lot of -- thing allotments are very happy about that. And in terms of the contact. Involved in in football as opposed a basketball legacy is about basketball team not watched. Women's basketball is not like the old days where they they throw the free throws -- on from underneath between late on and you on -- -- that game changed. It is it's changed dramatically. And like and I think that -- -- that on there and pulleys. In the you know four WNBA player somebody get a really emerge and get an opera to repeat the LaDainian BA would not shoot. Is that one in which a woman player -- college level even that our kicker. The comment -- some debate on that. Fashionable lines it was a tremendous. Player they'll -- try now to beat the place ticker at election. And yet you know she wasn't quite good enough to make it and so we are seeing stellar college where. That you could say OK that's just point that if she can do it felt well. And it can I don't see anything emerging. In the next. Think in year make you believe. That but I'd move them. Person. NPA I think potentially that war happened. Well let me go back. -- and -- nobody know what -- this conference say oh what yeah what's on this conversation Laurence Silberman of in New York City. Is gonna take part in the NFL regionals scouting calm behind. March 2 through Thursday in New Jersey she's a club soccer player at Wisconsin. She's gonna get nation wrote a master's thesis at MIT about how athletes use video games to. Enhance their own performance she found -- consulting company double play that helps athletes use video games from virtual training purposes do you think Mike this is. Nobody column a publicity stunt or is this. The have time to fool around with this publicity. As a publicity stunt or is are they all business and as a result loses woman's participation all business. Stalinism there is one thing -- failed in this pretty good. And that regional would be blip on the screen but not -- Anymore. Because of what's gonna happen now -- what should both forms because I think it's all well all match and can't do it. Soccer player and now he's trying out for teams look -- -- well I -- You jump in our local chromosomal submit a tremendous. Player I don't shoot. And yet she could make the election all of these and -- -- would have to be. Somebody -- and the rank we saw their big kicker. -- back from Colorado. Get a couple opportunities. In college game. It didn't work out there and I mean story it was a nightmare about how medical -- a lot of different things on at all feel. So people she really thought she could trust all -- you really couldn't feel a lot of different things all the all the no -- from our standpoint so. Should be pretty tough lady and who would bring -- and patient wants you gotta be really -- well handled. Not only to be it will be as the -- should give -- -- Pressure and no one else without them for what was -- runs to. What -- walk or that our questions on soccer player that walked on to get a couple opportunities and different games as -- call orders also actual point. And try to cut short field goals. And bill caught it was coached there and you know she and so that's where. You can pretty well and other moments really yeah. But the winner of the two most yet with the trust and what I think should trust them a few people on that team that ended up being a trustworthy. I appreciate all they would be was it romantic entanglements. Odd thing that was important that they work I know. Maybe their friendship with current bringing it -- not -- well what people. It was basically. Middle -- it would -- beaten and on their grounds. And so you know very difficult situation. At University of Colorado and that spot again. You of all things because you know -- -- in -- -- on our time. Would come up for a bit and they'll felt as though it was there's a line that worked up because she grew up with football on this game pretty well. It will be watched acute -- that basically you couldn't -- level and it fell point. But. It was just come up behind the scenes issues which you go through which some people that. Really helped her out there were a good portion of people that. Kind of try to be a friend again what spinning different stories on it. Some people basically just. All the board to. Look at -- college level and just think about what happens when you go to the professional. And real quick -- before relate to go in terms of physiology I'm pretty good look at it. Ed people it played a high school football act in 95%. Time tell him what position -- played in terms of physiology. But when it comes to women and and football. It you mention is at the beginning about it has to be a specialty position like a kicker or. A hunter and get a text that comes in and says that he kicked the little ball you said got to run after the big guys and tackle him from DD. Ever see. It is no matter how much weight training you do no matter what kind of physiology a woman being able to compete with a man on on a football field. I don't think I'll live long and proceeded. All -- -- -- and evaluation for a bit but you know it does if it would be a witness in subsequent run away from absolutely you know. -- -- -- -- morning Magellan is. India -- them to you know felt that would make it. -- -- What they could and could occur pretty. I mean people like almost -- that the track body count them -- -- entry so. How it would be able to launch the -- you know a lot height level college football. I think that we shouldn't live -- baseball player and a net under its common unit like ninety mile an hour. And and yet. Make it -- didn't get a shot between -- -- -- I say that if this happened I don't think you could see a woman like professional sports. But I think that it would be much more likely. In the basketball. Stage then that would put all of these. Mike I appreciate your time as always we'll talk to you next week about saints in free agency and draft and restructuring content tracks and salary cap if Barbara you don't mind thank you have a great weekend thank -- that will.

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