WWL>Topics>>2-21 12:10pm Scoot talks to WWL listeners about gun crimes

2-21 12:10pm Scoot talks to WWL listeners about gun crimes

Feb 21, 2013|

Scoot, in for Garland, talks to WWL listeners about the causes of teen gun crimes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Afternoon I'm -- in -- Garland. All right you've heard -- we've got to change coming it's. -- is on the way. Live from the Eyewitness News forecast -- coming up here. -- just -- So we're his kids play today British teenagers hang out. I live downtown tickets hanging out downtown all at times he can -- you know in the French Quarter. I see a lot of skateboarders. Downtown sometimes it looks like they're doing very very dangerous things like going up against traffic and in the middle of the streets which again is an accident waiting to happen has. I also see a skateboarders -- skateboarding around. I think we used to be -- The custom house. It was so there are a lot of skateboarders downtown and I was reading the other day about terror rapper little wing in Israel to skate park -- New Orleans and it's continuing to go through. On some some rough spots this is in the Lower Ninth Ward. Most recently the building that houses the skate -- failed to pass a city electrical inspection. So it had to be rewire. And only a small number of young people can skating one time because of a shortage of staff. And the park is mostly run by volunteers and some days it's not even open. Boeing says that he is committed to his park named truck stop which is a name term. In association with his clothing line which is -- fit. Mountain Dew in the advertising firm -- agency our corporate sponsors with little -- And I guess this may be realized. The door was doesn't have skate parks in Orleans should escape parks. Even the suburbs and escape -- apparently is a very nice when it in Hammett. And when my son was was growing up in -- that skateboard believe actually he still is a skateboarding and snowboarding as an adult. But in cities that I live did after I had left New Orleans because of my career. There were great places to skateboard. Philadelphia. Miami Seattle Portland. And if you leaning on the skateboard world under the burn side bridge is one of those iconic skateboard parks and it. But that was the -- there were a lot of skate parks in suburbs as well. Not just in the city. And while I don't think a skate park should be deals -- instead of building something that is very vital for our city. It seems to me that there should be a way to provide more things for young people to do. And there should be a skate park there should be and my skate park for young people I was I was reading yesterday. About this sudden -- park I think it's called the peach orchard there are plans for this this skate park. They would be done bildt's. We're with the speed pills and got that I guess -- papers in front mile time and ever know or anything yes. -- spun this a skate park would be. Bill should I believe at the and at Paris avenue somewhere out of Paris avenue is projected to be completed by December of this year. And the city of New Orleans an NL RDC. Have. Designated phase one which they're looking for I think a 115. -- thousand dollars. Africa for this project but this also leads to a a question about just where to kids hang out today. Where do you see teams hanging out if if you have a teenager in your life for a few have had a teenager recently in your life. Weighted where they hang out. If you're a teenager listening to our shelves. Where do you hang out. You wanna be hanging out of the corner of of -- north broad yesterday after school because there was a shooting among some high school students. We don't know exactly whether or not the shooter was from high school. But there are a bunch of kids in uniforms and I've gunshots erupted from this group of high school students and one kid was shot. And sent to hospital in critical condition now with two gunshot wounds. Maybe if there was more to do and I don't think that's an easy solution but maybe if there was more to do maybe. Maybe that would be part of a very complicated answer. This good blog today is titled don't forget to bring your gun to school. And it's about that shooting yesterday you can read it -- area and come in order to feel like that's our website WW dot com. Under our opinions down the right column. And I think about kids today and where they might hang out -- I I'd I don't know. And it's my son is grown in the move to Portland when I would move there was on the air there and he still lives there. So I don't know where teenagers hang out today. I can just think of places where I hung out when I was young. Where did you hang out when you were a teenager. And why is that so different today. It's because of video games is it because of of the influences of technology today is because of computers. Are our kids. Not that easily. Satisfied to just go out and and and hang out. IC kids. And again I don't know how strict the city of New Orleans is when it comes to. Enforcing the curfew. Are people under seventeen in the French Quarter 'cause I'm not asking Friday's. But I'm in the French Quarter all the time. And on a weekend night on Bourbon Street. They are our lines of young people I don't know whether they're under seventeen or not they look really young to me. There are lines of of young people on both sides suburban street standing there. Quite often just with their. Arms folded. And not do any wrong I'm not really sure what they're doing but they're just standing there are watching. Humanity pastime. And that by the way on Berkshire which can be quite. Entertaining. So it's not the kids don't wanna hang out today. But where did they hang out and where do you remember hanging out. When you were young. I remembered the Lakefront. We used to go to the lake front and make out. Really seriously. Make out in carts. In the summertime. When has got all steamed out it was -- it's -- disgusting. But we made out. Is it lake shore drive closed at nine. Why things change to the point where. His can't do what they used to be able to do I'm not naive I know the world has changed. What is she used to hang out when you're young. And weird -- hang out today where do you see teens hanging out today. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it takes number is 87870. -- -- in fort -- -- out idiots your cause you're just a moment I wanna remind you that this hour when you hear -- from Derek and the dominoes that's Eric Clapton when you hear -- I'm gonna give up the number if you the -- caller you can win a pair of tickets to see Eric Clapton in concert here in New Orleans at the New Orleans Arena Saturday march 23. And from saint Frances bill senior on WWL. We don't it's too long now and Saint Francis zone and more on I've actually made it to the call so yeah. Good question and -- out wanna try to be as respectful as I can end it there -- sensitivity training his. It really get on my nerves on. You know I'm a pretty decent guy that I'd I'd like to think so. But but it helped anybody in their right mind. Just say that they could -- is that -- is an African American problem maybe. A little unjust but to say the majority. Of some of the issues or an African American problem. It's placed number one in the hole I agree totally with the chaplain. And I think did you know -- as not being involved those sort of based. It's a cultural difference. People have a tendency I made. I've experienced violent crime Mexico from step productive economy. My. Not but a month ago my mother in law like pebble Carter walked ahead nineteenth and Sheldon street young man -- shot thankfully lived. But I'll call was riddled with bullets thank god they weren't at home that we're at a basketball game at the time this is something where again. You know beyond -- -- gonna do but some of the parents -- from the grandparents need to realize that bad leaders back in his sixties -- The early seventies. -- -- -- -- So that -- good to finally be given to people that well deserved it. And they did enough donations Warhol art. To get a community to where it is email. -- you have a 888 society and a group of people. Not all of African Americans don't like this I have a great majority of fantastic. Wonderful aren't. There is a group is -- did well with anybody I would love to have somebody get any. -- -- -- -- It shows how many violent crimes are committed. And group and that I'm almost positive that has to be an American community. And those individuals. That are incarcerated all all all of a -- -- and Aerospatiale violent crimes. They -- those violent crimes they cut and past and you watched. The crime rate and our city and along and it and throughout the state. Because there as well. Well there's no there's no question that there's a tremendous ripple effect when it comes to the young criminals dean I'm gonna have to get to break through because the guy -- are coming up but I I appreciate you calling her show. Again I think it's fair to define a problem in this city because of that the makeup of our population. It's fair to define the problem is a problem predominately. Within the black community. But it's not fair to call it a black problem. Because that's suggests -- skin color that is the problem and that is not the problem. What did you hang out when you're young. Here's attacks there. That every tongue out at deja -- it's sixteen minutes of bars and it's. Also devotes the president -- a text game rooms goofy golf and race cars. I'm studio for girl we're coming right back on WWL. Did that that I actually like his song and -- -- from. You know who is powerful today this they're resigned to show he's done he's now he's. Celeste the other girls and now mark Menard who is in control of the show right now is not too happy because he's stuck there after I just made that comment. They were talking about the escape park a rapper Lil Wayne state park in New Orleans -- Truck stop. And it is having some problem you know this just made me realize that there should be more for young people to do that there should be skate parks here before we get back to our conversation here and -- WL. -- right now go to our channel four Eyewitness News chief meteorologist in the eyewitness to support his senator Carl Giordano for an update on our approaching whether Karl. -- -- in and let's say you never that some wasn't so bad I'm with you with that song so good again thank -- feel a little better now as you go out we do have some thunderstorms that are starting to develop right now from Morgan City to Lafayette to Baton -- a cluster their starting begin along the warm front. Those are moving towards the northeast so those may bypass -- Parts of the North Shore maybe Cantwell pairs may get clipped by those -- right now only a few sprinkles around the north and South Shore but later this afternoon there's the possibility that warm -- continues to move through that we could see some thunderstorms start to develop. More than likely probably after 2 o'clock and then we do have that slight risk of severe thunderstorm that is a slight risk not a sure bet but there may be some severe storms are popping up. During the course of the afternoon into the early evening hours. Before the front approaches later on this evening I'm -- in the metro area if we don't get severe weather can we still expect very heavy rain and winds I think we can get some thunderstorms we do have a wind advisory that that's in effect for a lot of the -- source so we are gonna see some strong winds but those -- beat. We considered you know heating up into the low pressure area up into the plains states but. Thunderstorms could developing could be on the South Shore and the North Shore and then later on as -- front gets closer the chance of rain is a little more likely across north and South Shore. But we are gonna see some showers and storms not everyone may see severe weather and we may not get much at all but there is that small chance that we could see some. And that would mean -- a strong damaging winds or maybe even some isolated tornadoes more than likely if we do see those they may be confined north to lake in west of the late. All right -- we will be in touch with you all afternoon -- too -- -- -- -- chief meteorologist from the Eyewitness News forecast center. I'm from Mississippi JT you're on WWL. You know -- GT. -- -- -- They're mostly they are mostly begat a citric. -- a sense that country and I hope. But they're Bernanke -- I have an obvious something -- we get to meet our panel call. Only all all the school shootings. That the schools like the last one I'll -- handicap percentage not all oil gold all whites cheered. But you know what art glass went ahead dog shot. I did I guarantee at this stage candidate you know why he would not just ordered. But not yet not much had been said about. Why is that accurate and. Well because there are a lot of people in this country who were very racist and they are quick to blame a problem on skin color when it really isn't skin color it's. It's a community -- got a text just a moment ago it's a Hispanic problem in California. Also in night and in places in Texas and also in on ending the Pacific northwest. It's not quite problem in Mississippi and a black problem in New Orleans every race needs help it's not skin color which is easy -- Nancy it's it -- it's a community. In which people are raised an aunt or I guess you could say not raised. Don't know what outlook stay -- wars or all of the mass shooting that high schools regardless of the ideal location but it well then why he. Why because it. For some reason that just doesn't resonate it doesn't scare people as much as when you talk a balanced. A black problem that it is really just goes back historically tried to -- to be an anthropologist to really a figure this out in a sociologist. Yeah oh you know I wouldn't hurt on them every Batman black while in there it is you know well. If we -- chanting looked undone but just didn't. Just don't know why bites on predominately. And mass shooters young man shooters in mass murders. Are all white JT -- -- and -- good luck with -- OCD. From Metairie and you're under the WL. I would Colleen. When now we young hung out act rationally and won't. And then would be hot out by the likes fine but now days it's a lot son's twenty now by. It seems like everywhere. They go hang out that cap com and run a mop. You know as far as like -- to hang out at the blue mediator can't do that everywhere they go they don't have any way to go out. -- -- You know I would that they would have somewhere like we had like crash landing when you know I was -- that was they had something bikini. Now how how young were you when you're going to crash landing and he wasn't that an adult place. Now know it was it would it teenagers. Cool so they had -- I gotta remember -- -- of the crash landing -- causeway and I mean the interstate. And the plane never I remember the Chrysler and -- I thought that was more avert a dance place toward young adults and adults. We now it was it was a teenagers and now I'm and it was really nice guy that's where we went everywhere again. And then it was the only into the lake front and oh yeah yeah. Yeah it was late but -- don't aren't the teenagers that they don't have any -- out. You know and -- congregating firmware banned the cops were on a -- You not know anyone -- And that to me that's that's there and I'm glad -- -- -- show thanks for listening. If you're on hold say would this ever got a guy on -- who is so involved with a skate park in Paris road and I tenth. Get his thoughts on that we're talking about how New Orleans should have more skate parks -- the entire New Orleans area I am amazed that this general area is so void or something like that. And this boy does -- has to be void of other things that young people can do. We're young people hang out today. And where do you remember hanging out when you're a teenager. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 87870 detects a graduate from high school in 1995 we hung out on Bourbon Street. I'm -- -- for Garland we are coming right back after this WWL news updates with Chris Miller. Actress Mila Kunis. -- maybe taking on the role of Penn Station. The movie fifty shades of right. Lot of speculation about who's gonna play that hard in who's gonna play the part of the guy with. All the paraphernalia. -- Joan Rivers said to event at this point in her life. She has nothing to lose she might Israel trying. Kissing a woman I don't know what they came from just across -- came across our are our desk here here's an update on -- WW a pretty general opinion poll would you go to Colorado. But you go to Colorado or Washington State. To legally smoke pot. And right now Colorado is trying to work with the legislature -- there's a task force in Colorado working with the legislature. To change the law -- no longer have to be resident to smoke pot which would mean you could pick up and go to Colorado into the mountain enjoyed Denver enjoy Breckenridge aspirin copper mountain. Beaver Creek enjoy all those places and go have fun and then you know so -- joint return to figure out how much they would allow you to buy. Why you're there. Our poll says 30% say yes they would go to a smoker joint legally and 70% say no they would not. -- can give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also on our web site the -- blog today is don't forget to bring your gun to school. And it's Sarah blog ballots -- something we talked about earlier and about the shooting that took place yesterday among high school students after school. At a very busy intersection of esplanade. And north -- we're talking about where kids hang out today and we were used to hang out when we were kids. But it takes a moment ago that said did a skate park in the ninth for rubio wasted time and this is where a little rain has his skate park. A skates -- truck stop because. Skating is not big in the black community. -- -- And I see a lot of black teenagers. Downtown and French Quarter skateboarding so I don't know where you'd get your information. From New Orleans -- a year on WW Australia involved within the state park is going to be on Paris road. Yes they have and just to be clear it's -- sheik's -- At that Paris's avenue. You can probably hear from my voice I'm not a teenage deep border and nobody will carpenter. Michael -- is in part from their do you know that was a spot that. You don't wanna be particularly after dark. There was a spot that was used effort company. Cars and TVs and and it kind of junk people want to rip what I took a bunch underwear and -- a -- that they're probably up to no good I wanted to go achieve what they were doing. So I went over there they were cleaning up. They were cool up there's totally forgotten blighted area under the interstate that nobody including -- be a -- about gadgets. And you bet I can all the traction heading in Albuquerque were painting over the treaty Christian talk to a turned out that there is no public skate park in New Orleans. And they were gonna try to turn this has -- forgotten area to a -- cool spot to take -- Kate and I decided every bit. That I would do whatever I could to help well I had a couple of neighbors said. -- think about the police so I had to go over there orange I think Korea and India should be dumped the car we had to -- it. I think that's it. -- and that kid he's such a great thing for our neighborhood it gives kids something she's an athletic -- Q. And that they are turnaround. Are totally forgotten part of our neighborhood. I come from behind him under the same people think which could -- throughout the street's usual computer and I it indicates we weren't on the streets. They're good kids to be you know it's wonderful things. -- are really appreciate your in your insight -- your perspective and I really appreciate the fact that your you're willing to do what you can to help that neighborhood. I think a lot of people are so concerned that if you build something bad people are gonna make it bad. But Rudy Giuliani approve this theory wrong. When crime really went down in New York City. It was traced back to Rudy Giuliani improving neighborhoods and criminals are not comfortable around things that are nice they're more comfortable around. Dark seedy areas so if there is activity quite often. If an area is improved and actually -- -- chases and some of the criminal element out. I think you're exactly right and these kids have. Not only clean it up he's got more lights turned on under the interstate. For the first time since 05. They've been lobbying City Hall. And he also repair crews out there have been quite -- -- -- electrical work she took six. But no historical light go on under the interstate or -- the neighborhood is thrilled by and we have to skateboarders at any. Because that indoor pool brightly lit areas -- -- -- that she wasn't picking up the trash. But the skateboarders or bag and which -- it can get all the merit here. He also absolutely Merrill the city takes up the trash the paper and a whole area has been improved. To the point that. No -- you mention the -- department. You know the skaters wondered what can happen when that wind parks department until we get maybe they're gonna change. -- -- No we'd like that the ship art department -- two weeks ago to recognize it as a skating area. They got permission from the state and the Federal Highway Administration. Until its -- it as though a recreational area once again. I received the drop a little bit of money on to improve. The key features of the skaters and built -- it is a huge success story. Other work to have the first public skate park. In New Orleans could be freed escape are all wonderful. Skylar I'm really glad you called and yet that is positive news I learned about it yesterday after I was so forget about talking about this on the show today. I am really surprised that there aren't more of state parks and things like that for for young people and I guess that the that the tragedy is. Then young people. Aren't voters. They're they're they're too young to vote. And young people don't vote in big enough numbers to get the attention of all the politicians but really it's something should be done. About providing the young people of New Orleans with things like skate parks. I'm security for garlic if you're on -- stay with us we'll get your calls your just a moment about the crash landing here's a text escape the crash landing was both for teens and adults. I don't know which came first here's another text in the seventies I would drive from the North Shore to go on the president's. We were all in high school. I hear is attacks to on the West Bank the old -- tell park -- keys and mr. Jack's pizza. Until this day nothing like mr. Jack's kitchen sink pizza. I here's a text the crash landing was an adult nightclub but if I'm not mistaken it was changed to a place where young kids could go. And then it close to. If you would like. Tickets to see Eric Clapton. Saturday march 23 in New Orleans Arena. If -- the -- caller right now at 260. -- -- and 2609467. And QV caller. You've got tickets good luck for all of us every WL or. Our congratulations to Stacey -- to Byrd who has just won two tickets to see Eric -- Saturday. March 23 at the New Orleans Arena got a chance to win some tickets tomorrow afternoon Don -- will be in tomorrow. I've gone is revealing gruesome -- broad jump coarseness and he will be back very soon I'm -- in fort -- today here's another update on our them. Have you already jaguar opinion polls which you go to Colorado or Washington State to legally smoke pot 31% yes and 69% say no. -- -- they won't go to Colorado Washington. It just means according to his bullet that would go they are just a smoke pot. You know which I think is a good idea amount that you should go Summers is -- -- but if you're really into that and you wanna do it legally and you can do it legally and Colorado and in Washington State -- and -- understand how you know there might be you know token in Telluride. Or. I don't know on. Sparking a Dubin a Breckenridge eight there's they could deal these tours is that they go there and right now they're trying to figure out how much they would allow you to buy if you are they are -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. I mentioned Paris wrote earlier and and Tex tech came into -- parish road isn't in the parish yes it is a -- by Paris avenue. Under the ice extends overpass where there's going to be a new skate park in this area has been cleaned up and also little plane has his. A state park in the the Lower Ninth Ward. And I got a text from somebody which is really obviously just and an ignorant racist comment. What good does that do because blacks and into skating. And again this does not come from somebody who knows anything about the real world because I live downtown and I see skaters. Who are young black kids. Skating every day and especially on weekends. Here is a text that is absolutely wrong skateboarding in the black community has never been more popular. Here's another text that comment on black kids not liking skating is completely ignorant. Here is another text and you mean smoke joints after a great day on the slopes what's the difference between -- -- and the worst option -- -- I have been and will continue again to support a forward thinking states and a new. American farmers. You know it's true there will be some new American farmers hears it checks I met my wife of 26 years at the crash landing when we were teams. What acute. Heart warming story. -- from the Rosemary here on WWL. I I think want to talk about one aspect of the -- -- -- low economic. I have an economic problem. But the crime I know that many of issues -- want to talk about. If it goes the Vietnam both people who came here with no money. And not re not know exactly how they'd get it is because many people find -- on the social worker thought they had -- -- -- how -- -- yard work dog got it from many thought this. I had many people living in one how poll I don't know what with family camp and make it a couple family didn't come. They had minimum wage job and they had to put all their money on the middle of the -- can papal. That money with community. Coming around everybody knows how poll. That money went for their -- their food and so forth they've lived in the same bad neighborhood say children went to the same dance -- Their children have you noted that a lot of -- -- -- -- -- saying a lot of found the only panel will be. Every -- and -- political donations but yeah you're our own kind it's a proud and -- I don't know you know editorial -- it's it's I don't know cliche consensus aren't you don't have I'm confident I mean I know you didn't make -- uses humor -- I'm talking random economy right -- stuck her foot cabin I'd. But yet -- 10% you know will be and the top of the plant that was expected a -- children. Well it's it's it's culture again it doesn't have anything to do with race its its culture and there's an awful lot -- its everybody in this country all races in this country can learn from eastern culture -- got to move on but I. I appreciate you taking time to two caller -- From New Orleans is this some Leon. -- an entire -- favorite bass player highly you I'm doing good. I want to call it tell you where you know what I did grow and after the kids every neighborhood used to get ignored Ron recreational park. And that's where we -- we meant to go play basketball baseball just hang out watch other people transport. And when you aren't lost its fun being treated to keep these parks. All that rioting in case elf -- where in the neighborhood just start. On the Internet companies Google and they don't have nothing to do a Google aren't changed this skateboard because they're used to -- they avenue. All for a quite frequently not been watching film. Gradually take this thing and make it into something not and I applaud them for doing there. -- and I appreciate you calling our show and I'm really glad to hear that while I realize that we can't ignore. The things that are so vital to this city. I think it's quite obvious that we have neglected younger generations. You know we can use Super Bowl money to do this and do that. More should be done to make sure we take care of young people and I don't wanna use the cliche about the children are our future but it sure. So we'll. Have to invest more. In taking care of young people who. You don't have as many places to hang out as we used to when we were young. Here's a text the text is wrong I'm forty wife and skated and they are more black skaters now. Then when I skated I think it's a great thing I'm scoots -- for Garland and we're coming right back I'm -- ago. And here's a -- reason when I was young I hung out with kids we used to hang out at the playground playing sports and keeping out of trouble. Hi here's a check clears the skate park I wanna have a contest Reverend Billy state park is -- Paris avenue and under the under the six and overpass there. Here is attacks I hung out in video game arcades in the mall they were always too dark smelled funny and just overall creepy. I want to thank Helen Centennial era official producer she called me last night and told me that she knows. Both her sister knows this woman. Who said that her daughter works on Bourbon Street and her daughter said that I was in love with her but I didn't recognize the name more than picture spot is coming up next. There was a woman yeah harmonize your level. I'll hear your thoughts are here to help. And -- -- solo we're gonna talk to Jerry rigs. He's a principal the memorial Baptist school when we talk about this school district in the Georgia that is looking to add.